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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  October 18, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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kidnapped by a gang in haiti. this morning u.s. officials are working with haitian authorities to try to secure the release of 17 missionaries, most of them, american. the question is, what is the government doing to free them. plus, joe manchin voices opposition to a key climate measure in the democrats' multi-trillion-dollar reconciliation package. the question is what does that mean for biden's package agenda. and lucy rocketed into the sky to explore. the question is what will she
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find? it's "way too early" for this. ♪♪ good morning and welcome to "way too early," the show that will resist the temptation to talk about nothing other than succession. i'm jonathan lemire on this monday, october 18th. we'll start with the news. we begin this morning on the latest with the 17 missionaries kidnapped in haiti, 16 of them, which includes children, are american citizens. they were taken hostage by a gang on their way home from building an orphanage. the gang responsible for the kidnapping is among the country's most dangerous and one of the first to engage in mass abductions. the u.s. department is working with haitian authorities at the most senior level to get them back. nbc news correspondent sam brock has the very latest. >> reporter: the turmoil and violence rocking haiti has been directed at american citizens after 17 people on a missionary
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visit were kidnapped. the ohio-based christian ministries posted on its website the group of 16 american citizens and one canadian includes five men, seven women, and five children. join us in praying. this taxi driver saying the effects of kidnapping, people do not go out into the streets. we cannot find people to transport. armed gangs are going out. haitian police say the kidnappings were carried out by the same group that abducted five french priests and two nuns much earlier. >> do you believe the number of kidnappings this year is in the thousands? >> yes, i do. >> reporter: she was born and raised in haiti and describes the country's everyday horrors. >> they have been kidnapping everyone from poor merchants on
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the sides of the streets to children walking to school. they've walked into churches to kidnap pastors and parishioners on sundays in broad daylight. >> reporter: the conditions in haiti prompting thousands to flock to the border. >> there's no police. there's no military. there hasn't been a military for decades. so who do you go to to say i just -- i've just been kidnapped. >> reporter: american citizens trying to lift up the suffering, desperately in need of help themselves. turning now to capitol hill, the debate over a carbon tax is making its way back to washington as a key climate provision is likely to be cult from the reconciliation package. conservative joe manchin announced his opposition to a central program in president biden's clean energy agenda that would replace coal and gas powered plants with wind and
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solar energy. west virginia is a leader in coal and natural gas production. the leader also owned stock valued at more than $1 million in a company he founded and made a half million last year. he's leading some democrats to consider attacks on carbon dioxide pollution instead. senate finance committee chair, democrat ron wyden of oregon, says he has a bill ready to go, but the "times" reports it could be politically explosive. it could leave president biden and others vulnerable at a moment when inflation and energy prices are rising. this, of course, comes during a very crucial pair of weeks for the white house and president biden. he has several deadlines upahead including the congressional deadline at the end of october to get it done. he is heading to europe at the
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end of this month for a pair of world summits including one in scotland on climate change, and, of course, there's the virginia's governor race which is being viewed as a bellwether and consequence for democrats were for yfor terry mcauliffe t lose. president biden could be left going empty-handed to glasgow. it would be hard to talk about the united states being a leader on climate change if the measures in his own bill had fallen out. if this key comes back, terry mcauliffe in early november, that would be devastating for democrats and perhaps make lawmakers on capitol hill less likely to stick their necks out for difficult votes. >> joining us now, jake sherman. msnbc political contributor.
