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tv   The 11th Hour With Brian Williams  MSNBC  October 21, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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and a programming note on our discussion here tonight, you can watch the peacock original film civil war on msnbc this sunday night at 10 pm, that's after succession, so you can watch it, you should recorded, you're going to want to watch it more than once, it is a really important documentary. that is tonight's last word, the 11th hour with brian williams starts now. >> good evening once again, day 275 of the biden administration, the fate of one of donald trump's key allies, steve bannon now matter for the justice department, the house of representatives has voted to refer him to the doj for possible the --
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one-time head of trump's campaign, later white house chief strategist, refusing to cooperate with a subpoena from the house committee investigating the insurrection, the riot at our capitol. today's house vote largely along party lines, to 29 2:02, with only nine republicans joining the democrats in voting yes, there was liz cheney of wyoming adam kinzinger of illinois, both members of the january six committee, also peter meijer, fred upton of michigan, john katko the upstate new york republican who negotiated a bipartisan deal for the investigation that was in rejected by gop leadership. today's yes votes also included, as you can see anthony council votes to ohio, jamie growler of washington state, those seven had all voted to impeach donald trump last year over the insurrection, the eight and nine gop votes brian fitzpatrick, pennsylvania, 90 mason south carolina who offered two reasons for her own
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decision. >> if mr. bannon wants to invoke executive privilege he should come before congress, there are other folks who have been subpoenas to work with the comedian to figure out what information to give over. when republicans are in majority in a year and a half as they believe they will be, i want to fight for the ability and the opportunity for us to have subpoena power. >> much of the afternoon was taken up by a rather fierce debate on the house floor over the effort to investigate the attack on the very building they were in. >> mr. bannon's own public statements to make clear, he knew what was going to happen before he did and us, he must have been aware, and may well have been involved in the planning of everything that played out. >> steve bannon was a private citizen before, after, entering january 6th. so why is this select committee interested in steve bannon?
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it's simple, he is a democrat party bogeyman. >> trump now tries to get his followers like steve bannon not to testify here, and not to turn over evidence that they have about this vicious assault on american democracy. in america, when you are subpoenaed to testify in court, or in congress, you show up, period. >> we are here, going back and forth, arguing if we should continue down a path, of yet another partisan investigation of questionable motives and purpose. >> as we mentioned, what happens next to one city van is now up to the feds, earlier on this network january 6th jamie raskin described the next steps. >> it's that the u.s. attorney for district of columbia, u.s. attorney must go before the grand journey to demanded a mint. we think that it's very likely,
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given the gravity of this matter is so overwhelming, and the facts are so clear that, he just blew us off. we think the department of justice will move forward,, we're certainly not gonna let anything drag on for a ten months, nothing like that. the attorney general has given no indication of whether he'll move ahead with these charges. today during the house judiciary committee, merrick garland sidestepped a question about his intentions. >> the department recognizes the important oversight role that this committee, the house of representatives, and the senate play with respect to the executive branch. the department of justice will do what it always does and circumstances, it would apply the facts and a lot to make a decision consistent with the principles of prosecution. >> now, there are however, new signs indicating how serious the feds appear to be about the sex trafficking investigation, involving trump ally and gop florida congressman matt gates.
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according to the new york times, the justice department has added to tell prosecutors from washington to the team working on that very case. the times puts it this way, the prosecutors, won a public corruption investigator with an expertise and child exploitation crimes, and the other a top leader of the public corruption unit, have been working on the florida-based investigation for at least three months. gates has not been charged with any crime, and has denied all wrongdoing. also tonight, and this is significant, the president is indicating that he is open to some sort of deal, some sort of reform to the filibuster. this issue was raised during a town hall tonight on cnn. >> when it comes to voting rights, just so i'm clear, you would entertain the notion of doing away the filibuster on that one issue, is that correct. >> and maybe more. >> the president also said, if you ventured into a discussion on the filibuster right now, he
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loses a least three votes on his shrinking domestic policy plans. but biden did say he'd think he'll get a deal. senate democrats had hoped to have the steal by the end of this week, today one of the holdouts, senator joe manchin, said he doubted that would be possible. manchin also had more to say about the report in mother jones that surfaced yesterday, which said he'd left threatened to leave the democratic party if the biden social spending bill wasn't trim. he, i he again denied that report, then he explained what he had told the president and majority leader schumer. >> me being a moderate, centrist democrat, if that causes your problem, i'm supposed to be an independent, but i'd still be caucusing with democrats,. >> one more item on this busy thursday night, and it's big news about covid boosters, tonight, the cdc has officially now approved booster shots for both moderna and johnson & johnson vaccines.
