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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  October 13, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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evening. with our thanks for being with us, on behalf of our colleagues at nbc news, good night.
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president biden today at the white house announcing a new deal brokered by the white house to get major american ports operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in we're having in different sectors of the economy. president biden talking about deals already brokered by the white house to get the ports going 24 hours a day. also, the fda is going to start a series of meetings tomorrow on important covid vaccine approval decisions both for kids under
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age 11 and for booster shots for adults. those are complex decisions involving multiple companies and multiple important demographics when it comes to our continuing epidemic in this country. also, the wrangling continuing among democrats in congress over the size and the content of president biden's budget bill, which they are going to pass just with democratic votes because republicans have said that they're going to sit that out and all vote no, no matter what is in the bill. so that renders them totally irrelevant to the process. it is only democrats working on that.right now. but, democrats are working on all this stuff, whereas the republicans are basically outside all these processes, they're just in a different place. what's going on in that party is not a mirror image. of the democrats working on the budgets, and the democrats working on the economy, and the democrats working on the punt -- while the republican party is
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working on is this. georgia valid inspection case dismissed after no fraud found. that's the atlanta journal-constitution today reporting on a judge today, dismissing what appears to be the last major lawsuit trump supporters filed, over the presidential election results in the great state of georgia. this is a case where pro trump conspiracy theories were demanding that they be given all the actual ballots from the largest county in georgie, -- for their five month long clown car investigation slash audit of the arizona election results. but they're trying to do that in georgia to, but the georgia judge today put it into that lawsuit. that led to this angry response from trump. he said quote, here we go again. after a very long wait a judge in georgia refuses to let us look at the ballots, which i have a little doubt or terrible. terrible ballots? this whole situation is a disgrace to our country, why
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can't the public see the ballots? our country is going h e double-talk east extend, we are not allowed transparency even in our elections, the people of georgia deserve to know the truth. -- the fight continues, we will never gave up, our elections are so corrupt. and no one wants to do anything about it. exclamation point, in the original. no one wants to do anything about! it and if no one wants to do anything about it, he's going to hold his breath until he passes out, watch me watch me i'm turning blue. actually -- plays out more along the lines of this statement, also today, busy day, this one demanding that unless republicans in the legislator in michigan, figure out how to launch a trump investigation of the presidential election results and the major counties in michigan, well then hill endorsed primary challengers against all of them. the statement today follows the sort of insane rally yesterday, by trump supporters, at the
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michigan state capital, where they said they were gonna lock up michigan's governor, michigan's attorney general, lock her up, lock her up. that sort of start sad spectacle yesterday, trump today in his statement, doesn't even seem to know which republicans he's threatening in michigan, he's just threatening all of them. or maybe some list to be announced later. this is what he said, he said quote, why won't they give respective professionals and representatives at yesterday's rally. you mean like the people with the signs? why won't they give them the rights to do a forensic audit of wayne county in detroit and macomb county, that includes the rhinos the, republicans in name only. in the state senate and house who for whatever reason you're nothing but abstract instead of doing seeking the truth. hopefully each one of these -- whose names will be identified and forthcoming, we'll be primaried, with my complete and total endorsement, in the upcoming election.
