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tv   The Beat With Ari Melber  MSNBC  August 9, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> welcome to "the beat." we are going to get into the new testimony, and we will hear shortly on that and it's a big and important story we are staying on because it matters, and i want you to know that's coming up. we begin with the top story of covid surging across the united states, especially where republican policies are making things worse. i want to begin with the facts and the humanity of a story that sometimes can get lost in the numbers. there were members of a florida church, six of them, that died in the last week and a half of covid, and none were vaccinated, and four were described as healthy in their 30s. let's listen to their pastor. >> it's definitely taken a toll on us. some have been extremely close to us and to watch some of these people in the prime of their life, and one mother recently
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married celebrating her one-year anniversary, and now to see her gone, you know it was avoidable. >> this is the real part of the story. these are real people and the people who knew them as we have seen in some of the stories we have done for you are sometimes their family members speaking out, and here we have a pastor speaking out and the reality is about human lives and not so-called politics. there's a growing backlash to people playing politics, and it's republican governors and others who have stuck by policies proven to fail and now is costing lives. in u.s. we are at february levels before the vaccine was available to every one and everywhere. the delta variant is seemingly everywhere. republican leaders are now under fire often by their own constituents including independents and republicans for banning safety precautions that work, indeed that work in other
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places, because they are the places that try them. florida break its own record in covid infections, and a federal judge blocking his attempt to say there could be no pass mean passports whatsoever, and while parents are suing desantis for banning mask mandates at schools. and they are facing very clear warnings of dire risks and shortages of icu beds. all of this is the reality of a resurgent covid. it's not going away by itself, we can all see that. the science shows higher vaccination rates are the only way out of this, and many republicans have blocked themselves in, apparently assuming that america was going to move on in 2021, especially as we go into the fall by somehow putting this behind them, and it's hard to move on when this many people are in the
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icu or dying and facing the costs of covid-driven work and markets, and we could be go into 2022 with none of this fully changing. that's not something most people want to own in politics, and so some of the talking points are getting down right stale. and one congressman said any question about public vaccines would be somehow taking sides. >> what do you tell anybody out there who is currently not vaccinated? >> well, i don't have a message. i think the message on the internet, you can find all sorts of people saying different things. >> are you vaccinated, congressman? >> i don't like to get into taking sides on it. okay? so that's -- >> no, he doesn't have a message. and you can find people on the internet saying different things, just like you can fined
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people writing different things in bathroom stalls. let's be clear, because this is part of the job that we do around here, with no disrespect or ill will to the congressman, what he said, those words, what he just said to his own constituents, that was dumb and misleading. the science and the facts show vaccines protect you from dying from severe illnesses like covid, just like seat belts protect you from the harms of car accidents. the government's first obligation is to protect the people, so officials that take an oath have an actual obligation here. i'm sorry, but they do have to do more than say you can find anything on the internet. come on. now, it's still a free society, so as you have heard me say, whether some people like it or not, people will still literally decide for themselves whether or not to get vaccinated.
