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tv   Stephanie Ruhle Reports  MSNBC  August 6, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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cari champion and kenny mayne, thank you. we will see you as we always do on "tokyo tonight" at 7:30 p.m. on peacock. we love having you on. that does it for us. stephanie ruhle picks up coverage right now. ♪♪ good morning. i'm stephanie ruhle. reporting live from philadelphia's reading terminal market. it is friday, august 6th. we start with breaking news. the july jobs report is out. it is above expectations. above the massive number we saw in the month of june. the united states adding 943,000 jobs in july. the unemployment rate falling half a percentage point to 5.4%. today, i am at the reading terminal market. it is here in downtown philly for more than 120 years. making it one of the oldest markets in the country.
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it is also one of the biggest. 80 small businesses in this one spot. just like people across the country, the business owners here are worried. worried the covid surge will keep customers home and mask mandates or vaccination mandates will hurt their bottom line. that is on top of supply chain issues and inflation. today's numbers are good. it follows gains with 4 million jobs added so far this year alone. it doesn't account for something important. the surge in cases we are seeing right now and the threat of the delta variant on our attempt to get back to normal. here in philadelphia, this city saw more than 100,000 jobs wiped out in the first two months of the pandemic. they spent the last 16 months clawing back and they do not want to go back a second time. i want to start this morning with my all-star panel here to
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break it down. josh lederman and the moderator of washington weekly. and jason furhman. he joined the obama administration. and john hope bryant is here. jason, what are you making of these numbers? i want to talk about the recovery. when you say 900,000 jobs back. that's great. for people who just got a job or working for the last year. they are not talking if they have a job. they are talking if they can afford their life and inflation is rising faster than wage growth. >> stephanie, i'll take a moment to be happy about this report. i opened the jobs report. there are ten numbers i look at. great month with eight of the ten numbers in the right direction, but some in the wrong direction. this time i have not found a blemish in the report.
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i spent 20 minutes poring through it. unemployment rate down. down more for black and hispanic or latino. labor force participation rate up. long-term unemployment down. gains in every sector. solid wage gains. july was a very, very good month in the economy. now, we're not all the way there. 7.5 million jobs short. inflation is a challenge. we have the delta virus ahead of us. forgive me to pause for a moment and be happy about the news. >> i will give you that moment. john, what do you think? >> i think this is a tale of two cities, stephanie. really dr. king's book. where do we go from here? it is generally good news. i respect what he said. you still have almost double the unemployment rate for blacks. just below that are hispanics. that suggests they don't have
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the relationship capital to get back to work and/or trying to get the living wage increase we talked about last month. women. younger women. women who are of the age of being mothers. that number hasn't moved in a year. those women still don't have day care. those women still have concerns about the virus affecting their health of their families. i'll tell you something else, stephanie, in this pandemic, we thought we need a two-income household. we have one paycheck in the pandemic. one person taking care of the kids. we were okay. maybe we're going to do this for a minute until this settles down. i'll stay home and take care of the kids with more quality of life. probably one will go kill it out in the work force. we are seeing a reset that
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should not be underestimated. people are resetting their lives. employers are paying more which is one of the reasons you are seeing an increase in numbers. a reset to a living wage. this is normal in abnormal environment. it is hope with a lot of work. >> so many of the parents out there, mostly moms, planning on going back to work this fall, this surge in the delta variant is causing a complication. kids could be going remote learning or hybrid that makes it very difficult to work full-time. josh, president biden will speak about this in over an hour. he is sharing the glow that jason just was. what will we expect? >> this is a good jobs numbers for the president. the president could brace for something worse. there are aides to the president who are taking a red pen to that speech making sure it reflects the good news from today.
