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tv   The Reid Out  MSNBC  October 14, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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so if you do want to enter the more idle space of social media, you can always find me at ari melber. you can tell me why i'm wrong about main courses. that does it for me, something much more sustaining, we turn to "the reidout." >> how are you going to say fish is a terrible main course? >> i'm always hungry within three hours. is that not a failure of a meal? >> you're eating at the wrong places. you need better restaurants. >> let's go. >> we're going to work on you. we're going fix you. thank you, ari melber. >> peace. >> have a wonderful evening. good evening, everyone. well begin "the reidout" tonight with the criminal charges that may be in store for steve bannon. today was the day that the alt-right trump whisperer was supposed to be deposed by the select committee investigating january 6. instead, he flouted their subpoena, snubbed the committee, and in the process put himself in legal jeopardy. he has now earned himself a criminal citation from that committee, which will be voted on next week.
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now not only was bannon a key proponent of the big lie, he was actively involved behind the scenes. as the committee pointed out, he was communicating with trump during the insurrection. he attended a meeting with lawmakers at the willard hotel about decertifying joe biden's election victory. and he famously hinted on the day before the insurrection that january 6 would be more than just a protest. >> all hell is going to break loose tomorrow. just understand this. all hell is going break loose tomorrow. it's going to be moving. it's going to be quick. >> but for all his chest thumping around january 6, bannon is now hiding behind trump's dubious claims of executive privilege. why? because trump told him to. bannon's lawyer wrote the committee yesterday saying trump's counsel stated they were invoking executive privilege. the thing is, bannon's no-should
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before the committee today has opened him up to criminal charges. as betty thompson said today, we reject his position entirely. the select committee will not tolerate defiance of our subpoenas so, we must move forward with proceedings to refer mr. bannon for contempt. the committee will vote on that tuesday night. then once it passes the full house, it will go to the department of justice, which will decide whether or not to charge bannon criminally. that's where this becomes a critical test for attorney general merrick garland, namely, will he have the guts and the common sense to enforce the lawful subpoenas of a congressional committee? now the answer should be obvious. but unfortunately we have seen this department go soft on trump and his supporters, including members of the maga lynch mob who laid siege to the u.s. capitol. "the wall street journal" reports according to people familiar with the matter, garland has told other justice department officials that he is concerned that jailing protesters who weren't hard-core
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extremists for extensive periods could further radicalize them. really? okay. so let me get this straight. merrick garland is scared that these people might become more radicalized? i'm sorry, what's more radical than staging an insurrection. i mean, is merrick garland familiar with the well documented disparities in america's justice system? because if he was, it's hard to imagine him going with that story. i mean, if only. the millions of people actually incarcerated for low-level crime in this country should be so lucky. garland's lean towards the maga faithful not just because they're former searches or the former president, might suggest he may not see eye to eye with the select committee when it comes to punishing uncooperative witnesses. so mr. attorney general, sir, please, be my guest and prove me wrong. with me now is congressman bennie thompson of mississippi. he is the chair of the select
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committee to investigate january 6. and mr. chairman, thank you so much for being here. i am very interested to get your reaction to the apparent reluctance of the attorney general of the united states to be too hard on the people who broke into our capitol, threatened the lives of yourself, your staff members, the speaker of the house, to hang mike pence, brought a noose, a lynch mob. multiple people died as a result of what happened. what do you make of the attorney general of the united states saying oh, if we're too hard on them, they might get more radicalized. so we shouldn't be too hard on them? >> it's my wishes, joy, for the attorney general to decide to expedite the process and the document that we said clearly the law says he has to receive it, present it to a grand jury, indict mr. bannon. so he needs to do his job.
