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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  October 20, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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happy to have you for not just people had the pfizer vaccine, but for people who've had the other two kinds of vaccines as well. moderna and johnson & johnson. and, the fda did make that really interesting recommendation we have been looking out for, that your booster shot doesn't have to be the same brand as the other vaccine you got in the first place. again, we had known that the fda was considering data that showed very promising results for mixing and matching
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different brands of vaccines, the recommendation tonight is there for not a surprise. but it is interesting -- in terms of how all of us would have been vaccinated get boosted. when our time comes. the next up here is for the cdc to do its own independent look at the data, and those recommendations. they'll do that tomorrow. and then, once the cdc is through its process we will get formal advice to the public and health providers, as soon as they decide. so, that could be as soon as tomorrow, could be anytime in the next few days. it means that booster shots could be rolling out in a much bigger way, as soon as the end of the this week. so that's a big advance, in terms of our nations approach to vaccination. the white house today also put out more guidance to the states, about preparing, getting ready, to start vaccinating kids. ages five and up. right now, the vaccines are only approved for kids aged to 12 enough. but the fda and cdc processes,
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to approve vaccines for younger kids, those processes are well underway. they will probably come to fruition within a few weeks, and the white house is trying to get people ready. to get states ready, to hit the ground running on that as well. so, eyes on that process. tonight, we're also watching a whole bunch of different news breaking in the uncomfortable venn diagram overlaps between political life and going to prison. and the past five years, to count them to, members of congress have been charged with federal criminal felony charges. congressman chris collins of new york, you see on your left, i'm congressman duncan hunter of california. both of them federal criminal charges. but while they were serving in congress, within the past five years, both of them republicans. full botham interestingly, big donald trump supporters. both of them were charged with multiple federal felony corruption counts. both of them resigned from congress in disgrace.
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both of them were convicted on felony charges. and both of them were sentenced to prison. that said, both of them were pardoned by president donald trump. lowell now, we've got a third republican congressman charged while he's a sitting member of congress, charged with multiple federal felony corruption charges. this time, it's jeff 14 barry, he's a republican congressman from nebraska. if his case goes south, the way things did for congressman collins and congressman hunter, congressman 14 very will not have the donald trump republicans get out of jail free card. to cushion his fall. since trump is no longer president and can't pardon anyone, congressman jeff fortenberry was arraigned today in federal court. he was charged formally with three federal felony charges. he has said publicly that he didn't do anything wrong, he's going to fight the charges, but for now, as of this afternoon, he has resigned from all of his committee assignments in
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congress. and it's interesting that the rules for republican members of the house aren't really all district on this front. just being formally charged with a crime is not actually enough to make you have to resign from your committees. it doesn't just have to be any charge, it has to be a felony charge. and not just any felony charge it has to be that you've been charged with a felony that could result in you serving more than two years in prison. again, it's not a very high low bar, right? jeff gordon berry is charged however with three felonies, that could each put him in prison for five years. so even under the not so strict rules that congress has to abide by, he has still fallen afoul. and so he will not serve on committees anymore. including the one on which he was the ranking republican member. there's no word yet on whether house republicans will seek to make 14 very resigned his seat, for now he's office committees,
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he still continuing to serve in congress while he's under federal indictment. which is nice for him, i guess. we've got a bunch of news tonight, in the great state of michigan, where protesters have physically shut down. they brought a giant wench and physically shut down a major high pressure petroleum pipeline. we've got news from iowa tonight, where a cabinet secretary from the biden administration showed up today to support john deere employees on the picket line. this is something we can't find any parallel for from any other presidential administration in minute in modern times. we're gonna be talking about that tonight. we've a course also expecting tomorrow, that the full house of representatives is going to vote to refer steve bannon for prosecution by the u.s. justice department. mr. bannon, the former trump advisor, says he will not obey a subpoena from congress. from the investigation into the january 6th attack. congress tomorrow is about to
