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tv   The 11th Hour With Brian Williams  MSNBC  November 18, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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senator. i'm here because i am ready for public service. >> professor saule omarova gets tonight's last word. the 11th hour with brian williams starts now. >> good evening, i'm chris jansing in for brian williams. day -- of the biden ministration. and today there is breaking news, a late night for the house, expected to vote on the sprawling 1.5 trillion domestic plan hours ago. but what we've seen so far tonight is a marathon effort to stall the vote from kevin mccarthy. periodically interrupted by jeers from the democrats. here's a sampling of me what he had to say about the build back better plan. >> you know what americans are going after? one half of those 1.2 million? people who earn $75,000 or
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last. that's what you are trying to pay this bill from. house is not an order, mister speaker. [noise] >> house will be in order. >> as americans we are supposed to expect less. a >> [inaudible] >> i can look anywhere i want, mister speaker. they now want to dictate to a member of the floor where i can look! >> no republicans were ever expected to cross the aisle to support the measure anyhow. this comes days after biden signed his infrastructure bill into law. the passage would be another hard-fought victory for the president, who spent months negotiating with liberal and moderate democrats. the battle is far from over, however, the bill now goes to
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the senate where democrats have to go to the same page if the proposal is to become law. meanwhile, house members investigating the january 6th capitol riot appear to be losing patience with former white house chief of staff mark meadows. the panel has been trying to get meadows to comply after he defied a subpoena, citing trump's claim of executive privilege. today the committee indicated it may be ready to ratchet up pressure. >> we are in the final stages of what we will be doing for these next steps here. but mr. meadows is a notice, and he knows very well what we want and the questions we want to ask to him. and there has been discussion with his legal representatives. and so he just continues to stonewall. and i think we've shown very clearly what happens when individual stonewall. his conversations about stopping a free and fair election, about criticizing and stopping the counting of
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electoral votes, about his coordination with campaign officials, on private devices that were not turned over. all of those issues are not privilege worthy. and he has some explaining to do. the committees other subpoena or deny, or trump ally steve bannon, is continuing to fight his contempt of congress charges. >> today his lawyers tried to get a judge to delay his hearing until next year. the judge basically said no deal, and set the next court date for september 7th. while these two trump allies maybe avoiding the january six committee, today meadows and bannon were together on bannon's podcast, speculating about a new role for donald trump. >> i would love to see the babble go from nancy pelosi to donald trump. you talk about melting down. people would go crazy. you don't have to be an elected member of congress to be the speaker. she would go from tearing up a speech to having to give the
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gavel to donald trump trump. she would go crazy. >> then announce his 2024 campaign. >> ironically, the man who hopes to be the next speaker today, who is holding up biden spending bill tonight, said he's been in contact with trump as recently as this morning. >> he called up, he was on the golf course. >> did he talk about yesterday at all? >> catching up? >> no, wasn't even campaigning. >> that question about yesterday? well, first to the center of congressman paul gosar, we will have more on the fallout later in the hour. we will have more on kimberly guilfoyle, i report tying her to -- propublica reports that guilfoyle brag to republican operatives that she had raised 3 million operatives for the rally. in a series of text messages
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sent on january 4th to katrina pierson, the white house liaison to the event, guilfoyle detailed her fundraising efforts and supported a push to get far-right speakers on the stage alongside trump for the rally. guilfoyle's tex, revealed by propublica, represent the strongest indication yet that members of the trump family circle were directly involved in the financing and organization of the rally. the january six committee subpoenaed katrina pierson back in september. kimberly guilfoyle says, so far she has not received any official requests from congress. her attorney tells propublica she had nothing to do with approving speakers or fundraising for that january 6th rally. there are also developments into two of the most closely watched trials in the nation right now. closing arguments set for monday in the trial of the three white man accused of killing ahmaud arbery. both sides rested their cases this afternoon, after a day in which one of the defendants admitted under cross examination that arbery had not
