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tv   The 11th Hour With Brian Williams  MSNBC  October 5, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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there will be a televised sanity check tomorrow in the united states senate with a procedural vote in the afternoon on raising the debt ceiling. every republican senator is expected to fail that public sanity test. nsa tonight's last word. "11th hour with brian williams" starts now. well good evening. day 259 of the biden administration the president trying to solve the mounting cry sisz that threatened to push the u.s. into chaos and the world is watching. biden and the team now have less than two weeks to figure out how to raise the nation's borrowing limit and avoid a first-ever u.s. default. and he has to do it without a republican vote because that's who the republicans are now. they insist with a straight face
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that democrats must act on their own yet intend to block the latest effort in a test vote in the senate tomorrow afternoon. >> they've had plenty of time to execute the debt ceiling increase and have chosen not to do it. they need to do this. they have the time to do it. and the sooner they get about it the better. >> that is the minority leader of the senate. a few hours after that, president biden was asked for his response? >> i'll be receiving -- >> if mcconnell refuses to cooperate what happens next? >> quite frankly there's not many options if they're going to be that irresponsible why not much time left to do a reconciliation. i don't think they will end up being that irresponsible. i can't believe it. >> republicans are trying to force democrats to resort to a
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complicated process called reconciliation to cram raising the borrowing limit into spending bill under negotiation and remember what we're talking at here. the current debt limit, the current debt was largely racked up during the trump years. we continue to be warned about the danger of failing to raise the debt limit by 18 of october. treasury secretary yellen described in economy plunged into recession and as the chairman of the s.e.c. put it financial markets would be in unchartered water just democrats are now privately discussing poimly changing filibuster rules to raise the limit without having to get ten republican votes. earlier this afternoon senate democratic leader schumer again expressed his frustration with republicans. >> we could prevent a catastrophic default with a simple majority vote tomorrow. if republicans would just get out of the damn way we could get
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this all done. >> the president spent much of the day in michigan promoting his economic agenda trying to sell union members on overhauling infrastructure and expanding the u.s. social safety net. >> these bills are not about left versus right or moderate versus progressive. they're about leading the world or continuing to let the world pass us by. support the investments to create a rising america, an america that's moving, to oppose the investments is to be complicit in america's decline. >> the day's other big story concerns facebook. frances haugen the former facebook employee and whistle-blower that leaked documents about the company testified today before a senate subcommittee and it was powerful. >> i believe facebook's products harm children, stoke division and weaken the democracy.
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facebook's own research about instagram contains quotes from kids saying i feel bad when i use instagram but i also feel like i can't stop. right? i know that the more time i spend on this the worse i feel but i can't -- like they want the next click, the next like. the dopamine. the little hits. until the incentives change facebook will not change. left alone facebook will continue to make choice that is go against the common good. our common good. they have put their profits before people. congressional action is needed. they won't solve this crisis without your help. >> when you combine this with this company going dark yesterday it's safer to say facebook chairman zuckerberg is not having a good week. he sent out a statement saying we care deeply about issues like
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safety, well-being and mental health. it's difficult to see coverage that misrepresenting our work and motives. at the heart of these accusations is this idea that we prioritize profit over safety and well-being. that's just not true. we are committed to doing more research and making it publicly available. while senators from both parties say they support subpoenas for research of the company that they declined to release and news tonight ore than facebook about covid vaccine boosters. johnson & johnson has asked the fda to authorize boosters for people who have received their one-shot vaccine. this comes as new data indicates the pfizer vaccines remain 90% effective against severe illness for six months after the second dose but the data shows effectiveness falls to 47%.
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as of tonight the u.s. has lost nearly 710,000 souls to this virus. [ bell tolling ] this evening in washington, the bell at the national cathedral tolled 700 times in northwest washington. one bell for every 1,000 vicks across the country. with that let's bring in the starting line on this tuesday night. yamiche for pbs news hour and moderator of washington week. also on pbs. robert costa, national republican reporter with "the washington post." his latest book with his post colleague bob woodward of "peril." and dr. badel 5 -- badelia.
