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tv   Kendis Gibson and Lindsey Reiser Report  MSNBC  October 31, 2021 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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with her. >> that's all for this edition of dateline i'm natalie morales, thank you for watching. >> breaking right now on msnbc. president biden with a busy day. one key meeting down, plenty more to go. now set to take on the shipping crisis, alongside other world leaders at the g20 today. the second and final day of the meeting with world leaders. just getting underway. >> a former trump legal advisor facing questions after radio interview surfaces. of him challenging mike pence to overturn the election. days before the insurrection. he's now expected to have to answer to the january 6th committee as they get set to subpoena him. plus, the former presidents new push to had hundreds of documents from congressional
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investigators. >> alec baldwin speaking on camera for the very first time since that deadly shooting on his movie said. opening up about his relationship with the cinematographer halyna hutchins and how her husband is doing. >> he's in shock. he has a nine year old son. we were in constant contact with him. we're very worried about his family and his kid. >> and, we look ahead to a blockbuster week for the supreme court, as the justices prepared to take on big cases. on two of the most controversial topics in america. guns and abortions. good morning, everybody. it is sending, october 31st. i'm lindsey reiser. >> and i kendis gibson. we are dressed as ourselves. today [laughs] this halloween at the msnbc world headquarters. but a lot of folks all over the country have been getting in this spirit. even i believe at the capitol itself. >> yeah, lacey. >> looking very spooky. >>, with all that fog. i don't know? did they do anything different?
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[laughs] >> that's not just fog that's lawmakers just growing. >> that's the steam coming from their nostrils. that's. right >> but mother nature did but on a bit of a show overnight. these are the northern lights from russia. there was a solar storm that was so strong, apparently it is visible as far south as some parts of denver and colorado, parts of washington state. >> absolutely beautiful. definitely on a bucket list for so many of us. but we do look ahead to not only very big week by a very big day at the g20. already underway and we have a group of people ready to lead us off. >> we'll get starting with reporting from northern virginia to rome. but breaking right now, we do begin in a room. the next meeting of world leaders under way as some of the most critical meetings for president biden set for the sunday. >> this is all part of an overseas trip for the president, for can sing on the large part on the crime crisis. here's a calendar what. expect murrow, he'll head to scotland for the 26 climate summit. >> a big headlines out of the
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g20 conference in rome, endorsement of a global minimum tax and suggestion that talks on the iran nuclear accord could actually start again. nbc news correspondent mike memoli is traveling with the president in the eternal city of rome. mike, good morning to you. first up for the president, was that key meeting with our nato ally topper perhaps a contentious one with the president. entious one >> yeah, that's rig. the president beginning his final full day in a room with one of the most in a difficult one on one meetings that he'll have on this entire trip. president erdogan of turkey is somebody biden perhaps knows best of all the world leaders who are here. he worked with him closely when he was vice president, but as president erdogan has been moving in a more authoritarian direction, that has really created tensions with the u.s.. so, there's a lot to discuss. you can see that by the fact that when these two stood by by side by side, we take that julie have shouted questions at the president. he might engage often. today, he really did.
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not a sense of he didn't want to disrupt what was already going to be a difficult conversation. one of the concerns you mentioned, turkey is a nato ally. but they've been purchasing with sophisticated military equipment from russia. which is obviously a significant concern to the u.s.. the entire nato alliance was built in distress of the soviet union and now russia. but the g20 is at its heart an economic summit you. mention the big headline yesterday will, either's agreed to move forth with a global minimum tax. we also heard the announcement of breakthrough with the european union and united states, relaxing some of those trade war tariffs that were imposed under president trump. u.s. allowing more steel and aluminum in from your. europe will be allowing and not terrifying, on whiskey and motorcycles. a truth there. a big item on the agenda for today for the president is a meeting he's going to be convening to discuss global supply chain issues. the undercurrent of this summit has been the ways in which global demand has picked up on a number of fronts, including energy and supplies in general.