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we are not here telling you what to do but we are telling you the facts of the choices you make, and so people can decide to wear a seat belt or not. we can know that it's true, people have choices in a free society. that doesn't mean we should all pretend there's a side to be taken here. the government is on the side of protecting the lives of the people it serves. vaccines work, and seat belts work, and please, as we start a new week, let me just say it like this, can we try not to make this any harder than it already is? with that we turn on our experts. i am joined by dr. patel, and michael steele, former rnc chair and lieutenant governor of maryland. your thoughts, michael, about us not trying to make it harder than it has to be and a member of congress saying you can find things on the internet? >> well, we are in a space where
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we are making it harder on ourselves, at least some in our communities are doing that because of their abject lack of concern for their family members, their neighbors, they listen to members like that congressman, and while you have to be respectful, i don't. that was not just idioti diotic, and it when you are asked whether or not you are vaccinated your answer is yes or no, and when somebody asks you how to address concerns, your answer should be go to the cdc, or go to my
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website or the local boards of health, and you have an appropriate places you can give, and your answer is i don't want to take sides and i don't want to get involved, then you don't need the job. unfortunately you are representing a group of people that will likely re-elect you next year, and they need to ask themselves if they want to be alive to do that, because his answer will get you killed. the governor of florida needs to stand down, he is not leading his state, he's killing people in his state. the fact that parents, school boards, administrators and other officials are now stepping up and saying the scientists, the doctors -- like this good doctor on with us tonight telling us what to do, and listen to them not for your own sake but for the sake of your grandkids and kids, and not desantis or anybody else that is selling you
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a bill of goods that will lead to your bad health and possible death. >> doctor? >> yeah, where to begin with everything michael just said and then some. i'll just tell you this, ari, the way i think about it, our time is precious and our children are precious. imagine what we could be doing with the time and local resources devoted to fighting about masks. and we could spend that time helping families get school care, having working women and parents back in the workplace safely and able to keep themselves safe. ari, nobody is talking about testing. it's amazing. texas schools started today and several had to shutdown immediately because they had a positive case. what do you do if your child is
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exposed? and you are thinking about the vitriol instead of how to protect the health of a loved one? i never have seen such a level when kids start to get hospitalized or airlifted out of state because there are no more beds. you are showing these stories and the humanity is also the lack of understanding that this could be preventible. where is the accountability for that? honestly, ari, i will just say it, and you talk about the fires in california, and that and covid are tightly related. we are not willing to accept facts and science to understand why was it 118 degrees in portland, oregon, several weeks ago? those things don't happen spontaneously. actions have consequences, and to your point your inability to get vaccinated has a consequence
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not just for yourself but everybody around you. >> i appreciate both of you laying it out. we are talking about facts and we are talking about humanity, and it goes without saying, and i'll say it and as michael knows it's part of the media sometimes, we say it anyway, and we are not tracking whether people are dying in red states or blue, like their lives would matter more or less. that would be obscene. the sad fact is covid knows no identity, there are places where the policies according to the measurable results we have from the cdc and else wear show that by not including vaccinations covid goes up. unlike climate change where we are altogether on the hot and hotter earth, and it's now getting worse in some places because of the policies.
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as i stress, michael, that's not here nor there, it's just a reminder people care about people regardless of their ideology and if they are surrounded by people making bad decisions. i say that in the to rand paul. >> it's time for us to resist, and they can't arrest us all, and we can say no, not again. nancy pelosi, you will not arrest or stop me or anybody on my staff from doing our jobs. >> michael? >> what the hell is he talking about? do your job? your job is to protect your people in your state. the job is to put in place policies that protect the country. you don't want to do that.
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this is not a libertarian thing. rand paul, when you come to a stop sign do you stop in when you see a red light, do you stop? your freedoms may say to you, no, run the red light. but guess what, bro, there's a consequence when another car that has the right-of-way is slammed into by you, and now your freedom just killed somebody or harmed them. nobody is restricting your freedom to be stupid. do it all day long. but know there's a consequence that comes from it. when you sit there and advocate to people, you don't have to take the backseat. sure you don't, but know there are consequences when you listen to somebody like this who tells you not to do that, when others, like dr. patel and others are saying, yeah, but if you don't, what a here's an mri or x-ray of a healthy lung and an x-ray of a
