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tv   The Beat With Ari Melber  MSNBC  August 13, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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thank you for letting us into your home during this extraordinary time. "the beat" with ari melber starts right now. >> welcome to "the beat," i am ari melber. a string of victory for president biden. those bipartisan break through which are so unusual. many are actually having a hard time getting their heads around mitch mcconnell backing biden on the senate floor, which happens at least on some issues this
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week. this reflects between some republicans are waking up to biden's popularity. a break between those republicans and the rest of the maga base who continues not to only oppose. one major political party continually lies about and defend the attack of the government. there are real world impacts. that brings us to the top story tonight because we are seeing news that it is sad and disturbing and you need to know about, a new government bulletin warning of racially and ethically motivated violent extremists who are pushed by conspiracy theory election fraud as well as alleged reinstate of donald trump. that's from the u.s. homeland
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security department. it is non partisan and that term there, perceived election fraud is sort of clinical. dhs by the way don't love putting out politically related bulletins, they do it when it hits the bar of u.s. national homeland security being pushed by politics, in this case, prominent republicans. we are seeing reports on the ground showing the kind of things being mainland today like allegedly criminal lead of passwords to secure voting machines handed over to the
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right wing maga sympathetic website. >> jenny griswold believes tina peters is responsible for voting system passwords ending up online as part of a conspiracy theory to prove election fraud in colorado. griswold says video surveillance watching the machines had been turned off one week prior and stayed off recently. the county led a mystery man attending the up break while passing him off as an employee. this is really happening. any time this happens at the local level is not automatically national news. we are looking at it in the context of the dhs warning of political violence. the plot there looks like it was busted from what we can tell. any attempted fraud there is coming from the maga side who are the same people projected in
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line. now that'll be under criminal investigation, we'll update you with anything we learn. it is bad news for the republican clerk involved because while she has every right to defend herself, we are going to find out whether the investigation leads to her. she was just a featured speaker at a big lie summit sponsored by the my pillow guy, because, of course -- these conspiracy theories are not just something in the ether in the side or something embarrassing you have to discuss at family reunions from time to time. i want to tell you tonight because we try to bring you the big story, this becomes central to the maga movement. it is a new litmus test of lies and absurdity into some kind of thing that republican officials will have to answer to approve themselves. i am about to show you an example of this. it is a thing where -- actual republicans elected officials
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who may know something about elections because they participated in it. here is as republican congressman dealing with a heckler discussing the 2020 election. >> don't kid yourself into believing that's why we don't want. >> you are wrong. >> i have plenty of proof. i have proof in arizona and pennsylvania and georgia. >> five different states? hundreds of thousands of votes? >> you are kidding yourself. >> yes. >> spoiler alert, that guy does not have proof. here is the wider context tonight as we end a week where there is a break in washington. there is an actual warning from dhs from political violence. republican party and its candidates got fewer votes in the last seven of eight presidential elections. the u.s. census released its new
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non partisan data. it fits into this context. america growing more diverse during this past decade and documents a ship that many know about ntidotally. the report finds the white population declines for the first time in over 200 years. take how this is played on the ground for texas. republicans trying to suppress the vote. why would they be doing that? people of color make up 95% of the population growth. as with those trends combined with the current platforms of these two political parties, it would seem that the republican party faces a binary choice, or
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losing many future elections. that's a buy in. it turns out and many ex perlts experts and analysts warning about this, the republican party trying to find, well, not this way or that way but a third way. lying about its losses and suppressing democracy itself so it could win rigged elections. maybe that's why so many of its leaders talk about fraud and rigging so much. maybe they think everyone else is just like them. let's bring in our experts here as we start on our friday show. margaret carlson. donny deutsche and a familiar analyst to many of our viewers. good evening everyone. donny, i come to you first as a branding expert. republican party would seem of a branding problem if it was dealing with all customers or
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all voters. is it concerning to you as an american, how much there seems to be a main lining of this other craft? >> of course it is concerning. you can't be level headed person with a harder brain not concerning. go back to that census, you saw white population dropping 6 points in a ten-year cycle and another ten years it will be just about even and white population. and that's stoking the fear and stoking the ethnic, racial attack that you talked about. the problem the republicans, they are in a spiral. if i was the republican party right now, and i am able to call everybody in the room, look, this is a losing proposition. we cannot go down this hole.
