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tv   The Beat With Ari Melber  MSNBC  August 24, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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welcome to "the beat," we are tracking a major development. house democrats are marching forward of the winning vote. this is of the core that joe biden pushed out.
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president biden is touting the progress towards what looks like another set of wins. the liberal big spending investment is worth it. >> the house of representatives taken a significant step that's going to transform america, cut taxes for working families and position the american economy for long-term, long-term growth. >> speaker pelosi found a breakthrough with a few members of their caucus who have been making demands. because it is breaking news, we'll get right for our experts. every democrat is back in the infrastructure bill with over $3 trillion spending for healthcare and family leave and earlier government preschool and education funding. these are simply put the progressive and humanitarian priorities that had been hold out for the democratic party for generations. let's get right to it, i have katty kay and josh marshal, the
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founder and editor of "talking point memo." this has not been sold as a liberal dream and yet it would seem like a lot of spending and a lot happening here on biden's terms. >> yeah, i mean this is -- they really worked hard on this. it is talked about as infrastructure when people think of service transportation but it is a huge investment in climate. it is a major, major addition to the social safety net. it is a huge, huge thing. there is no question --it is still a lot of a long way to go it is a big, big deal. >> katty, people like me sometimes are rightly mocked of criticized for saying everything is raking and everything is big. i get it. on the screen people will see that we are monitoring the house
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floor and it is breaking and happening right now with just under 11 minutes, 6:02 p.m. in washington. as a long time observer in washington, we have never seen them get a lot then in years 3 or 4 in the modern era. what do you make in the way of the biden administration and the democratic house are using this summer? >> yeah, reminds me a little bit of the earlier years of the obama administration when president obama managed to pass the affordable care act more rightly. i thought after that barack obama owed nancy flowers for the rest of her life. i think joe biden is now in the same position, he kind of said as much in the briefing at the white house where he singled her out and once again she has done what legislatures found hard to do but she found a verse. the very few people who are
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skilled as she is at finding votes like that. yeah, as you say it is a mix of power and diplomacy. there were times after some of these elections where people said oh, should speaker pelosi get another term and maybe it is time for a change. she argued she is changed, mixed with a lot of knowledge of how to get it done as the president said and as in your reporting alludes to. our panel will stay here. i want to dig in deeper, it is interesting that pelosi had to tackle her own version, kind of a manchin's style. she can only lose if you check three votes. some democrats did grind things to a halt last night trying to change how these votes would run. i want to show, the claiming that pelosi already misplayed
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her hands. there are new signs that the under estimating was done by some pundents. she seems downright plucky about it in her remarks last night. that's all the camera got before she was whisked away. that's what it looks like when she's working. i am curious, katty, what do you think of this to say oh, she was in trouble. from what we see it does not look like it today. >> there were moderates within the democratic party who are nervous about tieing these two bills together and particularly nervous about the $3.5 trillion. this is the beginning of the
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process. it is a good day of the process of this big spending bill on more soft infrastructure project. you have democrats in the senate as well and not just in the house. you got sinema and manchin raising concerns of the price tax. she did thread the needle and got the votes she needed where the white house wanted democrats to get to tonight. that does not mean it is going to go straightforward with the bigger part of this package. >> josh. >> well, you know kate rigga had a good talking points, she sort of explains these eight or nine moderates found themselves isolated within the house democratic caucus. it was not just the progressives
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who were unhappy with them. a lot of the front line reps were upset. the reason was this was a pretty transparent effort to get some, you know, some joe manchin's mojo to get the bipartisan moderate-sheen that officials in d.c. liked. what they asked for did not make sense. the thread was to decouple these two bills which was a dangerous thing for democrats because you have this big cross party agreement to push these together. but they did not actually want to scuttle the reconciliation bill. the thing that got heimer won't the most is in the reconciliation bill.
