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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  October 1, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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informative and occasionally humorous messages and always for your leadership for the people. discussions continue, i think is the money quote there, but we're still waiting to see if it's going to happen tonight. these going to do it for us at least for now. we'll see you again some other time. "way too early" is up next. ♪♪ after hours of meetings, the two sides still seem trillions of dollars apart how do you bridge this gap? >> we're not trillions of dollars apart. [ indiscernible ] >> we'll vote today. >> that's house speaker nancy pelosi leaving the capitol just after midnight, assuring reporters there will be a vote on infrastructure. but after hours of negotiations did not yield a deal, the question is when? plus, shutdown averted. congress approved a plan. the question is are we going to
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face this problem again in december? and senators from both sides of the aisle accuse facebook of disregarding internal research that shows the harmful effects instagram can have on teenagers. the question is what will congress do to keep children safe on social media? it's "way too early" for this. ♪♪ good morning and welcome to "way too early," the show that didn't get much sleep last night. i'm jonathan lemire on this friday, october 1st. we'll start with the news. the house is delaying a planned vote on the $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill. house speaker nancy pelosi was forced to pull the bill from the floor yesterday after the progressives made good on their promise not to support it without the legislation. the "washington post" reports nancy pelosi huddled with warring faxes while the white house labored to work with senators sinema and manchin on a
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spending bill they could support. but sometimes they failed to bring the two camps together. senator manchin left the meeting with white house officials late last night insisting the bills not be linked together. >> you know, i'd never link the two bills together. pray i to god -- let's look at each bill. >> in a statement white house press secretary jen psaki promised the work would continue. it reads in part, a great deal of grog has been made this week, and we are closer to an agreement than ever. but we are not there yet, and so we need some additional time to finish the work, starting tomorrow morning first thing. >> we have said clearly, and we reiterated this again to the speaker, and we're in the same place, that we will not be able to vote for the infrastructure
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bill until the reconciliation bill has passed. we've been clear that we are ready to vote for both bills and deliver the entirety of the president's agenda. >> amid those ongoing divisions over the price tag of the reconciliation package, senator kyrsten sinema's office says the president and majority leader chuck schumer have known her concerns for weeks. initially she opposed the $3.5 trillion bill by democrats. in part it says this -- claims that the senator has not detailed her views to president biden and senator schumer are false. while we do not negotiate through the press because senator sinema respects it, she continues to engage in
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good-faith discuss discussions with president biden and majority leader schumer. they introduced a $1 trillion late-line number. here's what senator manchin had to say. >> the 1.5 was always done from my heart, what we could do and not jeopardize our economy. i've never been, i've never been a liberal in any way, shape, or the form. no one's ever thought i was. i've been governor. i've been secretary of statement i've been the state legislature and u.s. senator. i've been pretty consistent my whole life. i don't fault any of them who are much more progressive or liberal. god bless them. all we have to do for them to get theirs, elect more liberals. i'm not asking them to change. i'm willing to come interest zero to 1.5. >> it's insisted that a deal can
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be done, though they acknowledge a delay is harmful for democrats and the longer it goes on, the more difficult it may be to reach an agreement. the question is what happens today? there could be a vote today or in the coming days. what happens this weekend? key house leaders and senator manchin said they'll stay in town. president biden, unclear. there's been some discussion he will head to his delaware home. he may instead stay at the white house to get to the finish line. new polling shows that the president's approval rating has ticked up slightly. in the latest npr/pbs news poll, he's up two points from early september. the poll was taken shortly after the chaotic troop withdrawal from afghanistan. the new survey also shows some good news for democrats. if midterm elections were held today, 46% of voters said they
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would back their district's candidate compared to 38% who said they would vote for the republican candidate. joining us now, white house reporter from "bloomberg news," josh wingrove. thanks for being here today. negotiations ended. it was nearly midnight before they wrapped up. what's the latest you're hearing? where do things stand and when might we see a vote? could it be as soon as this weekend? >> they're talking about this right now. they said it was an artificial deadline in the beginning, but you can't get the benefit of meeting a fake deadline without getting a kick in the shin with missing it. this was a blow to president biden quite clearly. the issue he has is the two bills are linked to the dueling parties. they're, in essence, stalling, killing, putting on the back burner the infrastructure bill
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to get the reconciliation bill. one of the things, jon, we're continuing to lose, is both sides are overstating the value of this package. the $3.5 trillion package is over ten years. you almost never hear from that. so if you wanted to bring down the dollar total, one of the ways to do it is bring down the timeline on some of these measures. and on that trillion-dollar infrastructure package, only $550 billion is new money. they're playing funny math the way they're calculating it. we'll see. the question is can they get sinema and manchin to a number on reconciliation that will allow the progressives to sort of release this infrastructure bill they're more orr less holding hostage. >> josh, good point about the actual price tag of these bills. that's a key thing you hit there, this idea we're not going to have a reconciliation vote.