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vote, basically to ask the justice department to make him obey their subpoena. to criminally prosecute him and try to jail him if he tries to continue to defy the subpoena. so, we're expecting that vote tomorrow. it's a party line vote today, and the committee voted against -- all democrats voted for it. because democrats are a majority in the house we expect, even if it is along party lines, that that criminal referral will go up tomorrow and it will be in the hands of the u.s. attorney in washington, d.c.. which is a very rare circumstance. honestly, none of this is normal. none of this is a regular news day. but it is all cooking tonight. today, in the united states senate, republican senators blocked new voting rights bill, from even getting a hearing, from even getting a debate. all 50 democratic senators voted for the voting rights legislations. all 50 republicans voted against it. even vice president harris gave
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democrats 51 votes, it still would've not passed. because republicans filibustered this bill, which means it needs 60 votes to pass, not 50. if that means it would be needed ten republican senators to join with all 50 democrats in order to get this thing passed. law and i, know what you're thinking, i can read your mind through your television. you are thinking of course that bill didn't get ten republican votes, of course republicans filibustered the votes, they filibuster everything. i mean, sure, if you still retain the ability to be shocked by anything, it is shocking that not a single republican would vote to even hear a bill that does things like, make voter registration easier, make election day a holiday, protect nonpartisan election -- from partisan pressure. it would invest insecure voting systems, require a paper trail, this is a bill that even covers
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republican priorities. like recur requiring voter i.d.. but still not a single republican senator voted for this democracy want to one kind of stuff. which we shouldn't lose the ability to be shocked by them, even if it is no longer surprising. let that said, there is one person who must be surprised by today's outcome. one person who may be in fact be flabbergasted by today's tally, for all i know. that person's west virginia's conservative democratic senator joe manchin. i don't know if there is a fainting couch anywhere near, his office in the senate. but he said he was actually sure that this would happen. you may remember, for many months after president biden was sworn in, democrats in congress were pushing a voting rights bill call the for the people act. the bell was in fact such a high priority for democrats the democratic leaders gave it the symbolic label of bill number one.
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and the house and in the senate. bill one, the for the people act. voting rights act. but today's vote, it was not the for the people act, the for the people act effectively died this summer at the hands of joe manchin. joe manchin said he did quote simply couldn't vote for a voting rights bill that didn't have any republican support. no matter what was in the bill, as a matter of process any voting rights legislation had to be bipartisan. since senator manchin is also against changing the filibuster rules in any way, even for protecting the democracy, his stance on this meant that a voting rights bill would have to get ten republican votes. which he insisted was possible. senator manchin said he had a plan, the problem according to senator manchin was not that just republicans were obstructing this for the sake of obstructionism, not that they were wholesale against any projection for voting rights, he said it was simply, that this for the people act was the wrong bill.
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the democrats who had written it, had written it wrong. was too broad, too partisan, somehow. it was written in such a way that it was in appealing to republicans. but that was fixable. he insisted that all the other democrats that pushes the wrong way, they had written a bill wrong, but if you wrote the bill right, republicans would support it. why wouldn't they? he insisted his colleagues and to the public and to the press that the other democrats had just done this wrong way, but he joe manchin knew that republicans supported voting rights and therefore there was a voting rights bill that could get republican support if it was written correctly. and then to his credit, sincerely to his legitimate credit, senator manchin put his money where his mouth was. he said you know what, i actually know the right way to do this, i will write a new bill. he said he would prove his theory of the case, by jettisoning the for the people act, that other democrats supported. he said no, i will write a new bill. i will write a correct bill. i will write the kind of bill, voting rights bill, that i know
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all republicans will vote for. and the bill that senator manchin came up with was definitely not everything the democrats wanted. but if this was the bill that would not only get so man senator joe manchin's vote, but -- he said could get republicans on board lock, to vote for it, so it could pass. then democrats put set put aside their objections, they decided they were on board. -- signed on to joe manchin's compromise bill, and senator manchin set out on his quest to find ten republican senators who would have heard it. the toll reports -- i've been working across the aisle with all the republicans trying to get people to understand that that's the bedrock of our democracy and accessible, fair, and basically secure voting. just earlier this month he told reporters quote, we're negotiating with republicans in good faith. we'll see what happens. law well today, in the senate, it was his bell. it was joe manchin's wrote voting rights bill, which he wrote specifically because he