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this first bill is so important that we need to rush it through. the first bill is for building projects and it takes years to build. it makes no sense at all. they end it up cornering themselves and that's why, you know, their ploy came apart as my colleague notes, nancy pelosi is also as master at this. that's another reason why. you have two things coming together here. >> that's really well put. it is fascinating because no one has to be convinced why this matters. everyone lives through $600 stimulus checks. as you are going through it, josh, some of the i really think manchin ises the framework, the manchin style thing does not work well unless you have real reasons you would walk and you would actually walk. that sense is no different than
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people do everyday. are you going to walk out and not buy a car or do you need that used car and buy it or people try to sub it out. a lot of members prefer to have a few big votes and be done with it. yeah, i voted for progress, trump is asleep at the wheel. so we'll see how it plays out. i want to thank katty kay and josh for kicking us off. we now turn to reverend sharpton for two of our big stories tonight. we begin, rev, with what has been a big vaccine breakthrough that's a long time coming. breaking news as we come on the air this morning, we have minutes ago, da granting full approval of the pfizer vaccine. >> it is time for you to go get your vaccination and get it today. >> i don't think there is any other medicine in the world that -- >> corporate america is busting open the vaccine mandates flood
3:10 pm
gates, just hours after the fda gave full approval to pfizer. >> it is coming fast and furious, rev. there are all kinds of reasons why people hold out to get the vaccine. we focus on giving people the information and making up their own mind. now we are seeing the mandates coming further, just in the day since this news broke everywhere from the pentagon to major employer like united and chevron, rev, you are known for many things including if i may say so one of the most clear communicators on anything. i have seen you speak loud and i am curious of what you think of the importance of the public health communications here if as we just showed the science and the message align to say this is thing is fully approved for anyone is holding out.
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>> it removes one of the last excuses for not being vaccinated. people can do whatever they want. so you have to choose against the science and the fda's approval. if you can live with that you have to deal with the people around you saying can they live with you unvaccinated without masks and consistent testing. you have the right to be vaccinated but people have the right to say they do not want to be within proximity of you and being infected. there is the civil and personal rights on both sides of this discussion. >> yeah, i appreciate you put it that way, i think that is respectful and again people do have the rights just like people
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have the rights to pass on the measles vaccine or the rights to drive around without a seat belt on. if you find out that your kid's parents or kids' friends parents are not wearing seat belts, we are not going to let you roll with that. we have some standards to uphold in the safety of our own family community and while people can make up their own mind. i did want to get your reaction because we are seeing that. the house is very busy today. the trillion dollars in spending would be a lot on its own but they are also holding votes on the issue you have been working on for a long time. the house is voting right now, we are tracking this vote and we don't have it complete it yet, which of course restoring more federal oversight of the voting situation. this is an issue that we have seen of the supreme court guarantee the rights to vote around the country. i want to show congresswoman
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jackson lee speaking out today. >> this vote is where john lewis called us to be courageous. it is going to make us a democratic republic and we need to pass hr-4 because john lewis said "do you have any courage." >> your view of these votes today and wider issues right now. >> i think it is vital. we are talking about the basic foundation of a democracy. you are seeing states around this country from florida to georgia to texas changing state laws. if this bill passes tonight and then goes onto the senate then we are able to have federal
3:14 pm
oversight where they can't pass this bill without it being reviewed with a new map in place now and without it being reviewed and given the green light with the justice department. this is the only way to stop all of these states that are trying to change laws disproportionately affecting black and brown voters. that's why we are rallying heavily this weekend, congresswoman jackson lee. we are saying that this is about holding up what democratic principles that we claim to have. i may also add that when we took out section four of the voting rights act which eliminated the map that this would bring back and now section two with intent in many ways left us with something that has no teeth. this vote tonight will begin that. the battle will be in the senate
3:15 pm
and we have to deal with that relic and that's the filibuster. that's why tonight is the front runner of the real battle and that'll be in the u.s. senate. >> i think that all makes sense as you say they have to make bigger changes or big tough if a procedural matter they want to get through the senate. you have been working on this issue for a long time and i appreciate you and the credibility that you bring and i would second -- the shelby verses holder, john roberts wrote in the opinion, well, don't blame us in the court. our issues is not voting rights. here you go. here is congress actually doing it whether it is calling it bluff if people want to be tough with john roberts or doing what
3:16 pm
he says if you want to be diplomatic. you just made the point that this is what they asked for, is there going to be up or down majority votes and not super majority on whether the american people have the right to vote in a time that it has been under attack and under attack deliberately in a partisan or racist way. i appreciate you on that. i have one more thing, something you do not want to spend a lot of time on. we are live. i have been watching you for a minute now and the added minutes you get to ten years, this is what we cooked up on the ten-year anniversary, take a look. >> welcome to "politic nation," i am al sharpton. i am going to say what i mean and mean what i say. watch the show because you will soon learn at this hour, if politics nation is not on your television, your television is really not on.
