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tv   Kendis Gibson and Lindsey Reiser Report  MSNBC  September 19, 2021 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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of "dateline. " i'm craig melvin. thank you for watching. >> first up on msnbc, history has been made. the four civilians aboard a spacex's crew dragon are back on earth, proving space is not just for professional astronauts anymore. the coup splashed down off the coast of florida last night, embarking on one of the most ambitious launches yet. high security, police and media outnumbered a small pro trump crowd rallying near the capitol in support of the insurrectionists.
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republicans are still coming under fire for staying silent on the event. the biden administration says it began mass deportation of haitian migrants as early as today, to deter more border crossings, as nearly 15,000 people are now huddled under a bridge in texas. plus, >> we have about 50 lawton forsman personnel, back here in the park. we are hopeful that he is out here, we certainly have prepared for all different possibilities. >> the search is set to resume this morning for the fiancée of missing women -- the case taking another twist, as the mystery deepens into what happened on that cross country road trip. >> good morning, everybody. it is sunday, september 19th. i am lindsay reiser. >> and i'm candice gibson on the space coast of florida. what an incredible return it to an inspiring team of four people, splashing down in the atlantic ocean just as planned overnight, lindsey.
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>> and candace, we have a team member of reporters and analysts following the latest for you, we will begin in florida where it is mission accomplished. really, for the first all civilian space crew. after we are watching it here, they made their return to earth last night, splashing down on the florida coast at 7:07 pm, to circle the globe without a professional astronaut. their mission has now set a new precedent for space travel. let's go back to candice gibson in florida, with the very latest candace, good morning. >> good morning, lindsey. good to see you. there were cheers all around at spacex headquarters, as well as mission control, here on the space coast of florida, we heard a big boom in the air as the space capsule made its way through the atmosphere. immediately, people started to look up to see if they could get a glimpse at it. they were unable to, we could all see it on the screen, pretty remarkable, it wasn't
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traveling 17,000 miles an hour, trickling down to just 15 miles an hour and then, touchdown. >> the return to earth, the first all-simply in space ghouta orbit the earth, wrap in the history making three-day mission. >> we have given all of our time right now to use science, research and some ukulele playing, raising some good causes back on earth. >> the inspiration4, billionaire jarred isaacman, who is bankrolling the crew, bone cancer survivor ham arcenaux, scion proctor, the first black woman to pilot a spacecraft, and -- who won it through the sweepstakes. the last few hours in space were taken in the, use snapping photos and specially designed capsule dome, even chatting with bono. they blasted off from cape canaveral, on the spacex rocket. their capsule, the dragon, measured 13 feet wide.
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their home as they wish to round earth at 17,000 miles an hour. >> it is really interesting to see how fluid it shifts with this microgravity. >> the mission is to determine the effects of space on the human body, and also part charity. more than $150 million raised for same to children's hospital, where arcenaux works. patients they're got a rare treat on thursday. >> you are on the moon! >> maybe one day! >> their trip, highlighting a new era in space travel, and opening a new frontier to anybody with big dreams. >> let's be honest, there are a few things that would unify anyone at this point, and this seems to have been one of those moments in america that was a unifying thing that really, we really needed. michelle obama had tweeted, in the last couple of days it was an honor getting speak with doctor sian proctor, and the incredible inspiration for. so many people, lindsey, got to speak with them when they were out there in space, including
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bono, as you mentioned. and also, tom cruise, who as i have mentioned is trying to shoot a story, trying to shoot a movie in space at some point. and as for that goal by the way, to race to wondered million dollars, they were able to surpass that, because at the last minute, elon musk said $50 million! i am in! what an incredible landing and moment. i am willing to put in $5, lindsay, will you go with 50 million? >> that is spare change to him, that is like five cents it to us! i need to more know more about this conversation with bono, what did they talk about? >> i mean, what do you talk about when bono is calling in to the international -- or to you, when you are flying 360 miles above? it is not clear, but i will tell you what we do know. the next day for them, maybe ten minutes later because, they get a new day every 90 minutes or so, they woke up to the song,
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it's a beautiful day. there had been some rumors that bono might be part of a celebration to welcome them back somewhere here in florida, either today or later on. so, i assume that they kind of said like, they made their request of what songs they wanted, so i am not sure? >> maybe a private concert? that is so cool, candace, awesome story. thanks so much! >> well, the far right rally outside the u.s. capital is over. this morning, many are still questioning republicans for staying silent about it. this was the rally for people to support those charged for the january 6th insurrection at the capitol. according to capital police, they were between 400 450 people inside the protest area yesterday. a lot of, them reporting by journalists, bystanders and counter protesters, their permit was for 700 people. four people were arrested, including one with a knife. let's go ahead and bring in nbc