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thanks so much. these next two weeks are vital for the white house. your turn. tell us how you think they're going to play out on capitol hill. >> you know, good morning, jon. i would say a few things here. number one, it's almost certain -- let's be clear. it's almost certain joe biden will have to go to glasgow without a reconciliation bill or an infrastructure bill. we're only 13 days from the end of this and he goes to glass down in the beginning of november for this climate change process. i think there's zero percent probability as we lay out in "punchbowl news" that it's a problem. the majority is only as strong as the legislation that joe manchin can support. that's just the unfortunate reality for them is that he holds the keys to their entire agenda, and whatever they want
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to pass needs to pass his muster. so he represents a state that has an incredibly goal and the front page indicates west virginia is flooding, and it's because of global warning and manchin is not supporting this. that's not going to move manchin that much. unfortunately -- again, unfortunately for the democrats, they have to cater to this one senator's votes. >> if indeed it falls out, what are the other options? you mention the other thing. are they working on other things with the white house approval? >> yeah. as you note, "the new york times" report this morning and is correct that that will leave joe biden open to the idea that he has raised energy prices. you're certain that republicans are going to say that. and it's a little bit -- to me it seem as little bit late in the game to consider the carbon tax in this massive package that
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hasn't really been on the table in the past. i know the white house is looking for alternatives. i'm not entirely sure what they would be. >> previously ahead on capitol hill, obviously they're still talking about reconciliation package. there are other things looming. they have a little time there, but there's a sense of urgency. how will things play out? i know you'll be all over it. >> it does seem like democrats are almost like treading water at the moment. they have to choose a path and go forward. this infrastructure bill is going to come due at the end of october, october 31st, the short-term infrastructure bill expires, and congress needs to at some point or sooner pick a path and go down it when it comes to joe biden's agenda. they can't continue to wait. they can't afford to wait it. already looks to us like the
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infrastructure reconciliation package could slip into late november or december. that's just the reality of it. at some point soon we expect democrats are going to have to rally around the plan and forge ahead. >> jake sherman of "punchbowl news." we really appreciate it. thanks. >> former president bill clinton has been released from a southern california hospital. he was admitted last tuesday after being diagnosed with a urological infection that spread to his blood streep it. was unrelated to the coronavirus. his stay with us extended because he was receiving medications intravenously. clinton left the hospital yesterday with his wife, former secretary of state, hillary clinton. he gave a thumbs-up. a massive strike was averted on saturday afternoon. "variety" reports they did not address working conditions.
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a deal will not be held for many weeks. worm and film on tv sets will proceed as usual in the meantime. still ahead, police departments across the country are facing covid vaccination deadlines, and many officers are choosing to quit. plus, despite initial backlash, hospitals say vaccine mandates are working. those stories and a check on the weather when we come right back before the sun rises here in washington, d.c. ises here in washington, d.c.
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across the country have covid vaccine mandates going into effect this week and hundreds of officers are quitting or facing suspension rather than facing a shot. >> reporter: the clock is ticking in seattle where all city employees must be fully
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vaccinated. the deadline is getting pushback from some police officers who oppose a mandate, instead asking for other options like regular testing. >> for some reason this mayor is refusing that, which i think is unreasonable and void of common sense. >> reporter: those who don't comply won't be fired right away. instead theycan present their reasonings at a hearing, but it comes amid a standoff, threatening public safety. they say they can't afford to lose anyone. >> crime is surging in the city. our community is demanding more police officers answering 911 calls. >> reporter: longtime veterans are leaving because of the mandate. >> monday, the 18th, bile turning in all of my issued equipment back to the washington state patrol and i will be involuntarily terminated. >> reporter: it's a showdown in
2:15 am
chicago too. the mayor and police union not backing down after city workers have until friday to report their vaccine status, their fight now tangled in the courts with both sides filing lawsuits. and in massachusetts, at least 150 members with the state police association have already resigned or intend to as the debate intensifies across the country. millions of americans are waiting for guidance on boosters. dr. anthony fauci weighed in on the latest recommendation for j&j recipients. >> given the data that they saw, very likely this should have been a two-dose vaccine to begin with. >> reporter: and he's spreading good news for the holidays for the vaccinated. >> there's no reason you can't enjoy the holidays in a family traditional way. >> good news indeed. despite initially stoking fears of a labor shortage, hospitals across the country say vaccine mandates are working.
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according to data collected by the american hospital association, about 41% of the hospitals nationwide have sormt of vaccine mandate and more are expected to follow. administrators at some of the nation's largest hospital systems tell the "washington post" they have very high vaccination rates they attribute to the mandates and they have seen the correspondent infections and sick leaves notably drop. the backlash was short-lived. more than 150 employees were fired, but the hospital and ceo of the hospital says 98% of staff have now been vaccinated. he says employees and patients are safer as a result. at northwell health, 1,400 employees were fired for refusing to get the inoculations. northwell says it expects no interruptions to its service as a result of the terminations. >> coming up, a little "sunday night football" and a second walk-off in ncls.
