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tv   Stephanie Ruhle Reports  MSNBC  October 29, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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question to you. what's your costume? >> joe manchin? i don't know. i don't know. i may dress up as the big reconciliation bill like i'm just a bill and i'll walk through the neighborhood singing "schoolhouse rock!." >> such a bad question. >> thank you, guys, so much for watching. we greatly appreciate it. stephanie ruhle picks up the coverage right now. ♪♪ hi, there. i'm stephanie ruhle live at msnbc headquarters here in new york city. it's friday, october 29th, and there's so much news happening right now, and we've got the facts you need to know, so let's get smarter. as we speak, president biden in italy, vatican city, to be exact, where he met with the pope early this morning. he's also meeting with italy's president and prime minister. all of this is happening while
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more than 4,000 miles away here in the u.s., the president's agenda is hanging on by a thread. a house vote that was supposed to take place last night was delayed. that's the third time that has happened. progressive house members say they're still not satisfied that the two key senators, joe manchin and kyrsten sinema, are fully committed to the president's plan. in other words, we're right back where we were two days ago, two weeks ago, two months ago. no deal. the infrastructure bill, it's sitting on the shelf getting dusty. i want to bring in mike message memoli. the president wanted this done before he left town. he put it all on the line. where are we now? how are they spinning this?
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>> reporter: well, what the white house is saying this morning and we heard from kate benningfield they're going to get this done. we heard time over time this trip for the president was not a deadline he was racing to meet in terms of gets his infrastructure bill over the finish line. let's listen to what the president himself has been saying. he told lawmakers behind closed doors he wanted to have the climate pieces in place by the time he went to glasgow for the major climate summit. he said their seats in congress, majorities, was on the line in trying to get this done. what the president effectively tried to get done yesterday was will this process draw to a conclusion sooner rather than later? he was hoping to have a vote on the bipartisan infrastructure plan yesterday to effectively move it to his desk so he could sign it.
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there's still a lot of work to do. we have this unusual split screen foreign trip where the president is going to be meeting with his world counterparts. you saw the meeting with the pope. he's meeting with the italian president later this hour and the prime minister and tonight with french president emmanuel macron. he's going to be minding the conversations happening at the capitol. it's not the trip he envisioned, but it's a trip with significant stakes obviously for the president in terms of abroad and at home. >> ali, let's get specific? what's the holdup? >> the same two reasons it's gotten delayed in the past. on the house side, it's progressives holding the line, wanting to keep these two bills linked. on the senate side, it's the lack of the promise that these senators will vote for the framework as it was written and released yesterday. look no further than the way both sides of this equation have been talking about this. on the progressive side, you've got congressman pramila jayapal
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saying all the progressive priorities are in it and they're saying that's exactly why her caucus is doing what they're doing, continuing say they won't vote on the bipartisan infrastructure bill until they see a vote or deep assurances on the senate side that they'll be allowed to pass this larger spending bill. she said that's why dozens -- and that's the key word here, which is important and why it didn't come to the floor yesterday. she said that's why they want to keep the bills linked. and they can't vote for one until they can be voted on together. in order to vote on them together, they need assurances from the senators' side. you look at what senators manchin and sinema said to me yesterday. joe manchin said he didn't have a problem with the overall price tag. but, again, this is all in the hands of the white house.
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sinema said they're continuing with progress. [ audio difficulty brts. >> i guess it's about how you define good assurances. you're the speaker of the house telling progressives the fate of the party and his presidency are on the line and they still couldn't move the ball forward. what does that say about the relationship the progressive caucus has with democratic leadership and the white house? do they trust each other? >> no, but hyperbole doesn't work. it's a ridiculous statement and ridiculous to think and say. there's no deadline here, steph. that's what people are missing. there's no dead looirn. they could get it done before thanksgiving. it's not going to have an impact of terry mcauliffe, i don't
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think. it's not going to have an impact on the midterms that are a year away. they're going to pass both of these bills, likely. >> why is it ridiculous, right? because right now -- hold on. when you go to virginia and i will -- listen to what joe biden is saying, he continues to talk about trump. so democrats do need to get something done. nobody's breaking ground. why is it that it's ridiculous? they don't have a legislative win. they need to do something. >> reporter: they could say they're on the brink of passing the largest -- >> what does on the brink mean? >> that's a fair point. >> they're on the brink? two months ago they were on the brink of getting a bipartisan infrastructure deal. two months, that's a long time. >> reporter: but, steph, obamacare took a year and a half almost. these things take time.