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but that supplies have not matched that just yet. so, this is going to be a key focus for the president. just in the last few minutes, as a reminder of where all these leaders are heading next, prince charles, the prince of wales, coming from the united kingdom to a crime address the g20 about climate change. obviously the focus of the president over the next few days. he president over the next fe >> they're in their two sessions right now. -- one of the family photos as well. mike, we know one of the goals of the trip here was to rebuild relationships with allies. a french president, one of them. and also restore america's role on the role world stage. how is that taking shape so far? >> i think the court of the summit so far came from the french president, emmanuel macron, after that meeting with the president two days ago. which the president admitted they're handling that nuclear submarine deal was clumsy. the french president saying that trust is like love. that declarations are one thing,
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but proof is necessary. so, that is really in the onus on the president over the course of the summit to come back not simply saying, i'm not president trump. there's a new day with the united states, once again. but to show on a number of fronts that trust can be reestablished with some of our closest allies. i think you saw that significant with the announcement about the iran nuclear talks. france's been taking the lead in bringing iran back to the table. >> mike, i was listening to you and there are no tariffs on whiskey and clearly now we need to get that shipping crisis fixed so that the whiskey can get over here [laughs] >> are you worried about your, supply kendis? >> i'm worried about the supply of whiskey. it's a national security issue right there, mike. [laughs] >> mike memoli, thank you. for more on what's happening right now let's bring in our political panel, mustafa, a democratic strategist. >> and jennifer horn.
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good morning to both of you. we are so happy that you're with us this morning. mustafa, let's go ahead and start with. what's your take on what we've seen so far from the g20 and what do you think we can expect from to hear from president biden later today? >> i think that president biden continues to fix all of the chaos that president trump caused, not just with the g20, but with our nato allies. pulling us out of the iraq nuclear deal. he continues to build bridges with world leaders and start putting the american agenda forward. not without anyone but with all our allies. >> and jennifer, to you with this. what sense do you get that president can do to try to restore a reputation with many of those allies? >> right. we're watching joe biden do exactly what america needed our president to do at the summit this year in this moment in time. he is rebuilding those relationships.
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he is building relationships out of respect and mutual benefit. but he's doing something else right in front of us that's really important for him as well. joe biden needs to have some winds at this summit that will have a direct impact on people at home. the minimum agreement corporate tax rate. that's been a target, problem for both parties for years. the tariffs that you talk about, rolling back those tariffs. that's gonna have a direct financial benefit for the american people. and then, while the president is addressing today more than anything in this moment, as everyone is still trying to recover from covid and the quarantine and the disaster that donald trump was on that front. he's addressing the shipping crisis is really going to have a positive benefit for joe biden, because it will have a direct benefit for the people here in america. >> mustafa, we know one of the
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biggest issues right now for the president going into the g20, they've energy crisis, shipping crisis. kendis is worried about getting his whiskey. he made that whiskey. but really in reality, it's impacting all aspects of our lives here. so, do the democrats need to focus on this a little more? what they're doing about the supply chain issue? what they're doing about inflation. and to events like this help leading up to the midterms? ading up to th>> it helps a who. from the optics standpoint, these issues can't be resolved by ourselves. they have to be resolved with our allies. the logistical crisis we're experiencing, during covid, everyone began to lower their productions. now as productions have gone up, we are experiencing those problems, including shipping. so, our allies are key to coming together on major issues like this. but at the end of the day, the biggest thing is that tonal shift. some people might minimize that. say, what's the big deal?
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that the contentiousness in the world, world leaders, wasn't on any particular issue. it was on all the issues across the board, because a tone that president trump took. so, president biden is fixing that, but in addition to that, we're going to see the legislation passed in the u.s. that's going to increase u.s. economy and therefore increase the world's economy as well. >> yes, i should know these are some beautiful brand-new live pictures coming from rome right now. where it's 11:10 in the morning at the convention center, we're all of this is taking place. jennifer, as we continue to look at these pictures. do you want all of. this lindsey was mentioning all the other issues they're facing and trying to tackle there at this conference. they include climate change, covid, energy crisis, supplying chain, as you mentioned. the iran nuclear deal. they can't deal with any of those without russia and china. so, is this a lost opportunity? >> i think it really is.