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one day after the fda authorized the additional shots. the cdc also endorsed the use of boosters that are different brands from whatever the vaccine dose you got originally. with that, let's bring in, shall we, are starting line on this thursday night. pulitzer prize-winning senior washington correspondent for the washington post, coauthor along with caroline-ing, i alone can fix it, donald j trump's catastrophic final year, robert costa national political reporter also with the washington post, his latest coauthored with bob woodward called peril, is in its third week on the new york times bestseller list. and barbara mcquade veteran federal prosecutor, former u.s. attorney for the eastern district of michigan, worked with the doj during the biden transmission, professor at the university of michigan law school her alma mater, in her spare time shoot cohost of the podcast sisters and lip law, along with joyce vance and jill
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wine-banks. after that lined up, good evening, and welcome to you all. counselor, indeed you're the only lawyer we've got here, we begin with you. what did today uncork in terms of a timeline, you hear congressman raskin trying to settle the base, and say let's talk about eight months nine months ten months, don't believe it. but isn't it true, this could be protracted and bannon knows that? >> oh, i think so brian, i'm sure we could see charges if the doj decides to charge them, within weeks nominates. but if there is to be a trial, and perhaps even an appeal after the conviction, that it is likely to take months. that's why i think this vote to hold bannon in criminal contempt, is much more about punishment than about coursing him to comply. i think they're sending a message to beware of other witnesses who might be inclined to think about if i'm subpoenas, and to protect their own institutional power and the
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power they have to issue subpoenas. >> robert, if you would, cast coauthor modesty aside for a moment, and tell the people watching who have not read your book terrell, what it is about steve bannon, the days around when six that is at the heart of this case. >> what matters about january 6th is president trump. what did trump do, who talked to on the day of the insurrection, but also in the days prior? and what we've revealed in our book, bob woodward and i have reported the bannon spoke to trump on december 30th 2020, saying it's time to kill the biden presidency in it in the crib, make sure he can govern, focus on the sixth, bannon said to trump in a phone call. this is a moment where trump began to pivot and focus intensely on pressuring vice president prance to try to move the election to the house.
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on january 5th, the night before the insurrection, at the willard hotel he step for the white house with rudy giuliani, jason miller, talking to trump who is calling from the white house, updating them on pants, same pence is very arrogant, he's not moving, and they make a decision that night, late at night, then issue a statement saying pence is in total agreement with trump on moving the election to the house. even though, pence, of course, is not. this is about, trump, bannon, and giuliani coordinating in efforts to overturn the election, and prevent biden from taking office. >> phil rucker, i know you recall all too well the presidency of donald trump that you covered, let's just say this white house and doj do not enjoy the same symbiotic relationship. it was as if doj had moved into the west wing for a time there. so, how does the white house handle this, going forward? >> well, brian, this is an
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administration, the biden administration, that is trying to stick to the traditional norms, the traditional independence that the justice department enjoys from the political machinations at the white house. they are trying to restore that pillar in our government that was so solid in the years of the trump presidency. and so, this becomes a very tricky political football for merrick garland, the attorney general, to deal with. we're seeing right now for the biden white house, a desire to keep some distance from the ultimate decision that the justice department is going to have to make about bannon's fate. and yet, we have heard, some suggestions from president biden that he thinks these subpoenas should be honored, should be enforced on capitol hill. we also heard from merrick garland, today, that he would be revealing this, looking at the law looking, i was right. he gave a very vague statement, it was not the sort of political leaning that we are
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used to seeing from the various -- from the two attorneys general who served under president trump, who are much more willing to get out there politically and do some quarterbacking on behalf of their boss, the president. not so, right now, so we can look for the justice department in the next days and weeks to come, to be taking it more sober assessment of the facts of the case as it relates to bannon, and whether is executive privilege argument holds up considering his now private citizen and i, was not been in the government since the end of 2017. >> absolutely right, hey barb, let's go from unsavory topic to unsavory topic, and talk about mr. gates. you probably don't want to beat congressman gaetz right now, doj has taken two big hitters on the bench and put them into this florida investigation, i want to put our mutual friend your cohost joyce vance who was guest here last night. she said this on social media