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news reporter julie tsirkin, live from capitol hill. julie, what is your reaction to the rally, and the silence from a political party on the topic? >> yes, lindsey. first, i want to start off by, when i came into this, morning i spoke to rank and file police officer, who told me one better than they had expected. you mentioned that they were prepared, they brought in a multi state police force for an event that never really materialized. 400 to foreigners with the people showed up as you said, but many of those were journalists, counter protesters and those covering the rally. i want to go back to the lawmakers, who we are and are not hearing from. there were no sitting members of congress who attended this rally, but we still have not heard from prominent republicans. that includes senate minority leader mitch mcconnell. take a listen to what jamie raskin said to our calling a minimal on the last night. >> mcconnell is essentially, has made his own bed at this point. he knows how wrong this is,
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just like mccarthy knows it. all of them, do get donald trump now exercises the authority over the gop that jim jones exercised over the peoples baptist temple. it is like an authoritarian, religious cult. it is terrifying that this used to be a major political party in america. >> yes, jamie raskin there, democrat from maryland. he actually led the house persecution of donald trump in the last impeachment trial, in the senate for inciting the january 6th insurrection. harsh words for him there. on mcconnell, who has not said much. we asked him a leading up to the rally this week, he pointed to the fact that it was happening. again, republicans are keeping an arms length from this rally. instead, mcconnell actually tweeted about the influx of migrants at the southern border yesterday, which shows republicans would rather focus on president biden, to appeal to their party and their base then go back and deal with political fallout they dealt
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with after january 6th. i want to make one more quick comment, though. in this capital building itself, four people were arrested yesterday. but there are demonstrations here often, almost every week. it is not uncommon to see more than ten people arrested at any given time. so those four arrests, obviously or jaw-dropping in itself that somebody had a knife and a gun, but not all that uncommon here in the capital complex. >> what's important context. julie, i am curious as to that rank and file officer you spoke to. was that officer glad that the head of the response that they had to deter crowds? >> definitely. i actually spoke to harry dunn, who stood out from january six in defending the capitol. he told me in the days leading up to the capital protests yesterday, he was glad of the show of force they had. he himself was working, he felt good going into yesterday. they obviously had intelligence that showed that could have been something, but we're glad nothing transpired. >> all right, julie tsirkin, thank you so much for setting us up. where do we go from here?
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let's go ahead and bring in kristofer goldsmith, a disinformation insurance analyst and retired u.s. army sergeant. christopher, i know we have been turning you to a lot in these leading up to this event. you predicted that this small crowd would be what we saw. why do you think so many people stayed away? >> well for one, there was a whole bunch of extremist organizations telling them not to go. the biggest difference between yesterday's event and january 6th, is there was not really a whole lot of money there. organizations like veterans for trump, latinos for trump and women for trump or essential in building up the momentum over a course of months leading up to january 6th. that did not happen this time, when this one, loan loser guy, who has been running these justice for january six events around the country, he has never received a crowd larger
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than maybe 35 to 55 people. yesterday was not a surprise to any intelligence analyst. because we have been watching, and the proud boys told members to stay away, we believe maybe the guy who led yesterday's protest was a fed, or a honeypot. so, it is fine if they want to believe that. i would rather they don't show up at the capitol, and try to do another insurrection. yesterday's event was a success, though, for the media and for law enforcement and intelligence agencies. in the military, we do what are called dry runs. before we deploy oversee in a combat zone, in the united states, in a safe zone, we put on all of our gear, and we act out the part, right? that is what law enforcement did yesterday. it is not just about a show of
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force to show protesters what they can do, but to show themselves, january 6th was a traumatic day for so many police officers -- not just at the capitol, but people in law enforcement watching. yesterday build their confidence up. they now know what they are capable of, and they know that it just takes them a day or so to set up a real, defensive tackle, should another crowd of 10,000 maniacs show up. >> that's a, these extremist groups maybe did not show up yesterday, but they are still out there, you know, talking on channels on the internet, that you often read. let's focus on the future of this movement. on a friday, you told stephanie ruhle, who reports on how extremists are now essentially making their way onto school boards, positions on city hall. they are trying to get in at the local level, why is that an avenue that they are going down? how concerned are you about this going forward? >> yes.