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exactly what you just said. how much progress can we make without them there? at the same time, i think people frequently legitimately ask, to what degree should that relationship be? to what degree should we be deferring to them, or the leadership that is necessary from them? i think that joe biden though, frankly, is doing everything that he can in this moment. it's a lost opportunity and one way, but that president has really taken advantage of the opportunity that's been presented to him. being in the g20 right now, showing the leadership, building their relationships, doing what he can with what is there right now. i can't emphasize enough how important it is that your biden leave this with a sense that trump chaos and the trump damage is behind us. >> we'll have to leave it there with jennifer horn and mustafa tameez.
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thank you very much. appreciate you guys joining us. i'm not sure if you saw it, but all the world leaders except for president biden where they're at the fountain and they were tossing the coin. i've never wanted to jump in a fountain more to try to see what some of those world leaders are dropping. >> what you've got in your pocket? >> exactly. [laughs] i can't imagine it's a nickel or a dime. [laughs] >> well, if you want to wish to come true. >> it proves world leaders, and they just like us. back in the u.s. now. the major development of president biden's domestic agenda. house democrats hoping to vote on his two economic packages this tuesday. >> a lofty goal. we're talking about the bipartisan infrastructure bill, which includes money for roads, bridges and broadband. and there's a larger build back better spending plan, which includes things like clean energy investments. like free pre-k. that means democrats have to finish the revisions today, so they can get it to the rules
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committee tomorrow. before a full house. >> nbc's julie tsirkin is on capitol hill. julie, it's been quite the ambitious timeline, but we're finally at it. this is infrastructure week. for good. good >> let's hope. so >> you hear that cy? [laughs] >> the capital was spooky. you clearly don't think this timeline is spookier. i mean, it's really scary what the house democrats are trying to accomplish here in these next 48 hours are so. but they're confident they can do it. so, let's talk about what they have to do. the house committees have to put their pens downs, as you mentioned,. today, they've been working all weekends to revisions to that 1.5 trillion dollar social safety net and climate plan, that president biden presented to the house on thursday. they also want to take up that hard infrastructure plan. a bipartisan plan that has been sitting in the house since mid august. that's of course, money for roads, real race and bridges there. let's talk about how we got to
3:14 am
this point in what's seems so quick after months of negotiations. there were two key moments on thursday. i want to put you too. first of course, president biden making an in-person visit to the capital, presenting his plan to house democrats, as i mentioned. the second notable moment, that meeting the between progressive caucus chair, primala jayapal later on thursday. with centrist holdout senators sinema. both of them emerge from that meeting, even senator sinema, saying it was productive. which if you know her, if you do and you've been following this story, she doesn't see much. so, that struck reporters as something to pay attention to here. i've been talking to sources overnight who told me that that meeting may have been the breakthrough. that moderates and progressives who are hoping for to get this bigger package over the finish line. now, i hate to be the bearer of bad news, a lot of pieces need to fall in place for these votes to happen on tuesday. so, we'll see what happens the next 40 hours or so, guys. but let's keep our attention here until tuesday and hope
3:15 am
they get this done. >> all right, julie tsirkin always bring it back down to earth. laura thank you. coming up, a new radio interview that appears to prove trump attorney-y john eastman wanted then vice president mike pence to overturn the election results. he'll soon be compelled to explain himself in front of the january 6th investigating committee as they get set to subpoena him any day. now >> later in the hour, -- the supreme court. the fate of roe v. wade on the line in front of a conservative dominated bench. what to watch for. evaporate into thin air. which leaves us to wonder, where does it go? does it get tangled up in knots? or fall victim to gravity? or maybe it winds up somewhere over the bermuda triangle. perhaps you'll come up with your own theory of where the stress goes.