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whose names will be identified and forthcoming? i don't know who i'm primary but, you guys figure right away to take back the presidential elections or all to primary all of you, i'll figure it out, what are your names? can you send me a list? which is a snatches it sounds, right? but honestly, in republican politics there's not really that much else going on. if michigan republicans do get challenged and republican primaries by challengers who are endorsed by donald trump, because they'll say they'll overturn the results of the election, what do you think's actually gonna happens in those republican part mary's? -- are in fact going to lose their seats. to the trump endorsed once, who say, i'm getting your seat because i said i would overturn the election results. and all become their mission and reason to be come in office. that sounds nuts on earth one, that this settled results of
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the last november's elections are the only issue in republican politics right now. but this is the sum total of what -- on earth to. where they live. that's why even with the humiliation of what they did do in arizona, right? this audit, this laughable audit that in the and found no change in the vote total on just wild allegations that they never figured out with actually meant. with all the humiliation of what happened in arizona, we've nevertheless, got all of these follow on investigations. and all of this being promoted by republicans in these other states now. in wisconsin, which we've been paying particular attention to, i think it might be helpful to note that thanks to republicans in the wisconsin legislator, who are doing with trump demands here -- right now, in wisconsin, we know of two people who have been put on the public payroll, to conduct the supposedly impartial investigation of
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wisconsin's vote. one of them, recently hired, was a trump white house lawyer, who last year said quote, the 2020 presidential election was stolen, fair and square. that's one of the people on the payroll for that investigation. the other, the man who's actually running the audit is a former wisconsin judge, who say spoke at a stop the steal demonstration last year about how the elections were stolen. i should also say, i don't know why anyone else has pointed this out, i would also know that this -- have put in charge of investigating the presidential election results in that states. the guys put in charge of putting a eunice objective investigation, in addition to hiring a trump white house lawyer. apparently his sole employee for income conducting this investigation, he himself was also a trump political employee. on december 22nd last year, when trump had less than a month an office, when he'd already lost the election, and
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biden inauguration was less than a month away, trump name this guy michael gableman of wisconsin to a federal criminal justice advisory position. they did a formal white house press release about it. but that's who wisconsin taxpayers are now paying to do their impartial, totally nonpartisan investigation, of whether bastard lead joe barton really did win in wisconsin. or whether trump actually won secretly. it's a trump white house lawyer, and a trump -- both of whom have already participated in oh in -- to try and reinstalled trump to power. congratulations wisconsin taxpayers, -- our steward in there to your tax dollars very shrewdly. they're being paid with public funds, capital times newspaper called for the resignation of mr. gableman who, is leading this wisconsin investigation. we'll see, as if right? this will get worse before it gets better. in terms of exposing the
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overall scheme here, some interesting developments in d.c. tonight, the committee that's investigating the january 6th attack on the capitol, that trump supporters who were trying to stop the election based being certified by violently attacking the u.s. capitol, tonight, that investigation sent a new subpoena to a man named jeff clark. jeff clark was the justice department official who appears to have patched this scheme with trump, to have the justice department declare publicly that there was some kind of serious fraud in the election. he is idea was that the justice department would announce that and then they would direct -- to ignore the election results. because of all this fraud, this just apartment is looking at. it would direct -- he wanted the justice department to direct state legislators to not certify the election results. well, he's now been subpoenaed by the committee that's investigating the january 6th attack. this is from the letter they sent along with a subpoena to jeff clark, quote, the select
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committee's investigation has revealed credible evidence that you attempted to involve the department of justice in efforts to interrupt the peaceful transfer of power. as detailed in a report issued by the senate just issue a committee last week, you propose that department send a letter to georgia and other states, suggesting that the delay certification of their election results, and you suggested that the department of justice should hold a press conference announcing that the department was investing out if allegations of voter fraud. these proposals were rejected by department leadership as both, lacking a factual basis, and being inconsistent with the departments institutional role. as a result of your efforts to prompt departmental action, the president considered installing you as it acting attorney general. your efforts wrist involving the department of justice in actions that threaten the rule of law. accordingly the select committee seeks both documents and your deposition testimony regarding these and other matters.
