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tv   Hallie Jackson Reports  MSNBC  December 2, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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like a senate republican threat to shut down the government may be off the table. but there's a catch. here's president biden not too long ago. >> i spoke with mitch mcconnell, spoke with schumer. there is a plan in place unless somebody decides to be totally i rattic. and i don't think that will happen. >> we are live on the hill with the latest. plus at the white house the president in that same speech where he took that question there rolling out a national winner strategy to fight covid with now another case of the new omicron variant confirmed in the u.s. we've got details of the new pandemic plan live at the white house, jfk airport, and with our medical expert for a reality check on the strategy launched by the biden administration and what we're learning about omicron. i'm hallie jackson. national reporter sala kapur on capitol hill and friend of the show jake sherman. sala, let me start with you.
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there is some action happening in the house right now i think on the procedural front at least. and then over the senate where republicans have been threatening to shut down the government -- i should say at least some republicans have been threatening to do that because of this antimandate stance. talk to us about where things stand at 3:01 eastern this afternoon. >> we are just about 33 hours away from a potential government shutdown, and this has not been resolved yet. the house is likely to process the bill to keep the government open through february. there are some conservatives trying to throw sand in the gears but there's not much they can do. then the senate, the state is tenuous. there are three senators who are not backing down in their demands to attach an amendment to the stopgap funding bill that would defund president biden's vaccine mandates. democrats oppose this. they view it as a poison pill and a waste of time given that
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it's not going to pass congress and president biden wouldn't sign it if they did. the majority in this case would not be able to use the filibuster. they want about 51. let's have a listen to what mike lee, one of the ring leaders of this effort, had to say. >> i just want to vote on one amendment. i want the members of this body to go on record on whether they support funding. in this bill, president biden's vaccine mandate, we're providing every opportunity to avoid a shutdown. and all we ask for is a simple up or down vote. >> now, i should say, hallie, mike lee is vastly outnumbered in his own caucus. most senate republicans, including the leader, mitch mcconnell, don't want to go this route. they agreen the policy. they view it as fruitless. they view it as likely to cause a government shutdown if they continue with this because they can run out the clock and democratic leaders in the majority don't have the ability
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to skip through the procedural hurdles in time. republicans are worried they would be blamed for a government shutdown, much like what happened in 2013 when ted cruz pushed that fruitless government shutdown over defunding obamacare. >> jake, let me go over to you. talk to me about what your sources are saying about this. >> there's just a giant off ramp here, hallie. this is not -- this is not as serious as other shutdown threats, right? i mean, a shutdown threat would be you need to include this in the bill or else we're not funding the government. so, let's take the worse case scenario here. the worse case scenario is the senate has to jump through a bunch of hurdles, and they'll fund the government on monday, limited real world impacts, but still bad, still just shows this place can't work. the best case scenario is they accept this offer from mike lee. mike lee's saying you give this amendment, i'll let you go quickly. this could be over by tomorrow morning or something like that. i don't see a reason that schumer wouldn't do this.
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i mean, i'm probably causing gasps in his office right now, but i don't see a reason he wouldn't do this. this is pretty easy. it would avoid a shutdown. the only question is does someone like joe manchin vote with republicans and cause a larger problem. if you're looking at the odds right now -- these are famous last words -- but this is totally, totally avoidable. this is the most avoidable shutdown i've ever seen. the republicans have been completely ir rational in other cases. in this case they're giving schumer an easy out here. we just don't know if he's going to take it now. >> that is clip and save fodder, my friend. we'll see how that ages. >> i'm begging you. >> can you just talk about the other huge headline of the day which is the new pandemic plan put in place by president biden. we heard the president clearly in his remarks today say basically this shouldn't be so divisive, this shouldn't be so
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political, this fight against the pandemic. and what we're seeing down pennsylvania avenue on the other end where you are is it is in fact a divisive issue. >> listen, the republicans i spoke to today -- i've talked to ted cruz. and their view is that these mandates on private businesses are incredibly unpopular, unconstitutional. in fact they have some court challenges. and they believe this is just a step too far. and they say -- they keep saying roger marshall of kansas said they have the opportunity to correct the wrong. and, again, listen, i mean, all of these people say they're vaccinated but just saying that these businesses should not be forced by the government to require vaccines or testing. this is just a massive divide. but he pointed this out so smartly, which is this is not going to become law. this fight is useless and it's become, as you said, just an example, an extension of covid becoming absolutely partisan. >> that's right. jake sherman, thank you. sala kapur, thank you as well.
