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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  September 29, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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few banner drops, encouraging the democrats to hold the line. do we have those footage? . yes. reconciliation first. hold the line. that was held up tonight in the crowd today at the congressional baseball game. there were a couple of other signs. one of them which sent a swear word on, we do have that blocked out? yes. the bottom sign says our lives are not a game, past the 3.5 trillion dollar bill. the other sign near that one which we had to block something out on said, dems don't f this up. we'll see if that lights inappropriate fire under democratic baseball players, at the congressional baseball game tonight. that will do it for us tonight. see you again tomorrow. now it's time for the last word with lawrence o'donnell. good evening lawrence. >> i don't think will be seeing those signs of any other baseball games. >> exactly. dems don't. yeah that doesn't work at any other baseball game. that was interesting to see, it does feel like it is a hard-core progressive right now. they're not getting up on
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passing this thing. >> alexandria ocasio-cortez, made it very clear that the votes aren't there tomorrow, in your discussion. we are going to have three house members here, we are not going to leave the show tonight without knowing what's going to happen in the house tomorrow. we have to decode the whole thing. >> yes, we may be averting a government shutdown in the morning. but what happens in the house, is going to be drama all day. >> they did work out a deal, in the way he did it was he gave the republicans a guarantee of votes on three republican amendments, before you get to the continuing resolution. those will probably all be defeated on a party line vote. and then you'll get the continuing resolution. and the government will stay open till december 3rd. >> and will then do this all again, for absolutely no reason whatsoever. because the debt ceiling is something invented in world war i, to appease isolationist from that conflict.
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and maybe -- >> we will see what happens. >> thank you. lawrence >> thank you rachel. the breaking news, that we are just discussing from the senate at this hour, is not about infrastructure legislation. it's about the more immediate business of keeping the government funded after midnight tomorrow night. when current funding runs out. and they have reached a business as usual deal. senate majority leader chuck schumer, has reached an agreement with republicans, that will allow a vote tomorrow at 10:30 am, on a continuing resolution to fund the government, until december 3rd, if that agreement holds overnight, then there will be no government shutdown tomorrow, at midnight. and so there you see, the senate working as it is supposed to. but, in other senate news, there is a bit of immunity underway, with two democrats blocking the other 48 senate democrats, and the democrats in the house from reaching an
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agreement on the biden infrastructure package, the two senators holding up the deal, are as everyone seems to know by now, west virginia's joe manchin, in arizona's kirsten sima. they, are very different people. senator manchin is an experienced senator, who knows how the senate works, but represents a state with the highest level of trump supporters in any other state represented by a democratic senator. joe manchin has an experienced senate staff. joe manchin is accustomed to high-level negotiations, in private, but, he also believes, that he owes a public explanation of his position, to the voters of west virginia. and in this case, to the country, because he is standing in the way right now, of an important deal on legislation, affecting all 50 states in a very big way. in so senator manchin, speaks to reporters, pretty much every day, about what he is trying to
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accomplish. sometimes he speaks in vague terms, like all politicians do sometimes. you might not like what he has to say, but he does seem to have some sense of public accountability. this is not true, of the first term senator from arizona. she has been involved, in a high-level private negotiations, an exactly one important bill, that has passed the united states and. and that is the bipartisan infrastructure bill. she is not an experience legislature. she is not highly experienced in the way the senate works, she does not have an experienced senate staff, who can fill in the gaps of what she might not know. and, the most peculiar thing about the way she works, is that she does not seem to believe in any form of public accountability, at all. she is invited and every one of
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these shows every day and every night. and refuses all of those invitations to explain her position. which is perfectly okay with me, i understand, that she might think, that tv interviews might not be the best place for her to discuss complex legislation. okay. but, nothing prevents her, from going through the floor of the senate, whenever she wants, do in speaking as long as she wants to, about what she is trying to accomplish, in the secret discussions, she is conducting, discussions she is keeping secret, from her voters in arizona, and from the american people. that is a huge difference, between senator sinema, and senator manchin. huge. not only, is senator sinema not using the senate floor, to explain her position, she actually appeared to insult arizona voters, and every other american, anywhere in the country, who might be trying to