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time now for the weather. let's go to meteorologist bill karins. bill, here in washington yesterday felt look the first day of fall. i know it's been october, technically been fall for a while, but we still had some warmth and humidity at the end of the week. yesterday was crisp and cool with a breeze. i loved it. tell us what the rest of the country looks like today. >> you weren't alone in d.c. the entire eastern seaboard for the first time yesterday was like, ah, now we're back to normal. it took a long time. the first half of fall has been incredibly warm. new york city just dipped below 50 degrees this morning. it was the first time this season, the second latest ever. new york city records go back to the 1850s. so, yeah, the cold that has arrived on the eastern seaboard, it took a long time to get here.
2:21 am
it's cool on the west coast too. they had rain in california, snow at the higher elevations. that's good news. any time we hear california, wet weather, and rain, we like it. so temperatures today will recover nicely in the northeast and will jump back up into the 50s and 60s in areas from buffalo to boston. still coolish, but it's kind houf it should be. notice the quick warmup in the middle of the country. back up into the upper 70s in minneapolis. 77 today. gorges in chicago. couldn't ask for anything better in st. louis. tomorrow, more of the same. that chilly air moving through the rockies, but besides that, still very warm in the plains all the way to the midwest. that means that that warmer air is going to make its way to the eastern seaboard by the end and middle of the week also. notice raleigh, thursday and friday, a little cooler. very seasonable and very enjoyable weather as we go
2:22 am
throughout the rest of the week. it's a very tranquil week across the country. as far as rainy weather goes, not a lot. there's a few showers in central new york. we have a storm in the west we'll watch. snow in the areas of the higher elevations. wednesday, a little bit of light rain. we're dry on the eastern seaboard. thursday. friday looks good too. not many complaints this week, jonathan. we get to clean our offices and go through our computers an recover from hurricane season. >> bill, good luck catching up on your email this week. we really appreciate you being here. still ahead, president biden urges the justice department to prosecute anyone who defies a subpoena from the house select committee investigating the january 6th insurrection. before we go to break, we want to know. why are you awake? i'm your reasons to of tweet me using the #waytooearly.
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michael myers is the essence of evil. the boogeyman... needs to die. if you track michael's victims, it's a straight line to michael's childhood home. [ screaming ] tonight my family will kill him. [ gasps ] [ screaming ] welcome back to "way too early." i'm jonathan lemire. president biden weighed in on friday on whether the justice department should prosecute those who defy subpoenas on the january 6th insurrection.
2:27 am
>> do you think they should hold them accountable? >> i should. >> i was on the white house lawn. somewhat surprised. the doj responded saying, quote, the department of justice will make its own independent decisions on all prosecutions based solely on the facts in the law, period, full stop. congressman adam kinzinger, a republican on the committee, is not ruling out issuing a subpoena for former president donald trump. here's what he had to say to cnn's jake tapper. >> just speaking quite honor evidently, if we subpoena suddenly the former president, we know that's going to be a kind of a circus, so that's nothing something we want to do up front, but if we have pieces of information we need, we certainly will. >> u.s. capitol police officer michael riley was charged friday with obstruction of justice for
2:28 am
trying to protect a man who was later arrested for entering the capitol during the january 6th riot. he was indicted for repeatedly telling the man to delete all social media that would have proved he entered the building that day. court documents say riley sent a direction message to the man who posted photos and videos admits he was at the capitol. rely responded, i'm a capitol police officer who agrees with your stance. take down your posts. everybody in the building is going to be charged. just looking out. the fbi was curious about his conversations with the capitol hill and riley deleased all his facebook messages to and from the man. riley? he's on administrative leave. still ahead, the nasa mission piloted by a named
2:29 am
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joining us now, reporter for the "washington post," you ian scott. eugene is on the set with us today and we're particularly happy to see you this morning. >> good morning. >> let's talk about where we were before went to break about the january 6th select committee. there's great debate whether the committee will follow through and those like steve bannon who say they will not testify, whether they'll go forward with referral to law enforcement that could lead to bannon being fined or facing a year in jail. it could be a politically explosive decision if they were to do that. what's the latest on the path you think they might take. >> there's a lot of support for make sure the committee following through with holding people accountable. as you saw last week there were individuals including police officers who have been indicted and named as being involved, you know, in creating the situation