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the problem is you still have a primaries. the 20% fringe vote are closer to the heckler. they're in this kind of unfortunate death spiral, they're the victim of the electoral process. the only hope they have is if they are smart, they would point to a growing fringe on the democratic side. you know for the first time, the economist poll shows that a majority, this was really stunning. a majority of democrats favor socialism. that's the brush i would be painting and move to the middle and push to the democrats to the left. the problem is, they have the electoral and having primaries to deal with. >> right. you are talking about ideology. margaret, congressman crenshaw known to be a conservative. he's not being heckled because
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he's not conservative enough in that view. he's being heckled because he's not lying. >> no, there is only one test. it persists even trump is gone and that test is are you going to go along with trump's lie or are you going to say joe biden is the legitimate president. they don't have the freedom, most of them. most of them don't have the freedom to come right out and say there was not any fraud and you're believing something that is not true because trump will primary them. the republican party as the republican party is in charge of the republican party so they can't read the census and do anything. they can't do anything until they ban nish trump. he controls the party still. that campaign of his had gotten so deep into that group of
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people, along with all the other conspiracies that some other like dan crenshaw. >> yeah. that's it. >> i spoke with law enforcement official earlier this afternoon about the dhs school that you highlighted at the beginning of this show. you made two-point that is were interesting. in the advisory bullet, it points out not just these conspiracy theories are being pushed by domestic but also that government that are adversary to the united states are spreading theories. america's adversary recognized that these conspiracy
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theories -- knowingly and unknowingly are working with adversary. one other point that this law official made is really important is privately a major concern department of homeland security has is about u.s. public figures including politicians and national media figures who also amplified those same conspiracy theories. it is not something that the department talked about this in advisory board because dhs works really hard but behind closed doors senior officials and the united states government are concerned of the extent to which people who have substantially cloud among the far right of the united states, among the large swath of voters we have been talking about that government are the adversarial to the
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united states are also pushing. >> dhs is always in a tricky position here because they have their credibility with regards to their bulletins. they don't want to be seen as rightly or wrongly picking favorites or scolding individuals, members of congress who for example, also doover sight of dhs. it is really tricky. they go out of their way not to be seen in that role. as i mentioned in my set up because i don't work at dhs, i am a independent analyst, this is me talking, like a reverend of donald trump act-alike. you have a right to exhaust court challenges and this is the rule of law and it is okay to go to court and see what happens. that time is over which is why
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donald trump attacks on all of the tradition of the civic of the rule of law. the following to that which i love you to build on that, there was a time then when maybe, well, how bad could it be pushing around some stuff online. it is not the same, for example, as taking over a state ballot site. it is different and it is not as physical. it would seem in the view of dhs and a lot of others and we see it around the world if propaganda takes hold in a bad enough way with authoritarian leaning individuals and government could be quite physically danger, betsy. >> it is bad enough for the united states but our adversary spending significant amount of time and energy in continue to do it. there is a reason russian efforts shaping opinions and perception in the united states didn't let up because a large
3:15 pm
part of the operation in 2016 actually worked. that's why other adversary government -- what they say publicly, they actually do privately. dhs officials will be more candid. i reported a few weeks ago that dhs' top officials gave members of congress behind closed doors. they were worried about the possibility of violence on the part of trump's supporters this month because of the conspiracy theory that trump was about to be reinstated. a conspiracy theory that's touted. dhs is not going to say we are worried about trump supporters but privately when they are speaking behind closed doors, it is something they are not shy to
3:16 pm
explicitly talk about. >> ari -- >> margaret, i am running over on time. i want to give you the final word with one minute. i want to give in a jab with the pillow guy. it had nothing to do with figuring out who won an election. final thought to margaret, please. >> he probably spent half his fortune or if not more on those soft pillows trying to prove the election is stolen and he's expecting trump to move back in. you and i are off for the dayings he's got six more hours for trump, those moving trucks to pull up from florida. you know trump goes back in there. that's how you know gullible some people are. you know he's like one of those students who went to trump
3:17 pm
university and spent their savings came out of a lousy picture of donald trump. he was taken in by the conspiracy so deeply that he changed his life over it. i have a little bit sympathy for him. he's not a liar like rudy giuliani who says he was just faking it. remember the fbi interview? he was just faking it, he knew he was lying. he's gullible and taken in. i have some sort of sympathy for him. >> sure. i understand the point you are raising and it is referred to useful idiots or other terminology or responsibility ranges -- i think there is a lot here. what i want to do is thank margaret and betsy. donny comes back later, i will see you again. we have a lot more new pressure on facebook to crack down on the vaccine lies.