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they're not easy. you can't say just because biden's going to rome, we need to work on this. it doesn't work like that. there are two senators, manchin and sinema, who do not line up with 97% of the rest of the party, and it's not unreasonable for the progressives to say, listen, we need some assurances. we need to know we're not going to give up what manchin wants and he's going to turn around and screw us. is that's not illegitimate. that's not a crazy thing to say. i would caution again. pramila jayapal told me last night she thinks this is going to happen next week. i'm not sure it's going to happen next week. i think if terry mcauliffe loses in virginia, democrats will get spooked. even if he does win, i imagine jayapal is going to want to hear something very simple from joe manchin and kyrsten sinema. this framework is going to pass. we're going to vote for it in the senate. as ali said, until manchin and
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sirn ma say that, the entire agenda will be stalled. >> and this year jake sherman is going dressed as the cranky old man. are the republicans loving every minute of this? >> reporter: they love it. the best thing that could happen to them in their view. i think republicans obviously have a little bit of an advantage because history indicates that they will have the advantage in the midterm. obviously there are other circumstances. but kevin mccarthy is watching this and saying these are democrats who can't get their act together. furthermore, moderates are about to vote for $3 million or $4 million more in spending which he's going to turn around and bash over the head with over the next 13 months. >> bash them over the head. how about no one ever do that again. thank you. ali, stay with me.
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president biden met with pope francis more than an hour ago. michael, hang with us. also with us, keir simmons, he's in rome. and father thomas reese, senior analyst for religious news service. thomas, tell us about the meeting with the president and the pope. joe biden is a catholic. this must have been quite an honor. >> reporter: that's right, steph. it's significant that the second catholic president in u.s. history having a meeting with the pope today, but we're seeing nothing like what we saw in terms of the personal relationship that already existed between president biden and pope francis that predated this meeting. when president biden came here, he came for the pope's inauguration. he spent a significant amount of time when he came to the u.s. in 2015. also traveled back to the vatican. i was with him when he spoke at kuhn frens on cancer cures here in 2016.
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we know they've stayed in touch since then. that deep relationship was really on display in some of the pictures we saw and the conversations we heard. the president sat down with pope francis for 90 minutes according to the timeline given to the white house. that's three times as long as the sit-down four years ago with president trump and the pope. we know they have a deep personal connection and philosophical connection. we were told the agenda items were going to include climate with the climate summit coming up and also tackling poverty, something the social aspects of biden's background and certainly pope francis as the first jesuit pope was on display. the president gave the pope something from the 1930s.
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and he gave a coin. we know the time pope francis spent with biden as he lost his son. >> father reese, a 90-minute meeting. how significant is that? >> that's very significant. much longer than a normal meeting between the pope and the head of state. significant because it shows they had a lot of things to talk about. they were having very serious conversations. as you can see from the pictures after the meeting, it was a very warm meeting, a meeting in which two men who like each other, trust each erie, respect each other were talking about substantive issues like climate change, you know, and i think the meeting went extremely well. >> father reese, talk to us about that relationship between the pope and our president. how different is it from former president trump? >> oh, it's a big difference. the pope and president trump
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didn't get along from the very beginning. pope francis at one time talked about that christians should be building bridges, not walls, and it was a clear reference to president trump, and president trump shot back in his own way. so they did not get along very well. they had very little that they agreed on. the vatican was very disappointed when trump pulled the united states out of the climate agreement. was also disappointed when trump pulled the united states out of the nuclear agreement with iran. these are the kinds of issues that pope francis and the vatican want to talk to the american president about. >> in the grand scheme of things, i certainly would want the pope to like me.
