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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  September 14, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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all right. that is going to do it for us for tonight. i will see you again here tomorrow. "way too early" is up next. california, i mean this sincerely, the eyes of the nation are on you. i'm not joking. i'm not joking about this. you've got to vote no on recall. keep gavin as governor. the rest of america is counting on you, and so am i. >> it's election day in california. today the state will decide whether governor gavin newsom should be removed from office, and if so, who should replace him? the question is, where do things stand this morning? plus, hurricane nicholas
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makes landfall along the texas coast. the storm could bring more than a foots of rain to some areas. the question is how many more storms will we see before hurricane season is over? plus, an urgent warning from apple. the company is vieszing all users to update device after they found a security problem that could affect all iphones, ipads and others. it's "way too early" for this. good morning and welcome to "way too early," the show that is quickly updating its ios. i'm jonathan lemire on this tuesday, september 14th. president biden was in the golden state campaigning alongside newsom where he urging voters to vote no in the wake of the threat of republicans.
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>> you either keep gavin newsom as your governor or you'll get donald trump. [ booing ] >> it's not a joke. republican governor blocking covid-19, anti-woman, anti-denier. the choice should be absolutely clear. gavin newsom. you have a governor who has the courage to lead. in gavin, you have a governor who shares the state's values. in gavin, you have a governor to make sure donald trump's dark destructive divisive politics never finds a place in california. >> biden also praised newsom for his accomplishments in fighting covid, the climate situation,
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and passing an infrastructure package. he also advised against the threat of trumpism if he takes over. >> we have may have defeated donald trump, but we have not defeated trumpism. it's still on the ballot in california. that's why it's so important for us not only 40 million americans strong in the nation's largest and most populous state but also to send a statement all across the united states of america that trumpism has no place here and trumpism will be defeated all across the united states of america because we're better than that. >> leading republican candidate larry elder has already requested the integrity of the election, making false claims about the fraud, which appears to be a clear sign that donald trump has control over the rupp party. yesterday the capitol police
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chief led a rally. he spoke with reporters on the matter after the briefing. >> just a brief about the demonstration that's scheduled for september 18th just intelligence information we're aware of and a little bit about our operational plan on what we plan to do. [ indiscernible ] >> yes. the fence will go up a day or two before, and if everything goes well, it will come down very soon after. >> majority leader chuck schumer later told nbc news the capitol police are handling security in a professional and thorough way and are, quote, much better prepared than they were before january 6th. house speaker nancy pelosi expressed confidence there will be ongoing communication with officials. nbc reports that new security cameras have been installed
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around the complex's perimeter and there's an increased presence of police officers. a california man who police say had a bay net and machete in his truck was arrested after he pulled over near the national committee headquarters in washington. it happened after midnight. bc news reports a california man was arrested according to suspensions. at the arrest, police say the machete was seen on the seat of the pickup truck that was decorated with a swastika and other symbols. it had a picture of the american flag where a license plate should have been. he told police he was on patrol. family members told nbc news he was diagnosed with schizophrenia years ago and is not well. joining us now, nicholas wu. thank you so much for being
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here. you cover congress. right now, walk us through it. what is the level of concern on capitol hill ahead of this september 18th rally? >> walking around capitol hill you can tell how amped up security precautions have been for this rally coming up on saturday. you have these new security cameras all around campus, increased numbers of law enforcement, the fence going up in a few days, and staff are really on edge about what could happen saturday especially after what happened on january 6th. the thing is when this rally happens, congress won't actually be in session, so unlike january 6th, you won't have as many staff members or lawmakers in any of the office buildings, so,al though there will be a large law enforcement presence, you won't have as many people around the capitol as there have been during prior indens. >> nicholas, this rally for this upcoming weekend are in support
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of those arrested after the insurrection and some of the protests about harsh treatment or overly lengthy jail sentences or whatever their cause may be, which, of course, january 6th, still not being fully investigated by congress. walk us through where things currently stand. we know bipartisan commission fell apart. what can we expect to see? >> they're currently in the process of gathering information and documents related to the attack, and so there have been very large requests they sent out for records from telecommunications companies and social media companies and executive branch agencies about the attack and the lead-up to it. and in addition to that, they've also sent out requests to private companies to ask them to preserve the records of individuals related to the attack. and this could be everyone from
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people who have been organizing the rally to as we reported even house minority leader kevin mccarthy, which would be a particularly political fraud to have them mack if the committee tries to seize mccarthy's records. so we're still very early in the process. they haven't scheduled another hearing, and they're still gathering information, but we're really starting to see the committee amp up its effort to investigate what happened. >> politico's nicholas wu. thank you so much. we'll see you again soon. turning now to the weather. overnight, another hurricane made landfall, there time hitting texas. hurricane nicholas strengthened overnight and is expected to move slowly over southeastern texas today before reaching louisiana tomorrow. these are, of course, areas that have been already so battered by storms. let's go right to meteorologist bill karins. bill, walk us through what we can expect to see. >> the flooding is a big
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life-threatening threat, but people are waking up to high winds that are barely hurricane strength. another one on the gulf coast. the landfall here. the houston area is going to get heavy rain this morning. but i'm more concerned for a flood threats through the areas of louisiana. so let me show you some pictures from last night. we had as you might expect minor wind damage, signs blown down, the kind of damage you'll see, gas stations kind of like this. this is what you'll get when you have gusts between 70 and 80 miles an hour. the storm surge came in high in some areas. was pretty much the extend of the landfall damage. that's what you're looking at with some of that landfall storm surge.