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so that went out tonight to, former justice department jeff clark. based on what is already known about what's clark tried to do, with donald trump here, how we try to use the justice department to keep trump in power after he lost the elections. based on what is already known about his behavior, the judiciary committee in the senate has already referred to jeff clark to the d.c. bar administration, for potential disciplinary action against him as a lawyer. well now on top of that he's been subpoenaed to hold at hand over documents, and -- and you know, honestly who knows if he will. the ability of that investigation, to actually get records and documents. to actually get testimony from people, it's still a little hazy as to whether or not they're gonna be able to do it. and as we've been reporting, trump is trying to get his folks to defy the subpoenas. to refuse to testify, to refuse to hand over materials. a whole bunch of a trump administration officials, and people involved in the events of january six, are now having
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their deadlines. in the subpoenas. for handing over documents and testifying to the committee. some of these figures are apparently complying, some of them are not. now the committee has pretty explicitly said that they are not going to say take square you for an answer, they keep saying they'll pursue -- who blows off the subpoenas. but we don't know what that will look like it. in addition, president biden's white house counsel dana wray miss tonight, formerly notified the national archives that president biden is not going to go along with trump trying to claim executive privilege, as a reason that his white house documents shouldn't be handed over to the january 6th investigation. former presidents can't claim, can try to exert executive privilege to try to not have stuff over, but the current president gets to decide whether that executive claim is valid. -- president biden has looked at the matter and decided that those is her shuns of executive privilege are not valid. and he can't block those
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documents from being handed over to the investigation. now that's not the final word, trump has every right to take that matter to court, which of court we course would stretch out for who knows how long. but it's also worth considering that the former president's not having the easiest time holding on to lawyers these days. and it's not clear if he has the stomach, or the wallet, to handle that litigation if he has to pay for it on his own dime. so, we'll see what happens there. we'll see. but, i mean this has become the driving force, not just in his political life, but in the republican party right now. there is nothing there working on. in washington, in the states, anywhere. there is nothing they are working on, as much as they are working on subverting the results of the last election. and using the supposedly fraudulent results of the last election, as justification for trying to gain the next one. the only other thing they're
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working on, is they're trying to avoid any accountability for the stuff they're doing. but there is one little sliver of what i guess you'd call, accountability, that seems to have punctured the haze tonight. just as we were getting on the air, that i wanna tell you about. i mentioned jeff clark, justice department official who appears to have, cooked up this scheme with trump. where in the u.s. justice department would declare publicly that the election was corrupt. that serious voter fraud was being investigated by the justice department. when in fact, the election wasn't corrupt and they weren't investigating serious incidents of voter fraud. but he was gonna make those public claims anyway. in clark's apparent plan was to make that false assertion about the justice department, and then use that assertion as pretext to tell republican control state legislators that the results shouldn't be certified. now, we shall see if jeff clark is disciplined or you know,
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disbarred by the d.c. bar for having done that. again, he's been referred for potential disciplinary action from the d.c. bar. we'll see if jeff clark response to the subpoena he's received tonight, to hand over materials to the january 6th investigators. we fight, we shall also see if jeff clark continues to be gainfully employed. just a couple of nights ago, we had rhode island senator sheldon whitehouse here, as a guest. he's on that judiciary committee in the senate, that's the committee that turned up evidence of watch of clark and trump had done, that's the committee that -- as a lawyer based on what they found that he had done. and senator whitehouse made a really interesting, point that stuck with me. in my interview with him, a couple nights ago, he pointed out to us, that since jeff clark left the trump administration, since he left the justice department, he had landed his new job was a place that the senator called a dark money shop. i place called a new several
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liberties alliance. what this group is, is that right wing advocacy group that does things like bring lawsuits against vaccine requirements, bring lawsuits against that gun safety's, it's a right-wing organization that does have opaque funding. and that brings lawsuits, that's a sort of right-wing causes. in july of this year, that group in fact put out a big bold price relief, bragging and chest pounding terms, that they had snag this guy jeff clark. am sale leah hires former assistant general jeff clark, to join battle against law unlawful administrative power. , wow it's, going to be joining the power, you've got that guy a. you put up his picture on the website, under the headline, our team and leadership. to free bus heard clark, chief of litigation, and director of strategy. kindness is like he's in charge. he's the chief of live
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ideation. director of strategy. to be clear, this is what their website looked like yesterday. here's what it looks like today. notice who is gone? oh where did he go? he's gone. they don't seem to have announced that he is leaving. they did not announce that a quid, or that he fired. no press release about him leaving to match the one about him getting hired. and he does appear to be the man who tried to use the justice department to keep the president who lost an election to keep him in power as president anyway. he has been referred for disciplinary action to the d.c. bar, for having done so. he got subpoenaed to testify about it tonight. apparently his job just disappeared. it just disappeared him, without comment. within the last 24 hours. accountability is a many faceted thing, i know. but maybe this is part of it?
