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tv   Ayman  MSNBC  October 9, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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fascinated by this conversation you had. it's rare to get one cabinet secretary or a high-ranking official. you managed to get several. what surprised you the most when you were putting this special together? >> not sure if it surprised me, but what has stuck with me is the number of challenges that these administration officials are up against and the way in which a lot of issues we talk about, whether you talk about the pandemic, whether you talk about access to education, equity and healthcare, all of those big american issues, they impact the latino community in unique ways and the way in which they've been able to focus on that, super interesting. >> i can't wait for it, a fascinating conversation, i'm sure. thank you so much and have a great evening. >> thank you. you too, ayman. >> thank you. good evening, everyone. what does it take to defeat a trump loyalist in a red state? tonight, i go one-on-one with former cia officer evan mcmullan, who thinks he's got what it takes to do that in utah. what's his playbook and what can others learn from it? we're going to find out why he's
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running as an independent. he's here tonight. plus, the climate change crisis has become a political climate crisis. two democratic senators want less, not more money, to help save the planet. what's their motives? we're going to ask congressman mike eleven who sits on the house select committee on the climate crisis. also, want to know where the future of the republican party is headed? all you've got to do is look at that controversial abortion ban in texas. it is a warning. i'm ayman mohyeldin. let's get started. so we are following new developments in the battle to get to the bottom of what happened on january the 6th. the house select committee investigating the riot at the capitol is threatening to slap steve bannon with a criminal contempt referral if he doesn't comply with the requests to hand over documents. his lawyer said he won't cooperate.
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plus, the white house is shutting down the former president's attempts to withhold documents about his activities that day. but we begin tonight with chilling details of how close our democracy came to collapsing. how a mad president trying to overthrow the results of the election and the will of the american people. it is a plot that might have succeeded if not for the courage of a handful of people in the justice department. don't take my word for it. a 394-page report released thursday by the senate judiciary committee details former president trump's pressure campaign on top doj officials at a january 3rd meeting. at that meeting where former president trump, his white house counsel, and top leaders of the justice department including jeffrey rosen. trump and rosen were on the outs though. the former president wanted to replace him with jeffrey clark, who at that point was the acting
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head of the justice department's civil division. all the characters there on your screen. according to the report, trump opened the meeting by saying quote, one thing we know is you, rosen, aren't going to do anything to overturn the election. now, the meeting then switched gears to discuss a plan by clark for the doj to intervene in the certification of georgia's election results. you remember that moment. the other doj officials in the room told trump and clark if they resign, or they would resign, if rosen was in fact replaced with clark and that the move might spark mass resignations within the entire justice department and the u.s. attorney's offices around the country. the white house attorneys who were also present at the meeting said they'd follow suit. now eventually after hours of discussion, trump finally relented, backing off of the plan that would have thrown our country into a tailspin, but his efforts to overturn the election his way wasn't limited to that one meeting. in fact, there were at least
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nine other instances where trump contacted doj leadership in order to enlist their help in overturning the election. there's also trump's attempts to get former vice president mike pence to hand the election to him during the electoral college certification process. we know what happened on that day. and there was this phone call between trump and georgia secretary of state which happened on january 2nd. one day before the meeting i just walked you through on january 3rd. >> look, brad, i got to get, i have to find 12,000 votes. so what are we going to do? i only need 11,000 votes. fellas, i need 11,000 votes. give me a break. so, look, all i want to do is this. i just want to find 11,780 votes. >> all right. so that was on january the 2nd. then on the 3rd, days after the oval office meeting and that call, supporters of the
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president would gather for a rally in our nation's capitol and he whipped them into a frenzy. he gave them instructions to march on to the capitol and we know what happened after that. this time around though, our democracy prevailed because a handful of people said no and they refused to go along with trump's scheming. just minutes from now, trump will take the stage in iowa to an adoring crowd of supporters after having suffered almost no consequences for his actions throughout all of this. this time around as i mentioned, our democracy prevailed, but what about next time? let's discuss the details plus the legal wrangling over attempts to get information from administration officials and allies of the president. joining me is nbc legal analyst, barbara mcquaid. great to have you with us. thanks for joining us this evening. let's talk about your takeaway from this senate committee and
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the findings of this report. we often think about our democracy surviving on institutions. it seems, at least for this moment, it was a handful of u.s. attorneys or officials i should say, who threatened to walk out if in fact president trump tried to go ahead with this. >> yeah. and in the best traditions of the department, we saw people stand firm. jeffrey rosen and rich donahue refusing to go along with it. cipollone at the white house. saying this is illegal, this is inappropriate. and if you do this, we will resign and there will be mass resignations. something worse than the saturday night massacre. before we go too far, let's remember president trump was impeached were this conduct. where were they then? they didn't share this information at a time where it could have been helpful. it wasn't until they were subpoenaed by the senate until they came forward. yes, they stood firm, but i would have hoped for better out of them.