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on the screen you see the president has arrived to meet with the italian president. keir, talk about what's ahead for this weekend, the g20 meeting and next week, the u.n. climate summit in scotland. >> reporter: well, what's ahead, steph, some tough meetings for president biden. perhaps you can say the meeting with the pope was the easiest. i guess that depends on whether you care about the world views the president because he is arriving here with a sign he's not in agreement with his own party. next week he'll meet with president macron -- i mean later today. we know about the falling out between france and washington over that nuclear submarines deal with australia, so
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a rubik's cube of controversy. both the pope and president conservative. the president woke up with headaches. the questions going forward is can he diplomatically weave through those. as we know, the key priority for the biden administration is to shift toward china. every diplomatic stumble makes that more difficult. >> hans, what's the president's goal over the next week? >> keep the agenda focused, right? there's always a conflict on these summits. keir's out there sort of weighing out what's going to happen quite smartly. smartly dressed, i might also add. there's always a question what's going to happen in terms of the events and agenda. there's the pageantry, and we saw that. the events will overtake the
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pageantry. sometimes they merge. bide chb wants to stay on the agenda, he wants it a little bit on climate and covid. i expect in the interim he's going to get a lot of free advice on foreign leaders how he might handle senators sinema and manchin. that's his challenge going into it. he's aware of it, and they're prepared for it. >> all right. hans nick kols, keir simmons, michael memoli, father reese, thank you. you're right, hans. keir is wearing a smart suit. but your hair cut is nice too. coming up, we'll talk about the filmset "rust" and breaking silence. miguel almaguer is there with the details. miguel? >> reporter: good morning. hannah gutierrez-reed's job was to ensure gun safety.
6:16 am
she failed to do that. now she's at the center of the investigation. this morning, hannah gutierrez-reed, the armorer in charge of the props on set, breaking her silence. her attorneys releasing a statement overnight saying she's been falsely portray and slandered in the media, adding she fought for training, days to maintain weapons, and proper time to prepare for gunfire, but ultimately was overruled by production and her department. the whole production set became unsafe due to various factors including lack of safety meetings. with the set shut down and production halted on the movie, gutierrez-reed's statement comes one week after alec baldwin shot and killed cinematographer halyna hutchins with a gun he was told was safe to use. santa fe county sheriff aidan
6:17 am
men mendoza says there's inaccuracies. >> he was told, no live ammo was ever kept on set. given your investigation so far, is that an accurate and true statement? >> no, obviously it isn't. that was a live round that struck and killed miss hutch hutchins. >> going further, hannah had no idea where the live rounds came from. they had gained control over the guns and she never witnessed anyone shoot live rounds with these guns, nor would she permit that. the santa fe county prosecutor says while it's too early to speculate on criminal charges, the film's producers, which include alec baldwin, could be held responsible.
6:18 am
>> there is precedent in new mexico for going after companies criminally when there were huge lapses in safety standards. so, yes, it could happen. >> reporter: this morning a possible criminal probe under way as the 24-year-old in charge of weapons breaks her silence. what's happened at the ranch has had many calling for change saying gun rules need to change on movie sets not just in this set but nationwide. coming up, democratic lawmakers say they're working on a deal toward biden's agenda, but what is the progressives' priority, to give the president a win or stay committed to the azwraen they promised to the voters? we'll ask one of them yet. plus, andrew cuomo charged with a misdemeanor sex crime. everything we know about the case and what it could mean for the former new york governor. r the former new york governor ♪
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as we speak, president biden is in italy, and we've been watching live pictures from rome where he's meeting with the italian president. but he left unfinished business back in washington, a lot of it. his personal pitch to democrats to advance. it fell short with dozens of progressive democrats still not ready to sign on. i'm joined by one of them. california democrat ro khanna a member of the progressive
6:23 am
caucus. congressman, are you willing at this moment to take nothing over something because worst-case scenario, you've got the bipartisan hard infrastructure bill ready to go with the president's assurances, promises, that he's still fully committed to working on the human infrastructure bill. >> stephanie, i'm prepared to do exactly what the president wants. what he said clearly to the caucus, he wants both bills. he offered the framework, less than 2% of gdp, to have universal child care, preschool, and most progressives are rallying around that. he said, let's get it done over the next week or so, pass both bills, and progressives agree. i think there's too much focus on did he get it done yesterday or not. the reality is jake sherman said it's going to happen. it will happen over the next week or, so and then people will see what they're going to get and how their lives are going to improve. >> what's going to change next
6:24 am
week that you didn't get yesterday? >> there are still details that have to be worked out. is there going to be medicare negotiation. we've been campaigning for two decades, let's bring the cost of prescription drugs down. that's a big issue. are seniors going to get vision and hearing. that's a big deal. we might leave benefits that would improve the lives of people. we want to get the best we can. if waiting a week is going to deliver more to the american working class, it's worth waiting a week. we want the president to have a win. we're willing to compromise, and we're willing to embrace the framework. >> do you need public commitments from joe manchin and kyrsten sinema? >> that would be nice. it would make it easier. but we need assurance that the 50 senators are going to be for it. look. even senator manchin said we're still working the final details out. the president was very reasonable.
