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tv   Kendis Gibson and Lindsey Reiser Report  MSNBC  October 24, 2021 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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driver lost control. what we're learning about the eight others injured. deadly movie set shooting. the problems with the prop gun just hours before it killed a beloved cinematographer on a movie set. we're talking live with the attorney of a family member. major storms taking part in a country. it is an atmospheric river. people trying to prep, get groceries, looking to stay home. the watches and warnings in effect. as we say good morning, it is sunday, october 24th. i'm kendis gibson. fall officially here. no, with the storm, you know, it's very classic. >> yeah. it's not just going to affect the west coast either. it will sweep in the rest of the country. we have a team of reporters and
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analysts following the latest for us this hour. we are going to begin on capitol hill. could this actually be the week that we see democrats pass major legislation instead of just talking about it? >> how many times have we said that? >> a lot. yes. it's a good possibility though, really. with all sides pushing and optimistic outlook, at least publicly. senators joe manchin and kyrsten sinema may get on board. >> president biden was up front about the challenges with the two centrist senators but sounded confident he could get the deal to the finish line. >> josh is traveling with the president in delaware. does the white house think this could finally be the week that these big agenda items are passed? >> well, they sure hope so. democrats and president biden, kendis, could not be any more eager to be done talking about what they don't have and to be able to talk about what they
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have actually accomplished and to be able to run on that agenda over the next year as they get into the mid terms. the big question i think at this point as we get closer and closer to this deal that democrats from joe biden to nancy pelosi say is on the precipice of being done is does it end up looking like a half cupful moment or a half cup empty moment given that democrats are going to get, if this deal goes through the way we anticipate it at this point, one of the most striking reshapings of government spending that we've seen in a generation. really profound spending on top democratic priorities like paid family leave, like climate change, like education and other top priorities, but on the other hand, they are not going to get anywhere near the 3.5 trillion they had set out to achieve and a lot of those other priorities now on the chopping block like, for example, that two free years
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of community college that president biden has been talking about that it doesn't seem like they've been able to get senator manchin on board with. it looks like that will not end up in the bill. now of course a deal is not a deal until the is are dotted and the ts are crossed and there is still some work to do. nancy pelosi saying at the end of the week that they had 90% of the issues resolved but the white house told us that president biden would be spending the work weekend -- weekend working the phones to try to move this forward. we know yesterday the president here in delaware attended his granddaughter's lacrosse game but tomorrow he will be in new jersey for an event once again trying to push the agenda forward, trying to bring as much agenda and public support on the verge of being reached. kendis, lindsey? >> josh lederman thank you for setting us up for that. >> let's bring in one of the
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democrats that could be voting on the president's agenda very soon. congressman brendan argoyle. how close is this from actually happening? >> well, great to be with you. i have been optimistic throughout this process as long and as sometimes challenges as this may seem because as i've said before every democrat on capitol hill from the most conservative and progressive and liberal recognizes we need to pass both of these bills. i do believe we made pretty remarkable progress this past week. that i believe this could be the week that we do finally have the announcement. we won't be passing it in the house and senate but we could at least have the announcement that we finally have an agreement for all of the relevant parts. >> that would be huge news. congressman, we know that major
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climate summit in scotland next month, do you think there's pressure to get done so the u.s. can show up on the world stage and say, look, we can get big things done? >> yeah, i do. i'm proud of the fact that i'll be part of the congressional delegation that the speaker of the house is leading over to cop 26 after we complete our legislative work this week, of course. you know, if we send the president of the united states to cop 26 without some sort of agreement on dramatic investment in climate change, then it would just make his task more difficult at cop 26 to get the other world leaders to step up in the same way. so i feel an added pressure to do that and i hope others and i believe others in my party do. >> i do want to get this take on the bloomberg op ed. it is quite fascinating to me. i want to pop up some highlights. the author pitches joe manchin
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on leaving the democrats only if lisa murkowski agrees to lead the republicans. then the two could team up and form a powerful centrist caucus. is there still a place for joe manchin in the democratic party? >> i agree with the idea of lisa murkowski leaving the republican party but i do not agree with the idea of joe manchin leaving the democratic party. i campaigned with joe manchin in southwestern pennsylvania which borders west virginia. unfortunately since that time we have seen real democratic losses in areas like southwestern pa and southwest virginia. i think the future that i envision for the democratic party is building our party, not having people leave it. look, joe manchin is more centrist or conservative than i am, there's no question about that, but let's not forget that without him, we would not be even in this position. mitch mcconnell would still be the senate republican leader.
