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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  October 21, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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that is going to do it for us tonight.4-year-old boy's
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emergency call inviting officers over to see his toys. the question is who could resist that adorable plea? it's "way too early" for this. ♪♪ good morning and welcome to "way too early," the show that still has a pretty good collection of he man fixes. i'm jonathan lemire. on this thursday, october 21st, we'll start with the news. lawmakers will vote whether to hold former trump adviser steve bannon in contempt of congress after he ignored a subpoena from the house select committee on the january 6th insurrection. the vote is expected to pass,
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but there's still uncertainty about whether the justice department will actually prosecute bannon. during a house rules committee hearing yesterday, the vice chair of the select committee once again pressed her fellow members of the gop to support the contempt vote. >> let me address my republican colleagues specifically. i've heard from a number of my colleagues in the last several days who say they, quote, just don't want this target on their back. they're just trying to keep their heads down. they don't want to anger kevin mccarthy, the minority leader, who has been especially active in attempting to block the investigation of the events of january 6th, despite the fact that he clearly called for such a commission the week after the attack. i ask each one of you to step back from the brink. i urge you to do what you know is right. >> meanwhile house republican leaders are advising members to
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vote no on the contempt charge against bannon. minority leader kevin mccarthy and republican whip steve scalise were both asked about it yesterday. take a listen. >> bannon contempt vote? >> yes. >> okay. i don't sri that committee as a real committee since pelosi has never let us participate. >> i think you're seeing most members get tired of the witch hunts and the games. let's focus on policies that affect everyday families right now. >> joining us now, congressional reporter for politico, nycholat wu. nicholas, good to see you. khevin mccarthy said nancy pelosi never let republicans participate. there are republicans on the panel and they blocked part of it. so now that we have that, most are set to vote against it. how do you think this plays out? >> well, based on how this plays out, it looks like very few
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republicans are going to support this holding steve bannon in contempt. as you mentioned, house leadership on the republican side is recommending that they vote against it when it's on the floor later, saying it's an illegitimate committee and the like, but it is, of course, worth remembering that it was house republican leadership who also helped the bipartisan committee by saying despite this deal that was brokered by the house and democratic committee leaders, the house republican leadership still told them to vote against it. this brings us to where we are now where some of the only republican votes are expected for the resolution holding bannon in contempt are going to be liz cheney and adam kinzinger, the only republicans sitting on the select committee. >> before ween move on, on this, do we have any sense on whether
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further actually charges could be brought against bannon should the vote go through? >> that remains to be seen. president biden made waves last weekend when he suggested that people who defied subpoenas could be prosecuted by the department of justice, but i think we'll get greater insight from that today when attorney general merrick garland testifies before the house judiciary committee or the routine hearing on the oversight department of justice. he'll very likely be asked how he's going to handle some of these cases. you know, he might actually get some greater insight into how this could all pay out. >> it's certainly a busy time right now over on capitol hill. you're also following, of course, all negotiations within the democratic party with the bipartisan sfrur deal and an attempt to get a deal on the larger reconciliation package. it seems like there's been a sense of optimism the last couple of days, but also there's a lot of stuff that needs to get sorted outst.
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tell us where we stand? >> on tuesday there were meetings. and in these meetings, according to sources in our room, he delivered these assessments of what could go and what could stay necessarily in their social spending package, and this is leading to a bit of heartburn among democrats about things they have to let go. you have the longer extension of the child tax credit or free community college, but emerging from all this and after meetings the democrats held yesterday, it really does seem there's this sense of ofty michl that they could get something together. now, whether or not that's going to happen, there are a lot of parts that have to go in. you've got to remember just a few weeks ago democratic leaders said they would also be passing the infrastructure bill. this being capitol hill, that aligns with an artificial
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construct, and so the house democratic leadership says they want a deal pretty soon, but whether or not that happens, we'll see. >> deadlines are very much an artificial construct. well said, nicholas wu of politico. thank you very much for being here. the white house has unveiled its plan to vaccinate nearly 30 million children ages 5 to 11. this comes as the fda authorizes moderna and johnson & johnson boosters, significantly widening the nation's covid-19 vaccination campaign. nbc's national correspondent miguel almaguer has the latest. >> reporter: authorization of the booster shots for moderna and johnson & johnson could be days away, the stage set for the cdc review after the fda also approved mixing and matching boosters. it comes as the white house unveils its massive plan to begin vaccinating 28 million children between the ages of 5 and 11 who could qualify for their first shots of pfizer's
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vaccine as soon as early november. the logistical rollout using trusted sites like schools and community centers to ensure families have easy access to the free vaccine. >> why is vaccinating kids in this age group so important? >> it will help bring infection numbers down across the community for everybody. >> reporter: pfizer's vaccine, the same formula used for adults, just a smaller dose t white house saying they'll prepackage the child-size vials. more than 25,000 doctor's offices, 100-plus hospitals, and tens of thousands of pharmacies nationwide will be ready for quick distribution. 7-year-old lydia and her 5-year-old sister bridgett participated in the vaccine trial. was there any hesitation in getting your children involved in the trial? >> none whatsoever.