3:13 am
so one of the heroes of the qanon movement, disgraced former general michael flynn has been constant on telegram and other alternatives platforms, telling his followers, the qanon people who believe that democrats are sucking the blood out of children in order to stay young, or some crazy stuff, that they should run for school office, and make sure that they can implement the crazy qanon conspiracy theories on local, county level and town supervisor boards. and they are doing it. >> what is the significance, the impact of some of these people who support qanon, being in leadership roles at the local level? >> the first thing is that they are going after kids. they believe covid it does not exist, even though their followers, members, leaders keep dying of covid. so they are going into school
3:14 am
boards, shouting members down, making people resigned because they are feeling threatened, taking their places and they want to make sure that all covid precautions are taken out of schools. they want to eliminate vaccinations, they want to eliminate masks. they want to go beyond so-called freedom, and go towards really killing people, which has real effects. >> kristofer goldsmith, wow. we are grateful you spent time with us the day after this rally. thank you for coming on and sharing your expertise, we appreciate it. coming up, hour by hour, the number of haitian migrants carrying at the texas border rose. but just as fast as they are coming, they could be going. details on the massive deportation effort to deter of the border crosshairs, next. border crosshairs, next. it comes to safety, who has more 2021 i-i-h-s top safety pick plus winning vehicles,
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migrants could be deported from a south texas border town as soon as today. nearly 15,000 people are camped out under this bridge here at a makeshift processing site. now the department of homeland security says it will accelerate deportations in hopes of discouraging more people from coming to the u.s. illegally. nbc news correspondent morgan chesky has the story. >> lindsay, it is a situation that is truly changing by the hour, and we know that we have reinforcements headed this way from federal and safety agencies that, the problem persists. how do you handle that many thousands of people beneath a single? bridge >> beneath this bridge in del rio, texas, a group of migrants migrants grows by the hour. men, women and children mostly from haiti number nearly 15, 000, tripling inside since wednesday. all waiting in never hundred degree heat. washing quotes in the rio grande and sleeping outside for
3:20 am
a chance to claim asylum. >> we need the administration, secretary mike, the vice president and president call it what it is. this is a crisis. >> the staff unable to keep it with processing, state lawmakers are calling washington for help. in response, dhs promising a massive movement of migrants. announcing 400 border patrol agents are in or out. the agency also resuming deportation flights to haiti within 72 hours. adding, our borders are not open. and people should not make the dangerous journey. but del rio's only border crossing now temporarily close. the city losing cross border business daily. until the migrant situation is under control. >> del rio is a small town. >> many of the migrants have spent years living in south america, before choosing to make that dangerous trip north. this man sharing how he is just one of thousands still on the way. many of these people could soon be headed back to the island nation, still reeling from a massive earthquake, barely one month ago. what is your message to the
3:21 am
president tonight? >> president biden, close the border. take action to secure our country. you have abandoned the six citizens of del rio, texas. take the action to closest. border and >> texas governor greg abbott pledging texas rangers and 1000 stick to troopers to try to keep the scene under control. in fact, we've seen state troopers essentially parking there are cruisers on the rio grande to try to stem the tide of those migrants. lindsey? >> when we come back, something that was even impossible just a few years ago is now a very real, if not lofty option, even for you. top talking about a trip to space. candace, what have you got coming up? >> yeah, just ahead right here from the space coast as we celebrate the successful mission coming to an end. a couple of questions. what is next for space travel? and also, what role did former president obama plea that led to the successful mission? we're gonna ask the nasa administrator under obama, next.