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>> what do you make of the threats of resignation? some are saying perhaps it's too much that resignations would have saved the democracy. resignations are simply an act of protest. what would you say needs to be done to shore up our democracy in a way that this situation does not happen again? we are likely to get and perhaps even if it is with trump and perhaps likely to see an authoritarian rise or someone who has those tendencies. what happens if people don't want to resign and institutions aren't up to the task? >> boy, i think that is the key. you know, there's also this concern about looking back and trying to hold people accountable for what they did in the past, but i always think the purpose of holding people accountable is the deter others from doing the same thing in the future. so the justice department so far, at least publicly, has been unwilling to file criminal charges against president trump over this conduct. so one thing that could happen is the exposure through this house select committee that is going the hear details. we're going to have witnesses testifying in public, could
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create enough public pressure for just a ground swell of outrage in the public that would either force the hand of the justice department once all this information is out in the public domain or at least the public will be sensitized to it and perhaps build some resilience so the next person who tries to commit the same kind of fraud on the united states, the country is wise to those strategies. >> let's talk a little bit about the select committee trying to get their hands on those critical documents. already seeing objection from people like steve bannon and others. at the same time, you saw the white house say they would not stand in the way of getting those documents released. that the former president has no grounds of executive privilege when it comes to this particular matter. how do you see this playing out? will the committee ultimately get their hands on all of the documents they want pertaining to trump and his associates? >> i do think ultimately the committee will get all of the
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documents it wants and all the witness testimony it wants. executive privilege is something that the president can assert. it is not absolute so even if donald trump goes to courts and tries to assert executive privilege, it's really joe biden's call. and the reason he has said it must yield here is that executive privilege is not absolute. if there is some more important interest that the country has in the disclosure of that information, then the executive privilege must yield. it is not put to the benefit of any individual president. it is for the benefit of the presidency and the republic at the end of the day. that's why i think ultimately, we'll see congress get these records and witnesses but i think there could be stall tactics that could delay the ultimate disclosure of these documents and so i would hope that the justice department will step in and consider filing criminal contempt charges to speed this along. >> and speaking really quickly of documents beyond the documents conversations, you've
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got bannon, meadows, patel, the january 6th select committee wants to hear from them. trump reportedly telling them to resist those efforts. can they be forced to comply or will he be able to keep them quiet? >> again, i think ultimately, they will be forced to comply. just as we saw with president trump's first white house counsel. he tried to rely on something called absolute privilege and he wasn't able to do that ultimately, but he did succeed in dragging things out. ultimately i think as we said before, president biden has the ability to wave this privilege in the interest, the national interest, in learning about what happened on january 6th. so i think ultimately, we'll hear that story. unfortunately maybe not as quickly as we'd like to. >> thank you so much. greatly appreciate it and we'll be talking to you throughout the course of this, i am sure. have a good night. there's a fight brewing in utah with former presidential candidate evan mcmullin
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announcing he is running for senate. >> america has reached another cross roads. our streets on fire and our temple of democracy desecrated. the extremes in washington don't represent utah. they prevent us from governing ourselves. i'm running to replace mike lee. >> so the cia veteran will run as an independent as he takes on the two-term republican senator in 2022. he says that lee has quote, lost his way. and the numbers actually back that up a little bit. latest polling show lee's approval rating at just 45%. so does the independent have any hope of turning this red state gray? a state that donald trump won by over 20 points in 2020. no better man to ask than the candidate himself. evan mcmullin joins us now. it's great to see you again. thanks for joining us. let's start with the very important question. why are you the man to build this bridge between dissatisfied democrats on one side, frustrated republicans on the
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other, and why are you running to unseat senator lee? >> because utah just needs better leadership and better representation in congress. it's just that simple. look, like the rest of the country, we were facing compounding crisis here. we've got rising healthcare costs. we've got this never ending pandemic. here, we have a historic drought. we've got four fires that are filling our air. this year, there were a couple of days where we had the worst air in the world. we just got to have better representation in congress and we have better leadership. we have a better leading here in utah. it's called the utah way. and it means that we find common ground even while holding the principle, but we find common ground with others to solve problems and to advance our country, move our country forward. that's the kind of leadership the state needs and i'd like to offer. >> obviously you have utah being one of the reddest states, are you talking to democrats about if you were to win, how you