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we are turning to the fight against covid because just this afternoon president biden has rolled out this multi-point plan to fight a surge of cases that are expected in the winter, right? it's happening as there's more and more concern about the omicron variant and a lot of questions about that variant too. but if it does become this highly transmissible or dominant version of the virus in the next phase of the pandemic, the white house is trying to get in front of that. we're already seeing omicron start to pop up around the country. we knew it was in california. now today we're learning it's in minnesota. there, the first identified case, a guy who recently travelled from new york city. i want to bring in kelly o'donnell, antonia hilton, and former white house policy director during the obama administration, dr. kavita patel, with a good afternoon to all of you. kelly, let me start with you. there's a lot of pieces in the biden administration plan to slow down what's expected to be a coming surge, including mask
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mandates and so on. talk to us about it. >> even without omicron there would have been a winter plan to deal with covid. and now this is really amping things up. in some ways it is turning up the volume on some of the existing ideas and tools that were a part of the biden plan, things like boosters and vaccines, trying to make those more available. but they're also really amping that up, trying to make more of them available in ways that can bring families together with clinics where a child could get a shot, where a grandparent could get a booster. also, this is a new piece adding what will be free in-home testing. so, if you have private insurance, next month we'll learn about the specifics of how you can get reimbursed for an in-home kit, and many in-home kits will be made available and distributed to different places where people will be able to pick them up, free in-home kits to make testing more easy and give people peace of mind that they know where they're at in
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terms of if there are symptoms in the household. there will be other steps taken related to travel, where they've shrunk the timeline for those outside the country coming into the u.s., u.s. citizens and non. instead of a 72 hour window for getting tested, it would be a 24-hour window for getting tested. and they would be doing things like trying to vaccinate more of the world by increasing the number of vaccines donated around the world. and they will also be increasing the number of federal response teams. these are medical personnel from the federal government that are surged into communities where there is a high case count and where local hospitals are feeling overburdened. so, some of this would have happened with delta. but obviously with the omicron variant and the expectation that the two known cases will become more cases, the white house is trying to get ahead of this. and the president today also talked about this is perhaps a turning point where the political divisiveness around covid, that maybe this could be
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a point where there would be more national unity about how to approach this. that may be wishful thinking on the president's part, given how sensitive those issues have been. but he asserted that hope today. >> thanks. let me turn to you, we know the person who got this omicron variant in minnesota spent time in new york before heading home. what else do we know about this person's movements? >> hallie, here's what we know. this is an adult male originally from hennepin county in minnesota. he came to new york city to take part in an anime conviction that took place from the 19th to 21st, started to feel sick on the 22nd and got his test on the 24th, which suggests he came down with the symptoms very quickly in that timeline. officials do not know what other activities or places he may have gone to in new york, so attention is right now on that anime convention. officials in new york are suggesting anyone who took part in that go out and get tested
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now. folks in minnesota are doing contact tracing and monitoring of close contacts of this gentleman. and here in new york, officials, as they've been saying the last couple days, they see this as further confirmation that community spread is likely already happening here. and if you either attended that event or other large events in recent says, it's a good idea to go out and get tested now and be aware that the variant is very likely here in new york city, hallie. >> antonia hilton, thank you for that. dr. patel, let me turn to you, pushing booster shots, international travel protocols, at-home testing. in your professional assessment, is this enough to try to slow down what we expect will be that surge this winter? >> it's definitely -- i can always say it's not enough because i can think of things like domestic travel testing requirements or domestic vaccine requirements. and i think the administration acknowledged they're still going
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to pursue some of that. at a minimum given what we knew that this was in the united states and two confirmed cases, what i suspect will be many more, data coming out of south africa that keeps getting a little bit worse by the day, meaning more and more positive cases, still waiting for some of those details. i think this is a bear minimum of what they can do. i think the question is going to be how much resistance will we see at the state level because there's so much the federal government can do and has to be aligned with what states can do. we've heard from california, some of the highest surveillance counties and states you can imagine. but where are with states like florida where they've stopped reporting in some ways. i think we're going to have this patchwork effect, and that's typical of what we've seen. this is regional. what i am waiting for is data that will likely take weeks to know are our current vaccines effective or how much has their effectiveness diminished. >> i didn't mean to jump on you.