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we have kept the firewall between our committee and the department of justice so they can't say there was any unfair leverage or influence we were using. but given the time frame that we are dealing with, joy, we hope that the attorney general sees the importance of moving ahead with this indictment, moving ahead with locking steve bannon up, moving ahead with clearing the air that you can't conduct an insurrection on the government of the united states of america and nothing happen. so clearly, it will be in the department of justice's hand. our committee on tuesday evening, we will do our job, but this is just the beginning. i assure you there are others if they do not cooperate, they'll
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suffer the same fate. but clearly, because mr. bannon took former trump's advice not to cooperate, and it's well documented that he was part and parcel to creating what happened. so we look forward to our day on next tuesday. the public is invited. it will be a business meeting of the committee. you will see all the information we have available. and we will put this before the united states house of representatives, ask for a criminal referral. if we get the votes, the speaker will then transmit that document to merrick garland, and he has to do his job. >> i'm going put up for the audience. this some of the people who have been subpoenaed so far. steve steve has already claimed he is going with executive privilege, even though, let's be
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clear, the current white house is in charge of two gets executive privilege. they said, no you don't get it. you have kash patel, mark meadows and dan scavino was chief of staff there where has been some delays in delivering this to mr. scavino. they're engaging. what does that mean, kash patel and mark meadows are engaging with the committee? can you tell us what that means? >> it means they're talking to our lawyers and they're trying to set up times and potentially give depositions or information. >> they haven't said no? >> they have not said no. steve bannon had said no. that's why he is getting a criminal referral. >> can you imagine a scenario, sir, of anybody in mississippi. let's make a theoretical case. black lives matter protesters in your home state saying we've been subpoenaed. we ain't coming. can you imagine any other situation in the criminal justice system where a prosecutor would say in advance
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we dent want to be too hard on them because of their associations with black lives matter. so we fear that that might radicalize them. can you imagine that being said about anyone other than trump supporters? >> well, given the double standard that people of color in my state have had to endure for quite a long time, that means that most black people who go on to jail in mississippi would come out radicalized. but that's not the case. so clearly i think merrick garland needs to rethink his position that he's credited with having. we can't have that. look, january 6, joy, was awful. it was not a movement. people saw it in realtime. they saw it with their own eyes. and so we have been tasked with the responsibility of crafting a solution.
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merrick garland has to do his job in a timely manner in order for us to make sure that this doesn't happen again. steve bannon and anyone else can't flout the law. and expect nothing to happen. our committee is unified on this. we're bipartisan. and i guarantee you on tuesday night you will see that bipartisanship. all of us love this country. and what we saw that the insurrectionists did on january 6 should never happen. and i assure you our job is to make sure we produce a document that guarantees if adopted, it will never, ever happen again. >> congressman bennie thompson who chairs the january 6 committee, thank you so much. we really appreciate your time tonight. and we will be watching what hatches next week. thank you, sir. really appreciate you. all right, joining now
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daniel voeldman who served as majority council in the first trump impeachment. i really have a question for you. i frankly was shocked reading what merrick garland, attorney general garland allegedly said about worrying about that prosecuting these people for committing this crime would further radicalize them. i know he was involved during the 1990s when did prosecute domestic terrorists, and he didn't worry about that. and suddenly, i worry the reason that he is saying that is just because they are supporters of a former republican president. this is what rob reiner, actor rob reiner who is also a very strong political activist tweeted. >> the only reason a prosecutor would choose not to indict trump is the near if he did, it would start a cult of civil war.