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today, it's not an usual for doj's public integrity section to work with a u.s. attorney's office on a case involving a politician but, it suggests that someone thinks the case is going somewhere. >> barb do you concur? >> i do, brian, i mean this is asking for resources to come out of washington, the public integrity section is not large. and so, they have to be very selective about the cases that they're going to join and avoid those resources to. they get lots of requests, and lots of referrals all over the country. but they are the specialist we have the expertise to come in and assist of those local prosecutors, so the prosecutors in florida certainly know their court know their judges, know the process in their community, but having those specials from washington who have focused on these kind of cases in the past, can be very helpful. but i agree with joyce in not because of the scarcity of those lawyers, they are only going to go where they're needed when it appears to be
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something is about to happen. it suggests to me that they are looking very seriously and filing charges in this case, and staying in for the long haul, meaning the trial that would file. >> robert, it is okay to use the word transactional in your answer. how strong is bannon's allegiance to trump, and vice versa? >> bannon is doing exactly what trump wants. he is now back in the trump circle, in a sense, he was out of it for years after his break with president trump in 2017. but it's clear he was talking to president trump during the final days of the administration. but brian, it's not just about the phone calls between bannon in trump. think about the proximity of where this will it war room was on the night of january 5th, we try to answer as many questions as we could, peril, but there are many unanswered questions for this committee. especially this one, did people who were in the ban and loot giuliani war room at the willard, communicate or have
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any exchanges in any way with the gathering crowd of about boys and oath keepers who are outside that same hotel that same night. that was the mob that was gathering, and hollering, and clashing with police on the night before. and they were in the same exact block as bannon giuliani jason miller and, others. and for the fbi, the doj, and congress. the real question is where did lines intertwined if they did. >> phil rucker, let's move forward to tonight's events in baltimore, the cnn town hall, with a president who is indeed made news, a bunch of rhetoric reporters on twitter were saying that all the reporting over the last few days went down the drain when biden went ahead and verbally superseded everything they've been told. he opened the door towards filling around with the
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filibuster, but still fill up, the question comes down to, what do you do about sinema and manchin, who remain amazingly democrats? >> you know, it is a real problem for the biden presidency and has been for months now. the fact that there are our divides on multiple issues among the democrats and there's not any room for division when you look at a 50 plus one senate majority, that they currently have. this issue of the filibuster, biden has resisted coming out for the filibuster for months now despite pressure from the liberal flank of the democratic party, who have felt that on a number of issues, chief among them the voting rights bill, coming out to get rid of of the filibuster is essential for passing that legislation. which they see as core, not only to the democratic parties sort of values and agenda, a core to the parties very survival. when you look at the tougher
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voting laws that have gone in so many states around the country, in the run up to the 2022 midterm elections. so biden saying he's willing to consider getting rid of the filibuster in order to pass the voter rights legislation, it's a pretty significant moment for this presidency. it shows that his hope for bipartisanship may be waning, especially on that issue. a voting rights. and that he's willing to do what's some could call the nuclear option, in order to get that piece of legislation through. after many months now, ten months now of it's sitting without much progress on capitol hill. >> we have covered a lot of ground with these three friends tonight, greatly appreciate our thursday night starting line. for philip rucker, robert costa, and barbara mcquade, thank you. coming up for us, 288 days after hiding from rioters, the house votes to hold a suspected insurrection ringleader in contempt. and we are left of course, with the question, that would be,
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why most republicans apparently don't want to know what's steve bannon knows. and later, he was busy writing books as a bestselling author in till he saw what was happening to our country, he decided to fight the good fight on social media and videotape and you have probably seen his work on this broadcast and others. all of it, as the 11th hour go gets underway, on this day marking the tenth anniversary of the memorial to the reverend dr. martin luther king junior. dr. martin luther king junior. dr. martin luther king junior. ♪ this is how we do it ♪ ♪ this is how we do it ♪ (tools drop) (squeaking sound) ♪ this is how we do it ♪ turns out, montell jordan knows how to do almost everything. and it turns out the general is a quality insurance company that's been saving people money for nearly 60 years. ♪ this is how... ♪ i got it, i got it, i got it. for a great low rate, and nearly 60 years of quality coverage make the right call - and go with the general. the sleep number 360 smart bed is on sale now.