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if joe manchin, lisa murkowski and others want to exercise influence from the middle, they can still do that while manchin remains a proud democrat. >> before we let you go, i want to play you strong words from president obama. >> tell us your ideas. tell us why you think they're going to be better. tell us how it's going to help that man get a job or help that young person go to college or help that woman get a raise. just explain it. if you've got good ideas, people will flock to your ideas. but that's not what they're trying to do. instead, they're trying to rig elections. >> you've got a lot on your plate right now, but how high a priority is voting rights for democrats? >> first, i mean, i would agree with everything former president obama just said and he pointed
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to another reason we need to get on with this infrastructure, build back better act business because we then absolutely must turn towards securing the right to vote, the most fundamental right in our society. i am worried about the weakening commitment to democracy that we see from the republican party. they are moving in a dangerous direction. we must pass at the federal level voting rights protections and knock out all of these state legislative laws that have further eroded the right to vote. >> congressman, before the mid terms? >> oh, yes. absolutely. as soon as possible but certainly before the mid terms. before the next major national election. >> all right. congressman brandon boyle, thank you. >> thank you. police in texas are investigating this morning after two young children were killed in a drag race accident yesterday afternoon. >> they say the driver lost
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control of his car at a small regional airstrip in the town of kurville, 60 miles northwest of san antonio. the vehicle plowed into parked cars as well as the crowd. a 6-year-old boy died at the scene. an 8-year-old boy was rushed to the hospital where he was declared dead. >> nbc news correspondent jay gray is following the news for us. what can you tell us? >> reporter: such a tragic situation there, one that's still being investigated by the police and other officials in the area. it was an independently sponsored drag racing event known as airport race wars 2. that's because they raced along a runway there at the small airport in kurville. you had that runway lined with vehicles and spectators as well. one of the drivers lost control, careened into those vehicles and then eventually into the crowd that had gathered there as you talk about. a 6-year-old boy died at the
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scene, an 8-year-old boy was transported and unfortunately died at the hospital as well. four others were taken by air ambulance to area hospitals including the driver of the vehicle. none of their injuries are considered life threatening. you had two people at the race who were treated at the scene and released and then you had two other young children. you had a 4-year-old boy as well as a 3-month-old little girl that were taken to the hospital for what's being called evaluation. as for the investigation, kurville police are handling that at this time. all they say is it is active and ongoing. we hope to learn a lot more about how all of this unfolded as we work through the day. >> jay gray joining us from dallas following that tragic story there. appreciate it. ammunition and accountability. a deadly movie set mishap is sparking a firestorm of calls about safety. from allegedly inexperienced prop masters to a gun with a history of misfires and claims
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of unsafe work environments. >> there needs to be a culture change and that's not going to come from the top right now and so we're going to have to push for it from the bottom. >> we're also going to take a look at another life lost behind the scenes. the legal parallels between this and a camera operator killed on a train. family attorney joins us live next. an alternative to pain pills voltaren is the first full prescription strength gel for powerful arthritis pain relief... voltaren the joy of movement ♪darling, i, i can't get enough of your love babe♪ ♪girl, i don't know, i don't know,♪ ♪i don't know why i can't get enough of your love babe♪
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we're turning back to the latest developments on a movie set shooting. alec baldwin is meeting with the husband and son of the cinema toll low gist. this is them walking and hundreds gathered for a candlelight vigil in new mexico
4:16 am