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understand, what it is that she is trying to do. before i show you what she did say tonight, let's listen to how senator manchin discuss the situation, when nbc's garrett hague caught up with him. >> senator, where did you leave things with the president? >> we have the most important piece of legislation, which is the bipartisan bill. it's so much in so many ways, and it has even been talked about, and we should move on and negotiate in good faith. >> they don't trust, you that you'll be with them on the reconciliation bill. >> they have to trust in good faith, i trust them, it's just a different position. >> that may be a frustrating answer for other members of congress, members of congress who want to know exactly what joe manchin wants to change in the 3.5 trillion-dollar budget regulation, that both senator manchin and senator sinema,
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actually voted for. they voted for. the 3.5 trillion-dollar budget resolution, and having voted for that budget resolution, they apparently now do not want to vote, where the matching 3.5 trillion-dollar budget reconciliation bill, which contains the actual details. of how the 3.5 trillion dollars will be spent, and how tax revenue will be raised, to pay for that bill. but, as unsatisfying as senator manchin's reply might have been, senator simmons response, to the question of what is she what? is not just unsatisfying, it is something that no senator, with the slightest sense of accountability to voters, whatever say. >> what do you say to progressives that are frustrated that they don't know where you are? >> i'm in the senate. >> there are progressives within the senate that are frustrated they don't know
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where you are either. >> i'm clearly right here in front of the elevator. >> i'm in the senate. that is so much worse, so much worse than not seeing anything. there is a senator, mocking the very concept of public accountability, there is a senator who appears to think that what she is doing, is funny, there is a senator who appears to be laughing at her constituents, and people all over this country who support that legislation, and have their hope spending and getting some help in their own lives through some of the provisions of that legislation, lake, help with child care. some senators sinema, is laughing about that, she's having secret meetings about the legislation, as all senators do, but then she refusing to tell the people she represents, what's she is trying to accomplish in those discussions. she is refusing to tell the people she represents, what she wants for them in that
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legislation. and what she does not want them to get in that legislation. she is refusing to tell her constituents, what's she is trying to block them from getting. is she trying to stop parents from getting help with childcare? we don't know. and tonight, she thinks that's funny. senator sinema clearly does not understand the full range of responsibilities of the united states senator. and unfortunately for the people of arizona, in the people of the united states, there is no one working on senator sinema's staff, who can tell her what is so grotesquely wrong about what she said tonight. reporter, there are progressives in the senate, that are also frustrated that they don't know where you are either. senator sinema, i'm clearly right in front of the elevator.
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i have never, seen a democratic senator, behave anything like that. not once, not ever. there is no playbook, about how to negotiate with the senator who talks like that. leading off our discussion tonight's democratic -- he's a member of the congressional progressive caucus. congressman, you have, i know in other comments, you have isolated to some extent, your focus on senator sinema. that's becoming increasingly, it's becoming increasingly clear. that that is the unpredictable problem here. that is where the secret discussions are going on, where we know absolutely nothing, about what's going through her mind. hard >> lawrence, you articulated it better than i could. and you put your finger on what i sensed is the problem. i have no problem with senator
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manchin, we disagree, i wish you would give us a number. but he is cordial he is substantive he will treat you with respect, senator sinema is just not responsive. her remark about him in the senate, was condescension to talking to people in the house, when you served in the, senate i know you have great respect, stop -- my problem with senator sinema is not her ideology, it's the way she's conducting herself, in the fact that she is not in transparent mode with the people, with her colleagues, or frankly with the president of the united states. >> let's listen to what congresswoman alexandria cortez told rachel in the last hour. >> if we vote for this underfunded, to small infrastructure bill alone, instead of voting for it with the rest of the presidents agenda, if we vote for it alone, it could make our climate crisis worse, and it risks being the only, or the last