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would caucus? any strategies? any cooperation between you and the democratic party in the state of utah to unseat mike lee? >> well, unseating mike lee will require a cross partisan coalition and this is something i'm very excited about because i also think that this is the kind of leadership that we need elsewhere in the country as well. cross partisan leadership. leaders who will unite rather than divide and come together to solve problems. we launched in campaign this week. we'll be talking to republicans, democrats and independents about forming this coalition that i think is there based on what we see in the data. a majority of those in utah are open to making a change in this senate seat. open to replacing senator lee with a more unifying candidate. so we are having those conversations across the political spectrum. we'll continue to have them. but the whole purpose of this campaign of my candidacy will be to unite in this era of division and offer greater leadership to
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the state and to the country but we invite all to join us regardless of party affiliation. regardless of how they voted in past elections. we've got to do this to defend the republic. we know it's a risk. >> evan, do you think the two-party system is now defunct? >> i wouldn't necessarily say that. if we have two healthy parties committed to truth and decency and our founding ideals, that can be good, but i do think it's rather limiting and will usually leave a lot of americans feeling very unrepresented and that's the case now. it's the case in utah where we have a growing number of independents. democrats certainly don't feel well represented and a lot of principles republicans feel like they're politically homeless. i've certainly been one of them. so i do think we would be better served with more than two major parties and hopefully we'll get to that point, but for now, i'm focused on better representing utah and our interests and
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values in washington and in doing so, i think bringing a different kind of leadership on behalf of utah to washington that can actually solve problems. >> let's talk about the man you're trying to unseat. mike lee. he's trying to face a swath of problems, most notably his confusing support of donald trump. according to a new book, lee called around state legislators to actually see whether republicans were sending alternate slates of delegates when there were none. he breathed a sigh of release that eastman's stunt wouldn't work, but then lee went on to work against impeachment. against the january 6th commission. what do you make of his politics and whether or not a republican party that has effectively been hijacked by donald trump is going to be able to break away from his grip? i mean, it takes a lot to try to wrestle the republican party away from trump these days, but what do you make of the politics of mike lee on this? >> regardless of how anyone
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voted in the past, we've got to find a new, healthier way forward. i think we all saw january 6th and anybody acting or thinking in good faith recognizes that we just can't have that again. so mike lee has been all over the place over the last five years. i mean, he called on donald trump to get out of the 2016 presidential race when he learned as we all did, that the president to be had bragged about sexually assaulting women. but later he went on to become one of his closest allies. lee actually advised trump's various legal challenges, which of course we know was part of a larger plot to overturn the election and overturn our democracy. he then went on to protect trump and fund raise with trump and other far right extremists in congress. so look, he's been all over the place. i just think he's lost his way. i like to give him the benefit of the doubt that he went to washington with good intentions, but washington has turned his head and he is out of line with
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the utah way and with utah interests. >> we'll see what happens. thanks for joining us. greatly appreciate it. coming up, monumental america. historical figures most frequently honored without a public monument and would you believe, mermaids are more celebrated than congresswomen in this country? if that is one metric to use. but first, the blame game and hypocrisy coming from republicans on raising the debt ceiling. those outrages outrageous claims necks. some of the latest on the breaking news we've been following for you this afternoon. an unruly passenger is in police custody now. just hours ago, that passenger caused a security incident that prompted an emergency landing at laguardia airport in new york. passengers on that plane traveling from indianapolis reported suspicious behavior from one of the passengers. according to affiliate wnbc, a senior law enforcement official briefed on the incident said
8:18 pm
when the unruly passenger was confronted by the flight crew, he allegedly suggested he had a device aboard the plane. the pilot then called in emergency assistance and landed the plane safely around 3:00 p.m. eastern. the 76 passengers and four crew members were immediately evacuated onto the tarmac. here's some video from one of the passengers. >> that's the flight. we just had to -- our airplane. >> move out the way. >> that guy had something? we just had to evacuate somebody. >> everybody step back! right now! get back! >> what the hell? >> medical emergency. >> get back! >> doesn't look like a medical emergency. >> a stressful afternoon there at laguardia. no one was injured.
