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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  October 27, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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other names, vaccines and masks during a pandemic. that will do it for our wednesday night. on behalf of our colleagues of the networks of nbc news, good night. the g8, it was us, canad, france, the uk, italy, germany, japan and russia. that's eight. it was the g8, from the late 90s on. and you know, the j.a. always had a little bit of drama. there were often big anti globalization protests targeting, the annual g8 meetings. there was once a big spending scandal involving the uk, when the uk host of the g8 ones. it was also really super awkward one year when italy host to the g8, right after their prime minister got busted
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in one of his sex with underage girls scandals. literally that happened on the eve of the other j.a., leaders were all arriving to be hosted, and they were like a pay no attention to this. the g8 has has its aches and pains over the, years but nothing, nothing like what happened that was so bad it made them actually shrink, and become not the g8 but the g7. that was 2014. when russia became the first and only country in europe, since world war ii, to invade another sovereign country, and take over part of that other countries land. as its own. that had not happened in europe since world war ii. but russia did that to ukraine, in 2014. russia under putin, and frankly been pushing it for a long, time in lots of ways. to be considered part of the g8. but him invading the ukraine and taking part of, and calling that part of ukraine russia,
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was too much. that was too much for the g8, russia got booted, indefinitely out of the g8 in 2014. and that is how the g8 shrunk, and it became the g7. so the g7, still exists, minus russia no. but then, there's also the g20. and the g20 is not seven countries it's 20 countries. and therefore by definition, it's less exclusive. in a turns, out if you want to be part of the g20, it's fine if you invade a neighboring country, and take part of their land as your own. even when they kicked russia out of the g7, they let him stay in the g20. and lots of people have stayed in the g20, through lots of scandals. but when president biden leaves washington tomorrow, to fly off to this year's g20 summit in rome, there is one source of embarrassment, one side of something gone wrong in our country. that he's going to be bringing with him.
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that is going to make that big diplomatic shun big, awkward for us specifically. and you know, again, i do not mean to say that we're worse off in the eyes of the world's and every other country in the g20. lots of countries get to be in the g20. 20 to be exact. even when they have scandals, big international failures, and people who are international disgrace or that there's. thinkers in russia's case they invaded and occupied a neighboring nation, they still get to be in the g20. that said, i think we are going to be the only country at the g20 this year, with this particular problem. this is a list of all the countries in the g20. argentina, australia, brazil, canada, china, france, germany, india, indonesia, italy, japan, korea, mexico, russia, saudi arabia, south africa, turkey, united kingdom, united states, european union. of all of those other countries in the g20, those 18 countries plus the eu, president biden currently has his ambassadors
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in place, in these countries. he has appointed an ambassador to mexico, and and pointed an ambassador to turkey. just as of yesterday. there are ambassadors in plays to indonesia and russia, but they are not ones appointed by president biden, those are leftovers from the trump years. other than mexico and turkey, he has been allowed to name no ambassadors to any of the other countries in the g20. because, republicans in the united states senate, will not allow president biden to have any ambassadors to any of the other countries, republicans in the united states senate are holding them all up, the only reason president biden got an ambassador to turkey just yesterday, and the only reason we have one of that one other country, mexico, is that in both of those cases, president biden nominated someone who used to be a u.s. senator for the job. jeff flake in the case of
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turkey, sells or in the case of mexico, and republican senator said okay that's okay, because of senatorial courtesy, because our little club, oh you used to be a, senator will that so, clay will allow for. those but that's it. unless you marry senator or the spouse of a senator, they will not allow biden to have any ambassadors anywhere in the world. so, happy g20. as president biden heads out to this big g20 summit. no doubt she tried to position america, as once again the leader of the free world, no doubt you try to convince all the leading economic powers of the, world about the great things that can be done, with peaceful power, through the power of diplomacy. that said, awkwardly, he himself is not actually allowed any diplomats. things to republicans in the united states senate, the united states is not even allowed to hire people to be diplomats, in the most important countries in the world. because neither need, or their republican senators, isn't it fun to screw up the u.s. government like this.