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>> amen, it has been ten years of "politics nation," congratulations, how does it feel? >> it feels -- it is hard to believe it has been ten years, ten-year anniversary that i have been on msnbc and on "politics nation," i remember when i started, you were a kid in grade school. we have been here a decade, watching you grow, look at you. i am very appreciative to msnbc and others because they never censored me and we have done everything on the air and try to be as honest as you could and i appreciate you recognizing that. >> yes, sir, well, you have been on and in tuned and i think viewers know and people who follow the issues know, voice the issues that you were ahead on. call it whatever you want to call it, getting the attention
3:18 pm
or rating and eric garner, i remember watching him on that program. a lot of america have been catching up. we are glad that you are on the air and keep leading. you can watch it right here this weekend at 5:00 p.m. "politics nation." thanks to rev. we have the top democratic and the intelligence committee, members of the probe, adam schiff, with news. also, ron desantis, won't like this. he's getting more push back over some of his antisafety measures. believe it or not. the iconic director oliver stone is here. live, stay with us. live, stay with us
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stops sugar cravings, and releases stubborn fat all while controlling stress and emotional eating. at last, a diet pill that actually works. go to to get yours. it is about our country where they are there to seek the truth. >> big news on a major development in this congressional probe of the january 6th insurrection and how they will seek the truth. here is the context, the key question is how it will deal with any evidence without any possible attempts of an inside job. members of congress did rally the rioters directly that very day. the justice department has a
3:23 pm
specific mission, it only examines if members of congress have broken the law, high-bar. if its own members did help criminals compromise the capitol. pelosi's investigators are getting tough on the republican colleagues. this is brand new. they are going after their own colleagues' record as potential evidence planning on a acquiing phone records of sitting members of congress. the probe gather records come from hundreds of people. it does not spare the republican colleagues, some of them were banned under serving the committee and some republicans seen intent on hiding the kind of calls they had on january 6th, congress jordan claims he could not remember whether he talked to president trump or not which is something one would
3:24 pm
rationally recall. >> i talk to the president numerous times. i continue to talk to the president. >> i am talking about january 6th. >> yes, i have talked to the president so many times i can't remember. i have certainly talked to the president. >> the probe will also follow reports that during the attack, trump invoked the ongoing violent in realtime as an effort to press mccarthy to try to steal the election on that late date. that's the kind of sloppy coup that the congress must investigate and address for the future of the public. >> i am asking you specifically, did he say to you and i guess some people are concerned about the election than you are. >> my conversation with the president and my conversation with the president, i engage in the idea to make sure we can stop what's going on inside the capitol at that time and the president said he would help.
3:25 pm
>> those are just the calls that have been publicly discussed. a new push, some republican lawmakers gave capitol tours in advance to people who were preparing to invade, a military term for scouting a region before attacking the enemy. it is chilling. the u.s. will need to get to the bottom of it. the tour was so odd that before the horror of january 6th, other members literally called security, sergeant arms to report the unusual tour. >> visitors are not allowed in the capitol. the only reason you have visitors are on the tour for business. it is so odd to see that my chief of staff called the sergeant to say what was going
3:26 pm
on. the only way these people could have gotten into the capitol complex was with a member or that member staff. what is going on? our investigators will find out more about by scouting records of republican members of congress. if they did not talk with or coordinate with the criminals who stormed the capitol, they have nothing to worry about. at the rally, mo brooks admitted he changed into body armour bracing for a dangerous day. that echoes, change your clothes and pack your bags and watch what you say and get home fast. it is hard to hide a plot when they have your phone. as dr. dre emphasized on that same song channelling the government, we got your phone taft, what are you going to do?