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shown a weapon overbleach right and him. he said he hadn't spoken at all before he was gunned down. and in kenosha, wisconsin, jurors in the kyle rittenhouse trial, appear to be focusing on instructions about the charges. the panel deliberated for thursday with no verdict. sources tell nbc news that the fda maybe hours away from signing off on pfizer and moderna vaccine boosters for all adults in the u.s.. that decision is expected to come as soon as tomorrow. with that, let's bring in our lead off guest this thursday night, philip rucker, pulitzer prize-winning correspondent for the washington post, coauthor with carol leonnig, i alone can fix it, donald trump's catastrophic final year. jacqueline alemany, author of the papers morning newsletter, of washington post, -- 2020, and barb mcquade, former
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attorney for the district of -- and professor at university of michigan's law school. she cohost the podcast sisters in law, along with kimberly atkins store, and joyce vance. good to have you. before we get to what we are seeing, still going on on the florida house. how big a deal is this for joe biden? getting this through the house? >> chris, it's a significant incremental development but it's not the end of the game for joe biden in terms of passing this massive spending bill, which of course is key to his domestic agenda, it pays for so many social programs that democrats have been clambering for. as you know, we've seen it play out over the last months. democrats have been arguing over the scale of that bill and over which measures would be included and how to pay for it. there have been disputes between progressive members and more conservative, moderate
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members of the democratic party. passage tonight, the expected passage tonight, in the house, with democratic support, is an indication that the progressives have come together with the more moderate democrats. but it's not over. because a thin heads to the senate, where senator joe manchin, the west virginia democrat, remain something of an outlier. he has made clear he has not yet decided whether to get behind the bill. i think we can expect there to be several weeks of negotiations to come on the senate side. although, senate leader schumer has indicated that he hopes to bring the bill to the floor for passage sometime before christmas. floor fokeep in mind that bidens this piece of legislation to pass and be signed into law by the end of the year. because he is aware that next year it is all politics. and the democrats in both parties and both houses are going to be focused on the midterm campaigns. so it's really a narrow window of opportunity here to get this
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measure passed and signed into law. >> speaking of politics, jacqui, we see kevin mccarthy continuing to talk at various times. and democrats who are sitting there have responded from the gallery. and ron klain, white house chief of staff, texted this -- tweeted this, rather -- it's a sandberg quote. if the facts are against you, argue the law. if the laws against you, argue the facts. if the law and facts are against you, pound the table and yell like hell. what do you make of this speech tonight from kevin mccarthy? >> yeah, chris. i'm actually in the house gallery right now, right above the entrance to the floor where we are all sitting and watching on almost a third hour of this speech, which has designs to delay the vote. the build back better bill is
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now running over a little over two trillion dollars before democrats and republicans head home before thanksgiving. [inaudible] in the chamber looking on, answering phone calls, skipping away, in conversation in not-so-hushed voices, throughout mccarthy's words. he goes from extraneous anecdote to anecdote, talking very little about republican policies, making it pretty hard to follow his remarks. the most notable moments of his remarks so far have actually been the points where -- [inaudible] you had people like alexandria ocasio-cortez interrupt and wonder how long it was going to take for him to keep talking,
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as no one was listening. and [inaudible] to put masks back on. there are some daggers that we have heard from the republican party about inflation, that this was going to be the most expensive thanksgiving that voters had ever had. but again, you know, i think there are sounding message here has been one of him being here to stay. he has started laying down the markers for his run for speaker if republicans take back the house. this feels like it has less to do with build back better and more to do with the state of the republican party. >> jackie, how many people are in the gallery, we can't see this shot, do we have an idea? >> unfortunately we cannot bring cameras to where we are
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in the gallery. but there are around 20 to 30 reporters watching, looking at the body language. some members nodding off. again, texting. a lot of tensions. so we will be taking notes on the readout once that does come. >> we will keep our eye on that. in the meantime, tonight, barbara, this follows more wrangling on the republican side in court. i wonder what you make on the judges decision in the bannon case, clearly his lawyers would have liked to slow walked it more than the judge was willing to do. >> yeah, chris, it was interesting. it was one of those deals where bannon's lawyer said, your honor, for your benefit and the public benefit, we ought to delay this so that you can handle all of those january six defendants on your docket and the judge said, i can do both. i can handle this case and those cases to. you don't need to worry about me. when can you be ready? and so bannon's lawyers proposed a january date in court. the judge pushed back to
