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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  August 25, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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deadline to withdraw u.s. troops from afghanistan. speaking from the white house yesterday jfafternoon,xd bidenñ reaffirmed his intent to get all americans out by next tuesday, but seem toñi a+owledge that the date is flexible. >> we are currently on a pace to finish by august the 31st.ñr the sooner we canxd finish the
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better. each day of operations brings added risk to our troops. but thee1 completion of august 31st depends upon the taliban continuing to cooperate. and allow access to the airport for those who are transporting out and no disruption to our operation. in addition, i've asked the penoqdon and the state department forñi contingency pl to adjuste1 the timetable shoul that become necessary. i'm determined to make sure we complete our gi$m%=91ñ this mission. >> during a news conference in kabul yesterday, a taliban spokesperson said the u.s. must stick to the august 31st deadline and warns that the group won't lete1 afghans being taken out on evacuation flights after that. meanwhile, theñi u.s. isçó rapi %9 evacuees leaving the country. the white house says approximately 12,000 people were evacuated from kabul yesterday alone. and more than 70,000 have been
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airlifted out since august the 14th. the number of evacuations has picked up in recent çódays, eve outpacing the goal that was set by president biden earlier in the month of q5,000 to 9,000 pe day. it's unclear, however,ñr how ma americans and afghans who workei with the u.s. government are still there. according to the "the new york times," u.s. officials believe thousands ofçó americans and tec remain in the country. despite the president's insistence, the military will be able to get all americans and allies out of the country by the end of the month, a healthy dose of skepticism remains on both sides of the aisle.e1 >> it is not going to be possible toú#t american citizens out, andú partners and their families out month. that is why there is broad and deep bipartisan support in congress and across the country to extend the deadline, and to make sure we're doing what's
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necessary to get folks out. the end of this mission should come notñ$(páq" on a calendar date, it shouldxd come when we accomplish the mission. >> meanwhile, nebraska senator ben sasse reacted in a statement writing in e1part, damn the deadline, the american people are not going to surrender our americans want us tosá stayw3 u we getu our allies. the biden administration needs to cut the stockholm syndrome. there's absolutely no reason to trust the taliban. they're violently blocking americans and our afghan partners from reaching the airport. despite the recent rise in evacuation, president biden's approval levels continue to suffer new lows. in "usa today," 41% said they approve of his job performance, compared to 55% who disapproval.
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only 32% of independents gave president biden a good grade. though americans said they were in favor of bringing americans home from afghanistan, 62% disagree with the way the president has handled the withdrawal. joining us now, msnbc contributor. good morning. the president is pushing for the august 31st deadline, that's only six days away. but at the same time, he seems to be recognizing that might not happen, and they might have to stay there longer, is that the backup plan? >> yeah, that's the way to encapsulate it. it was a bit confusing yesterday. where the president came down isn't that much different than what the white house has been saying for several days prior. which is the august 31st deadline, less than a week away, that the president has himself imposed remains the operating plan. that if need be, the military
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could stick around for a couple days more to finish things. one reason for that, to the degree that the u.s. military on the ground there has some level over the taliban commanders they're dealing with, that is a signal to the taliban standing around outside the airport and, frankly, in many cases helping, helping getting people in. directing traffic and stuff, of course, that kind of cooperation, or at the very least, not getting in the way of the u.s. military is the u.s. expectation going forward. it's one way to say to the taliban, look, you know, you have a hand in this, if you impede our efforts, all you're doing is making it more likely that the military sticks around for a couple of days when the taliban goal is to, you know, see the back of the last american and the other foreign forces as they call them, u.s. allies, on the 31st.
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>> and there's no secret the g7 members, other g7 members really wanted that deadline extended. boris johnson, the uk prime minister made it quite public he wanted that deadline extended. in the end, though, was the white house feeling there was more of a risk from the taliban, if they extended beyond the 31st that the taliban might turn on u.s. forces and people trying to get to the airport? >> well, that's what the president said yesterday. that the longer u.s. forces are in the country, the more at risk it comes to them. and that risk goes up considerably after the deadline he had set. you know, the criticism you're hearing from members of congress is very similar to the quiet criticism that we're hearing from allies which is on the 31st, it was an arbitrary date to begin with.
