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tv   Alex Witt Reports  MSNBC  August 22, 2021 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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i hope that despite all present circumstances that what we'll see is that people will think about the others around them as much as themselves. >> reporter: people have been reporting here in the south some disturbing reports of people taking livestock dewormer and mississippi department of health is so worried about this. they said please don't take this to try to prevent covid. 70% of calls to poison control in mississippi have been because of people taking this dewormer. they are saying check with your doctor. talk to people you trust before take things like this. alex. >> i wish you could have seen my face. i was like what. that sounds like drinking bleach. you remember that one. okay. thank you for that heads up. a good day to all of you at the top of the hour here.
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welcome from msnbc world headquarters here in new york. welcome to alex witt reports. we have breaking news on tropical storm henri. we just learned the storm made landfall last hour. about 45 minutes ago or so, 12:15 p.m. right along the coast of rhode island, henri maximum sustained winds reached 60 miles an hour at landfall. the state is bracing for heavy impact over next few hours including widespread power outages with tens of thousands of people already in the dark. last hour the mayor of newport told me she is worried about storm surge and flooding. >> we have a concern about the surge and the high tides. we already pass one high tide and all the dots, the water was right up on it. if we have rain all day and we have another high tide with the full moon tonight, chances are we're going to have some
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flooding throughout new port. >> you're looking right now at an earth cam shot. the storm is causing threat ping conditions outdoors. bringing dangerous storm surge and rainfall. at any moment the connecticut governor will give a briefing on the state's response to henri. a bit later, president biden will give an update on how his administration is responding to storm. we have a team of reporters in three states covering the landfall for you. once again, we're going back to kathy park. about 25 miles from where henri made landfall. you were with us a few minutes ago. the seas are turning behind you. there looks like some pretty powerful waves. how about the winds? have they subsided what? >> reporter: they have subsided but they are still pretty intense, alex. we're told that it's supposed to
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remain pretty gusty for the next couple of hours. i can tell you since our last report, perhaps in the last hour or so the conditions have improved significantly. i think before, i was barely hanging on. the winds are still pretty powerful. it's not like what we saw earlier. a will the of people are coming out here now. this is ocean road behind me. there are a will the of folk who is are just kind of taking in the impacts of henri. you mentioned the waves. they are turning. they are still pretty high right now. they are kind of lapping onto the wall. this is ocean road. you might see a big school bus over to my left. there are several entrances to ocean road. they are blocked off to traffic as well as pedestrians. this beach is closed off because of henri. we are told the beach will be closed, at least, until tomorrow, until the conditions improve and officials are urging
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people to stay indoors. power outages is a big concern right now. we're staying at a hotel. we lost power several hours ago. at last check, tens of thousands in rhode island still in the dark. that number could potentially go up in the next couple of hours. several agencies from federal, state, local agencies are all working together. they are at the ready in case they are needed. a couple of hours from now the governor is supposed to provide another update on the situation once they come out here and take a better look at the danger. we're not really seeing much wind damage. earlier we were concerned because we saw some of the shingles on the roof and the light poles really kind of wobbling around but it's gusty but not as intense as it was. alex. >> okay. that's good. there's a lot of things to keep an eye ongoing forward and we thank you for doing so. let's go to kristen.
