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tv   The Beat With Ari Melber  MSNBC  August 5, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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about not only mcconnell but the rest of the republicans. how do you get that message through? >> why i think you have to keep saying it, especially here in kentucky and this is a place where mitch mcconnell has many, many years to label the other side and basically tell lies to people. so that's not going to be countered over night or one election. we can't quit. we can't give up. we have to have leaders to step up and run for office and say the truth. believe in our country, particularly those who have served the country because we know the truth. we got to come up here and not give up. that's what this is about. >> the book is called "honor
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bound," lieutenant colonel ami mcgrath, thank you so much for spending some time with us. "the beat" are ari melber starts now. >> 4:00, 5:00 and 9:00, i am there. i am ari melber. today the eyes of the nation were on the white house where a president's lawful extension was briefly challenged by a violent insurrection. he went about a somber task. awarding a high honor to police officers who battled terrorists at the capitol. biden/harris spoke at the rose garden with officers in attendants. the president spoke of bravery and truth in defense of
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democracy. >> our democracy did survive. truths defeated lies. we did overcome. that's because the women and men of the u.s. capitol police. >> these officers are heroes. these officers are patriots. >> patriots and truths. as maga leaders initially thrown off battle over the defensible set of actions found themselves following trump in defending or minimizing the terror on air and online. the traditional branch is dealing with these prosecutions.
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one federal judge eviscerating a trump's rioter. when president biden talks of truths, defeating lies today, that may sound downright hopeful because we can see with our eyes how much lying does still persist. this judge that i just mentioned making it clear and a form that matters that lying about being a political victim does not work in court when you are lying or when you have no evidence on your side. the judge finding that a trump's fan here finding no victim and rather arrested because he was an enthusiastic participant to about vert democracy. >> now as in court, outside the courtroom the propaganda
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continues. >> meanwhile, also on the accountability front, one of the speakers ats the preinsurrection rally, congressman brooks, he did not claim in court that he's innocent. he's making a separate argument that he should be immune from a trial which is a privilege most americans would not have. he's trying to invoke his day job in congress for that immunity, a bizarre argument because he was not doing congressional work in that body armor speech there. the doj already rejected that claim. some lies are getting shredded and rejected. congress also continuing its probe. as president biden marks the courage of the police today. we can report to you tomorrow marks seven months since that insurrection. you probably saw some of it at
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the time that day. did it really happen? on the steps of our capitol? on the floor of our senate? and we learn more and more about it. does it feel longer than seven months ago or does it feel like we are learning more or less about it. it is hard to say. we are living through challenges even though the insurrection failed and trump is out of office. a fundamental warning for anyone who tried to keep a grip on the truth. he wrote to see what is in front of one's nose is a constant struggle. it is certainly a struggle right now because eventhough the people controlling the federal government and the white house are doing the factual thing. noting what the police did and honoring them which in other certain areas or in response to other types of terrorism would be just whatever everyone agreed
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upon. we are living through this factual and physical trauma where so many people are lying their way through this. they want you and everyone else in america overtime to have the truth blunted and decayed to the point that at a minimum is far less extreme terrible violent or horrific for the truth that day. for their hard core base, they want them to think it did not happen at all. let's get into nick ackerman and melissa murray. >> nick, your thoughts, the judges and other branches of government and a congress that continues to have a basic factual fight over what happened inside that very congress. >> ari, i think all too often we under estimates the judiciary
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branch. they have played the key role here. you remember general miley talking about his concerns about the moment when he thought it is going to be like when hitler took over in germany. what makes us different from the myanmar republic when hitler took over was the judges there could be fired at the whim of anybody or at the whim of the executives. here we have independent judges who are appointed for life. they don't have to worry about being fired at any point. they come and rose to the occasion whether they're republicans or democrat, they dismiss the 60 semibogus cases brought by donald trump. they go in and basically handle these insurrectionists and made out sentence and made it quite clear what they are doing was not patriotism. it was not right and it was not that they were political prisoners. they were trying to stop our
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judicial and constitutional process of electing a president. it is going to happen in detroit. with donald trump didn't understand our government, he thought he could appoint three supreme court justices and bring a case before the supreme court and of course because they owed their appointments to donald trump they would throw in their lot with donald trump. well, that didn't happen. and it didn't happen because we have lifetime appointments. they don't have to run for office. they don't have to worry about being appointed again. their only concern is upholding the constitution and our constitutional form of government. they all risen to that occasion. >> yes, the president also alluded to this factual fight and republicans trying to change the history.