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good evening and welcome to you all. yamiche, the beat that you cover, biden said today he is going to talk to mitch about the debt ceiling. where do we think that idea originated and what do we expect to come of it? >> president biden has always said that he wants to lean in to his decades of experience in government to try to somehow broker bipartisan deals so he knows mitch mcconnell. they have talked to each other, brokered deals in the past so the president is saying that maybe he can have a conversation with senator mitch mcconnell to try to move him. but everyone that i'm talking to doesn't see that's likely going to happen and why you see the president doing something that's very extraordinary for the president and that is saying that changing the filibuster and making a carveout is a possibility. that's what president biden told reporters tonight on the white house south lawn. let's remind people that the president over and over again
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over 259 days of the presidency rejected the idea of changing the filibuster at all. jim clyburn, essential to him getting elected president, is pleading with lawmakers to make a carveout for civil rights and voting rights. the president didn't want to do that. the president is saying the debt limit might be the thing that the democrats need to do to carveout the filibuster and the other thing is that it's not up to the president. to what i think the filibuster you need 50 votes from all the democrats in the senate and of course senators manchin and sinema have been two senators against changing that so there's challenges ahead. the white house is not clear about whether or not the president has spoken to mitch mcconnell himself but they did say today that deputy press secretary said that there are engagements with mitch mcconnell, white house staff reaching out, but it goes to show you urgency and the president himself is getting involved in floating the new options when it comes to the
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filibuster. >> mr. costa, indeed our anxious nation should be relieved to learn that lindsey graham is in the game. gop's point man wants to make democrats work hard to lift the debt limit but not so hard to threaten a default why he hopes to force democrats to pick a number for how high the borrowing limit should go. a vote to set a specific dollar figure open it is door for republicans to launch attacks on democratic incumbents in next year's midterms. robert, what in plain english is going on here? >> senator graham is pretty close to senator mcconnell and waited to see what mcconnell is up and close to the business community. they don't want to see problems with the debt ceiling. what we're watching right now is politico -- >> i can hear you. your microphone is back.
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please start again with the answer. forgive me. >> senator graham is gross to senator mcconnell so you can often read what mcconnell is doing by reading senator graham and mcconnell doesn't want to rupture the business community so important to the republican party, don't want to see a debt ceiling shutdown and watching two veterans of the senate, president biden and leader mcconnell have a standoff on who will blink first. on one hand president biden is not the same centrist we have seen in the past part of the career. this is someone to be a progressive transformational president. he doesn't want to back down on the agenda. but as bob woodward and i show in the book the strategy with biden to sit back and wait for the president to come to him and this is going to likely go to use your own phrase, brian, to the 11th hour to see who blinks and both sides don't want to see a debt limit catastrophe that harms the american economy. at least that's based on my
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reporting for the book and just having calls with republicans recently. >> doctor, over to you and let's talk about j&j. i think everyone greeted it as good news today that a booster appears to be moving forward. you will forgive the question from a layperson. why wasn't the j&j two injections originally? why just one for that formulation? >> yeah. brian, i think that there's a different technology of the mrna vaccine and the initial studies did show very good protection against infection and consistent against hospitalization and so the gamble here was that not knowing again we are living the science. we are learning about the technologies and the vaccines as the months go by. the goal to make a vaccine simple to administer and it is. one dose. you might get a greater group of
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people to get vaccinated and don't want to come back. delta variant may decrease the ef that ka sy of vaccines and the antibodies tend to go down after the vaccines as they do with many vaccines. a second dose may help ramp up the immune system and the vision data on hospitalizations in particular is concerning for j&j recipients with one dose and the efficacy against hospitalization goes down to 70% and willinged news when the fda's committee looks at it for those who had the j&j and the protection for severe disease holds out for most who are younger but i think for older folks and those in medical conditions is something to be welcomed. >> back to politics and back to the beat we go. the people we elect as presidents all want the job so