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water up at a maximum of 3 to 5 feet. those things are over with. the winds are quickly dying down. it's now a tropical storm. it's no longer a hurricane. you see houston above where the tropical storm system is. out to the right of that, the red, the heavy rain, that's going to be heading up toward port arthur and beaumont and lake charles later on today. that's my biggest concern. obviously houston is flood-prone. you're going to get heavy rain early. but the wind is to the east. i don't think you'll get power outages. the highest wind is at 51 miles per hour. the rule of thumb is 40 and above. that's when you can get tree damage and power outages. you look at the winds in louisiana. not an issue at all. only in the 10- to 20-mile-per-hour range. louisiana will keep their power, but we do have to worry about flooding. they're saying max winds at 70 miles an hour.
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that may be generous. the highest we find is at 50 miles per hour. the forecast is going to be a slow slog into areas of louisiana. temperatures in the -- winds are not going to be an issue, but the slow motion of this storm tonight and tomorrow is going to cause a big flash flood threat. we have a flash flood watch that includes galveston, lake charles, even mississippi valley and alabama. rainfall total, this is not what you want to see. look at this total in new orleans. possibility of 10 inches of rain over the next two to three days. jonathan, it looks like the houston area has avoided a huge flooding threat, but that has now shifted into louisiana, which, as you know, has been hit by way too many storms in the last couple of years. >> 10 inches of rain, new orleans. bill, real quick. do we see anything on the horizon, any other storms forming that we should be concerned about in the days ahead? >> it's interesting. i keep saying every week, we
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have nothing coming the next week and something else spins up. there's no obvious threats that are heading toward the u.s. mainland next week. there's a big strong wave coming up the coast of africa. that should become our next hurricane in the next couple of weeks we'll see where that one goes. it's a long ways out from land. >> we'll see. thank you so much. still ahead, antony blinken defends the u.s. withdrawal from afghanistan during a congressional hearing that was testy at times, and the questions will continue today. plus, democratic congresswoman debbie dingell will be my guest later in the show. we'll talk about the ongoing fight over the $3.5 trillion spending proposal. those stories and so much more when we come right back. k.
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pediatric covid cases are surging nationwide. more than 43,000 child cases were reported last week alone,
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tallying 500,000 in the past few weeks. that's the backdrop with millions heading back to school, many walking into the school for the first time in 18 months. nbc news correspondent stephanie gosk explains. >> reporter: with excitement and some fanfare, new york city kicked off a new school year. it feels like a normal first day of school. they even have a marching band. kids are a little bit nervous. unlike last year, families do not have an option. kids are back in class. there will be air purifiers in every classroom and social distancing of at least three feet. teachers and staff have to be vaccinated. >> i trust the school completely. they're ready for this. they need this, all the kids do. >> reporter: nbc's ray home ellis found one third grader who needs convincing. >> i'm just a little nervous.