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the communist revolution and now it's up to all of us to stop it. >> just a repeat that woman is a member of congress, mtj decided to sit down and share a bit of her wisdom with the only podcast host under active subpoena from congress. this should promote the hold the show that way, to that end, here is how republicans on the house floor chose to characterize the bipartisan investigation into the attack on the capitol. >> why are we here, on the floor of the house of representatives listening to the democrats and socialist, and the republican puppets, reviewing steve bannon's podcast? the >> select committee despises steve bannon's politics, so they're abusing their power to put him in jail. >> we know with this really about, we know this about getting out president trump. when president trump was american -- present they got their president peasants on time. >> because they can't build back better, they've just
11:23 pm
decided to build back meter. >> back with us tonight, don calloway, democratic strategist -- voter protection action fund. and mark mckinnon, informant adviser to both george w. bush and john mccain, also among the cohost of the circus on showtime. gentlemen, good evening to you both. does i'd like to begin with you, i'd like to us both to begin by looking to something adam schiff said on this network. >> i was surprised, it's telling about this year when you're surprised and delighted to get as many as nine republicans to hold our system of checks and balances and hold people to account when they issued subpoenas. >> don, here's the question, were you surprised. and were you surprised at the ability of a mccarthy to in effect say, we need you on this one we need you to get behind the white supremacists? >> [laughs]
11:24 pm
you know, i have some time ago stopped being surprised at the duplicity of the kevin mccarthy. he is some of the worst elements of the republican party, and the republican condescend tv packed into a, and a more acceptable package if you will. so, i'm not surprised that kevin mccarthy's feckless spinelessness. overall, if i think about it i'm a lot more surprised that democrats overall have moved to hold steve bannon in contempt. as you recall, a few weeks ago, as you called it, we got spicy between myself in the gentleman from maryland, mr. steele. because i didn't think that democrats were willing to take the political risk in the light of the 22 midterms, to hold town and accountable, and his it'll accountable for dismissing the congressional subpoenas. so, i'm just really shocked and
11:25 pm
yet encouraged at this overall turn of strength and turn of somewhat intestinal fortitude by the democratic party, which i did not see coming whatsoever. >> mark, about this figure of nine republicans, you and i are old enough to remember what my father called the republican party, the law in order party. remember that? >> i do, was not long ago, brian. and that's a great point because it testifies to where we are, that we're encouraged that there were nine republicans we. but, it was more than just those who voted for trump's impeachment, there were a couple of others. and i noted that, the congresswoman who was, you had a clip on earlier, mentioned that she was voting for president reasons. she said, listen we think we're gonna be in power after next november, and we want to be able to enforce subpoenas.
11:26 pm
so, i think she recognizes the obvious, which is that congress should have the power of subpoena on either side and it should be enforceable, it should have teeth. i think one thing we're discovering through this process, by the way i know this steve bannon is delighted to have this going on, i think he will promote his podcast exactly the way you described. he's using it as a badge of honor. trump of course is going to think it's fantastic. and we know that the the -- is doesn't have that much. keith i think the penalty is a year and most. so i look to this process, one of the thing that comes out of the backside, is that the power of subpoena get strengthened by future congress >> don, what is your level of confidence in it merrick garland >> we >> i have a pretty high level high level of confidence in merrick garland, it's his first opportunity perhaps in his legal career or at least in the last 25 years, to act in a way that is not judicial. meaning, he can take aside and
11:27 pm
go hard at it. as opposed to having to be this even-handed judicious figure on this court. and all of the years that he was auditioning for the supreme court, and the seat that was stolen from him, which would have probably been the crowning achievement of his career. well that lens has shifted, and now he exists in now a partisan fashion but a fashion in which he can take a clear position here. and there is a clear position on all things related to january six, be it congressional subpoenas, which we're dealing in an instant case. or the overall much larger umbrella attempt to thwart democracy, in the interest of one donald j trump. so i think mayor jay garland, his personal feelings about not being on the supreme court aside here, he's gonna do the right thing. and i think that, you know, it's fairly non controversial to be passionate and pursue justice in light of what happened on one six year. so i expect a lot out of merrick garland.