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the wind definitely blowing there. we can see your hood flapping in the wind. it is dodging a direct hit from henri. give me some updates on where you are. >> reporter: right. i think this is one of those bands coming through. we're seeing the winds pick up. some rain coming down a bit. we'll turn this way. you will get some rain into the lens. we may have to clear it off occasionally. some of that is the salt water spray coming up as the waves come ashore, bounce off this pier here and off these boats. we're getting some of that spray. there is the concern of a bit of storm surge flooding. we had high tide here at about 8:30 this morning and so that's now gone out. we're not looking at the worst case scenario with the flooding we could have if the high tide had aligned with the storm coming ashore. there is still a concern even though, it's downgraded to a
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tropical storm. still a concern with power outages here. let's look at the massachusetts numbers. i think we have them. that number could grow. here is the issue is that you've got a storm. a lot of people comparing this to a nor'easter in these parts. it's a little different because you have got trees with leaves on them. that can pick up like a sail and make it more easily to believed when the ground is so saturated after the rainy summer that we had. the roots are not quite as secure as they might normally be. power outages as we go through this are going to be a big concern. i saw earlier today the power company staging trucks ready to go into where they are needed but they are saying that with so many power outages expected, it
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could be quite some time before they get power back up and running for people. they are warning people prepare for days, maybe even weeks without power. >> to that point, i'm going to quote the massachusetts governor who said up to 300,000 customers and they could be out of power for up to weeks. nobody wants to hear that. again, thank you so much. smooth moves by your camera operator. that's okay. thank you for that live report. we'll see you again. let's go to meteorologist on long island. let's talk about the conditions there and whether or not they have changed in last hour or status quo. >> reporter: you know, i think i spoke to soon when i saw you last hour. we were seeing a little glimpse of sunshine and now the wind is starting to pick up once again. we are dealing with heavier bands that are making way across this area. look at this raging sea. i think what we're dealing with
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is the backside of this storm system. that's why we are seeing the heavier rain now currently coming down. still dealing with the storm surge. it's talking about minor flooding that we're dealing with across west hampton beach. it's on the roadways but we're seeing some partial receding of that. no power outages reported in this area. we still have that potential, as you can see, that winds are still picking up across this area. beaches supposed to be closed for west hampton beach right now. we have a few people out here trying to deal with the conditions. it is the weekend. this major storm system has already came through this area and the backside bands are still impacting. we are not out of the clear just yet. we have been kind of seeing great weather. a bit of sunshine and now you can see we're back in the heat of some severe weather that's making its way across this area. we're going to continue to watch
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this. the good news is that we're not seeing a lot of people out and about and most people across this area still have power. >> absolutely. this live report giving definite credence. thank you for that. let's go to bill carins. it came close to where you were predicting on the connecticut and rhode island border there. >> that wasn't too much of a surprise. if anything looking back this -- 24 hours ago, the intensity was lower. it's only a difference of 15, 20 miles an hour. that's significant with the amount of damage you get with the frees and maybe shingles on roofs and stuff. power outages were at 120,000 people. that's fantastic considering this was going to be a hurricane
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landfall. notice the backside, there's no rain. i should call it the front side of storm. the right portion of the storm, the east side of it from providence to the cape. this was all expected. all of the heavy rain is on the west side of this storm. you can see the bands. the one heavy band setting up over islip and another over western mass and central connecticut. there's the location of the storm just to the north/northeast heading through connecticut. by 8:00 p.m. it's over in western mass and it will drift northward. it's not going to move much. the winds, not bad at all. most of the gusts are in the 30 to 40 miles an hour range. that's only isolated tree damage. that's not widespread tree damage. that's why the power outage numbers are only about 100,000.
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we could still get some tropical storm gusts. i'm not too concerned about that. our future radar does pinpoint it. the bright yellow band in northern new jersey going out through rockland and orange counties and southern portions of new york, that's the potential for very heavy rain. maybe into the pocanos. that's why we have this flash flood watch right through tomorrow. notice the maroon color there. we have flash flood warnings along i-95 through southern portions of connecticut. here is the estimated rainfall total. we still think it will come throughout the day today and tonight. three to six inches. one thing we haven't talked a lot about is storm surge. every single location i found, the water is going down. whatever damage was done which we haven't seen much, that's it.
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storm surge is not really an issue with this storm. even for tonight's high tide cycle. by 9:00 p.m. the storm is so weak in massachusetts, that won't be a problem. that's great. we can eliminate that portion. >> this is a live picture from cape cod. you see the surge, heavy surf is really all you need to call it now. it's not approaching too close to those homes that are beach front properties. the winds that are circling back around again. she looks like she was getting a sand facial. how long will that last in long island? >> they'll have gusts up to 30, 40 miles an hour right through the afternoon.