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it by nature reduces the amount of sympathy we express for them but think about today. joe biden in michigan with half of the democrats saying why now? why are you on the road now? we need you in washington. the other half of the party saying where's the barnstorming? where's the messaging? why do most americans not know what's in this bill that could possibly improve their lives? >> it is a challenging too many for the biden presidency and he is trying to balance the two sides of the party. two sides that are the most prominent, progressives and the moderates. he was on the road because he wants to hammer home the idea that this infrastructure plan, the larger infrastructure plan that includes child tax credits, money for climate change and
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free lunches for children and increases for health care workers, wages, wildly popular the white house would say with the american people and polls show that the majority of americans back the idea of a large infrastructure plan. expanding the idea of an infrastructure plan to deal with investments in family and he has a lot of issues back home. he was on meeting with members of his party virtually for last two days. of course senator manchin and sinema was meeting with the president. he has to get through to both sides here to come up with agreement. one side they want $3.5 trillion. i'm told by sources it will be $2 trillion. a trillion here and a trillion there is a lot of things that the president has to figure out. and it's a challenging time for him. add to that, of course, the
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pandemic and the different issues with the border crisis raging and so many other things going on in this presidency. when you talk to white house officials about the challenges ahead they said he was most experienced for the job with the time in government, as a senator, he's been in the different seats of the lawmakers that he's now dealing with and the white house says that informs the ability to work on this simultaneously. >> the previous point was so right. if joe biden and chuck schumer decide to pursue the nuclear option, decide to try to change the filibuster rules, they don't have the votes for that so certainly this president's hand is tied. i think he's been surprised by the amount of democratic party infighting. based on your experience and the folks you talk to, talk about how big a test this is thus far
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in this presidency. >> it's big on one level, brian, but it's not actually that big in the context of president biden's career. as we spend nine months doing this book what you see is this is a president elected to the senate in 1972. comes in '73. he watches president carter, president regan, president bush and clinton and trump have a first year and an urgent first year where everything seems to be on the line. a student of the presidency. he's seen it. and so you hear from people close to biden now and when the rescue plan on the ropes earlier this year. we have the chapters on that. he takes it all in and doesn't get rattled. he's an inside player. not the outsider like trump. he knows the system sometimes works its out if the headlines and the tweets of the moment seem frenetic.
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>> facebook has been in the news and while i never posed a question to a physician on a program about facebook i am fixing to and here's why. whatever they say about what they do and how they make their money they are an enormous misinformation and disinformation delivery system and i noy that has affected your job as a public health person. >> it has. i think that you see that facebook is one of the greatest places where a lot of this misinformation and disinformation is shared and i think many of the accounts that are -- there's few -- i think top 12 or top 10 disinformation or misinformation accounts active on facebook for a long time and until recently most sources still on there so i think it's a combination of a few things. social media. we do need greater partnerships between public health folks and
8:18 pm
more commitment from social media companies to remove the misinformation and part of a larger me lue and where it's brought up on cable channels. you are seeing vaccines are perfect example of this. when you see that vaccine misinformation amplified on cable network on the right or -- and then add that to an underlying unfortunately growing anti-vax community in this country growing before covid-19 vaccines leading to lower rates of measles vaccinations and the perfect storm unfortunately for covid pandemic a ten social media companies we have a lot of work to do to try to decrease the misinformation and disinformation there. >> here, here. much obliged to the starting line tonight for starting us off. yamiche, robert, doctor, our thanks for coming on. a once silent presidential
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spokeswoman predicts her old boss would have her arrested should he get back in the white house. she joins us next. later mcconnell taunts the democrats. he is willing to say and do just about everything while the democrats are not. is there a wartime kons lair in the house? we'll ask our guests who are standing by. all of it as the "11th hour" is just getting under way on this tuesday night. ♪girl, i don't know, i don't know,♪ ♪i don't know why i can't get enough of your love babe♪ ♪oh no, babe girl, if i could only make you see♪ ♪and make you understand♪ get a dozen double crunch shrimp for $1 with any steak entrée. only at applebee's. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. (man 1) oh, this looks like we're in a screen saver.