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president biden will be out there making the international case for diplomacy, in the power of persuasion, and i know, i am not allowed to do any of that myself, in my own government, but really you all should do it. and actually, the embarrassing baggage for this summit, about what we can't do anymore, about what we're now incapable of as a country, includes not just the ambassadors thing, but also some weird small stuff to, here's one example, we have been continually reporting, over the past weeks and months, on the oddness of the fact that this guy, his name is lewis dejoy, was put in charge of the u.s. post office during the trump years, we have been reporting for weeks and months, now audit is that he is still postmaster general, left over from the trump years. it's odd, an off just if you just look at the fact that he's currently serving as postmaster
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general of the u.s., while he's under active fbi criminal investigation, related to corruption allegations. it all kind of seems disqualifying. on top of that though, court documents released last week show he has had a financial, interest a significant financial, interest in more than a dozen companies, that have been doing business with the postal service, while he has been running the postal service. he has, meanwhile, started to implement plans to permanently slow down the u.s. mail, and permanently make the u.s. mail more expensive, right now this, year on top of all of, that he's hiking postal rate, specifically for christmas time. to make sending stuff through the mail, extra super duper expensive, specifically for christmas. check your stocking, it's called coal. louis dejoy just got sued this past week for so screwing up the mail delivery in the state of virginia, that they're worried it's going to affect the election, they're worried it's going to disenfranchise virginia residents trying to cast their ballots by mail,
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because election related mail in virginia, is reportedly piling, up particularly in democratic counties in virginia, according to this new lawsuit filed by the democratic party there. i mean, a mail service, or working postal service, why do we even have to be aware of this? as a source of controversy or as a source of subversion in our nation, having a working male services part of the very basic building blocks of what it takes to run a modern country. it's like running water, sewage, electricity, mail service. these are really the basics. but under this trump era post office guy, we are really not doing great on that front. and now specifically, as biden heads off to the g20, one of the countries that's part of the g20's our great ally australia, the u.s. post office under lewis dejoy just announced a few weeks ago, that we are no longer capable of sending them mail. and so we're giving up on that.
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what's? if you as an american won a male something from the united states to someone you know, or someone you related to, you are someone you're doing business with in australia. the u.s. post office and started returning that mail back to the sunder, in the united states. because pro the u.s. post office, now we don't have the capability to mail things to australia anymore. so we're just not doing it. i mean, i know we have a complex in deep interesting relationship with our ally australia. it's not like we just met, in this will make a terrible first impression. but how embarrassing and small is, it that we the united states of america, have lost even the basic function, in terms of our ability, to carry out the basic services of government for our people. sorry, i just want to warn you, usually our embassy would send a really nice thank you know after the great meetings we had on the sidelines of the g20, but, well number one i don't think we'll ever be allowed to
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have an ambassador in our embassy, as long as we have a democratic president, because republicans won't allow that anymore, and also, we have this guy who's left over from the trump, here's who's running our national postal service now, and he's a guy who's under fbi investigation, we know, and under him apparently we can't figure out how to mail things to your country anymore. we've given up on that is a logistical challenge, i just want to warn, you are not going to be able to send a thank you note that she might be used to. i was thinking maybe we can have the vice president shooting attacks in a couple of days, would that be cool? with that lake land the same way? you can take a picture of it and then printed out on a color printer, and frame that maybe? we could fact you. president biden talks about showing the world, that democracy work. to solve big problems. in the race in our time between the rise of authoritarianism, on the international right, and on the domestic rate, and the