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knew republicans would vote for it. that was a bill for that was up for the vote. this was the bill that he was democrats get behind, even though they don't like a lot was wouldn't. because he still voting rights had to still be bipartisan, and should be bipartisan. -- lot a single republican vote today, for this bill, not one. there was reporting today, a very real provocative reporting that senator manchin is considering leaving the democratic party, if he left the democratic party and became a republican or started caucusing with the republicans that would put the senate in under republican control. it would be seismic. after that report, senator called the story bowl plucky. reporter david corn -- says he absolutely stands by his story. senator manchin and announced it as if it was a rumor. david corn says specifically
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this was not the rumor, that senator manchin's office knew that. let you know what, it doesn't really seem like democrats are senator manchin's problem -- bedrock of our democracy. all 49 of his democratic colleagues supported this bill today, even though a lot of what was in the bill was not stuff that anybody would call a democratic priority. as i said, i can only assume that senator manchin is shocked by this outcome, after all this negotiation across the aisle no republicans would vote for even the bill he specifically crafted. saying that, he was writing it in order to get their support. and so, a majority vote in the senate isn't enough with the filibuster on the bill, you means you need ten republicans to vote with democrats. there is no republicans voting with democrats even on that bill. and so, the really is only one pathway left, to get any kind of votes rights protection to get past. and that is to change the filibuster, the senate rule, the filibuster rule, so that it
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doesn't require 60 votes to pass something that's about voting rights. so that democrats can pass it with a majority of the senate. without needing ten republican votes and 60 votes altogether. democrats now have tried literally everything else. law and democrats from chuck schumer, the top democrat in the senate, and nancy pelosi the speaker on down have been saying for months that a voting rights bill is must pass legislation. senator schumer said over and over again, phil is not an option. because if democrats can't protect peoples rights to vote, the peoples access to the ballot box, and they can't prevent law the right-wing trump supporters who don't believe in elections being decided by the will of the people, they can find ways to protect nonpartisan election administration's, so those folks east control of election infrastructure in multiple states while -- that is kind of the whole ball came. you can't do anything else in
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democracy if you can protect the democracy. democrats, fairly united on the stakes of this legislation. look, increasingly because of those stakes they are uniting on what they need to do to get a. passed thanks angus king of maine. senator king as an independent and moderate, he caucuses with the democrats, he is an independent both in temperament, ideology, and in. who's elected in 2012 as an independent who was previously the governor of maine. when he was the governor of maine, he was also an independent governor of maine. he usually votes with the democrats, but not always. is one of the senators that is known for seeking bipartisanship even when it seems will post everyone else. it is just the way he operates, it is this political brand, the way his belt. he's also one of the senators who has become attached to the filibuster rule during his tenure. i don't say that because i can read his mind, i say that because last year he said he
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was, quote, 100% opposed to getting rid of the filibuster rule. he said it is an essential role for preserving the rights of the minority party in the -- . box democratic priorities, he described himself stall as very reluctant. very reluctant to end the filibuster. but look at where he is now. as today's vote on joe manchin's legislation approached, even senator angus king said he was coming to a new understanding of this issue, coming around to the conclusion that the filibuster will need to be changed, to protect voting rights. again, because the stakes are so high here. it's all my colleague nicole wallace yesterday that democracy itself is more important than any senate rule. going further than that, senator king went to the senate floor and delivered a lengthy impassioned area day,
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interesting, thought-provoking speech in support of today's voting rights bill. it is worth hearing both because of his moderation and his bipartisan instincts, and his independence, but it's also worth hearing just a bit of the speech because it is sobering to hear someone like senator king, someone not given hyperbole to say the least, it is important to say someone like him. the historical moment he sees our country is being as we know he calls it a hinge of history that will determine whether the american democratic experiment will survive. it is also worth hearing the very specific hungry throughout the senator kings he's coming over the horizon. especially arriving soon as an ex presidential election, something that to be honest republicans really are laying the groundwork for as we speak. the idea that voters in a swing state somewhere, voters in that state may vote for the democratic presidential candidate in the next election, but that still has a republican