6:25 am
he didn't say, come vote today, get everything signed on the dotted line. he said here's the framework, i think you'll like it. it's 90% there. let's work it out. senator manchin is working it out. we're working it out. it's going to be transformative. for the first time every american kid is going to get to go to preschool. these are big ideas, and we're going to get it done. >> that's important for people to rehn. you're not deadlocked. you're in negotiations. you're working. people always complain about lawmakers not working for them. this is how government works. but for you, do you want fewer democrats, centrist democrats like manchin and sinema in congress, people who do hold up your agenda? >> you know, stephanie, that would be very presumptuous for me to say. i don't get to elect every member in congress. i barely get a vote in the district. it's the people who decide, and i'm happy to work with whoever
6:26 am
they send. the obligation is then on me to make the case that things like expanding medicare, free community college, these are good programs. we've done enormous progress on the agenda. look at what's in this bill. we're going to have child care finally. we're going to have the biggest investment in climate finally. we'll have the biggest investment that rivals the focus of the new deals. i'm very proud of who we are. >> are you proud of the hard infrastructure deal? it's a $1 trillion deal that has bipartisan support. i very rarely hear progress irving talk about it >> i am proud of parts of it. i think expansion of the internet for rural america is very, very important. i think the investments in our ports especially at a time when we have supply chain shortages is very important. the reason that they're linked is because of climate. there were not sufficient climate provisions in the bill. by the way, the house bill, we didn't get to amend it.
6:27 am
we offered some amendments. they sid do it in the other bill, so we're doing it in the other bill. yesterday the president held up two fingers. he said i want both bills on my desk. he's the most reasonable. the hours of patience that the president had. he met with the pope for 90 minutes. that's understandable. he's had to meet with lawmakers on end. he has an enormous amount of patience. >> this time next week, will these bills have been voted on? >> i often get these predictions wrong. >> let's give it a shot. >> i think, yes. i think, yes, but within seven to ten days. we're very close. we're closer than we've ever been. the big news of yesterday is progressives are accepting the framework. it looks like senator manchin and senator sinema are close to saying the framework is good. we're much closer than people
6:28 am
realize, and all that matters is we get this done. the midterms are a year away. if this was three weeks or something, three months before the midterms, you could say, oh, they're in disarray. we're going to get this done in a year and hopefully within the next week or two. >> massive change is coming. you are getting closer. congressman khanna, also good to see you. >> thank you. coming up, former governor andrew cuomo charged with a misdemeanor sex crime. everything we know this morning. and just hours away from the deadline to get vaccinated, many new york city employees are still resisting the shot. the possible fallout next. loalu. e to the cloud? the cloud would give us more flexibility, but we lose control. ♪ ♪ ♪ should i stay or should i go? ♪ and we need insights across our data silos, but how? ♪ if i go there will be trouble ♪ ♪ ♪
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right now we're watching the markets open up after amazon and apple reported disappointing earnings yesterday. this morning all eyes are on a different tech giant, facebook announcing it's changing its company name to meta, in an effort to prove it's more than jump a social media brand. facebook and the other company's app will remain under a meta umbrella. others seem to be on board despite people making fun of it. the change comes as the company faces a p.r. crisis after the facebook papers revealed how much the company puts profits over protecting its users.