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newly-unearthed audio, nothing shocking details about some of the rhetoric leading up to the january 6th attack. turns out, john eastman, trump's former campaign attorney for the 2020 election said on steve bannon's radio show that mike pence had the legal authority to throw the election to the house, but
3:20 am
depending on whether he had the courage and spine to do it. >> are we to assume that this will be a climactic battle, but will take place this week about the very question of the constitutional iot of the -- of 1877? >> i think a lot of that depends on the courage and spine of the individuals involved. >> when you said courage and spine, we know louis -- he is a pure honey badger, down from texas one. that, this guy is tough as texas boot leather, okay? are you talking about the other side of the football, that will be a nice way to say, a guy named vice president mike pence? >> yes. >> so all of this this morning from the washington post, about an email that eastman allegedly sent to pence's team, alleging the vice president ordered the attack, while the attack was taking place. while pence was hiding from the mob, because he did not overturn the election, apparently. eastman confirmed the mail, including a non published draft opinion article, and told the
3:21 am
post he was not blaming pence for the violence. a trump spokesperson to not respond to the posts comments, and estimates news has not yet seen the article, eastman by the way could get a subpoena unless you voluntarily cooperate with the committee. msnbc legal analyst glenn kirschner joins us this morning, along with democratic strategist crystal night. welcome to both of you. glenn, what stands out to you when you listen to that? you see the piece and you hear that little clip from the radio show? >> you know kendis, it is not that vice president pence did not have the courage or the spine to over through the elections results, is that he did not have the law or the authority to overthrow the election result -- results. there's nothing in the 12th amendment, nothing in the electoral college town act that gives a vice president the unilateral authority to just disregard or throw out the results of the popular vote, as
3:22 am
he is presiding over the count of the electoral college votes. what all of this shows us kendis, is that there is going to be so much evidence coming out, that will prove, i suggest, like guys like eastman and certainly donald trump, and jeffrey clark, who was assisting trump in his efforts to overturn the election results, they are going to build the case for this being a criminal conspiracy, indeed, a seditious conspiracy. i think that the select committee will have the evidence that it needs to really make some progress in its investigation. >> crystal, i want you to pick up on that. is there any other way to interpret this describes an effort to subvert the election results? >> absolutely not. that is what these new details absolutely reveal, that eastman really wanted to make sure that pence was in place in position to do just that, to subvert the
3:23 am
election results, overturn 2020 elections, make sure trump stayed in office. now, it is up to the biden administration and the select committee to submit pena eastman, and any other party that participated in the insurrection. we already know that there was inside help, they were sitting members of congress who absolutely helped. so these documents will reveal exactly who, what, when, where and why these actions took place. so that is what we are waiting to see, reveal, these documents and the national archives, trump's records he is attempting to withhold from this committee. >> glenn, have any of these new details, in your opinion, i should mention we have these details about what records trump wants to keep secret from the committee. the list includes daily presidential diaries, call logs, hand written notes from mark meadows, and a lot more. but does everything we have
3:24 am
been reporting on this morning give the judge, who is deciding all of this, more reason to allow the release of these documents? >> absolutely. here is an overriding principle. when it comes to what donald trump is trying to do, by keeping these documents, this information, these emails, call logs secret, he's trying to keep them away from the house committee, away from the american people. and the judge presiding over this litigation, judge tanya tucker, who decades ago, i used to try murder cases against. when she was a public defender in the courts of washington, d.c., i know judge chuck in well, she is smart, fearless, she is a strong jurist. she will get this litigation right. what the judge does not like. but here is the overriding principle. a president cannot use executive privilege to hide from the american people, information that they were trying to overthrow in the
3:25 am
election, executive privilege will yield every day of the week to what trump is trying to do. so i look forward to this litigation. >> all right, we will have to leave it there. kristen knight, glenn kirschner, really appreciate your time, thank you, guys. >> coming up, actor alex baldwin speaking aaron cameron for the first time since the rust shooting. at our 7 am hour, new debate over free speech in academic freedom, the university of florida barring its professor from testifying at a lawsuit, takes aim at the states new restrictive voting laws. there are questions as to whether governor ron desantis was involved in the decision. ed in the decision wealth is saving a little extra. worth is knowing it's never too late to start - or too early. ♪ ♪ wealth helps you retire. worth is knowing why.