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december. it's interesting. the defendant has a right to a speedy trial. that is to protect the interest of the defendant from wallowing in prison or having the cloud hanging over their head while they've not yet had their day in court. what we see is bannon not wanting to have that date pushed up. and not having to testify and preventing congress from getting the red remedy that could be used as a stick. but i think the fact that he has been indicted is enough of an incentive for anyone interested in preserving the rule of law, to get before congress and also preserving their own hide. >> and fail, you mentioned -- we see that kevin mccarthy is continuing to talk. you mentioned that the fight is going to come in the senate. and you mention the reasons why. but how prepared is the white house, how confident are they? >> i think the fact that the bill is passing through the
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house tonight or expected to, it is a sign of at least some moderate confidence on the part of the president and his team at the white house. remember, they are more aware of the exact position that senator manchin as well as senator kyrsten sinema from arizona have on this. these have been playing out in private, these negotiation, with president biden and some top aides at the white house. i don't think that pelosi would be moving forward in the house and i don't think the white house would be expressing as much public confidence if they didn't think that they were likely to get to the right place with manchin and kyrsten sinema over on the senate side. that being said, you know, they can't be too confident because remember, this has been going on for months now. and without a resolution. and i think that there were some hope that after the virginia election results, a couple of weeks ago, that that would light a fire under some
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of these democratic senators who have been holding out. and that doesn't seem to have been the case. t. but i do think there is some confidence tonight on the part of the president and his team, because they are hoping the senate can get this done in the period in december when they return before christmas. >> watching this tonight, the general mood, jacqui, is what we have been seeing on the hill. this huge divide. but tell us a bit more about how it was or was not impacted by yesterday's censure and if the white house is going to be able to navigate that as it tries to do other things, like deal with a looming shutdown raise the debt limit, things that have to be done next month. >> december is certainly going to be a test month for democrats and there are many things -- joe manchin is still undecided. a key part of the economic
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agenda, he seems to get on board and support it [inaudible] right now you hear the democrats reveling in a victory once this does get through the house. and they get through thanksgiving break and get to go home and temporarily tout that they have passed it, that this is a good week for them. perhaps especially a good month in comparison to the months they have had, with the wrangling and discord over setting up the build back better bill. but it's going to be slow and joe manchin has no problem pouring the water on a lot of these plants, especially as, you are seeing from the cbo scoring today, which does not seem to be a problem with the moderate house democrats, but it does seem to be a larger deficit than expected.
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larger than the parameters that manchin and kyrsten sinema had agreed to. so there are several positions that are being brace to get out of, [inaudible] congressional progressive caucus that he doubted that family leave would make it over the finish line in the senate version of the bill. so that has exposed him intraparty tensions here as they hack that out. although republicans are going through the same sort of tensions right now over issues not related to policy. >> so, barbara, let me get back to you for a second, over those text from kimberly guilfoyle. how important could they be to the january six committee? and are you surprised she's not been called yet? >> i am. and it could be that this information was not previously known about her. i think by bragging that she raised $3 million for this
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rally, she has indicted herself. to appear before that committee and testify. because i think it's a legitimate question to ask, what on earth is $3 million going to pay for? i think that to the extent that there is some relief that some of the people who stormed the capitol that day may have been part of an organized effort, may have been part of the stop the steal effort, i think tying that to trump's immediate family and inner circle is a really important development. it could earn -- a subpoena. >> barb mcquade, philip rucker, and jacqueline alemany, whose newsletter is the early 202, 2020 seemed a little old. the senate could take up the build back better bill. our political experts assess its challenges. and later, giving things in getting covid? why health officials are worried about the season of giving. we will ask one of our top
