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tv   Alex Witt Reports  MSNBC  October 30, 2021 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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a very good day to all of you from msnbc world headquarters here in new york. welcome, every, to "alex witt reports." what's happening at 2:00 p.m., 11:00 a.m. on the west coast. a new desperate effort by donald trump to keep his actions on january 6th secret. nbc's reporter joins me now. julie, this has been quite a busy saturday where you are there on the capitol.
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first of all, what are you hearing about the vote on the spending bills. >> reporter: alex, in the last hour or so we're learning house democratic leadership has a new accelerated timeline for president biden's agenda saying the house could take up both the bipartisan infrastructure plan. remember, that hard infrastructure bill. roads, bridges and highways, that passed the senate in mid-august, and also that $1.75 trillion framework that president biden presented just thursday before he went abroad to house democrats. both of those things could have a vote on tuesday in the house. that's what house democratic leadership is saying, but here's the big question. will centrist holdouts manchin and sinema, the two senators in the democratic party in the senate, will they back this bill? last we heard they support it, having good faith negotiations but didn't hear whether they're committed to voting for it. i heard if the house passes it to us the senate won't take up
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the build back better plan next week because of procedural issues finishing up language on the senate side. this isn't over. they sent president biden abroad empty-handed. could he return having something to show for it? we have to wait and find out. >> with donald trump asking a court to keep his january 6th documents away from the select committee what can you tell us about that? >> reporter: it's just the latest in what's happening with the back and form with the former president. the house select committee and the national archives. today overnight, i should say, actually, court filings showing the former president wants to keep over 700 documents from the house select committee investigating january 6th. those documents include a whole bunch of thinks including daily logs, who the president stoke to and when on january 6th. visitor logs, white house logs. drafts of his speech, the "save
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america" rally sneetch took place before the attack happened. certain draft texts for his press secretary. a whole load of different materials that the former president wants to keep hidden and this after president biden blocked president trump's attempts twice on keeping these documents hidden from the committee. the last attempt happening just this week. this is just the latest in the nasty legal fight between the former president, the committee, but the committee says their investigation is going on. they're talking to key witnesses who are cooperating and subpoenaed a bunch of people from the former president's orbit as well and we will see those interviews and subpoenas under way in the next few weeks here. >> thank you so much from the capitol. go to some other top stories we're following for you. including breaker news overseas in rome where president biden is finishing up a busy day at the annual g 20 summit meeting with a number of world leaders how specifically to tackle issues
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like climate change, covid and the spiking energy prices. a few hours ago the president sat down with european allies to discuss the iran nuclear deal as well. a live report from the ground in a moment for you. first, back here in the u.s., vice president kamala harris receiving a booster shot of the moderna vaccine this morning. >> the booster shot. i want to encourage everyone to do the same when you are eligible, and as we have said from the beginning, the vaccines are free. they are safe, and they will save your life. >> this all comes as we are one major step closer to vaccinated kids against the coronavirus. in fact, overnight, fda issues emergency use authorization for pfizer's vaccine for children ages 5 to 11. the question now goes to the cdc who will meet on tuesday to make the final call on that. and with just three days to go now until election day, the race for virginia governor is heating
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up. last night vice president harris campaigning alongside democrat terry mcauliffe. while republican glenn youngkin out on a bus tour travel ago cross the state. the fox news poll has him leading by eight points. and covering the governor's race, we have you covered for sure. first to nbc's mike memoli in rome. mike, the president getting some pretty good news from washington while on the world stage there. what's the latest? >> reporter: well, much as i suspect chris is enjoying her time on the campaign trail i have a feeling she wishes she was with me here in italy, a place close to her heart. >> you know that. >> reporter: end of a busy day for president biden. you see the pictures showing in the corner of the screen. some leaders arriving for dinner at the italian presidential palace here in rome. it's been a busy day.