2:17 am
>> are you nervous about what you're going to learn? are you nervous about having to wear a mask? >> reporter: it was timed to the enforcement of tougher vaccine rules. >> i need to see your proof of vaccination and photo i.d. >> reporter: anyone who wants to eat inside, go to the theater or gym lrk have to show proof of vaccination. >> we're trying to be prepared as well as possible with slowdowns expected at the door, but we're getting used to it. >> reporter: at this restaurant, tables are still getting filled. nationwide covid cases are starting to dip, but there are hot spots where hospitals are struggling like in rural idaho where patients are waiting in conference rooms. >> i would hate to see it get any worse. >> reporter: in pennsylvania, multiple schools have gone to remote learning, one district closing two of its schools, dealing with, quote, a previously unimaginable number of students with covid.
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around the country, the number of pediatric infections is high with some parents eager to vaccinate their young children. vax nations for 5 to 11-year-olds could come as early as this fall including this from the cdc direct oretown "today" show. >> masking in the schools, ventilation, screening, those strategies work. new polling shows that the majority of americans support president biden's sweeping mandate for vaccines at major companies. 58% are in favor of vaccination mandates or weekly testing with companies of at least 100 workers, but there's a massive bipartisan gap. 82% of democrats and 33% of republicans approve of it compared to those who oppose the mandate. most americans also support other major pieces of the president's plan to increase
2:19 am
covid vaccinations. 52% are in favor of encouraging states to require vaccinations for all school employees. 60% support a vaccination mandate for most health care workers without the ability to opt out through regular testing and 56% support the same rule for most federal workers and contractors. florida ron desantis is escalating the battle over covid mandates. says the state will punish county and city governments for requiring their employees to get vaccinated against covid-19, threatening a $5,000 fine for each violation. it underscores the broad resistance by president biden to rein in the pandemic. still ahead, a look at "monday night football." plus overnight one major league baseball team secured a spot in the playoffs. sports coming up. playoffs sports coming up because when you want to create an entirely new feeling,
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going to throw. great pickup. the pressure all alone is jones, and he'll prance into the end zone for the touchdown, and the victory in overtime for the raiders and this celebration is for real. >> welcome back. time now for sports, and the first "monday night football" game of the regular season. that was raiders quarterback derek carr connecting with a wide open jones for a winning touchdown to cap a wild overtime period against the ravens. the raiders beat baltimore. and turning to baseball. the giants win over the padres and become the first major league team to clinch a playoff spot. currently owning the best record in baseball and a 2.5 lead over the n.l. west. the giants are guaranteed a spot
2:24 am
in the wild-card game. and in toronto, guerrero eclipses two-way star shohei ohtani. that's a bullet. that puts him atop two of the three categories for the triple crown. guerrero also leads the league with a .318 batting average, four shy of abreu. the jays went on to win. in the bronx, they needed a win. gary sanchez delivers a game-tied in the bottom of the sevenths. the yankees have a 6-5 win over the twins. in seattle, red sox' first baseman misplayed a ball. that opened the door for the
2:25 am
mariners the score three runs. boston's comeback falls short. sox lose, 5-4. and with all that, the blue jays take over the lead in the a.l. wild-card race while the yankees move into a tie with the red sox for the second spot. finally, a scary moment on the field in queens after an errant throw to first base hits the umpire in the base. fortunately he is okay. following immediate treatment for his blood yoo cheek t ump remained in the game. the cards won and are second in the wild-card spot. still ahead, congress is facing another debate over the debt ceiling. chuck shumer is pointing to the debt incurred under the trump administration as he steps up pressure on republicans to take average. but before we go to break, we want to know. why are you awake? email your answers to
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welcome back to "way too early." it's just before 5:30 on the east coast, 2:30 out west. i'm jonathan lemire. we'll start with a little breaking news from my colleagues at the "associated press." the kremlin says russian president vladimir putin is going to self-isolate due to coronavirus cases around him. they had lagged behind other nations.