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and this is the most powerful military on the planet. if they decide to stick around and maybe have to shoot back at some guys with ak-47s outside the airport, well then, so be it, if that's what it would take to complete the mission, now, you know, that is -- we're hearing that, that kind of criticism. but the white house response has been remained that, look, we don't need to stay beyond august 31st. we will be able to get all the americans who want to leave the country out by that date. so long as we don't have some kind of external event. you know, a sandstorm, some other weather event. or if the taliban stopped cooperating and makes it difficult, then that date could be extended. >> okay. anne gearan, from "the washington post," thank you very much. still clearly a tense situation in kabul. there are things that could go wrong. the evacuation is going well.
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we don't know what isis is planning, the weather is planning or whether the taliban will carry on cooperating. still ahead, the white house says that coronavirus vaccinations are on the rise, but many hospitals across the country. they're still overwhelmed. we're going to take a look inside of one hospital in florida. and the house passes the sweeping voting rights bill named after congressman john lewis but the battle in the senate. coming up later in the show, i'll be joined by democratic congresswoman madeleine dean on what's left in that fight and the infrastructure. those stories and a check on the weather coming right up.
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in the air, deep left field. on the dirt of the track, it is -- caught! at the track. machado. >> my new part of the show.
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a.j. pollock's home run. and dodgers beat san diego 5-2. in atlanta, three home runs and a pitching change for the final out of the gate helped the yankees survive closer. araldis chapman's run at the mound. new york's longest streak since 1985, reaching the mark for the third time in 60 seasons. congratulations to them. as major league baseball continues its strict enforcement against grip enhancers, yahoo! sports said the mlb is seeking player feedback on a new baseball that would address concerns about pitches and grip consistency. according to yahoo! mets and dodgers pitchers have reviewed
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the prototypes and giants are expected to receive them this week. all leagues have not been thrilled. perspectives may have changed after the midseason crackdown on foreign substances. turning now to the nfl where the league has introduced new coronavirus protocols for the upcoming season. banning independent media in locker rooms. it's limited mostly to team staff. but the nfl was very clear in its memo yesterday about the presence of reporters writing in bold form, quote, nonclub affiliated media will not be permitted in the locker room. mean former nfl player and college football hall of famer herschel walker has filed paperwork to run for the senate of georgia. having won the heisman trophy back in 1992, at university of
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georgia, as well as the backing of former president donald trump. walker joins field republicans looking to fill the seat of democrat raphael warnock. i learned something this week. time for the weather. to meteorologist bill karins with the forecast. bill, it is the last day this week you'll have to listen to me massacre the sports. >> no, i was looking forward to it. yeah. running back and backing in the same sentence was not the easiest. so, what i don't want to do for the weekend is have more coverage of another hurricane. and it is possible, i'll get to that in a second. let's start with the immediate, and then i'll get to the developing news in the tropics. first off today, it's hot just like yesterday. 60 million people under heat advisory. pretty much all of the central plains into the ohio valley. the new york city is under a
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heat advisory in buffalo, syracuse and rochester. it was brutal yesterday in areas of new orleans, shreveport, feels like 109. tulsa, 111. d.c., 100. still the dog days of summer. it's ac weather. and then thursday, indianapolis, very hot and humid. it's not until this weekend things will significantly cool down. syracuse gets cooler, portland. new york city gets cooler on saturday. but that cooler air doesn't reach much further south. d.c. going to stay hot along with areas down to virginia. let's talk about the tropics. down in the caribbean sea, south of jamaica and haiti. in the next five days, a 70% development with this. it takes it towards cancun and towards the gulf of mexico. the computer models keep it weak until saturday. but both of the long term
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computer models take this as a likely hurricane around texas or new orleans, it's too early to pinpoint exactly what we're going to deal with but for yin along the gulf coast there's a potential sunday or monday next week, dealing with a serious storm. we'll watch that days ahead. >> can't wait to get through the storm season and the warm weather. thank you very much. the vice president's trip to vietnam was delayed after two diplomats reported health incidents. the latest incidents of haryana syndrome. we're back in just a moment. d't ride the wave? (judith) no - we actively manage client portfolios based on our forward-looking views of the market. (other money manager) but you still sell investments that generate high commissions, right? (judith) no, we don't sell commission products. we're a fiduciary, obligated to act in our client's best interest. (other money manager) so when do you make more money? only when your clients make more money? (judith) yep, we do better when our clients do better.