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you bring up this issue of data. you brought up the numbers we're seeing out of south africa and there's data out from scientists today that say a omicron variant triples the risk of reinfection. listen, i understand, this is not peer reviewed. this is not the data experts want to see. but when you look at this early set of numbers, what does that tell you? >> yeah, so that early data did kind of raise attention to myself and public health colleagues. what was hopeful about that data -- i try to take things away that are hopeful these days. >> okay. >> what is hopeful about that data is reinfection. these are people who are all infected with natural immunity. you know that's becoming a political debate in the united states. we have incredible data and this is also data that supports natural immunity. having had infection with covid is not enough, and especially not enough to protect against the omicron variant. so, this leads us to hoping that vaccine-based immunity will
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actually be broader and could help us with this variant. that's why i think we're all kind of waiting on eager steps to understand what do our three vaccines do. the president acknowledged that as well and said they're ready and on stand by if we do need tailored vaccines or something beyond this. my friends in clinics today were asking, when will we see these antiviral pills authorized by the fda. we've got a pretty busy show for you. it is jam packed as we can say. we're looking at the house floor at the vote to keep the government running. the house majority leader will join us after the break. there he is live. he'll be up right after the commercial. and later where this all goes in the senate with the assistant democratic leader joining us. and breaking news out of michigan. officials announcing a news conference next hour on what they're calling a tidal wave of
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so on capitol hill just a day before the deadline, the house is expected to vote we think any minute now on a bill to keep the government running. but there might be a snag in the senate with some republicans threatening to vote down the spending bill unless they block the biden administration's
12:19 pm
vaccine mandate. this is all about the politics of the pandemic. i'm joined by steny hoyer. leader hoyer, thank you for being back on the show. >> hallie, good to be with you. thanks a lot. >> of course. any update, can you give us one, on when you expect the vote to keep the government open? is that next hour we think? >> it'll be certainly within the next two. it'll depend on whether or not we have any procedural votes. if we don't have procedural votes, it'll be in about an hour. >> okay. so, expected to get through the house. as we mentioned, as we talked about mike lee is looking to move ahead with the senate vote on the government funding bill if he gets the separate amendment vote he wants, on whether to block the vaccine amendment. we heard one of our contributors describe it as a massive offramp to senators? would you encourage him to do that? >> senator schumer will have to do what he thinks is in the best interest of the senate.