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substituted speeds of legislation that we will pass. i do not believe, we do not have the assurances necessary, to believe, in good faith, that reconciliation will pass, if infrastructure passes tomorrow. >> if the speaker brings the bipartisan to the senate passed bipartisan bill to a vote in the house tomorrow, will it fail? >> it will not only fail, it will fail overwhelmingly. if i was on a week ago i would've told you there were 20 to 30 votes you are now, and we were whipping folks to see where we could stands. today, they're probably over 60 votes, and it's organic. and the reason it's organic, is people understand, that we have been negotiating in good faith, the progressives are willing to compromise, when reduce the years if you want to get to a better number. but there's just been no movement, with senator sinema. and people understand the
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frustration. >> do you expect the speaker to bring this to a vote, to show senator manchin, senator sinema and others, that no, you cannot pass this bipartisan senate bill, without passing the reconciliation bill? >> i don't think she will at the end of the day. because the collateral damage would be to the party, and frankly to the president. you don't want to vote to fail, and you certainly don't want to vote to fail with overwhelming numbers. this deadline of thursday, that is a senator sinema deadline. that's when she winds hold the press, if it doesn't pass by thursday, i will walk. who does that? who threatens the president, the minority the speaker of the house in the majority leader. saying if i don't get my way, i am going to walk. there's a lot of bills, one of my bills passed in the senate, will go to the speaker and say, if you don't get me a vote by tomorrow, i'm not going to vote for your bill. there is an immaturity in the way this is being handled. i don't think the speaker will actually put the vote.
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i think she will say let's negotiate, until we can win the vote. >> senator durbin, an experienced member of the senate, is at the end of his patients, with both senator sinema and senator manchin. let's listen to what he had to say. tonight >> now it's time i would say for both senators to make earmarking close the deal. what is it that you want? what is your final goal. it's time to stop talking around and speak directly to it. i'm saying to both of, them their point of view is different than, mine but it's been respected, it's been negotiated, and now it's time to close the deal. senator durbin, does not know what they want. as remarkable he's the number two person, he is so accommodating of senators. he is not want to criticize his colleagues, and he's actually trying to be inspiring. he is saying look, we can actually do something amazing. this is why you come to washington to serve. we can actually help working
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class americans. we can make sure they have childcare. we can make sure that people don't have to go into debt. if they go to community college, we can make sure that people can actually see a denton's. that they can actually get a hearing aid. we can actually tackle climate for the first time, the federal government can do something about climate. and we are so close. and senator durbin i think is appealing to senator manchin, and senator sinema, saying come on let's do something for the country for our president. i hope they will listen. >> what is your sense of where the speaker is on what her next movies? >> the speaker would love for us to have an agreement, and have a vote. and she is keeping that possibility open. she is very appropriately differential to the president of the united states. but she will see if the votes aren't there, which i don't expect them to be, then she will say okay, how do we negotiate. how do we get everyone on the same page. we will work with the president to negotiate.
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but i think she is not used to this. lawrence, you know. you've been in the senate, it is highly unusual for a first term senator, to come in, forget having their own agenda, defy the president of the united states, defy the senate mentor or the leader, defied the speaker of the house of their own party, and define 99% scent of colleagues. i don't think they've ever seen anything like that. >> no they've never had. >> congress ro khanna, thank you so much for starting off our discussion tonight. >> and joining us now is congresswoman, she is the democratic for the congress chair. we katie porter, do you know if the speaker is going to bring this to a vote and tomorrow, and let it fill? speakers in the past have sometimes had to do in order to make the point about where we really are. >> i don't think speaker pelosi is going to bring the bill to the floor, because i think we already do know where we are. which is exactly what
10:17 pm
congressman ro khanna said. i think there are dozens and dozens of colleagues who are going to vote no if needed. because we have to deliver the entirety of the president agenda. i think sometimes people think that we have some secret information, we have information that they don't have. i just want to show people, this is what we received today for what is going to be voting tomorrow. question mark, first votes, question mark, less votes question mark,. so we don't know exactly the sequence of what we are going to do tomorrow. what we do know is what the outcome will be, until senator sinema, and senator manchin are going to come up with what they want to do for their constituents. to do for the american people. until senator cinema stops being cute, and start doing her job, and leading the people of arizona. we are simply not going to be able to move the presidents agenda forward. >> well we know strategically what senator sinema, and senator manchin are doing.