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lung on covid. you decide which one you want. there are consequences here. and i'm tired of these people who have elected titles acting like they are not, and you are sailing people down a bad road because at the end of the road is death and illness. >> i will date myself a little bit here, doctor, but back in the day they had the anti-drug ads that said this is your brain, the egg, and then they cracked it and said this is your brain on drugs. i was trying to get a hold of people's mind-set here, and right now here's your brain on maga on some of this stuff. the reason why we showed the congressman earlier was not to single him out, doctor, but the fact that he appeared not to admit that he got the vaccine, and again, i am making an inference, i am a journalist, and he wouldn't say, and he should have but he didn't as michael expertly pointed that
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out, and if he wanted to appeal to some people he could say he didn't get it, and it seems you messed up to hide the fact that you did something medically to protect yourself but you don't want other people to know because you would like to traffic in some sort of political appeal rather than the public messaging, and you are a doctor and not a political analysts, but at the end of the day where do we go from here to get the people the public health facts so you don't have more people, including young people dying at a church because none of them thought they needed the vaccine? >> i think that's the critical question we all need to ask, you know, what more can we do to address whatever it is. forget the rand pauls or the political people that are bleeding folks into their own sickness and death, and how do we get people to show we are not trying to be partisan, and i am not trying to say i am pro or
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anti-this, but i am pro living and i want people to get their concerns out. if he was vaccinated, how powerful would it have been to say i have not been but i am going to get vaccinated, and here are three reasons why, and that could be doing so much more. i would try to do an approach with patients, hey, listen, i also understand there's a lot of stuff out there, and most of it, which is also noise, why don't we try to unpack why you don't want to do this. it's not a forced government experiment. how do we get through some of that? i actually do think that's how you chip away. ari, we have seen, by the way -- we have interviewed -- i have talked to patients and interviewed other people to understand why they wanted to get vaccinated, and because somebody in their family got hospitalized and they are seeing the images of their neighborhoods be affected, and they are human and they are going to try to act in their
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best interest at some point, and 20% of new cases are children and i would hate to think that this virus is using our bodies to infect people, get smarter, and get more efficient at escaping immunity, something we are all watching for and worried about. >> yeah. i have to go to break. this has been an important start, i believe, as we continue this, and people are tired and tired is not good enough. we have to deal with it as a nation. thanks to both of you. coming up, the other big story, it's one i have told you we are staying on for accountability. trump doj official going behind closed doors, blowing the whistle. also tonight, bezos facing new union pressures. joe biden is on the precipice of a major victory tonight. plus, we will get into rachel maddow and the tiktok grandma
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bill barr did just about everything donald trump wanted at doj, including undermining the mueller report. then after trump's loss barr made a point of leaving town early, resigning on december 23rd, 2020. and that left rosen to step up
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and run the doj for weeks. an ongoing senate probe brought rosen in to detail what many experts now see as clearly a failed, quote, coup attempt with a trump lackey. other trump appointees pushed back, one writing there's no chance i would sign on to that. rosen now blowing the whistle on that trump lackey inside the doj that went over his head to have secret conversations with trump to plot the takeover. here's durbin with the new testimony. >> would you describe it as a coup attempt? >> it's its own version. we should not dismiss this as a bad day for donald trump, and it was a conscious planned strategy that did not work, thank goodness.
3:22 pm
>> yeah, thank goodness, sure. rosen also knew trump was on his way out one way or the other, but we have to deal with this as more than a history of a fluke. what if it were a closer call? what if these people that pushed back instead saw a path to a second term. what if bill barr was there brainstorming ways to stay in office? what if it came down to just one state? these are idle questions. we come back to the story and these new developments even though donald trump and steve bannon and a lot of these other people don't want this in the news and don't want it on tv, and they are counting on everybody being fatigued and moving on without accountability. and we see one party openly embracing attacks on democracy itself, so the senate probe is a big part of getting to the bottom of all of it, and they will talk to another doj official ousted when he like
3:23 pm
rosen stood up, too. the more elected democrats are saying what progressives warned a long time ago, that donald trump is literally serious and backed by a republican party literally serious about overthrowing elections like a dictator would. ? >> it was relentless, brutal, personally involved, directly aimed at the department of justice and seeking to break and weaponize it to overthrow the elections. only the department of justice refusing to break and standing up to him was the means to avoid that kind of catastrophe. >> so that was avoided. how do you deal with the next such effort? "the times" reporting that
3:24 pm
jeffrey clark reporting the doj can determine if it, quote, crossed the line of criminal behavior, and in that case the inspector general could refer the matter to federal prosecutors. if it was an attempted coup, should anybody go to jail? we will get into that with our legal analysts when we come back in just 60 seconds. can save up to 30% on your auto insurance. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. get a quote today. fine, no one leaves the table until your finished. fine, we'll sleep here. ♪♪ it's the easiest because it's the cheesiest. kraft. for the win win.