12:20 pm
it's incomprehensible on a totally unrelated issue a senator or the senate itself would put at risk the operations of the government of the united states over an issue that is ancillary, is a side issue -- senator lee may well think it's an important issue, and i get that. i disagree with his premise, but nevertheless, this is about keeping government operating on behalf of the american people, keeping our defense established and strong and safe and secure, keeping our civilian employees who participate in that on the job. and it's just incomprehensible to me that over a political, totally political effort, senator lee or anybody in the senate would put the government at risk. we've agreed -- we've had a long, somewhat tortured negotiation over the last few days to get us to this point. we have agreement between the senate leadership, republicans
12:21 pm
and democrats. we're going to pass this bill through the house. i hope we have some bipartisan support of this in the house. but this makes no sense. so, i just talked to senator schumer. he is working hard on getting this done when it comes to the senate and not sending it back to the house. there are less than 36 hours until the government's authorization to operate expires. and that's crazy. that's stupid. it is, as i say, incomprehensible that adults would put the united states government in that position. so, i'm hopeful that will not happen. but we're going to vote in about an hour. >> really quickly, you said you spoke with senator schumer and he was optimistic something would happen. did you get an indication he would agree to the vote? >> i did not. that was not part of our discussion. our discussion was simply he believes that they may well have
12:22 pm
a way forward. >> as you well know, this is not the only thing on congress' plate to get done sometime very soon. you've got the debt limit issue by december 15th ish, although i know there is movement on that. senator schumer wants his vote on the build back better bill by christmas. if the senate, with what senator manchin is saying about supporting paid leave and wanting to do it separately, if the senate takes out paid leave, takes out immigration reform, do you believe your colleagues will approve that to get this over the finish line? >> look, we think paid leave, family leave, is a very, very important provision in this bill. we also believe the immigration provision is critically important for our work force if nothing else. but the fact of the matter is this build back better bill is an extraordinary piece of legislation that will help every american, help our economy, help
12:23 pm
health care, help education, do a lot of things in fighting climate change that are essential to do. so, my answer to you is, look, we think those ought to be in there, but if they are not, if the senate can't pass them, i believe that we will certainly pass the remaining parts of the bill, which will be extraordinarily important for the american people. >> let me ask you about something else we've covered here on this show, and i know you are well-aware. i think on the republican side -- and the democratic side -- of the islam phobic comments. you now have the heads of five democratic caucuses calling on boebert to be removed from her committees after that. is that something you support, leader? >> we are having conversations as to the appropriate actions that ought to be taken. as you pointed out, we have
12:24 pm
extraordinary issues confronting us right now. that is the funding of government, which stops in 36 hours. we've got to do that. we've got the debt limit, which is another stupid thing. the debt limit issue is a phony issue. it should never frankly come up. debt is determined by how much we spend or how much revenue we cut, not by this arbitrary, capricious, and demagoguic issue of the debt limit. but nevertheless, it is there, and if we don't do something, the united states may default on its debt, in which case this country will be at risk of going into recession and the international economic community will be economically roiled as well. it's incomprehensible. who says it's incomprehensible? mitch mcconnell says it should not happen. mitch mcconnell is not visibly at this point in time helping to make sure that that default does not happen. we'll see. but the boebert issue is an
12:25 pm
important issue, islamophobia, anti-semitism, racism, are all critically important issues that our country must get over, must oppose and must exercise from our public quality, if you will. and we'll have to -- we'll deal with that, but right now we're dealing with extraordinarily important issues and we need to get those done. >> i would be remiss if i didn't give you a follow-up on that. you say you're having conversations on this boebert issue. do you anticipate a vote on that front? >> i don't anticipate a vote certainly this week or possibly next week. we've got to deal with these issues that are critical to the welfare of our country and our people. but we are seized of an issue that boebert has raised, as others have raised, and we're going to continued to be seized with that.
12:26 pm
>> thank you so much for being with us, leader hoyer. we appreciate your time. please come back. >> thanks a lochlt. coming up we're heading over to the senate side, with the new complications talking about trying to keep the lights on. we're going to talk about it with a leader of democratic leadership. first, they're warning about copy cat threats forcing some schools to suspend classes, that and a whole lot more next. homeos who have become their parents... okay, everybody, let's do a ticket check. paper tickets. we're off to a horrible start. ...but we can overcome it. we're not gonna point out our houses, landmarks, or major highways during takeoff. don't buy anything. i packed so many delicious snacks. -they're -- -nope. would you say, ballpark, when group two is gonna get boarded? 2 hours and 58 minutes. progressive can't protect you from becoming your parents, but we can protect your home and auto when you bundle with us. someone should've left home earlier. - hi, i'm steve. - i'm lea. and we live in north pole, alaska. - i'm a retired school counselor.