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top stories we're watching this morning. there are now 16 named storms this season. the very latest, tropical storm peter has formed over the atlantic ocean early this morning. the u.s. national hurricane center in miami says peter is centered in the caribbean, and is expected to bring up to three inches of rain to the virgin islands and puerto rico. one person is missing after heavy rain caused flash flooding in alabama yesterday. witnesses say a driver went underwater after their car went into a drainage ditch. rescue teams haven't located the driver. authorities say that flooding in northern alabama was roughly 2 to 3 feet. three marines from california killed in last month's suicide bombing in afghanistan were honored in their home state, yesterday. friends and family gathered in rosedale to honor nicole g, and in riverside and palm springs
3:27 am
they held celebrations of life. candace? >> we're back here on the space coast. let's cue that opening that, beautiful opening. we're back here on the space coast were near cape canaveral. where we saw the historic return for that mission. that'll civilian mission. [applause] the cheers all around from the spacex crew. you can understand why. the dragon spacecraft smashing down off the coast of cape canaveral last night, in the atlantic ocean, carrying those four members of the inspiration for crew after their three-day journey. you see them there, all smiles, all suited up as they were getting ready to head out of the capsule.
3:28 am
their historic mission set a lot of milestones. including the first private spacex flight. the first black's b meal spacecraft pilot. the youngest american astronaut today. and the first person to fly to space with a prosthesis, healy arsenault. our next guest knows what it is like to complete some pretty amazing missions. he's completed at least four of them. five, if you consider his tenure as nasa administrator. you see him right there, major general charles bolden. let me ask you about that, what's was more strenuous? your eight years as nasa administrator, or for flights on the space shuttle? >> kendis, there is no comparison. the eight years as the nasa administrator working for president obama. for a number of reasons. the culmination of the mission last night is one of the reasons it was difficult, but an incredibly rewarding for the
3:29 am
fight that we had to go through to bring us to last night. >> wasn't it amazing to watch? the take off as well as that splash down, yesterday. you know this sort of stuff. as we mentioned, you've been to space several times. and you served as the first black nasa administrator. what was it like for you, personally, watching this milestone? >> kendis, and i started out as the healthy skeptic. i was not at all in favor of going to commercial assets to get people to and from space. but overtime, as i got to meet the folk from spacex, blue origin, seer nevada and a number of the other private companies, i recognized the fact that we can learn a lot from them, if they allow themselves to learn from us. and that's what they did. we spent two years reaching agreements and were standards we were going to use, what regulations or rules we would
3:30 am
follow. particularly with reference to human spaceflight. that flight that you saw yesterday. and in the end, we learn from each other. we became incredible partners. i cannot thank people like blend shocked wealthy, as the president and chief operating officer of spacex. elon, who kind of left the team alone and let them do their thing. they have been an incredible team with whom to work. and i think what all of our work has paid off, with what you saw yesterday. i won't even call it amateur crew, because they were just a non professional astronaut crew, but they worked really hard over the past few months to get trained. >> i have two other really quick questions that i need to get. to what does it mean next? does this mean that the rest of us are going to be able to go to space fairly soon? >> you know, you all talk to leroy chiao last night and they kept emphasizing cost, cost,
3:31 am
cost. until we get the cost down significantly, or unfortunately, our dream of haven't anybody that wants to go to space in is probably not going to be realistic. but we've got to just try to find ways to fly more and more people. jared paid for this flight and took three people along who had never would've never gone to space otherwise. so we need more of that. >> yes, that indeed. we need spirit airlines to get into the space flight business so they can lower the cost a little. bit [laughs] let me ask, you are obama's administrator for 2009 through 2017. and he left a huge footprint, and really is heralded in focusing partnerships with the private sector. is this what we saw these last few days, obama's space legacy? >> this is exactly what you saw. let me be fair to other presidents and other administrations.
3:32 am
what happens is a president has the courage to make a decision to do something that everybody else has talked about. many presidents prior to president obama actually talked about doing this. in fact, president bush had actually funded initially, commercial cargo. so, he got it started. but it took obama's pressure, his courage, to push us to do the commercial crew. so, this is his legacy. this is what i think he envisioned during his term as president. >> all right. well, we appreciate you being here major general. thank you so much. i guess we won't be seeing you in spaceflight together. but really still awesome to see you. [laughs] >> always good to be with you. >> good to be with you, i'm sure will check it can. sun charles bolden there. yeah, i mean spirit airlines is not going to get in that business. >> you've got him with that line. though [laughs]
3:33 am
>> we need to lower the cost and someday the rest of us will be able to go. >> someday, maybe our kids and grandkids. kendis, thank you so much. great reporting. still to come, georgia is experiencing such a big covid surge that even animals at the atlanta zoo are testing positive. resources current death rates are sort. we're going to have a live report. and today, senator amy klobuchar joins jonathan capehart live to discuss the latest on the fight for voting rights. watch the sunday show with jonathan capehart today at 10 am eastern on msnbc. turns out it's mostly water. so, we switched back to tide. one wash, stains are gone. [daughter] slurping don't pay for water. pay for clean. it's got to be tide. we did it again. verizon has been named america's most reliable network by rootmetrics. and our customers rated us #1 for network quality in america according to j.d. power. number one in reliability, 16 times in a row.