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lawyer in the country right now is marc elias. he is the democratic powerhouse lawyer that headed the team who won more than 60 lawsuits against republicans in the trump campaign, over the 2020 election. elias's been fighting new voting restrictions, put in place by republican legislatures ever since. today mark elias wrote an op-ed, warning about the method in the republicans madness, here in warning that it may be leading us toward a real crisis. he said quote, immediately following the insurrection on january, six republican state legislatures begin round laying the groundwork for 2022 in 2024. they enacted new voter suppression laws, optimize to disenchanted eyes black, brown and young voters. they created false narratives of election it real you larry is in relieved their supporters around the big.
9:26 pm
by the goal of these new provisions is to manufacture fraud, where none exists. since one of the big problems in all of the sort of bogus republican trumpy election audits, and election results investigations, is that they have been able to find any significant fraud anywhere. what elias is saying is the strategy here is to manufacture it, to make a bunch of new tricky to understand laws, that do you make it harder to vote, and then when people make mistakes, by voting how they have always voted, call that fraud, and use that as a pretext to overturn any election results that you don't like. the wake mark elias puts it today, he says quote, we are one, maybe two elections away from a constitutional crisis. joining us now is marc elias. election attorney founder of the group democracy docket. it's nice view to be with us tonight, thanks for taking the time. >> thanks for having me. am i right that you are trying to help us knit together these
9:27 pm
various things that we have been reporting, on sort of an isolation. to see them as part of a single strategy. to see them as things that work together, to try to subvert future select election results? >> yes, that's exactly right rachel, too many people are looking at the fight for voter for voting rights and suppression, as somehow separate and distinct from election subversion. they really go hand in glove. the fact is, republicans did not find much fraud, really any fraud. because there was not much of any fraud. so what they are trying to do now is make the voting rules harder for people to vote, particularly harder for young voters, and minority voters. and essentially manufacturing, irregularities where they don't exist. so then they can use those made-up irregularities, in 2022, or 2024, to argue that election should not be certified. and therefore subverted.
9:28 pm
>> if that is the goal, to approach these problems in a way where you are both making it harder to vote, giving, making it harder to vote in such a way that gives you evidentiary pretext, for calling the whole operation of the election, fraudulent, so that you can subvert the results of the election, if these things are all knitted together, where is the place where you can short-circuit that? where is the place where you can stop that? >> so look, the first thing we need is for congress to pass the various voting rights bills that are pending before them. both the freedom to vote act in the senate, in the john lewis voting rights and finance act, those will go along, way there are other things that can be done, to specifically target the certification process, which i write about, i think it's a long time past having secretaries of state and
9:29 pm
governors, signatures required in order to certify election results, we should be moving to more nonpartisan ways to certify election results, so that a single trump acolyte, who is a secretary of state, cannot stop someone from getting the election, just by refusing to sign a piece of paper. >> if the democrats in washington are not able to get it together to do, this if they leave the filibuster rules as they are, if people like senator manchin and senator sinema continue to not be interested in helping democratic majorities passed things, either by reconciliation or changing the senate rules, are there things that can be done at the state level, sure of just litigating every one of these cases? that could in some systematic way provide the kind of protections that you're talking about? or is this something for which there's only a federal remedy? >> a federal remedy is best. but if congress does not act in
9:30 pm
this area, it's incumbent on all of us to take the necessary action, that means in blue states by the way, improving the voting laws substantially, from where they are in many states. where democrats have the ability to make voting easier. it includes recruiting, and training, and making sure that good people are filling the slots of local election officials. there is been a lot of reporting recently about how good election officials are being driven out of their positions, because trump crazy's are driving them out of their positions, of course the courts have to be a piece of this, i started my career as a recount lawyer, and i know the power of the judiciary to ensure that the will of the voters is abide by in election results, finally people like you, the media and activists speaking out, and putting a spotlight on what is going on, a spotlight on the fact that republicans are planning a
9:31 pm