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the wind was blowing the waves and the water out to see, not inland. that helped with the rhode island landfall. the winds itself, it's an inconvenience at this point. i don't think we'll see many power outages on long island. every one on long island has got to be saying thank you, thank you. >> thank you. >> fema is already deployed across the northeast. there were concerns as bill was saying about us being the nation's next billion dollar disaster. there's been eight weather and climate disasters in the u.s. with a billion dollars in losses. give me a sense on what a disaster like this looks like through fema's eyes.
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>> over the last 48 hours, fema has been getting prepositioned and preparing for worst case scenarios. making sure they is supplies, meals, tarps, generators. it lets the state and local officials know the federal government has their back. emergency responders have federal support and if there's additional resources that they need, that they can rely on the federal government for that.
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there were some reports it could be out for a couple three weeks. >> yeah. power outages are a big concern for storms like this when it's still hot afterwards. the initial response and any of those housing or other operations will be led by the states. if someone is impacted by tropical storm henri today, how long typically could it take for them to receive a fema grant or any other kind of federal assistance? >> it's really going to depend on how bad the storm gets.
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now it's time to buckle down and stay off the roads. be out of the way of first responders. the first priority is saving lives. >> daniel, thank you. appreciate that. coming up, back to afghanistan. here is a quote from a reporter at kabul airport. this is an emergency now. it's nothing to do with process. they are just trying to save lives. we'll show you the full report after the break. it will be a bit painful to watch. it's real look at what's happening. stay tuned for that. t what's happening. stay tuned for that. millions of vulnerable americans struggle to get reliable transportation to their medical appointments.
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back now with breaking news from afghanistan where the scene at the kabul airport is calmer. this video from the italian defense force shows evacuations today. however, yesterday the chaos turned deadly. warning here, some of the images are disturbing. here is sky news chief correspondent, stewart ramsey. >> reporter: this is an emergency now. it's nothing to do with process. they're just trying to save lives. tens of thousands are trying to get through the front. they are being crushed. paratroopers pulling people from the mayhem. medics rushing from the next casualty from the next and the next. >> calm down. >> reporter: dehydrated and terrified. the soldiers spray the crowd with a hose, anything to cool them down.
10:22 am
men, women and lots and lots of children. then what we feared. in the mayhem units rush through the crowd to shore up weak points near the evacuation center. every one working flat out, trying to stem the tide of an unfolding disaster. >> almost speeshless as to what they will do about it. >> reporter: it doesn't matter where you look, it's the same desperation. american soldiers, pulling children, whole families from the pens they are being kept behind from processing. these people fear their dreams of a flight out are ebbing away. soldiers firing in the air. they fear they are losing control. it seems unlikely a gunshot will ever calm the frightened down.
10:23 am
stewart ramsey, sky news. >> let's go to josh at the white house. how is the administration responding to the concerns about the americans and ally who is are clearly struggling to get out of afghanistan? >> reporter: the message from the biden administration boils down to we did the very best that we could with the information that we had. we heard this morning from defense secretary on the sunday shows saying that nobody, nobody predicted that the afghan government and its military forces would collapse within 11 days. jake sullivan, the national security adviser said that they have been trying to find ways to make this situation better but that even though they had planned for all contingencies, including this one, you never really have a plan that is tested until the situation happens and then you have to find ways to adapt.