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facebook's worse than fox news. we'll explain. also, ron desantis, he has to back down on one covid issue. we'll explain. mcconnell's play book is not working against the biden's spending. we have a lot coming up. stay with us. and one that's forever wild but freedom means you don't have to choose just one adventure ♪ ♪ you get both. introducing the all-new 3-row jeep grand cherokee l jeep. there's only one.
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news on covid. yesterday we can report upwards of a million people got their vaccine shots the. that's the highest daily rates in a month. infections are on the rise. the number of children going to the hospital jumped 30% in last week affecting parents and families everywhere. >> going in without masks is very scary because i would not want anybody to be in the hospital. >> we are taking every precautions to keep our sons safe and everyone around him. that's clearly not the case for everyone. >> if you mix the mask wearers are the non-mask wearers, it puts everyone at risk. >> meanwhile the reason that some people may be making decisions that are not safe for themselves and their children is not just that they want to do things that are risky but rather
3:23 pm
they may have fallen into misinformation. we were discussing electoral. facebook removes 65 of its own account, 243 on instagram for this theory that's going around about the vaccine changing you into an animal. some of this stuff you can't make up. we did some special reporting on this because we are trying to take the issue seriously and not put anyone in any particular category, it is okay to have questions about the vaccine and okay to read something and ask about it. a lot of people don't necessarily watch the news as much as you do. i can say it because you are watching the news right now or i do because i work in the news. we spend time this week discussing this issue with people who are hesitant went onto get the vaccine. >> i just think people didn't
3:24 pm
get the message that masks are important and vaccines are important. >> they have so much rumors in the streets. it is going to change our dna and you are going to get sick or die from the virus. from the vaccination is so many unclear rumors. >> is anybody doing anything about this? what's going on at the white house? it is not maga land anymore. they're going to put heat on some of the places that are pushing this misinformation? they have been. former white house insider according to the new york times was on this as far back as march. that's right in the first few hectic week when they were taking over the white house. misinformation was going to be the problem. that was in a new york times account this week. it was fascinating and
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andy slavic under president biden, thanks for being here. . >> great to be here, ari. >> let me put again what "the new york times" reported and zuckerberg calling on ron klain. walk us through what you can why the biden white house was so concerned of facebook and according to "the new york times" was dealing with lies on their platform. >> it was pretty clear even if we are trying to get vaccines out of the country. only 40% of americans said they
3:27 pm
want to take a vaccine if they got it. when we got behind it all. we learned what we now report, people who decided not to get vaccinated, heading into today. two-thirds of them believe that the vaccine itself will give you covid-19 or things that are equally untrue. when people were asked where did they learn this from? their number one response is social media and facebook. what facebook is good at doing is unlike to blairing out lies, it is very good at taking an algorithm and finding the person who has a little bit of doubt or question, and say to you, what you get presented with is a giant needle. if you and i run facebook, we would not see a lot of the misinformation or conspiracy
3:28 pm
theories. the people that are most susceptible, facebook is good at delivering that target. that's the problem -- >> yeah, you walk into the target. >> full of public health perspective, you are getting right, they go to the most information vulnerable people with the worse information and they make money all the way. yeah, my targeting what i keep seeing and i see ads and a lot of rap album advertisements. i don't know what they know about me, andy. another headline people need to see, we have shown tucker carlson misinformation. look at this. people who are more antivaccine if they get their quote, "covid news from facebook" more so than fox news according to data. you and the white house put the heat on them. have they gotten any better, what grade would you give them now. >> they are failing. the reason that i say they are failing is not because, if they
3:29 pm
are trying and i think they're trying to a certain extent, the way i want them to solve the problem is filing in. what percentage of people who are not yet vaccinated are seeing this information on your website and can you redeuce that by 80% or 90%? they'll not share with the white house and update, they won't share the denominator. they'll emphasize all the good information. the problem is only people like you and me see the good information or other people see it. it is at the top of this screen. they have yet to come to the table and say we are going to make a commitment. look, if this was about their business or profits, they figure out how to do it. they're not just in the ether, they're not the internet. they're a company with the
3:30 pm
product. they sell your attention to advertisers. they make money from that. and so the way they got to be responsible for the attention that they attract. they have to respond. it is not as first amendment issue. it is an issue that's presenting things that are not true to people in order to make money from that. >> yeah, i think you break it down well. you are a healthcare expert. to my knowledge you are trying to quarterback every website in the world but during a public healthcare crisis, making sure people get accurate information. andy slavitt, thank you. we have an update to a story of accountability. we have been all over maga's ron desantis for a reason. now he's caving on a covid issue. stay with us. issue. stay with us before we talk about tax-smart investing, what's new?