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legislature, and that state has decided to give itself the power to overrule the vote in the state, overall the popular vote. maybe republicans have declared it to be riddled with fraud and irregularities. whatever republican lawmakers in the state and other circumstances decided they would pick their own slaves presidential lectures. yeah looks like the states voters paid the democrat but they want their republican and they will send electors for the republican down to the electoral college. were you voted for the democratic -- we decide who wins elections. it's like a nightmare scenario right? but this is where donald trump was trying to arrange after the last election, this is about trump's allies were trying to arrange after the last election they did not 60 that time. but since then republican
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legislators a multiple states have been bridges pursuing avenues that would allow them to do something like that. so senator and asking has now warned about that, he wants americans and his senate colleagues to understand, that that kind of democratic backsliding, that kind of subversion, of an election is not impossible lauren think of one america, it looks like it's on us way. it's >> it's important to remember that most failures of democracy as we look at history, started with elections. once an office the leader manipulated the electoral process to consolidate, or hold on to power. just as was attempted last winter. once power seized, the controller reach of the modern surveillance say is truly terrifying. truly terrifying. ask the uyghurs in china, where members of the opposition in
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russia if you can find any alive. russia, turkey, venezuela, hungary, are all examples of the slide from the marco sea into authoritarianism that has happened just in our living memory, just in our lifetimes. this is not a theoretical threat, we have seen it already happen in our lifetimes, those countries still have elections but they don't mean much. what if the current wave of voter suppression legislation 60 than keeps tens or even hundreds the thousands of people from voting in 2022 or 2024. or, whatever in 2024 a partisan legislature in the swing state and they're giving themselves this power right now, a partisan legislator in a swing state votes to override the election results in their states and send their own preferred set of electors to washington. then, it won't just be
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republicans who distrust elections, and we will be left with a downward spiral towards a hollow shell of democracy. only raw power prevails, and peaceful transfer becomes a distant memory. >> got yourself a senator who can speak like that tanisha like that on the floor of the united states senate. senator angus king urging his senate colleagues to essentially save our democracy, to save the american experiment, my passing the freedom to vote act. and did not pass today, it did not get a single republican vote today. democrats insist they are not finished, president biden reportedly reached out to express the support he's trying to use presidential juice on this, the white house is still calling in a must pass priority. senator schumer keeps saying on this, failure is not an option,
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it can be done. it would just need all 50 democrats to agree to another change in the filibuster rules, i have been several in recent years. it would require changing the filibuster rules. so voting rights bill can pass with a simple majority. even very pro filibuster -- have come out of this idea now on this issue. is it going to happen? joining us now is the independent senator from maine, senator angus king. angus king, thank you for joining us tonight. i know it's been a long day. >> rachel it's great to be with you, it's even worse than you mentioned today. today, was a procedural vote to begin debate on the vote in ways will which got no republican votes. it wasn't a vote on the bill, they didn't even want to talk about the bill. i think that really really makes a difference, and it was
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so that they haven't simply say what a turnaround. it was 2006 the voting rights act was reinvigorated, or re-voted by something like 96 to nothing. well that's not gonna happen today. >> it was in march of this year, senator you, wrote an op-ed for the post. what happens to the filibuster depends on how republicans play their. hand meaning depending if they allow for common sense voting rights bills to pass, if they work to find compromise on other issues there would be no reason to get rid of the filibuster or carve it out on specific issues. it's seven months down the road now, how do you feel republicans have plane. >> well we have had some bipartisan bells but it wasn't due to the leadership, it was sort of a rump group from both
9:24 pm
sides that negotiated that major infrastructure bill for example, i got 69 votes. that was a major accomplishment. but today is an indication, and what really bothers me racial is, quite often you have these votes, procedural votes, and then at negotiations. we have been on the cares act, the democrats blocked the consideration of the c.a.r.e.s. act but that was to three weeks of negotiations, we ended up with a really good bill that passed unanimously. what's happening now though is, there seems to be no forthcoming discussion from the republicans, no interest in any part of the bill that we have voted on today, which as you point out was a compromise bill worked by joe manchin. but they are not coming back with any further discussion. the filibuster in shows theory the filibuster is, and forces bipartisanship, and forces the parties to work together.