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megan and i had both been vaccinate and we felt comfortable personally. >> we wanted to teach them science is important and it's important to give up. >> we were sort of scared if we got covid. now we know it will probably protect us from covid. >> reporter: but amid protests, a new study from kaiser says most parents won't get their kids vaccinated. 32% will wait and see, and 24% say they definitely will not. >> we're not anti-vax. that's not what we're saying. we're saying this is a new science, quote/unquote. it needs to be proven. >> reporter: the massive rollout to vaccinate children and the growing fight against it. >> good news indeed on kids' vaccines and boosters. i'm team moderna myself. still ahead, a grim discovery in the search for brian laundrie. he's been named in the death of
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gabby petito. the police have found human remains. >> and an attack in syria. what the military is saying about that. those stories and a check on the weather when we come right back before the sun rises in washington, d.c. fore the sun ri washington, d.c. are you tired of clean clothes that just don't smell clean? downy unstopables in-wash scent boosters keep your laundry smelling fresh way longer than detergent alone. if you want laundry to smell fresh for weeks, make sure you have downy unstopables
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u.s. military leaders are calling an attack on a base in southern syria as, quote, deliberate and coordinated." it happened at a base near the border of jordan and iraq. military officials say it appeared to include at least one drone strike and a number of rockets. the u.s. military are deployed there to counterattacks. no american troops were injure order killed. it's not yet clear who carried
2:14 am
out the attack. new discoveries in the search for gabby petito. nbc news correspondent sam brock has the latest. >> reporter: police and fbi agents have spent weeks combing the florida national preserve searching for brian laundrie, his last purported location. there's a tent, human remains. >> investigators found human remains along with personal items such as a backpack and notebook belonging to brian laundrie. these items were found in an area that up until recently had been under water. >> reporter: the 23-year-old is wanted for questioning in the disappearance of his fiancee gabby petito and debit fraud charges. his parents said he went hiking in that preserve in september and never surfaced.
2:15 am
laundry returned to florida without petito. she was later discovered dead in a wyoming national forest with an autopsy that said she was strangled. his parents went to the park to search for brian. some articles belonging to brian were found. >> our evidence response team is on scene using all available forensic resources to process the area. >> reporter: the last confirmed sighting of petito was august 27th, two weeks after the moab police stopped them after bystanders reported domestic violence. no charges were filed. petito's tragic disappearance and death sparked national attention. still ahead, the braves are one step closer to the world series while my boston red sox on are the brink of elimination. sports is next. rink of eliminat. sports is next
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snow balls, two strikes. that ball is hit well into left field. taylor at the track. the wall, she's gone. eddie rosario with a home run. opposite field smash, and the braves strike first. duvall gives it a ride and this one's going to fly. adam duvall with a home run. the braves go back to back, 2-0. >> that's the braves taking an early lead over the dodgers yesterday with back-to-back home runs in the second inning. two of the four hit by atlanta in the game. the first of a pair clubbed by eddie rosario who scored four runs, finishing short of a cycle. in atlanta, they win 9-2, and they take a commanding 3-1 lead against the heavily favored
2:20 am
dodgers in the best of seven in the national league series. the braves can punch their tirkt to the world series, a first since 1999, with a win tonight against los angeles. meanwhile, the red sox. they're now on the brink of elimination after last night's 9-1 loss against the astros in game favor of the alcs. houston's player had a run in the fifth. that play by hunter renfroe was the biggest of the game. the lefty would become the first pitch ther postseason to complete eight innings on the mound. he also received support. sparked by an error by kyle schwarber. the team's once hot bats have gone cold. that, my friends, is not going to get it done. taking a 3-2 lead in the
2:21 am
series, houston will look to finish off the red sox at home in game six tomorrow night. the broncos and browns will kick off tonight. baker mayfield will not be on after he played the last four games with a torn labrum in his left shoulder. case keenum will start in his place. turning now to nba at opening night at madison square garden where the new york knicks outlasted a career-high 46 points by the celtics, jalen brown. they defeated boston, 138-134. it cap as bad night for the new england sports. that's why i'm so grumpy. in new orleans the philadelphia 76ers appeared unfazed by the absence of their player. in memphis the grizzlies' player
2:22 am