constitutional crisis, by targeting election certification processes. by putting a spotlight on where we might be able to head some of it off. >> it does also feel like the people who are in the crosshairs here, the proverbial crosshairs, the election officials, largely a lot of them volunteers, a lot of them even in paid positions, technocratic nonpartisan officials who have been doing this stuff just as experts, quietly in the background, without much, fuss for all these years before, those people getting hounded out of their positions, those people getting forced out of the way, it's a tragedy for them and they deserve to be defended, but once they've cleared out of those positions, it opens those positions to be filled, by people who are there on a mission, to do this. at trump's, orders and increasingly the republican parties orders. that's something that feels like it's going to take a very very long time, to get anywhere around, when you sort of foresaw the good actors, and make our room for the bad actors, that's something that
9:32 pm
doesn't have an easy fix. >> that's right. but you put your finger on something that's really important. and that i think too many progressives are looking, past which is that not all election officials are going to be good. yes, it's important that we protect the good actors, it's important we recruit and put in place as many good actors as possible. but we need to be careful, about not lionize-ing every local election official, because some of those election positions will be filled by trump act delights who will be there to sabotage the process. we want to make sure what we are doing is taking a voter-centric approach, are voters being able to vote? are their ballots counting? is the role of the willing act that's what matters. >> marc elias, can you tell him oh culinary back? >> i that's. >> that's, okay happens to the best of. us i will give you a hall pass for whoever is needing it right
9:33 pm
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in alaska, it's home to more than a quarter million people. hank rich is run by an assembly, effectively their city council is an 11 member assembly. and that body does things like certify munich's municipal elections, and set budgets, and equal currents is. well last month the anchorage assembly, took up a proposed mask rule, for indoor public spaces in anchorage. and it was not a surprise that this came up. as we've been reporting in recent weeks, alaska has recently had its hospital suffering under one of the worst covid case loads in the nation, with even the largest hospitals in the state, the enforced ration care. and literally turn people away. so in anchorage, largest city
9:38 pm
in the state, the assembly met to consider whether there could be an indoor mask rule, and indoor spaces in anchorage. and the public was invited to come say their piece. it very quickly got pretty hairy. >> you are backing us into the corner, you are nowhere else to go, we will be forced to fight. you have pushed us against the wall, please don't do that, please do not incite violence in our city, that's what's happening with assortments. >> -- doctor than scientists when they murdered millions, what they're doing to this nation in the world, we let dr. joseph -- >> you want to go up against some people like us? we're getting our backbone, we're standing tall, we're locking our niece and were common after you! new. >> it's time to stand up for yourselves, stand up for this country, and stop listening to these tyrants. >> how long do you think -- how long do you think this is going to stand? all --
9:39 pm
all across the nation we are gathering, will the police be with us? well with the cost of freedom b.? >> we are coming after you, while the cost of freedom be? this is unfolded over the course of the past week or so, in anchorage or alaska. multiple people have been arrested at these increasingly ruckus meetings, including one man who is keen carrying a concealed firearm when he was arrested. around the country, the atmosphere has become so charged around stuff like this that threats, you know threats like started to feel like the new normal. there's also's sometimes actual violence now, last week in maryland, a man who prosecutors say was convinced that his front brother a pharmacist was working with a government to poison people with vaccines. that man allegedly murdered his brother, and two other people, in order to stop vaccine tyranny. yesterday in texas, federal grand jury indicted a man for making very serious death threats against doctor, who
9:40 pm
publicly advocated for vaccinations. but, back in anchorage, while this has been unfolding very publicly, at these very raucous, very threatening meetings, at the language assembly. in the hospitals of anchorage, it's coming home. health care workers and hank rich hospitals have been detailing threats, and even assaults that they're encountering, literally just for just doing their jobs as doctors and nurses. >> i got assaulted when i swab somebody for covid who was literally on the verge of dying from covid. she didn't believe she had it, and she struck me and another nurse after we swapped her. i think tensions are just high in general, you asked somebody to put their mask on in the emergency department, they are sitting next to a cancer patient with no immune system, and we can't tell them that. we can share that information. but we're trying to protect our vulnerable patients, and you know we get caught stat and