10:24 am
our nato allies are up in arms about the position. we heard from tony blair who is calling the biden administration response to this imbecilic. president biden will attend the meeting virtually. jake sullivan, the national security adviser was speaking this morning about why the chaotic situation at the airport is making things so much more complicated. here is what he said. >> one of the challenges is once arriving at the airport, the three main gates coming into the airport have been crowded with large numbers of afghans. just ordinary afghans who want to get on a plane out of the country. we have been spending the last period working out various operational solutions to get americans onto the air base. >> reporter: those massive crowds are a problem not only because of how hard they make it
10:25 am
to process all of these folks and figure out who is who but because of this new isis k threat. the group who has voiced a specific threat to americans and the international airport. that makes those folks who are all being told to congregate in one place a real soft target for a suicide bomber or other types of terrorism attacks. the administration now trying to find other ways to get folks safely from kabul or where ever else they might be to the airport as they are working on the piece of this that happens once they leave the airport. that's where we're learning today about this new plan for the u.s. military to order the commercial airlines. we're talking the ones you fly ef day. american, delta. 18 of their aircraft will be called into service to fly american evacuees as well as afghan allies being brought out
10:26 am
of the country. not directly from kabul but once they get to those transit points in qatar and bahrain. from there the u.s. airlines will be able to take them to the u.s. or other safe locations trying to bolster this operation as they clearly city don't have the resources to get out of the tens of thousands of people to get out. >> it's a herculean effort from every vantage point. let's bring in texas congressman. how do you assess the situation in afghanistan. you probably heard the report we were playing before josh came on. is it as bad as that report indicated? >> it's concerning but i'd like to begin by thanking our men and women in uniform who have served and continue to service in afghanistan. they did accomplish the american
10:27 am
objective of getting rid of al guide and killing osama bin laden. i don't think most americans who argue it was time to withdraw. it's been the execution that created a lot of disappointment and allied members across the world. i think more should be done and more should be done. >> if you're among those who is disappointed by how this has gone down. in what ways are you disappointed? >> well, i think the strategy should have been slower. i think we should have had more help on the ground from our allies, from nato. i think it should have been a longer, drawn out process.
10:28 am
it's difficult. we need to work together with our friends and allies and get every one evacuated and do the pest we can under the situation we're dealing with. >> yesterday, i spoke with your colleague there. he suggested the august 31st deadline set by president bide on the get efb who wants to get out, americans, afghan allies out, would not happen. how do you feel about that date that is looming here? >> i'd have to agree with that. i don't see the number ts that we would need to evacuations out of afghanistan happening by that date. we'd have to be approximately evacuating 7, 8, 9,000 people a day. it's not happening at this point.
10:29 am
i don't see it happening by the end of the month. we need to be realistic. we do need to secure conditions as best as possible on the ground and do what we need to do. >> if those are the numbers holding to achieve the goal by august 31, it appears we're getting about half of that on a daily basis according to the last 24 hours. let's talk about the president who will be addressing the nation in about two and a half hours from now. what do you want to hear from him? what do you think the american people need to hear from him? >> well, i think we want to see a firm commitment with him and our international community as well that we're going to keep every single american safe and our friends and ally who is have been with us for the past 20 years on the ground. we're going to do everything possible to assure their safety and that we end this best possible -- we have the best possible cenario in next week or two.
10:30 am
>> what about -- >> we can't cry over what's happening. i'm sorry, go ahead. >> i'm sorry to interrupt you, sir. i want to switch gears a bit and ask about your reaction to the mask mandate battle in your state of texas. you have governor abbot who has tested for covid. he's negative after being positive last week. he's banned all mask mandates. local legislatures, school officials are pushing back. courts are now getting involved. is it possible for texas to get past the politics of masks in order to keep people safe? >> we need to. we need real leadership. he needs to comes to terms with the fact that masks save lives. the vaccinations help save lives. it helped him. we need to encourage all texans to get their vaccination as soon as possible and to wear masks. we need to allow -- if he doesn't want to take leadership
10:31 am
position of can go people to ware their mask, we need to give that power to county judges, majors, school boards across the state and have them implement mask mandates. it's necessary for kids going back to school and social distance. in my community, our hospitals are full, icus are full with adults and many, many children that have been infected this past month. it's disappointing for the governor to not stand behind them. he was infected. he was fortunate to have this antiviral treatment that is difficult to get for most folks. he was able to get it. i think he needs to stand up for texans and do what's right. >> texas lawmakers ended their boycott against the restrictive voting laws this week.