made an early entry for dunk of the year. >> mobley, smothered by jarrett. loose ball picked up by the grizzlies. melted. lobbed. oh. >> oh, baby! >> is that was ridiculous. the alley-oop is good for two of morant's play. and drake helps from the sidelines. he engaged with washington's montrezl harrell in some trash talk that earned harrell a technical foul. washington wins 98-93. time for the weather. let's go to meteorologist bill karins for the forecast. how's it looking out there, bill? >> we had a huge storm coming into the west. that's going to be the big
2:23 am
story. we're going to fill up a little bit some of those reservoirs. we're going to put out some of those fires. that's great news. this storm in the west is spinning off the northwest coast today. it's going to bring heavy rains into northern california and into the coastal states of washington state. this storm and another one over the weekend are going to be impressive. at the highest of elevations, we're going to get our first significant snow. some of those ski areas like mammoth lakes, some are not opening, but they're going to start opening up the bases, especially at the peak. we could get a foot and a half of snow out of this. the rainfall totals, the burn scars are going to be very vulnerable to flooding. don't be surprised to see pictures of that when we return on monday morning. look how warm. d.c., 78. yesterday was 80 with a record-high at newport and
2:24 am
laguardia. today, cooler around minneapolis and chicago. let's talk about the weekend forecast. starting with friday. there's that big rainstorm still affecting the northwest. notice pretty much everywhere east of the rockies, dry and sunny and decent weather. a few showers in northern maine and a couple of hit-and-miss showers in miami. saturday's forecast, cooler in the northeast but dry. it looks sunny and warm in the middle of the country. then a new storm will move into the west, and then we'll see rainfall moing into into the northwest. then the clouds will move into the northeast on sunday. i think saturday is your choice day for the northeast and in the great lakes and ohio valley. on saturday, you know, depending on how things go in houston, you may have some extra time on your hands. >> bill karins, you had to go
2:25 am
there. but i don't blame you. may i may be taking advantage of the cool weather in the northeast if things go poorly tomorrow night. we appreciate it bill. still ahead, once again, senate republicans block legislation to bolster voting rights. we'll talk about where that fight stands on capitol hill. but before we go to break, we want to know why are you awake? i'm your reasons to or tweet me @jonlemire. use the #waytooearly, and we'll read our favorite answers later in the show. o furavorite answe in the show. chronic migraine, 15 or more headache days a month each lasting 4 hours or more, you're not the only one with questions about botox®. botox® prevents headaches in adults with chronic migraine before they even start, with about 10 minutes of treatment once every 3 months. so, ask your doctor if botox® is right for you, and if a sample is available. effects of botox® may spread hours to weeks after injection causing serious symptoms. alert your doctor right away, as difficulty swallowing, speaking, breathing, eye problems, or muscle weakness
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welcome back to "way too early." it's just before 5:30 on the east coast, 2:30 out west. i'm jonathan lemire. for the second time this year senate republicans prevented the freedom to vote act from moving forward after senate minority leader mitch mcconnell said his parties would oppose it. the bill would allow automatic and same-day voter registration and no-excuse mail-in voting and make election day a holiday. it fell short 60 votes. chuck schumer later voted no in order to request another vote down the line over the senate procedure. after yesterday's vote, schumer spoke from the senate floor. >> every single republican senator just blocked this chamber from having a debate, simply a debate from protecting americans' right to vote in free and fair elections. a little over a year ago, our country held the safest, most
2:30 am
accessible, most on-the-level elections in modern history. republican obstruction is not a cause for throwing in the towel. as soon as next week, i'm prepared to bring the john lewis voting rights advance management act back here to the floor. what we saw from the republicans today is not how the senate is supposed to work. >> president biden later wrote in a statement, the senate, quote, needs to act to protect the sanction credit constitutional right to vote, which is under assault, he says, by proponents of donald trump's big lie. but he did not express support for changing the long-standing filibuster vote, which requires 60 votes for most legislation to proceed in the senate. georgia state representative brad raraffensperger. he said the country needs another exam nation of election practices like the one in 2005 that was co-chaired by former president jimmy carter and
2:31 am
secretary of state james bake e democrat, republican. raffensperger was forced into the spotlight last year after donald trump asked him to look into voter fraud in georgia. let's start there with axios's reporting. how does this work with raffensperger. how is it with the most secure election in u.s. history? >> i think this is something of a safe harbor for him. his state was a ground zero for some of the election disputes last november. he's been pilloried by donald trump and the republican party over his handling of the election. democrats have offered proposals, ways to try and improve the voting process, and so by calling for independent commission, that seems to be the safe maribor every politician