2:30 am
as of mid-august, only a quarter of the country's 146 million people had received at least one vaccine dose while 20% have been fully vaccinated. secretary of state antony blinken is expected to testify before the formulations committee today to answer questions about the u.s. withdrawal from afghanistan. yesterday he defended himself against fierce criticism from republicans. >> did president biden work with the coward exiled president from afghanistan to manipulate intelligence about the taliban? >> what the president said to then president ghani in private is exactly what he said in public. >> i absolutely wonder if you were complicit in this as well. would president biden do that without you being aware of and these are things we deserve to know better answers, have better answers, i do not believe a word you say. >> simply put what you said is dead wrong. >> i do not --
2:31 am
>> the gentleman's time has expired. the secretary can answer the question. >> i didn't ask him a question. >> you did ask him a question. >> no grandstanding there. as the senate comes back to washington, a fight is brewing over the national debt. majority leader chuck schumer is expected to use a new letter from the congressional research service to argue that republicans need to join democrats in raising the debt ceiling. >> it's important to remember that this is not about greenlighting future spending. this is about paying debt from past spending, which was incurred during the trump administration and which received favorable votes from a majority of republicans and democrats. so i believe it should be no different this time around. >> the memo moe says the national debt ballooned by nearly 5.5 trillion dollars since august 2019 when democrats helped republicans suspend the debt limit.
2:32 am
treasury department data shows over the four years of the trump administration, merge added $7.8 trillion in new debt. joining us now, co-founder of "punchbowl news," jake sherman. he's also a contributor with msnbc. we talked about it, infrastructure, debt ceiling. correct me if i'm wrong, but the government could shut down by the end of the month. how possible is it they could do this? >> jon, good to be with you. i think right now you have to make the calculus that the reconciliation and the biden agenda is no longer the priority for capitol hill and shouldn't be. the money runs out in 16 days and congress has made literally no progress toward funding the government, zero, none, and the debt ceiling follows shortly after that. but right now the leading plan is to twin the debt creeling with government funding.
2:33 am
that would seem to make the most sense. democrats are have not done a ton to make sense. they could have passed it without republicans in the reconciliation package. they chose not do that. so that's where we are. i would say these arguments from chuck schumer that republicans should not -- should vote for the debt ceiling because it's the right thing to do, mitch mcconnell doesn't care about. that i understand he has to make these points, but he's deft to those concerns and deft to those arguments and he's decided he's not going to vote for the debt ceiling. no republican is going to vote for the debt ceiling, and that's the position we expect he's going to continue to hold. >> we played some video from the contentious exchanges yesterday when he was in front of the house. what you do expect to hear today, and what else is congress going to do about what we've seen happen in afghanistan over the last month? >> a few things to note. we have an item this morning in "punchbowl news" a.m. this
2:34 am
morning about testimony in front of the for relations committee. we anticipate it's going to be another rough day as chris murphy told us yesterday. interestingly enough, chris murphy said democrats should do more and he said there's a 20-year history of messups. that's an interesting way to look at it. s he -- he's a top foreign affairs person for the party. just another partisan mess here. i imagine we'll see in the next couple of months congress try to put its foot down when it comes to recognizing the taliban as the legitimate steward. that's something to look forward to in the next couple of months. jake, one more before you go. i want to circle back how you
2:35 am
said reconciliation may be falling down the list of priorities. what's the sense in terms of how the white house approaches that. we know that president biden has put so much on this. we heard from him last night in california, again, talking about the need for this, including climate change as he toured wildfires in idaho and california. what's the timeline now? if it slips, when might we see it being taken up? >> jon, those are two questions we could see in late october, november, december. i think those are completely legitimate timelines. the white house has been mostly hands off here. they've mostly deferred to chuck schumer and nancy pelosi. i would imagine they may want to stop doing that in the next couple of months. >> jake sherman with "punchbowl news." thank you. if you want to sound smart today, tell your friends, governor newsom is just the fourth governor in american history to face a recall vote
2:36 am
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but freedom means you don't have to choose just one adventure ♪ ♪ you get both. introducing the all-new 3-row jeep grand cherokee l jeep. there's only one. . time now for something totally different. our invitation must have been lost in the mail but the met gala is back and they did not disappoint. the annual event returned in person with an even more exclusive guest list. this year's team "in america" sparked bold looks with such big names as naomi osaka, simone
2:40 am
biles. no, congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez put out a message with a white gown with a message painted a advice the back. she and designer aurora james wanted to challenge the institutions at the met as working class women of color. congresswoman carol maloney called for the certification of the equal right ace mendment with the colors of the suffrage movement, reading equal rights for women. rapper nicki minaj declined to attend citing the covid vaccine requirement and offering a colorful explanation you're going to have to look up yourself. meanwhile apple is suggesting you update your software. researchers at the university of toronto's citizen lab discovered a security issue from an attack on a saudi activist iphone.