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take a look. >> my fellow americans, the tragedy that day deserves the truth above all else. we can't allow history to be rewritten. we can't allow the heroism of these officers to be forgotten. we have to understand what happened, the honest and unvarnished truth. we have to face it. >> professor, what about that? >> it is important that we have to face this truth and the steps the president is taken to acknowledge what happened on january 6th by commemorating the work of the capitol police and metropolitan police.
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it is important for us to understand that when we talk about the court, we are not just talking about the supreme court, we are not talking about the supreme court which donald trump appointed three new judges, we are talking about the lower courts, too where he appointing judges across the country. judges that are not representatives of the populace of large. to the ex -- >> yeah, i think that's an important point and also because donald trump was clearly the loser of the election in a big way, the kind of cases that could get up to the supreme court. and yet nick, i think the professor raised something you
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can respond in other news. i want to share raising a question of a closer case. i want to bring in some updates we got just as i was coming out to do the broadcast, the january 6th committee they'll be expanding their probe. you can see one of the headlines here, a key house committee has postponed multiple scheduled witness interviews. pelosi out-maneuvered built a committee with cheney and others on there. now we are seeing tonight whether a vote of confidence or always in the works. it is clearly expanding jurisdictions. with that in mind, let's just take a brief look at some of the officers who spoke in that first hearing of that committee which overlaps with what biden and harris were honoring them today. >> i recall thinking to myself, this is how i am going to die.
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>> what i witnessed and experienced on january 6th, 2021 was unlike anything i had ever seen. >> another shouting, you will die on your knees. >> there was an attack carried out on january 6th and a hitman sent them. >> it is time to get the testimony from the hitman. the executive privilege have been waived. we had the opportunity to find out what really happened minute by minute and day by day and leading up to that insurrection and learning exactly who's responsible and who called these people into washington and what conversations they had. all of that could come out. in terms of the judiciary, it seems to me at least the lower court judges have addressed these issues and dealt with what has come up in the course of these lawsuits, and what has
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come up in the course of -- i go back to watergate, he was a republican who really responsible for breaking the watergate case. he made stiff sentences to the burglars which forced them to talk and reveal that the orders are coming directly from the white house. i think -- look, we all have disagreements of the supreme court and in terms of certain issues that they do decide much broader issues and the lower court judges and a deal with a lot of cases or civil cases. but, for the most part when ever this comes up in terms of the 60
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plus losses, on the third circuit, there have been judges appointed by donald trump stood up and done the right thing. >> yeah. i understand what you are saying. the space between the argument you guys are having of what's going on the courts is real, some of this has not been tested in a way that we would not want it to be. yes, our headline today about professor hassin talking about the preparations for the next trump coup are underway using state legislatures. all of this is a live issue. i want to thank nick and professor murray kicking us off. we have a lot more in the program, including fox news, the dividing on scene. we have one anchor saying go get vaccinated and we'll check
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during 2020 people were saying over the years they could not wait for 2021.
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well, the vaccine made things a lot better. if you live in florida, 2021 is far worse than 2020. covid surges and school districts there defying governor desantis announcing their own mask mandates for students returning to class. students under 12 is not eligible for the vaccines. the record up, 120%. the governor threatening to defund school districts to choose in a local measure to have safety measures on masks and he's getting hammered for it. >> florida is the most dangerous place to be in america right now. there is no one to blame than governor ron desantis. >> he spent more time playing crazy games with chicken with other right-wing governors wanting to be president rather than keeping florida alive.
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>> that's democrats hitting him. polling when you ask their own preferences showing 51% of republicans vaccinated far higher share than democrats. there is a divide on the right. the pressure on america when we see that covid is not going away unless more people get vaccinated. some people are on the right, fox news have said, what other people and experts say that the vaccines are safe and you may choose to get them. you can say it in a number of ways. let me show you something interesting. what happens when one fox anchor says something along that line and how quickly he gets rebutted by his colleague and co-worker. >> if your kids are over 12, you ought to get the shot. >> that's where you go to for medical advise. >> i didn't go to a doctor before i got a shot.