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this is what laurence tribe respond, how he responded. he said a sobering thought. so let's hope ag garland hasn't already decided not to bring criminal charges against the probably guilty former president. do you worry as i do that he has already made that decision, and it is a political decision, that he does not want to go after the supporters of the former president? >> i don't think he is making that decision based on politics. i actually think what he is saying has some merit. the problem with what he is saying is it is very selectively targeted at the trump supporters for january 6. i think it's generally true that black and brown people across the country who are put in jail for extensive narcotics, nonviolent offenses, and other minor offenses as you point out go to jail and they are radicalized. i think we need a lot of reform as it comes to our system. the bigger issue i think for
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merrick garland right snow what he is going to do with donald trump and what he's going to do with steve bannon. and the reason why it is so important is if he does not open an investigation, and we have no reason to believe that he has, into donald trump and his activity in the lead-up to january 6, and including january 6, about all of his efforts to overturn the election, and then if he also does not enforce the steve bannon subpoena by criminally charging steve bannon with contempt of congress, then i fear that his actions will ultimately lead us to fail to understand what exactly happened on january 6. because if he doesn't enforce the subpoena for steve bannon, and everyone who comes after him, then the january 6 committee is not going to have time to get to the bottom of what happened. then on the other hand, he could do it himself if he looked into donald trump's actions and those around him, the lead-up to
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january 6. but by all accounts, his investigation is focusing just on the rioters and not on the senior white house officials, including the former president. >> and despite -- yes, the disparities are obvious. if these had been -- and by the way, like 95, 96, 97 of black lives matter protests were entirely peaceful. we saw cases of infiltration of white nationalists. i'm not sure that they have been arrested. we saw the guy who broke the glass in minneapolis who had all black on. he has been identified as a white nationalist. there is a pattern here where if you support donald trump, or if donald trump is involved, this attorney general doesn't take a whole lot of action. sarah kinsey, she tweeted a pretty brutal thread about merrick garland late last night, and she listed some of the things happies done or failed to
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do. he defended donald trump in a personal lawsuit against ej carroll who accused him of rape. referring to the beating and gassing of protesters. he refused to release the olc memo that william barr used to clear trump of obstructing justice. he appealed ruling the dems had won. he wants to implement a 50-year delay, 50 years on when courts can consider releasing materials from grand juries. at what point does merrick garland go from protecting the presidency to looking like he is simply defending donald trump because he thinks that going after donald trump in any way will make his supporters sad and will make them mad and might make them violent when they're already violent? >> well, i think he has been very clear that domestic violent extreme is the number one
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problem. he has doubled the number of prosecutors who are investigating domestic violent extremist. there have been a number of people arrested over january 6, the insurrection. so yes, he has a lot of constitutional concerns that he has to be aware of, and i can't go line by line and address each of them. but there is no question that the department of justice recognizes the seriousness of domestic violent extremism and has been quite active and aggressive for charging everyone from january 6. i think the biggest problem that you're pointing out is less about prosecuting donald trump supporters and more about actually seeing the facts, seeing the evidence and investigating the former president and those around him for trying to subvert the election and overturn the will of the people. and that is a really dangerous precedent. there is obviously a lot partisanship and political concerns with doing that.
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but at some point we need to take a stand against this anti-democratic behavior. and from what i see in the public sphere, this is a lot of evidence to investigate. >> yeah. saving our democracy is a big job. we're going see if he is up to it, because, you know, you can't save our democracy and also worry about the feelings, the delicate little feelings of maga supporters and try to give them exculpation from justice, shield them from justice just because you think they might become even more dangerous. that's why they're dangerous, because they've been getting away with this stuff for far too long. do something, merrick garland. i would like to be wrong. i would like to be wrong this time, but i'm worried. daniel goldman, thank you very much. up next on "the reidout," the gospel of donald trump is built around one grievance that he cannot accept that he lost and his feelings are hurt. plus, a reidout, joining me
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in his first national television interview since launching his campaign for governor. plus, the high price that a black maryland school superintendent paid for simply stating that racism exists and black lives matter. that superintendent dr. andrea cane joins me. and tonight's absolute worst, taking a stand for something isn't courageous, it's indulgent, and probably deadly for some of the people who look up to you. "the reidout" after this. ♪darling, i, i can't get enough of your love babe♪ ♪girl, i don't know, i don't know,♪ ♪i don't know why i can't get enough of your love babe♪ ♪oh no, babe girl, if i could only make you see♪