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the daily number of people getting their first dose of the coronavirus vaccine has risen by more than 70% since mid-july. that is good news. but many hospitals are still overwhelmed right now. nbc correspondent gabe gutierrez has the latest. >> reporter: at st. joseph's hospital in tampa, the pandemic is peaking daily. >> this is not our normal. >> reporter: nurse jamie lewis said she brought four patients to the morgue. >> i went home last night and i was mad. >> reporter: why? >> because i don't need to be doing this right now. we could have avoided a whole wave, if more people in our country had gone and just gotten two shots. >> reporter: the bay care health system has 1200 covid patients shattering its previous record of 700 last summer. this is one of the covid icus, 26 beds here, 25 of them are
2:22 am
full. the hospital set up overflow beds in other parts of the facility. >> amount of deaths and dieing that we're seeing is, in my whole nursing career, i've never seen anything like it. >> reporter: ambulances often have to wait here to drama off patients or they're rerouted to other hospitals that are also stretched thin. >> for example, if we're in critical care bypass, we're saying we don't have beds or staff to provide care for critical care patients. >> reporter: so now, essentially, you're diverting ambulances half the time now because you just don't have the beds? >> exactly. >> reporter: across the country, new covid cases up 12% over the week. hospitalizations stayed the same but deaths up 23%. >> i think the only chance we have is vaccination and that's it. >> reporter: this week, jamie lewis helped care for a fellow nurse who came down with covid
2:23 am
and did not survive. >> it can be me, it could be any nurse, anyone we know, once you're in the bed and icu, you don't have any control anymore. i'm still here and i'm still trying, but i want to make people better. that's what i do. and i can't. it's awful. >> if you don't do it for anyone else, do it for health care workers. they have had a brutal year and a half and they deserve a break. the fight in school mask mandates in florida is escalating with a surge. this comes as more schools consider defying the band on mask mandates set by governor ron desantis. at least two florida counties say they're not backing down from requiring wearing masks despite the executive office. florida's governor and ayloushia county say they are legally in compliance. the state argues that's not enough to be in compliance with the executive order.
2:24 am
the florida board of education was directed to withhold state funds on a monthly basis in the amount of school board members' salaries until the district complies. now, at least two u.s. diplomats had been medically evacuated from vietnam after havana syndrome incidents were reported over the weekend. the incidents occurred at the staffers' homes, not at the u.s. embassy. the cases caused vice president kamala harris to be delayed over three hours departing singapore for vietnam. white house press secretary jen psaki was asked about that yesterday. >> we, of course, take any reports incidents of havana syndrome seriously. while this is not a confirmed indicate, we take any reported case which was noted publicly, i will not, quite seriously. as a result, there was assessment done of the safety of the vice president and there was
2:25 am
a decision made that she could continue traveling along with her staff. it was not a person of her party or anybody traveling with her. >> it's not clear what causes havana syndrome. but it has affected more than 200 american officials and family members around the world in places like cuba and china. the john lewis voting rights passed in the house the bill named after the civil rights icon john lewis was approved along party lines 219 to 2012. every republican voted against the measure. the legislation would work to restore parts of the voting rights act of 1965 removed with such measure that requires states with recent history to get federal permission to change the voting laws. the bill faces steep opposition in the senate. republican lawmakers have killed two previous attempts to pass voting rights earlier this summer. still ahead on the program, amid evacuation efforts two
2:26 am
members of congress make an unauthorized trip to afghanistan. the latest for people on the ground for people trying to evacuate from kabul and those who have already flown out. but before we go to break, we want to know why are you awake. email your reasons to "way too early" @msnbc. or tweet me. we'll have the answers later on in the show. ve the answers late in the show. this towel has already been used and it still smells fresh. pour a cap of downy unstopables into your washing machine before each load and enjoy fresher smelling laundry for up to 12-weeks. (vo) unconventional thinking means we see things differently, so you can focus on what matters most. that's how we've become the leader in 5g. #1 in customer satisfaction. and a partner who includes 5g in every plan, so you get it all. i'm dad's greatest sandcastle - and greatest memory! but even i'm not as memorable as eating turkey hill chocolate peanut butter cup ice cream with real cocoa.