3:27 pm
all we need right now is a word or two to make it stick then you are through. it tends to apply when ever the government gets into your phone which maybe crucial for accountability for some of the biggest thugs america's ever seen doing crimes in broad daylight attacking police and democracy itself. we turn to adam schiff, when we are back in 60 segds. seconds. seconds. next day and two-day shipping nationwide, seconds. seconds. seconds. seconds. and reconds. st seconds. seconds. seconds. it's a whole new world out there. let's not keep it waiting. as someone who resembles someone else... i appreciate that liberty mutual it's a whole new world out there. knows everyone's unique. that's why they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. [ nautical horn blows ]
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i can't go into any particular document or other requests. i can tell you the premise that you make which is nobody is off limits here that of any member of congress or the former administration or the former president himself, in whatever capacity that he was involved on this attack. we'll investigate thoroughly and we'll put all of this together in a comprdemocracy. in that sense, i think you are absolutely right. we can follow the facts and be comprehensive and nobody gets a pass. >> right, as you say the concept is no person above the law, something that's discussed a lot over the last two years. when you look at the public report at the tours, it is not classified.
3:30 pm
is it possible that they were valid or does it look suspicious to you? >> it sounds suspicious to me and you know, look, i don't want to presume what we'll find in term of those tours and allegations about them. i have a vague recollection on that day, we have seen a group of people near one of the ends of the segway that leads to the capitol and i don't mean the metro but i mean the internal system that we have people moving in the capitol. so i will be as interested as anyone to get to the bottom of that to find out we are members organizing truthful and what purpose do they know, were these people there surveilling and talks about what could be done about members in those times. . >> that makes sense.
3:31 pm
i want to ask you about, do you think the president is right that the tragic, deterioration of the scene, is actually part of a vacuum of withdrawal or could this have done better as a u.s. operation? >> i don't think we can accept as a premise the chaos we saw early on which has continued was inevitable. there were going to be difficulties that we drew out. i think there should have been better planning involved in the evacuation, in the draw down. we are looking at the intelligence over the last six months was increasingly pessimistic about the afghan government's ability to maintain itself and not ready to reach a conclusion, certainly none of the intelligence suggested it would collapse over night within
3:32 pm
a matter of days that kabul would fall. to avoid this kind of difficulty where we would have thousands of americans who are at risk of being stranded. >> but just to put a find point, based on what you see and publicly and not the classified stuff. do you view it with the decision making policy process by president biden? >> well, i think the decision the get out is the right decision. i completely agree with president biden that we could be there five or ten or 15 more years at the risk of our troops and not have a different results. we would still see the afghan government collapse. this looks like a military planning failure as to how we evacuate our personnel.