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it is now the dogma of the republican party that the insurrection was good. it was great. that was the messaging last night at a festival of trumpism in virginia under the guys of a rally for a republican candidate for governor glenn youngkin, where this actually happened. >> i also want to invite kim from chesapeake. she is carrying an american flag that was carried at the peaceful
4:22 pm
rally with donald j. trump on january 6. i asked you -- i ask you all to rise and join us as mark lloyd leads us in the pledge. >> face the flag. i pledge of allegiance to the flag. >> it is idolatrous and deranged. they are now worshipping this totem to the insurrection. but in tend, the religion of trump really just boils down to the fact that decrepit old orange julius caesar can't accept that he lost the election, and his followers have built an entire religion around that pathetic fact. youngkin himself was not there for the call to worship, and today he distanced himself from the pledge that he called weird and wrong. but at the event led by ma of
4:23 pm
many shirts and unanswered subpoenas steve bannon, his twice impeached former boss phoned in to support youngkin and lie about the election. an arizona state representative who was the leading of that state's fraudit. if mussolini just woke up and said i lost, it could be over. but no, no, no, no. so they're prepared to take down the entire republican party in his honor. a michigan -- trump republicans says they won't vote in 2022 or 2024 if they don't make solving. do that. the one guy who lost an election. a true believer, they wouldn't say no, right? i'm joined now by democratic strategist juanita tolliver. and juanita, i grew up in
4:24 pm
church. and the way i understood the gospel is that there is one god. but apparently in the republican party there is a new one. he has been replaced by donald trump and his symbols include golden donald trumps they bow down to at cpac, and a flag flown at his insurrection that they now pledge of allegiance to. your thoughts. >> this undying faith is what is going to continue to consume the gop, because they're so thirsty to tap into the energy of his base. they're so thirsty for it. and that threat that you mentioned, trump making as far as hey, my voters won't turn out for you in 2022 or the radio host saying vote for democrats, i'm sure democrats are hearing that like i guess we'll take it, right? give us the power, please. you know? i think but it comes down to trump yet again flexing on the gop members who tethered their
4:25 pm
party to him all for the sake of self-preservation. all for the take of potential control of congress. and what they're going to get back is this consistent blowback. and i'm sure they're pissed to think about the fact that they're going to go into the 2022 midterms talking about the 2020 election? this is still a look backwards. and they're going to do it because they always fall in line. they all have that fear, as you said, as though trump were some type of deity to him. they're scared of him. they're too afraid to cross him. and that is only going to continue for the foreseeable future. no member of the gop has a backbone to stand up to this man. they've shown this time and time again. this is who they are. this is who they align with. it looks like youngkin is no different, frankly. he might not have been in the room, but these are words that he believes. this is stuff he said in the gop primary in virginia. and he is just tapping back into that. even though he wasn't in the room yesterday, he is still doing radio. he has been out on the stump with virginia senator chase, who
4:26 pm
we know repeats these same lies. so expect democrats to hit that, roll that same playback because they know that's going to help democrats turn out, and they know it's going to turn out independents and swing voters across the commonwealth. >> the thing about a god is they are invisible of when they're not in their golden idol form. so when trump is not in his gold form at cpac where he can see them, he is invisible. and so mr. youngkin may want to put out a little statement saying well, that was weird and wrong. but he is has now probably got to coil himself in a ball and wait for their invisible god to hit him. because he can -- even without twitter, if trump were to come out and be like f youngkin, he would fan nick because he needs those voters, right? he needs the freak vote. he needs the religion vote. and he thinks he can also somehow get the regular moderate
4:27 pm
normal people vote. so where does he go from here? can he withstand that that was weird and wrong, or is he eventually going to have to take the knee? >> oh, come on, joy. we've seen this play over and over again. he is going to take the knee, just like lindsey graham did, just like marco rubio did, just like ted cruz has done, just like every single person who is a part of the republican party establishment now. and let's be clear, this is the republican party establishment now, the steve bannons, the donald trumps, the josh hawleys. all of these right wing racist aauthoritarian wanna-be's. and glenn youngkin is a part of them. if you want to put out a real statement that addresses this then go out there, glenn, and say i don't want a single person who applauded when that flag came out to vote for me. i don't want a single person who participated in charlottesville to vote for me. i don't want a single person who believes in the great lie to vote for me. i don't want a single person who