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this was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration period. >> that's not what i said. i know it is hard for you to understand even short sentences guess. >> i will never lie to you. you have your word on that. the president never down played the virus. the president expressed calm. the president was serious about this when democrats were
8:23 pm
pursuing the sham impeachment. >> what do they all have in common? straight face. no shortage of wild moments or public lies from the white house press briefing room during the trump administration. yet of the four press secretaries over four years only one of them never held a briefing why you would be forgiven for not knowing the name stephanie grisham because we never saw her. she is talking now. regarding the hostile take yoer of a political praert she writes 20d being a constitutional conservative doesn't seem to be enough to be a good republican. what seems to matter today is blind loyalty to an ex-president who still won't admit he lost. stephanie grisham was former chief of staff to the first lady. the new book is "i'll take your questions now: what you saw at the trump white house." thank you for coming on.
8:24 pm
i'm curious why did you never call a briefing? because as members of the public are fond of saying to police officers or members of congress or the occasional white house press secretary, we paid your salary. we put food on your table. >> absolutely. thank you for having me. a couple of things there. i took three different jobs at once at the white house. three senior roles. press secretary, communications director for the west wing and the east wing so the argument can be made that i wasted taxpayers' money and i saved taxpayers easily $500,000. however, when i took the job with the president as his press secretary, we discussed it and he said i still don't want briefings done. he had stopped them six months before and he felt that the press were too mean, too nasty. he would do it himself and felt
8:25 pm
he could be his own best spokesperson which is something i said all the time. my job was to work behind the scenes to work with print people and to work with more long lead stories when possible. >> of the major events you witnessed, i'm going to boil it down to two. the malpractice at the handling of the pandemic and the big lie. which do you think will end up being the most dangerous in the long run, remembering that the mishandling of the pandemic actually cost american lives? >> absolutely. that's a really good question. i think that human life can't be compared to anything else so i think the mishandling of the pandemic is going to go down in history as one of the worst thing that is an administration did. we were tragic with it. a lot of it had to do with the president's pride and nars
8:26 pm
narcissism not wanting to look weak and should have been the president to the entire country, even the people he didn't care for why when it comes to the big lie, though, while covid is still an ongoing threat, i want to be clear with that, i think with the big lie that is a big threat, as well. people really believe that our election was stolen. people really believe that the former president should be our current president. people running for smaller offices are now using that to say there's no election integrity. this was stolen from me, as well why the disinformation out there and the cult-like thinking for people is very, very scary and i believe as we come up to 2022 and 2024 it's something that we really need to be thinking about and working against. >> about chief of staff mark meadows in your book you say on
8:27 pm
a scale of 1 to 5, ranking the best to worst in the white house 5 being the worst you gave meadows a 12. that's generous. i'm curious as to how he warranted a 12 rating. what makes him such a bad guy? >> i'm speaking in my own personal capacity there about my personal experiences but he went into the white house making grand promises to the president that he would find all of the leakers, get good press. the things that the president wanted to hear. he would of course say yes to the president on every single thing he said and inl there's threatening phone calls of him calling people especially with the election say in georgia trying to bully people into doing things that they didn't want to or feel comfortable with. for me personally he tried to ruin my reputation and he talked about the fact that i leaked the bunker story when the president
8:28 pm
and the family had gone to the bunker which i absolutely denied. i have never ever done anything like that. national security is too important. that and among other things, he wasn't an honest player no matter what his syrupy southern accent will try to convey. >> i think we all looking at it from a distance looked at jared kushner of an expressionless cipher. your book paints him as sinister. what's the 60-second version? >> i really admired and respected jared curb her when i met him and he makes little people feel important and a very good way of making you feel like he truly knows everything basically. and that he can control the president and get the president to do whatever you want but he's
8:29 pm