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i think you will hear two themes from the president. one is an argument that the massive federal investment into the economy to stimulate the economy have been paying off. you will hear an argument from the president about why we need to continue investing in the infrastructure. talking about the importance about the bipartisan infrastructure bill as well as the $3.5 trillion spending bill that democrats want to pass. you hear him talk about why that is critical to make sure the economy continues to move ahead at such a fast pace. men i think you will hear and note a caution from the president about the risks to the economy if we don't get the vaccination system under control. what the delta variant could do particularly given as you point out that the numbers don't reflect what happened at the end of the last month as cases were really surging. i think you will hear the president use these jobs numbers to make the argument that now is the time to double down on those
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vaccinations to make sure potential threats to the economy are not realized. >> how much do you expect the white house to press that? this strong economic recovery we're experiencing -- we are at pre-pandemic levels as far as consumer spending and gdp. the health of the recovery hangs in the balance when it comes to the delta variant. the delta variant and vaccine are closely tied. >> that's right. i think what we will hear from the president and talking to the white house sources and aides is the president saying the big ideas we had and investment in people and country through the american rescue plan and so many other plans the white house has been able to pull there is helping the economy. he will caution we are not out of the woods yet and there is the delta variant that has been a game changer. the idea that americans need to still be embracing getting
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vaccinated. the way out of the recovery is through vaccination and making sure americans are doing what the president has continued to say is the patriotic thing of getting vaccinated and talking to neighbors and friends to make sure they are vaccinated. i want to under score what john pointed out. the idea of the income gap. the opportunity gap with white americans and african-americans and hispanics continues to be there. i think in some ways it under scores we are living in the country where there are so many different obstacles and biases that so many people face and keeping african-americans and latinos and others of color not enjoying the economic recovery we see in the report. you see numbers and construction and hospitality and education. all of those industries did well in the jobs report. i think there is a little bit of a challenge for the white house to explain why all of the plans that the president will talk
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about on why they are not doing more and helping more for americans of color. >> well, john, you and a bunch of business ballers met with secretary yellen this week and not necessarily about opportunities, but shortages and jobs being able and people not there to fill them. what did you discuss? >> she came to atlanta in her first trip. i commended her and the fed for keeping the economy on track in the early 2020. stephanie, we had this huge asset growth among my wealthy friends. more class than race in 2020. now that checks were going to people working class, it was among some people, frustration, that maybe this was keeping people from working. i think the secretary had compassion for people trying to reset their lives and trying to take a breath after 15 months of
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hustling while you and i and others zoomed all day and they were delivering packages and delivers food. those folks need a break and they are taking it and took it in the reset and trying to find a new living wage. trying to find the opportunity for the future. this infrastructure bill is a chance to train people up so we don't have a disconnected growth. we have an investor economy and work force economy. dr. king said we are moving at a horse and buggy pace. talking politics now and economics then. we need to move like the streets. progress, inclusion, opportunity for all and that's the point we were making and she was open about the fact that we are really leaning on the lease of these god's children and not giving them the credit they deserve in a living wage. we have to bring all of these
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things together. the other ceos agreed with that. a little bit of complaining of worker shortages. it is a high-class problem. they got the cash to incentivize to participate. >> let's go back to that living wage. things cost more. jason, you are out of time as far as basking in the jobs day bliss. thi issue. wages are up. we can't keep saying it is short-term. it doesn't feel that way. >> look, i think the economy is making a lot of progress. i think the fed is going to start tapering asset purchases with that. it will help keep inflation expectation in check that will help moderate some of the price growth we've seen. labor markets are tight. there are more job openings right now than unemployed. that's a rare thing.
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if we keep the virus under control and get it back under control and the stages is set for more jobs in the coming months. larger reductions in the black unemployment rate. we would get more wage gain. right now, it is really about all of the economic factors need to make sure delta doesn't destroy all of this and more. >> and the fastest way to do that is to get vaccinated. thank you all for joining us this morning. you certainly made us smarter. we will leave it there. coming up, the july jobs report. we have been talking about it. we will stay on it. commerce secretary gina raimondo will be here. and cases are up 84%among children.
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that very question is on the minds of you all morning long. we are asking about your top concerns and what keeps you up at night? for many, getting kids back to school is at the top of their list. >> it is overwhelming to think that something could happen to one of the kids in my classroom and i can't prevent that as well as i would like to. >> this year, however, our district is not offering a distance learning option. unfortunately, they have not said whether or not they will be requiring masks when the kids go back to school. i don't know how to reassure my kids that everything will be okay when i don't know if it will. ll mm. [ clicks tongue ] i don't know. i think they look good, man. mm, smooth. uh, they are a little tight. like, too tight? might just need to break 'em in a little bit. you don't want 'em too loose. for those who were born to ride there's progressive.