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some think it could be weeks or months before that thing is finished, but what would need to get done? a top line number perhaps, but does there also need to be guarantees about what would stay in the reconciliation package for them to sign off on the bipartisan infrastructure deal? >> yeah. if you were to, for instance, while the climate stepdown out of it, that would be deeply problematic. it's a pretty core part of senator manchin's objections. i think we could underplay the objections of sinema. ro khanna said his is much more essential than hers. jen psaki said we're closer to a deadline. the deadline for the infrastructure package was about the other bill essentially, and that, you could argue, has been
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happening. that is the silver lining, an overly optimistic view, jon. there is a bit of a bump. the whole thing has dived as the covid cases got really bad. those are improving. of course, they hope they can change the narrative with movement on these two packages as well. if that comes today, we'll see that to avoid a shutdown. it pushes us to december. of course, you might read that as a sign they think at least some of this, that reconciliation package, could still be in wrangling by then. >> i think it will be interesting what role president biden plays over the next couple of days in the negotiations. there's been pressure from members in the house asking to be more personally involved to get this done. bloomberg's josh wingrove, thank you, my friend, for getting up early. see you later june still ahead, the latest on the coronavirus pandemic. case numbers are falling in some areas of the country. plus school boards nationwide are asking for
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a stark new reminder of the nation's toll. 702,000 deaths according to the recent tally. there's a drop nationwide over the past two weeks. the u.s. is averaging 114,000 new cases per day, a significant improvement from the sum when the delta variant unleashed a new wave of infections, hospitalizations, and deaths. there's a new request for a requirement for teachers to have at least one vaccine dose. thousands of public school
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employees will be forced out of work if the mask mandate remains in effect. the order is unfair, they say, because it does not apply to other city employees who routinely deal with the public and who are allowed to keep working if they submit to weekly covid testing in lieu of getting vaccinated. the emergency appeal is in the hands of justice sotomayor who's assigned to handle appeals of this kind from the region. she's expected to reply and may refer it to the full court for decision. just in time, a new clinical trial out of the uk finds there is no harm in getting a flu shot and a second dose of a covid-19 vaccine at the same time. the preliminary report has not been published in the scientific journal. many are bracing for a positive in flu cases as social distancing measures are relaxed. a group of 90,000 school board officials around the country is
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asking president biden and other agencies to protect school staff members facing threats over covid safety protocols. cnbc's perry ralston has the latest. >> reporter: in school board meetings across the country, parents have been angry. they're yelling. >> we should take our kids and pull them out of school. >> reporter: flipping each other off. this week in arizona, parents fighting over a phone, one man's shirt getting ripped open. police had to be called in. now the national school boards association said they have had enough. >> actual threats in the parking lots, threatening letters, threats over social media, saying things like we know where you live. >> reporter: he represents more than 90,000 school board members.
2:16 am
they asked for assistance over growing intimidation. >> it's really getting in the way of providing an excellent education for all children. we've got to get back to that. >> reporter: the mayhem over masks has been happening for weeks as they decide whether students should cover up. secretary miguel cardona called the attacks very dangerous. >> i'll tell you the lack of civility in some of our meetings is frustrating and disappointing, especially the board members, they worked tireless over the last 18 months to provide a safe environment. >> these attacks come on the heels of reporting we did yesterday on the threats faced by health care workers, doctors and nurses, over safety protocols. still ahead, "thursday night football" and baseball's depressing playoff picture. sports next.