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g20 is primarily a gathering of the world's economic powers. the 20 countries representing 80% of the world's gdp. the biggest headline out of today's summit is a significant development relating to corporate taxes. the president has been really advocating for what's called a global minimum tax, saying to companies essentially, doesn't matter when you're based. if you're doing business in a particular country you have to pay at least 15% profits in taxes. more than just the 20 countries a part of the g20. more than 130 countries around the world have moved forward to join this agreement on the part of these countries to adopt different frameworks within their own countries to move towards this 15% global minimum tax. we know the president is trying to do it back home as part of his build back better agenda. good news for the president potentially getting bipartisan infrastructure and the other to a vote tuesday. u.s. president biden meeting with three of our closest allies
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as an effort to bring iran back to the negotiating table as the u.s. rejoins the iran nuclear agreement. leaders of those four countries announcing they're willing to lift some sanctions ream posed by the trump administration when he left the deal in 2018 as part of an effort to get iran back to the table. a significant development there, and the white house is saying they do believe iran will return to negotiations by the end of the month. one last piece of business here, alex. you know that the pandemic has been sort of hanging over everything. there wasn't a g20 meeting in-person last year because of this. an interesting meeting start of the summit. showed a picture earlier of the family photo. all leaders standing on the stage. the italian prime minister invited some first responders to join them as part of that family photo as well. recognition of the fact these first responders, bore a heavy toll as part of the pandemic. particularly in italy one of the
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hardest hit countries early on in this pandemic. >> thoughtful. helped that country pull out of a terrific nosedive. horrible to watch. mike memoli, thank you for that. coming up ahead, the only democrat president biden reached out to from air force one on the way to the g20. what did he say to her? we're going to ask. she'll join us in a few minutes. now to virginia where today is the last day to vote early before tuesday's election in the race for governor. it's in a dead heat. nbc's chris jansing in leesburg, virginia. chris, get to your affinity with rome in a moment. what do you hear about the organizations and cultural issues raised during the virginia governor's race that really led them to get involved? >> reporter: i have to tell you. this is one of the most fascinating and eventually one of the most consequential questions for this entire campaign. how did it stoke these culture wars? glenn youngkin closed the gap.
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he believes he's done it talking about issues like critical race theory. should parents be able to say, no, if a book lie "beloved" a classic, should be able to be taught, and lgbtq issues. they think in neighborhoods like this where there are independent voters, that voted for joe biden, they will come back to glenn youngkin because of these issues. of course, terry mcauliffe sees it exactly the opposite. he believes that ties him to donald trump and that is still a positive in terms of his voters keeping those voters that we know went to joe biden just a year ago. so we've been talking to folk whose have been going out canvassing. among them members of a human rights campaign, the leading organization for lgbtq rights. this is jonathan and his partner chris. they're out canvassing. tell me what the reaction has been to the things that glenn youngkin has had to say on this campaign? >> well, we're talking to voters
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out here. i was born and raised in virginia. we actually met ten years ago and since then marriage equality became law. glenn youngkin's opposition to marriage quality personally is upsetting for families like mine. majorities of democrats and independents support that and we're out here excited about our candidates. >> reporter: hearing about the enthusiasm. different add vangs advantage for democrats. don't have donald trump every five minutes tweeting and to get angry about. frankly, talk to political analysts. anger some people on the right have been feeling stoked by glenn youngkin has been a positive for him. do you think the enthusiasm gap exists or are you seeing sort of a late call to people getting involved in the campaign? >> we've come out here almost every year because it's virginia with elections. i've never seen so many people at a canvas launch. over 150 folks coming in and out to knock on doors today. bigger than some rallies but
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exciting to see all the people come out and get the message across to quality voter, independents, across the board. i see enthusiasm here. a lot going on with covid. important to remind folks early voting, the last day to do that. at 5:00 p.m. today. if you are in virginia, go out and vote by 5:00 p.m. or on election day on tuesday. >> get back to the job you came to do. appreciate you hanging out to talk to us. we should say we did talk to the youngkin campaign asked could we go out with their canvassers and volunteers, they declined although he is in ma manassas. a rally going on. continuing his bus tour. terry mcauliffe is everywhere seems. a lot of big-named folks including chairman of the dnc senator tim kaine with him today call because they know this race, as you've said, alex is too close to call, within the margin's error.