9:25 pm
that theory only works of both of the parties are willing to be at the table, one of them uses a as pure unadulterated obstruction which is what happened today. that's when, as you pointed, now i say democracy has to trump a wheel. this is filibuster is not in the constitution, we need to restore the senate to what it was back when i worked there 40 years ago. the filibuster was very rarely used. now we have to have votes on deputy secretaries of defense, everything requires either a clutch or vote for nominees, or 60 votes -- they had in ten handle super majority in the senate and here we are. let me give you one piece of matt rachel, that i think you'll find surprising, you can get 41 votes out of current
9:26 pm
senate which is enough to block any legislation. if you think the states that those 41 senators represent, add up all the population together, you get 24% of the american people. so the situation when and now is that 24% of the american people have an effective veto, over anything that 76% of the american people think is important public policy. i don't think that squares the democratic theory. >> senator when you talk with your colleagues on the democratic side of the aisle, senator sinema, senator manchin, others who have been reluctant. are they open to persuasion on this issue? i wanted to talk to you tonight because your credibility on this issue because you have not been somebody who's willing to throw out this rule, who has wanted to change out the rules from day one, you worry reelecting hunter on this
9:27 pm
issue. i wonder if that helps you persuade your other colleagues who are coming from the same position as you, who haven't come as far as you have. >> well i've have had some of those discussions, by the way being reluctant on this issue is not irrational. the reason for my reluctance was that this is a double edged sword. what we view as that noxious obstruction, to use, four years, 60 or so now when the shoes on the other friend the republicans have the majority, we might view it as a precious shield to project important why environmental laws, or whatever it is. this is a hard call because once it goes, it goes. i think that showing kyrsten might be open to not abolishing the rule but changing it into such a way that it enforces debate, allows debate. that's the whole idea it is
9:28 pm
supposed to be a limited debate, not a tool of simple obstruction. so i think we'll be searching that -- studying the details how to do it. norm almost that for example says instead of the proponents getting to 60, the opponents would have to muster 40 or 41, they would have to have other people on the floor. right now if you are against the bill you don't even have to show up because the pros have to get the 60. there are lots of interesting opportunities, let's get moving people go to the floor and hold the floor. most people think has a filibuster you know -- and that kind of thing. that never happens. a filibuster knows today beautiful phone and say i filibustered this bill that at 60 votes you don't have to hold the floor you don't have to do anything, so i think there is space for changes in the world that would allow some protection to the minority, but
9:29 pm
wouldn't allow the minority to have a veto over important legislation. particularly in this area. if this were a simple policy question on some issue or another, i'm not sure i'd be wary am. but when it comes to the margins itself and that's what's important racial as i've never been worried about the future of my country. we are headed for a place where people don't trust elections, why does that lead us? we saw on january 6th those people felt violence was their only option. i don't want to go there. so that's why i think this is so important. if we do a -- miss mcconnell will say will we do a carbon and two years for the right to -- or something we consider very important. it's possible that mitch mcconnell is looking's charts about this he hopes the democrats will get rid of the filibuster and then they read
9:30 pm
the door when he's the majority at the point in the future. this is not an easy call i want you to realize that there is a lot of really important issues that we are going to have to face in making this decision. but the bottom line is we have to protect the country, we have to protect democracy. we can't let this wave of voter suppression, and the changing of the rules that you mentioned happen. this is fragile, and we are in a very dangerous moment. this is the most dangerous moment i think since 1860 and terms of the future of the country. >> some under angus king, independent of maine, thank senator thank us came thank you so much for your time tonight. i know it's been a long day, a long couple of days already, thanks for being here tonight. >> thank you rachel, great to be with. you >> all right, much more coming up ahead, stay with us. coming up ahead, stay with us. coming up ahead, stay with us. for people living with h-i-v, keep being you.