10:32 am
there were three more democrats returned to the house floor. did you get a chance to speak with them while in washington, d.c.? >> i have met with a few of them. it's concerning what's happening at the state level. with diminishing the possibilities of being able vote easily and fairly in the state of texas. the federal government needs to act. hopefully we can get there john lewis bill passed this next week and alleviate some of the situations happening in states like texas. it's tough. we should make voting for all americans and here in texas easy and fair and shouldn't be a complication. i'm for drive through voting. i'm for voting by mail. i think people who have elderly who are sick, it's tough for them to vote. we need to make it as easy as
10:33 am
possible. >> thank you so much for your time. another check on hurricane henri, well tropical storm henri. at 4:00 p.m., the president will be holding a news conference and an update from him on afghanistan. you can watch it right here on msnbc. machine can watch it right here n msnbc. machin seeing blood when you brush or floss can be a sign of early gum damage. new parodontax active gum repair kills plaque bacteria at the gum line to help keep the gum seal tight. new parodontax active gum repair toothpaste. ♪♪ things you start when you're 45. coaching. new workouts. and screening for colon cancer. yep. the american cancer society recommends screening starting at age 45, instead of 50, since colon cancer is increasing in younger adults. i'm cologuard®. i'm convenient and find 92% of colon cancers... ...even in early stages. i'm for people 45 plus at average risk for colon cancer, not high risk. false positive and negative results may occur.
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. we're tracking tropical storm henri. look at this capturing the moment that henri made landfall. a pretty mesmeriing shot. look at those lightning strikes in the outer bands. we suffered some of those last night just north of new york city. let's bring in ken graham. glad to have you here. it appears some are breathing a sigh of relief. they are thinking they avoided the worst. is that true or should people
10:38 am
still be on the look out? >> we made land full but that doesn't diminish the threat. you start seeing some of this made landfall around this location. the storms will slow down. the storm will slow down tonight. we're down to 12 miles an hour. we expect it to make the slow turn back towards the east. look what happens. it's not the core rains around the center. you start looking south of new york city and long island. it's staying over the same area. we have to watch that with time. as we get slower and slower, this pivots into areas where we don't need additional rainfall. >> when you talk about power outages, that's a big concern. is it the flooding that's a big deal. how much can you equate flooding with power outages?
10:39 am
>> that's a little bit of both. what happens is we've had fray. we had several rounds of this heavy rain. the soil so saturated. now we're talking another two inch, four inches. the soil is saturated. it takes less wind to topple the trees and cause power outages. 25, 35, 40 miles an hour wind gusts can knock over trees in that case especially ones that have leaves on them this time of year. >> that all makes sense. let me ask you how long you think henri will remain over land before it finally heads out to sea? >> here is the time line here. overnight tonight, slowly making its way across connecticut and making that turn. they have to slow down to make the turn. they always do this. by monday evening and especially
10:40 am
into tuesday morning we'll be off the coast. we'll get the system on out of here. >> is there one area you're keeping an eye on because i stands to have the most rainfall? >> i worried about these areas so saturated. i look at portions of connecticut into portions of western massachusetts. the city as well. you start looking at long island into the city. that flooding can happen pretty fast. >> all right. thank you so much for joining us here and giving our viewers a taste of what's going on out there. appreciate that. the warning that some appear to be ignoring in afghanistan. we'll have it after a break. afg. we'll have it after a break. it takes a certain kind of person to change the world.