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flag on the play. it's caught. touchdown! >> cincinnati's joe burrow wins. with 348 passing yards and two touchdowns in the fourth quarter. a game-winning field goal givens cincinnati a 24-21 victory over the jags. burrow ruined urban meyer overall picture. the final weekend of the regular season in baseball. we begin with the american league wild-card chase. five home runs and a pair including gargantuan shot.
2:21 am
they win two out of three against the blue jays. the yankees with a lead for the wild-card spot as the orioles take the series against the red sox with a 6-2 victory last night. a disappointing effort for the old town team. the loss drops boston into a tie with seattle mariners for the second a.l. wild-card spot while the blue jays slide a full game. it's possible there's a tie that ends up for a second spot. we may have a one-game playoff on monday and on tuesday. the one on monday would get the top wild card seed. to los angeles and the race for the national league west. five home runs powered the dodgers to an 8-3 win and their third straight sweep of san diego. l.a. now hoping padres put up more of a fight in their final three-game series against the giants as san francisco hangs
2:22 am
onto their two-game lead in division with their 5-4 win over the diamondbacks last night. the victory lowers their magic number to clinch the n.l. west to two. meanwhile in atlanta, the braves wrapped up a three-game sweep in the second-place phiphillies. congrats to the braves. atlanta has won six straight games with consecutive sweeps of the padres and phillies. they'll host the mets for a meaningless game this weekend. the milwaukee brewers will hold game one of their national league division series next friday. and in houston the astros captured their fourth american league tight. five years with last night's 3-2 win over the a.l. east champion tampa bay wince.
2:23 am
houston will play the champion white sox. that will be a good series. that's in the divisional round next thursday. time now for the weather. let's go to meteorologist bill karins. bill, there's going to be important baseball played all over this great country of ours this weekend. what's the weather going to look like? >> plus, we've got brady returning to fenway too. it's going to be quite a weekend. >> the tom brady return on sunday night, i've been so focussed with the red sox stumbling, potentially missing the playoffs. brady returning to the patriots, it's a plot that's crept up on me. i fully admit on sunday night, i'm probably going to cry. what have we got? >> sunday night is much watched tv for sure. let's get to the forecast. welcome to october, everyone. it's looking like it's going to be an instant surprise to
2:24 am
everyone. warmer thannage all the way from the west to the east. it looks to be wetter than normal on the east coast and also through the great lakes. so that's not great for the great lakes for all the leaves too. if it's going to be wet, the leaves come down sooner. in texas, we've got numerous thunderstorms rolling through. san antonio, you're probably up early this morning. loud claps of thunder out there and numerous storms heading up into areas of victoria. eventually this will roll toward houston this morning. as we go throughout the afternoon, numerous showers and thunderstorms through oklahoma, little rock, missouri. on saturday, a lot of that rain, you're going to be waking up to a rainy morning in st. louis. chicago, on-and-off storms through saturday that will roll through indianapolis during the afternoon, and hit-and-miss storms around nashville on saturday. for today's forecast, cool and crisp. a lot of people turning their
2:25 am
heat on in new england. this afternoon will be beautiful with a lot of sunshine. this weekend, the east coast will hold onto a really nice saturday. on sunday, some of that rain will sneak into the ohio valley, into the great lakes. it looks like for all of your sports fans in boston, no problems for the weather this upcoming weekend. it should be great for brady and company sunday night. >> we should mention brady's return to foxborough sunday night with our friends on nbc. thank you again for the forecast, pal. have a great weekend. still ahead, it's bound to be another busy day on capitol hill as house democrats forge ahead with infrastructure negotiations. nbc news capitol hill correspondent leigh ann caldwell joins me. before we go to break, we want to know, why are you awake? i'm your answers to or tweet
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welcome back to "way too early." it's just before 5:30 on the east coast, 2:30 out west. i'm jonathan lemire. while democrats have not yet reached an agreement on infrastructure, congress did pass a stopgap bill to prevent a government shutdown. >> we are very, very proud of this legislation. it's just a remarkable thing to think of all the things that we can do working together for the people. >> the white house says
2:30 am
president biden signed the continuing resolution into law last night just hours after it passed a bill at the house and senate. the rare display of bipartisanship will fund the government through december and also includes disaster aid for hurricane victims of hurricane ida and reseal afghan refugees. what it does not include? raising the debt limit that has had been critical to the american economy. despite racking up a historic amount of debt, democrats refused to provide a single vote to raise the debt ceiling. yesterday senate minority leader mitch mcconnell who ran through legislation repeatedly over the past four years chastised them for, quote, partisan jam. >> partisan jams do not work. what works is when the majority accepts the reality of the situation. we're able to fund the government today because the majority accepted reality.