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race in our time, between rising authoritarianism in the world's legacy democracies, he has said over and over again, that what we need to do, not just to retain global leadership, but to retain our sense of self and i have strength in our own domestic selves, in terms of what kind of government we are, is we have to show, that democracy is not an impractical idea whose time is coming gone, it's not for passes, it's not quaint, it's not an idealistic thing that does not really work to deliver. we have to show that democratic countries lead the world, we are best equipped to tackle the world's problems, we offer the best solutions to people everywhere. who really do need them. oh, but also, in our system, the republican party will let a democratic president have ambassadors anymore, in the peaceful transfer of power thing doesn't happen anymore, because now we have handyman comp and violence and death at our national capital, if a republican candidate loses. and we've given up on the great 21st century challenge of
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knowing how to mail things to large islands, we just can't do that anymore, and so are no longer trying, but other than that, trust democracies to get it done. -ish. that said, there is some good news, that president biden will be able to bear, to the g20 summit, when he leaves tomorrow. in this is legitimate good news, this is something that has some potential, today got some headlines today, but i actually think it needs a little more attention than it's, getting because it is something like this is not happened before, and it ought to happen a lot more. and it potentially could make the difference in terms of millions of lives. this is the good news, right now, there's only one treatment, not a vaccine but a treatment for covid-19, that you take is a pill that has shown good efficacy in clinical trials, funny enough it's not any of the stuff that's promoted by
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random podcasters and fox news host, none of those things have been shown to have any efficacy against covid-19. we do have, in terms of proven efficacy, the monoclonal antibodies treatments, which were approved months ago. those are very effective at keeping people out of the hospital, keeping people from dying from covid, if you get that treatment to them in time. but, monoclonal in a body treatment is an inner venous infusion, or it's a series of shots. and that, administration of that particular type of drug, does limit its not only its ability of the people can get in this country, but really severely limits the prospects for its use around the world. if instead, you want to just be able to take a pill, actually in this case it's a five-day course of pills, the way you might take the 5g savannah by onyx, there's just one drug like that, it's not approved, but its clinical data looks really promising. it's a drug that is made by,
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merck it was developed it university in atlanta, with a company called ridgeback, that's based in miami, but it's a murky drug, merck is based in new jersey, i tell you all those places are, to know that this is an american drug, from american researchers, and an american companies, the drug is called -- but it's an anti viral pill. against covid-19. and it could be a game-changer for the pandemic worldwide, four people at high risk of dying or needing to be hospitalized because of covid, it's still better if you just don't get covid, that's why you should get vaccinated, but if you get it, the data show far, shows that taking this pill, can have the risk of hospitalization or death, you don't have to administer in a hospital setting. you don't need an infusion center, you don't need multiple injections into the torso over a period of multiple days, just pills. that you take with water.
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you don't even have to refrigerate the pills. it's a big deal. and today, we learned that the american drug, developed by the american university, in those american companies, they've just done a deal, to give it away. the medicine path and pool at the un, did a deal with merck so this new super promising anti viral pill, to save people from covid, can you be manufactured, in dozens of countries around the world. potentially more than 100 countries around the world, with merck and its partners, taking nothing in terms of royalties, as long as the covid emergency is still underway. i mean the drug industry, for all the things wrong with the drug industry and health care system in this country, the drug industry including all these big powerful american companies that throw the way around on the toxic. ways they really have done amazing things, in terms of the science. in terms of developing the vaccines, and now developing these treatments. but getting people access to them around the world, has
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stopped so far. no vaccine companies has been willing to give other countries the formula so they can make it themselves, and they haven't done that, pfizer hasn't done that. so generic drugmakers can make vaccines, could make these treatments for pennies on the dollar for what it cost retail. and the manufacturers so far have not allowed that to happen, but mark is now gonna do that with the anti viral pill, as of today. and it means that that pill may actually be available all over the developing world, including the poorest countries in the world. the poorest countries in asia and africa. this could say potentially millions of lives and it could be a ticket to the end of a global pandemic. because the drug not only works, they have figured out a way to make it so that people can get it in poor countries. and poor countries are not some other world when it comes to weather, not the pandemic stops. pandemics ignore borders. if the pandemic is raging anywhere, it is not erratic-able anywhere.