11:28 pm
>> mark mckinnon, i'm coming to you after the break, both these gentlemen are gonna stay with us. coming up, the governor of texas continues his push to prove he loves taught trump the most. e he loves taught trump th most
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with dermatologist tested levels of hydration. get top derm-ingredients at a fraction of the price. try the new dermageek skincare lineup, with a money-back guarantee. in the state of texas, governor
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greg abbott appointed an attorney who briefly represented donald trump, in challenging the 2020 election results to be the new secretary of state, in texas. not to be outdone, in florida,
11:32 pm
governor ron desantis is following abbott's lead on covid, asking the legislature to block the blight biden administration's vaccine mandates. still with us, don calloway, mark mckinnon, mike this is so on brand i don't know how immersed you are in the minutiae of texas politics these days. but what should we know, what should be to think about this new guy i bet is put up as secretary of state, and if we weren't in polite conversation we'd probably ask, is he a student who would fold with one phone call from abbott's boss? >> well sure he would, he's one of the lawyers who made the texas appeal on behalf of donald trump. so, he's bought and paid for by donald trump already. so this is fascinating to watch, the back and forth between abbott and desantis to see you can kiss the shoots faster in china better, this is an
11:33 pm
interesting thing on the texas front, on the elections front, because admin is responding to the pressure to audit the state of texas, which trump won by a lot, which is abbott offered to audit the four largest democratic counties, so i think this is in part a response to that. let me just note that the lieutenant governor of texas, and patrick offered 1 million dollar reward a year ago, for any example of voter fraud. well, today, it was reported that he paid $25,000 for somebody from pennsylvania for what found one example of voter fraud, and guess what, it was someone who voted fraudulently twice for donald trump. >> amazing, don here we are in 2021, did you ever think you would see this race to be all things trump, two grown men who
11:34 pm
are willing, it seems, to do just about anything to get the love of the crowd that loves him. >> you know, i think we started along this path, perhaps in 2015 when donald trump descended from the escalator talking about mexicans sending their worst people. but i think it was actually long before that. i remember being shortly out of college, reading books such as the end of reason by al gore. coincidentally, i gave a lecture at north carolina central university to the justice students, and none of them almost knew who al gore was. so congratulations gentlemen, we're all old. i think we have long since distilled our politics into a cult of celebrity, into an exercise of soundbites, and into a far left with each passing day, substantive exercise. that's why i would warn democrats, in the great state of texas, now to elect matthew
11:35 pm
mcconaughey, or not to elect sexy candidate of the moment. part of good governance, which democrats have always pursued, it is electing professionals, who understand public administration, to understand how government is supposed to be run, as a vehicle to make social change as well as promote the public good, and also security measures and such. that stuff matters, and i would occur just a look to elect professionals and capable humans, and let that be one of the overarching lessons of this extraordinarily bizarre trump era, and the era of those who choose to emulate his behavior. >> i don't know if you're calling for only competent people in politics, that's going to take it nationwide seems change, we will see what we can do. hey mark, i know you guys were talking about the virginia gubernatorial race this sunday, on the circus. what are you hearing from people, actual living breathing people who intend to vote in
11:36 pm
the commonwealth of virginia? >> well, brian, there's a lot of data out there that's bounced around for the last couple of days to shows the race moving, mcauliffe was up nine with independence now is down nine. my experiences anecdotal, but it's also during a time in campaigns, when i had no two weeks now, throw away all the data, i look at the momentum. i gotta tell you, it feels about real momentum shift for glenn youngkin. he's tapped into this parents schools, he's run out really a hyperlocal race, while mcauliffe trying to run a national race. youngkin is done a good job of keeping trump at arms length, and making it all about virginia local schools and parents. and i gotta say, the rally i was at, who's very organic, it was very pumped up, people are on fire. it just feels like the wind is that youngkin's back, right now, probably it's a state that
11:37 pm
biden won by ten points. mcauliffe springing in all the big guns, obama, biden, harris was there today, we had that on cameras today, for a 100th episode, which will be sunday so like i said, youngkin's getting some ground right now, whether or not he'll make it up in a pretty democratic state, is a good question, but he's really keeping trump at an arm's length, and running much more of a reagan bush classic conservative message, uniting not dividing like trump, he's making it very on trump campaign. >> mark, you're the third person to come on our broadcast last couple of days to say something similar. and i respect your expertise on this era, don calloway, mark mckinnon, lincoln university on the board, gentlemen, thank you both for coming out. coming up for us, author don window is here to talk about whatever happened to consequences? whatever happened to consequences consequences
11:38 pm