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crisis averted. at least for now. washington and wall street are both breathing a sigh of relief after the senate reached a temporary deal on thursday to avert economic catastrophe by agreeing to raise the u.s. debt ceiling. on wednesday, senate minority
8:23 pm
leader mitch mcconnell tried to pass the blame. really? mitch mcconnell, you're going to lecture us about management? let's not forget that that the obama years, the gop led by mcconnell used the debt limit repeatedly as leverage and ten years ago, it set off turmoil in the markets and caused the u.s. credit rating to be downgraded. yes, mitch, that same tea party. that was born out of your republican party playing politics with the debt has real-world consequences as treasury secretary janet yellen janet yellen made clear just earlier this week. >> we would likely experience a recession. millions of jobs would be lost and the pain would endure well past the resolution of the crisis. >> now since the deal is temporary, all congress really did is basically kick the can down the road. the issue will have to be revisited again in just two months from now, so we're going to be right back here just
8:24 pm
before christmas, believe it or not. president biden is hoping a bit of sanity can return by then. >> it doesn't have to be this way. my republican friends need to stop playing russian roulette with the american economy. >> my next guest was a -- many, many times. barbara boxer joins me now. senator, thank you so much for joining us, i'm curious to start off, you've been in those negotiations. you know what the gop used to do. do you see gop hypocrisy in the debt ceiling position and the debate they took this week and how have the politics changed since you were in the senate? >> well, they're the biggest phonies in america. the republicans led by mitch mcconnell and you know, i work with them very closely. they didn't behave like this when trump was president. oh, he wanted the debt ceiling raised, donald trump, he said, raise it. mitch mcconnell, he raised it
8:25 pm
with the democrats. so this is so clear and it should be so clear to the american people. i'm glad that you're spending some time. because to me, any political party, i don't care which one, any political party that plays with the full faith and credit of the united states of america, does not deserve to be elected ever. and this thing was kicked down the road, you're absolutely right. and you know, mcconnell said, you democrats, you have to do it yourself. so they gave us 11 votes, broke the filibuster and on the raising of the debt ceiling, it was all democrats. fine. do it again. don't play these games because ayman, if i could say, i think janet yellen, who i respect so much, she's very calm about this. but i get a little more excited. we're talking about 11 million businesses that contract with the federal government who won't get paid.
8:26 pm
think of what happens to the workers. social security recipients, only 65 million of them, millions in the military, shutting down, healthcare clinics, parks, transportation systems. chaos. pain. this isn't about politics. it's about the republican party hurting the american people. >> yeah, and that's why i was saying it has real life consequences. this is not just abstract economics. pensions, all their consequences. i want to play a part of a speech, this is from chuck schumer after the agreement was reached on thursday. >> republicans played a dangerous and risky partisan game and i am glad their brinks man ship did not work. >> so there's a clip where you get to see joe manchin there putting his head in his hand. the question a lot of folks were asking, was it a wise move for the majority leader to tap republicans right after this?
8:27 pm
could that harm future negotiations? or does it not really matter because if you ask me, mcconnell is saying go it alone. he should not rely on the republicans the next time they're up for this come december. chuck schumer really knows the reality of what this is all about. shall be like joe manchin is still dreaming of bipartisan ship. >> well, i hope his dreams come true. but if i could just say, i listened to chuck schumer's speech and i was, with a critical ear, and he just told the truth. he said republicans, you know, and trump was president, you had no problem. now you have a problem. you're bringing us to the brink of economic disaster. and you know, i'm sorry that you know, i would put my head in my hands because of what the republicans are doing. this is, you know, hypocritical is just not a strong enough word. by the way, if you read the 14th amendment in the constitution,
8:28 pm
it clearly says that the debt of the united states shall not be questioned. so why are they questioning it? just do this. you know, i think there was a commercial that once said just do it. and that's what they have to do. and we fix this over the years. there are certain things where politics must not be a part of. and mitch mcconnell knows this. he's been around the block. tons of times. and he knows exactly what he's doing. he's trying to create chaos. he's trying to blame the democrats. if i'm the democrats right now, if i were there and i was in the meetings, what i'd say to my colleagues is let's stand up every single day, every hour on the hour, ask unanimous consent to lift the debt ceiling and let them come down to the floor and object over and over again. so there's no confusion in the minds of the american people who's willing to hurt the american people.