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and if this drug can get to even the poorest corners of the world, because of what they disagree today about giving it away, that is the best news we've had yet. and yes, the vaccine companies need to do this to. and yes, the other companies that are developing promising anti viral rules including pfizer, they need to step up and do this to. they need to do much more like this. the u.s. government is pressuring them to do so. we talk with david testa about recently on the show, about holding moderna's feet to the fire. to get them to do the right thing in terms of their developed vaccines potential treatments for covid to. but with this merck pill, this anti viral pill, the first pill that shown such promise here, it is happening. we and so president biden was, can walk into this g20 summit and say, at least for that, you're welcome world. even if we can no longer either send mail to australia or sinew ambassadors to anywhere, we can
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at least potentially save the world. in terms of the foreseeable end of this horrific global pandemic. president biden would have a lot more to brag about on the world stage tomorrow were not for these two. i will tell you, honestly, i am allergic. i am itchy red faced and short fused unbothered at this point, trying to follow every reason kyrsten sinema and joe manchin are coming up with four why president biden should not be allowed to do the things he campaigned on. shouldn't be allowed to pass a bill that includes basically all the priorities he runs on. people getting help with what parental leave, old people getting vision and dental, and hearing all covered under medicare. all the biggest climate change-related policies that he ran out, and all the rest of it. today, as president biden
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prepares to fly off tomorrow, to that world leaders summit. senators joe manchin and kyrsten sinema, to my at least, they seem to have settled in for the long haul in terms of their stranglehold on what the u.s. government and president biden would be allowed to do. it is making my ice frost at this point, following the state today. but i also think the folks who don't want the u.s. government to be able to do anything certainly don't want president biden to do anything. the people who benefit and enjoy and profit financially from this, i think they want to rise to cross. they want everybody's eyes to cross, they want everybody to give up on the prospect that anything can happen. they want to solve to stopping it tension and just walk away. they would love that, right? that would leave them free to run the free. freaked around the table. that perhaps is reason enough to give them the recent enough to persist, to see it through to the end. joining us now is washington state congresswoman, primala jayapal, she is chair of the
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progressive caucus, she has been active in these ongoing negotiations to say the least, she has been working hard for weeks now trying to make sure president biden's agenda can survive. with all the substantial's proposed cut, we are still getting the backing of all democrats. congresswoman jayapal, it is really a pleasure to have you here, i know it's been a long day, thank you. >> -- it is great to see you as always. you're optimistic chief is with you. >> thank you. i wanted to talk to you, i literally wanted to book you tonight because, i think pramila jayapal, might be the want to talk me off the cliff, i least i know she is so constructively working on this. i have been close to the proverbial cliff but -- let me just ask you something that we just crossed our radar in within the last couple of minutes. nbc news has just reported within the past few minutes that president biden is now expected to delay his departure to the g20 tomorrow, specifically so he can go talk to you guys. so he can attend a 9 am house democratic caucus meeting tomorrow morning.
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can you come that that is expected to be the mornings agenda? can you tell us anymore about where things stand right now? >> that is what i hear also. that the president is coming. and we always welcome the president to come and talk to us. but rachel, here's the deal, when he goes to the g20, there is only one country that doesn't have paid leave out of the g20. there is only one country that does -- 48 on the list of rich countries when it comes to childcare. so what i hope the president is going to come and tell us is that he has an agreement with senator manchin and senator sinema, to actually deliver universal child care, pre-k, paid family leave, home and community base for our elders. housing for the unhealthiest, and real significant action on health care on climate change. and unfortunately, this is where, i'm just going to be real with you, i don't believe
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that we have a deal from the two senators that we have been waiting on for months. and i understand that we need 50 votes in the senate, but i just have to say, that at some point this is about democracy. and it is not just -- progressive continue to be at the table, we have continued to negotiate in good faith, we have continued to cut down the price tag. the last time i was on with you i mentioned that we are doing it by trimming the numbers of years. but they're also programs that are going off the table. and yet, we have two senators, one, who can say i don't want paid leave. who can say i don't paid leave. and the other, who doesn't want to rollback the trump test cuts, these are democrats. and democrats have to show that we are together on the agenda that the president campaigned on. the president has been doing a great job trying to negotiate, but at this point, we need those two senators to get on board so that we can show the
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world that we are actually going to deliver for people in a significant way. so that we don't keep pushing people away from democracy and government right here in our own country. they see us not fighting for them. they see us not delivering for them. so that they can not just have a road or bridge, but so they can have childcare and go back to work. and that is what i hope the president is going to say but unfortunately i don't think we are there yet. so, here is my optimist of chief, let's keep negotiating, and let's deliver both bills next week or close. but we need to keep negotiating, and the progressive caucus, dozens of our members have said we are not going to be able to vote for one and leave behind women and families and others. so don't put us with an arbitrary deadline again. let's get both these bills done, and let's deliver them to the presidents desk. >> the last time that we spoke, you had just had a long to our