3:21 pm
>> that's your choice. >> i don't think anchors should be recommending medical advise. >> a lot of people have been tuning into the show to see what e with think about different things. if you had the opportunity, get the shot. >> right, you see a doctor giving you expertise of what you are seeing about a shot? >>. >> anchors should not tell people what to do. it is one of those statements defensible and i know what he means. there is validity to that. the tension in the country with a society and economy that'll not be able to function very well if people don't inside to get vaccinated more within each individual choice and freedom. and so, we are going to see this tension play out continuously because the problems not going away by itself. doctors explained that most cases people can get the vaccine, many people consult
3:22 pm
with their expert sources and their own health history, sometimes they get a vaccine without going to the doctor or yes, you can consult with one and some people are in a situation where they choose not to get one. dr. fauci is trying to make it clear when he talks about what is safe and truth for most people and addressing people who are hesitant which is okay. it is okay to debate this and if you delay, it is okay, too. you want to get all the information to make up your own mind for what's best for you. how dr. fauci is playing out, he's referencing what the trump administration has done. >> when people say i am concerned this went too fast. it did not go too fast. it was a major investment both in the logistics and the resources and the clinical and basic research. we give credit to the trump administration for doing this. particularly, secretary alex
3:23 pm
azar who's an important component of that. the biden administration is doing their vaccine push. the pentagon is looking at plans to mandate 1.3 million active duty troops to be required to get the shots. elvis presley, take a look at this, 60 years ago. this is important stuff, we can keep learning together. we have special guests tonight after our shortest break, i will see you in 60 seconds. break, il see yoinu 60 seconds. tired of clean clothes that just don't smell clean? what if your clothes could stay fresh for weeks? now they can! this towel has already been used and it still smells fresh. pour a cap of downy unstopables into your washing machine before each load and enjoy fresher smelling laundry for up to 12-weeks. at usaa, we've been called too exclusive.
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because we only serve those who honorably served. all ranks, all branches, and their families. are we still exclusive? absolutely. and that's exactly why you should join. [engine revs] ricky bobby, today the road is your classroom. [engine revs] now let's go borrow a boat and make some bad decisions. [engine revs] time to go incognito. [zippers fasten] [engine revs] i love you, ricky! i love you, cal! what's the next stop? it's time for your extracurriculars. ¡vámanos, amigos! woo-hoo! we are joined by dr. patel and we are going to get into this report of the military mandate with the general doctor. what did you think of the exchange on the fox news sofa.
3:25 pm
putting all politics aside, i bet people can relate of that debate playing out in any number of rooms in america. >> look, i am a doctor and i am telling people to go get vaccinated. i do think you are right. there is an under tone that perhaps an individual making decisions to go get vaccinated that there is something potentially wrong with it. we have so much data and unfortunately, deaths, we are going to top 100,000 new cases along with hospitalizations and deaths. i can't think of a critical time where we have people like you, encouraging them to come forward and not to put fear in them if
3:26 pm
they need to talk to a doctor, it is fine. this is something we should not be debating anymore. there is clear evidence to get vaccinated. >> viewers know this is kind of how i try to do it. this is tough stuff. he's saying something that's fine and gesturing the idea that this is like a big tough medical call when a lot of doctors have said unless you know something about your preexisting conditions, autoimmune and pregnancies and certain things. for most people would you say it is required for them to talk to a doctor or not? >> not at all. you are right. pregnant women should get the vaccines so we know there are actually few circumstances where the vaccine can be damaging to you. no, you do not need to talk to a doctor. i think that let's be honest,
3:27 pm
how much time has past. people who are reluctant and sending a signal like that on fox news is only making those reluctant people say well, maybe there is a reason to be more concerned or oh wait, let me talk to my doctor. everyday they wait is a delay cost of their life. >> that's the issue of it. i want to be respectful and there are views out there. >> reports of military mandate. >> i am glad they got one of him being vaccinated. every year you get rebelled by the medics. the department of defense tied
3:28 pm
up in legal knots, part of the inner agency process on more than one administration, you end up illegal views of doj like the white house of department defense that they may not be similar, it was crazy. you can order soldiers to take actions that may result in being killed. this had a traumatic impact of readiness. you can't take a submarine out to see without vaccinating the whole crew or isolating them for a month before they're deployed. it was harming u.s. national security. >> i would say lawyers.