2:32 am
falls back to when they can't find their way out of a problem but they want to show they're committed to find some solution. ironically we're at the 20th anniversary of something that seemed to have clarified and called into question the integrity of the voting process, the disputed election in the george bush/al gore election, and yet here we are 20 years later with the commission chaired by jimmy carter and james baker in 2005 and on and on and really no progress in securing or clarifying the voter integrity of the century. >> are there measures and considerations in some of the other states where there's been scrutiny over the election results, most of it brought without evidence by republicans? >> i mean was there control by the republicans? you see the opposite. you see them moving ahead with laws that would make it somewhat harder to vote or raise a higher
2:33 am
bar for who can vote. you saw what happened down in georgia, things like restricting, providing sustenance to people waiting in line. you've seen others remove it from the secretary of state and give it to different legislatures in certain cases. in states where there's been democratic control of the legislature where you see talks about ways to make voting easier, but no sort of national consensus about what needs to be done. >> moving to washington, they say you need to do more to protect voting rights on the federal level. we saw yesterday, of course, that vote. it never came to be. there was no debate in the senate about that voting rights legislation. i'm sure it will be the same with the john lewis act when it comes. it's all about the filibuster and whether there can be any
2:34 am
sort of carveout or change to it. what are you hearing, glen, on axios' reporting on whether they can enact change in the voting rights legislation? >> i think what you've seen across the board is recalcification of the sfrur system whether we're talking voting rights, legislation,ing congress. republicans have shown incredible strength sticking together, maintaining this 50-vote block, and forcing the democrats to try to climb to pass major legislation. even in some areas where they've worked together, you know, ultimately passing a bill has made it harder because the republican party has stuck together. bit by bit, you've seen the
2:35 am
democrats talk about changing the filibuster provicks, and any time they get close, you see the senate minority leader mitch mcconnell pull back and offer them a third way that resolves the issue for the moment but doesn't go to that nuclear option of getting rid of the filibuster. so, you know, it's an intractable position between two parties right now. you have the republicans sticking very firm and the democrats not able to muster their votes to get the change they say they need in the filibuster process. >> glen johnson of axios, we really appreciate it. thank you, we'll see you again. still ahead, the totally different emergency called in by a 4-year-old in new zealand. "way too early" is back in a minute. w zealand. "way too early" is back in a minute
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after a tough couple of years, wouldn't it be nice to forget it all and sail around the world? now you can do just that. royal caribbean has announced its ultimate royal caribbean ship ""serenade of the sea"s." it will spend nine months departing from miami. it will stop at 75 destinations across countries. related. willie geist just called in sick. kamala harris celebrated her 57th birthday yesterday and received a sweet surprise from the commander in chief. take a look. >> really? ah, joe. i'm very touched. thank you. thank you. >> president biden swung by the vice president's office to give her flowers from the first lady
2:40 am
and a framed photograph of two of them which harris called her favorite. finally, this adorable emergency call made by an adorable 4-year-old is warming hearts around the world. >> >> what is your emergency? >> hello. >> hello. >> police lady. >> yes. >> what's going on snooki tell you something? >> you can tell me something. >> i've got some toys for you. >> you've got some toys for me. >> yep. come over and see them. >> the way he said police lady is really good. following the call, a policeman was dispatched to surprise the child and check out his toy collection. the officer confirmed the toys were indeed cool and had an educational chat with the boy about when to make emergency calls in the future. still ahead, congressman sean casten with the build back
2:41 am
better plan. and a look back on this date in history. in october 1960 kennedy and nixon spent an hour-long negotiation on foreign affairs. >> it's that that keeps the prestige of america up, not running down america the way senator kennedy has been running it down. comments, mr. kennedy? >> i agree we don't need mr. nixon to tell me what my responsibilities are as a citizen. t my responsibilities are as a citizen. smooths the look of fine lines in 1-week, deep wrinkles in 4. so you can kiss wrinkles goodbye! neutrogena® before nexium 24hr, anna could only imagine a comfortable night's sleep without frequent heartburn waking her up. now, that dream... . her reality. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts, for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn?