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meeting with senator manchin. and i asked you if you expected that you might have additional communications with him, i think again all of us looking from the outside think that progressives just as yourself, having one-on-one conversations with people like senator manchin, and even potentially senator sinema, that must be the way that this gets resolved. that must be the way that we make progress. have you have any additional meetings or conversations with him? are those tickets gush and still happening? or this is all going to be negotiating through public statements and the press? >> no, i have had a number of conversations with senator manchin. i just talked to him today. and so that continues. look, i think he is trying to get to a place where he can help us get this done. but i have not had those conversations with sinema. but i do understand that she is talking to the white house. but, we need to get this done. and we can't expect progressives to vote for an infrastructure bill which frankly, rachel, there were a lot of progressives who did not
9:25 pm
like -- it's got some good things in it. but it is actually negative on carbon admissions. and there's a lot of people who said the only way i can vote for that is if we fix that with the build back better act and a real investment in climate. that was how we got people to agree to vote for a bill that was negotiated by 12 senators without any consultation from the house. and so if we are going to get this done, that is why we've always tied them together. we say, we will put these both bills through, and that is where our members still are. and i believe we can get this done but we can't put an arbitrary deadline there and say that we have to vote something through tomorrow. we've got to get the agreement of those to senators. actually be able to go back and say that we've campaigned, you've give dust the house the senate and the white house. and now we are going to deliver on that agenda. and we are close, i really do believe we are close. but we have to hang in there, i'm not trying to push this for a quick vote on one and leave
9:26 pm
out the other. because i don't think it's going to work. >> can i just ask you, tactically, if part of the solution here is figuring out a reasonable sized phone booth or perhaps a small sedan, maybe like a panic room, something that's just the right size we're sinema and manchin can be put in a confined space for quite some time so that the two of them can come up with something that they agree on. so that everybody can negotiate against that. it seems like part of the problem here is that senator sinema, and senator manchin goes against that. and vice versa. the fact that two of them don't agree on anything seems to me like a formative problem. >> that has been exactly the challenge. i'll give you the billionaires texas as an example. the original weight that we were going to pay for this is to rollback the trump test cut, and that was going to go back to a real tax rate for corporation, real tax rate for wealthy individuals who paid
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their fair share, there is plenty of money here, no scarcity. and then senator sinema said that she did not like a. she did not want to do that. so then we got together, senator warren, senator wyden, others, got together and came up with the billionaires tax system. a similar bill i had with senator warren. but a billionaire's tax. and senator sinema actually said, oh yeah i can go for that. for billionaires we should tax them, they should pay their fair share, at least that gets in the right direction along with some other things, we have enough money. then senator manchin says, i don't like the billionaires tax. so this is the problem. exactly the problem. and i respect them both. we need them both, we need their votes, i am not -- them. but what i am going to say is that if you are going to be a part of the democratic party. then be a part of the democratic party. and let's deliver on these things that are so important. there is just a little bit left to do here. let's get those things done, and then we can all go and
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celebrate. and you know, what the president can really go to the g20 with a deal that is about a significant investment in climate. a significant investment in the kara county, a significant investment in housing, a significant change in our tax system so that the wealthiest are actually paying at least a little bit of their fair share. this is what we have on the table. a significant investment in health care. you said covid, we're still in the middle of this rachel. we need to get help to people with expanding medicaid, expanding medicare. making sure that we -- these are all part of our responsibility to deliver if we are going to be able to say that democracy works. and that is what we are working towards right now. >> congresswoman pramila jayapal, chair of the progressive caucus, operating chief of the rachel maddow show, office woman jayapal thank you for keeping with us.
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>> i hope i talk to off the cliff rachel, we're gonna get there. >> you've at least given me a little rope ladder, so i don't have the plunge, i can control my dissent. thank you so much. we've got much more ahead tonight, stay with us. ll, once-a-day treatment used for h-i-v in certain adults. it's not a cure, but with one small pill, biktarvy fights h-i-v to help you get to and stay undetectable. that's when the amount of virus is so low it cannot be measured by a lab test. research shows people who take h-i-v treatment every day and get to and stay undetectable can no longer transmit h-i-v through sex. serious side effects can occur, including kidney problems and kidney failure. rare, life-threatening side effects include a buildup of lactic acid and liver problems. do not take biktarvy if you take dofetilide or rifampin. tell your doctor about all the medicines and supplements you take, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, or if you have kidney or liver problems, including hepatitis.