3:29 pm
>> that's what i said. lawyers never agree. >> the decision taken out of the policymakers. >> if agency's job is to create space and protection around the agency. we have something else for you, general, if you like young elvis, we think you are going to love young eisenhower. we went back to the tape to look at the history of polio vaccination, take a look. >> your child or any member of your family should be vaccinated too, including this boy, the president's own grandson, david eisenhower. like millions of boys and girls across the nation. david, too is protected against
3:30 pm
polio. >> general, i am just curious if you think our larger history from the government mandates and military we are talking about suggests that some level of vaccine participations does not have to feel controversial as some are making it out to be right now. >> my wife and i grew up during that era where during the summer no one is quite sure how polio is transmitted. you could not go to movies or pools. it was dreadful and thousands of kids ended up, in the country we had this magical vaccine, of course we took it. the arm enforcement routinely tells people what to do for their own health. i should tell an 18-year-old soldier in combat, wash your hands before you eat your food. we have hygiene rules. again, thank god we got an experience person like lloyd
3:31 pm
austin as the secretary of defense. it is an easy decision. we have 100 million american adults who have not been vaccinated. we have 600,000 dead. that's more than world war ii. this is nonsense, the country needs to get vaccinated and certainly the arm forces. not just the 1.3 million active but the guard and reserve also. >> we have a lot of talkers around here and myself included. we have been listening to two doers. the general and the doctor, and we are better for it. thanks to both of you. >> good to be with you. coming up, we are fact-checking mcconnell. also, michael beschloss is here
3:32 pm
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the economists are having a record drop in american policy. a large part is because of the expanding social net. covid spending and the new biden spending. 2021 is a huge change in america's poverty rate. a lot of people are saying it is
3:36 pm
the right thing. mitch mcconnell have looked for any which way to against it. >> they were counting on this terrible but temporary pandemic to be the trojan horse. this surreal episode that unfolded this past week, somehow prevailed on president biden through pr stunts. >> we are joined by a special guest, congresswoman barbara lee, she's a sub of a new documentary on her life and activism. we'll get into this in a minute. you were known as progressive at one time. some may say you are a lonely liberal. he's using that term permanent
3:37 pm
socialism with regarding to safety net, your response. >> nice meeting with you, ari. first of all, let me just say it is outrageous of what he says. i have to ask you, is it socialism for people wanting to have a good job or lifting people out of poverty and clean air and water and good assessable to healthcare for all. is it socialism to make sure everyone is lifted into the quality of life that is so reserved. finally, is it a socialism of everyone to have access to the ballot box. come on, this man is a dog whistle and he's trying to distract, and the fact that they have no agenda for the american people. >> let's take a look.
3:38 pm
working in community with the black panther party, making sure people have something to eat. social justice have always been part of who i am. the president authorized the use force, this is going to set the stage for endless war. >> she was right. #. >> this is what i am interested to ask you, people may or may not agree of everything you stood for. in a town with a lot of people basically pretending to be whatever is possible is what some of the kids called capped. you are a no cap leader and you are taking these risks. what is it that you think in your life of upbringing. you take some of those lonely positions as i mentioned whether or not they are popular. >> thank you, ari, i always say i am a black woman in america.
3:39 pm
i was born in el paso, texas, during segregation. my mother went to the hospital to deliver me, she needed a c-section, they would not admit her because she was black. she almost died when she finally got admitted and i almost didn't get into this world. i almost was not afforded the opportunity to breathe. since a child, racial justice and economic justice and women's health and fighting for justice for everyone in our country so people don't have to go through what my mother went through and so they don't have to worry about not getting them into this world like i almost didn't arrive. >> i didn't know what your answer would be but that resonates because even for example some of positions you took in the bush era when most of the party is pushing for a different policy. you are educating us. my last question to you some what related, the house already
3:40 pm
passed the george floyd act. we are approaching the last month of summer. we are over a year out. stuck in this senate, republicans are saying -- what happens next and are you worried that this is another mitch mcconnell game to delay in the senate? >> i think our negotiators, congresswoman and senator scott is trying to get this floyd bill passed. once again you see obstructionists from republicans trying to play games. this is about police reform and black and brown lives, this is about accountability and this is about making sure no one is above the law including police officers. we must get this passed. this is a mono-step, we passed it in the house so the senate should act and i am pleased with
3:41 pm
negotiations. you have a mitch mcconnell standing in the way. let's hope and work and make sure that the senate sees the light. police officers and police reform and police must be held accountable. >> congresswoman lee. thank you so much. >>. we have a lot more tonight including, we hear you. we see you. we have msnbc's viewers reactions and remixes of that savage schumer moment. how close did we come to some are calling trump's coup. michael beschloss is joining us next. michael beschloss is joining us next downy unstopables feel the clarity of non-drowsy claritin.