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a big pushback from a key democrat. the biden administration is reportedly looking into alt mat methods to foot the bill. this comes after senator kyrsten sinema of arizona came out against the initial proposal to increase the corporate tax rate to 28%.
2:45 am
the biden administration is now reportedly considering a range of other options including a stax on billionaires' assets, a new tax on corporationses, overhaul of tax revision and beefing up tax assessments. a spokesman reiterated that quote. the price tag for this legislation is zero. meanwhile the president returned to his roots to continue his build back better plan. he was in his hometown of scranton, pennsylvania, lag out the infrastructure bill. >> this has been declared on arrival from the moment i introduced it, but i think we're going to surprise them. i think people are beginning to figure out what's at stake. what are we doing? this is the united states of america, damnit. what are we doing? we haven't passed an infrastructure bill in decades for this country. last four years you hear every month is, you know, infrastructure month. didn't do a single damn thing.
2:46 am
nothing. i mean nothing for four years. we can't afford to sit while other countries pass us buy. we're going to breathe new life into this economy. >> you may have heard joe biden is indeed from scranton. the democrats worked to cut down the price tag of the plan without sacrificing their top priorities. joe manchin oob jecked to the clean energy electricity plan. congressman sean casten is with us. talk about this and the measures. do they do enough to compensate the removal? >> it is tragic it. makes me angry we're displacing this. that package, the package we
2:47 am
passed out of the house would reduce c02 emissions by 45% by 2030, which is massive, transformative, and not enough. what we're finding is the majority of the senate thinks it's not hot enough on this planet. we have provisions we're trying to bring back in. things are in flux, but we're doing everything we can. >> the president hat challenged individual lawmakers in recent days saying we need to have something substantial here, i'm going to go to this climate conference in scotland in a come of weeks and i need to re-establish america's moral leadership on climate change. how important to you think that is on the global stage and would those measures allow him to do so honestly? >> we're aware the whole west was on fire. two-thirds of the americans
2:48 am
experienced extreme weather. the fires were smaller than in australia and australia's were smaller than elsewhere. they're frankly underwermed for 40 years since kyoto they have not acted. what we need to do before copp is we need to say we've made mistakes in the past but we're prepared to lead. if we don't, we're not going to be very happy with countries who have significant economic clout but don't share with us. >> we mentioned manchin wants out and we heard from president biden saying, look, he's looking to get the deal done. you've voiced real displeasure. are you frustrated? how frustrate ready you with these two democrat iic senators
2:49 am
and perhaps with the democratic president? >> look. it's important to understand that all it takes is a majority. the problem as we sit here is not one senator. the problem is 52 senators who believe that pharmaceutical costs are too low apparently, that there isn't enough wealth inequality in the world, that the climate isn't heating up. that's a problem. i'll take any senator who's actually willing to stand up and do that. now, to be fair, if we get everything done, we still have a very transformative bill. we're doing fantastic things in here to lower -- you know, to provide seniors with access to dental and vision care, to expand access to child care. there's still some really good things in there, but the question is in this moment, are we going to do what scientifically is necessary or are we going to fall back on what's plilticily possible? the planet doesn't really care about the politics of a few senators, and we just have to keep that in mind as we push forward. >> all right.