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we're back now with more breaking news from afghanistan where thousands of people are gathering outside the airport in spite of a threat from isis k. let's go to nbc ali. welcome to you. we have the u.s. embassy that is officially asking people to stay away until they get some sort of an invitation, but that does not appear to be working. >> reporter: that's right. there seems to be some small semblance of order taking shape at the airport this evening. there's still panic, desperate crowds gathering outside the walls of the airport. the crowds are still big, they can be seen in satellite imagery. because of the mayhem and the taliban fighters beating people outside the airport, firing shots in the air, people have become more frightened, triggering a stampede which has
10:45 am
cost the lives of seven afghans who were crushed to death. showing how dangerous it still is for people trying to flee the taliban. the biden administration said commercial planes from the u.s. will be used to move people, evacuate them from afghanistan. 18 aircrafts from companies, including united airlines and delta but they won't be flying into kabul directly. they will transport people who have already been taken out of afghanistan and are traveling onto third countries. alex, while this evacuation is going on, fighting has erupted in provinces some 75 miles north of kabul. forces have taken three districts.
10:46 am
he fought the taliban and was assassinated two days before 9/11. the taliban have published videos showing fighters preparing to head there to fight the people's uprising forces. that could erupt in the coming days. we are keeping an eye on that. the resistance is they are willing to talk to the taliban. if the taliban want to plunge the country into darkness again, they are ready for a long term fight with them. they say it will save lives if they are given more time to unfold this evacuation. there's been some unusual criticism from the british mps. they have been saying that the demise in afghanistan has hurt the so-called special relationship between the uk and
10:47 am
the u.s. the chairman of the common sense defense committee said the uk had not been included in conversations around the withdrawal of u.s. troops. the chaos is unfolding in afghanistan and some animosity is building between the u.s. and its closest allies over this hastty withdrawal. >> the video we were showing at the end is video of anti-taliban fighters there. we're putting it back up again. let me ask you about isis k. you with with us yesterday when that group was, we reported, you were with us in the breaking news as they were making threats. what kind of threats could they actually carry out? threats are one thing but what are they capable of doing? >> reporter: well, they are fairly small group. they are about 200 odd people of them on the ground there. they're not working in kahoots
10:48 am
with the taliban. they had running battles all of these years. any deal the u.s. has made with the taliban to keep americans, the safe passage for americans probably doesn't apply to iskp. we're not sure how well they are. they could attack people in the crowds with a knife. they could target an airplane taking off. we don't know at this point. >> okay. gifg us the latest from that perspective. let's bring in matt. he's also co-founder of no one left behind. welcome. i've been listening to you express your thoughts on this this week. i know you have been fighting for years. you had to do so to get your own translater out of afghanistan. what do you make of the images from kabul this weekend? >> continue chaos.
10:49 am
chaos that hopefully we can try to get under control. it will continue for a very long side. much longer beyond the 31st of august. what we need to convince is president biden needs to understand this evacuation given it's now been collapsed to one airport and one functioning runway in kabul is going to take a little bit longer than people might think is politically feasible. we cannot allow the taliban to push us out of afghanistan. could you imagine what that would do for america's credibility in the world. if we let the taliban push us around, how are question going to stand up to shy china or russia? >> point well taken. how does america go about this. you have nato and our allies around the world that are saying it's got to extend past august 31st to get everybody out. what are the challenges in
10:50 am
trying to negotiate with the taliban on getting this extension? >> the taliban have a growing t first vice president who's now the acting president of afghanistan. they're very concerned. those who were able to escape them are beginning to form the semblance of an army that could be a threat. they want us gone so they can deal with it. i've heard from two afghans who are telling what life is like under them and it's just as bad as it was in the '90s and as awful as you can imagine. i just got sent a video of a first mass execution of army soldiers just outside of kabul. lined up and shot in the back of the head. they're going door to door.