8:29 pm
hurt us. you know. in the eyes of the world and here at home, with economic pain, we can't even imagine. >> i constantly am surprised the fact that the democrats struggle on doing away with things like the filibuster when republicans pretty much are telling them what the playbook is every time. former senator barbara boxer, thank you. greatly appreciate you spending some of your saturday evening with us. next, why one senator is more concerned about lining his pockets than securing a future of our planet for our kids. (man 1) oh, this looks like we're in a screen saver. (man 2) yeah, but we need to go higher. (man 1) higher. (man 2) definitely higher. (man 1) we're like yodeling high. [yodeling] yo-de-le-he... (man 2) hey, no. uh-uh, don't do that. (man 1) we should go even higher! (man 2) yeah, let's do it. (both) woah! (man 2) i'm good. (man 1) me, too. (man 2) mm-hm.
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this week, our country is reeling after a pipeline burst off the southern coast of california. we're going to get to that in a moment with a congressman from that state leading the charge to
8:34 pm
ban new oil drillings in federal waters. but first, i want to talk about this environmental catastrophe because it is happening against the back drop of a continuing debate in washington over what could be done to address the climate crisis. that's irony in all of us. if passed, president biden's build back better act would be the most ambitious climate legislation in the history of the united states. you heard that correctly. in the history of this country. some of the key provisions in the bill include $150 billion proposals known as the clean electricity program. it would reward electric utilities that switched from old methods of energy like burning fossil fuel to wind, solar, or nuclear power, and penalize companies that didn't make that switch. the bill also sets aside more than $2 billion for a civilian climate core, a $1 billion grant to implement wildlife protection plans and $5 billion for environmental and climate justice block grants. those are just a few of the
8:35 pm
items in a long list of game changing proposals that are all packed into that $3.5 trillion bill. but i hate to admit this, those numbers are actually going to change and they're probably going to be a lot less than those numbers i just read out. that's because two members of the democratic party have taken issue with the price tag. just yesterday, "the new york times" reported that arizona senator kristen sinema wants to cut at least $100 billion from climate programs in the build back better bill. that is a far cry from the early days of her political career when she was yes, a member of the green party. sinema's frequent partner in crime in all this, joe manchin. he's also made clear he has major issues with the bill, particularly the clean electricity program and its exclusion of natural gas. manchin has insisted that subsidies for fossil fuels be for solar and wind and as chair of the senate committee on
8:36 pm
energy and natural resources, he's asked that his committee yes, his committee have sole jurisdiction over any clean energy standards. but should we really be surprised about this? manchin's climate position is really nothing new. i mean, take a look at this ad from 2010. >> i sued epa and i'll take dead aim at the cap and trade bill. >> yes. that was senator manchin shooting a bullet through president barack obama's climate plan, the cap and trade bill. now, to understand where senator manchin is coming from on all of this, it might be best to actually take a look at where he's from. manchin's home state of west virginia is the second largest coal producer in the country and ranks seventh in natural gas production. and a quick look at mcmaster's top donor sheds even more light on the senator's possible motives in all of this. according to open secrets a research organization that tracks political spending, manchin has received more campaign donations from the oil,
8:37 pm
coal, and gas industries than any other senator in the election cycle. you may remember just a few months ago when green peace uk obtained video of now former exxon lobbyists he called crucial. here's what he had to say about senator manchin at the time. >> he is a key maker on this because he's a democrat for west virginia, which is very conservative state. and he's not shy about stake in his claim early. >> according to filings, manchin has taken $12,500 in campaign contributions from exxon mobil's pac. but there's more, believe it or not. senator manchin has closer ties to the industry. these ones are family ties. before he ran for public office, manchin founded enter systems, a
8:38 pm