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one more professionally at least on the exterior on the other. and that is that they are trying to delay any possible action on the reconciliation bill, so that the bill that they worked on, that bipartisan bill will pass, and then they will have unlimited time to object to what is in the reconciliation bill. and possibly never vote for it. >> well i think that that's really irresponsible to their constituents, and to the people of this country. infrastructure is incredibly important, it will create good paying jobs, and it it is an important part of the economy. but i wasn't elected just to represent one industry, or just to elect one kind of worker. i was elected to create a strong and stable globally competitive economy. and to do that for example, we have to see women able to re-enter the workforce, we have to address the crisis in elder care, we have to make sure that workers are healthy, and able to go to their workplaces. so, i think this idea about
10:19 pm
infrastructure, and nothing else will be okay, that is really what senator sinema and senator manchin believes they owe it to the american people to say that. >> let's listen to what senator bernie sanders said about the situation. >> what you have now, a 48 out of 50 members who are prepared to support this legislation. you have 95% of the house democrats, prepared to support this legislation. this is not as if, let's reach a middle ground. we have the overwhelming vote, we have the president of the united states, and the american people on it. so i would hope to answer your point, that after months, not weeks, of discussion we can affect awesome place, and pass with the american people want. >> senator sanders has been a completely practical legislator on this all the way through. he is had the responsibility of budget committee chairman, to get the budget resolution done on this which joe manchin and senator sinema both voted for. the 3.5 trillion-dollar budget
10:20 pm
resolution that is now being reconciled, and the other half of that process. >> well that's exactly right. they supported that budget resolution, and now we're simply doing the work in the house. we've had markups. we debated. we made amendment to the legislation. we have put it together into a package in the budget. and now we are expecting to engage back in good faith. if they have concerns, if they have problems, tell us what they are. but we simply cannot negotiate a way -- with ourselves and away from what the american people want. if there are no meaningful competing concerns. and i was elected to represent the people of orange county, and to fight for families to stand up to corporate interest, i was not elected to read the mind of kristen sinema thank goodness, because i don't know have any idea of what's using. >> well this is a situation where she won a previously -- a senator seat that was previously held by republican, you want to see that was
10:21 pm
previously held right by a republican. do you recognize anything in the way she appears to be handling this that, based on the fact that she flipped a seat and has a concern about being able to appeal to republican voters, as you do two in orange county? >> i have to be honest, i really don't. because the way that i find it easy, us and best, and most on us to connect with constituents who might have different values, or different opinions than i do, is to be incredibly accountable. to be as transparent and forthright, and honest with them as i can be. and i think it's likely that this is what we response, and as some constituents disagree with us, but i think the way you overcome that is that you listen to your constituents concern, you tell them where you stand, you explain, you answer their questions and then you go forth and do exactly what you told them you are going to do. she is simply not answering to the american people. and i think that should be a
10:22 pm
concern for people regardless of where they fall on the political spectrum. >> congresswoman katie porter, we will see all the question marks on your phone get filled in tomorrow. thank you so much for sharing that with us, and for joining us tonight. >> thank you. >> thank, you coming up tonight one democratic senator used the one heartbeat away scenario from losing democratic control in the senate, when he was explaining the urgency of passing both biden infrastructure bill. that is next with john heilemann. n. paul loves food.