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i'm joined now by former acting law professor, and we are discussing the senate probe into overturning the election. your thoughts? >> i think your framework which was done really well, and i think it shows that donald trump tried to run a war on the justice department and tried to bring it down and there's no way to restore the credibility of the justice department while letting its own lawyers stand above the letter of the law. i think what you said about
3:26 pm
democracy is absolutely right. we can't pretend to be a democracy if we don't fair out un-american thugs that tried to do this to our country. some parts are done overtly like what is being done in georgia and texas, and some parts were done like the jeffrey clark january 6th justice department revelations. we need to get to the bottom of it. that's what the january 6th commission has got to do, and it's what the inspector general has to do and perhaps the criminal investigators at the justice department as well. >> professor? >> let me elaborate a little bit on what neal said. i think one of the things that this made very clear, we cannot think about the insurrection, the work that was being done in the doj and the work being done in the state legislators and on the ground in terms of the election access as isolated events, and it appears to be a
3:27 pm
concerted effort to roll back the framework of democracy, and it expands every branch of government and every level of government. >> processor when you look at the supreme court do you see -- do you see justices more hospitable to the idea that we don't have a one person vote anyway, dirty little secret, and some of them wrote things that seemed more hospitable to this issue we covered first last week that others warned about, which is that there may be an extra bang shot to get legislators more involved in picking the president. >> i think that's exactly right. rick cassin has really hit the nail on the head. the real question is will we see its success in 2024.
3:28 pm
now it's actually being -- it was not successful this time around but it's being support by at least four justices on the supreme court, and it's not clear whether they will be able to peel off a fifth justice, and there's more credibility for the theory than there ever has been. >> neal, where do you think it comes from? i like to give viewers the short cut to law school, for those deciding not to go which i think is a totally valid choice, but they teach law school one way where they say here are these strict formal rules and here's how everything gets sort of coldly, neutrally interpreted, and then there are other critiques of that and others say you have to look at how the 14th amendment is enforced when black peoples' lives are really on the lined, versus when it's pulled into some other agenda, and do
3:29 pm
you think the fact that the republican party -- this is a political observation, has a real hard time finding national majorities, and has lost most of the popular vote over the last run of seven elections, and does that put more extra pressure on all of jurist and others to find ways where oh, they like the weird theory where you don't need to win the election anymore. >> yeah, and hundreds of americans have not discovered this strategy all of a sudden, and they understand the majority of the american public doesn't support their positions anymore, and the only way they can win is by not having a real election. when i defended the voting rights in supreme court in 2009, the republicans had voted to affirm the voting rights act just a couple years before in 2006 by 421-3 vote in the house, and a 98-0 vote in the senate. that's where the republicans
3:30 pm
were there. what has changed is the fact that their party has become extreme and well out of the mainstream. you are right, and melissa is right, there's the law on the books, and then there is the laws that are applied. even on the books there's lots of stuff that says these shenanigans going on at the justice department do look illegal and criminal as well, and there's a deeper process point that i don't think folks have really understood yet. to understand really what happened, what trump did to the justice department and people like jeff clark, you have to know the justice department works entirely in terms of stylized process. you can't just, like, go make a decision and implement it, even like a low-level person has to do everything in writing up to a higher official and that higher official to that higher official and so on, and everything in writing and everybody sees anything so they can react to it, and everything is in writing
3:31 pm