4:28 pm
thinks that the domestic terrorists who participated in january 6, i don't want them to vote for me. do that, glenn. go out there and make that statement, and then you can say that you're different from donald trump and steve bannon. but until you do that, you are just one of their acolytes. you're just one of their enablers. you're just one of those people marching in the army that is determined to undermine democracy. let's make no mistake about it. if we do not elect terry mcauliffe and the rest of the democratic party slate, they will use states and positions like the secretary of state attorney general, the lieutenant governor/governor's office to hijack democracy in 2024. it's not just about what happened with the big lie in 2020. they are telegraphing that it is their intention. it is their purpose, it is their mission to use the instruments of government and elections like this to impact and steal the election in 2024. >> and if y'all are in virginia and you don't believe that, i have a big bridge to sell you. if youngkin gets in, the
4:29 pm
pressure to steal the election will be enormous, and he will fold like a romney. let's move on to kyrsten sinema. why is she in europe, juanita? why is she in europe when she should be trying to help the people of arizona. can you explain to it me? what is she doing in your thunder raising? >> joy, you know i have no clue what i think she's doing, especially when the whole state of arizona is watching her, right? they are coming for her, joy. so while she is out here traipsing around europe, fundraising, and ignoring true opportunities to invest not only in arizona but across the country, a true opportunity to realize biden's agenda, people are seeing her and people are frustrated. i saw the data for progress poll today that said among democrats who voted in the primary in arizona, 70% disapprove of what she is doing. and honestly, as a strategist, i'm looking forward, okay, what can she possibly do to dig
4:30 pm
herself out of a hole of 70% disapproval over the next few years if she is part to blame for tanking biden's agenda, if she is part to blame for take democrats' agenda, if she contributes to this failed leadership that we're seeing where democrats have the full reins of not only congress but the white house. i don't see her doing anything to potentially recover from that, even though her reelection is three years off. >> oh, at this point, a stale slice of bread with a pink wig and glasses could be her primary. she probably has another job lined up. i don't think this is going to be her job for very long. juanita tolliver, kurt bardella, stale slice of bread. that's your candidate in 2024. up next, in a "the reidout" in pennsylvania, josh shapiro joins me for his first international television interview since announcing his campaign for governor in that critical campaign state. you do not want to miss it. 4 mos
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4:35 pm
quote, pennsylvania's fundamental rights are under attack. these senators are using their position of power to demand voters' personal information, all so that they may continue to lie about our elections. it is time for public officials to move past the big lie and to start reminding the public that our elections are accurate, fair and secure. joining me now is pennsylvania's attorney general josh shapiro in his first national interview since announcing his run for pennsylvania governor yesterday. thank you so much for being here, attorney general shapiro. i at this point am a one-issue voter. i'm not in the state of pennsylvania, but i am a one-issue voter, democracy. because i am very worried about it. >> that's right. >> i wonder if you are campaigning, how high does saving democracy rank on your list of priorities? >> well, joy, democracy is on the ballot. and it is the central issue in my campaign. everything else is belt on the foundation of people counting in our system and having their voice heard in our system.
4:36 pm
that's why it's so critical. joy, i want you to know, i announced my candidacy yesterday. as you said, this is my first national interview. but the first thing i did today was take our campaign bus down to mother bethel in the city of philadelphia. the oldest ame church in the nation, a church where voting rights and efforts to expand civil rights happened in the walls of that church and inside with the leaders there. great leaders came and preached and made a change. and i thought it was critically important that we go and remind ourselves of the history of the progress we made and make and make darn clear here in pennsylvania, the birthplace of our democracy, that we will not go back. so i've made democracy and voting rights the central issue in my campaign for pennsylvania governor. >> right now your state senate is trying to obtain the personal information of every voter in the state. i'm assuming that they have much
4:37 pm
more interest in voters in philadelphia, let's say, in places where there are lots of black voters, and that they want to, quote/unquote attempt these audits that are happening in places like arizona. what i worry about in these governors' races, if republicans win in these races, you're going to see every place republicans have control of the governor's office or of the state senate or the state house attempt to use those offices to force donald trump or whoever he anoints to be the president, regardless of the outcome of the election. do you see in what republicans are doing real threat of that in the state of pennsylvania? >> oh, without a doubt. you know, joy, there is about a dozen republicans seeking to run against me. and they are all singing from the same hymnal. they're all trying to pass these four right litmus tests. they're all pandering. and by the way, pandering out of weakness and promoting the big lie. they would all appoint secretaries of state.