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all polls together, a difference in these two candidates of less than 1%. >> glad you've reached out to both sides. if they don't want to respond or accommodate the request, that's one thing. can i explain mike memoli's reference to you in rome? i've long suggested you write a book, an american's guide to visiting rome. i would never dream of going to rome without asking for your advice, my friend. you know it so well. something to think about in your spare time. >> reporter: happy to give it. >> thank you. >> reporter: known to eat a plate of pasta or two in my lie. >> understandable. thanks. meantime, the virginia race could come down to a handful of counties. steve kornacki explains why several are so crucial. say, steve? >> reporter: all righty, alex. all eyes on virginia. terry mcauliffe, former governor can he hold off glenn youngkin? the poll looking tight. state of play in virginia coming
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into the election. looking within virginia at this map starts to light up tuesday night pup see how things ended up in virginia in 2020. biden carried the state over donald trump. carried it big over donald trump. 10-point win for biden over trump in virginia. one of the reasons democrats are surprised to find themselves in such a close race here in virginia. a ten-point biden state last time. one of the reasons why virginia became a double digit win for democrats is it's kind of in one state it captures the story of the political shifts of the trump era. basically, not every county in virginia during donald trump's presidency moved towards the democrats. what actually happened is, some counties in virginia moved dramatically towards the democrats. dramatically away from trump. and other counties moved actually towards trump. towards the republicans. away from the democrats. but the math worked in democrats' favor. show you two different dynamics
11:14 am
in virginia. first of all calls thee the trump backlash counties of virginia. these are the places moved most dramatically in the trump era, away from therepublicans. doesn't look like a lot in land area. northern virginia outside of washington, d.c. there's like 2 million people in the counties in the areas that are blue here on the map. almost a quarter of the entire state population. you see they're lighted up blue here. trump backlash areas. what does that mean? take a look. loudon county. over 400,000 people live there outside washington, d.c. you see in 2020, biden won loudon county by 25 points over trump. here's how that changed over, back to 2012. 2012, last presidential election before donald trump came on the scene. look at this. back in 2012, republicans were competitive in loudon county. mitt romney lost by four points to barack obama.
11:15 am
donald trump comes along in 2016, suddenly republicans lose it by 17. four years of trump as president, now republicans lose it by 25 points. in the span of just eight years republicans went particular being competitive in loudon county to getting absolutely blown out. that's what we're talking about here when we say trump backlash areas. places like loudon county. places like right next door. fairfax county. more than a million people there. this is the biggest county in virginia. again, look at this. trump, 70 -- excuse me, lost basically 70 to 28%. roll back the clock to the pre-trump election of 2012. still a democratic county, but only 20 points. barack obama beat romney and in a county big at fairfax, more than a. people. difference between democrats winning by 20, democrats by 40 and enormous implications
11:16 am
state-wide. how democrats are able to get margin up in virginia. making huge gains in places like fairfax, loud be and other places. question for tuesday night, can glenn youngkin, can republicans make in-roads? win back leveling of supported in places like this before donald trump camology? arrest the trump surge, the trump backlash in these places? that's what glenn youngkin needs to do here in virginia. republicans nationally will pay close attention, because if glenn youngkin can show a path to winning back old level of republican support in suburbs, places like loudon, fairfax county other places here, show a way to do that in virginia, they're going to think, hey. a road map how to do it nationally. if republicans get back the house, win a real big house majority in 2022 they have to do it in suburbs across the country. a big test tuesday night.