last night to honor hutchins legacy. >> hutchins father is speaking out for the very first time since the tragedy telling the sun new hampshire that the blame is on the movie armory team and not on baldwin. nbc news correspondent erin mclaughlin is joining us with the very latest. good morning. >> reporter: we are still no closer to understanding how a live round capable of killing made its way onto the set of "rust." >> overnight a vigil held in albuquerque, new mexico, to remember cinematographer helena hutchins. >> no one should dion a film set ever. >> the 42-year-old was killed on the movie set "rust." after alec baldwin fired a prop gun. baldwin seen comforting hutchins husband and son. amidst the despair and sadness,
4:17 am
countless despair and sadness. nbc has learned days before the tragic shooting the gun in question was involved in other accidental misfires. the "l.a. times" reporting baldwin's stunt double accidentally fired two rounds after being told it was cold. the same thing yelled moments before baldwin shot and killed hutchins telling the "l.a. times" there should have been an investigation into what happened. there were no safety meetings. there was no assurance that it wouldn't happen again. all they wanted to do was rush, rush, rush. hours before hush chins tragic death nbc has learned several crew members walked off set concerned about the film's safety procedures. rust's production company said it was not notified of any official complaints. >> i think a charge of negligent homicide is likely in this case but not necessarily for the person who pulled the trigger. more likely for those in the chain of command.
4:18 am
>> new allegations against dave halls. the assistant director for safety on set and the man who handed baldwin the loaded gun. licensed piro technician claimed halls failed to maintain a safe environment when she worked with him on a previous project basically yelling at people that we need to get things done, ignoring people when they say they need a minute to do something safely. >> same things that happened on our show happened here but with much more devastating effects and you can't help but think did i do enough? >> reporter: nbc reached out to blumhouse televisions regarding gall's complaints. no complaints received regarding safety concerns adding the company does not comment on personnel matters. a source close to the production said a complaint had been
4:19 am
launched against galls. it was made in 2019 and he was not rehired by the studio again. halls declined to comment when reached by nbc news. guys? >> erin mclaughlin, thank you. appreciate it. incidents like this unfortunately aren't new to the film industry? >> camera assistant sarah jones was killed by train on the set of the movie "midnight rider." a jury said it was due to negligence from multiple parties after the crew was placed on an actual live train track. >> joining us is jeff harris, the family attorney. >> good morning. >> do you see any similarities between the jones case and the incident here that happened in new mexico? >> well, based on the reporting that's coming out now, i do. it seems like this is another situation where you had a crew who was stressed, they were being asked to work long hours
4:20 am
and most importantly, there were prop previous safety related problems that weren't taken seriously. those are some of the things that happened in sarah's case. i thought we were making progress in the industry after sarah's case because there was at least in my view a renewed focus on safety. what this incident tells us is any time you have something happen on set and people report it to management, there needs to be a stop in the production and you need to get to the bottom of what's going on and you need to renew your emphasis on safety. based on the reporting that i'm hearing, that didn't happen here. >> just to recap a little bit of what happened with sarah jones, she was working on this film "midnight rider." and the director moved the shoot from off of the train tracks to the actual trestle and there were some concerns after the fact that people were saying that they didn't feel safe, there was a lot of wind and also there were reports that say the crew didn't have permission to be on the tracks but they
4:21 am
weren't expecting a train. when i was reading up on this they were told they would only have 60 seconds to get out of the way. correct me if any of that is untrue. does this speak to a larger culture here in which maybe workers don't feel safe to speak up if they're not comfortable, even if it is an anonymous safety line? >> yeah. absolutely. one of the things that your viewers may not understand about movie sets, it's very hierarchical. you have a top down management structure. a lot of people working on the crews are young people getting a start in the business. they don't want to complain. they're afraid if they complain they'll black list. one of the things that came out of the sarah jones case is we need to empower people at every level of a movie set to be able to tell folks in charge, we're concerned about this, and there needs to be a top down focus on safety and if something happens
4:22 am