10:51 am
we've lost clients, about 100 people from the organization we work with. people who have been taken from their homes not to be seen again. we're told by afghans that when the taliban come search their homes, they're making lists of people. they plan to shut off the internet. they plan to go door to door and basically kill these people as soon as they can. likely within the next month. so here's what we have to understand. our nato allies want us to stay and finish this the right way. america's veterans want us to stay and finish this the right way. we don't want to perpetuate the war. we just want an honorable exit. i think that's what the american people want, too. i've got to send a message directly to the president. which is that if they want to have a remainder of a biden administration, i think it comes down to this moment. if we fail this, if we don't get all of these people out while we're still there and we can, i
10:52 am
don't see how this does not dominate domestic politics for the next two election cycles. i really don't. >> wow. >> you thought benghazi was long. imagine the hearings that are going to be involved on this. by the way, we need to prove to the world that we can still self-govern. i'm hoping the democratic party, that my party will be the ones to conduct these hearings. we need to show that we can investigate our own leadership. >> it's a pretty horrifying video that you were sent that you described. i just sent chills down my spine. so here's the thing though. if that is the reality of what is happening on the ground and yet the taliban spokes people say, oh, no, we are going to welcome more men into positions of leadership. oh, no, we're going to allow everybody safe passage to the airport. we're obviously being told a crock of you know what, yet we quote it. that's the official statement. how can you even begin to
10:53 am
reconcile those things and which do you have to believe and how do you act diplomatically speaking? >> i believe the afghan people who are documenting the atrocities, i'm hoping someone at amnesty international and ores who are working on this are setting up crimes against humanity task force because that's what we're going to begin to deal with now. i don't understand why the biden administration continues the trump administration's foreign policy of trying to negotiate with thugs and liars. these people are not a legitimate government. if they wanted to be, they would have stood for election. in the next election cycle as a political party. they violately took over the country. we couldn't allow it in our country. i don't understand why we're allowing it in one of our closest allies. 20 years at war. i talked with ambassador ryan crocker. i want to share a story he shared because i think american people need to hear it. an embassy in kabul at
10:54 am
headquarters, there used to be a weekly memorial service for the people who had passed away in service in this war and a representative from every allied nation would get up and read the names of the people for whom their country had died. the representative and government of afghanistan went last. they got up and didn't read names. they read a number. 162. 204. because it was just too many to be able to read. they would have been there for a very long time. our afghan brothers and sisters fought their you know whats off in defense of their country. they did their best and now there's nothing left for them other than us. we are their only hope. which is why this digital dunkirk movement, which has now gone global. i've talked to those who have served in the canadian military, the french military. if you have been to afghanistan in the past 20 years, you're probably a part of this movement.
10:55 am
we're desperately trying to do the right thing. we know we can because these people are still alive. what they're describing on the ground are horrific scenes that are probably going to get worse. it's a never again moment now unfolding. do we have the courage and conviction to do the right thing? we have the means. we clearly have international support to do this. the american people want it. it seems to be the only person who thus far hasn't ordered it is the president. so he speaks later today. i'm hoping that he's going to say that. the taliban don't order the united states around and we're going to stay there until this gets done and we'll use whatever means necessary to get this done because that's what we owe these people. there's no us and them. it's just us. think of it this way. we're desperately trying not to leave any american behind. these people, as far as i'm concerned, are future americans. >> matt, i'm awfully glad to have given you an opportunity to express all this. i know the biden administration
10:56 am
watches this network and i hope they have heard you loud and clear. we'll all be tuning in at 4:00 to hear what the president says. tropical storm henri makes landfall. we've got new information on the storm's path coming your way next. next age is just a number. and mine's unlisted. try boost® high protein with 20 grams of protein for muscle health. versus 16 grams in ensure high protein. boost® high protein also has key nutrients for immune support. boost® high protein. this may look like a regular movie night. but if you're a kid with diabetes, it's more. boost® high protein also has key nutrients it's the simple act of enjoying time with friends, knowing you understand your glucose levels. ♪♪ >> tech: every customer has their own safelite story. this couple loves camping adventures and their suv is always there with them. so when their windshield got a chip, they wanted it fixed fast. they drove to safelite autoglass for a guaranteed, same-day, in-shop repair.
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