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welcome back. now to the latest on the coronavirus pandemic. with the white house reporting a big increase of vaccinations nationwide, good news. more than 864,000 people getting the shot in a 24-hour period from wednesday to thursday. that is the highest daily total since july 3rd. at the very same time, the cdc reporting an average of more than 89,000 new covid cases a day. that is an increase of 43 % from the week before. and more kids are getting sick. cases are up in the last week. child hospitalizations have risen in eight states. florida with 32 hospitalizations in the last week. alabama with 38. that is prompting new jersey
6:18 am
governor phil murphy to issue a requirement for all students in his state to wear masks when classes resume. joining us to discuss is morgan chesky and ellison barber and dr. hotez. morgan, officials in dallas raised the covid threat to the highest level. i don't know what that means. >> reporter: steph, covid cases have increased. hospital cases quadrupled. now we are seeing more than 300 people coming through these lines every day. there are positivity rate at the site alone is 18%. here is what north texas doctors have to say about the latest surge. >> i would call it our fourth surge. we are having a big increase in
6:19 am
hospitalizations every day. >> my expectation is it will get worse before it gets better. our vaccination rate is too low. >> it's very alarming the direction and how quickly these numbers are going up. plus, with the presence of the delta variant, that changes the game here. >> reporter: and local leaders in north texas are encouraging people to not go to any big gatherings indoors, especially. to please mask up. the governor of texas greg abbott issued an executive order to prohibit mask mandates going forward. steph. >> ellison, it sounds like they are not getting that memo in missouri. you are at lake of the ozarks. despite numbers being low in the state, people are partying like it is 1999. what is up? >> reporter: yes, some people hadn't heard of the part of the country or this particular area
6:20 am
until last summer when photos of people partying and packed in bars went viral on the internet. for some people they are coming to this area because they want to get away and they want to spend time with families on the lake and safely outdoors away from people. for others, this is a place that symbolizes what they see as personal freedom. there are very little masks. there are no mask mandates and not a lot of pressure for people to get vaccinated. there is not much to change that for people here. we spoke to one of the doctors at a local hospital nearby and he said for a lot of people, they are changing their minds on vaccines only after they or someone they know or care about gets seriously ill. stephanie. >> dr. hotez. we have to talk about kids. bloomberg has a cover story
6:21 am
where more kids are getting really sick. can you explain? last year it was keep kids home because they will get their parents or grandparents sick. they will not get back to the classroom if it means kids end up in the hospital. >> that's right. kids are swept up in the massive wave. i think we are seeing this now because the delta variant is trans transmissable as the chickenpox. that means anyone unvaccinated or exposed is likely to get covid. all of this is happening before schools open. that is starting to happen here in the south. it is starting next week where we start early down here in this part of the country. and the fact we're already seeing pediatric hospitalizations and pediatric intensive care units in the south is the reddest of red
6:22 am
flags. my worry is without mask mandates and without vaccination mandates. nobody talks about vaccination mandates for covid. we should have for the addolescence. i think kids are getting swept up in the massive wave. >> peter, thank you. i want to stay talking about kids and students and bring in william hite jr. superintendent of the school district in philadelphia. thank you for being here. i want to start with that. why not vaccine mandates for students and teachers? it is the best way to keep us safe. >> first of all, great to be with you and the reading terminal in philly. that is a complex issue. i'm a firm believer of anyone
6:23 am
who is eligible should get the vaccine. in a district like ours, it is a complex issue. you need to be informed with your partners and we want to be thoughtful about that and really take our time in making that decision on whether or not to require vaccination. >> i'm guessing when you say i complex issue, you are talking about challenges like teachers union. if you didn't have to fight that and you could have your way, would you mandate vaccines here? >> oh, absolutely. absolutely. mandate them as quickly as possible. i would mandate them a long time ago if we could have done that that. >> two weeks ago, the conflict is would kids have to wear masks. here we are. are you back to debating will we have in-person learning? >> not at this moment. we will have in-person learning. young people are returning to schools. we are excited to be open on tuesday, august 31st. it will be in-person.