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here the latest covid headlines. another big mutate on booster shots is set for wednesday and thursday of this week. this time, it will be a panel of cdc advisers talking about what's best. this of course comes after an fda panel only recommended boosters for those 65 and up, and other vulnerable americans. so, the fda approves vaccines. the cdc then decides whether to recommend the vaccines approved by the fda. arizona recorded more than 100 deaths yesterday. it's only the second time the state has hit that mark in the last seven months. however, the state also reported fewer than 2000 hospitalizations for the first time in almost three weeks. and starting in late october, the los angeles rams will require proof of vaccination for fans to attend all the home games. the team made the announcement to match a new mandate from the city of los angeles. right now, only three other nfl
3:38 am
teams have vaccine requirements to attend games. here's a closer look at where we stand right now. the vaccination rate keeps creeping up, but not nearly as fast as doctors and health officials would like. right now, the national rate is about 54.5%. you see the lowest rates there are in the southeast. nbc news correspondent stephanie stanton is in atlanta for us this morning. stephanie, what is going on there in georgia? >> yes, good morning to you lindsey. resources here being stretch dangerously thin within the state of georgia. in fact, statewide icu capacity at 96%. at least one hospital in the area reported that they actually had to pause some surgeries to free up betts to make space for those covid patients. now, georgia updates its numbers on a daily basis. as of friday, there were 5044 people in the hospital here in this state. that is a slight decrease of just 147 people from the day
3:39 am
before. as for case counts. on friday, they were just about 400 cases and 92 deaths reported. a big part of the problem, you talked about it, lindsay, those vaccination rates. here in the state of georgia, only 46% of georgians are fully vaccinated. now in nearby north carolina, north one hospital actually had to rebuild its triage ten. they took it down in the spring, they had to direct it again to keep pace with all the covid patients there. and one doctor spoke with our chris jansing, saying that they don't see a light at the end of the tunnel. take a listen. >> most of us now feel like this process is never going to go away. we're going to continue to see the surges until we can get a huge percent of the population vaccination vaccinated. >> what does that do to mentally to think is not going away? >> it's heart wrenching and
3:40 am
it's leading to burn out. both from everyone and staff. it's frustrating. >> there could be a silver lining here. a possible light at the end of the tunnel. georgia is starting to see a slight decrease in case counts, but officials say that they are cautiously optimistic, because they're still waiting to see the impact from the labor day holiday weekend. and they're going to see if that in effect, we'll start to see those cases take up again. so very tenuous situation here in georgia, bob lindsey. >> all right stephanie stanton, thanks so. much search efforts are set to continue this morning of missing woman gabby petito. yesterday, more than 50 officers using dogs, drones and four by four vehicles, search for biden laundry in a swampy, florida woodland reserve. meantime, some 2000 miles a week police continued efforts to locate petito in the wyoming wilderness. here's msnbc's emily acute.
3:41 am
a >> police and the fbi descending on a florida part in search of lion laundry. the avid outdoorsman believed to be in the deaths of this 25,000 acre reserve. police say he could be in danger. >> there's an enormous amount of pressure. but i'm sure, on him, to provide answers to what's going. on here >> as the thaw gabby petito, brian is a person of interest and seen is critical figure in solving the disappearance of the 22 year old travel blogger. friday night, a chaotic scene outside the laundry home. and yet another twist, north port police learning bryan's family hasn't seen him since tuesday. >> why did they wait till yesterday to tell you? that >> that's a great question. >> going by the family's word of where they think that he is at -- >> gaby's love once writing, ryan is not missing, he is hiding. gaby is missing. the couple's young love displayed on social media, a sharp contrast to the police body camera video from their trip last month. >> we've been fighting all
3:42 am
morning. and he wouldn't let me in the car before. he told me i need to come down. >> on the advice of counsel, bright has remained tightlipped since returning from the couples crossed and tree track, with their van but with without gaby. >> where is gaby! >> brian silas on the case, a slight point of frustration among the young woman's family. >> why did they get a lawyer the second he got home? >> datelines andrea canning is sitting down with gabby gaby's father. desperation setting in chesky. i >> want people to do everything they. can i need her to come. home >> at least half a dozen agencies now weighing in on the complicated case. still, that we closing out with more questions than answers. >> emily acosta, nbc news. >>,. , -- friday was an extraordinary day for the biden administration. but that president is looking to turn it around this week. mike mentally on just how he will do it. life from delaware. next. re next ' faces... yea, that look of pure terror...