so futures in office know what i wrote and the decisions that i made and why i made them, and that's a huge constraint on the ability to do things. what these folks seem to do is have jeff clark, who is an environmental pointer decide to have direct conversations with the president, and you know, write these crazy memos, which i think would fail even at the rudy giuliani's school of law, and this is all nonsense. we have to get to the bottom of it. i think melissa is right, we have to get to the bottom of it so it will never happen again. >> yeah, and for viewers keeping track, neal's reference to the rudy giuliani school of law, it's a special law school where you can get a jd and a law license and then you lose your law licenses, and it's ideal, but everybody can exercise your options. and neal walked us through from
3:32 pm
what he knows of being at the highest level of justice, and it's accountability, and everybody is saying okay professor, neal, ari, what is going to happen, because if you can go that high on a coup attempt and nobody goes to jail, then what? >> i think that's the right question to be asking. as neal suggests there could be exposure for criminal liability because of some of the things that happened in the department of justice if these allegations are proven correct. but the more profound question is are we going to look at awful these events in concert that we already brushed aside the prospect of a bipartisan effort to look at the insurrection, and we need to look at all these different events and how they fit together and the larger scale and how anti-democratic it is and what it means going forward. >> yeah, all important points. thank you to both of you. we have a lot of wealth
3:33 pm
inequality, and now a new plan to attack billionaires. we will get into that with heat on jeff bezos. and an accuser speaking out on camera in public on a subject that has engulfed governor cuomo. >> i know the truth. he knows the truth. what he did to me was a crime. as across the world! but most importantly? they give us something to eat when we drink beer. planters. a nut above. at usaa, we've been called too exclusive. because we only serve those who honorably served. all ranks, all branches, and their families. are we still exclusive? absolutely. and that's exactly why you should join. [engine revs] ricky bobby, today the road is your classroom. [engine revs]
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to me and the other women that he did this to, it was not normal. it was not welcomed and it was certainly not consensual. >> reporting on a new development in this widening sexual harassment scandal facing governor cuomo in new york, a woman who was legally identified as, quote, executive assistant number one, is named brittany commisso. she's speaking about what she says governor cuomo did to her. >> he put his hand up my blouse and cupped by breast over my bra. i looked down and i remember seeing his hand, which is a large hand, thinking to myself, oh, my god, this is happening.
3:38 pm
it happened so quick. he dependant say anything. when i stopped it, he just pulled away and walked away. and then there was at one point a hug, and when he went to go and kiss me on the cheek he quickly turned his head and kissed me on the lips. what he did to me was a crime. he broke the law. >> she's exercising her rights to publicly speak out, and she's also filing a criminal complaint against cuomo so police in the new york capitol have that and the state attorney general identified this among 11 different accounts from different women, making such allegations against cuomo. he also is now facing a new development, the resignation of his top appointed aide, melissa derosa, and she was his defender, and she was part of the visible and public response
3:39 pm
when some of the allegations first surfaced in march. >> i am incredibly proud of the work that this administration has done to further women's rights, to expand protections for women in the workplace. we have seen more women rise the highest levels in terms of commissioners and senior staff levels and we promoted each other and supported one another and i don't think this diminishes any of that. >> that was her argument in public, but what is significant about the attorney general's report is that it basically gives a process to look at the entire way the new york administration of governor cuomo dealt with the allegations, and one of the things it says is derosa was leading the charge to retaliate unfairly those that
3:40 pm
made complaints. and cuomo is to produce evidence by friday, and governor cuomo continues to deny all of the allegations. here's how one of his lawyers discussed his defense recently. >> the governor has made clear in his testimony to the attorney generals' investigators, he doesn't dispute some of the allegations, and some of the allegations do not rise to the level of sexual harassment, and he does slip sometimes -- >> when you say he does slip, what do you mean by that? >> he said it in his video statement, which is that he does make the mistake, he will say darlin', and sweetheart. he does ask questions about peoples' personal lives and he didn't think that was improper. >> that's part of the defense they are mounting.