11:17 am
virginia has pop population areas a huge backlash against donald trump. democrats trying to see if they can lock it it in. republicans trying to unwind it. one of the tests. paying close attention to it tuesday night. >> thank you. coming up, someone who knows virginia very well and those voters as well, too. joining me with prediction for tuesday's race. also a look now at a picture of glenn youngkin. a live picture there at a rally in manassas. what he's doing right now, a big bus tour chris jansing reported about. and a dangerous world as president trump and supporters refuse to let go of the last election. in a moment you'll hear from an official raid aloud some of the threats he's gotten. alarming and could be one of the costs of trump's big lies as america approaches another election day. america approacher election day. i have friends. []
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as election day neers donald
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trump election lies are leading to a real world increase in violent rhetoric on the right. at a senate committee hearing this week philadelphia's election commissioner detailed the violent threats he and his family received by people over the big lie. >> i am a republican, and i believe that counting votes in our democracy is a sacred responsibility. for doing my job counting votes i'd like to quickly share with you some messages sent to me and my tale. tell the truth or your three kids -- will be fatally shot. included our address, included my children's names. include add picture of our home. this is domestic terrorism. the whole point intimidate coerce and prevent our dock cress from running like it should. the day people were deceived and
11:23 am
deranged by those lies, and for what? to discredit an election that wasn't even close. >> i -- i don't know what to say after listening to that. beyond disturbing. joined by pennsylvania congress qom democratic member of the judicial and financial services committees. when you hear that what goes through your mind? >> good afternoon. alex it is stunning, shocking, and sadly he's not alone. that is a republican elected public servant who simply was doing his job, and the president and those around him for years sowed seeds of misinformation and concern over our election security and that's the outcome. you just -- anybody's who's a parent. when you add that public
11:24 am
servant's children and home, it is beyond the pale, incredibly frightening, elected leaders need to stop. >> do you think that it's gotten worse? feels like it's getting more violent in nature, and incessant and i mean we have elections coming up in a couple of states. we have midterms up ahead. it's like people have just gone haywire. >> we've talked about this. having lived through january the 6th. yes. extremism, americans attacking and willing to speak violence to another american, an elected official doing his job, it has gotten worse. you know, i was jut out in glenside doing gotv last-minute door knocking talking to people outside of daryl's bakery in glenside. you know what the common refrain was when somebody came up to me?
11:25 am
>> huh? >> i thank you for your service, but i'm scared. this is grown men and women saying, i'm scared. scared for our country, for our children. i'm scared for our democracy. we have to turn this back. >> if trump backed candidates like glenn youngkin in virginia lose, does that take some of the steam out of this opposition and these violent threats, do you think? do people start thinking, okay. well, lost the election. we've lost this one. or are you worried it's going to ramp it up? >> i do worry it might ramp it up, but i keep thinking that elections matter. and that as we turn away, as voters turn away those who would perpetuate dangerous lies, whether about democracy, the election past, vaccines, the wearing of masks, you name it. as we turn away, voters turn away of these cynical, corrupt
11:26 am
polk-like characters running for office, i hope we will reclaim our democracy. i hope that the republican party refinds its way, because right now it is committed to cult-like lying and guilty to a twice impeached, twice-failed president. i want to pivot and share my optimism. what i said to folks i stood outside the bakery talking to. i said look where we are about to go, if we can just simply get through this? we are about to pass, and i hope it will be this week, two extraordinary measures that will be generational investments in our future. the build back better plan that will invest in our children and the protection of our planet, and so much in between those important pillars, and the bipartisan infrastructure deal. that's more than $3 trillion worth of overdue investments in our infrastructure, in our workers, in our family, in the
11:27 am
poor, and for our climate. >> democrats and republicans alike. this -- benefits everybody. let me ask you about breaking news we have here, and that is the new court filing by the national archives. providing details on which white house records president trump is trying to block from being turned over to the january 6th select committee. this is a list that includes daily presidential diaries, white house visitor logs, call logs, handwritten notes from mark meadows among other things. what does it tell you about these items, the ones he seems to be so worried about? >> they have a lot to hide. otherwise, every one of those documents would be transparently turned over to say you know, i'll give you my phone. i'll give you my record. i'll give you my emails. because there's nothing to see here in terms of incitement of insurrection and an attempt to
11:28 am
interfere with the people in power. how dare these public servants, how dare the chief of staff mark meadows, try to block transparent transmission of this information. they work for us. we have a right to know. >> there is a particular tweet i'm going to get to right now. i know you know what's coming. that being politico's nicklaus wu reports on wis hey on air force one to rome president biden made only one call that house democrats were briefed on, the call was to you to tell you he appreciated you talking positively, as you just did on this program, which i appreciate as well. but talking about the agenda in that way. can you tell us a little more about what the president said to you and what his words mean to you? >> well, i don't know how the press got ahold of that information, except i might have been enthusiastically running through cannon house office building to my office to say you're not going to believe this. president call immediate from air force one. but know that i didn't report it to the press.