on a movie set that the crew feels is dangerous, then you need to have a conversation about it. you know, one of the things that came out of sarah's case was that crews started doing something called a jonesy which is at the beginning of the shoot every morning, people sit down and talk about what they're going to do during the day and talk about whether or not they're going to be doing something dangerous and make sure there are safeguards in place. in this particular incident it seems like there may have been another accidental discharge before. what should have happened, there should have been a renewed focus on figuring out why that ad took place and implementing whatever procedures need to be implemented to make sure everybody is safe. i mean, at the end of the day you're making movies and no one should ever die making a movie or a television show. it's just that simple. >> we were mentioning that "the
4:23 am
sun newspaper" got an interview with her father. he does not blame alec baldwin. who does sarah jones' family blame? >> they blame a systemic failure. that's generally how it works when something goes wrong in a movie set. it's not just one person making a mistake, it's multiple people who aren't doing their job and there's a saying in aviation that, you know, flying airplanes isn't dangerous, it's just unforgiving. the same applies to a movie set when you're doing something that could be dangerous, have you to follow the procedures and the policies very carefully. what we saw in sarah's case, there was a sort of systemic failure on multiple levels to not do what needed to be done in terms of safety. >> jeff harris, we thank you so much for coming on here and providing insight. thank you for your time. >> straight ahead, bracing for
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west coast can't catch a break. more than 100 million people on the west coast bracing right now for more severe weather. this time it will be extreme wet and winter like conditions set to hit california today. right now, in fact, threatening flash floods, mudslides and massive power outages. a trio of major storms expected to barrel down on the west coast first and then move into the midwest and mid-atlantic. michelle grossman is joining us now with the very latest timing and tracking of these storms. my snell. >> hey there, kendis. yeah, going to be a tough day for so many. we're looking at a once in a lifetime weather event for some
4:29 am
in northern california. we have a couple pieces of the puzzle. we have a bomb cyclone. we see a pressure drop of 24 millibars in 24 hours. that's coupled with an atmospheric river. just a plume of moisture, subtropical moisture. a lot of moisture. then it's hitting ground that has been scarred and burned from the devastating wildfire. we have a couple of things in play creating loss of life and loss of property. we're looking at heavy rain falling already in parts of northern california. you can see yellows, oranges. that's where we're seeing the heaviest rain falling. if you can stay indoors, it will be a tough, tough travel day for many. so heavy rain today. also some really heavy snow in the higher elevations. we could see up to 2 inches of snow. extreme rainfall in a short
4:30 am
amount of time. we've had days of rain and this will last through tuesday coupled with the heavy mountain snowmaking it tricky to travel in these areas. this rain is falling on grounds that have been scarred. so it's not able to absorb this heavy rain. we could see debris flow in a lot of areas devastated by wildfires. a flood threat will have flash flooding mudslides. be very careful in these areas. i can't say enough to heed these warnings. flash flooding comes quickly, it's dangerous, it's life threatening. you need to listen to your local officials. we could see up to 10 inches of rain on ground already saturated grounds. we have winter storm warnings where you see pinks, sierras, cascades. we could see up to 2 feet of snow in some spots. that will be lasting through tuesday. something to be careful as you hang out. very strong winds.
4:31 am
winds gusting up to 70 miles per hour. we could see power outages. 20 million people affected. alerts until thursday. gusts could exceed 70 miles per hour. rain is falling and it could loosen up the grounds. where you see the white lines, those are iso bars. when they're packed together, we're seeing really gusty winds. the biggest impact will be today into the early part of monday and then you really see the lines relax or get a little further apart. that means they will be a little bit calmer on monday. watching this through tuesday. we're watching the rainfall event. this has been a parade of storms over the past few days and then through tuesday as well. back to you guys. >> thank you. michelle grossman with the update right there. appreciate it. so, what does bill clinton being in office smoothed by santana and fight club have in common? >> it was all a long time ago? >> it was a long time ago.