6:24 am
full day. five days a week. we will have a mask requirement. it is whether the individual is vaccinated or not. everyone in our facilities will be masked. all adults will be tested on a weekly basis. children that are symptomatic will be tested. athletes will be tested once or twice a week or show proof of vaccinated and band and our chorus students. if someone comes in contact with a positive case, they can test to stay in school. if they test negative over three days in a seven-day period, then they may stay. if not, they will have to be quarantined for ten days. >> these are complicated issues you are dealing with. we haven't even touched education. >> no. >> you, like every other superintendent and teacher,
6:25 am
dealing with learning loss. last year, 31% of students failed at least one class. that is not unique, but not good. what are you doing about it? >> that work started this summer. we are using the american recovery act to expand summer programming. we will focus on accelerated learning that was lost in the interrupted period of time for the last 18 months. we will work on that for the next three years and three summers. we are having more staff work with young people. we have more counselors who will be able to respond to student trauma or the traumas that families have experienced during the pandemic in the periods of isolation. we will have more groups of students who will have access to before and after school care. just expanding those opportunities. in addition to that, we are working with a lot of the city agencies to ensure that young people have places to go where
6:26 am
they will have access to enrichment opportunities and the arts and sciences and sports. we are trying to do all of that with the thought toward repairing and accelerating the learning children lost in the last 18 months. >> how do you find those students who are not in the school system anymore? we didn't show up to school for a week, there was a police officer knocking on the door saying it was time to show up. how do you find those teens who are gone? >> we will do it the old fashion way and knocking on doors and individuals who know communities getting out and about. now we're coming back to school in-person learning and we have staff members back in person. we have school safety officers. we have individuals who are working with individuals who are
6:27 am
truant. we are climate managers and all of the individuals can make contact with young people or homes of young people. we are working with the city agencies to ensure we are using all of the assets at our disposal. >> given all you are doing and all of the challenges, i have to ask, how do you feel personally that there are still people that are not vaccinated and it is the number one way to keep your school system safe? how does that make you feel? >> i don't understand it. first and foremost, being an educator informed by science, and all of the science is telling us now and we have proof now that the vaccines is the way to prevent this virus from spreading and individuals are still saying no, not me or i'm not going to do that because of whatever. it is frustrating. itis frustrating when you teach
6:28 am
children who are exposed on the way to and from school. it is frustrating. i have to manage those things within our control. that's the 130,000 children we serve in classrooms every day in the 20,000 staff members who are supporting them. >> and lucky to have you. thank you for joining us. i appreciate it. >> absolutely. >> all of those children, they had to getvaccinated to go to school. coming up, many businesses are doing great, but could the delta variant derail all of it? we are talking to business owners in philly. some are saying this is something that is keeping them up at night. >> i'm not sure where my business is going to be in a couple of months. if we close up again because the delta variant is going to be rampant in this area, i don't know what i'll do about my
6:29 am
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the july jobs report showing our nation is continuing to recover economically, but the country's health and financial stability appear to be more uncertain with the rise of the delta variant. we asked fellow citizens what is worrying them the most. >> i'm concerned that delta is spreading the virus. >> from teachers. >> it is overwhelming to think
6:33 am
that something could happen to one of the kids in my classroom and i can't prevent that as well as i would like to. >> i'm a teacher. i want things to be super safe and all the students to have what they need so they can learn again. >> to parents. >> my primary concern is covid and sending my children to school. i don't know how to reassure my kids that everything will be okay when i don't know if it will. >> you never know with the other kids' families are doing to take the precautions. >> to small business owners. >> the problem is i can't find anybody to work with me. the delta variant is going to be rampant in this area. i don't know what the i'll do about my business. >> we have issues with maintaining the number of people we have to operate our business. we're constantly looking for new people. >> people just trying to make ends meet. >> i feel inflation is through the roof and i'm terrified.
6:34 am
i can't hardly afford the same food i bought a year ago because it is more expensive to get simple things. >> joining me now are two long time business owners in philadelphia. julie and joe. let's start with business. julie, you have a specialty market here. how is it going? >> we have seen an increase in the reading terminal market. over the last couple months, business has come back when they opened the restrictions in philly. we are waiting for, you know, the new normal. what will business be like? will we come back completely? we are experiencing rise in cost of things and difficulty finding employees. >> what is it like for you? >> business has been great for us. i can't complain. our recovery is strong. for a lot of positive steps to get back to where we were
6:35 am
before. we are not quite there. our biggest issue, stephanie, is finding people that are going to work and service our customers to the level that we expect. >> if we continue to see this surge, for you, it is getting workers back. it is getting people back to their offices because you get a big lunch crowd and tourists. if we see the delta variant continue to spread, what could that mean? that takes you further away from getting back to normal. >> right. we know how to operate under those circumstances. i think we will be ahead a little bit in terms of knowing how to react to this. as a small business owner, it is all about being nimble and changing when we need to so we are concerned about where things are headed right now with the delta variant and we are making plans if that comes into place. >> what have you had to do to entice workers to come? >> we have done everything from, you know, posting our wages
6:36 am