3:41 pm
meanwhile cuomo's attorney said the video statement will also further speak publicly soon. we have something really special tonight. an insider who is exposing what is going on behind the amazon front, what is going on inside this super influential company which is now one of the most politically powerful people in america, the billionaire bezos. stay with us. p keep the gum sea. new parodontax active gum repair toothpaste. [ heavy breathing ] allergies with nasal congestion overwhelming you? breathe more freely with powerful claritin-d. claritin-d improves nasal airflow two times more than the leading allergy spray at hour one. [ deep inhale ] claritin-d. get more airflow. usaa is made for the safe pilots. like mac.
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amazon delivered a lot of products to hundreds of people, and news tonight is its crack downs on its own employees on a fair vote to unionize, and it's a labor class that highlights how much this giant company operates at the center of so many issues today, the pandemic
3:46 pm
economy, the work gap. bezos has become the second richest person in the world and he added a unfathomable $24 billion to his fortune during the pandemic alone. democrats often cite this kind of windfall should make reforms that would raise taxes on individually wealthy people like bezos, and all this as many worry about rent and food as bezos sends himself to space. bloomberg reporter, brad stone, is the author of "amazon unbound." the book goes right inside some of the most secretive meetings that bezos has, which makes us very interested in your sources. thank you for being here. >> thank you, ari. >> you have been on this beat.
3:47 pm
what is it that you have come to understand about jeff bezos as an avatar of our modern economy? >> wow. well, amazon is, you know, a relentlessly expansionist company. you probably remember when it was just a bookseller in the mid 1990s, and kind of step by step it has accumulated wealth and power, and it now employs 1 million people in the united states, and the second biggest employer behind walmart. ten years ago the market cap of amazon was $120 billion, and now it's $1.7 trillion. it's one of the best business stories of our time, and a story about how innovation and technological prowess and aggressiveness and ruthlessness
3:48 pm
is a winning scenario in today's environment. >> you say aggressiveness, and many people understand that in business, and viewers post about a property he owns, and he has clashed with donald trump over all kinds of issues, and some of the most fascinating stuff i thought you had in here, that i had not seen anywhere else, was in his clash with the "national enquirer", which was in bed with trump, and there was a scandal and the talk with saudis, and we pulled of just how some of that was all breaking at the time. >> an extraordinary claim that amazon ceo jeff bezos' phone was hacked -- >> the saudi crowned prince -- >> passed on private photos and text to the gossip tabloid, "the
3:49 pm
national enquirer." >> bezos' investigator, no way, said they knew about them from the saudis. >> your book seems to get very close with new reporting suggesting that bezos and his team deflected a lot of what was other issues by elevating it into the conflict with the saudis, and yet you don't directly call him a liar. walk us through what your reporting shows and what you were getting at there of why that matters? >> right. ari, i want to allow for the possibility that maybe we don't have all the facts, and maybe we will never get all the facts. you know, there are, even today, accusations that the phones of wealthy business people and celebrities and politicians had this pegasus spy wear on them,
3:50 pm
and we have no evidence to suggest that the saudi government, which did have reason to have information about bezos' personal information and leaked those details to the "national enquirer," and that's a conspiracy bezos and his handlers were there's no evidence to suggest it. there have been fbi investigations and the southern district of new york looked into it. as i reviewed those court records and talked to everyone i could, it really did seem like more of a personal family drama, as you mention there in the clips. the brother of bezos' girlfriend leaking some of that information to "the enquirer" which i think was quite rightfully pursuing its own mandate to dig into the personal lives of famous people. that's what it was doing with jeff bezos. >> yeah, and then i want to read from the book. you talk about how they moved the salary, that there was basically bernie sanders with a stop bezos bill and that bezos
3:51 pm