2:33 am
with that almost overturned democracy. and there has been concern that if these activists do not stay on democratic lawmakers, that something like this could happen again as soon as next year after another election. and so i think there are people on the committee who understand if they don't go follow through and do what is asked of them, that could cost the democrats some seats and cause problems with them. >> i think you're right. that seems to be coming in recent weeks. the other question about the january 6th committee, is what happens to former president trump. how you do think that plays out and what his response might be? >> it's going to be tricky in part because we know the president is concerned about keeping people on his side who voted for him in 2020 who were, you know, previous supporters of trump. there are those who want to see
2:34 am
him held accountable but others feel like it could be an overreaction, and they want to make sure that does not happen. >> there ooh's lot of political heat on this particular moment and it's something that the white house has largely stayed away from. it was surprising to hear from president biden on friday say, hey, perhaps they should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. is there going to be concern that biden oversteps? >> i think there will be by those individuals who want to make sure trump got out of the white house but wanted to make sure something happened to hold these people accountable but don't want to go as far as making former president, i don't know, do some time or do some of the things that people who aren't supportive of him and never have been supportive of him believe something needs to be done. at nearly weekly meetings with white house officials, supporters have expressed frustration with the president's lack of aggression and focus on
2:35 am
the issue especially as republican-led state enact restrictive voting laws. the "washington post," eugene's paper, want activists to provide loud voices. beyond that, they say he should throw himself into passing voting rights legislation and more aggressively go after states politicizing their election systems. the senate next week is expected to take up voting legislation, which the administration and outside groups was political but has little chance of it. eugene, i know you've been covering this. the president really hasn't done that much, so what do we expect from the senate first of all on voting rights bill this coming week. >> there is going to be, you know, a desire to push back on so manufacture of the restrictions we have seen in states across the country from gop legislatures that democrats
2:36 am
have made voting more difficult. and so what democrats in the senate are going to try to do is make it clear that these things are illegal or should be or at least restrict people's voting rights and therefore should not be in place and try to move forward with the legislation that expands the rights to vote for as many people as possible. is there any sense that the president will take a more front and center role on this? i mean certainly right now they have the white house and they've acknowledged they've been focused on the reconciliation deal getting done. that's anger at activists, right? >> yeah. and some white house aides have pushed back saying the activists were frustrated with the white house saying organizers need to take the lead in drumming up support among voters for lawmakers who support voting rights legislation and taking a step back and looking at whether or not it's biden's
2:37 am
responsibility. it could cause real problems for democrats, especially in states like georgia where promises from bind to be more aggressive with voting rights are led to believe what led to his victory and the democrats' victory in the senate. >> i think that's right. there will be backlash if they don't do more on this. it will be interesting to see if they do. one more on this, hovering ore all of this is the fate of the biden agenda. they only have about two-ish weeks. they want to show real progress on these issues before he flying to europe for a pair of summits in a couple of weeks. but it's about joe manchin and the reporting over the weekend that he's gone from considering this clean energy program to now completely opposing it. what led to the stretch? what do the democrats do with him now? >> it's completely frustrating. one of the reasons for the switch is his support and
2:38 am
donations in the coal industry that's not on board with this very progressive idea that many americans support and many in his party support, and so it's a reminder to so many people who have been frustrated with manchin and the democratic party as a whole that this one lawmaker seem to have outside influence as to whether biden's agenda moves forward. >> they may be more frustrated with kyrsten sinema. it's going to be a tough couple of weeks. >> very much so. >> eugene scott, we really appreciate seeing you. still ahead, the chicago sky makes history in wnba. they win their first title. sports and something totally dncht are next. "way too early" back in a few. tt "way too early" back in a few. i've been telling everyone...