3:33 pm
there may be more responsibility than that to go around. it seems to me the military generally draws a plan of every contingency and how to use the best military of the world to move our people and our friends who risk their lives with us out. i can't imagine that we didn't haves a plan for a rapid collapse. so, we are going to have to do an extensive look. not just the last two weeks but the last 20 years and why after all that treasure, we succeeded in protecting the country from another 9/11 but we failed to stand up the government that the afghans would fight for. >> yeah. >> all important points and you are close to it. congressman schiff, chairman, thank you so much, sir. >> thank you. absolutely. when we come back, oscar winner, oliver stone, next. oscar winne, oliver stone, next
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as america of everything to a war ending, sort of and conspiracy theories. we turn to a special guest, oliver stone, truly touches on many of these themes up until this day. you think of war and greed and
3:38 pm
the conspiracy theories that delight us in films but sometimes may be need adjusting in life, four oscars, we'll take a quick look at movies that truly stand the test of time. >> oliver stone! >> we for a lack of a better word is good. >> fundamentally, people are sucker for the truth. the truth is on your side. >> oliver stone certainly is no stranger to controversy. in the 13 wars we started over the last 30 years. remember it was not one leader but a system, both republican
3:39 pm
and democrat. >> oliver stone joins me now and his memoir "chasing the light", you can see it on the screen. check it out. thank you for coming on "the beat." >> thank you, ari. much to cover, let's start with war and a little bit more for your comments that you are known for your work, completely amazing stuff we just shown as well as how spoken you have been over the years whether people like it or not, you have been clear and blunt, here you are talking after a platoon about war in america. take a look. >> i think that to this award you are acknowledging the vietnam veterans. for the first time you really understand what happened over there. and i think what you are saying is that it should never in our lifetime happen again. if it does then those american
3:40 pm
boys are not over there for nothing because america learned from the vietnam war. >> i ask you looking at that and have we learned anything? >> it seems not. it went right away, in 1970s, it was an interesting period of re-examination and change and i thought growth mentally, but when the the bush went back into iran in 1981. before that, mr. reagan when he was president made a big deal out of invading granada which was pretty much a disaster.
3:41 pm
granada was not good. that was a sign that where she to reassert our power and strengths, didn't work. it was a false, false positive. and after that we had panama. don't forget the invasion of panama. there are signs all the way through. it was a disease of pride and arrogance. >> and the roots are things that you thought a lot about and you served and many people know that and some may not. we have some pictures of you in vietnam. that's got to come into how you look over and over at these issues of american foreign policies and how even a good story served up to the public would sour quickly. i want to play quickly from, "w" which looks at that is bush era.
3:42 pm
>> i can tell you something. you need to understand this. it is going to suck the oxygen right out of everything you do. it will become your first term. >> look, in the end is about freedom. free country is a peaceful country. my dream is to see peace break out all over the middle east. >> that's a funny scene. >> that seems critical at the time. tell us about it. >> in that scene if you remember they get lost, they're walking on bushes in texas and they're walking for a long time and he does not know where they are and they turn back and trying to find the ranch. it was kind of funny. that's what happens in iraq. >> yeah, and so when you look at the taliban -- >> i am sorry. >> it was very much a satire. i thought it was interesting. political movies are hard to do in my opinion, recent history
3:43 pm
movies but that sort of worked. when you look at the taliban coming back to power, this was what bush may have been extreme version of it. the premise it would seem that your films was bad. of course it would happen if we are in a place that it don't belong and unless we say forever which is colonialism. >> in fact, it gets worse when we apply pressure. we militarize the area and making it dangerous for everybody. the afghan war when you really look at it, it is about the united states verses the the taliban and the civilian population as it was in vietnam. we fought the nba and the
3:44 pm
viet cong. our area of bombing was like terror bombing and what we did in korea and after the war. we did it in germany and japan. the same kind of principles. we think that we can work it and because it worked in world war ii against germany and japan, we think it works in wars. it does not work. it terrorizes a population and makes you an enemy. the taliban is back. yes. our hope is they are less more civilized than the older version of them. that's possible. that's not because we were there. they were horrified by the first experiment in talibanism. >> yeah, yeah. because i have so much i want the get through with you. can we switch gear into disaster
3:45 pm
capitalism? inequality is only getting worse again. something that you dug into. we want to play a different clip that we discussed some of this with the great, where you kind of get into how people talk and it seems hard to believe rich people talking about poor while poor people starve. let's take a look at wall street. >> 50-k does not get you to anymore. the whole world is off its record. you know i made a total of $47,000 last year before taxes. >> that's queens. look, i got to live in manhattan to be a player, there is no nobility in poverty anymore. >> were you holding up a mirror to wall street or america and
3:46 pm
how does it look now with billionaire having more than ever before? >> i love that line. "there is no nobility in poverty." well, it seems in the 1980s was taken off that direction. charlie sheen was representing a new generation looking for material prosperity. that has been the case for cumulation of wealth for that class of people through those years. the losers are the poor. this has been exacerbated by the huge numbers between 1980 and 2010, the growth in wealth was enormous and now with the virus has been more and more of it. it was coming and you can see it, in 1980s, you can feel it with reagan's attitude towards what he called welfare queens.