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2:30 out west. i'm katty kay. two members of congress flew to afghanistan upsetting congress officials. both of people are veterans said they did to to, quote, conduct oversight on the mission to evacuate americans and allies. the two were on the ground in the airport at kabul for just a few hours, but it was enough to infuriate the biden administration. one senior official told "the washington post" the trip was, quote, moronic as well as selfish. they're taking seats away from americans and afghans to have a moment in front of the cameras. and that caused house speaker nancy pelosi urging other members not to travel to afghanistan for fear of diverting fears. and in two statements, they said president biden should extend the deadline for evacuations
2:31 am
adding they believe because the evacuations were started so late, the military won't be able to get everyone out by september 11th. meanwhile, missions for those evacuated to an air base qatar has been, quote, a living hell, first reported in axios and obtained by nbc news. saying where the afghans are housed is a living hell. trash, urine, fecal matter, spilled liquids and vomit cover the floors. it continues, quote, another flight arrived and there's no resources to solve that sanitation problems. these human beings are in a living nightmare. white house press secretary jen psaki addressed the crisis yesterday. >> i believe the conditions were a part from several days ago. and certainly, the state department and other officials who are working in close
2:32 am
coordination with countries who are hosting individuals as they're passing through. or maybe as they're landing there for a longer period of time have been working to improve those conditions. we want the individuals who are being evacuated to be treated with respect, we also want them to be safe, hence, the speed necessity, but we worked to improve the conditions as soon as we learned. >> turning us now to a political analyst, aneeshia, the conditions on the ground, for people trying to evacuate from kabul and those already taken out to air bases seems pretty harrowing, having lived yourself under the taliban rule. do the taliban intend to cooperate if the u.s. misses the august 31st deadline? >> thank you so much for having me. but really quick, i have never lived under taliban rule. and this is an issue i've worked on extensively. and i was part of a nobel peace prize nominated campaign. i would not trust this taliban
2:33 am
government as far as i could throw. the biden administration must be very clear in moving forward that we cannot recognize this government. and that women's rights and women's lives, katy, are non-negotiable. >> we've already had the taliban, anushay, saying that women should stay home. and that ban soldiers have not been trained to deal with women. they say it's temporary. what are you hearing from women you've spoken to in afghanistan, about whether they think that they will be able to go back out on the streets and back out on to their workplaces? >> women on the ground, katty, are terrified as are women's rights activists around the world. we know the taliban. we know that women leaders, politicians, activists, women and girls, not be safe in the
2:34 am
taliban's afghanistan. and while retaliation for 9/11 may have been the official reason for the u.s. invasion, let's be very clear. it was the flight of afghan women and girls that we exploited for 20 years to win the pr and optics battle for this war. we basically paid lip service to afghan women for the last two decades. we have a moral obligation, katty, to these women. >> it was raised time and again on the congress floor, to say look what we're doing. endless administrations came back and proudly said look what we're doing to help afghan women and girls. going forward, now that the taliban have taken over the country, do you think the west is prepared to use whatever leverage it may still have, whether it's financial or with regional powers to try to protect the rights of women and girls? will that be a priority, do you
2:35 am
think, for other countries? >> it must be a priority. katty, what is the message we're sending around the world to women and girls? what is the message that u.s. and allies are sending? that women's rights are disposable, that it's an afterthought. that's unacceptable. the message that we send is that women's rights are non-negotiable. and the biden administration must not recognize the taliban government or accept a deal that does. >> okay, anushay hussein, thank you very much. now with leaving it's going to be harder to tell what's happening. still ahead, the appropriate name for rapper kanye west. "way too early," back in a moment. oo early," back in a moment
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the skateboarding legend has teamed up with canned water company liquid dental to create a limited-edition skateboard infused with his own blood. boards are one of a kind. just 100 will be made but you'll have to pay a pretty penny for them, priced at $500. a portion of the profits will go towards fighting plastic pollution. the former baby in the artwork of nirvana's 1981 album "never mind" is now suing the band alleging the album is child pornography. it shows him underwater with his genitalia exposed. the baby appears to swim with a dollar bill on a fish hook. and alden now 30 says the album caused him emotional distress.
2:41 am
lost of past and future income, as well as medical expenses. his lawyer argues that it makes the baby look like a, quote, sex worker, crossing the line into child pornography. really? the suit alleges the band intentionally marketed it as child pornography and music at his expense. the lawsuit is seeking $150,000 from each band member, the photographer and various record labels. also heading to court is kanye west, this time for a name change. the rapper has filed court documents to legally change his name to his longtime nickname ye with no middle name or last night. the documents cite personal reasons for switch. and a judge has to approve it. it's also the title of his 2018 album. still ahead, something more
2:42 am
serious, congresswoman madeleine dean joins us after house democrats cleared a major hurdle until the bill. and 40 years ago, the u.s. spacecraft "vyager 2" came within 63,000 miles of saturn's cloud. >> good evening, the voyager ii is closing in on saturn. it's which of the 50 miles of the aim point and that he said is like sinking a putt from 500 miles. miles. attracts pet hair like a magnet! pet hair is no match for bounce. with bounce, you can love your pets, and lint roll less. i don't just play someone brainy on tv - i'm an actual neuroscientist. and i love the science behind neuriva plus. unlike ordinary memory supplements, neuriva plus fuels six key indicators of brain performance.