6:33 am
former governor of new york, andrew cuomo, has now been charged with a misdemeanor sex crime. the complaint which was filed by the county sheriff accuses cuomo of forcibly touching a female aide inside the executive mansion last december. what is this all about? >> we should be clear here. we don't know because the court paperwork has been redacted with the victim's name. that's standard. we don't know, stephanie, whether or not this is bretagne brittany ka miso. she said he put his hand up her blouse and grabbed her breast. that's the same type of allegation in yesterday's complaint. they have a specific time period from 3:51 to 4:07.
6:34 am
one of the types of evidence -- pieces of evidence that may be used to kind of narrow down that time frame, according to the criminal complaint, they were able to get badge data. basically when somebody swiped in from the governor's mansion including cellphone records and blackberry p.i.n. messages if you remember that. >> blackberry p.i.n. messages? >> going back a bit aways. that was included in yesterday's court filings. we should note his attorney said he never assaulted anybody. >> get technical with me here. why did theal -- albany sheriff file it? shouldn't the district attorney do it? >> the district attorneys with just as surprised as we were. >> say that one more time. so the district attorney was surprised. doesn't that seem majorly weird to you? >> it seems weird. not quite sure what the politics or relationship might be between the sheriff's office and district attorney's office up
6:35 am
there. the sheriff's office does have the ability to go to the court and apparently according to the sheriff -- they issued a statement and said this -- they have the ability to go to the court and say, look, this is what we've got, is there enough here for a criminal complaint? that's why the governor has to respond to this because a criminal summons has been issued. he has to appear in court on november 17th to answer to this at 2:30 p.m. the governor will be in new york and will be arraigned. >> former governor. >> former governor, yes. >> tom winter, good to see you. in just a few hours, one of the most aggressive vaccine mandates is set to take place here in new york city. all employees have until 5:00 p.m. yesterday hundreds protested this mandate outside the mayor's residence. right now, only 65%, approximately 65% of new york city firefighters have been vaccinated. but i want you to keep this in
6:36 am
mind. those protesting might be very, very loud, but they're also the may north. a brand-new survey by the kaiser family foundation found that only 5% of unvaccinated adults say they have left a job due to a vaccine mandate. that's a small number. nbc's gabe gutierrez is in new york city. gabe, so what happens on monday if hundreds of firefighters and police officers don't show up for work? >> reporter: hey there, good morning. the union says up to 20% of fire companies could close and there will be ambulances off the road. i want to say something that happened a short time ago. a police commissioner in new york on a radio interview said another 100 police officers got vaccinated yesterday. that means 80% of the nypd is now vaccinated. that has been the hope of mayor de blasio and other city officials that as this vaccine
6:37 am
mandate deadline gets closer, there'll be a last-minute surge of vaccinations and say they won't have to get to the point where they'll threaten public safety, but this is going to be playing out across the country. the los angeles county sheriff said the vaccine mandates were an imminent threat to public safety. 21 attorneys general throughout the country have just signed this letter challenging the biden administration's vaccine mandate for federal contractors. so certainly this remain as flash point in many parts of the country, but especially in new york. as you mentioned, there was a protest outside mayor de blasio's home. >> hold on. did i hear you correctly? did you say 80% of our police officers are vaccinated at this point? >> reporter: that's right. >> 80%? >> reporter: according to the police commissioner. 65% of firefighters have been vaccinated. slightly higher for emts, but,
6:38 am
yes, 80% of the nypd is vaccinated, according to the latest figures, steph. >> do we know what the percentage was before the mandate was called? >> reporter: it was much lower, and that's what mayor de blasio has been saying over and over again, that these mandates work because the percentage has been going up higher. now, stephanie, you know, i spoke with a lot of firefighters at the protest yesterday. some of them prefer not to comment and let their union do the talking, but the ones that did speak off camera, some say they had been vaccinated and they were not anti-vaxed but more anti-mandate. this's something you hear over and over again, that these firefighters and police officers don't want to be forced to do something. they should do it themselves. mayor de blasio, as you heard, his frustration has been building. he said he's given them enough time, incentives to go ahead and do this. he said it's something they have
6:39 am