convenes a meeting to reconsider worker pay under this external pressure and raised the hourly rate across the board to $15. what's the implication there? are you saying that senator sanders' outside pressure worked even if the bill didn't pass? and are there things that make jeff bezos or amazon act more in the interest of the public in your view? >> oh, ari, absolutely. they're very receptive to criticism and very attuned to criticism from the progressive wing of the democratic party, even when they're out on twitter insulting bernie sanders and his colleagues. the $15 an hour campaign now is almost a decade old. amazon ignored it for many years. it was only when the pressure really ratcheted up and also, frankly, the labor situation became very competitive. it was suddenly in amazon's interest to raise its wages because it's out there competing every single day with workers for the likes of walmart, so we
3:52 pm
see how valuable that is now. amazon employing a million people in the u.s. it has to offer those competitive wages, otherwise it can't keep up with its own growth. >> yeah, really fascinating. there's so many nooks and crannies in there. also the hot tip in the book is if you're texting with mbs, be very careful. the idea that he may have personally put that spyware on the billionaire's phone. brad stone, thank you so much. the book is "amazon unbound." when we come back, i promise we have something special for you because we have an update on the msnbc grandma we've come to know and love, and when is rachel back. stay with us. stay with us rush hour will never feel the same. experience thrilling performance from our entire line of vehicles at the lexus golden opportunity sales event. lease the 2021 is 300 for $379 a month for 36 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. i don't just play someone brainy on tv - i'm an actual neuroscientist. and i love the science behind neuriva plus.
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3:57 pm
like roads and bridges and would represent a big win for biden. we'll have full coverage here on msnbc and "the beat" tomorrow. if you catch me hosting for rachel maddow on friday, you might know pat. she is an avid msnbc viewer. she was really pressing to find out when rachel's vacation will ending and when will she be back? >> you can't ask that. it's just when will she be back? that's the question. when will she be back? >> okay, okay. here's a picture of her. rachel maddow's page is a picture of her with a fish. >> probably she's fishing somewhere, yes. i could have told you that. she's fishing.
3:58 pm
i want to know when she's gonna be back. >> that's the question. now rachel was out last week and nicolle and ali and myself all filled in a bit. when i was guest hosting on friday, rachel's team had the idea of playing pat's video on rachel's show. if you want to know what pat was thinking at the moment we can show you because her granddaughter, as she does, was filming her grandmother's surprise at seeing herself on her favorite show. so this is a little meta, but here you go. >> i don't want to know where she is. i mean that's her business where she is on her vacation. it's not my business. so -- so there. >> now, pat could have told you she's fishing. you can see she also respects boundaries. she just wants to know when will she be back. well, i'm here to report live on
3:59 pm
msnbc to pat and anyone else wondering the answer. rachel will be back monday. so that's the update. a shoutout to pat and all the msnbc grandmas out there. now we know what it looks like when she's watching the other side of the screen. if you do want to see this or find more of our tiktok videos, i just started a tiktok account. it's @arimelberanchorman. go to tiktok and follow ari melber anchorman. why is it that handle? tiktok won't let me have ari melber yet so follow me at ari melber anchorman and say hello to pat as well. that's all of our updates tonight. thank you as always for spending the hour with us as we start the week. that does it for me. "the reidout" with joy reid is up next. hi, joy. >> why won't they let you have ari melber on tiktok? who i got to call? who do i need to call?
4:00 pm
>> i guess call tiktok. i'm putting them on blast. >> can he have aur remelber? is there another ari mel bertha has an ari melber show on msnbc or any other network? no, there is not. let him have ari melber, there's nothing wrong with that. give it to him! >> thank you, you tell them. >> thank you very much. good evening, everyone. we welcome you tonight. we begin "the reidout" with the question of what are the biggest threats to mankind? now, if your answer is our own ignorance and arrogance, ding, ding, ding, ding, you are probably right. as we sit here tonight humanity is facing not one but two code red crises. there's the climate crisis that's literally burning parts of the world to the ground. and there's the covid-19 virus pandemic which at this point has mutated into a super contagious delta variant that is officially out of control and both are week


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