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the house has passed the $3.5 trillion budget resolution. the so-called human infrastructure plan passed the chamber in 220 to 212 party line vote that will allow the house to enact the legislation.
2:46 am
the spending bill was expected to pass on monday but was delayed after a group of centrists threatened to pull their support unless the bipartisan infrastructure bill was given priority. to end the impasse, a measure promising to vote on the bill by before the end of september was included in the budget resolution. "the washington post" reports even after the praise of the budget it reissued its threat to withhold support on spending until the house approves a robust reconciliation bill. joining us member of the house financial services committee, democratic congresswoman madeleine dean. congresswoman, thanks for getting up to join us on set. >> it's way too early. >> tell me about it, it's way too early. is president biden's ambition to transform the economy in a radical way, make it like a
2:47 am
european-style democracy, is that a step after yesterday's vote? >> it is -- i wouldn't say more european, but i would say that this is, the bills that wes paed this week, by way of rule, are the way of looking at america in a different way. in a transformational way. to build back better act which is budget reconciliation is an investment in children. investment in our seniors, investment in robust infrastructure, broadband and many other things. i'm delighted with the work of this session. i was the one to say to speaker pelosi when we left, please bring us back, there's so much to do, as well as the infrastructure bill that we passed. >> the president paid tribute to nancy pelosi. i always felt that barack obama owed nancy pelosi flowers for life for the affordable care act and now she has president joe
2:48 am
biden thanking her again. >> absolutely. and this is a moment of history where we recognize our opportunity, but also our obligation to make sure we invest in this generation, the next generation. you and i have talked about kids and grandkids, this is an investment in our children, and in their future. so, i'm very excited about what we passed. >> right, but it's still got hurdles, right? >> yes. >> it's still going to face, the divisions we've seen in the last few days with moderate democrats in house. it's going to face similar concerns in the senate from democrats who say $3.5 trillion is too much to be spending. we have fears of inflation around the country and this is going to have to be trimmed. do you think you manage to persuade more centrist senators now that it goes to the senate that this is worth spending money on? >> well, i was pleased it came from the senate in terms of a reconciliation agreement in order to move it forward. i hope it's not trimmed much.
2:49 am
>> you do know some senators are saying $3.5 trillion is too much? >> yeah, some said it immediately coming over to the house. i'm a member of the progressive caucus as well as the new dems. we have a way of making sure, i believe, making sure we do this investment and we pay for a lot of it. we know this is an important investments. we can pay for it collecting income taxes owed. strangely, some in the senate said they don't want to pursue that. something like $600 billion a year is missed in terms of collection so, again, i hope that the senate takes a look at this and recognizing the need in our country, following what we're in this covid-19 pandemic. and make sure we invest in my own district. and in pennsylvania, we have bridges that need investment. we have human beings that need investment. we have families who need child care. >> and you're on the financial services committee, you're not concerned at all about
2:50 am
inflation. we're seeing prices go up almost across the board in the country at the moment. >> well, we are concerned about inflation, but what we're doing is monitoring it and making sure that we're working with -- you've seen we've been working with the fed chairman, the secretary of the treasury. trea. both have said what they're seeing in terms of inflation is transitory. wouldn't monitor, but something we're paying close attention to. >> since we have you here, can i ask you about another story that broke overnight. two of your colleagues, seth moulton in the house, made a trip to afghanistan. do you think this was a smart thing to be doing given the pressures on the ground there? >> i just learned this morning of that also, and it's troubling to me for the simple reason, the
2:51 am
seats on airplanes there, need to be for american citizens trying to leave, and afghan partners trying to leave. we had a briefing around afghanistan and the grave things going on on the ground, and the seriousness with which we must take this evacuation. it's troubling to me that a congressman would come in without telling the administration and taking resources from people who desperately need it. >> thank you very much for coming in. congresswoman madeleine dean. we asked why are you awake. this viewer is up too late. i walked into my las vegas hotel room after playing the slot machine for six hours and didn't lose money. another viewer said, i'm at this hour because my kids went back to school this we're.