coal and energy resource company. he passed that business onto his son, but that hasn't stopped him from raking in the cash because between 2011 and 2020, manchin received a total of more than $5 million in dividend income from inner systems. so now that we have a clear idea of manchin's banking and personal interests in all this, are we really surprised that he would oppose money to help our country break its addiction on fossil fuels so that we could avoid disasters like the one we are seeing playing replay out in real time in california? we're going to get into that next with the house select committee with mike levin and professor of environmental anthony skpolg activist dr. in an greer. plus, my saturday night panel has a little bit of everything. controversy, hypocrisy. including the nightmare before christmas. no, not the movie, a potential government shutdown. and at&t's key role in founding a far-right conspiracy. stick around, you're watching
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and try vicks sinex children's saline. safe and gentle relief for children's noses. we're still learning more about what caused the devastating oil leak in southern california. investigators believe that an anchor from a ship struck the pipeline, causing tens of thousands of gallons of oil to spill into the pacific ocean. they say that damage could have been caused months ago so how do we prevent something like that from happening again? california congressman mark eleven has a solution and wants to ban any new offshore drilling in federal waters off the coast. the congressman joins me now. thank you so much for joining us this evening. it's a heartbreaking situation we're seeing play out there in california. against the backdrop of what is also playing out in washington. we're getting money to fight the climate crisis. i know that in response to this oil spill, you helped lead a letter signed by more than 70 of your house colleagues to urge
8:43 pm
the democratic leadership and all of this to add a ban on oil drilling off of federal waters into the build back better act. give us an update on those efforts. how likely are they going to succeed, sir? >> well, thanks for having me, ayman. i feel pretty positive about this. in fact, the house's version of the build back better act includes the ban on offshore drilling off the coast of southern california. page 984 on a very large bill. but it's heartbreaking because this is so important for the southern california coast and not only for our environment, but our economy. we're talking about hundreds of thousands of jobs and literally billions of dollars in lost revenue. the potential anyway, for that. because of coastal tourism. and just to see oil fouling the entirety of the orange county coastline. it really is striking. so my great hope is that we can come together and get the offshore drilling ban across the finish line. i've been very encouraged with
8:44 pm
my conversations with my colleagues and with the administration and we'll keep fighting until the job is done. >> what's your message to senators like sinema and manchin who i just highlighted a bit about in their refusal to get more money to fight the climate crisis? you talked about the real-world impact and the billions of dollars of lost revenue. they're fighting over billions of dollars now, but it seems like the numbers, just the cost of what something like this is going to cost our society and our country and our planet can't even been quantified. >> you're exactly right. economists have tried to quantify the costs of doing nothing and it's very daunting. i have a friend at stanford university who's estimated if we do nothing on climate, just allow the status quo and fossil fuels, it will cost us about $25 trillion with a t. in the coming decades. so when we hear the potential cost of investments then compare it to the cost of doing nothing, even if you're just looking at
8:45 pm
the pure economics of this, there's a really strong argument to be made. >> is there anything that can be done so long as lobbyists and exxon mobile and others are pumping money into the quaffers of politicians? >> campaign finance reform. i have strongly supported that. will continue to do so and i'm going to keep pushing for the house and senate to come together on that issue as well. >> congressman, greatly appreciate your time. best of luck to you on that fight. for more on this story, i'm joined by dr. ann greer. professor of environmental anthony polling atmosphere red lines university and activist. professor, thank you for joining us this evening. we discussed the lobbying these companies have done on capitol hill. you just heard there from the congressman saying finance reform is what is needed. exxon just spent over a quarter of a million dollars on ads targeting the build back better plan. they spent $2 million on facebook ads over the last three months. can you tell us about the reach and influence these companies have on our political system?