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there is a lot going on but the thing that may have an impact in your life over the next year is the president, spending plan of a total of $4 trillion. trillion dollars. republicans who supported part of the biden plan in the senate are also pushing where they
3:35 pm
think a way to sway the public against it. >> looks like bernie sanders controls the party. it sits systematic socialism. it is what he proposed. >> the democrats are radical. >> we are playing with fire here. it is like we are growing a fraud business here at the federal government. >> there you have it. the talk of socialism is how republicans try to ban big spending. democrats have grapple for a long time of what they perceive as political risk can go anywhere near the socialist labels. socialism which is different which is soviet style socialism. all of this is playing out. i want to be clear here, look at the issues. the truth is, related issues are
3:36 pm
also a tension among democrats. >> i don't want to blow up the affordable care act. >> look at the numbers. how much is it going to cost? who's going to pay for it? >> south carolinians. >> we are back with donny. i think that's a demo one. i love that. well, we are glad you are listening. it sounds like a joke but partially true. this is interesting for someone like you because you know all about marketing and branding to a degree where politicians years behind you, you are a liberal
3:37 pm
capitalist. what do you see what the democrats are up against now they are fighting with this again with the socialist label looming? >> they have a problem, look. any time you pass major, major legislation like any democrats that voted for the affordable care act, there is 8% difference. they're going to be vulnerable. the irony is a lot of good stuff in there. the republicans
3:38 pm
3:39 pm
so you got to stay with the meat and not let them sway you. it is the analogy, ari. >> yes, that make sense. donny deutsche, one of our white collarist around here. i say that because he's wearing a collar. have a good weekend. coming up, there is a reckoning for the florida governor. this matters. we'll show you the facts after this. matters we'll show you the facts after this its highly active peroxide droplets swipe on in seconds. better. faster. 100% whiter teeth. rush hour will never feel the same. experience thrilling performance from our entire line of vehicles
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new push back and a new reckoning for governor desantis. exploding case loads there. desantis has been on a crusade
3:44 pm
against safety measures. there will be no lockdowns. >> we can either have a free society or we can have a bio medical security state. >> so to as the martin county school system finds a way for parents of meaningful choice. >> make america great again. yep, that's ron desantis among the many controversy moves he made and schools ability to have people wear masks and said he would withhold the earned lawful salary of officials who stood in his way. there is a lot of criticisms of his own constituents. there is lawsuits. where this fight is going on
3:45 pm
just died from the virus within one day of each other this week. now desantis is partially caving. his office is saying well, the threat is empty. he does not have the power to withhold those salaries although that's what he threatened. he can't do as he threatened to do. desantis says he won't allow schools at a local level to require mamasks. two school districts are on their way defying desantis. we are seeing a reckoning where it goes from here as this state suffers, we'll keep an eye on it. we'll fit in a break and we'll end the week with something interesting. there is a big union push of amazon. i want to get into why jimmy hofner is back the news. stay with us. hofner is back the news. stay with us
3:46 pm
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one ray of life for labor. we are a long way since the figure like jimmy captured the imagination as president of the teamster's union. offa disappeared in 1975 and remains a mystery to the day. the long dead power broker was portrayed by al pacino. >> we are their biggest and best and most honest union in this country. where are we going to go but up? >> those were the chants, and there is something about this
3:51 pm
man. it captivates people to the day. take dave east who has been on the beat before. hoffa, this project drops on the anniversary of hoffa's disappearance. the song titles the album cover imagines dave east as hoffa and shows an iconic moment. dave hoffa, the real hoffa and pacin o's hoffa. art imitating art imitating life. dave east is back on the beat with many projects to his
3:52 pm