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so, in just about 30 minutes from now we expect to hear from law enforcement, school officials and other leaders in oakland county, michigan. that is where, if you watched this show yesterday, you watched live updates from officials. they're saying tuesday's attacks caused what they're calling a tidal wave of threats. more than half the public schools in the county are closing. four students were killed, tate meyer, madison baldwin, justin shilling. shaq, do you have any guidance? i know you've been on the ground talking with folks, any guidance what you think we might hear in
12:31 pm
this afternoon's briefings? obviously it's going to involve copy cat threats? >> that's right. the focus will not be the latest on the investigation that is continuing at this point. instead it's an unfortunate reality and reaction to this school shooting as the school grieves, those four who have died and three people still in the hospital from the latest update that we've got. what we've been hearing from officials is they've been seeing a tidal wave of copy cat threats since tuesday's shooting. and hallie, we're not talking about one or two threats here or there, we're talking about 33 schools and districts in this region closed today because of those threats that have come in. while many of the school districts are saying that they're acting out of an abundance of caution, it does show the seriousness. and they're having this press conference to show that they're taking these threats seriously. those schools that have decided to remain open, we're hearing they have enhanced some of their security measures to make people -- make some students
12:32 pm
feel safe. just another unfortunate thing that many members of the community are having to deal with, and that will be the focus of the press conference. you can expect to be questions from members of the media from the reporters in the room behind me on the latest on that investigation. and you mentioned we watched the sheriff update the latest yesterday in your hour. later that afternoon, we saw the suspect for the first time in court, his arraignment, where we heard investigators mention that they found a journal with writings that he had in it, and they also recovered a video that was recorded the night before the shooting. in that video, the suspect they say talked about his desire to kill some of his students. so, again, we'll see if the sheriff, when he addresses this copy cat threat issue, if he touches on the latest in the investigation and if there are any updates on that investigation. that is something investigators
12:33 pm
are warning is going to be an extensive investigation. >> questions about whether prosecutors may question parents. shaq, thank you. this morning the biden administration reaching a deal with mexico to restart a trump era policy, this one called remain in mexico. this established a system where migrants are sent back to mexico from the u.s. while they wait for asylum cases to come through. president biden was highly critical of that policy. he wanted to end it. white house press secretary jen psaki reiterating that position earlier. watch. >> we are in a situation where we're under a -- abiding by a court ruling. secretary mayorkas and the president have repeatedly said this program has endemic flaws. it has imposed unjustifiable human costs, pulled resources and personnel away from other priority efforts and failed to address the root causes of
12:34 pm
irregular migration. >> the agreement looks to make the process safer and more fluid for migrants. i want to bring in monica alba. mon, what's interesting here is the biden administration seems to feel their hands are tied here. are they reshaping the policy? how are they hoping to do that? >> this is if it was up to the white house, something they wish would have ended. but they have to comply with a court order that did require them to enter into diplomatic negotiations with the mexican government and come to agreement about how they were going to relaunch this controversial trump era policy and program known as remain in mexico, or mpp, migrant protection protocols. but it is going to be different than what we saw in the prior administration. and that's something that the department of homeland security and the state department said they worked very closely with our southern neighbor on, and that is at the request of mexico as well, that there be more
12:35 pm
humanitarian issues addressed. asylum seekers will have their cases dealt with in about six months time. all of them will be offered a covid-19 vaccine if they want one. they will be allowed to meet with their lawyers in person before these hearings and before they are sent to mexico to wait out the duration of their cases. but there's also going to be an emphasis on security in particular and also some vulnerability criteria. all of that was very important to the biden administration, which, again, has now faced this in court. and perhaps this could end as a policy. but they're prepared, as it does need to go forward, to try to do this in the most humane way they see possible, since president biden has called the program extremely dangerous, hallie. >> monica alba live at the white house. thank you. we've been following the developments on the house floor and we've just learned debate has started on the bill to keep the government open. over in the senate you've got the stage set for the 11th hour showdown as the clock ticks
12:36 pm