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3:46 am
and sequoia national park is in question after a wildfire enters the home to the world's largest trees. the forced has more than 2000 giants acquire trees, including general sherman, the biggest in the world. firefighters are now going to extreme lengths to protect it by covering it in what you see here on your screen. special fire resistant material. the fire known as the mp complex fire has burned more than 17,000 acres. and it was 0% contained as of yesterday. president biden travels to new york tomorrow, ahead of his first un general assembly speech since taking office. the president will be looking to turn things around after a trio of setbacks. on friday, the pentagon admitted to a drone strike that killed ten civilians in afghanistan, including seven kids. moments later, the fda rejected his administration's booster shot plan. and france announced yesterday it was recalling its ambassador
3:47 am
to the u.s., over a say exclusion from a secret nuclear submarine deal with the uk and australia. nbc's white house correspondent mike memoli is a rehoboth beach, delaware, where the president is spending the weekend. mike, how is the administration handling these different situations? >> of course, foreign policy is supposed to be president biden's wheel house, right? we saw what a warm welcome he received. how much fun frankly, he had when he went to york for the first time just a few months ago. the reception he got both at the g7 summit and a meeting with nato leaders. it's going to be a very different situation when he heads to new york for his first general assembly this week. it's an opportunity both to set his agenda, but also it's a stage in which we see all the setbacks that the president has suffered. the president has three big objectives as he gets a un. first, he wants to set a big ambitious, global cool for vaccinations. washington post reporting he's going to ask countries around the world to commit to vaccinating 70% of the world. even in impoverished countries, which we know have been lagging
3:48 am
behind. he also wants to really rally action for climate change. this was something that we saw jump start on friday in a meeting with the you. which they set a new goal for methane emissions. lastly, the president has really been trying to make the case throughout his presidency that it's democracies like the u.s., that should be setting the course for global affairs. now autocracies like china and russia. what have we seen this week? you mentioned it, the fda with the setback it seems to his goal of stemming the pandemic here with booster shots. we see his infrastructure agenda really in trouble on capitol hill. messi mechanism by which the u.s. is kospi raising the ante on climate change and the steps the president wants to take to deal with it. then, the drone strike really china and russia have been seizing on the u.s. withdrawal from afghanistan to point the week the weakness of democracies at this point. this is going to be a hybrid session of the general assembly. the president will have the kind of speed dating that you would typically see. the in-person interaction with
3:49 am
so many of his global counterparts. so, a lot of the convening's got to be virtual. the president though is going to be ending the week with a real message to china in a meeting in person, in washington, of the leaders of india, japan and australia. it is there we will likely hear more efforts to respond to francis concerns about that new deal with australia. overnight, the french foreign minister accusing the u.s. again, of duplicity and lies, lindsey. a lot of repair work to do for the president this. week >> wow, all right, we will be watching. for that mike memoli, thank you so. much still to come, how a new film is reshaping hispanic stereotypes. we're going to talk to the actors. and coming up in our next hour, switching parties. it's something that rarely happens in u.s. politics. but one gop lawmaker in new hampshire is doing just that. citing the parties cents on vaccine mandates as the tipping point. he's going to join us live. and i forget to visit our twitter page right now. follow us at @msnbcweekends. tweet us, we'd absolutely love to hear from the. we'll be right back.