2:41 am
they believe the spy ware came from israel's nso group, an infamous hacker-for-hire firm. it could affect all major apple devices and is the first known instance of an attack that doesn't require a victim to click on a link or open infected files, but experts say such attacks are limited to specific targets. apple users should get an update to alert to update soon. colossal aims to resurrect thousands of ma'am moth. the team led by a biologist at harvard medical school announced it. they plan to alter elephant genes and hope to produce embryos in just a few years.
2:42 am
other experts are skeptical, but colossal has already received $15 million in initial funding and plans to charge ahead. i can't see anything that could possibly go wrong with that plan. still ahead, congresswoman debbie dingell has been up all night. she joins us next. >> and as we go to break, a look at this date in history. 27 years ago on the 34th day of a strike by players, acting baseball commissioner bud selig announced the 1994 season was heartbreakingly over. >> and the other shoe has finally dropped in the ongoing baseball wars. for the first time since 1904, a baseball season will not play to resolution. no postseason, no world series for the first time in 90 years. more brain performance? yes, please! neuriva. think bigger. this is how you become the best!
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democrats are still arguing over the price tag for their proposed $3.5 trillion spending
2:46 am
bill. as politico notes, both democrats are looking to shave the package down so much. senator jon tester was asked if he was aligned with the reconciliation. he said, quote, are you crazy? do you want me to get shot? i would never 'line with joe manchin. my wife would divorce me. joe is joe. he's going to hammer it out the way he wants and go from there. we have similar values but certainly don't think alook. they have been up late marking the package and will finish today. joining us now, a member of that committee, congressman debbie dingell of michigan. always good to have you here. the committee was up late marking up the bill for hours. what is left of the bill today
2:47 am
and what do you make of it? >> we have a lot of hard work ahead of us today. we have not touched any health care portion of it. sadly, we have 16 sections and we went through six. while you think of it we have another day ahead of us, i think we have another two days ahead of us. we finished somewhere after 3:00 a.m. i stayed up to meet my deal do, this show, but i'm tired, but i expect we go all night, 6:00 a.m., 7:00 a.m. wednesday morning. >> we certainly appreciate your effort and endurance to be with us this morning, but let me get you on this. as we've been talking about a lot and especially in recent days, there's talk of the reconciliation package shrinking in the senate, joe manchin and sinema voicing that. if the price tag were to fall, what programs would be eliminated to make that happen?
2:48 am
>> first of all, i love those people. they're friends. they're not the only two senates or two senates from two states, but there are 48 senators in the united states senate, 485 members of the house. right now everybody is having their opportunity to fight for what they believe must be in this bill. and what we think needs to be in there will be in there too. we've had extensive discussion about getting lead out of the water pipes and moving toward electric vehicles, 911 issues, broadband in cities. sometimes we give too much attention to those two senators and not enough to the others. we're representing issues that are really important. >> so we were just ticking through, congresswoman, just all that's on the plate right now of those of you on capitol hill,
2:49 am
the reconciliation package, the debt ceiling, government spending, the idea that the government could shut down. how do you foresee the next few weeks playing out? what should be the sequence of things? >> first of all, i hope everyone respects each other, we listen to each other, and we're going to to have a civil two weeks. i think americans need to see this. i think the fear of anger, division in this country scares me. i don't know what's going to happen this saturday. we cannot let the government shut down. unacceptable, inexcusable, can't happen. we have to find a way to continue to fund the government. i think the issue of the debt creel willing come up. i don't know in what form. we will get these bills done. we have no choice. this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. i don't care who you are, whether you're joe manchin, kyrsten sinema, a republican from michigan or a democrat from michigan, someone from
2:50 am
california, texas, or florida, your bridges are falling down, your kids are suffering because of a year of phobia. when you look at a thousand oth critical issues that people don't even talk about that are in this bill, failure is not an option. for any of us. so the old rogers statement, people with weak stomachs. we're making a sausage but we're going to take care of the american people by the time it's done. >> congresswoman debbie dingell, i appreciate you being here. hope you can get some sleep and we hope to see you soon. earlier we asked all of you, why are you awake? there seemed to be a baseball theme this morning. anthony tweeted this. i'm up way too early to hear jon report the yankees won and the sox lost. meanwhile, gary wrote this. i'm up to hear the anguish in lemire's voice when he talks