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apparently we're gonna have to get used to it. the immediate former president of the united states is under criminal investigation in the state of georgia, state prosecutor there is looking at whether his repeated judge badgering of state officials after the elections violated state laws that prohibit intimidating election officials. former president trump's business was also recently indicted in new york state on an array of serious felony charges related to alleged tax evasion. former president trump was also deposed for four and a half hours this week, in one of the ten, count them ten, civil cases pending against him right now. related to allegations of violence, alleged sexual assault, alleged rape, his alleged fomenting of the violent mass attack by supporters on the capitol on january six. this is not normal. this is not a normal post presidency. jimmy carter's out there building houses for human it
9:36 pm
habitat for humanity. bill clinton's planting trees in tanzania, and getting lower prices for aids drugs in poor country. george w. bush's quietly painting away his dark feelings. obama just broke ground on his library in chicago. so far, with this most recent former president -- it's pretty much -- now today though, we've got a new one. and it is about this. >> he owns a very large golf course in west chester brian cliff manner. and he went to court saying that the property was one point $4 million, and we all pay our fair share of property taxes, and we'd like the trump national golf club to pay their fair share as well. because when they don't do that it affects our schools, our roads, our police departments. >> this is from 2017. west chester county new york, west chester just north of new york city. and people who lived there,
9:37 pm
protest over the fact that trump wanted a huge discount on the tax bill for his golf course in their town. people walked through the town, holding signs, the signs were about him not paying his fair share, the signs were like, trump nationalist cheating or schools and you will pay more. if trump's calls course pays less. if we pay our taxes if you pay yours trump. our taxes are higher because you don't pay. why does donald duck his taxes? get it donald top. i'm not a sign gal, but jeez. what that was all about in 2017 was a really local issue, with big consequences for that town. trump has a big golf course in that town, everybody who owns property in the town has to pay property tax. that's why funds the schools and the other services in the town. the way the town decides how much you have to pay as a property owner is by sending hundreds and assessor to assess the value of your property, and the higher the value of your property according to the
9:38 pm
assessment, the more property taxes have to pay. well, in 2017, those pressed ushers turnout in west chester county because he didn't assess the assessment of his property. he thought his golf course should be assessed way lower, so he could pay way less in taxes. and he didn't just do that in 2017, the first year that he was president, as a new york times report today, trump appealed the assessed value of that golf course habitually. every year, starting in 2015. and he was trying to reduce his tax bill by a ton. here is typical headlines at the time from the local paper, the journal news, about what trump was trying to do. trump national still wants huge tax cut. trump seeks 90% tax cut at west chester golf club. 90%, he wants a 90% tax cut. here's what that actually looks like. these documents are from 2016, the town comes up in 2016, they look at his golf court in west chester county, and they say it's assessed to be $15
9:39 pm
million. so sorry, here's what you have to pay for taxes, on this 15 million dollar property of yours, this golf course. trump appeals that, he says the assessment is insane, he tells cnn town there's no way my golf course is worth $15 million, that's ten times too much. the real value of that property, the real value of that golf course is one point $4 million. that's what it's worth. well, here's at least part of the problem, and again, the numbers here sort of easy to keep in your head, the town is telling to pay taxes on into a golf course that they say is worth $50 million, he says no no i won't it's only worth one point $4 million. but that same year, in 2016, he fires his disclosure -- he fouls it in may 2016. the united states office of government ethics -- public financial disclosure report, the town said the golf course was again, worth 15 million, he said no, i'm not paying taxes on a 15 million dollar property, i will it's only worth 1.4 million. but look at what he put in his disclosure that same year, his
9:40 pm
official financial disclosure, line 93. -- value over $50 million. so, to one part of the government he's telling them, this golf course is worth over $50 million, but for the tax authorities he saying one point $4 million. how can something simultaneously be worth over $50 million, over according to trump, and only one point $4 million, also according to trump. how can that be true at the same time? look? and it's not like i was a fluke. in his most recent financial disclosure, right before joe biden was inaugurated, trump is still saying his golf club and while chester is still worth -- basically a few nickels, nothing really worth paying taxes on middle. it's basically a dome. which is fine unless this tax fraud. unless that you deliberately
9:41 pm
lately miss valuing your property, to illegally have a texas. and so here's the new york times today, breaking the story, quote, former president donald a trump family business, which is already under indictment in manhattan, is facing a criminal investigation by another prosecutor's office that has begun to -- investigate the company owns. the district attorney's office in suburban west chester county new york has subpoenaed records from the course and from the town where the courses located. the full scope of the investigation could not be determined by the district attorney -- appears to be focused on least in part on whether trump's company misled local officials about the companies the properties values, to reduce taxes. and again, it is not normal, right? for this many criminal investigations to be stuck to the issue of the immediate former president of the united states. like so much toilet paper trailing his loafers while he speaks out of the men's room.