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feel the difference with downy. >> actor alec baldwin, speaking
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out for the first time since he fired that fatal shot on the set of the movie "rust" more than a week ago. >> yes, the answer after answering several questions from reporters and talking about his relationship with icilma tug of, her halyna
3:30 am
halyna hutchins. here's nbc's emily to cater. >> she was my friend. she was my friend. >> alec baldwin on camera for the first time since the deadly movie set shooting in new mexico. >> i'm not allowed to make any comments, because it's an ongoing investigation. i'm been ordered by the sheriff's department incentive a, i can't answer any questions about the investigation. i can't. >> and now impromptu interview, the 63 year old, beside his his wife hilaria, telling photographers the "rust" will not continue. calling the tragic death of cinematographer halyna hutchins one and a trillion. >> there are incidental accidents on film sets from time to time, but nothing like this. this is a one and a truly an episode. one in a chilean. >> the actor, producer, shared his concern for hutchins family, saying he's talked repeatedly with her husband. >> he is in shock. he has a nine year old son. we are in constant contact with him. because we're very worried about his family and his kid.
3:31 am
as i said, were eagerly awaiting for the sheriff's department to also look at the investigation. >> the encounter at times, intense. the couple speaking over each other at one point. >> excuse me. >> baldwin showing his wife a wet one. play >> you guys, you know what, no details. >> do me a favor, i'm going to answer the questions. >> the famed 30 rock actor fired the deadly shot, according to authorities. after he was handed a prop gun, mistakenly with a real billet inside. the assistant director yelling cold gun, meaning it was safe to use. still, baldwin defending the production. >> we were a very, very well oiled crew, shooting a film together. and then this horrible event happen. >> a characterization in sharp contrast to others on the ground for called. a source familiar with the matter saying, some crew members walked offset shortly before the shooting over safety concerns. but "rust" production having said previously, we were not made aware of official
3:32 am
complaints concerning weapon or prop safety onset. baldwin now turning his attention to a broader look at change in the industry. >> so, what happens to happen now is, we have to realize that when it does go around and it's this horrible, catastrophic thing, some new measures have to take place. proper glands, plastic guns. no real ammunition. that's not for me to decide. it's urgent, it's urgent that you understand. i'm not an expert in the field. so, whatever other people decide is the best way to go in terms of protecting people's safety on film sets, and more than in favor of. and i will cooperate with them anyway that i. can >> the baldwin family parting with this plea for privacy. >> my kids are in the car crying. >> today, halyna hutchins family will be holding a private funeral for the 42-year-old. so far, no charges have been filed in the case. authorities say it could take weeks, even months, for the investigation to be completed. lindsey, kendis? >> our thanks to emily there in los angeles. >> the race from many are nervously watching. a major test for democrats, post trump.
3:33 am
we're going to chris jansen live in virginia where the gubernatorial candidates are now down to 40 hours to close the case. aded to the farmers market... when they got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service the way you need it. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ growing up in a little red house, on the edge of a forest in norway, there were three things my family encouraged: kindness, honesty and hard work. over time, i've come to add a fourth: be curious. be curious about the world around us, and then go. go with an open heart, and you will find inspiration anew. viking. exploring the world in comfort. super emma just about sleeps in her cape. but when we realized she was battling sensitive skin, we switched to tide hygienic clean free. it's gentle on her skin, and out cleans our old free detergent.