credit. he has been a friend of the beat and we had a to hang out. also joining us, harry fraud who worked with dave east and with mob deeps prodigy, the weekend and rick ross. thanks to both of you for joining me tonight. >> what's the word, man. thanks for having us. >> yeah. i am happy to have you both. what makes hoffa relevant today. >> i think that his story was so intriguing to us. the fact he was a man of the people for the people that kind of was really relatable to us in terms of the music that we make and his disappearance and ties
3:53 pm
and what was going on behind the scenes was so interesting. anyone from new york has an uncle or cousin it was just such an intriguing tale. >> yeah. it is interesting that you say that, working-class. people are thinking how do you organize power to deal with power. what should we take from seeing you on the album cover, man? >> like harry was saying, his story always intrigued me and the way that he used the power
3:54 pm
he had. for someone to be that influential to the union and america and to vanish like that. that was always an ill story to me and they still speak about it in 2021. i am feeling like that is dope. whatever he did, he did enough where he is still spoke about. i want to be able to do enough in this where i am spoke about forever. >> you guys are both pretty popular. harry is spoke about in two languages. it is interesting what dave says. dave, you are a story teller. a story like hoffa that ends
3:55 pm
with a big mystery and intrigue. we do the fall backsa the end of the week. we will go back to harry. what is on your fall back list? >> well, when they had, the shoe palace raffle situation was pretty crazy to me. when i saw that it brought me back, and i know that dave remembers this. when jordans was coming out when we were younger and there were the stories that you would hear. be careful buying the jordans. someone might try to steal them or do something to you. i saw that pop up. it was heartbreaking to me. obviously not to get too, you know, crazy with it. the society that we live in places value on their own things right now.
3:56 pm
>> i appreciate that you have followers or fans using the platform to push back against this. the violence and whatever would motivate someone to do that. what about you, dave? what is on your list? >> i see biden snatched the troops up out of afghanistan, and i think it is leading to a lot of isn'ts being killed, you know what i mean. i am muslim. that is really affecting -- it hit me when i seen it. we need to fall back. that goes on all of the time. i feel like certain actions they take, it is a direct response. you can see the response immediately, you know. >> yeah. i think that is absolutely a tough situation over there. we were covering it on the news
3:57 pm
last night as you mentioned. the foreign policy challenge. if you leave a void, who gets hurt. a lot of people debating whether being over there was the right decision in the first place for so long. definitely a tough one and important story. i happen to be a fan. that is a transparency thing we call it. great to have you you back and congratulations on the new album. hope you will come back too sir. >> appreciate it. >> and everyone here is that album cover. finally tonight we want to update a story we brought you with injustice in america. meek mill, a successful rapper and entrepreneur found himself thrown in jail for a supposed parole violation when he drove a
3:58 pm
motor bike at a music video shoot. the reminder is how u.s. mass incarceration works when it grinds people down and rush to imprison even law-abiding people in a cycle of fines and parole violations. a more senior judge tossed the ruling after he spent five months in prison for no crime, one he did not commit and how a wealthy, famous, black american is still subject to the whims of the system. he debuted a new song, mandela, today. it showcases a little bit of his time on the beat. ♪ ♪
3:59 pm
i turned them jails into mansions ♪ that is just a little bit of that new song or anthem as meek is explaining how he took the adversity, persevered and turned it in to something better and we are happy to be involved if he thinks going on the news and how all of us might look at it. well, we can all learn something from that. shout out to the project and thanks for having the beat in the music video for a moment. you can find me online at what is the best music protest song of all-time. that does it for us and i will
4:00 pm
see you back here monday night. >> if you score the meek mill interview, we are going to fight. we are going to fight for that interview. it has to be your lawyer. i would love to get that interview. can we do it together? >> you know what, we had our other artist on together. i would love to do a joint interview of meek mill with you you. >> officially we have pitched that just now on national tv. let's do it. >> to the world. >> have a great weekend. thank you. all right. cheers. all right. good evening. we begin the reid out with a hearer story. today issed from the 13th. most of us old enough to remember, that conjures up members of jason vorhees and his murdering rampages near crystal lake.


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