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1800 people who work at hospitals rochester have issued a strike notice they're threatening to walk off the job. if those rochester hospital workers, do decide to strike, they will be joining hospital workers down the road in buffalo new york, 2200 of them, who have just entered their fourth week on strike. meanwhile, we're still waiting to see if kaiser health care workers, in three states, california, oregon and hawaii. we are going to walk off the job, after they overwhelmingly voted to authorize a strike two weeks ago. that would be tens of thousands of people who work at kaiser. today, interesting, lee it was working graduates tunes at
9:34 pm
harvard, people below the level of professor, who teach classes, they officially began a strike at harvard today, arguing that the nation's richest college, does not actually pay its lowest level teachers a living wage. also today gratitude inside columbia in new york walked out of their classrooms as well, saying they planned a strike next week if they don't get what they believe is a fair contract, at the kellogg cereal, company it's 1400 factory workers, who are now entering their fourth week on strike. four weeks of the killing strike already, trying to get better hours in wages. a john deere, the big agricultural equipment company, it's more than 10,000 americans, who are about to enter their third week on strike, at john deere, you might remember last week, we reported that the u.s. secretary of agriculture, made an unprecedented trip to the picket line, visited the john deere workers picketing in iowa, during that visit, secretary
9:35 pm
tom vilsack showed the striking workers, his own union, card he told them, i'm here for you in when that happened last, week we actually consulted a presidential historian and a labor historian, both of whom told us that they had never happened before. a visit by a sitting cabinet secretary, in support of americans who are out on strike, and that is something that we've never seen before, at least in modern american history, in the past some u.s. labor secretary is a met with striking workers, in company executives to try to negotiate an end to the strike, but his sitting cabinet member actually showing up to a picket line to show support, for striking workers, that is not something we have ever seen before, in the united states of america. when he did that last week, with john deere workers. now today, it happened again. this time it was u.s. secretary of labor, who is the first top official in charge of u.s. labor policy. he went to a picket line in
9:36 pm
lancaster pennsylvania today. to show support for the kellogg's workers, who are out on strike. he said this ahead of that trip, quote, i grew up in a working class family, and the son of immigrants in a pad second duration capital labor. i've always stood with america's working people, i will continue to do so, as you're secretary of labor, i will see you there. and the pick atlanta, day secretary marty walsh said, these workers are exercising the rate for free speech, and to try to get better working conditions, not just for them but for their families in for the generations of people who will come behind them, it might be a little different for the secretary of labor of the united states of america, to come out and stand on a picket line, but he said, workers need to understand that people stand with them, and i want them to know as secretary of labor, i will stand with them. according to our local affiliate there in pennsylvania, secretary walsh even joined the picket line himself, at one, point marching with the workers, as they demanded a better deal.
9:37 pm
this recent remarkable wave of big groups of americans, going out on strike and demanding better wages, better working conditions, safer working positions, this is really something the u.s. has not seen in a long time. but, cabinet members, from the current presidential administration, openly showing up and showing support for people out on strike, that's something we have not seen, as far as we can tell, possibly, ever, but it's happening now, watch this space. now watch this space watch this space saver. (man 2) yeah, but we need to go higher. (man 1) higher. (man 2) definitely higher. (man 1) we're like yodeling high. [yodeling] yo-de-le-he... (man 2) hey, no. uh-uh, don't do that. (man 1) we should go even higher! (man 2) yeah, let's do it. (both) woah! (man 2) i'm good. (man 1) me, too. (man 2) mm-hm. (vo) adventure has a new look. (man 1) let's go lower. (man 2) lower, that sounds good. (vo) discover more in the all-new subaru outback wilderness. love. it's what makes subaru, subaru.