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and smokey baja chipotle sauce. save big. order through the app. ♪ ♪ [ eerie music playing ] save big. order through the app. trick or treat! ♪ ♪ he is coming for me... but i'm coming for him. happy halloween michael. >> or just two days away now from virginia governor's election. the candidates, spending big as the race becomes the most expensive in their states history. get this, costing more than 100 $15 million according to virginia's public access project. >> and as the candidates make their final pitches, republican
3:37 am
candidate glenn youngkin will reportedly attend trump's virtual rally for him tomorrow. nbc news senior national correspondent kissed chris jansing is in northern virginia right now with the latest. chris, good morning. what are voters saying ahead of tuesday's election? >> yes, let's talk first about the number of voters if we can. because i think that so far, early voting, which i did yesterday, has exceeded a lot of folks expectations. as of yesterday morning, more than 1 million people had voted and we're expecting to get some updated numbers later today. a lot of that happening here in northern virginia, which generally is good news for the democrats. early voting is good news for that democrats. history tells us that they tend to vote in larger numbers, early voting. by one analysis, the democrats are up 53 to 36%. having said that, republicans almost always vote in higher numbers on election day and they fought in higher numbers
3:38 am
on off year races. so, the republicans are pointing to that. i did get a chance to talk to some of those voters yesterday, who were lined up here in lease bergh. it was really interesting to hear how they talked about exactly the messages that the candidate they voted for has been putting out there in these closing days. take a listen. take a listen. >> well, definitely what's been going on in the schools and with the parents being called terrorists. >> anybody that is not in some way shape or form in the track of donald trump. so, you know, mostly had to be a democrat for me. >> trump continues to loom large in this race and you mentioned that glenn youngkin is not going to be part of a chilly event that he's holding on monday. that's the second time this month he has said that he would not take part in an event that
3:39 am
donald trump held. and if you listened to the stump street speech, terry mcauliffe gives day after day after day, he tries to tie youngkin to trump. both of them out on the campaign trail today. youngkin has five advance, mcauliffe has ten. he ends his day here at a halloween parade in lease bergh. i did talk to a senior mcauliffe official last night who said that they were very encourage, because they've been hearing so much about the ensue these enthusiasm. they were encouraged yesterday that they had so many volunteers turnout here in this critical county, that they really had to go very fast to figure out how to utilize all of them. they think that is part of the enthusiasm. people are getting because they know now that this race is too close to call. guys? >> all right, chris jansing. thanks so much. we now want to bring in democratic non-nominee for lieutenant governor of virginia. paula iowa. we've also reached out to her opponent, that didn't hear. back through the morning to you. thanks for being with us. we just heard chris talk about
3:40 am
the fact that youngkin won't be attending this virtual reality with trump. obviously there is so much attention on your race right now and trump is still a polarizing failure. we hear voters who say they want somebody along the lines of somebody who is aligned with trump, other voters see that was their number one issue to stay away from. do you get the sense here that youngkin is trying to distance himself? >> well, good morning, lindsay and kendis. i'm happy to be with you. we're just two days away from the election. what i will tell you is that flynn youngkin has been running from trump. although he is promoting trump policies here in the commonwealth. roster short, virginians have rejected trump, not only once, but twice. and they'll do it again on november 2nd. >> hala, you as don't fight as afro-latinos. you would make history if you're elected. according to the new york times, the director of a non partisan group that informs voters of colors about issues said that democrats failure to deliver on
3:41 am
big promises made to black voters in 2020 has cooled some voters down. is this a concern of yours? what are you telling your constituents? >> i would see this. democrats are excited about that progress we have made in the democratic majority. we have expanded medicaid to over 550,000 plus virginians. we have delivered on criminal justice reform. expanded access to reproductive health care. i introduced the first fetal and infant mortality review team piece of legislation. it was historic for this commonwealth. not only to have a review and a study, that be part of the budget. i introduced same day voting registration and we passed it. this is the progress that we are making here in the commonwealth and that the democratic ticket that is running statewide and all the way down the ballot will continue to build on these progresses. >> it's interesting, because a
3:42 am
lot of people on the republican side of the ballot have really been focusing on culture war issues. we heard that's resonating with some voters in some of the interviews that chris played for us. we've heard the president of education reform replied that republicans are making this election about race. i want to play a clip. i want to play>> since the founr country, we're ries's use as a political issue to motivate voters to the polls. so, this is a sad and typical feature of closely contested elections were, politicians want to vote identity. we're seeing raced use as a political lever here to motivate frankly, white voters to the polls, in the state of virginia. >> we know a lot of ads that republicans have been funding have been focused on book banning. how of the work to change the focus here back to policy? >> republicans will weaponize our skin, our body, our history, even a pulitzer prize-winning
3:43 am
novelist. it is no coincidence that glenn youngkin chose to target tony morrison, who has won a nobel price. this is again, outright racism and it's appalling. the republican ticket has been using these dog whistles across the commonwealth, i'm sorry i don't even know if you can call it a dog whistle -- because you can hear it. we have to work to unite virginians and this is what democratic ticket is bringing to not only the commonwealth that continually bring virginians together. build us up, make progress. we are still navigating a pandemic. governor northam has done an amazing progress for the commonwealth. we fared better than states that are surrounding us. make no mistake, terry mcauliffe not only has a record of leadership as do i, but will continue to deliver and unite virginians. we >> know that gubernatorial race is neck and neck, coming down to the wire. we're closely watching your races. well hala ayala, thanks for joining us.