manipulative and made sure that nobody would cross him and it worked and it was a dangerous position for him to be in in that white house. >> final question is the one i guess you'll live with henceforth and i guess your life leads with apology now given what you witnessed and the fact that you're asking people to believe you now when it counted you held your silence and a good bit of our democracy was on the line then. >> yeah. you know, i wokked for mrs. trump at that time and i thought that maybe she would intervene some point. i would argue while i have been very apologetic and will continue to be i am looking forward and going to try to do everything to let anybody that's interested in listening of what could happen if he becomes president in 2024. that's all i can do at this
8:30 pm
point. obviously hindsight is 20/20 but i want to be known as a few people that stood up from the administration and tried to change the course of the future. >> the book again to our viewers is called "i'll take your questions now: what i saw at the trump white house." our thanks to our guest tonight its author stephanie grisham. thank you for coming on. >> thank you. coming up, a debt ceiling crisis nothing new for one of our next guests. his perspective and insight from a former gop strategist when we come back. hey google. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ i think to myself ♪ ♪ what a wonderful world ♪ we are back and for more on what we just heard from stephanie grisham, the twice impeached former president's most elusive white house press secretary, we are joined by two friends of this broadcast. david plouffe, former obama campaign manager and stewart stevens, now with the lincoln project. the latest book is "it was all a lie: how the republican party became donald trump." we also want to welcome all of our viewers from new york and boston where submitted without comment the red sox defeated the yankees 6-2. so stewart, save me from that topic and tell me about your
8:35 pm
opinion of stephanie grisham, what she has written and what she had to say on this broadcast tonight. >> look. for the life of me i can't see what stephanie grisham is different than what devoted soldiers of armies do. but ri the uniforms and pretend they were never members. only press secretary in u.s. history never held a press conference and now calling the book "i'll take your questions now." it is just astounding. you don't sit there for four years and watch the worst president in american history put kids in cages, plot to overthrow the government and then when you're part of the losing side you say this was charitable. first amendment. she can write. ghost writer can write whatever
8:36 pm
she wants. i wouldn't buy the book. >> david plouffe, pete, the famous white house photographer who became a master of shade in this past campaign tweeted this out today. a photo. you may recognize a young high school student there far right on the couch. the caption is president biden was side by side with president obama in 2011. he knows the dangerous game republicans tried to play then and are we are playing now. david,s have enjoyed seeing that picture of you today, can anyone actually win this fight over the debt limit when you just take half a step back and realize this has to do with a financial cliff while the whole world is watching? >> thank you for that wonderful memory. that was a debt ceiling summer from hell and mitch mcconnell didn't blink then.
8:37 pm
there's no winners. all you're trying to do is prevent a catastrophic economic collapse. mitch mcconnell never cared if what he said today is in conflict with what he wants to do today. they can't be shamed. the democrats need to do this as quickly as possible. as early as important. so no. there's no victory lap for this. i'd like to get rid of the debt ceiling entirely. by the way there's rumor that is the democrats are looking at getting rid of the filibuster and if they do that that opens the door for exceptions of voting rights and so that's fascinating to follow but get this done. i think you have to stop figuring out can you play a chess game with mitch mcconnell? you cannot. his face will turn blue and the democrats do this with the 50 votes and just get it done. so you don't do outsized damage
8:38 pm
to the economy. >> will the democrats get the votes to change the filibuster rules? >> that's the question. so could you get 50 to say we are going to do a carveout for the debt ceiling? do a carveout to protect the dm and pass the voting rights legislation. that's the thing if you open the door. i think they'll do it as part of the reconciliation package. listen. at the end of the day what this shows is to swing when you're at bat. you mentioned the yankees/red sox game. they have a majority. no guarantee to have that after the next election. or any time soon so all these issues that are so important to people you need to get done. manchin and sinema won't get rid of the filibuster but if you carve it out how can you not do it on voting rights to protect our democracy? >> i want to play for you a bit of what mitch mcconnell had to
8:39 pm
say today. he was up in his office where he works by gaslight. came down and said this to reporters. >> i implore them not to play russian roulette with the american economy. we have been down this path before when you did not have divided government and the party in the majority got the job done. >> i am terpted to ask does he think we're stupid? what's going on here? >> the answer is yes he does think you're stupid. look. the american debt gone up more under mchl as majority leader than any other majority leader in history. start with tennessee. 40% of the tennessee budget comes from the federal government. only four states have more dependence on the federal debt. don't giver the money to tennessee. it is a farce.