4:38 pm
they would undermine voting rights and no doubt do the bidding of the former president. what is at stake in this election is the very foundation of our democracy, our voting rights. and there is a clear contrast between me and whoever the republicans nominate for governor. and we cannot afford to go backwards. we're also battling not just who i'm running against, but a republican legislature who by the way in pennsylvania have put forth the same bills that have passed into law in georgia and texas to restrict voting rights. and but for the veto pen of our current governor, those things haven't passed here in pennsylvania. but make no mistake, as governor, if they come for your voting rights here that. >> come for your preproductive rights. if they come for your right to organize, he will not hesitate to use my veto pen to protect the good people of pennsylvania and protect the progress we have made over the years. we cannot go back. and there is a stark choice in this election. >> you know, i think about what
4:39 pm
they call the brexit state, wisconsin, pennsylvania, michigan that flipped to biden by narrow margins in 2020. many of these states have mixed power, right? the legislatures or parts of the legislatures are in different hands from the governor. but it is having democratic governors that is a fail-safe against that. i wonder as you go out and talk to voters, are voting seeing that? do they understand that this is the year when if you care about democracy, there really isn't another party left. they all have fallen to trump. all the republicans have gone into his camp, into his religion. do voters know that? do they say that to you? >> it's the fist issue people raised with me. they raise it with me as their attorney general, and they raise it with me now as a candidate for governor. and i've spoken loud and clear on this. when i visited with the pastors today at mother bethel, it was a serious topic of our conversation. when i was in a hair salon in southwest philadelphia today, people came and talked to me about voting rights.
4:40 pm
all across this commonwealth, people are focused on protecting their rights, protecting the gains they made, making sure their voices can be heard. because here is the thing, joy. we don't fix health care, invest in our schools, deal with the infrastructure we need to connect people via broad band from waynesburg, pennsylvania to west philly, unless we have a dialogue and representation that includes everyone. and when you start to take away people's right to vote and take people away from the table, then we can't come up with solutions to these pressing problems just solutions to these pressing problems. what they're trying to do, joy, here in pennsylvania and across the country, the republicans, the people running against me, the people pushing the big lie, they're trying to say that certain people don't count. they're trying to write certain people out of our democracy. and i refuse to let that happen here in the birthplace of our democracy. >> i wish you luck, attorney general josh shapiro. you've always been very good about coming on. we really appreciate you sharing
4:41 pm
the information you did today. best of luck in your campaign there is a lot at stake. >> thank you so much, joy. >> thank you so much. all right. whoo! our absolute worst is still ahead. yes, there is more. up next, yet another educator was chased out of her job as a casualty of this phony right wing panic over critical race theory. we will talk to former maryland superintendent andrea cane, dr. andrea kane about what happened after she wrote an email mentioning racism in the wake of george floyd's death. this is... ♪♪ this is iowa. we just haven't been properly introduced. say hello to the place where rolling hills meets low bills. where our fields, inside and out, are always growing. and where the fun is just getting started. this is iowa. so, when are you coming to see us? ♪♪
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4:45 pm
today would have been george floyd's 48th birthday. in the wake of his murder, dr. andrea kane, the school superintendent in queen anne's county maryland used his tragic death and the subsequent calls for reform as an opportunity to start a conversation on racism within her community. her decision to invite a complicated dialogue prompted a ferocious and hate-filled
4:46 pm
backlash that was so overwhelming, it led to her departure. that campaign was spearheaded by a parent, gordana schiffanelli who launched a campaign to get kane fired. according to "the new york times," she wrote dr. kane needs to end her contract and go. the children must know that those individuals who died in police custody were criminals, not heroes. our children must never feel that their white skin color makes them guilty of slavery or racism. that same group became a forum for racist attacks. her lawyer and husband who is now a member of the school board told "the new york times" that she was horrified by those racist comments and threatened to remove the members responsible. that said, the group itself has since been banned by facebook earlier this year after the kent island patriots had installed their preferred candidate on the school board, dr. kane left the