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9:42 pm
four here coup, donald trump's quote, are legally elected president. now, to be clear, this is not some tiny fringe white ring grew by and they had, airlines cohen county and as the northern suburbs of detroit. it's the third most popular county in michigan. just a raw numbers, there's more republicans in this county than any other county in michigan. and this is an official statement, from their actual republican party. this is the county republican, this is the republican organization in michigan, that represents more republicans than any other, in the entire state. and what they are endorsing, here in this officials signed statement, put out on their party letterhead, is not just, like there were irregularities in the 2020 election, we need to investigate, then we may never know who really won. all that garbage is bad and corrosive enough. this is, donald trump is actually secretly the president, and we're only going to obey him. that's what they wrote, donald trump's are legally elected
9:43 pm
leader. you noah, apparently that is now a fairly mainstream opinion in the republican party. a new poll out today from politico finds that a clear majority, 60%, of republican voters, say that the 2020 election should be overturned. the question was not do you think the election was unfair, do you think there was fraud somewhere, the question was, do you think the question the election should be overturned, aka should donald trump be reinstated in the white house now. 60% of republican voters nationwide say yes, yes that's what should happen. and, toward that goal of course republicans, in arizona, in pennsylvania, in texas, in wisconsin, republicans all, over pursuing these reviews, of the 2020 election results that they call audits, the really just designed to make all elections appear suspicious, so republicans can justify taking control of election administration, because they're promising that they'll make
9:44 pm
sure the election comes out the right way in the next time. in wisconsin, republicans in the legislature they're spending with some tech spare money and one of these election reviews, they put it in the hand of a guy who pushed the stop the steal stolen election nonsense, after the election last year. he's the guy who trump always tried to give a federal appointments, you just before he left office. i'm sure that's not a conflict of interest. how is that guy's election review going in wisconsin? here's my favorite headline of the day today, from any newspaper, anywhere in america. this is the best from the headline walking mitchell newsom. now a woman named carroll, is helping wisconsin republicans review the 2020 election. no one will provide her last name. who's carole? assembly republicans have hired someone named carol, to help answer their questions about the 2020 election. just oh ask carole or her bosses were her last name is. no comment she said wednesday before hanging up on a reporter. the hiring of, carroll is the
9:45 pm
latest example of the opacity of a review of the 2020 election, being overseen by former state -- and it cost taxpayers thus far, of $676,000. this woman, who science or emails, carole m., has been contacted attorneys for subpoenas that they have issued. she hasn't told him whether she's a lawyer, or administrative assistant, or if she holds some other post, the attorney said. gableman from the start as cloaked his work in secrecy, last month used a generic gmail account to send in an email to election officials that was listed as belonging to someone named john delta, which is apparently a fictitious name. since then he is assigned his staff email accounts, they have a first half that consists only of digits, giving no sense of who operates them. carroll for example, has been a sign the number three. former trump administration attorney andrew cluster has been assigned the number six.
9:46 pm
gableman himself, might be number one. hard to tell. it's unknown if there are accounts for number two, four or five. and if so who may use them. if there is a two for, or five i hope they go by double oh two, double oh five. the answer seems above boring. if you were a county or city election officials in wisconsin, wouldn't you feel totally comfortable answering subpoenas from these folks, and handing over documents. and election machineries. to a bunch of random numerical email addresses, and a woman named carroll. who won't tell you what a last name or's? or whatever job? this sure, why not. sure. joining us now is josh call, he is the attorney general of wisconsin, mr. josh kaul, thank you for being here tonight we really appreciate. it >> thank you so much rachel. >> am i seeing of any of this wrong, because i'm looking in from outside of the state. i've been following the local press on this matter, closely. the matter has been --
9:47 pm
as what's going on here is there anything that i'm missing in terms of the opacity and the fringe of this review that i can't see from this distance? >> no you are not, it feels like i'm looking through a -- right now. the fact that this investigator won't even disclose her last name, really says one of two things, it either says that the investigators don't want her name out there because it will reveal bias, or she does not want to be associated with this event stagnation publicly. which probably shows judgment on her part. but this is no way to conduct a serious review. when we spoke a couple of weeks ago, you said this election review from the republicans and the legislator should be shut down. you called it a fake investigation, and said it should be shut down. since then, you've gone to court. to try and block the subpoenas that they have sent out. can you give us any update in terms of where that stands? >> that's right. we went to court, we laid out several reasons why the subpoenas are unlawful.