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house vote on the build back better plan. kevin mccarthy has been holding the floor for more than two and a half hours now, speaking in opposition to the bill. whatever the outcome it will eventually need approval from the senate. majority leader chuck schumer has said he wants a vote by christmas but of course passage will depend on support from all 50 democrats, and joe manchin, for one, still isn't saying if he's in favor. >> so you have made the decision on voting for the bill? >> no, no. i'm still looking at everything, absolutely. >> back with us tonight, don calloway founder of the national voter protection action fund, and susan del percio, veteran political strategist just. great to see both of you. don, i'm told that kevin
11:23 pm
mccarthy just spent six minutes describing the painting washington crossing the delaware. what do you make of what is going on on capitol hill right now? >> kevin mccarthy is kind of a fraud. he doesn't send men mean tweets but he's just as pernicious on blocking action on items that are good for the american people. so the build back better plan includes a lot of human infrastructure, like broadband and [inaudible] and kevin mccarthy is putting on absurdist to the gulf theater, using filibuster that is available to him as minority leader but is generally not available to house members. it's good to know he can talk, as he didn't have much to say
11:24 pm
when paul gosar was censured. >> i want to play an exchange from the house floor earlier. take a listen. >> what hogwash from the other side, to say that this bill helps the children with a child tax credit. your child tax credit is for one year but your tax breaks for millionaires is for a ten? >> this is a wonderful place. our child tax credit is when you are more than your child tax credit. we did one this year, we will do one next year, and we will keep going. >> susan, will democrats be better off as a whole if they sold it in terms like we saw from tim ryan? significant help from american families and ending inflation as a way to go? >> it would be great but we are too far down that road at this point. the best they can do is keep going to specific examples of
11:25 pm
where and how this helps people. say that a middle class family earning $75,000 would get this tax credit and will also be able to save x amount of dollars for pre-k. you have to make it real. right now i still feel that in discussing the build back better plan, the democrats are telling the public that we are giving you what we think you need, versus acting as if we've heard you and you asked and we are delivering for you. >> do you agree with susan, don? because i think there are a lot of democrats who don't like the way messaging has come out. but when you look at many of the individual components of this, and you look at the polls, people are in favor of it. >> yes, absolutely. once upon a time people were in favor of the affordable care act, derailed against obamacare. build back better is not up there with a great american slogans of all-time such as new
11:26 pm
deal or the great society. so it's not our best work in terms of branding. but if you look at what is in the substance of the bill, it's something that generally people agree with. regardless of what my former missouri house colleague, jason smith, the absurdest, has to say about it -- imagine [inaudible] >> susan, if you are a betting woman, and christmas isn't far away -- how far away do you think they are from getting the votes in the senate? >> that's a tough call. maybe by the end of the year. but i don't hold out a lot of hope, which is also part of the messaging issue that the democrats have. the democrats right now in the house are saying, look at our great success, we are passing this piece of legislation. success,except they are not pas! they are only passing it in the house. it has to go through the senate. and we are going to see the same arguing democrat on
11:27 pm
arguments in the media that we did for the last three months when it comes to this bill. and i just don't know what chuck schumer is thinking. i guess he didn't ask joe manchin what he was doing before he made that comment about before the end of the year. >> don and susan have agreed to stay with us. coming up, republicans rushing to back paul gosar after the house censured him, when the 11th hour continues. hour continues.
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facing expensive vitamin c creams with dull results? olay brightens it up with new olay vitamin c. gives you two times brighter skin. hydrates better than the $400 cream. >> yesterday was a very sad day,
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in the congress of the united states, because we have to censure one of our members. for promoting violence against another member. you see the behavior on the floor says, they shouldn't have the gavel be anywhere near them, ever. but no, we would not walk away from our responsibilities for fear of something they may do in the future. >> a day after the censure vote punishing paul gosar for a violent video depicting the killing of a fellow congressman, republican leaders are doubling down in his defense. the top republican in the house today, suggested he would reward members of his party, who have been stripped of their committee assignments if the gop wins by control of the house. >> do you plan to give, weijia, and paul their committee assignments? >> they all have committees, the committee assignments they have now, they may have better communities signs. >> gosar also received an endorsement from the former president today. the washington post submarine
11:32 pm