2:52 am
my days of sleeping in are on hiatus. please hold the rain, bill. message to you. up next, a look at the axios one big thing, and coming up on "morning joe," the first female governor of new york kathy hochul, her first tv interview since taking office. "morning joe" just moments away. since taking office. "morning joe" just moments away. with plant based cleansers. and moisturizers for healthy and hydrated men, skin, relax your body and mind, shower with new dove men. i'm dad's greatest sandcastle - and greatest memory! relax your body and mind, but even i'm not as memorable as eating turkey hill chocolate peanut butter cup ice cream with real cocoa. well, that's the way the sandcastle crumbles. you can't beat turkey hill memories. i've lost count of how many asthma attacks i've had. but my nunormal with nucala? fewer asthma attacks.
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joining us now with a look at axios a.m., the cofounder mike allen, what is the axios one big thing for this morning. >> good morning, and great to have you in the chair. the axios one big thing is biden's ugly exit. so over the next six days, we're going to hear orderly descriptions from briefing rooms around town and from the white house, but on the ground, as your viewers are seeing and as
2:56 am
you heard in that e-mail that you just read, it is a nightmare, so look at what u.s. forces there are facing. the lifeline out of afghanistan is that kabul airport. now that bagram is shut down. that was the grand central for america during the 20 years war now closed. kabul is your only way out. there's taliban check points within eyesight of the americans there. and listen to this, behind the scenes, what military people tell me is they are worried about the taliban mortaring that airport, mortaring those runways, shooting at planes. then you're stuck. you're landlocked and so that's part of why that deadline next tuesday is so firm. and on top of that, you're worried about attacks from -- terrorist attacks from enemies of the taliban, and on top of that, as came up in the pentagon briefing yesterday, the last
2:57 am
plane out. there's no one to guard it. there's no afghan troops. there will be no u.s. troops. that plane will take off unprotected. >> i'm hearing that from military people, too, the collapsing, the perimeter, that's going to be the dangerous moment. axios has the first look at an ad targeting vulnerable house democrats ahead of next year's midterms, let's take a quick watch. >> it's that time of year, unfortunately, democrats created an inflation crisis, and now you're spending more. electronics, up 8%, shoes up 8%, dresses up 19%. call congressman tom and tell him we can't afford this. >> congressman dean said she thinks inflation is temporary. what can you tell us about the ad? >> between the lines is what they're not talking about, right.
2:58 am
they're not talking about afghanistan in this ad. and what that tells you is republicans are banking on kitchen table issues, even though they're going to be talking a ton about afghanistan in the moment, it blots out the sun as any other issue. they believe that the key to take back the majority and of course they only need to flip five seats. as you know from your own conversations, republicans super optimistic about that, and all of these 15 ads are moderate democrat districts, and we have a road map of who republicans think are the most. >> axios reporting on a hefty vaccine incentive for employees of tyson. >> this is a scoop from axios in northwest arkansas, and got his
2:59 am
hands on an internal tyson e-mail, the united states' largest packer, largest meatpacker, and 24,000 employees in arkansas and they're going to be running a lottery. over the next five weeks, a tyson worker who gets one jab will be able to win $10,000, and why it matters is this shows all the ways that employers are trying to hurry this up. tyson, like so many employers now is going to require that by november 1st, but here's a twist. i hadn't seen this before. they're giving their workers four hours off if they need to get the vaccine off site. it's a sign of all the ways that employers are scrambling. but this $10,000 price tag, $50,000 over five weeks was the highest one we had seen. a great scoop from ox i don't say -- axios. thank you for getting up way too early on this wednesday morning. "morning joe" starts right now.
3:00 am
pfizer is renaming their vaccine community, which led to another interesting announcement. watch this. >> this year, johnson & johnson has been proud to offer it own covid-19 vaccine, and today we're prouder to announce its brand new name, the pfizer vaccine. that's right, the j&j is now called the pfizer vaccine, bye bye bad press, hello rebrand. johnson & johnson, the pfizer vaccine. welcome to "morning joe," it is wednesday, august 25th, so good to have you with us. the sounds of the rolling stones, get off my cloud, willie geist, the great charlie watts passed away yesterday at the age of