4:32 am
1999. that was the last time the atlanta braves in the world series. >> wow! the sports almanac. >> kendis. >> there you go. you're welcome. >> we're there again. the braves clinched a spot to the world series after a 4-2 victory over the dodgers. the team's going to face off against the houston astros. they will start it all in houston. game one is tuesday. >> exciting series. should be fun. >> now i have something. >> same here. i'm going to go watch fight club. wait, there was no movie, fight club. >> there wasn't. >> we can't talk about it. a massive facebook leak is exposing how the social media giant handles misinformation. what it could mean ahead of the mid terms and the 2024 election. feeling sluggish or weighed down? it could be a sign that your digestive system isn't working at it's best taking metamucil everyday can help. metamucil psyllium fiber, gels to trap and remove the waste that weighs you down.
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do you find yourself going down a rabbit hole on facebook not realizing how you got to that position? >> yeah. >> facebook knows how it got you there. it led you there. >> yeah, instagram too. >> that's according to more leaked internal documents that show how ill equipped they were to combat misinformation. >> reporter: facebook under fire once again with new documents leaked by insiders regarding the
4:37 am
january 6th assault on the u.s. capitol. one employee writing in an internal chat, haven't we had enough time to figure out how to manage discourse without enabling violence? we've been fueling this for a long time and we shouldn't be surprised it's out of zbloel the documents show there were times when within the company they had a finding and they didn't act on it. >> the leaked documents showing that facebook knew its algorithms pushed false content and they failed to halt the meteoric growth. >> these problems are solvable. >> reporter: the leak follows bombshell testimony from frances haugen. >> the company's leadership knows how to make it safer but won't make the necessary changes because they have put their astronomical profits before people. >> reporter: the internal messages coming to light show widespread frustration. one employee writing, i'm struggling to match my values to my employment here.
4:38 am
i'm tired of platitudes. i want action items. in a statement facebook says the responsibility for the violence that occurred on january 6th lies with those who attacked our capitol and those who encouraged them. 's called leaked documents a curated selection out of millions. these latest revelations aren't the end of ceo mark zuckerberg's worries. more are set to be published this week. on monday hogan will testify before lawmakers again. this time in front of parliament here in london. global reckoning for a social media giant. matt bradley, nbc news, london. >> for more on this we welcome in christopher goldschmidt. someone we turn to often for these kinds of topics. you know, christopher, it's been a tidal wave of headlines about facebook's role and disinformation and specifically january 6th. what stood out to you about these leaks and why should users care? >> so what we're seeing coming out of these leaks are things
4:39 am
that researchers have known for years. i've run experiments similar to what's being talked about in the times, in washington post, on nbc which is creating accounts and just simply liking the baseline republican party figure heads like donald trump, fox news. within hours you're getting into content that's leading towards extremist conspiracy theories. >> wow. >> not just things like qanon which we consider -- i think generally people understand now is a threat, but also, you know, explicitly racist, antiimmigrant, anti-muslim content that feeds a lot of these conspiracy theories. what facebook rewards more than anything is anger and fear, and that is something that, you know, it's not a facebook problem. it's also a republican party problem. their platform is tied so
4:40 am
integrally to facebook that that's why republican disinformation and messaging is always in the top 10 lists of facebook's most engaged content. >> maybe that's why we're not seeing a ton of movement on this from congress but, christopher, that said, i mean, facebook says it's going to, you know, look at how it does things but doesn't necessarily own up to this. we have the whistle-blower who we're hearing from before that senate committee. what's being done about this? we were months away from another election? >> i don't expect congress to do much because we're generally evenly split between the house and senate. what the democrats are trying to fight for is to get rid of disinformation, misinformation, malinformation. what the republicans are coming out is saying facebook is
4:41 am
censors us. neither of the views are meeting in the middle because one side is not talking about the truth and the other side is essentially trying to take down republican talking points, which are fear-based conspiracy theory based and tied into things like qanon. while all of our attention on facebook is deserved, we're at a different point. when stop the steal groups started being closed down, the ones that i was joining as a researcher, everyone within the groups, the moderators, the admins of those groups were encouraging people to join other alternative social media programs. >> i want to pull on that thread, christopher. i only have another minute left with you. we have state and local elections not months away, days away. you spend time on these forums. how are they shifting their strategy if at all? >> sure. so, i mean, these extremists aren't wasting time with facebook anymore.