8:46 pm
>> yeah, these companies have dominated our legal systems. they've dominated our economies and how we are able to even respond to these kinds of disasters. you know, as a california resident, the spill of 150,000 gallons into california's southern coastline is just devastating to our community and to our local economy. and this isn't even an accident. when you look at what's been intentionally spilled in places like ecuador with 16 billion gallons of toxic sludge, these are things that we can't just simply recover from. even cleaning up one of their 54 pits is just too expensive of an endeavor for people like academics and non governmental groups to help with. you know, really, the fossil fuel industry creates something that we can't recover from and we need to divest in these fuels because the greater population
8:47 pm
is who is dealing with the risks and damages and you know, it's the corporations are gaining from these kinds of extractive industries and we pay the price. people like steven donziger who has been fending over 30,000 indigenous people in latin america against these spills is one of those examples of who's having to pay the price. now two years and two months in house arrest and expecting to have to appeal so that he's not having to serve a sentence of six months for just a misdemeanor in terms of defending people dealing with these problems. >> a case we've been following closely. it's also garnered a lot of international attention and even condemnation from the united nations. i want to ask you about solutions. as somebody who tracks this closely, you've written about
8:48 pm
this. what are the solutions from your area of expertise on what can be done? >> well, it's both making official filed court filings and fighting these companies in court. but also supporting legislation that really transforms our industry. let's get rid of fossil fuels. let's move on to what's clean and what's better for our people. for the earth and for the environment. and let's get off of this train of black gold and all the terrible things that come with it. companies like chevron really have no qualms about pushing forward for just another dollar even though our entire environment and our global world is having to deal with these damages. so i'd say divest from big oil and gas. stop the lobbying. i read that $10 million were spent in this last year, chevron spent 4 million of that just to lobby our government to continue doing this horrible type of behavior all around the world. >> all right. thank you so much for helping us
8:49 pm
put a spotlight on this. greatly appreciate it. >> thank you. why the abortion ban in texas could be a foreshadowing for what a republican-led congress could actually look like and do in this country. that's coming up next. bogeys on your six, limu. they need customized car insurance from liberty mutual so they only pay for what they need. woooooooooooooo... we are not getting you a helicopter. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ ♪ i'm a ganiac, ganiac, check my drawers ♪ ♪ and my clothes smell so much fresher than before ♪ ♪ i'm a ganiac, ganiac, check my drawers ♪ ♪ it's a freshness like i've never smelled before ♪ give gain flings with oxi and febreze a try instead of your regular liquid detergent. you'll be a ganiac too!
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8:53 pm
look at what's happening in a in place like texas. that is why we are always talking about that state, texas. republicans passed voting restrictions aimed at minority communities. this week announced they would redraw congressional districts. and then there's the new abortion law back in effect tonight. abortion clinics cancelled appointments today booked after the last 48 hours. they were made after a u.s. district judge suspended enforcement of texas's abortion law on wednesday, but unfortunately last night a u.s. appeals court reinstated the ban. in fact, abortions are once again prohibited after cardiac activity is detected. planned parenthood said the number of patients has decreased by nearly 80%. many women traveling out of state now, going on oklahoma, which saw a sharp rise in the
8:54 pm
need for procedures there. texas state representative jasmine crockett reacted to the news on this network. watch. >> i do feel quite beaten down that every time we take one step forward when it comes to texas, we've got to take 50 steps back and that's exactly where we are. basically we've got a five-alarm fire in texas, yet we have no help from the feds. i appreciate the d.o.j. stepping in. but we should have had federal protections a long time ago. >> reporter: the biden administration has until tuesday to respond to the appeal. next, do you think you know the historical figures who most frequently appear in public monuments in this country? think about it. don't look it up. we'll give you the answer after the break. ogs. they may have lost an eye, or their hearing,
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so the racial reckoning over the past year and a half since the death of george floyd led to the toppling of historical monuments across the country. those monuments were either professionally removed by local governments or torn down by protesters. monument lab, a nonprofit history studio paced in philadelphia spent a year studying over 50,000 american historical monuments, and the resulting report called "the national monument audit" had some very surprising results, in case you didn't know. the biggest surprise, general robert e. lee, who led the
8:59 pm
confederate army during the civil war has fewer monuments to his name than st. francis of assisi, the italian fryar, who died nearly 800 years ago and he actually made no real contribution to american history. similarly it turns out joan of arc is more popular in this country than one of our own founding fathers. the medieval french saint -- honored with 26 monuments while our first treasury of the secretary, alexander hamilton, has only 20. but please don't tell that to lin-manuel miranda and his legion of fans. there are 11 times as many monuments to mermaids, yes, mermaids, the magical fishes of the sea, than there are to congresswomen to this country believe it or not. so who do american monuments honor the most? leading the pack, abraham lincoln with 139, george washington with 171.
9:00 pm
the top five include christopher columbus, who never actually set foot on american soil but still has nearly 150 monuments dedicated to him. civil rights leader martin luther king jr. follows with 86 monuments, and rounding out the top five as i mentioned st. francis. he has 73 monuments dedicated to him. good evening, everyone. thanks for staying with us. welcome to the second hour of "ayman." still a lot to get to. tensions remain high on capitol hill. senate minority leader mitch mcconnell's blistering letter made it clear democrats are on their own come december when raising the debt ceiling is a crisis upon us, or will democrats manage to pull the legislation through reconciliation? plus, new bombshell reporting from reuters found that at&t has been a sugar daddy for one american news network, believe it or not. i will discuss the role of


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