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tonight senator dick durbin raise the one heartbeat away from disaster scenario for democrats in the senate. one disgusting senator joe manchin's the democrats delay the votes on the reconciliation package for a few months. >> joe has made a number of statements, he is my friend, respecting and trying to sit down for a few minutes and try to talk to him about this. but i would say to him, we
10:27 pm
can't delay these things, simply delaying them is just in fighting a bad result, to be honest with you. we are one heartbeat away from losing the majority in the united states senate, and i've been a senate long enough to see that happen. so i would urge joe, that if you believe that the value and merit to the program and the reconciliation bill, don't wait, do it now. >> joining us now is john heilemann, nbc analysts, and the showtime of circus and the host of the hell and high-water podcast, also with us adam jentleson former deputy chief of staff for senate henry reid, he's the executive director of the battle -- what is it a known the battle? >> battle born. teleprompter confusion here. and adam the title of your book please. >> the rise of the modern senate, and -- the single most important book was written about the senate in
10:28 pm
the trump era. john heilemann, the situation has -- the mutiny of the first term senator joined by the senator who is elected to the democratic senate from trump country, the mentioned phenomenon has always been something that is pretty understood when you look at the voting profile of west virginia, but what they are dealing with in senator sinema, is something that is, as far as i can, tell the democrats and the democratic president has never had to deal with in the democratic senate. >> yes i would say lawrence, first of, all as the book most important written about the senator, number two i'm not sure that it's just democratic president that has had to deal with it. i think you've been around a little longer than, me but i'm not sure either one of us have seen something like christian cinema, as terms as what is on the surface it. louise and i've been trying to dig deeper to see if there's something below the surface.
10:29 pm
but on the surface at, least its total irrationality. behaving in a way that completely unpredictable. and someone unhinged. and i heard your monologue, your opening today. and i can tell you that the view that you expressed, is a view that shared privately, by many people in the white house. that they feel like christian cinema, senator sinema, and senator manchin though they are occupying the same position right now as the object of a lot of higher on a lot of the democrats, especially progressive democrats. and although they are both holding this, up that they can deal with senator manchin, and senator manchin is a comedy that his team understands. they do not have an understanding of senator sinema, they do not know what you want, they do not know how to deal with her, and they do not know how to deal with their stuff. so i think that that is at the core of what the problem is right now. she is in the words of the language of chemistry, a bio crush mystery, she is a free radical at this point. and that one free radical has messed up all the variables,
10:30 pm
all the equations, all the physics, and the chemistry that is supposed to lead to a vote tomorrow. and nancy pelosi was betting on when she decoupled the two bills earlier this week. she is soon she would get to a rational outcome, but senator sinema and senator manchin, they are not there. tonight and i don't think that they'll be there tomorrow. either >> and adam jentleson, when there's a challenge when there's no one in this intimate office you can call. there's not like there's some experience legislative director or chief of senator, there is not someone there who can talk sense to anyone, including senator sinema. >> that's right and what senator sinema has done as a freshman senator, to put herself at the center of a buy variety of policy battles, and a senator simply doesn't have the staff capacity to become an expert on policies. it is not like she is an expert on the subject matter from the
10:31 pm
office, and she certainly hasn't gained profound expertise in a few months of this year. and we all have millions of experts staff as a freshman senator. so you know i think that she is sort of flying by the seat of her pants a little bit, when it comes to the policy. making a lot of this stuff up as it goes along. and i think that's what's profoundly scary about this. she understands, and has used the power that she holds as a provincial 50th vote on a lot of this stuff, to position herself in a position of great power. although it's not clear that she has brought along the expertise, or the thoughtfulness, or the deliberation that you would require to actually think through these issues and come to a thoughtful rational conclusion. and i think that's what's kind of terrifying about the position that we've gone ourself in this right. now >> and one of the things that i'm washing her right, now is that it may very well be that the white house is, at this stage, and chuck schumer, and nancy pelosi may at this