2:31 am
the same thing will need to happen on the debt limit next week. >> treasury secretary janet yellen estimates the government will run out of cash on october 18th, triggering a catastrophic default. joining us now, nbc's capitol hill correspondent leigh ann caldwell. thanks so much for getting up early for us after i know was a late night. our republicans -- we just heard from senate minority leader mcconnell. are republicans actually prepared to let the u.s. government default? >> right now, it's a staring contest, jonathan. republicans are give nothing indication that they're going to cooperate with democrats. there's about 2 1/2 weeks for democrats and republicans to figure out how to do this. now, let's be clear. this has nothing to do with raising the debt ceiling, about that actual specific policy because as you've mentioned,
2:32 am
republicans have raised the debt ceiling over and over again in the past, including under the trump administration and under the biden administration too. what this is doing, this is an attempt to create chaos, to distract democrats and to make passing their infrastructure agenda much more difficult. that's what republicans are trying to do. it has nothing to do with the debt limit. they're just trying to stymie the democratic agenda, and it is making it more complicated for democrats, that's for sure. >> leigh ann, it's hards to imagine it being called anything than deeply cynical. you mention the agenda. let's talk about that now. last night we saw talks break down. there were mixed signals. moderates in the house thought we were on the way, they thought we might have a vote. they seemed rather firm in their opposition to voting for the infrastructure bill without
2:33 am
having reconciliation if not ready to be voted upon, at least close, at least some things agreed. given us a sense what's going to happen today. how is this going to play out over the next couple of days? >> talking about deeply cynical, i'm deeply cynical about the infrastructure situation. i've covered congress long enough not to be optimistic. things are right in your face and about to happen. so this is -- the moderates, let's start with them. they set this artificial deadline of an end-of-september vote on this bipartisan traditional infrastructure bill. i think what they didn't -- they completely underestimated is the will and determination to stick to the deal, which was to also vote on this multi-trillion social safety net and climate change proposal. progressives are standing strong.
2:34 am
nancy pelosi even when leaving the capitol at 12:30 a.m., she said, there will be a vote today. she did not close the floor. legislating continues. she's going to come to the capitol this morning and try to work her caucus to get a vote on this bipartisan infrastructure bill, but meeting after meeting last night among progressives, democrats, the progressive congressional caucus, lots of members stood up and said they were going to stay strong, they were going to stay strong until they saw legislative texts of this multi-trillion-dollar infrastructure bill. i don't see how speaker pelosi can get them onboard at this point especially when senator joe manchin and senator kyrsten sinema have not come on board yet for what the progressives want. so this is -- they're still in the negotiate progress says. they're not even in the whipping stage. so they're very far off to
2:35 am
getting a vote. i don't see it happening today. i could totally be proven wrong, but i think this is going to take a while, jonathan. >> it could spill into the weekend or next week for sure. you mentioned people are underestimating on the other side. i think the white house overestimated their own party. there's a lot going on and we're clearly not that close to the finish line just yet. nbc's leigh ann caldwell, thank you so much. good luck today. the global head of safety for the social media giant tried to defend the company following reports that it was aware of how its instagram app could have harmful effects on the mental health of teenagers. nbc news correspondent tom costello has the details. >> reporter: on capitol hill, facebook and its instagram app in a blistering condemnation. >> facebook knows that its
2:36 am