toward the deadline to avoid shutdown tomorrow night. but the spotlight yet again on senator joe manchin, this time because he's refusing to rule out supporting a gop effort to defund president biden's vaccine mandate for big employers. that's something we've seen republicans want. some of them want amendment to the bill. with that said, let me bring in assistant democratic leader of washington, who chairs the health education and pensions committee, budget and appropriations committee. senator, thank you for being back on the show. what is the democratic leadership's plan for getting around the amendment issue? is it going to come up for a vote? >> that is to be determined. there is no one here that should want government to shut down. we have lived through this before. the holidays are coming up. to have people wonder whether they're going to get a paycheck or whether they're going to get their social security check or whether civilian employees will
12:37 pm
have to go without a paycheck, that's not what we should be debating. and we should not be debating whether or not we take every step we need to take to protect the safety of american people in terms of covid-19 and as what we now know is the variants that are attacking us. so, we've got to do the right thing. we need to keep government open and we need to protect american employees who want to go back to work, who want to participate, who want our economy to work and they want themselves and their family to be safe as well. >> i hear you when you say that. let me ask this though. you said it is to be determined if we take up the amendment offramp. i don't ask this in a sassy way but what are you waiting for? what is to be determined? what's the hold up on there? is it senator manchin's hold up? >> that is not my understanding. my understanding is senator lee, a republican, decided he is going to hold up our ability to make sure our government keeps running over his insistence that we not have a vaccine mandate.
12:38 pm
and i want to be clear, a vaccine mandate, what it is is a policy that says for employers over 100 employees that they either get vaccinated or they get tested. why? to assure the safety of those who are in the workplace with them. >> so, assuming we get past this government shutdown thing. let's see, as you note, the clock is ticking. we hit another deadline fairly soon, which is december 15th. secretary janet yellen, as you know, has told congress that's the day we could hit the debt ceiling. do you anticipate this debt limit discussion is going to go past the 15th of december? >> i've been told the 15th is the day that we need to make sure that we pay the full faith and credit of this country to those who we owe money to. that's our responsibility. the republicans are saying democrats have to do this on their own.
12:39 pm
we are willing to do that on our own, and mitch mcconnell needs to give us the ability to do that without putting barriers in the way to have that happen. >> so, you are willing to go it alone then? >> we did before. it was all democratic votes despite the fact that in the trump administration it was bipartisan effort. you know, here's the bottom line on this. it sounds -- debt limit? what are we talking about? when we make commitments as a country, we will pay our bills just like any family has to. why republicans want to say we're not going to pay our bills, we're not going to be responsible for the policies we enacted under the trump administration or elsewhere. to me it doesn't make any sense. why would we put the full straight and credit of america on the line? it doesn't make any sense to me. having said that. democrats have been clear if this is what the republicans are going to insanely insist on, fine. allow us to do that. >> i want to ask about potential
12:40 pm
congressional action after what we covered extensively here yesterday morning and afternoon on msnbc, which is the supreme court arguments on mississippi abortion law. you now have a spokesperson for republican senator susan collins who has told nbc news, as we broke overnight, that senator collins, quote, supports the rights to abortion and believes the decisions should be passed into law. she has had conversations with her colleagues about this and is open to further discussions. she seems to be opening the door to a new bill on abortion protections, not the one that was already passed by the house that senator schumer says he'll be voting on. let me ask you this. are you part of those conversations with senator collins? is anybody else part of these conversations to the best of your knowledge? >> let me say this, the easiest, quickest way to resolve this is for us to pass the bill the house did and to ensure every american that they can make their own choice about their own body going forward despite what
12:41 pm
the supreme court says that it's the law of the land, roe v. wade. i am -- i think that's the best way to do it. i have not heard from susan collins in particular. what she wants to change on that, happy to listen. but i will say this, under current rules it takes 60 votes. so, it's not just am i willing to do this, but who am i willing to make sure comes along with me? i have to remind all of us, i was in college before roe v. wade was decided. i saw the devastation to women that i knew who -- one of them in particular was what we call today date raped. she had no choice. she went to a back alley provider. and because of what happened to her, because there wasn't roe v. wade in the land right now, because she couldn't get the health care, she could no longer have children because of the way that was done to her. we can't go back to that. we need to stand up and fight.