to go ahead and do. this week the largest police union in new york asked the judge to step in and block this vaccine mandate. a judge denied that request. so as far as we know, it is now scheduled to take effect. again, that deadline 5:00 p.m. to show proof of vaccination or at least one shot. and on monday, whoever's not vaccinated would have to be on unpaid leave. stephanie? >> i certainly hope they make the decision to get vaccinated. that is a commitment to public safety. gabe gutierrez, thank you. coming up, the nfl is refusing to publicly release the full details of its harassment investigation into the washington football team saying they're trying to protect the victims. the victims' lawyers, they say otherwise. a top lawyer joins us next. lawyt not caused by a heart valve problem. so if there's a better treatment than warfarin,... i want that. eliquis. eliquis reduces stroke risk better than warfarin.
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40 former washington football team employees say they want the findings of an independent investigation into widespread bullying and sexual harassment made public. the demand comes after nfl commissioner roger goodell released a voichl the findings but not the full details of the report. the team was fined 10 million bucks after the investigation which included interviews from more than 15 people. hero's what the commissioner said. >> i think the organization has been held accountable and i think we'll find dan snyder has not been involved with the organization now for almost four months. >> we reached out for comment and they referred us to roger goodell's statement at the news conference. joining us now, lisa banks. i want to start with, do you believe the washington football
6:45 am
team has been held accountable? 10 million bucks, that's a big find. >> no, i don't think they've been held accountable, and i don't think there's any way for us to determine whether they have been held accountable or at least for the public to determine that because we haven't seen the findings. the nfl is in effect saying, trust us, we've looked at findings, we've looked at the investigator's report, and we've determined that this is appropriate. but we have no reason to trust the nfl because they're conflicted here. the commissioner's job is to protect the owners, and that appears to be what he's doing here. >> so the american people should get to decide what the fines are? how would that work? >> absolutely not. but what the american public should be able to weigh in on and what my clients should be able to weigh in on after putting themselves out there at great risk is to look at the findings, to look at a report, which is done as a matter of
6:46 am
course in most high-profile investigations like this, and to determine, yes, there's been transparency, and there's been accountability here. and where there hasn't been, it allows us the opportunity to ask why. >> is there precedent? are thereover private businesses and organization that have done investigations of this nature and then released all the details of the reports? >> yes. it happens as a matter of course. so when you have a high-profile matter where there's an independent investigation, there is usually transparency and accountability as a matter of course. i think you've seen it just this past summer. the new york attorney general released a 168-page report about governor cuomo. >> but that's not a business. hold on. that's different. that's not a business. >> right. >> that's an elected official, and voters do weigh in. like we're the people who put those elected officials in their
6:47 am
jobs. it's different with a private business, and i'm not arguing that they should or they shouldn't, but i'm trying to understand the precedent because you actually -- while you didn't do those interviews, you represent the 40 people employed by the washington football team, so you know a lot more about what's in there than i do. >> yeah. so this does happen in both the private and the public sphere, and more importantly, it's happened with the nfl. the nfl has a history of doing high-profile independent investigations and then releasing the findings in the report of that investigation. they did it with the tom brady deflategate, they did it with the ray rice investigation. and for some reason they have decided not to do it here, and, you know, my clients are asking why is the psi of football more important than hundreds of women who came forward to report decades of harassment and abuse. so the nfl --
6:48 am
>> and the nfl, of course, is claiming they're trying to protect the victims, but tell us because you know what actually happened to them. what do you think the consequences should be? >> well, i know what happened to my 40 clients. there are 150 people who testified or brought their stories to beth wilkins, the investigator. there's far more than i'm aware of. when you have 20 years of culture and harassment and abuse, that culture starts from the top. based on what i know, i think that there needs to be fundamental change in that organization, and i don't think fining an organization worth billions and billions of dollars $10 million or putting owner's wife in charge is an appropriate remedy for what has happened. >> sounds like washington
6:49 am
football team may be getting a new name and some possibly new ownership. lisa, thank you for joining us. you definitely made us smarter this morning. coming up, the texas abortion ban set to go in front of the supreme court on monday. what you need to know before the arguments begin. plus, inside the biden administration's plan to pay migrant families who were separated at the border. you have got to hear this story. you have got to hear this story. mm. [ clicks tongue ] i don't know. i think they look good, man. mm, smooth. uh, they are a little tight. like, too tight? might just need to break 'em in a little bit. you don't want 'em too loose.