which increased drastically to attract new people. we are in a tough spot because we are battling against big companies. companies that can pluck our employees and offer rates that small businesses can't really afford. offering a month off paid or full health benefits. it is something we're trying to balance, but there's nobody out there to help us service these customers. never thought in a million years we would be in this position coming out of the pandemic. >> when you think about all of the seasonal employees you were able to hire, many, many businesses here hire teens and they have to go back to school the next few weeks and parents who are depending on coming back may not be able to with covid spread. are you going to face another problem with labor? >> yes, we are already seeing
6:37 am
those teens make the exit plan. we are full fever looking for staff for the call center and retail store and our mail order and shipping department. all across the board. we are looking for probably to hire 25 to 30 people. >> wow. thank you so much. the good news is, you have a lot of customers right now. >> that's true. >> thank you. coming up, we learned this morning that 943,000 jobs were added in the month of july. we will speak to commerce secretary gina raimondo on how the white house feels about that number. for many americans we spoke to it is not about finding a job, but making a living wage and put putting food on the table. >> i cannot afford the same food from a year ago. >> for those stretched thin on the bottom rung of the economic
6:38 am
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back now to or lead story. the markets open after the july jobs report with the bounce back quicker than expected. president biden will speak about the strong numbers. right now, we have an early look of the white house and what it has to say. secretary gina raimondo, good to see you. we got a strong jobs number. lots of people back to work. wage growth is lower than inflation. even people with jobs, those we are talking to are terrified the cost of everything is going up. what are you doing about that? >> good morning. good to see you. look, this news story and the jobs number, i hear you.perfect. it is a good news story.
6:43 am
we added millions of jobs since the president became president. unemployments is lowest since the beginning of the pandemic. with respect to prices increasing, you know, it is the covid disrupted a lot of the supply chain. supply and demand is out of whack for certain goods. we do not have fears at this point related persist inflation. we need to get supply chains back in sync. these jobs numbers are a clear testament to the fact that the president's economic plan is working. it's really fantastic. the economy has grown at the fastest rate the past six months than it has in the past 40 years. >> the hospitality industry, including all of the workers around me, have been struggling to bring workers back. you've said in the past people
6:44 am
aren't coming back to work because it is a skills gap. not a worker shortage. these aren't high skilled jobs. cashiers and drivers, delivery people. how can the skills gap be the reason those people aren't coming back? >> in that instance, you are right. the skills gap is for higher wage and higher skilled jobs. a lot of people in those industries are afraid to go back. those are close in contact and high contact businesses and people are afraid. the other thing is a lot of those jobs are held by women. we still now even though these are good jobs numbers, women are lagging as millions of women who with fell out of the work force and not yet back in the work force. they are and the hospitality jobs you refer to and that relates to child care. until we do more to make sure everyone has access to high quality, affordable child care,
6:45 am
which means public pre-k and affordable child care, women will struggle to get back into the work force. that is why the president has proposed historic investment in child care and the chair economy. as the commerce secretary, i have had strong encouragement to make the investment. we need child care. i think that's playing out in what you are seeing in the hospitality industry. >> is there something we need to do for small businesses? we didn't raise the federal minimum wage. i haven't seen any one talk about $7 or $8. they are talking $15 or $16 an hour. many small businesses cannot pay those wages. they are losing workers to amazons of the world hiring millions of people for those
6:46 am
warehouse jobs. does that mean we will lose our small businesses like we lost our malls to amazon? >> it is an excellent question. i don't think so. we have and the president's economic package has a number of initiatives specifically designed to help small businesses. i know from talking to many governors, they are using their relief money to provide help and grants and loans to small businesses. we have to do everything we can for the smallest of businesses. they are the ones hit hardest. go down any main street in america right now and it is still heartbreaking. you see so many, you know, permanently closed signs. these are the small bakery or small restaurant or small shop. i think we have to be there for our small businesses so we don't have the result you're talking about. having said all of that,
6:47 am
increased wages are good for americans. you cannot survive on $12 an hour. working full-time. you are working in poverty. i do want to say we want americans to be paid a liveable wage. that's where we need to move the economy. the president has been very clear on that. we have to have policies good for business, but also good for workers. >> how do you balance how much support to give? the jobs numbers are great. we look at gdp and consumer spending. they are at pre-pandemic levels. we are still not out of covid. the administration is extending or putting a new moratorium on rental evictions. how do you balance when we say, we are in a post-covid economy. it is time to take the foot off the gas in terms of support. >> yes, what we need to do is what we are trying to do is have congress pass of president's
6:48 am
jobs package and infrastructure package. fundamentally to truly get past covid and build back better, we need the job training and infrastructure and roads and bridges and broadband which will long-term increase the economic growth and productivity. so we need to get to the business of doing that and making those long-term investments. with respect to covid, the delta variant is real. we are doing everything we know how to do to get americans to be vaccinated. we won't be able to turn the corner on covid until all americans get vaccinated and push through this current challenges with the delta variant. >> and we're seeing more businesses demand that in the last couple of hours with united airlines announce a vaccine mandate. they have tens of thousands of
6:49 am
employees. we learned the administration is just thinking about, hasn't done anything about it, but withholding federal funds to push more covid vaccines. that would be great. what does that look like? is that a serious consideration? >> you know, the president's team on covid is trying to be as creative as possible and considering all options. so, yes, everything is being considered. obviously in a very thoughtful way because, you know, we want to get it right. this is too important. the fact of the matter is, it is incredibly frustrating that certain americans are still choosing not to be vaccinated. because of the great work of the biden administration, anyone can get a vaccine for free, any day. we know these are incredibly effective vaccines. at this point, there is no excuse not to get yourself vaccinated. it is easy.