9:48 pm
the judge has scheduled a hearing. there is now a few months process in which this will play out. we reenacted decision until late december, maybe even later than that. now, the election review was supposed to have been completed first by the end of october, then by the end of the year or so. so we will see what happens. but in the meantime, are nonpartisan election audit viewer, issued a very thorough review of the election, and i think that review is far from perfect. there is no question from that, that the 2020 election results reflected the will of the voters. and rather than accepting, that we're continuing on with this southern investigation. >> well, there's this other investigation. one of the things that we noted in the wisconsin press today is that a very pro trump, controversial, provocateur local sheriff, and those are my words about them, not yours, i don't ask you to associate
9:49 pm
yourself with them, but my observation from what he's been in the news from in the past. but one local sheriff has put out a press release saying that he has apparently secretly been doing his own investigation of the 2020 election, and tomorrow he's going to hold a press conference revealing this evidence that the whole election nationwide was fraudulent, and he wants everybody to come in here the results of his investigation. is this an investigation that anybody in the state knew he was doing? doing know anything about that circumstance in the county? >> what i can say we will hear more tomorrow. i think people can judge it at that point. there's also a state senate investigation that they're conducting following up on the legislative all the bureau investigation. there's an assembly committee that theoretically has an investigation going on. so there's all these investigations. but the bottom line is that this is really just continuing to keep the big lie in the news. continuing to undermine peoples confidence in our election system. and the reason of that is so dangerous, is when you're
9:50 pm
undermining confidence in the results of elections, you're really undermining con -- confidence in our democracy. and i hope joe manchin and kristen sinema are watching this when they're considering what to do for the people act. because it's critical that we have strong federal protection in place against the election. >> and even in the subsequent bill of senator manchin endorsed, there is clear, not only guidance, but federal rules about basically handing over sensitive and secure election material to these half baked audits simply to ensure the integrity of the election. those are very important points. >> wisconsin attorney general josh kaul, thank you for being here thank you for making time. >> thank you for having me. >> all right, we'll be right back, stay with us tonight. it all starts with the most innovative technology. like the new miracle-earmini, available exclusively at miracle-ear.
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[ sneeze ] are you ok? oh, it's just a cold. if you have high blood pressure, a cold is not just a cold. unlike other cold medicines, coricidin provides powerful cold relief without raising your blood pressure be there for life's best moments with coricidin. now in sugar free liquid. we're six days away from election day in virginia, virginia residents are choosing a new governor. a new poll from virginia
9:55 pm
commonwealth shows that democrat terry mcauliffe barely ahead of republican glenn youngkin by three points. another new poll from christopher newport university shows mcauliffe leading junk and by a narrow margin of one point. which you factor in the margins of errors for all of these polls, the polling pictures that mcauliffe and young can are tied. last night president biden campaigned for terry mcauliffe in arlington virginia, at one point he had some fun poking at the republican candidate, glenn youngkin, because youngkin is basically refusing to have trump campaign with him. mcauliffe is happy to campaign with biden but youngkin. you've been so happy -- how come he's not out on the campaign trail with? you wanted to bring him here? if biden's goal was trying to go trump into coming to virginia, maybe mission accomplished? i don't know. former president trump released a one line statement today saying, thank you arlington, see you soon.
9:56 pm
[laughs] trump spoke person followed that up with another -- chums looks forward to being back in virginia. -- at this point democrats are very excited about the prospect that trump might be coming to virginia. to remind everybody that he's endorsed glenn youngkin, as of this evening, there is nothing related to trump on his schedule. the youngkin campaign it's gone very solid on this matter. but trump turning up in northern virginia to remind everybody in the suburbs that youngkin is a trump candidate, that to vote for him, is a vote for more trump penis. [laughs] -- after how trump did in the northern countries? i mean yes. [laughs] >> putting trump there to remind that youngkin this guy, would be the travel cost for. the washington post is reporting that trump seems tough changed his mind already. and maybe he's not coming. but we shall see. the democrats would love. it will be right back.
9:57 pm
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so you can control your network from anywhere, anytime. it's network management redefined. every day in business is a big day. we'll keep you ready for what's next. that will do it for us tonight. comcast business powering possibilities. i will see you again tomorrow night, now out that's time for the last, word learned islands. >> we have stevie abrams joining us tonight, i think one of the things will be interesting is her perspective on how much, what happens in washington, affects the race for governor. because that is the dynamic we are watching, with the virginia situation, in the stalemate so far among democrats, on the infrastructure bills. a lot of blame being aimed at washington, for why don't you have this done. so that you can guarantee that win for terry mcauliffe in virginia, i don't