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now to some other stories you need to know on this friday. pete williams is here with a look ahead to monday's major supreme court hearing on the texas abortion law. but i want to start with julia ainsley, who's got some brand-new reporting about the biden administration's possible plans to pay out millions of dollars to migrant families that were separated at the border under the previous administration. julia, how much are we talking about here? >> it could be millions that goes out in the end, stephanie. right now, they're in negotiations. this would consolidate a number of tort claims brought by lawyers representing these families, talking about the unprecedented, unfathomable, emotional and psychological damage that they went through when they were separated at the u.s. border by the trump administration in 2017 and 2018. this would be the negotiation that they're trying to come to a deal with, with the justice department. right now, they're looking at hundreds of thousands of dollars. "wall street journal" reported around $450,000 per individual.
6:54 am
that means if there was a parent and child separated, they would walk away with about $900,000, regardless of whether they are still separated or they've been reunited. some lawyers are concerned, though, about getting this number out, that if they publish the number when it is confirmed, that some families who are still in central america will have targets on their back when people know exactly how much money they've gotten. but they say that it is well deserved because of what this specific group went through. and just to put it in perspective, we're talking about over 5,600 children who were separated from their parents. those numbers do add up. and they're still in negotiations, but it does look like these parents and these children will be getting hundreds of thousands of dollars for what they went through. >> what kind of precedent could this set? we've seen pictures of a new caravan of migrants heading towards our border. and it wasn't just during the trump administration. there are all sorts of people making their way to our border, who could certainly argue that
6:55 am
they're suffering consequences that are far worse than they thought they would. >> i think they can certainly argue that, right? we've seen pictures of people being pushed back by border patrol on horse, when they come to the border. we've definitely seen people be subject to things like remain in mexico and the covid restrictions that force asylum seekers back into mexico before they have a chance to make their claim. but as far as the precedent, this is a very specific group. there is litigation that has been brought on behalf of these parents unlike any other group of migrants that i've seen in my years covering this. this seems to be very focused on these families that were separated in 2017 and 2018, deliberately by with trump administration with no plans for reunification. >> pete, let's talk texas. the abortion bill going in front of the supreme court on monday. what's the most important thing we need to know before it happens. >> this is not so much about abortion, it's about the structure of this novel law. can the state pass a law like this to do something that the
6:56 am
state couldn't do on its own. it couldn't ban abortion under the supreme court's pregnancy before viability, not this early, six weeks. but what texas has done is outsourcing it, basically turning anybody into a private vigilante who can sue abortion providers for at least $10,000, subjecting them to potentially rups you damages. the question is, can a state do that. can abortion providers in texas sue in state courts to try to block state court judges and clerks from carrying out these lawsuits and can the federal government sue texas? it's not really about abortion. the really big case about abortion is going to be argued a month from now on december 1st in the case from mississippi, a direct challenge to roe v. wade, stephanie. >> well, we will be watching. pete, julia, thank you both so much. that wraps up this very busy hour and busy week. i am stephanie ruhle. happy halloween to you all. my number one favorite holiday. chris jansing picks up breaking news coverage right here on the other side of the break, as president biden continues his foreign trip with meetings with world leaders. do not go anywhere. leaders.
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