4:42 am
the stuff that ends up on facebook is accidental at this point. they're using telegram, they're using gab and these are often foreign born websites that are explicitly used to radicalize people. andrew torba, the founder of gab, has created his website to be a safe space for neonazis. so those are the folks that we need to worry about because they've stopped with the internet activism and they're the ones who are sending their members, their followers, their cult to go harass people at school boards. >> yeah. >> they're not just about trying to win the election in votes, they're trying to intimidate current members of those boards to get them to quit, to create vacancies. >> yeah. >> now you have snap election. >> yeah. >> christopher goldschmidt, would he could talk for hours. we will certainly have you on to discuss more. thank you. >> thanks so much. get the shot or don't get
4:43 am
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by next monday all new york city employees, including police and fire, will have to be vaccinated. that is, if they want to keep getting paid. >> yeah, the city's 160,000 plus employees will have to show proof of at least one dose by november 1st. mayor bill de blasio even offering a cash bonus to those who get their first shot by this friday. but all of that said, there is a battle brewing between the mayor's office and antimandate unions. just as we've seen in other major cities like chicago. steven normo is with us from new york city hall. good morning to you. there's an anti-mandate march planned for tomorrow. >> yeah. it sounds like it could be a pretty big march. it is supposed to end here at
4:48 am
new york's city hall, just the latest showdown over this vaccine mandate. mayor bill de blasio announcing that on wednesday saying that all employees will have to get at least one dose of the vaccine by november 1st or be placed on unpaid leave. corrections officers, they're going to get a little extra time. they'll have until december 1st in part because of the lack of personnel working in corrections right now causing a problem for them. but we do know there is a lot of pushback from those unions in particular police and fire departments across the country. really a lot of them have been resistant to getting the vaccine. these unions saying that it is against individual freedom. they're promising some legal action against it. mayor de blasio saying the people are on the front line dealing with the public so he says it's their responsibility to get that shot. >> all right. steven roma joining from us city hall. appreciate it. our thanks to you. we were paying attention to breaking news coming out of
4:49 am
washington, d.c. just moments ago nbc confirming that president biden will meet with senator joe manchin and majority leader chuck schumer together in delaware this morning as they try to reach a deal on the build back better package. that's according to two sources familiar. it would seem that's a big deal. >> big momentum there. >> yeah. rare sunday meeting for the president and having it in delaware, maybe things are moving along right there. >> shows you how high priority it is now. up next, a new documentary dives into the roots of division in the u.s. how race, tradition and geography has shaped how we tell the story of the civil war. we break it down with the director and producer of that film next. with downy infusions, let the scent set the mood. feel the difference with downy. as a dj, i know all about customization. that's why i love liberty mutual.
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america is kind of like a big family that tore itself apart during the civil war and in order to make peace, we told ourself as certain story about it and for a long time we had a difficulty telling the truth. >> the civil war in schools, communities, dinner tables across the country now. how kids are taught about some of the darkest moments in our nation's history when the subject with massive debates in school districts with republicans using critical race theory as a top fight in local and state elections.