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> that was just a look at rumba love from vision films, out this friday in conjunction with hispanic heritage month. it's premised, a cuban americans is a senior moves from havana to new york city with nothing, all to make it in the big apple. its goal, to break and reshape latino stereotypes in film. joining me right now is filmmaker and lead actor gear more event. and producer and actress zair montes good. morning to both of you and thank you so much for joining us this morning. guillermo, the film here is to celebrate hispanic heritage through its message and through those behind the scenes we brought to life. what is the message that you all are trying to convey? and how does it help receipt reshape several types? >> by the way, thanks for having us with you this morning. i love the way you introduce the film.
3:55 am
i think that the mission that we have in this film is to reshape the archetype of latinos. usually we're pretty portrayed as somebody who brings violence. we have seen so many characters of narco's, violent people crossing the border. and this is a story of music. this is the story of somebody, as you explained before, somebody who comes from have vanna to new york, with nothing else but his dreams and his vision and his passion for music. and the very important promise he has to achieve. and he's going to face everything. he's gonna face isolation. he faces a lot of challenges. but he never gives up. and i think that that it's one of the qualities that we have as latinos, as immigrants here to this country. we continue just doing whatever it takes, whatever is necessary, to achieve our jeans. and yet, we celebrate that. even that bad moments, we celebrate with music, with
3:56 am
dancing. that's a very latino thing. so, that is the message that we want to put out there. zair,s the messag,. ? >> as guillermo with saying, latinos in general and of course, to a bigger sense latinos have been labeled a lot of times and we sometimes don't get to do things on a big scale like producing, or dare to dream about something different that whatever is set up for us. so, i really want with this movie to show and prove that we can do as much as we want and that we can make our dreams come true. whether it is being an actress or a producer or a ceo or an artist.
3:57 am
or whatever we want. and i want the young latinos, especially those who are just being told what to do, that they can also have a voice and that they can do whatever they dream. and that it is possible. we're trying to reshape -- this is an american dream story tool differently, in an unconventional way. we want to tell everybody is that they can do whatever they want if the dream bag, if they work hard, and if they believe in that. >> you guys are teasing a happy ending, but i know we're going to have to watch the film. tell us how people can watch it on friday? >> friday we're going to be all in movie theaters in new york city, miami, orlando, los angeles and dallas. and if you cannot go to the movie theater, you can also watch it on the oldie. it's going to be on demand on several platforms. you can go to rumba love
3:58 am awesome >> guillermo and zair, thank you for being on with us this morning. good luck to both of you, thank you. we are going to start a new hour on msnbc right now. >> first up on msnbc, booster confusion. health experts divided on that biden and restrictions plan. as the cdc panel appears to make a big decision on a third dose this week. plus, -- >> we need the administration, secretary, the vice president and the president to call this what this is. this is a crisis. >> a number of haitian migrants crowded at the texas border growing by the hour. details on that massive deportation effort that gets underway today, in order to deter other border crosshairs. switching parties for one new
3:59 am
hampshire lawmaker an anti-vaccine mandate protests hosted by state republicans was just the last straw. we'll speak to him about why he left the gop and whether this is the start of the new trend. plus -- >> i want people to do everything we can. i need her to come home. >> still no word on the whereabouts of gabby petito as authorities expand their search for both her and her now missing fiancée. good morning everybody. it is someday september 19th. i'm lindsey reiser. >> and i'm kendis gibson in cape canaveral, florida, where we saw that successful splash down over night of those four people who have really inspired many to be astronauts. and really, to know that the sky really is not the limit for all of them. we're going to tell you what's next for them and exactly how they celebrated once they got out of that capsule. coming up. >> quite the kitties. all right thanks, kendis. we're going to begin today with what the next steps will be in
4:00 am
the approval process for booster shots. so, tomorrow was supposed to be the start here at the white house is booster program. but of course we, saw the fda panel last week only recommend booster shots for the 65 and up and vulnerable americans. on top of that, a group of cdc advisers is set to cdc advisors to meet this week. kathy park has the latest. >> reporter: good morning to you. the covid booster shots crossed a critical hurdle this week with the fda advisory commit vote but some say the decision raises more questions. more confusion after the fda advisory committee rejected pfizer booster shots for most adults but endorsed the extra dose for americans over 65 and those at high risks like cancer patients, organ transplant recipient and immunocompromised. the panel deciding there was not enough evidence supporting a third dose for those 16 and older. >> i guess it's slightly confusing. i am going to rely on science. >> i think


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