6:50 am
it's free. it's safe. it's effective. we are starting to consider different approaches and more creative approaches and incentives because until everyone is vaccinated, we are not out of the woods. how do we turn the corner on covid? everyone needs to be vaccinated and we need to get in the business of long-term investment to fundamentally this economy. >> right on. secretary rimondo thank you so much. for the businesses and individuals, our government has spent trillions and trillions of dollars in the last year supporting us when we needed it, and now the government is asking us to get vaccinated so we can get through this. again, thank you, secretary. always good to see you. coming up, look at these images. the dixie wildfire burning one town completely to the ground, and threatening others this morning. we're going to go live to california for the latest, next. y add-on injection
6:51 am
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hey lily, i need a new wireless plan for my business, but all my employees need something different.
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oh, we can help with that. okay, imagine this... your mover, rob, he's on the scene and needs a plan with a mobile hotspot. we cut to downtown, your sales rep lisa has to send some files, asap! so basically i can pick the right plan for each employee... yeah i should've just led with that... with at&t business... you can pick the best plan for each employee and only pay for the features they need. out west, thousands of people are under mandatory evacuation orders. this morning a massive wildfire the size of los angeles bears down on them. the dixie wildfire is now the sixth largest and most destructive in the state's history. that is what is left of an historic town of greenville in northern california, after 75% of all of the buildings were burned to the ground. steve watt patterson joins us n.
6:55 am
this fire started over three weeks ago. why are firefighters having such a hard time containing it? >> reporter: it's kind of the same reason for every major fire that is burning and there are about 100 burning across 14 states. it is the climate. it is the fact that every year, it gets a little bit hotter, and conditions are extremely dry. germane to the fire, the brush is so dry it could start another fire. this is so huge firefighters are battling this on multiple fronts. you can see what it has done to the town of greenville, this is main street. the town went up in two hours, a town that stood for generations since the gold rush era, basically burned to the ground. at least 75% of all structures in this town gone, at least 100 homes gone. we spoke to residents, a lot of them are worried they'll come back and find absolutely nothing
6:56 am
left. dixie fire the size of los angeles burning on multiple fronts. it's two-fold, one you may not think of. look at this air, it's awful but good news because it means the wind is not blowing. it may not push the fire to a new front, which means firefighters may have a little bit of a chance, a little breather to get a handle on it, and then secondly, it's just they know where the barriers of this fire is, so they're able to get more people in as this thing continues. but, there is a second fire now burning, the river fire very close to where we are. started just wednesday, already burned 80 structures, already charred 2,400 acres. that fire out of control as well. firefighters are doing all they can. they sore massive and the weather erratic, they need to do everything they can to keep up with it. stephanie? >> we are so grateful to all of those firefighters. steve, i'm grateful for you,
6:57 am
keeping us up on this devastating fire. i appreciate it. to you at home, i appreciate you watching. that wraps up this very busy hour here from the terminal market in philly. i have to go. my team has been starving me. i wore a white shirt and i'm going to eat three bacon egg and cheeses, maybe a pork roll egg and cheese philly. yasmin vossoughian picks it up next., no, the smile... ...and that second right before the first tear comes... ...what?! pizza on a bagel-we can all agree with that. do you want a hug?
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