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wow! cheer on team usa with xfinity internet. and ask how to save up to $400 a year on your wireless bill when you add xfinity mobile. get started today. donald trump was trying to stage a coup. this is evidence as it emerged.
3:46 pm
donald trump tried to overrule state's election results. top doj official who replaced bill barr rejecting the inside job to do trump's deed in georgia. the doj were so concerned about this that they were bracing a saturday night massacre style resignation, even writing a resignation letter for himself and a colleague. all of this echoes the nixon era which is not overturning an election. it was a big deal in the middle of the watergate probe. >> the country tonight is in the midst of what may be the most serious constitutional crisis in its history. >> attorney general eliot richardson had resigned. >> the president has abolished especially watergate prosecutor.
3:47 pm
>> mr. nixon is not accustomed to have people around him who are not to do what they are told. >> we are joined by michael beschloss. how are you, sir? >> i am great, how are you? >> i am good. this new york times bomb shell and abc news has had reports on the same line really brings into focus how bad it was at the highest levels of government. you had a feeling it broke in realtime before joe biden took office, it would, quote on quote, "felt bigger." it is just as important now. i am curious of your perspective. >> i think what trump did in january and the run-up to january 6th was 100 times worse than anything nixon did including the saturday night massacre. that as you know was a case
3:48 pm
where nixon fired the special prosecutor cox and let's send law enforcement to impound. there was big outrage from congress and americans within a couple of days, nixon realized they done the wrong thing. he appointed the new prosecutors. nixon basically fold it and in days before nixon had to resign which was exactly this week in 1974 in august, there were rumors that nixon may send the 101st airborne to surround the white house, declare some kind of coup military or otherwise to pull out being president, nixon, i never thought i would say this in my life had enough respect for the law compares to donald
3:49 pm
trump that it never really crossed his mind. in donald trump's case, you look at his tweets during 2020. he keeps on saying this election i just know it is going to be fraudulent. i can't rely on the results and in december and january, there will be a big event on washington on the 6th of january. it will be wild, quote on quote, "be there," and we gives that speech on the ellipse and says to people i am going to march with you or at least you should march this crowd up to the capitol inviing them to attack on congress. the vice president is there. inviting them to commit an attack that we know now could have ended with an assassination of mike pence and nancy pelosi could have ended with a hostage crisis that could have lasted for weeks or they may have burned those ballots in those
3:50 pm
mahogany boxes. >> all important. i mentioned in the broadcast the law professor had this piece. i want to read the headline. trump planning a respectable coup next time. the potential coup next time will come in neatly filed neatl briefs and arguments. it will be no less pernicious. the theory here being that an unpunished thwarted coup becomes a training exercise, which many have said, and that they can play with this idea of the state legislatures just overruling any state where they're in control, republicans, that might have gone blue. >> ari, we are living right now hour by hour through a rolling coup d'etat against the voting system and the election system that is so sacred to our democracy that was given us by the founders and those who supported them. an effort to give secretaries of
3:51 pm
state in various cases, partisan legislatures the ability to say the democrat didn't win the election in this state even though the votes seem to suggest he or she did, in fact we're going to overturn the election because it was fraudulent. this is the game domd trump has been playing since before he became president. you may remember that he was in bedminster when a number of people who are expert in voter suppression came to see him literally with blueprints for how to suppress the african-american vote, latino vote, democratic vote, progressive vote in various states so that republicans and conservatives could overcome the tide that was going against them in the electorate. and this is not -- you were talking about 2024, ari. i'm worried about 2022. we could have these laws next year. they could force a republican
3:52 pm
majority on the country that the country did not vote for. >> all important and the historical context is key, and as you said in your view as an independent historian 100 times worse than watergate. i hope people are listening. >> yes. >> michael beschloss, thank you. up ahead -- >> thank you. >> thank you, sir. it's finally time. we have your ideas for remix soundtracks for the epic schumer savage moment. we'll explain when we come back. then i discovered sofi. lower interest rate. my principal is going down. sofi is a place where you can start to tackle those money goals today. ♪♪ why hide your skin if dupixent has your moderate-to-severe eczema or atopic dermatitis under control? hide my skin? not me. by hitting eczema where it counts, dupixent helps heal your skin from within, keeping you one step ahead of eczema. and that means long-lasting clearer skin... and fast itch relief for adults.