9:41 pm
yelled at. i've seen jester gestures. we frankly don't have enough security to keep everybody safe. >> you don't have enough security to keep everybody safe, at the hospital. and this is happening in alaska against this very real bask drop of hospitals across alaska, implementing crisis standards of care. hospitals across the state is -- rationing of health care. because the number of unvaccinated covid patients has so swamped the health system, that they can't provide even lifesaving hair to people who would otherwise be getting it. the doctors and nurses suffering under those conditions, are the ones who are being threatened and assaulted in the health care setting. justice public officials are getting threatened in public meetings about mask ordinances. despite the threats of violence, hurled at anchorage assembly members, despite that intimidation's, i should tell you the anchorage assembly just
9:42 pm
passed the mask requirement for indoor spaces in anchorage. their fight with their vote was 9 to 1. that said, as we got on the air, anchorage republican mayor, who has repeatedly downplayed the virus, he issued a veto against the mask requirement. republicans from the governor's mansion in alaska, to the state legislator have echoed the sentiments. and, we're used to seeing the politics and the fighting over this, but in some ways it's a scary situation. the threats of violence in alaska aren't an isolated or strange thing, this is in some strange phenomenon that's just occurring in alaska. we're seeing elements of this all across the country. americans are threatening the men and women across the country, who are tests with trying to come up with public health strategies to fight this epidemic. but they're also fighting the people, and threatening the people, and assaulting the people who are literally providing health care. joining us now, is emily could uche, she is a reported at the
9:43 pm
anchorage news in a law in alaska. -- thank you so much for joining us, i appreciate you so much for making time. >> thank you so much, i'm happy to be here. >> so the anchorage assembly meeting, we watched hours an hours of this streaming footage from those meetings, and the anger and over threats. not only were sort of surprising and hard to watch, but they did seem to build on each other over time. i have to ask if anchorage assembly meetings are often so intense, are often a thing where people get arrested, are often that raucous, or if this really was reserved for covid? [inaudible] >> you know, that's a good question, and not in my time have i seen them be so intense. i have talked to a lot of folks who have said that this is the height of contentious debate, that we've seen in these assembly chambers. however, we have had very contentious debates in the past. a number of years ago, there
9:44 pm
was an ordinance at the assembly took up, on i believe it was, gay rights ordinance, within a city. and so that, became very contentious as well, however we did see a lot of arrests. this has been going on for six meetings over two weeks, and just ended this week. and, during that meeting, first meeting, we saw several arrest. those arrests stopped, however, there is a lot of outburst and behavior within the chamber that assembly members have said was very problematic. >> emily, i have to tell you, we've been following the situation in alaska ever since the crisis standards of care were implemented and seeing this sort of raucous, display in, the anchorage assembly. and, we've been in the last
9:45 pm
couple weeks, trying to talk to health care professionals in alaska, to get people to come on and talk about what's going on. especially once we knew that doctors and nurses not just being -- were reporting not just being threatened and assaulted. and i think that we have found, pull back the curtain a bit, over and over when we have talked to professionals working in the health care field in alaska, is that they're afraid to talk to us. they're afraid to even talk to us off the record, they're certainly afraid to put their face on television, they're afraid to put their name to anything that associates them with the provision of health care. because they feel that the environment is so threatening that they'll put themselves and their families in danger, simply by sale play sticking their heads above the parapet. as a report, a in alaska, in anchorage, are you finding this from your sources, and people otherwise being interviewed as well. for us, it was unusual in a heartbreaking thing we went through, just literally trying to book the show. >> well, i have to say first
9:46 pm
that i'm not the reporter who was talking to medical professionals, on a daily basis. i'm definitely focused on city government here. however, i do know and i have heard from many residents, who have said, they don't want to show up to assembly meetings because they don't feel safe. and that is, for a large part, due to covid. they don't want to put themselves in a space, and close space where people aren't wearing masks. but also, some of the behaviors in the assembly meetings has been a deterrent for people showing up to testify in person. however, a lot of people have testified, via written or phone testimony as well, we heard from recently from assembly member queen davidson, that there was a lot of testimony and support of masks ordinance, through written testimony. >> for written testimony? , that's interesting.