12:42 pm
we need to say american women, american families, with their own religious concerns need to make this decision for them themselves on their own, not politicians, not elected officials. families themselves need to make that decision. >> senator patty murray, thank you very much for being on with us this afternoon. we appreciate it. coming up next, a bit of an extraordinary move, why some media organizations find themselves on the same side as steve bannon in the legal fight over january 6th documents. two georgia election workers were forced to leave their homes, go into hiding, thanks to conspiracy theories that were repeated by former president trump. now they're suing. ben collins has more. collins hae
12:43 pm
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we've got a bit of breaking news to share with you here. we just learned of a third omicron case in the united states. this one is in colorado.
12:47 pm
the governor there announced that just minutes ago, literally as we were on the air in that other interview. a woman in colorado who recently travelled to southern africa has come down the covid. she has tested positive and has that variant. that, of course, comes after the a case in california and minnesota, which we also learned about today. doctors and experts says it is to be expected that the variant was in the united states and we will be hearing more and more about this. we know, again, officially confirmed three cases of omicron here in the u.s. we want to get to other news that's developed today with house democrats now firing new warning shots over defying congressional investigators. with the full house getting closer and closer to a rare contempt of congress vote, this one against former trump justice department official, jeffrey clark. the rules committee today has laid the groundwork for this vote after the select committee overnight backed that. they're leaving open the door for clark to, as one member of congress said, do the right
12:48 pm
thing. he's got one final chance according to this committee. saturday, that's when he's scheduled for a deposition with the select committee. we're also following the developments in the contempt of congress case against former trump white house adviser steve bannon. coalition of news organizations, including nbc news, find themselves on the same side as bannon in a push for prosecutor to release documents. so, pete, can you talk us through bannon's case, where it goes next and why he is aligned with media organizations and wanting to see these documents go public? >> or at least vice versa. in a criminal case the government is obligated to turn over evidence that could be helpful. and in a case that involved grand jury evidence and witness statements will seek from the judge something called a protective order, which says that the lawyers for the defendant can't make any of it public unless they get permission from the judge or it's going to be introduced at the trial and so forth.
12:49 pm
bannon has said pretty much from the beginning that he's objected to these protective orders. he said the government's trying to muzzle him. he wants to be able to freely defend himself. he says he can't if he can't make some of this public. now this coalition of news organizations, which includes the three major news networks, is siding with bannon saying that the january 6th attack was such an important thing. and the investigation of it is so important that the public should be able to see what the evidence here is and what these documents are. so, they've sided with him. it hasn't been formally filed. it appeared on a court document as an exhibit to a filing that bannon's lawyers put in. that's what they're asking the judge to do. they're saying he should resist this protective order as bannon does. >> pete, thank you. next up on the show, why two election workers in georgia are taking someone to court over
12:50 pm
2020 election conspiracy theories -- i'll give you a hint -- because of threats to their life. it's pretty serious stuff. we've got ben collins right after the break. t ben collins r after the break. are living in the moment and taking ibrance. ibrance with an aromatase inhibitor is for postmenopausal women or for men with hr+, her2- metastatic breast cancer as the first hormonal based therapy. ibrance plus letrozole significantly delayed disease progression versus letrozole. ibrance may cause low white blood cell counts that may lead to serious infections. ibrance may cause severe inflammation of the lungs. both of these can lead to death. tell your doctor if you have new or worsening chest pain, cough, or trouble breathing. before taking ibrance, tell your doctor if you have fever, chills, or other signs of infection, liver or kidney problems, are or plan to become pregnant, or are breastfeeding. for more information about side effects talk to your doctor. ♪♪ be in your moment.