3:47 pm
now it seems to be out of control and there so seems to be an attempt with biden to do something about it. >> i did want to get into conspiracy theory, a big topic. it seems the internet have amplified them. one person's conspiracy theory may be another person's alternative take. as a journalist, we are open to that. we try to be. i think you and i could see on covid, we have seen a lot of stuff going viral. do you have a feeling why this is so different to people. >> i always try to tell the truth from what i think it is. i have done a lot of research and i don't scare people for money and sensational for its
3:48 pm
own sake. i would never do that. i do think that we need to think alternative about things and sometimes we lock in behind the media and they say and we have to agree. that does not work for a free thinking individual which i consider myself. >> yep. >> well, let me ask you like this. there is a difference between saying, let's be open of the wuhan theory. so the open lab theory is delegitimatize. and there are things where people say the vaccine will turn you into a monkey. as a story teller, do you have a theory why some of that stuff take roots? some of that stuff is false and
3:49 pm
we can fact-check it. >> that's a factor of life in america and all over the world. nationally inquiry existed back in the '60s and '50s. if you choose to believe it and if you want to pick up the "national inquiry" and read it, it is your choice. conspiracies do exist. we know that through history. anybody that denies it is an idiot. you have to look at the possibility something like the kennedy assassination was not the work of one man. there were reasons and motivations to get rid of that president. he was dangerous. you know -- i am divided about that. you have to say but at the same time you have to question. >> yep, that's part of what i want to ask you.
3:50 pm
>> well -- i will tell you this. let's do it again in person sometimes and longer. sometimes we do with "the beat" where we can get all of it. i am a fans of your films even though you and i debate. your f time on "the beat." i hope you come back. >> yeah, in my book, which you mentioned, i write, the lie in our culture is the root of our failure. the lie. >> i could get into part of that. >> it's on the screen "chasing the light." it's out in paper back. folks can check that out. my thanks to mr. oliver stone for joining us with a little back and forth. when we come back, there's news on rudy giuliani and problems in florida for desantis. stay with us. and one we explore
3:51 pm
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safety measures in florida back in the hot seat. the maga governor there desantis tried to ban mask mandates from schools. cases are surging. half a dozen districts saying, no, they have to keep people safe. state officials have given two districts until today to give up, risk being fined, loing money over it. they're rebuffing desantis. we will see where that goes. we have to fit in a break with everything we've had going on. when we come back, one more update on one more guilty pleas with one of giuliani's closest allies. just to talk to my parents about it and to send it to my grandparents and be like, hey this person we're all related to look at this crazy stuff they did in arizona 100 years ago. it actually gives you a picture of their life, so you get to feel like you're walking the same path they did.
3:56 pm
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on every smartphone - like the samsung galaxy z fold3 5g. rudy giuliani's former associate will plead guilty. this is next month. to federal campaign finance charges. it's been a big case we've been monitoring. he helped giuliani in the effort to try to discredit joe biden
4:00 pm
and stop him from being elected and failed. we don't know whether a plea will create cooperation. one prosecutor saying this individual should be concerned about the plea that this could be if it led to a plea a bad thing for giuliani. that's a final update for us. "the reid out" is up next. >> remember when people used to say, he was the greatest mayor ever. i never said that. i was never a fan. >> i don't have a lot of time but this is a quick one. that is over. >> yeah, pretty much. with like dripping hair die and all. thank you very much, ari. have a good evening. cheers. everyone, good evening. we begin "the reid out" tonight with the dizzying spread of the delta variant. in georgia governor brian kemp has deployed the national guard to help with hospitals. louisiana reported 139 deaths, the most in a single day, since
4:01 pm
the start of the pandemic. in florida, more than 17,000 people are currently hospitalized


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