11:29 am
but i was extraordinarily honored to get a call from the president. he had seen me do a television hit where i celebrated the framework of the deal he negotiated, that our speaker negotiated. this transformative build back better plan for $1.75, something like that, trillion dollars, and he said, i want to thank you. thank you for standing up for this legislation. i said, mr. president, thank "you." thank you for for focusing on our children, for lifting people out of poverty. for focusing on our climate. i said, mr. president, it's an extraordinary honor you would call me. he said i'm calling you from 40,000 feet up but i saw you on your competitor, cable network. i also said, mr. president, you're about to visit with your pope, my pope. pope francis. and what amazing parallels. the very legislation that we are moving forward, this is the president's crafted legislation,
11:30 am
to lift children, the poor in and our climate and our planet. i said the pope cares exactly about those things. so, please, send my regards and my prayers for our pope and we send you with great lift and thank you for negotiating this package that we hope to pass next week. >> i understand while you were rubbing through the halls and saying, this is pretty exciting, well done on that. thank you for the details on that. might give awe quick personal pause on the fact it's your son harry's ninth anniversary today of achieving sobriety. you were both on with me and we talked about the book you wrote together and i want to thank you for that discussion and also say good job, mom. good job, harry. so well done. something to celebrate. >> thank you for lifting up harry. i'm very proud of him. my whole family s. you should be. he's a good guy. thank you so much congresswoman madeleine dean. and breaking news at the g20. undoing the former president's
11:31 am
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and right now we are seeing folks. they are heading to the dinner there in rome. world leaders discussing what to do with iran. we have yet to see president biden arrive, though we've seen other turkish president erdogan, seen boris johnson, angela merkel, justin trudeau and the like. meanwhile, the president met with british prime minister and angela merkel discussing 2015 deal. this on the heels of the target of the drone pam. go to msnbc's keir simmons joining us from rome. keir, welcome again. can you tell us what came out of this meeting? >> reporter: alex, i guess you could say important symbolism,
11:36 am
unity between the europeans and the u.s. over the approach to iran. and i guess you could argue a little bit of hope. things have been incredibly difficult. we've been watching the nuclear brinkmanship between iran and particularly the u.s. develop over the months since president biden was elected, and elected saying he wanted to go renew the deal that president trump walked away from. president biden asked today whether there would be renewed talks. take a listen. >> do you propose and when would you like to talk to iran? >> definitely rerejoin. >> reporter: when those talks resume depends on iran. the joint statement from, alex, the europeans and americans kind of appears to offer a carrot, if you like. it says a return to the jcpoa nuclear deal compliance providing sanctions lifting with
11:37 am
long-lasting implications for iran's economic growth. only positive if iran changes course. call upon the president to seize this opportunity and return to good faith effort to conclude negotiations as a master of urgency. that is the only sure way to avoid a dangerous escalation, not in any country's interest. now, that last sentence, alex, referring to the real danger that a nuclear iran would spark, kind of a nuclear race in the middle east. and also the danger, and i think there are many, many skeptics who think this is the likely direction, the danger that the u.s. and europe will impose more sanctions, and that the u.s. will have to look to other measures to try and counter the iranian nuclear program. it really is the last chance with these talks, alex. very, very difficult. to give an example, iranians so
11:38 am
far have not agreed to talk directly to the u.s., but through intermediaries. so just getting to the stage where they talk directly to each other is difficult, never mind getting to a new deal. >> tell you it is so delicate. what do you expect to happen, keir, with regard to now, i guess it's end of november. right? there's about a month for all of this, it's going to be sorted out. is there any expectation that iran will eventually talk directly with the united states, given the next few weeks of being able to put something together? >> reporter: yeah. look, if november really is the date. because iran, in the time since these talks restarted, it's had an election. the new more hard-line president. so iran, many people think, is not in a mood to compromise. certainly some of the things iran has been saying has been, for example, arguing america should release billions of dollars to iran before it is possible to get to an agreement.