up republican reaction, this way. trump mccarthy's remarks underscore that the festering distrust among members of congress after the january 6th attack on the capital is only likely to worsen in the lead up to next year's midterm elections. still with us, don calloway, and susan del percio. don, given what we heard from the house minority leader today, howard argued that republicans will in fact, not just take the house in 2020, two but will exact retribution from democrats? >> will there's a very good chance they will take the house, as unfortunate as that prospect may seem. but not only will they take the house, but as we, saw kevin mccarthy plans to reward plans to elevate members of congress who have done the most absurd things as possible. including, at big kit [inaudible] -- february six was not in this calendar year. it's a next year application of the responsibility of leadership, so, you know, i am
11:33 pm
worried that they will have the house sooner than i have been around d.c. a long time. this thing lives in [inaudible] . it comes and goes. but i am extraordinarily worried about the worst -- battling predict. not only in the republican party but with people outside who listen to these people. who still consider -- and what behaviors might -- by watching republican leaders elevate these worse behaviors. >> to get to that point, susan, would it be naive to think that this trust among congress, and reaction about some extreme elements on the right can't get any worse? >> it can get worse. and i predict it will get worse. a lot. worse especially during the primary season with house candidates, and potentially senate candidates as well. republican primaries i should say. because you are going to see the most extreme trump what could doodles out there, talking nonsense, they were going to be validated now by leadership. the used to be shown by
11:34 pm
leadership, that is all changing. and don said this comes in cycles, and i do agree with him there. but we have never seen the most extreme of a party dictate the leadership of the party. and that is what scares me today. and you look at what nancy pelosi says, shirt, i have policy disagreements with her, many times. but she said she will not let doing the right thing -- she will make sure the right thing gets done no matter what threats the republicans will make. she is not going to stop doing her job. kevin mccarthy needs to start doing his job and be responsible governing partner. but he cannot do that because all he cares about right now is auditioning for donald trump because he wants to make sure he holds on if the republicans take back the house that he does become majority leader. >> yes, and if you look at the way that gerrymandering is done, there are plenty of places where the republican is
11:35 pm
redrawing those districts, to their advantage. but, again, given where we are right, now what are some of those 2022 primary fights going to look like on the republican side? >> they'll look like they look in texas -- where the candidates call themselves for, congress they call themselves conservative. and it's a battle to be essentially who can say and do the craziest things in service of the pursuit of landing a trump endorsement. or landing the endorsement of the most for this right, for this [inaudible] . these are things that we would not have considered acceptable to discuss in polite company, just five, six, and certainly ten years, ago you would see these elements being celebrated and elevated in republican primary. so we are in for some really scary times. particularly in those districts that are in republican season, that a democrat won't be -- so that these candidates who come out of the primary won't
11:36 pm
have to moderate -- in the general election. >> well the messaging susan, has been pretty clear. when you heard kevin mccarthy, if you're marjorie taylor, green if your goal starred, not only are we going to stand behind you as a, party but you can get even some plum committee assignments as a result of it. >> yes. and it's funny how he said that just the day after donald trump said, kevin mccarthy is not doing enough to stand behind marjorie taylor greene. so this is just an automatic need jerk reaction. at this point, biden will need to see covid decline, the economy pick up, and for democrats have any pair of holding on to the aisles, you need to see these extremists win primaries in swing districts. so, that way maybe they don't lose as many swing seats as potentially could in a way because they have so many trump extremists on the republican side. >> susan del percio, don calloway, thank you both,
11:37 pm
appreciated. and coming up, doctor vin gupta is here to cut through the confusion on boosters and break down what you need to know about rising cases ahead of thanksgiving. when the 11th hour, continues. the 11th hour, continues. and it turns out the general is a quality insurance company that's been saving people money for nearly 60 years. for a great low rate, and nearly 60 years of quality coverage, go with the general. you don't get much time for yourself. so when you do, make it count with crest, it protects the 8 areas dentists check for a healthier mouth. the #1 toothpaste brand in america. crest. >> cdc speaks lawton, i can't
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figure out who's eligible, who's not eligible. if you smoke while you're in high school back in the 1970s you're eligible. i think if you haven't been vaccinated in more than six months, now is the time to get the booster. >> that is the governor of connecticut referring to confusion surrounding booster shots. the fda is expected to approve expanding access to all adults, by tomorrow. with hospitals jam-packed an infection sharply rising, a growing list of states, including connecticut, have already broaden eligibility ahead of the feds final okay. the national rated new infections have soared by 20% over the past two weeks. the virus is still killing more than 1000 americans every day.