3:44 am
on election night tuesday, join rachel maddow, joy reid, nicole wallace and steve kornacki. we'll bring live results in key races happening across the country. including virginia. our team coverage begins at 5 pm eastern on tuesday. and stream that kornacki cam nonstop at >> abortion, guns. the two most polarizing issues in this country in the highest court in the land. taking them up this week. is going to be a historic week. what you need to know, next. [ clicks tongue ] i don't know. i think they look good, man. mm, smooth. uh, they are a little tight. like, too tight? might just need to break 'em in a little bit. you don't want 'em too loose. for those who were born to ride there's progressive. with 24/7 roadside assistance. -okay. think i'm gonna wear these home. -excellent choice. tonight, i'll be eating a club sandwich with fries and a side of mayonnaise.
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3:48 am
the u.s. population. all of our guests this past hour are hispanic, latino or latino. but in this conversation about more latino representation, here is the thing, i want to put this delicately -- it is not that hard. you just have to decide it is a priority. priority >> well, the week ahead is nothing short of monumental for the supreme court's, some historic case is headed its way, addressing water possibly the two most polarizing issues in american society. first up, abortion. the conservative dominant will hear back-to-back arguments from two cases, challenging that restrictive abortion law in texas. the ban most abortions after six weeks. next up, guns. on wednesday, the court will hear arguments on a case all
3:49 am
about the right to carry in public. >> we haven't of amy how with us this morning, she is the editor and cofounder of -- amy, thank you for joining us. what will you be watching for in these cases? >> so, i will be watching in particular, justice brett kavanaugh, who is the center of the court, but really, in the texas abortion case, the question before the court is not the constitutionality of the texas abortion law but the unusual enforcement mechanism that the texas legislature enacted, because under the texas law that ends abortions starting at the sixth week of pregnancy, the state says we will not enforce that law, instead we will look into deputizing private enforcement. we will outsource it to private individuals, to bring lawsuits
3:50 am
against anyone who provides an abortion, or aids and abets it. and one of the things that even gun rights activists have filed with the supreme court have said is, this enforcement mechanism could be used in other contexts, against laws like gun laws, mask mandates. so on one hand, the justices will decide whether or not this enforcement mechanism can apply in the abortion context. they may be concerns amongst justices on all sides of the ideological spectrum, that this enforcement mechanism could be used in other context as well. >> huge implications there. we had a legal analyst on the show yesterday, who told us she will be watching what the chief justice does. let's listen. >> you know, there is a good argument that this is no longer the chief justice's court, but
3:51 am
it has so shifted. we will see where he is going to fall on these cases. >> do you agree with that? >> i think that is right. the chief justice is only one vote on the court, kind of first among equals. and he was the center of the court when justice ginsburg was still on the court, but when ginsburg passed away and was replaced with justice amy coney barrett, there are now five more conservative justices even without the chief justice's vote. so, now it is really more what those five justices want to do. so just to give you an example, in the term before justice ginsburg passed away, it was the chief justice who was the justice most often in the majority vote. but last term, after the vote -- death of justice ginsburg, it was brett kavanaugh who is in the majority, 97% of the time,
3:52 am