11:39 am
so when both sides talk about returning to full compliance with the nuclear deal, the two sides don't necessarily agree on what exactly that means. just to take another example in terms of this statement from the u.s. and the europeans. the talks about lifting sanctions, but exactly when would those sanctions be lifted? so many details to be figured out with two sides that don't see eye to eye. >> well said. thank you so much. lots of hurdles ahead. my next guest wrote this headline, facebook's metaverse is very scary. oui we explain what she means, next. ans, next liberty, liberty ♪ uh, i'll settle for something i can dance to. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ ♪ ♪
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a new warning today facebook's rebranding is much more than a simple name change. founder mark zuckerberg announced he's changing the naming of facebook's parent company to meta. my next guest says facebook's meta universe is scary. msnbc's columnist, technology lawyer and legal scholar, tiffany lee joins me now. tiffany is a visiting professor at boston university school of law, and a fellow at yale law school's information society project. tiffany, welcome. i highlighted so much of all that you wrote here. talk about the most scary aspect of this zuckerberg maneuver. what is it? >> i think the scariest thing to consider is that meta will actually work nap we might
11:44 am
actually get a metaverse that is a virtual reality world, and one that mark zuckerberg and facebook control. that idea alone is scary, regardless of how long it takes to get there. i don't know if i want that. >> among the things you write. one simple sentence, actually repeated and seen throughout this entire piece that you wrote. we can barely trust tech platforms with the internet and certainly can't trust them with virtual reality. when he talks about the metaverse, about virtual reality, first, do you get the sense he's talking over the heads of the average user? does the average person even know what this entails? >> i definitely agree. i think the average person using facebook, instagram, whatsapp. most don't use virtual reality. some for video games, for example. all in a virtual space is a long
11:45 am
way's off. meantime, facebook is sort of moving past the very real problems they have right now with the apps and what we actually do. the problems that actually affect people in the real worlds. >> so is the company kind of taking advantage of the lack of regulation? are they banking quite frankly on the ignorance of both lawmakers and the public? since this is a new, rather uncharted, universe? >> the law is definitely not ready for virtual reality. that's abundantly clear. the law is barely ready for actual internet hearts. and every time companies like facebook are brought to congress, we see the policymakers don't have the necessary knowledge or perhaps not the incentive to make any real change. that's a problem right now, before we even start talking about virtual reality. we need to fix the problems on the ground right now in front of us, and that's a matter of what
11:46 am
congress what do do in addition to what facebook has to do also referring to this, frances haugen, former facebook employee whistle-blower exposed several questionable practices on the company's existing platform. are you at all optimism facebook will make changes and try to mitigate the fallout from that? >> at this point facebook has no other choice. they absolute have to make changes, otherwise they'll face more and more regulatory pressure. there are already rumors of potential anti-competitiveness or antitrust regulation coming. there are lawsuit about privacy, about child safety. facebook has to shape up. the problem is, facebook hasn't in this sort of cycle, for the past, i don't know how many years now, they've been called to task. they have said they're going to fix things and they haven't really fixed things fast enough. so the fact we're moving past
11:47 am
the real problem today and going into this virtual reality future, that's just a bit ridiculous to me. >> okay. tiff li lee, i can see the title of what you wrote there on for good reason. thank you for joining me. sure we'll have you back to talk more about this. and meantime in virginia, the governors race is very close. talking about what could make the difference, deciding difference, on tuesday.