11:41 pm
and that is all before tens of millions of people start traveling, gathering, for thanksgiving. a week from today. back with, us doctor vin gupta, critical care pulmonologist in seattle who has advised us on public health throughout this pandemic. he is also on the faculty at the university of washington institute for health metrics and evaluation. always good to see you, look, we heard the criticism from connecticut's governor about confusing messages on booster shots. we are seeing more breakthrough cases right before the holiday. so, here's the key question. do all adults need a booster shot or not? >> yes chris, good to see you, good evening. the degree of knee depends on who you. are unfortunately, the assault that is just a -- sad reality. and we need to be able to have some nuance because i believe that the actually builds trust and minimizes confusion. so it is all to, say that graham, and grandpa, or if you
11:42 pm
or a loved one are on dialysis, some serious underlying critical condition, it's an absolute must for you to get a booster shot if you haven't already, chris. before i'd say you travel for the holidays. otherwise, if you're healthy, less than 65, or without serious medical conditions, as i just mentioned, it's a nice to have. we know that the booster shot at six months will provide likely mitigate the chance that you'll ever test positive for covid, and have a mild rate infection, and really zeroed your risk of transmission. so it is beneficial for everybody, but then again, that nuance supports because they are distinctions about who needs the shot more versatile who needs atlas. and why we are doing it. and that distinction is important, chris. because we still want to get the unvaccinated, vaccinated and rationalizing this discussion is important for. them >> so to that point, doctor gupta, tens of millions of americans are expected to travel and gather. new york city plans to allow fully vaccinated crowds to gather for the macy's parade, in times square for the ball
11:43 pm
drop. this is on new year's eve. but how can it idea is any of that at this point? >> i think we need to start normalizing with protocols. normal life as it existed in the winter of 2019, chris. so i'm in favor of gathering as we did with guardrails. so if everybody is vaccinated us they will be in times square, if they are taking proper precautions, if they are staying home if they are symptomatic, and using common sense that we should love people gather here. we need to provide rational off brands. and this is vital. because if we don't start doing that as public health messengers, as people who are better to help with some of these policies. we will lose credibility. if you are fully vaccinated, otherwise healthy without symptoms. you should be able to gather. because the risk of delta to you, is minimal. the risk of transmission is also quite low. >> let me ask you about a question that i think is on a lot of people's minds, and that's hospitalization, among
11:44 pm
those who are fully vaccinated, but have not gotten the booster shot, what do we know? >> i'm going to directly quote doctor walensky, the cdc director, who said this morning that what we are seeing is an uptick, an uptick in the non boosted fully vaccinated elderly crowd ending up in a hospital. that's where that signal is arising from. the elderly, fully vaccinated by non boosted, which is not surprising, chris. that's exactly the group, the elderly, 60 and over, or if you have a high-risk condition, that we are worried about. that's why we message so about needing a booster shot. and with these breakthrough illnesses. it makes complete sense, shouldn't surprise any of us, which is why we have to double down on cleaver messaging. >> let me play for you something an infectious disease physician said earlier, from vermont, on this network.
11:45 pm
>> we are a victim of our success. unlike new jersey and new york that have pretty high percentages of their citizens who got infected, something like 3% of vermonters got infected. so that means that there are very few people who have infection induced immunity to add to the ranks of those who are more safely protected with vaccines. >> so 72% of vermont's population is fully vaccinated. how does low infection induced immunity contribute to the rise in infections? is this likely a problem in some communities? other places as well? >> vermont has an excellent fully vaccinated right. i think the comments from that position are a little confusing, actually. just for all your viewers out there, it is really clear now, based on studies published in major journals, chris, over the last few weeks, that natural immunity, say, if you recovered
11:46 pm
from covid and you have antibodies in your bloodstream, versus antibodies from your bloodstream vaccine, that is effective at keeping you out of the hospital and preventing serious illness. so that's important to understand. while natural immunity may play a role it's not nearly as effective as vaccine induced immunity. >> we've only got a minute left but i want to ask you about going back to work. tim cook, apple, they've moved back they are started to february 1st. considering the pandemics unpredictability, is there a month where return to office would be safe? where things would be under control? are we still in that gray area where no one knows? >> the apple decision is perplexing to me. i'm sure to their workers as well. i would not advocate any private sector or public sector company to return to the office in the deaths of the winter when we will have cold, flu and battling an unpredictable flu
11:47 pm
season, weekly flu deaths approximating perhaps 10,000 week over week. it doesn't make sense having people back at work given that reality. i would say first, at the earliest, chris, probably late spring -- >> wow! >> will probably be the better strategy to prevent whiplash. we have cold and flu season. look at the university of michigan, an outbreak of flu amongst the unvaccinated. a high plateau of covid week over week. we need to be sensitive about what's return to work looks like, for those who have the luxury of still working at home, to prevent whiplash and build trust. that's why i think april or may is the best strategy here. >> dr. vin gupta, always good to see you. and see if this sounds familiar, he became a darling of the far-right for his often controversial statements. and despite having never held office, he may well be running