2:51 am
about schwarber's error costing boston a game. neither of you will ever get a tweet on this show again. up way to early to celebrate my giants' postseason clinch. congrats to the giants. and katie sent this photo writing up getting a di manding puppy fed and ready to play, maybe baseball. hopefully not wearing pinstripes. up next, a look at the axios one big thing. and coming up on "morning joe," a check-in with dr. anthony fauci amid soaring cases of coronavirus among children. and abigail spanberger following yesterday's testimony from the secretary of state about the u.s. withdrawal from afghanistan. you won't want to miss any of that. "morning joe" just moments away. introducing new vicks super c and dayquil severe convenience pack. vicks super c is a daily supplement to help energize
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2:55 am
today? >> good morning, jonathan. our one big thing today is about the california recall election and how the big lie, the falsehood peddled by donald trump and his supporters, that his election was stolen, is now being seen as, you know, rippling through this recall election today. we're seeing the same claims of fraud be peddled by a lot of conservative media and people on the right. of course we have to say very clearly that there's no evidence of widespread fraud in the election that we're going to see later today, as well as in the 2020 election. but it's something that the -- since the president was sent by the former president, we're seeing a lot of people on the right run with the same claims today. we've been seeing fundraising from the former president and his pack saying that if there's any way that newsom wins today, it must be fraud and we saw
2:56 am
other posts suggest certain things. so it's something that i think on a broader level, at the federal election level when we were dealing with this, with president trump, platforms like twitter and facebook had more resources to deal with it. it's going to be harder for them to push back against some of this misinformation for down ballot elections. >> axios today also has polled americans on their support for vaccine mandates. what did you guys find? >> yeah, so we have a partnership with ipsos. and the survey we conducted revealed 60% of those surveyed support vaccine mandates for federal workers and those in the government. of course, a huge deal coming off of the president's announcement last week. the issue, though, is that it doesn't poll well with republicans. of course, democrats already support president biden. but it is good news for him, especially as his response to the coronavirus pandemic has
2:57 am
been a huge issue for him and he's been losing some ground on that recently given the spike in cases and the handling around the delta variant. and so this is something that, you know, polls well for him with his base but again, republicans are very much against these mandates. >> you are also reporting on senator kyrsten sinema of arizona and her negotiations facing president biden's budget plan. what does she have planned? there are rumors of spreadsheets. >> yes. and, yeah, we have reporting that kyrsten sinema has been arming herself with her spreadsheet. she often refers back to them. it's how she keeps track of what she wants, the certain tax hikes and tax provisions that she supports, as well as other items that she's pushing for in this massive $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill. of course they say $3.5 trillion. we're not sure if it's actually
2:58 am
going to cost that much much. they think the $3.5 trillion price stag too high. and the importance here is again, and we saw congresswoman debbie dingell speak about this, a lot of the attention in the air is being sucked up by a few senators and manchin is one of them, but sinema is someone to watch as well. of course you need all 50 democrats to vote for this package in order for it to pass. what she does, how she negotiates this package and inserts her power will be really key to getting this across the finish line. >> alayna, i'm glad you brought up the congresswoman's comments about manchin. there seems to be some frustration growing about how much attention some senators are getting. some of that stems from the more progressives in the democratic party who might be staring at the prospect of losing things they care about if the package were to shrink. give us your overview as to the
2:59 am
state of the party, the democrats in congress and what tensions we may be seeing between those two wings. >> there's a lot of frustration. and it's boiling for a lot of time and we're just starting to see it bubble over to the surface now. but this is going to be a really difficult bill. we knew this from the start. it's a massively ambitious proposal and democrats have a very, you know, diverse caucus with people like joe manchin all the way to progressives and others like alexandra ocasio-cortez. and everybody wants a piece of this, negotiating it to a place all democrats can get behind is going to be very difficult. >> alayna, thank you so much. we'll save our discussion on aoc's met gala gown for another time. thank you for getting up way too early with us on this tuesday morning. "morning joe" starts right now. see you over there. note i don't care if you're moderna or fires, johnson & johnson or horse tranquilizer ♪
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