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12:54 pm
just a couple of minutes ago here on the show. the word of a third case the omicron covid variant found here in the united states, in colorado this time. i want to bring in msnbc's medical contributor dr. patel. listen, we talked about it a minute ago. it feels we are at the precipice now where we are going to start hearing about this a whole lot n a bunch of states, a bunch of people. am i nuts or is that fair? >> no, no, that's fair. i think that's actually right to set expectations so each case doesn't terrify us. i expect dozens to 100 sets of cases in a matter of days. we are asking critical questions, were these people vaccinated? when? there are deals we need to know before we raise a level of panic. but i think going into the holidays it makes people think through what they are going to be doing, how are they going to
12:55 pm
take precautions. >> when people are thinking of precaution, rapid tests can be important. listen, they are still not super accessible and available to everybody in this country. what is the deal with that? >> right. yeah. there is -- it is interesting. months ago, the very same manufacturers, for example, abbott and others, actually destroyed tests because nobody wanted them when we thut we were in the summer before delta and we didn't need these tests. it is a combination of thing. we do have enough supplies to produce these tests. i am going to be blunt and say it, getting tests out onto pharmacy shelves and making sure people aren't getting 100 of them and somebody else gets zero that is gag to be part of the biden strategy. let me be clear, these rapid tests are not perfect, we shouldn't rely on them, and i hope people don't find out they are positive and not communicate it with others. that would be devastating. we have to do more than just
12:56 pm
stop with one thing. you can't get a pcr test easily these days either. i takes a while to get back. >> when it comes to the colorado case, one of the things we heard about at the beginning of the pandemic, even with delta is the idea of community spread this. colorado woman as we reported, as we heard from the governor traveled back from sarn africa. how are you thinking of community spread as relates to omicron now? >> it's definitely here. so the importance of the travel really for contact tracing and tracking. but we know there is community spread. the new york case i suspect -- looking at this pattern and how it is being -- kind of popped up in other countries is real. et cetera. we know we have it in the united states. i don't see that as up for debate or -- it's done. >> thank you for scrambling back to your camera for us for that developing news. important to have your context and yoursporin views. two georgia poll workers
12:57 pm
suing the gateway pundit because the site published a quote conspiracy of lies about them lying that both plaintiffs say committed ballot raut fraud in the 2020 election. they have endured threats from far right republicans who believe those claims. they had to close down their homes and leave the area for months for safety. they want basically to be reimburse ford the costs they incurred. i want to bring in reporter ben collins. talk about what they are saying happened to them. how far the harassment went. >> it is a horrific harassment campaign. to give a brief summary of what took place here, freeman was a temp worker in georgia. she was working with her daughter in georgia. and they were told to shut down
12:58 pm
for the night at one of these polling locations. then they were told to restart. she lifted up the battle and put them back on her desk and started recounting the ballots. the trump campaign said this was a suit case full of ballots that she ab rated that just kind of appeared. that's not what it was. it was real ballots but the gateway pundit said she was a crooked operative. and the harassment these people took over the next months was unbelievable. two different occasions strangers went to her house to try to citizen's arrest this woman. the fbi told her to flee her home and shut down her business which is selling purses that purse is how they identified her, the internet conspiracy theorists identified her. >> the conspiracy theorists are looking at this picture. they saw the purse, figured out this purse comes from this woman
12:59 pm
who sells the purses, and connect the dots and start this harassment campaign? 's that's how it began? >> exactly. the touch campaign didn't identify her, they just said she had the name ruby on one of her pieces of clothing. but conspiracy theorists on the internet will take it from there. the gateway pundits have repeatedly misidentified mass shooters to make it look like they were members of the leif or antifa or things like that. this time it had real consequences. these were real citizens, random people on video. they needed someone to blame, and they chose these two random women. this is the chilling effect for election workers. they realize they can be on a surveillance video, make a motion that is viewed as funny by people on the internet and it
1:00 pm
can ruin their life. >> ben collins, we will talk you on nbc news now at 5:00 at a different angle. that's it for hallie jackson reports. "deadline: white house" with nicolle wallace starts right now. ♪♪ hi there, everyone, it's 4:00 in new york. just in this moment we are in the greatest threat to american democracy is homegrown the author of trump's big lie be that met by the steeliness of the 1/6 committee the moment has been met by a number of federal judge who is see clearly that the insurrection was an attack on the precedent of the u.s. f t.


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