11:48 pm
for president. but he's not do you think. we will explain when the 11th hour continues. hour continues
11:49 pm
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france, was supposed to be speaking in london tomorrow. ahead of what is expected to be a run for president next year. but his appearance was canceled, after event planners took a closer look at just who would be speaking. eric's supporters currently on trial for inciting hatred after controversial -- about migrant children. and as we hear from nbc news correspondent, bradley, the story should sound very familiar. >> he's been called a racist, sexist, and antisemitic. he has also been called the french donald trump. and it is a comparison that he seems to savor as he prepares to run for presidency next year. >> i was very impressed by trump's campaign in 2016, i appreciated as the technique that he has used with the
11:52 pm
media. i do not accept the rhetoric that the media imposes. >> he has never won an election nor held public office, instead he is a television pawn, it really each night against francis woke political elites, the immigrants he says are destroying french civilization. and recalling a time when france was great. and how it could be great again. >> he doesn't turn around and words. he says the words. that could be shocking. because we are not used to that. and our time where everything has to be nice and cool and not bullying anybody. he seems to be working, the show is watched by millions, and the books are best sellers, and he is surging in the polls before he's even declared his candidacy. this might look like a campaign rally but officially, it's a book signing. >> france has always had a
11:53 pm
far-right, but with the more it is going mainstream. he is far from universally large. just last month, a protest against his visit to the western city turned violent. but his popularity has surged past far-right school works, like marine le pen. and he is even more extreme. éric zemmour has been convicted for inciting racial hatred. he has defended france's nazi calamitous regime. called migrants thieves, killers, and rapists. and even promise to outlaw giving french children muslim names. and yet éric zemmour, is the child of african jewish immigrants. and under many jewish leaders. >> what he said concerning jews is less important as to what he said about muslims. and speaking of muslims, he speaks like hitler. he has obviously vision of society, in what he says, is either them or us. >> éric zemmour says he's not against immigrants per se. but he demands that immigrants
11:54 pm
assimilate, that they become fresh the way that he believes his jewish all jewelry parents. our >> for trump, one of éric zemmour is woke-ism. that didn't distinctly american exports. >> i think that this is a very serious ideology, dangerous that we have to fight against without restrictions, and without hesitation. >> but he is the first to acknowledge the limits to his likeness to trump. éric zemmour styles of self an intellectual. he writes his own books, some of them, scholarly works on french history. >> you see, it's not the same world. trump is very american. and i am very. french almost to the point of being a caricature. >> both a larger than life persona, whose division is a path to. power >> proudly, nbc news, lyon, france. >> coming up, the latest controversy out of the mouth of the oxford educated senator from louisiana. when the 11th hour continues. 11th hour continues
11:55 pm
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vaporize sore throat pain with vicks vapocool drops. the last thing before we go tonight, a shocking moment in the senate hearing today, one republican senator jon kennedy of louisiana, suggested that biden's pick for top banking regulator may have communist loyalties. here is part of the exchange with saule omarova, was born in kazakhstan during the soviet era. >> i don't know whether to call you professor or comrade. >> senator, i am not a communist. i do not subscribe to the ideology. i could not choose where i was born. i did not remember joining any facebook group that subscribes to that ideology. i would never knowingly join
11:59 pm
any such of a group. there is no record of me ever participating in any marcus a communist discussion of any kind. my family suffered under the communist regime, i grew up without knowing half of my family. my grandmother, herself, escape death twice under the standard regime. this is what's steered in my mind. that is why. am i remember that history. i came to this country, i am proud to be an american. >> our own nicole wallace, reacted to kennedy's comments on deadline white house, earlier this afternoon. >> this is a disgrace, not just to the country, it's a disgrace not just of the united states senate, it's a disgrace to the party of ronald reagan. who described the united states of america and shining city on the, hill not just because it was bright or shiny, but because it was a beacon. for people like this biden nominee. >> and that is our broadcast for this thursday, nice with our thanks for being with, us
12:00 am
brian will be back tomorrow night. on behalf of all of my colleagues, at the network of nbc news, goodnight. , goodnight. tonight on all in, >> why is it that the only thing the republicans would punish one of their own members for in this congress is speaking out against donald trump? >> how is it, i don't understand your question. >> donald trump endorses paul gore side as the republican leader plans to reward him tonight. >> the stakes for american democracy as the troll caucus grows. then, as the build back better plan most towards the, vote senator bernie sanders, on his plan to hold of defense spending that no one is asking questions about. plus, dr. fauci, with this message on boosters and thanksgiving gatherings, and senator elizabeth warren of the big money interests trying to stop a biden bank regulator as it goes to joseph mccarthy returns to senate. >> i don't mean any disresp


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