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that's it. for the first time in franchise history, the chicago sky are wnba champions! 16 years and they're champions. congrats to the sky. turning now to major league baseball and game two of the national championship series between the braves and the dodgers. tied game. the braves with two outs and a runner on second. >> offering to rosario. line drive. that is through! it gets through! here comes dansby. lightning strikes twice and the braves walk it off. >> hit in the ninth. this one gives the braves a 5-4 win over the dodgers and a 2-0
2:43 am
lead in the best of seven series. of course, corey seager's going to make that play. tonight, oh, boy. the houston astros vegas the boston red sox for game three of the american league championship series. that game is tied one game apiece. a pair of grand slam is led sox to a victory. i'm already nervous. the steelers hosting the seahawks. geno smith, jet fans know that play. starting in the place of the injured russell wilson fumbles away possession while being sacked in the final minutes of the extra period. the steelers take over and drill it from several yards away. pittsburgh beat seattle 23-20. to foxborough, i watched all of this. the cowboys and patriots also end up in overtime.
2:44 am
dak prescott helps the cowboys to their first win in new england since 1987. he found the receiver on a 35 yard touchdown pass to beat the patrio patriots, 35-29. they're close but can't quite beat the good teams. in cleveland kyler murray caught four touchdown passes on their way to a 37-14 win over the browns, keeping the cardinals as the only unbeaten team in the nfl. it's arizona's best since 1974. meanwhile the embattled jaguars hosting in the dolphins in london. it sends the dolphins on a five-game skid. urban meyer needed it. time now for something totally different. a nasa spacecraft naked lucy rocketed into the sky saturday
2:45 am
beginning a 12-year quest to explore eight asteroids. the craft will visit asteroids in jupiter's orbit, thought to be the pristine leftovers of planetary formation. the journey will span nearly 4 billion miles. lucy is named after the 3.2 million-year-old skeletal mainlands which got its name from the beatles song, "lucy in the sky with diamonds." it include a black and other words of wisdom. the craft carry as disk of lab made diamonds for one of its science instruments. a capsule touched down carrying a russian cosmonaut and two filmmakers. theyblasted off in space.
2:46 am
it follow as journey who rushes to the space station who needs an urgent surgery. that guy's versatile. a new york man has filed $5 million class action suit against canon claiming the electronics giants won't scan documents if the ink cartridges are low or empty. says they're not a necessary component to scan a fax. he say, canon's claims are false, misleading and reasonably likely to deceive the public, adding he would not have paid as much if he knew about the ink issue. the lawsuit includes consumers on the forum about the inc. issue going back to 2015. a company representative said, quote, there's no work around
2:47 am
for this. the lawsuit accuses them of breach of thought it. ooh expected to have at least 100 plaintiffs. i'll tell you, home printers, they never work. they get three days of printing and then they break. costa rica and the city of milan are among the first to be awarded the newly established earth shot prize for sustainability and conservation efforts, operating by prince william and duchess of cambridge, they give funding to those who are involved with things such as climate. they recircle food to food bergs and charities. they pay citizens to restore forests. earlier in this show we asked this question, why are you
2:48 am
awake? let's hear some of the answers. kelly writes i'm up way too early because a fat cat wanted breakfast. i don't know if we're doing body shaming this early in the morning. frank is up because first time since before time my commute is longer than ten yards. i get that. good luck on the roads today, frank. donna tweets, up early, continuing my celebration of another dallas victory. i'm not sure how this was slipped in, but the cowboys do look like a pretty good team this year. they have a great offense, defense, their division is bad. they'll be heard from for the first time in a while. up next, a look at the axios "one big thing." and coming up on the "morning joe," a live report from haiti as they work to release kidnapped missionaries. plus, we'll hear from one of two candidates who may become the next mayor of boston.
2:49 am
"morning joe" just moments away. "morning joe" just moments away. we just haven't been properly introduced. say hello to the place where rolling hills meets low bills. where our fields, inside and out, are always growing. and where the fun is just getting started. this is iowa. so, when are you coming to see us? ♪ ♪ this is wealth. ♪ ♪ this is worth. that takes wealth. but this is worth. and that - that's actually worth more than you think. don't open that. wealth is important, and we can help you build it. but it's what you do with it, that makes life worth living. principal. for all it's worth.
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the murder trial of three men accused of killing ahmaud arbery is today. the trial could become the biggest georgia ever seen. rack sanchez as more. >> reporter: supporters gathering in brunswick, georgia ahead of the arbery murder trial. >> we don't want anybody to forget about ahmaud. >> reporter: the 25-year-old was shot and killed last year while jogging. the unarmed man being chased and trapped and murdered by three white men.