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mass act of corruption in the sense of intellectual corruption, the corruption of ideas and belief, and principle, and surrendering it to the cynicism of power. >> former gop strategist steve schmidt, who by the way will be our guest on the broadcast here tomorrow night, mincing no words, never does on those 202 house republicans who voted against refrain steve bannon first criminal contempt. as our next guest recently posted, as was roundly quoted on this broadcast. can we bring back consequences? i missed consequences. well, a bunch of us do as well. we welcome to the broadcast don window, no known to interfere his viral political videos, with over 200 million views, he's also bestselling author of more than two dozen crime and
11:42 pm
mystery novels, including his newest city on fire, it's out in april of next year. there's a guy who writes books from new england, famously called on when, so america's famous totally tailors, that man's name is steven canning, that's all the intro window needs. i want to hear what's did it, i want to quote another author, what's the tipping point is, your guy living your life, writing books, minding your own business. what was it, of all the things that we've witnessed happening to our country, that made you a maker of videos, how did you start the first one, who is paying for this operation, they are not the length of the irishman, but these are hefty, and people are indeed sharing them? >> sure, we've come to a point in our country where i'm concerned about our country. i'm worried. that words lost their meaning. facts have no meetings.
11:43 pm
actions have no meetings. this started very early in the last administration, when we heard about alternative facts, what's an alternative facts? so, my partner, my friend, my buddy exchange delay or no and i, i'm not a big name, i'm not stephen king, but i have something of an audience, we have something of a platform. and we decided to do our best to try to tell americans in simple, plain language, what was going on. and that's what we've done. >> don, i want to play word association on just one question. i'll say two words, and you can go off. joe manchin. >> well, listen, joe manchin is for selfish purposes, blocking very important, critical legislations, in terms of voting rights, voting rights is the whole story right now. if we don't get that, we've
11:44 pm
lost everything. he's been blocking that, playing games with that, for his own selfish and private political purposes. >> let me ask you a potentially painful question i asked james carville on the show this week, and i intend to ask more of our guests who join us from the left side of the aisle, on the ledger. and that is, in your hearts, do you think the democrats are up to this? . >> yes, but they have to fight. we have to get aggressive, we have to start fighting, we have to be bringing the case to the american people. look, it took nine months to get this commission, and the times of the events of january 6th, some of the most shameful events in american history, a sitting president tried to overthrow the government of the united states. first through a coup, and then through violent insurrection, as you're showing now. and republicans are trying to
11:45 pm
tell us it didn't happen. that what we see, did not having. . and so, these events now, nine months have passed since that, before we get this commission going, that's vital because the republicans are playing their usual trumpian stall tactics, run out the clock, run out the clock, round the clock the clock is the enemy right now, they want to run this thing out until the midterms. until after the midterms. we need to get the american people to see what really happened, before the midterms. >> >> it's all what i call part of the frog boiling experiment, you mentioned it, trying to get us to not believe what we saw. on live television. the video we play here every night, i know that in your bio you spent a brief time of your life as an investigator. and i imagine the cases you investigated did not have hours, and hundreds of angles of crimes being crime committed,
11:46 pm
on video. some of it airing live on social media platforms, in realtime for all the world to see. that's what we're being asked not to see now. >> well that's exactly right, brian. i was uninvestigated for 15 years, i've never had evidence like we've had evidence. steve bannon, the director of chaos, the trump syndicate, the day before the insurrection told us all hell was gonna break loose, on audio and on video. and it's so critical now, it is so critical, that these hearings become public. that their televised. that's what made watergate watergate. you didn't see john been testifying behind closed doors, it was on television for the american people to see. and that's what we need to do now. >> if i gave you the following, if you can picture the face of a clock and if midnight is the end of our democracy, kind of
11:47 pm
like the debt clocks you see in a couple of american cities, what time is it right now? >> 11. we're in a crisis, we are absolutely in a crisis. and, listen, if the republicans win the midterms, and history says that that's likely, which is why we have to fight so hard to make sure that this doesn't happen. look what they're going to do, their first thing they'll do, is vote to impeach to president biden because they're liars and they're cowards. the second thing that they will do, is shut down any investigations of the january 6th events and the events that preceded it. and the third third thing they will do, is set donald trump up to run up again and win. >> don winds low has been our guest tonight. people who like what they have heard tonight, like with they've seen, he is just as active and just as outspoken on social media, where you can
11:48 pm
follow him on twitter and see the videos he has produced and put out on his own, with his partner. don, thank you very much for joining us. and thank you, i know you're a loyal viewer, we appreciate you the. wait fun having you. >> thank you, and thank you for having me. bryan >> coming up for us, after this neck break, we have reports tonight on this new delta plus variant in the uk. and the most important question, of course, whether or not it poses a threat to us here. t it poses a threat to us here. - if you want a rockstar team like ours, poses a threat to us here.