2:50 am
congressman sean casten, we appreciate you. recall letter we asked why are you awake. becca rights, it's not too early. we made it to our trip to florida to he has a new work shift that starts at 5:00 a.m. anne shares this, the puppy and i are up to watch "way too early." i also received a note why someone asked not wearing a red tie supporting the red sox. we are off today. back at it tomorrow. up next, what to expect to hold steve bannon accountable. >> and coming up congresswoman jayapal. and we'll hear from general dr.
2:51 am
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>> i came face-to-face with these people. i will tell you -- you want me to describe what evil looks like? it's looking at those faces of people who police officers were in front of the door trying to protect all of us. they were smashing the windows open. people lost their lives and other lives were threatened and somehow we are asking questions about and trying to figure out why did this happened and who, give me a break. >> joining me is leanne caldwell. thank you so much for being here. let's start with steve bannon. walk us through what we can
2:55 am
expect today? >> good morning, the house is going to vote today to refer contempt charges to the department of justice. we expect all democrats to vote for this. we expect two republicans to vote for it. adam kinzinger and liz cheney who are on the republican select committee. they do not expect that to happen. it could be mostly partisan vote. after this, then it heads to the department of justice where the u.s. attorney for the district of columbia picks it up and have a choice if they're going to move forward or not. if the u.s. attorney does move forward then a grand jury is formed and these criminal contempt charges proceed, jonathan. >> it's obviously rising frustration level from systems about this investigation of
2:56 am
stonewalling from republicans. what do you say your timetable about the others, meadows and scavino and kash patel. >> right now meadows and patel they're doing the fair minimum to stay off these referral of criminal contempt. they're engaging with the committee that's not a full cooperation. as far as scavino is concerned, they gave him more time because he was served with his subpoena late. the committee tells me they don't have a lotpatient. they're not going to wait forever. you can see in the next week or too some more action especially on scavino, he out of the other three are least likely to cooperate. the committee also reminds me while these are the most high-profile case in this investigation, there are dozens
2:57 am
of people who are cooperating and they're getting thousands of pages of documents. why they think this people are necessary, they are getting a lot of information elsewhere. >> turning now to the infrastructure and reconciliation negotiations, we had some real fire from congressman caston about frustration of climate revisions being taken out of the legislation. it seems like he's not sure what measures can replace them. what's the latest you are hearing in terms of what could be in the bill and what could be fallout. i know it's not done until it's done. >> there is a lot of optimism. there is a lot of optimism of what to spend the money on. climate is the most contentious. i will say the climate provision, that does not break across moderates verses progressive line. there is a lot of frustration, one of the most difficult things
2:58 am
they're starting to really engage on is how to pay for this legislation and democrats got a huge blow yesterday with senator kirsten sinema continuing to say she does not want to increase taxes on the wealthy and corporations. two democratic senators are a roadblock to the critical component that democrats have run on for a long time, attacking climate change and undoing the 2017 tax cut and raising taxes on the wealthy to pay for it and so those are the still definitely the big challenges that lies ahead, that's going to bump up this october 31st deadline, it's going to be difficult to make jonathan. >> leanne caldwell. thank you very much. right now i am being consoled by joe, we are down. >> i know. 18-3. >> we knew it was coming. >> we knew it's coming.
2:59 am
>> things were too good for a few days. >> we knew it's coming. baltimore completely -- we knew this date is going to happen. >> six months. >> it's just the way it's. >> joe scarborough, we'll see you in a moment. >> be strong, be strong. >> i am trying. be brave. thank you all, leanne, for putting up with that and all of you for putting up with our state of depression of where the red sox are. down three games to two. we are looking forward to fort myers, thank you all for waking up "way too early" with us on this depressing thursday morning. joe scarborough is here and it's an important "morning joe" starts right now. we made progress since the voting rights passed, towards quality for work for a perfect union is never ending.
3:00 am
we'll continue to build on the legal equality run by the civil rights movement to help ensures every person enjoy this opportunity that this great land opportunity offers. >> in 2006 president bush signed into law in extension of the voting rights act, something approved by the senate days early by a 98-0 vote. fast forward to 2021 where senate republicans and the filibuster won't even allow a debate on the issue, let alone a vote. hopefully my husband deceded. >> good morning, along with joe and me and jonathan lemire and president of the national action network, reverend al sharpton. he's the