9:47 pm
>> i don't mean to cut you off there, i'm sorry emily. let me just ask you one last quite procedural question on this, as i mentioned, the anchorage assembly did we pass this mass ordinance, by the 9 to 1 vote, and the mayor came in and voted vetoed it. as far as i understand it, the assemblies meeting tonight is trying to overturn that veto, override that veto, which effectively really would put the ordinance back in place. do you expect that they will do that? >> i do expect that they will do that, that meeting is actually happening tomorrow at 5 pm, and because the only need eight votes to override his veto, with a supermajority -- it's clear that it will likely pass. currently the ordinances not in effect, but it will go back into effect as soon as that veto override passes. >> emily judy cohen's, reporter at the anchorage daily news, in
9:48 pm
alaska. -- following your reporting and your colleagues on this front situation, and the situation in the health care situation there. thank you so much for all the work that you're doing, thanks for you and your colleagues for covering this, thanks for being here tonight. >> thank you. , all right we'll be right back, stay with us. we'll be right back, stay with us nicorette knows, quitting smoking is freaking hard. you get advice like: just stop. go for a run. go for 10 runs! run a marathon. instead, start small. with nicorette. which can lead to something big. start stopping with nicorette.
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9:53 pm
of this bottleneck. maybe you've ordered something online it's taking a long time to reach, you maybe you've gone to his store to pick something, up in the store shelves are empty, maybe you want to buy a car but the car you want is back ordered because some parts are in short supply. that's making it hard to buy new cars, it's also having a knock on effect making it hard to have used cars to. you probably see warnings about getting any christmas gift orders in a soon as possible, if you want to have any hope of them arriving on time. that's not just because trump holdover postmaster general louis dejoy, is slowing down the mail and hiking prices just in time for the holidays, although he is doing that, it's also this sprawling interconnected multi faceted global supply chain disruption, caused by the covid pandemic. which manifest in this dramatic fashion, in his backup ships. on the american west coast. we've got a shortage of trucks, and truckers, and port workers at the docks, that means those containers on those ships cannot be unloaded quickly, enough there's not nearly enough empty containers to send
9:54 pm
back overseas to carry all the imports back in. or enough to carry away exports, winds and jumps it in around an rail car, so those rail cars can't go pick up more stuff, from american warehouses. it's a compounding problem. that is as we say, complex. today president biden announced a plan to try to untangle at least one of these knots in the supply chain, the port of los angeles is now going to go from running only on weekdays, to running both on weekends and overnight, it's going to go to 24 hours a day, seven days a week. president biden said today that will almost double the number of hours the poor is open for business. he prays along sure men in the warehouse unionist staff support, for their role in making this feasible. president also said he's gotten commitments from the country's largest retailer, walmart, as well as the shippers, ups and fedex, to expand their overnight shipping operations, two more hours and more days as well. to try to clear the backlog. the problem here is that even though this is obviously an issue of national concern,
9:55 pm
affecting just about every american, the supply chain is not something that is directly controlled by the federal government. this is a private sector thing. two major way out of, this you need to urge all of these different private sector actors, with all of these different incentives and constraints, to work together to fix the problem. the port of long beach, next to the port of l.a., started adding overnight hours last month. it still does not appear anywhere near 24/7 operations. so we will have to see if the port of l.a. can move faster on this. private retailers and shippers are the ones that actually hire the trucks and rail cars to move the goods. it's going to be up to them to step it up and fix this for the country. but the biden administration step in and say, we cannot do this directly, but we can try to make all of these private entities do it together. well, it's both needed and a huge challenge. watch this space. challenge watch this space ♪ ♪ just two pills for all day pain relief.
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people who got the moderna or johnson & johnson vaccine. including the interesting prospect that the best booster might, before some people to mix two different rounds of vaccines. those people will start tomorrow, will have all the latest on that and more when we're back tomorrow night. but now it's time for the last word, with lawrence o'donnell. -- i was listening >> to your reporting about what's going on in alaska, and when you show the video of people in these meetings, threatening these election could officials, who were considering how much mask mandating to we have to do, and in what situations. we're gonna be joined tonight by jennifer jenkins, who has gone viral in the last 24 hours, on this issue. she's a school board member, in florida. and, once she has endured by simply by believing that masks are a pretty good idea, to try to limit the spread of covid, in public schools. what's she and her daughter,