10:32 pm
stage be glad, that joe manchin is still in that space with senator sinema, because at least they can talk to joe manchin. it least there is a communication channel that makes sense to them. and that if joe manchin were to come along tomorrow, and say i am reasonably okay with ex. but senator sinema did not come along, then she would be completely isolated. and joe manchin would not be able to really influence her at all. that is a theory of the case that i've been trying to track down. but it is hard to get that confirmed, to put it that way. >> well i will tell you it's hard to get a confirmed, lawrence, because i've to the people in the white house, and when i get back is no comment. to me it sounds a lot like a yes. it sounds a lot like a yes to me because, we've been around the block a few, times and i think that's right, just to go and made a point that the one
10:33 pm
point he didn't use those responsibilities, she has great power, and with great power comes great responsibility. and she doesn't seem to understand, that into addition to not understand that she doesn't have the expertise, or having to do the blurry shun of this matter, i don't think she is taking seriously the responsibility she has. but ignore the politics of, it i think this is what is perplexing to the politics in the white house, senator leadership in the white house, all around they all understand joe manchin's politics. they understand that he is the only democrat, as nancy pelosi has said, who can get elected in west virginia. they get why he does what he does, even when it compounds them, and frustrates them. she is from arizona, it is not a blue state. but it is not west virginia. it is a state joe biden carried as ro khanna, pointed out in this program, it is a trending purple, trending blue state. where the politics give her much greater latitude than the politics that constrain joe manchin. so that just makes it all the more mystifying, in all the more apparently irrational, that she is more, in some ways more autumn on these matters
10:34 pm
then senator manchin is. >> and adam jentleson, what i've been watching here is that joe manchin represent a continuity of sorts, with the kind of democrats we've always had. and if you go back to democratic presidencies to the beginning of the clinton presidency, you had 57 democrats. at a minimum of six of them were just like joe manchin. and actually much more conservative from joe manchin, they were from georgia, they were from oklahoma, they were from louisiana, texas, places like. that they used to deliver democrats to the senate. and so the oddity, or the difference now is that you are seeing, there is just one of them now, one and a half or, to. depending on how you count the sinema. >> right continuity is not the word i would used to describe senator sinema's career. she started the rights and politics, as a member of the green party, in the supporting rough meter. and now she has become supposedly a very conservative democrat. i think it's a little bit hard
10:35 pm
to credit the substance of that, ship that's being clearly about principle. i think that to john's point about arizona being a purplish they, that you sort of heavy control case, here in senator mark kelly, her fellow senator from arizona, who is doing very well in her zone from backing president biden's agenda. cinema is doing worse by just about every measure. by taking this position. so it seems like she is sort of putting the erratic miss of her position first and sort of in this desire to be front and center. ahead of policy ahead of principle and responsibility. and ahead of good politics when you get done to the brexit that's because kelley is being better. then she is >> and adam and john heilemann, thank you both for joining us. tonight >> thank you. learns >> coming up the breaking news of the january 6th select committee is that they are issuing new subpoenas, congressman jamie raskin the member of that committee will
10:36 pm
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(music) ♪ i think to myself ♪ ♪ what a wonderful world ♪ (music) ♪ i think to myself ♪ ♪ what a wonderful world ♪ tonight the house select
10:40 pm
committee investigating the january six -- targeting 11 donald trump supporters involved in organizing events before the attack on the capitol. that includes organizers on the rally of january six, where donald trump urged his supporters to head to the capitol to quote, fight like hell. the subpoenas seek planning in funding records, including an equal nation with the trump white house, last week the committee issued subpoenas to four top trump white house officials. today, the spread of the big lie has amplified by donald trump, were discussed during a house hearing on quote, confronting violent white supremacy. john cohen, who focuses on counter-terrorism in the department of homeland security said this. >> when public figures, whether it be in the media, elected officials or former electoral officials, amplify and spread
10:41 pm