9:42 pm
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and ask your doctor if biktarvy is right for you. evacuated from the house during the attack on congress on january six, it was not nancy pelosi with the gavel in her hand. speaker the house had been pulled off the floor sometime earlier and brought to a secure location. man with the gavel was this, man man with a reddish tie in these images. massachusetts congressman jim mcgovern. he was in charge of the proceedings in the house or the speaker's absence. it was the last to be evacuated in that day. it was in the room when officers were barricade in the door when off protesters try just physically smash their way inside. mcgovern talk today about what he saw in those last moments in the house chamber. what >> i was the last person off the floor on january six. i came face to face with these
9:47 pm
people in the speakers gallery, i will tell you if you want me to describe what evil looks like, it's looking into those faces, in those people, while three police officers were in front of the door trying to protect us they were smashing the windows open to get at people. the fact that somehow asking questions about trying to figure out why this happened, who is responsible, that that is a bad thing. give me a break. >> give me a break. congressman jim mcgovern today, in his capacity as the chairman of the rules committee, the rules committee had a meeting today to work out the details for tomorrow's vote in the full house the representatives on whether or not steve bannon will be referred to the justice department for prosecution -- last night the committee investigating the attack voted unanimously to recommend that bannon should face criminal contempt charges, tomorrow
9:48 pm
there will be a full vote in the house, and the justice department will have to decide whether or not they are in fact going to prosecute steve bannon. at the meeting today tomorrow's vote there were witnesses, one of the panels of witnesses comprised of two of president trump's most loyal defenders in congress. congressman matt gates, and jordan. what -- instead they spent most of the time trying to get stand in the garrison or derail the entire meeting talking about border crossings, afghanistan, president biden's son. the other panel of witnesses was a more sober one, the chairman of the january 6th investigation betty thompson, vice chair of the congresswoman liz cheney. liz cheney voted with a colleagues on the committee last night unfolding of -- what >> let me address my
9:49 pm
republican colleague specifically, i have heard from a number of my colleagues in the last several days who say they co, just don't want this target on their back. they are just trying to keep their heads down. they don't want to anger kevin mccarthy, the minority leader. i ask each one of you to step back from the brink, i urge you to do what you know is right, to think of the long arc of history in mediations democracy has failed, because those with authority would not act to protect it. because they act in silence. history will judge those of us in positions of public trust, will you be able to say you did everything possible to ensure americans got the truth about those events were? did you look away, did you make partisan excuses and accepting unacceptable? >> republican liz cheney
9:50 pm
speaking to her republican colleagues tonight, we will be interesting to see if any other republicans other than she and adam kinzinger was also on that committee, it will be interesting to see if any of the other republicans follow her call there when that full house vote is held to see if steve bannon should be held and prosecuted for refusing to contribute to the investigation. -- they must vote no on that ban and for vote tomorrow. this is not the only way republicans have been organizing to try and slow and blocked the various inquiries into january 6th. elise to republican senators wisconsin senator ron johnson, and mike lee are currently blocking the confirmation of president biden's nominee to be the u.s. attorney in washington d.c.. so u.s. attorney's office in washington d.c. that will be responsible for overseeing hundreds of publications of people who participated on the january 6th attack. that is also the office that
9:51 pm
would head up the prosecution of steve bannon for criminal content of congress. -- because the justice department has not responded to a letter if there is that equates the january 6th attack to the mostly peaceful protests that followed the murder of george floyd last summer. so there can be used attorney in washington? in fact this is not like the u.s. attorney's office in washington is empty right now wallpapers keep stacking up on the desk, there's somebody in that job in an acting capacity will continue to perform the job in the duties until the president's pick is confirmed. lacking in this nominee is not an effective strategy for blocking the prosecution of van in, from blocking all of the prosecutions of the january 6th rioters. but sure, you know, back itself up history is watching. you will be in. more ahead tonight, stay with us. ight, stay wit us
9:52 pm
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9:57 pm
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tonight to, i'll see you again to this time tomorrow. now it's time for the last word with lawrence o'donnell, good evening lawrence. i was >> listening to your discussion with senator angus king, and by the way his speech on the senate floor, today, was one of the greats of this year certainly. but one of the things i really liked about what he has to say was everyone on the democratic side, who is now in favor of changing the 60 vote threshold rule came to that position reluctantly. he came to it, has been coming in to that direction more reluctantly than the rest, but everyone's thinking about this move slowly, and there was that moment where you mentioned -- any mention me and our history with this subject, and i can re