at 95% of the time in cases where the justices were divided. it was kind of a remarkable number. so justice kavanaugh is now at the center of the court. they may as well liked to have the chief justices along, but it is not necessarily, they do not necessarily need him. i think the gun rights case is an example of that. pro rights activists have been trying to get this into court, to talk about these gun rights cases for ten years now. and the conventional wisdom was that they were forecourt -- for votes on the supreme court, but they were not necessarily sure that they had a fifth vote for an extensive interpretation of the second amendment. after the death of justice ginsburg, justice barrett came on the court. she had expressed a more expensive view of the second amendment, in a dissent when she was judge on the court of appeals. the justices took up the case,
3:53 am
that we will hear on wednesday. >> all right, we will be watching, as i'm sure you will be as. well amy howe, thank you so much, we appreciate it. taking a huge step in defeating the pandemic. as kids doses of covid vaccines are ready to hit the road. >> coming up in the next hour, just months after calling for a boycott of major league baseball after they pulled the all-star game over georgia's new voting restrictions, former president trump attends the braves world series game. and he is on camera, defiantly doing the controversial tomahawk chop, at a time when it is being called into question. let's dive into this. >> it is being called racist. t is being called racist ♪ limu emu & doug ♪ got a couple of bogeys on your six, limu. they need customized car insurance from liberty mutual so they only pay for what they need. what do you say we see what this bird can do? woooooooooooooo...
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3:56 am
3:57 am
critical turning point for the pandemic. child sized doses of pfizer's vaccine are being shipped across the country, this week? >> yes, the cdc is expected to approve this next week. hospitals are already booking appointments for the kids of eager parents. here is nbc's -- >> pfizer, now shipping out its covid vaccine for children, after the fda approved the shot for kids 5 to 11 years old. for some, a true halloween treat. >> do you want to get a covid shot? why? >> so i do not get sick. >> 28 million kids are expected to become eligible this week for the pfizer covid vaccine,
3:58 am
it now awaits vinyl approval from the cdc, also parents are eager to give their kids a shot. >> if we could get as many of the kids vaccinated as adults, we will be a lot closer to getting back to a normal way of life. >> many others are hesitant. a kaiser family foundation survey found within two thirds of parents are either going to wait, or will never get the 5 to 11-year-olds are vaccinated. >> no, i don't want. that >> so you are vaccinated, but you don't know about whether or not they should? >> that's all i do. >> these shots are slightly different than those from adults. >> it is the same pfizer vaccine, but it is one third of the dose. it is packaged differently, has a different sized needle, obviously, for smaller children. essentially, it is the same vaccine, just a smaller dose. >> the adult shot comes in a vile that is with a purple top, this new kids shot will have an orange top. >> do you want a vaccine shot? >> what is a vaccine shot? >> a shot that will get you
3:59 am
from keeping -- covid. it's a touchy subject, but we want to. >> the u.s. 20th month of the pandemic, the demand for these shots is high, how quickly can they get their kid a shot? once the cdc approves it? >> we are expecting it could happen as soon as wednesday. >> they cdc will meet this tuesday and wednesday. they could give it approval right then, but getting an appointment might take a little bit longer because kids are involved, and it is another type of shot they have to figure logistics for. lindsay and kendis? >> thanks, to -- hillyard. there it is not necessarily the gift that many kids wanted for halloween, they want candy, but this is an important one. >> very few parents are eager for this, we have to see if it really is a turning point in the pandemic. we begin a new hour of msnbc right now. right now.
4:00 am
a glimpse into what former president trump is trying to hide from the investigating committee. visitorsig list, call logs, handwritten notes and morement why he's fighting so hard to keep hundreds of documents secret. reaction from illinois congressman mike quigley straight ahead. alec baldwin speaking out on scam rah for the first time about the fatal shooting of cinematographer ha lena hutchins. >> she was my friend. the day i arrived i took her to dinner. >> what he's saying about the


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