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finally tonight, an update on that washington moment when mitch mcconnell was reminded who runs the senate, which we remixed on last night's show with that savage move. ♪ i'm a savage ♪ ♪ classic bougie ratchet ♪ ♪ sassy moody nasty ♪ >> now, last night i asked you all for ideas for other soundtracks for that moment. and we've heard from thousands
3:57 pm
of you already. so tonight we're debuting the top three. all ideas from msnbc viewers. coming in third is carly simon's anthem that might apply to the minority leader who walked into the senate like it was his yacht. ♪ you walked into the party ♪ ♪ like you were walking onto a yacht ♪ ♪ you're so vain ♪ ♪ you probably think this song is about you ♪ ♪ you're so vain ♪ ♪ you're so vain ♪ >> mcconnell strutting in like it was his yacht but finding out schumer is the captain now, if you will. coming in at number two, several of you recommended foreigner or m.o.p. for how, let's be honest, schumer did mcconnell cold. ♪ you're as cold as ice ♪ ♪ you're willing to sacrifice ♪ ♪ i'd like to welcome ♪ ♪ to the back of the ♪
3:58 pm
♪ see i'm for real ♪ ♪ we're delivering these m.o.p. tactics ♪ >> tactics. cold. it was that cold. and here we go. let me have a drum roll, please. [ drum roll ] coming in at number 1 of msnbc ideas for the remix, a song suggested by many viewers. i'm talking about a percy mayfield classic popularized by the great ray charles. "hit the road jack." ♪♪ ♪ hit the road jack ♪ ♪ and don't you come back no more, no more, no more, no more ♪ >> that was the clear winner. many of you thought the message was obviously hit the road, mitch. and it is fitting you actually all nominated a song from such a great artist from georgia because that moment's not just about chuck schumer. schumer could only invoke the majority's power because georgia voters told mitch to hit the
3:59 pm
road, turning a red state blue after a bruising four years. and as mcconnell waits his turn, you can bet georgia's still on his mind. so georgia's ray charles gets the last word tonight. ♪ i said georgia ♪ ♪ whoa, georgia ♪ ♪♪ >> yeah. georgia's going to stay on a lot of people's minds because, well, georgia's what changed everything in our politics this year. now, you can't really top mr. charles, but if you all have more ideas for more remix songs you can still send them to us. you can post your song idea for what matches that moment or extends it @arimelber on facebook or twitter. you can always link with me at i want to be clear we don't know what's going to happen tomorrow night. if we get enough good song ideas
4:00 pm
from you or ones we haven't thought of maybe we will remix it again from scratch tomorrow night. shout out to everyone who participated, all the great ideas we got, and of course shout out to ray charles and georgia on our mind. that does it for me. "the reidout" with joy reid is up next. and i've heard she's back. welcome back. >> i'm back! i'm back. thank you very much, ari. i appreciate it. followed you into the long vacay, but i'm back. so thank you very much. appreciate it. have a good one. all right. everyone, good evening. yes. happy friday. junior, everyone. it is great to be back. and i want to thank everyone who filled in for me while i was on a much-needed vacation. tiffany cross before she wound up with me in cabo. alicia menendez and jonathan capehart. thank you, thank you, thank you. so i spent almost a week apiece in mant yooego bay, jamaica, a country that actually takes covid seriously, and cabo san lucas, mexico. with these dynamic and gorgeous ladies. big ups to angela rye and jemele hill, the greatest vacation planners


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