8:40 pm
it is about power and a manipulation for power's sake. i think david is right. we have a governing president now and will get through this but mitch mcconnell is someone who's said on the record he would vote for donald trump in 2024. this is after the instigation of a riot and had mitch mcconnell running for his own life. doesn't that say everything you need to know about what he cares about america? >> ladies and gentlemen, our guests have agreed to stay with us. coming up, the democrats calling on biden to get angry to get loud ab name names. they're realizing that describes the previous president. you already pay for car insurance, ♪ why not take your home along for the ride?
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i took this agenda to the country. they said it was time to build an economy that looks out from scranton, pennsylvania, where i grew up as a kid instead of looking down from wall street.
8:44 pm
that's why 81 million americans voted for me. the largest number of votes in american history. [ applause ] look. it is now time to deliver. >> that 81 million remark was as close as he came to shade today as "the washington post" reports it tonight, quote, democrats in a flurry of private talks beginning to narrow the size of the difference of the safety net bill as liberals signal sizable concessions on the size of what could be the most far reaching social legislation in years. our friends david plouffe and stewart stevens remain with us. david, how is the white house dealing with this party splitting itself up when everyone went into this thinking the enemy was going to be the republicans? >> i think they handle it very well. unfortunately you are trying to
8:45 pm
agreement on the package. and right now basically what's in the news is the debt ceiling going to pass? is the deal 2 or 3 trillion? where's manchin and sinema? once this gets done it's done and can help people in this country but you have to sell it. the jobs that they created and the families helped i don't think that's punching through because you're in back room sausage making and joe biden has done this throughout his career for decades. skilled at it. he's just trying to get to the finish line. this is going to get done. maybe i'll eat those words but this is the whole enchilada. joe biden's legislative agenda may not be robust after this year. that's what happens. get everything done you can right now and the movement in a few days looks like a coa lesing around a lesser number with the
8:46 pm
tax increases which is probably the most politically popular and then begin to sell this and something that concerns me as a practitioner is everything is in process and where we are. you got to go through the ugly process and then done on the other side hopefully the democrats spend the better part of a year in living rooms, factories and equipment like joe biden was today telling the story of what they accomplished and the point of republicans that they weren't there and opposed this and that's on the ballot in 2022. >> so stewart, just when no one would blame joe manchin for hiring a food taster you are a theory that the democrats could use more joe manchins and i ask you to explain your thought. >> look. the choice in west virginia is not between joe manchin and say dick durbin.
8:47 pm
the choice is between joe manchin or someone who is going to be a lackadoo republican and make the other senator from west virginia look like a marxist. this is donald trump's best state and the key is joe manchin, my politics changed. i'm probably to the left of yeoman chin now and voted for impeachment twice and supported the biden agenda 100% so the democratic party i think, the party that has to save american democracy here and the big stuff is going to be remembered. you won't remember in 20 years if it's a 3.5 bill or a 2.5 bill. you remember if 2024 is the last election of democracy and i think that the party needs to embrace people like manchin. they ought to be able to elect democrats in states like iowa. used to be a party with a scoop
8:48 pm
jack con and an mcgovern. i think that that diversify is -- how difficult it is but really important. so look. i rather have a democrat like manchin representing west virginia than a trump republican. >> thank you for name checking. nostalgically so. you always make us think. david and stewart, our thanks to two friends of the broadcast for good reason coming up for us, if you wait for something you ordered we may be able to track the package of this break. it is one of the many customer services we provide. on travel purchased through chase with chase freedom unlimited. that means that i earn 5% on our rental car, i earn 5% on our cabin. i mean, c'mon! hello cashback! hello, kevin hart! i'm scared. in a good way. i'm lying. let's get inside.