services are actively harmingion children. >> how can we or parents or anyone trust facebook? >> have you quantified how many children have taken their own lives because of your products. >> reporter: facebook's head of global safety appearing virtually and on the offensive. research found one in three teenage users said instagram has contributed to their own body issues, eating disorders, anxiety, and depression. among teens who had suicidal thoughts, 13 of british users and 6% of american users traced those thoughts to instagram use, though, facebook insists far more face social connections. >> more found their engagement on instagram helpful. >> reporter: but 24-year-old grace park feels constand
2:37 am
contributions to facebook has led to her eating disorder. >> it hurt my own self-confidence about my own body, which led me to practically starving myself for about a year. >> it makes them feel like they're on shaky ground and they can't possibly keep up with their peers or anyone else. it makes their insecurities snowball at a time when they're very vulnerable. >> thanks to tom costello for that very important story. still ahead, the hip-hop show out of the decade. we'll take a look at the lineup when "way too early" comes back in just a minute. up when "way too early" comes back in just a minute
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time now for something totally different. not one, but five legendary artists will grace l.a.'s sofi stadium at pepsi's super bowl
2:41 am
halftime show. they'll all perform together for the first time on the world's biggest stage. dre, lamar, and snoop hail from there. in a statement, quote, artsts like dr. dre and snoop dogg were at the forefrost of the west coast hip-hop revolution. to bring them back to l.a. where it all began along with eminem, mary j. blooinch and kendrick lamar will prove to be an epic unforgettable celebration of hip-hop. meanwhile, scarlett johansson and disney seem to be on better terms. she claims she lost out on box office bonuses when didny released the film on disney plus at the same time it went out in theaters. they seem to have come to an agreement. the actress shared she was happy
2:42 am
the differences were resolved and she looked forward to continuing their collaboration. disney officials echoed the sentiment calling the decision a mutual agreement. meanwhile, singer shakir is making headlines for her encounter with wild boars in spain. two boars stole her bags while she was in a park with her son. shakira told her followers that the boars attacked her and took off with her bag. she retrieved it, but it had been tore up. the lesson here, kids, you can't say dogs ate your homework, but maybe a wild boar took it. still ahead, while the ongoing negotiations have speaker nancy pelosi thinking about her legacy. and as we go to break, a look at this date in history. 50 years ago, walt disney world
2:43 am
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i just told members of my leadership that the reconciliation bill was a culmination of my service in congress because it was about the children. the children, the children, the children. their health, about health, education, the economic security of their families. a clean safe environment in which they could thrive and get the world peace in which they could succeed. >> house speaker nancy pelosi
2:47 am
yesterday calling the reconciliation package a culmination of her service in congress as democrats work to pass the multi-trillion-dollar legislation. joining us now, the perfect person to discuss this. washington bureau chief, susan page. susan, we're so delighted you're here today. tell us what you make of yesterday, the speaker talking about how this would be the culmination of her career, but later having to delay the infrastructure vote. we heard all week she doesn't bring the vote to the floor unless she feels like she's got the numbers or she's on her way to doing so. at least for now, a setback for democrats. >> absolutely a setback for biden, also for nancy pelosi who has made her reputation at delivering legislative victories to what other people thought they couldn't possibly be made notably on the affordable care act. i was so struck by her comments at that news conference yesterday about the culmination of her political career.