2:53 am
travis mcmichael and william brian. they thought arbery was a burglar and even calling 911. >> i saw a guy running into a house being built, two houses down from me. >> this is a trial of three men for one murder. what's the larger issue at stakes here? >> it's a litmus test where the nation is concerning race relation in the south. it's different than the trial we saw for the murder in george floyd. >> reporter: the case one nation will be watching as jury selection starts to summon a thousand people far more than usual. 600 will be in court on monday and they'll be window down to 1 jurors. >> you want a jury that world's
2:54 am
view keeps them fair and impartial. >> reporter: a trial that'll echo far beyond georgia. >> our thanks to ralph sanchez for that report. joining us now to look at axios is hans nichols. i am going to tell you what axios one big thing is. >> let's take a look. >> you see president trump running in 2024? >> he says he's going. >> if he runs, he'll win the nomination? >> i don't know that. president trump is the first president to lose the house to senate in the presidency in four years. elections are about winning.
2:55 am
>> that's super interesting. >> you think if he ran, he can lose the nomination? >> well, if you want top win the nomination and hopefully that's what voters are thinking about. i think he may. >> it's clear you are not voting for him. >> i am not. nice job, mike. senator cassidy, he's a republican, he represents louisiana which the last time i checked was a deep red state that trump won twice. what do you make of john cassidy's stance and what does it tell you about trump and his party? 2024? >> it could be tough. the question is who's going to be challenge donald trump if he does run and putting all the caveats out there. cassidy voted for impeachment, he's been willing to show some willing to oppose president trump. also remember and when donald trump went down for the off year
2:56 am
governor election with john bell edwards. governor edwards ended up winning georgia. that may have colored senator cassidy taking a little on this. >> he's a good politicians. he has a good feel for the people in the state. his logic is republicans want a winner and he does not think trump can win. well, you hear from senator cassidy is sort of practical argument. he does not think donald trump can win. >> i certainly remember the humidity on those trips. how a lot of republicans want trump to be involved to play a big role in the party but not necessarily be near nominee in 2024. cassidy is a little bit on the island. most republicans we hear from do
2:57 am
nothing but kiss the ring for donald trump. >> at least publicly. he's great at motivating the base and you saw what senator grassley did. as to your broader point, have donald trump motivate the base and be out there but not be the nominee? that may be a nice sentiment for some republican voters to tell pollsters. they may not have that choice, right? it's like a menu option that you typically get with donald trump, having him be involved, before you go with that scenario because that seems unlikely. >> hans, i could not agree with you more. you also have new reporting on senator joe manchin and what he told the white house that the child tax credit must include. tell us what you found. >> he wants to shrink it and put
2:58 am
big restriction on it. child tax credit is expanded one year of the american recovery plan. some family get up to $3,600 per child for the entire year. it goes directly into bank accounts. what you are hearing what manchin told colleagues in the white house is he wants to put an income limit is 60,000. that could change. he wants a work requirement. people who are totally out of the work force or unemployed would not get it. so drastically shrink the size of this entire program but it makes it more likely that joe manchin will vote for reconciliation package. that's going to be a key sort of conversation this week. the conversation we have is what's manchin's number. all the good reporters out there trying to figure this out suspected that he comes up a little bit off of $1.5 trillion
2:59 am
and maybe not all the way to 2 trillion but he comes off. that's where the deal is going to be. it's going to be shaving down these programs. >> the red line putting around the tax credit is decision of the clean air energy certainly shows he has a lot of power now. one more hans before we got to go. a ton of deadlines coming up here. i got reporting of the legislative agenda as well as the president's trip to europe. how do you see them navigating the next two weeks or so? >> i got to flip it around on you and say what's your one big thing now? we know deadlines, and whether or not the october 31st deadline is really that real of a deadline, you want to go on
3:00 am
recess or do you want to go on a district court period, whether or not the trip will go to europe, those deadlines will get postponed. >> hans, we have a little bit of a faceoff today, i think we navigated pretty well and we appreciate you being here this morning. >> thanks to all of you for getting up way too early with us this monday morning. "morning joe" starts right now. it's 6:00 on the east coast, a beautiful shot of washington. >> happy monday mika. >> happy monday. >> look at that beautiful shot of washington. makes it feel like i am in my rush morning hour traffic. >> good