those narratives, they validate them, and when they validate them, they increased the potential that an individual whose vulnerable eid influenced and an act of violence, will see this as a legitimate rationale for committing an act of violence,. >> joining us now is democratic congressman, member of the house select committee on the attack, and he served as the lead impeachment manager in the second impeachment trial of donald trump, in the united states senate. thank you very much for joining us tonight congressman. you've already had a first round of subpoenas out there. have you any response from the attorneys for the people involved? indicating they will resist production of documents, or resist the subpoena for their testimony? >> not to my knowledge. of course, donald trump is out there talking about executive privilege, and trying to de-legitimize the work of the select committee. the interesting thing about the
10:42 pm
executive privilege argument is of course, it's always adhere to the president, not a former president. much less to the presidents assistance and officials, but also, even in those cases where the supreme court has taken it seriously, like u.s. versus nixon, the court has said that the new balance is the public's overwhelming interest in the right to know, against a serious national security concern, here, the public's overall interest, is getting information about the attack, and the national security interests are both on the same side, both of those factors military, for discovery and not secrecy. we think that the argument is essentially empty. it's devoid of merit. and the situation can be more serious. i'm glad you showed that clip, of mr. cohen's testimony because what he was pointing out, was the big, lie the propaganda. the disinformation, can lead to two kinds of terrorist attacks, one is the kind we saw on
10:43 pm
january six. which was massive, it was coordinated. it was organized, there is a lot of money behind, it but the other is, the sort that we saw like in the tree of life synagogue attack, back in 2018, or the charleston, emanuel church killings, back in 2015. where their lives in propaganda and he put on button line, and it activates one lone wolf individual, to go out and kill people. that kind of thing is even more difficult to deal with than what the former president accomplished on january six, which was basically the fusion of all of these different violent extremists, like the proud boys, the area nations, the three percenters, into a mass fighting violent street movement. which is what they did, and of course they broker windows, they injured and wounded 140 cops, and they delayed the
10:44 pm
electoral college, it's the first time in american history, in the most serious attack on the capitol, basically since the war of 1812. >> there are reports that your committee might be reaching out to people who have pleaded guilty already, like in the attack on the capitol, in the hoping to get information from them, is that something that you will be doing in coordination with the justice department? and will the prosecutors of those cases be able to share information with you about these people? >> we're interested in hearing from anyone, who was involved in the events. and especially those who have misgivings now and regret the way that they were pulled into this nightmarish attack on the u.s. government, there is a tip line that people can get in touch with us, but we are getting lots and lots of information about what took
10:45 pm
place, and we're piecing together the complete story, it's obviously an overwhelmingly complex equinox of events, in yet, you don't knock over the u.s. capital, spontaneously, that requires a lot of systematic coordination and planning, and it takes a lot of money to. congressman, before you go, let me get your sense of what's going to happen in the house, tomorrow was speaker pelosi's options are. what's the senate bipartisan infrastructure bill. >> because i've been so involved in this attack on democracy lawrence, i see all of the budget machinations through the prism, i'm not just tied into the most recent inside scuttle about what's happening with senator sinema and senator manchin. i see it in kind of a more historical terms. failure is not an option for us. because democracy is at stake. we have one democracy party which is the democratic party,
10:46 pm
we have another political party that is basically been hijacked by one right-wing authoritarian guy, who is demanding on absolute power for himself, and people are going along with it. in so they position themselves outside of the constitutional order. so, i believe, the cooler heads will have to prevail, and we will get everybody's egos under control, and we will all be moving forward together, not too far to the right, not too far to starboard, but for the democratic party in for the country. >> congressman raskin, of the democracy party. thank you very much for joining us tonight. >> it's my pleasure lawrence. >> coming up, fox is attacking new york's new governor kathy hochul. about her religion. that's next. t her religion that's next. our retirement plan with voya, keeps us moving forward. hey, kevin! hey, guys! they have customized solutions to help our family's special needs... giving us confidence in our future... ...and in kevin's. voya. well planned. well invested. well protected.