2:48 am
we think that nancy pelosi is in her final term, her valedictory term as a member of congress, as the leader of house democrats, but she has been reluctant to address that because, of course, because once you say you're on your way out, you become a lame duck. that is one of the few times she's kind of played the legacy card in talking to her fellow members of congress and to the reporters and to the public. >> she certainly has been relentless in trying to get this done. i was at the congressional baseball game the other night, traveling with the president, and we saw speaker pelosi in the dugout on the phone like furiously gesturing as she was talking to someone, undoubtedly trying to get their vote. you know her so well. what do you think she's going to do in the next couple of days? how iss she going to cross the finish line, keep the progressives and moderates together? >> she looked like lbj there. she was on the phone. you can only imagine who she was lobbying when the congressional
2:49 am
baseball game went on. she has made her reputation as a legislative master by using two things, a gucci glove, being persuasive in an iron fist. that's john bresnahan's characterization of her. i think we're in the iron fist phase of nancy pelosi in their lobbying efforts on this. they're far, far apart. we're not yet at the endgame of these talks. we're still in the morass, in the middle. it is not at all clear that either side is going to make the kind of compromises that would traditionally need to be made to get this over the finish line, and that's troubling news, i think, for democrats. >> susan, let me step back and get your big-picture thoughts on the week that was and is continuing on capitol hill, on where things stand not just for nancy pelosi but democrats as a whole, and also what the republicans have been doing with
2:50 am
the standoff on the debt ceiling. >> the republicans have hung strong. they've fought with one another. the stake of these negotiations now on the infrastructure bill and the on the larger reconcilin we expect to follow. these are the hearts of joe biden's domestic agenda. this is probably their best most likely opportunity to get things done. things are only going to get harder as we get closer to next year's midterm. that's why we are watching it so closely and the stakes are high. thank you so much, susan page, please come back soon. >> we asked you why are you awake. daniella says this, i am putting my last touches on all my lesson
2:51 am
plans. >> terry tweets this. i am up way too early because the thunder and lightning in san antonio was so loud because of this photo. >> that's a cute dog but he should sleep a little later. >> peter gammons sent this tweet. it's fortunate that jonathan lemire is hosting way too early this week because for all that is and -- he should not see a pitch to hit. i will just say it's a thrilled. peter, i grew up watching him. i am worried about the red sox this weekend. up next, a look at axios' one big thing. plus, we'll hear from mayor
2:52 am
deblasio as teachers are fighting the vaccine mandate in order to return to the classrooms. "morning joe" is just minutes awe way. joe" is just minutes awe way. (vo) singing, or speaking. reason, or fun. daring, or thoughtful. sensitive, or strong. progress isn't either or progress is everything. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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joining us now for axios one big thing. >> the axios' one big thing is cracking the sinema code. we know for months joe manchin is center to all this. sinema snuck up on people and equally a player, maybe bigger and here is why. she's tougher to read. with joe manchin, you usually know the top line and bottom line. with her, you are not so sure, you are having her fellow senators comparing her.
2:56 am
she cares more about taxes than the spending side that he cares about. yet she came through college through pell grants and cared about climate. >> her colleagues are more frustrated with her. i think you hit on it. she's also given a number she's comfortable with. tell us what's her end game here and also comparing with her colleague, park kelly. >> she takes the d after her name. seriously what you are seeing is that she's willing to walk away. as you know from your own reporting. the white house has always been confident. joe biden is the democrat and in
2:57 am
the end he'll be with you. he keeps for an axios senator. she keeps track of it and pulls it out when she goes into these negotiations, she has receipts. >> you were reporting on local election officials facing threats over the 2020 results. talk to us about this increase in betrayal. >> incredible change in the american landscape. something that's getting bigger in '22 and '24. state officials now targets mccannon. but now their targets and getting notes all caps saying i know where you sleep and i see
2:58 am
you when you are sleeping and we are seeing this. it takes throughout the country after states protested the vote count last time partly by legislation, we are going to see more in '22. >> we talked about how school board members are facing threats and harassments. jen psaki says there is concerns. what's the latest? >> school boards are saying they are victims of domestic terrorism. between masks and vaccinations and critical race theory, you are not having elections against school board members but also physical confrontation. yes, you are seeing them asking for fbi secret service protection and asking inspection trying to help them to prevent cyber bully. >> mike allen, thank you for being here. thank you all of you for waking
2:59 am
up way too early with us on this friday morning. the house will be back. we know the ongoing negotiations as speaker pelosi tries to bridge the divide. we'll see what role president biden is going to play. there has been some complaints from his democrats that he's been too hands off. we'll talk about senator sinema and manchin and not listening to others. they still believe at the end o f the day, they can't imagine democrats will submarine the agenda of their own party. they think they can still get it done. thank you again for having a great weekend, stay tuned for "morning joe" starts right now. >> it's a big week for
3:00 am
lawmakers. it's just baseball, no politics. >> biden was snoozing and signing and signing baseball. he left the park about an hour since he arrived that had big absent dad vibes. you looked great out there, daddy is on a work call. okay, i am going to jump on this, reese's mom is going to give you a ride home. i will order you a pizza. oh shoot, are you the one with the dairy allergy. well, just peel the cheese off, love you, love you buddy. [ applause ] >> the game was a nail biter. the democrats have a chance for a big win but at