4:54 am
>> the film shows how opinions on slavery and the confederacy differ depending where you're from and where you go to school. >> i think the spirit of slavery that makes color a mark of dead gages is still with us. the racism has been put on people of color to solve. >> when we look at southerners and how they try to twist the narcoticty of what happened. if you can teach empathy when it comes to history, it's a powerful thing for the rest of your lives. >> joining us right now is the director of the documentary and producer erica. good morning to both of you. thank you for making time to talk with us. erica, let's start with you. why did you want to make this film? >> i think we don't talk enough about the things that affect us, the things that have built us, the things who make us who we are today and when we don't address that history and bring
4:55 am
it up to the front and be honest and talk about it, we can't move forward. a lot of issues we have today are because we're too embarrassed and too afraid to confront our history as a country. >> this is one of the interesting parts that stood out to me, the documentary explores how different people view slavery and the war. here is a clip. >> this class i'm filming, the teacher is teaching the cause of the war is slavery. >> really? >> yes, does that offend you? >> yes. >> can you explain to me why. >> because it's not true. >> in mississippi, do people talk about slavery is the cause of the war? >> you don't really hear the word slavery or slaves in mississippi. that was an incidental part of it. i guess the simple term is whitewash. >> what struck you the most about the stark differences and perspectives you encountered?
4:56 am
>> well, i found that the history that's being taught today by good teachers is very different from the history that i was taught when i was growing up. i think there is a really important effort in this country from a lot of very good history teachers to incorporate narratives that haven't been incorporated before. we haven't approached african-american history as american history and hasn't been part of our story and i saw teachers trying to make an effort to use original documents, to try to have a real discussion about the facts of our past and incorporate points of view traditionally in this nation have not been incorporated. >> rachel, your documentary is released at a critical time where critical race theory is being debated on and the governor's race in virginia and the republican candidates vowed to ban it in a state if he wins.
4:57 am
why do you think education is such a battle. >> the first thing i'd like to say is no high schoolteacher or middle schoolteacher in this country teaches critical race theory. it doesn't exist in elementary or middle school classrooms. it's a philosophy from law schools. i think this is an issue because i think we are very uncomfortable as a nation talking about our past. it's embarrassing to us. it's embarrassing to white people because they feel guilty and don't want to own it. it's embarrassing to black people because it's painful and hard. this is a difficult past we haven't reckoned with. if we want to move forward and be truly unified as a nation, it's time to tell the full story with empathy and understanding and an open heart. >> it really is interesting and so much truth we haven't reckoned with at all. it's a fairly big question. did you come away from this project with any ideas on
4:58 am
perhaps how to bridge the massive divide that we have? >> i actually was really hopeful in listening to the scenes with our students. i feel that a lot of what we are dealing with today, especially, you know, the buzz words that set everybody off of critical race theory are things that adults have a lot more trouble with than young people. young people want to talk. they want to understand. they want their friends to feel comfortable. they want to know what they need to do or how they need to approach each other and assume a good level of will adults don't and that made me hopeful. >> rachel and erica, we both have watched it. it's an incredible documentary. we hope that everybody does and we thank you very much for joining us on the show to talk about it. >> this reminded us, "civil war" area tonight at 10:00 p.m. here on msnbc.
4:59 am
interesting look. >> that will do it for us this weekend. >> we hope you have a great week ahead. we'll be back next weekend at 6:00 a.m. "velshi" starts right now. today on "velshi" where the former president's inner circle gathered to plat to overturn the results. brand-new bombshell reporting from "the washington post." i'll be joined by a reporter that broke that story. meanwhile, the house select committee investigating the january 6th insurrection is moving as fast as ever. pete aguilar is here in studio to talk about what is happening and coming next. plus, as democrats reportedly near a deal on the two big biden agenda spending bills, ohio senator brown joins me to talk about what is getting cut and
5:00 am
how progressives are getting joe mansion on board. i took a road to jackson, mississippi this week to have a fascinating and important conversation about how we teach history in this country and reckoning with the racism that's shot through it. a velshi across america coming up. "velshi" starts now. good morning to you. it is sunday, october 24th. i'm ali velshi. as democrats debate president biden's multi trillion build back better social spending plan. the president is set to meet with west virginia senator joe mansion one of the main members of the party pushing to lower the price tag on that bill. senate majority leader chuck schumer will be part of that meeting and to lower the price, democrats will have to make some difficult choices about what stays in the bill and what goes. the detroit free press reporting that just yesterday, house speaker nancy pelosi said in part, quote, the ing


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