4:47 pm
district. joining me now is dr. andrea kane, former superintendent of schools for queen anne's county maryland and a professor of practice in professional leadership at the university of pennsylvania's graduate school of education. thank you so much for being here, dr. kane. i read your story in just absolute horror at what you went through, all of the things you went through as superintendent, trying to bring, you know, bring to light racism, which is endemic to our country. maryland is where harriet tubman was enslaved. let's keep it real. this is a slave state with a long history of discrimination. talk a little bit about how it was received when you sent that email for those who have not red the story in "the new york times," what happened? >> well, first of all, thank you for having me. it was a typical letter. so superintendent sends letterses to the community to keep them updated all the time. i was the same way. i sent the letter, and i
4:48 pm
included a lot of information about things that were happening in the district, but then i also felt compelled to talk about what was happening in terms of the racism that our country was experiencing and how we ought to talk with our children about the images that they see on television. in the same letter, i asked the community to extend grace to one another, to listen to each other, and i gave them some tips that i had collected from a scholar, tyrone howard, about how we ought to deal with this and how we ought to help our children make meaning from this. and it was not well received, at first by a handful. initially i did get a lot of -- from teachers and from parents to say you're shining a light on this. this is important. we need to talk about this. and then the hate started.
4:49 pm
and it was vile. it was absolutely vile. we were called, as black people, called everything, animals and they talked about how we needed to be all killed. and it was just ridiculous. so i at that point a community group, the sunday supper committee, they launched a campaign in response to the ms. schiffanelli's campaign to say hey, let our children talk about race. this is happening across the country, and burying our heads in the sand isn't going to make it go away. go ahead. >> well, i was just going to say that there is this the irony first of all of using racism and racist attacks to demand that people stop talking about racism and insisting there is no racism that is kind of ironic. but i want to let people listen to hear how ms. schiffanelli sounds.
4:50 pm
this is her on fox news. she actually got a little famous and is now a candidate for trump governor. here she is. this is gordann. >> i think it's a victory because at the end of the day, it is all about the children, a the entire platform was no politics in school, no political indoctrination on children in elementary schools. there is no systemic racism against anyone in our public schools and we cannot make one up just because it is politically fashionable at the moment. we cannot use children as social justice warriors. >> there is no systemic racism. people who want to believe that have really taken over all over the country and are going after people like you because they demand that we rewrite the history of this country to say there is no racism past or present. in your view as you left queen
4:51 pm
anne's county did you feel like you were able to make a difference to get people to realize that's not true? do you think the reaction to you proves that you were right? >> i think that it did make a difference. and i say that because i have gotten e-mails and text messages to say thank you, what you did made a difference. now the question becomes is it going to continue? and probably not. but i know that i made a difference. we've done professional development on culturally responsive treatment. teaching, culture relevance, equity on a regular basis since i arrived in queen anne's county. and that was absolutely critical. i put different initiatives in place to ensure that equity was a part of what was happening in schools, equitable practices, with ensuring that black, brown and poor children were in advanced placement classes. in addition to the way we looked at our data. the way we analyzed our data.
4:52 pm
all of our administrators had a equity goal, as did i. so we were well on our way to doing what needed to be done for students in the district. and i've received a lot of thank yous even now from teachers about that. >> well, i can tell you that just reading about some of the young people that were -- they had not seen a black woman with the kind of power that you had before you and that just in and of itself inspired them. and you inspired so many people. and i just want to thank you for standing up for the truth and for real history. and you took a lot of hell for it. but i just want to thank you for doing what you -- what you did in queen anne's county. thank you. >> thank you so much. and my story, while horrific, this is happening across the country. it's happening to black superintendents, black women, black men. >> amen. >> across the country. >> it truly is. >> we have to rally around that. >> amen. amen.