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the great harlem renaissance writer gave us a wonderful quote way back in 1937 when she wrote, ships at a distance have every man's wishes on board.
8:52 pm
of course that should include women, as well, but it is never more true for the following reason for all of us. we have a satellite photo to show you published by the war zone website showing container ships in a grid pattern in the pacific ocean waiting to be unloaded at the port of long beach, just one photo and one port in the country and the one picture telling the story of the global supply chain right about now. we get the story from nbc's tom costello off the coast of california. >> reporter: on the water with los angeles port police as the backup affecting the busiest port in the u.s. comes into view. from the air a stunning 76 ships headed for the ports of l.a. or long beach now sit idle, extending 40 miles out into the ocean. everywhere you look there's a ship just sitting out here on the water. just one clog in a supply chain that extends across the ocean to asia, leaving some u.s. store
8:53 pm
shelves empty of key products, from toys to clothing, electronics to furniture, to car parts. a typical ship like this carries as many as 14,000 containers. and in each container about $100,000 worth of merchandise. but right now these ships are sitting, going nowhere, stuck for ten days. it's not just california. new york's ports are also backed up. shipping costs are soaring, and there aren't enough truck drivers to move products off the docks. the problem, asian manufacturing slowed to a trickle during covid. now it's struggling to keep up with america's exploding consumer demand. gene sroka runs the port of los angeles. >> we're buying more products than ever before, whether they be online, pickup at stores or at our big box retailers, and the american importer is struggling to keep up with that demand. >> reporter: 95% of the national tree company's artificial christmas trees come from china. now they're scrambling to stock up.
8:54 pm
>> buy your christmas trees now before thanksgiving because otherwise the shelves will be bare and there will be lots of out of stocks. >> reporter: retailers who ordered back in june may be ready for the holidays, but many won't. with the supply chain expected to remain bottlenecked well into 2022. tom costello, nbc news, los angeles. >> coming up, the announcement at the baggage claim area that just didn't seem legit. part of a story we'll show you when we come back. back. ♪ ♪ ♪
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last thing before we go tonight, something light which come to think of it describes an entire political party these days. this is the thing that the lincoln project calls last week in the republican party. and as much as trump loves the original cast recording of "cats" this begins with the one song he longs for the most. >> good evening, ladies and gentlemen. passenger trump won. you know it? trump won. do you know him? >> deleted everything in colorado. the whole election is deleted. >> blame somebody for everything. and it's never my fault. right? >> oh! >> the characterization that the democrats made about the border patrol using them as whips,
8:59 pm
whipping people coming across the border is false. they were simply ma moving horses. >> they change the society. >> they want to close the churches, destroy the faith in the american system and then here they're going to come with the socialist program to run your life from cradle to grave, daylight to dark. >> that's not representative government, ladies and gentlemen. that is behind closed doors smoke filled room and not cigars but marijuana. >> shut the government down because the real world knows how to run out the government. >> joe biden says he's going to restore the relationship with the allies. as if it wasn't good under president trump. it was great under president trump. >> nature abhors a moron. let's don't be moronic. ♪♪
9:00 pm
♪ because there ain't no doubt i love this land ♪ ♪ god bless the usa ♪ >> put away the fine fine plus , where the lincoln project to take us off the air tonight. that is our broadcast for this tuesday evening, it comes with our thanks for being here with us. on behalf of all of our colleagues at the network of nbc news, goodnight. thanks to your home for joining us this. our rachel is off tonight she will be back tomorrow. it's been a day of hour by hour dramatic developments in washington, not just in the halls of congress outside those homes. out on the street. 9:30 this morning in washington d.c. capital police saw this, and illegally parked suv in front of the supreme court. a chevy tahoe sitting definitely where it was not allowed to be. as the capital police


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