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11:52 pm
plus, may be to blame. nbc news correspondent matt bradley has our report from london. >> tonight, the uk reported more than 50,000 new cases its, highest number in three months, as officials are investigating a new mutation of the virus being referred to as delta plus. overall cases are up 18% in just the past week, deaths have risen by 11%, despite -- fast and thorough vaccination programs. british doctors now demanding answers and actions. >> i think i've learned from, previous mistakes, that we keep making and unfortunately people lives are being lost daily as a result of this. >> but so far, the government has said it won't impose its so-called plan b. including requiring masks indoors and vaccine passports. instead, they're urging more people over 50 to get booster shots. and say covid's pressure on british systems is still bearable. >> it remains a threat, we're looking closely at the data it
11:53 pm
will be implementing our plan b of contingency measures at this point. >> and just yesterday, doctor anthony fauci telling lester, delta plus does have mutation but at this point it's not cause for alarm in the u.s.. >> we're keeping an eye on it it, but there really is no reason at this point to be overly concerned about it. >> well here in the uk, that delta mutation formally called a wife or point to, it makes up 6% of cases. the fight scientists still don't know if it's deadly or more contagious than the original delta. >> matt bradley, with that report from, london tonight. with our thanks of course. coming up, the democrats who aren't watching what's being said about them on the other side are ignoring it at their peril. as we will show you. peril. as we will show you.
11:54 pm
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try the new dermageek skincare lineup, with a money-back guarantee. last thing, before we go tonight, this is one of the many services we provide. we keep up with a crazy so you don't have to, specifically these two clips identified by the folks at right-wing watch, the first one, is a conspiracy quack named rick wildes. this is discovered a secret ingredient in the covid vaccine and he seems to have figured out the motive behind. it >> this is a global coup d'états by the most evil of all people on the planet, in the history of mankind, and if it is not stopped in the very near future, they will win. that's what's at stake, control of the world. they're planting, they're putting eggs in peoples bodies. if you didn't see it yesterday,
11:59 pm
you need to watch it. it's an egg that hatches into a synthetic parasite, and grows inside your body. this is like a sci-fi nightmare you. and it's happening in front of us new >> works for an outfit called true news. next up, this next fell up jeff bursting who seems nice, he has his own livestream and hates democrats. >> the democrats are a terrorist organization, they are no different than isis, they are no different than al-qaeda, they are no different than boko haram, they are no different than hamas, they are no different than hospital, they are no different than north korea, they are no different than the nazis, they are no different than the communists, because that's what they are. there are no different in the ccp. these people are pure bred evil
12:00 am
satanic communists. and they want to rule over us, and it's not going to happen. it is never going to happen? them >> any national democrat who is tempted to dismiss any of it as french, would be well counsel to look back at what was considered french just five years ago. and for those of you playing our home game, you can simply google the famous frog boiling experiment. that is our broadcast for this thursday night, with our thanks for being here with us, on behalf of all our colleagues at the networks of nbc news, goodnight. nbc news goodnight. tonight on all in, the house votes to hold steve bannon in contempt. >> if you act deliberately, with sneering cavalier contempt for the american people, we will hold you in contempt. >> congressman jeremy raskin on
12:01 am
the high stakes


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