4:53 pm
amen. thank you so much. >> thank you for having me. >> i appreciate you, dr. kane. before we go to break we wanted to give you an update on the residents of bent harbor, michigan the majority black community where water had abnormally high levels of lead in it for at least three years. some residents didn't know that there was a problem until the state issued an advisory last week. today michigan's lieutenant governor announced that the state would replace all the city's lead pipes within the next 18 months. that's a long time to be without clean water. i guess it's faster than their previous five-year plan. up next on "the reidout," tonight's absolute worst. a group so dedicated to their anti-vaxx and pseudo oppressed agenda they're co-opting the legacy of one of the greatest activists and athletes of all time. stay with us. ay with us
4:54 pm
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♪♪ (calls dog) buttercup... (whines) ♪♪ ♪ ohh ohh ♪
4:57 pm
♪♪ the new anti-vaxx poster child, brooklyn nets guard kyrie irving, went on instagram live on wednesday to ramble -- i mean speak for the first time since his team told him he was bar from playing until he got the shot. >> you think i really want to lose money? you think i really want to give up on my dream to go after a championship? in order to be on the team i have to be vaccinated. i chose to be unvaccinated and that's my choice. this is not a political thing here. it's not about the nba. it's not about the organization. it's about my life and what i'm choosing to do. >> irving went on to say more, a lot more, telling fans he is
4:58 pm
taking a stance against those who have lost their jobs over vaccine mandates. but then a new development emerged. irving's anti-vaxx tirade was somehow compared to, wait for it, oh just you wait, to the activism of the greatest of all time, muhammad ali. with knicks alum stephon marbury saying ali would be proud. okay. who's triggered right now? because i am for sure. all the way triggered. triggered knicks fan right here. i've probably mentioned this before on this show but muhammad ali is like literally my personal hero. my favorite athlete of all time. i was obsessed with him in boxing growing up only to become further captivated by who he was outside the ring, an international icon and lifelong fighter for human rights and equality. which is why i'm going to do my very best to purge this comparison from the internets for good. kyrie irving is not the modern-day muhammad ali. he's a famous person using his famous person platform to put others at risk of a deadly airborne disease that has wreaked havoc on the human race and disproportionately on people
4:59 pm
who look like kyrie irving. muhammad ali, on the other hand, took a political stance as a conscientious objector to the vietnam war, saying he refused to go to war and shoot my brother or some darker people or some poor hungry people in the mud for big powerful america. ali risked going to prison because of his stance. prison. here's the other thing. muhammad ali supported vaccines. even doing a psa encouraging them for new yorkers in 1978. >> the law says if your kids don't have their shots for dangerous diseases like mumps, measles and polio they aren't getting in the school. the law also says they must go to school. so you have no choice. get your kids their shots. >> so no, kyrie irving is the literal opposite of muhammad ali. he is a person who once said the world is flat. and who is now being used as a pawn for the alt right and maga army like ted cruz, who's praising him for his incredible
5:00 pm
courage but who called colin kaepernick a rich spoiled athlete for taking a knee against police killing people who look like kyrie irving. hey, professional karen laura ingraham, should kyrie shut up and dribble or not? being a contrarian does not make you an intellectual. it does not make you a hero. it most certainly does not make you anything near the greatest. in fact, it makes you and those using you as an anti-vaxx celebrity pawn the absolute worst. that's tonight's "reid out." "all in" with chris hayes starts now. tonight on "all in" -- steve bannon will face the full force of the law. >> we did tell you today's not just a rally. the president's going to give you his opening argument. i think eastman's up there actually throwing down. >> what we know about today's announcement of criminal contempt proceedings with congressman adam schiff. plus donald trump raises the stakes in virginia. >> i hope glenn gets in


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