11:48 am
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in three days, virginians will cast their in-person ballots for governor. right now, that race appears to be a dead heat. and today is the last day of early voting in virginia. hey, larry, let's get into this right now. it's coming down to the wire.
11:52 am
do your numbers reflect the fox news poll favoring the republican as well and tell me why you think the race is so tight. >> well, first, i don't have the eight percentage point lead for youngkin that fox news has. i think if you look at the big picture, you can see why nobody is going to be surprised in youngkin actually wins, alex. there's no two ways about it. president biden's ratings have stayed relatively low, even in a state like virginia that he carried by ten points. the democrats on capitol hill could not get it together certainly in time to help terry mcauliffe. i think he expected them to do something before november 2nd. but we all know they didn't. there are other reasons. mcauliffe made a serious gaffe in one of the debates and on and on. but one candidate has been moving up pretty steadily, and
11:53 am
that's young kin. that opportunity mean mcauliffe can't pull out a win. we have well over a million early votes and a turnout of 2 1/2 million. you don't want to write it off at this point because we're not at that point. but, you know, the handwriting is invisible ink, but it may be on the wall. >> a couple of points there, as you know, after that fox news poll came out, "the washington post" came out with a poll and it has terry mcauliffe up by one point. all within the margin of error. but also when it comes to the early voting, larry, aren't the democrats showing a stronger turnout in that regard than republicans are? >> yes. to the extent i can tell. remember, we don't have partisan registration in virginia. basically, you're guessing, you're modeling it based on what we know about many of the
11:54 am
individuals who voted in a party primary or two or three. but the long and short is, democrats are more inclined, particularly after 2020, to vote early. republicans are voting early to a greater degree this year than they did in percentage terms last year. so by no means is it going to be a democratic wipeout in the early vote. but, yes, democrats will have a lead from that and it's going to be announced first this year instead of last. so when you first see the numbers on tuesday night, i'll be surprised and others will be surprised if mcauliffe isn't ahead to begin with. the question is, what about the election day vote which is going to be a majority, clear majority of the vote. we'll have to watch that and see how quickly youngkin catches up, if he does. >> and the point you made earlier in terms of the sum total, you're thinking, is it 40% of the votes welcome early voting versus 60%, the day of?
11:55 am
>> i don't want to put an exact percentage on it at this point. you're going to have more votes, considerably more votes on election day because while we still have effects from the pandemic, this isn't like last year when people were desperate not to go to crowded polls. i think more people want to do it the old way. not everybody. and we'll always have more mail votes than we used to have. but, yes, you will have considerably more votes on november 2nd than you will from september 17th when voting started to today. today is the last in-person voting day until tuesday, the actual election day. >> you mentioned momentum. how much do the high-profile democrats like president biden, vice president harris, stacey abrams, all of them campaigning for terry mcauliffe. how much does that influence democrats to get out and vote? >> it certainly helps. they wouldn't do it if i didn't have a positive impact.
11:56 am
and there have been so many. to be honest, mcauliffe has needed them. because democrats consistently and even up to the current day are less enthusiastic than republicans. there are many reasons why. i mentioned some of them earlier. but it's just a fact that republicans are through the roof in terms of their energy. a lot of it has to do with the fact that they've lost consistently for ten years and their desperate. they finally want to win one. so that's a factor. >> all right. well, you're always a factor in our discussions of these kinds of things. thank you so much. good to see you. that's going to do it for me on this edition of alex witt reports. i'll see you tomorrow. my friend yasmin vossoughian continues our coverage. d yasminn continues our coverage ♪ there are beautiful ideas that remain in the dark.
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