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[music: "i swear"] jaycee tried gain flings for the first time the other day... and forgot where she was. you can always spot a first time gain flings user. ♪
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10:51 pm
higher than government. he called it the cult of coronavirus, which he says has become a new religion, he said quote, you're not going to hear joe biden doubting this new religion. joe biden was baptized in catholicism at birth. and has never wavered from that religion, it's probably, the most religious president we have ever had. tucker carlson's favorite president, donald trump, is obviously the least religious person we've had. most of tucker carlson's outrage was aimed at the new governor of new york, kathy hochul. who he said quote, one of the high priest disses of this new faith. kathleen was baptized in good cop catholicism at birth, with her irish catholic parents. she has never wavered from that faith, she took the merry name hochul 37 years ago in a catholic church, during the sacramento matrimony. on sunday, at a social distance religious service in brooklyn, governor hochul spoke of many things, including spreading the word that people should get the
10:52 pm
vaccine, for coronavirus. tucker carlson said quote, hochul was the vaccine messiah preaching the undying word of st. anthony fauci. governor hochul spoke for ten minutes and did not mention the name anthony fauci. and, she could not have made it more clear, that she believes in a power, higher than god. here is how she began. >> the phrase be thy god, this is the day the lord has made. amen, amen. >> she didn't think that sunday was the day that government made, kathy hochul's education in catholicism, while she was growing up in buffalo, was just like joe biden's, they think about religion in their, lives and in their, work in the same way, and that can be heard in the way governor hochul framed her remarks, at the christian cultural center in brooklyn on sunday morning. >> everything i have done in
10:53 pm
life has been because of the grace of god beating me to that place. and now god has asked me to serve, humbly as your servant, as your governor. and yes, it is the first female governor, that's kind of exciting, but i feel the responsibility more than ever, because of that. because i know that i also cannot let my sisters down. i have to succeed for them. if i can demonstrate that women can govern, with strength, courage, and heart and compassion, and show a different way to lead this state, we bring people together, as women, so naturally do, than other women will be able to follow behind me. and step into the rules of power, that's what's on my shoulders right now, the way that i bear, but i embrace the opportunity. >> governor hochul said this about vaccination. >> i wear my vaccinated
10:54 pm
necklace all the time, to say i'm vaccinated. all of you, yes i know you're vaccinated, you're the smart ones, but you know there's people out there who are listening to a god and what god wants, you know this, you know who they are. i need you to be my apostles, i need you to go out and talk about it, in say, we owe this to each other. we love each other, jesus taught us to love one another. and how do you show that love, but to care about each other to say please get vaccinated, because i love, you i want you to, live i want our kids to be safe when they're in school, i want you to be safe when you go to a doctor's office, or to a hospital, and are treated by somebody. you don't want to get the virus from them. you're already sick, or you wouldn't be there. we have to solve this my friends. i need every one of you, i need you to let them know, that this is how we can fight this pandemic. >> this is all the governor, who is falsely accused on fox of renouncing her religion, and in her remarks on sunday.
10:55 pm
>> as you heard in the earlier songs today, they're so beautiful, and i thank you for lifting them my my heart and my soul in the music. one of the messages was, god will keep his promise to you. god will keep his promise to you. and here is my promise to you my friends, i will use the inspiration is got in my life and fight with you every single day as your governor and beyond. thank you very much for listening. thank you for the privilege of representing you. >> we will be right back. we will be right back we will be right back nothing rhymes with liberty mutual. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ i brought in ensure max protein, with thirty grams of protein. those who tried me felt more energy in just two weeks! ( sighs wearily ) here, i'll take that! ( excited yell ) woo-hoo! ensure max protein. with thirty grams of protein, one-gram of sugar, and nutrients to support immune health! ( abbot sonic )
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progress tomorrow at 10:30 am, and a vote to avoid a government shutdown. but what happens in the house and the senate after that tomorrow? it's just a bunch of question marks on katie porter's phone tonight. that is tonight's last word, the 11th hour with brian williams starts now. >> good evening once again, day
11:00 pm
253 of the biden administration, and as we come on the air tonight, we are at least closer to averting the government shutdown that was set to begin, just over 24 hours from now. tonight senate majority leader schumer announced that senators have reached a deal on a funding measure, to it least prevented shut down. >> we are ready to move forward, we have an agreement on this sea are, the continuing resolution, to prevent the government shutdown. and we should be voting on that tomorrow morning. >> that will then go over to the house. that will keep the government operating, but there is still that october 18 deadline to raise the nations debt limit, and avoid default. late today the house passed a measure to suspend that limit until next december, but that bill now heads to the senate, and given the fact that republicans have voted as a block, what happens there is anyone's guess. meanwhile, the fighting continues among the democrats, about the presidents economic agenda. pelosi and schumer