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tv   Alex Witt Reports  MSNBC  December 5, 2021 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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and good day from msnbc world hid quarters in new york, welcome to "alex witt reports" i'm in for alex this afternoon. look what's happening, we'll start with some breaking news. radio you're looking live at the white house on capitol hill where flags are being flown at half staff after the passing of senator bob dole at the age of 98. dole revealed earlier this year that he had stage four lung cancer and late this morning, the elizabeth dole foundation tweeted this statement. it is with heavy hearts we announce that senator robert joseph dole died early this morning in his sleep, at his
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death, age 98, he had served united states of america faithfully for 79 years. now dole was a patriot, serving in world war ii until he was honorably discharged from a serious injury. he continued that service as a lawmaker, eventually becoming majority leader and the president's nominee in 1996. moments ago, president biden put out a statement says in part, bob was an american statesman like few in our history, a war hero among the greatest of the greatest generation, and to me, a friend who i could look to for trusted guidance, a humorous line at just the right moment to settle frayed nerves. i will miss my friend. but i am grateful for the times we shared, and for the friendship jill and i and our family have built with liddy and the entire dole family. earlier today, andrew mitchell discussed the impact on the u.s.
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senate and how he will be remembered. >> his lesson, his model as they say within the majority, the minority, the democratic presence, democratic leaders such as george mitchell will be mourned and grieved. kennedy honors the restoration, if you will of engagement in that because former president trump had not and then covid, so i think everybody is going to be talking today at lunches and dinners and the honors themselves about bob dole and what he meant to this country. just in that last editorial or opinion column, they wrote "calling for bipartisanship at a time when our politics is so toxic." and i could trace, throughout my career, how from talk radio to
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cable television to the now social media, it became even more difficult for politicians to evade the immediate response and try to think of the big picture, but bob dole was certainly to, you know, all of the democrats and conservatives and more moderate republicans that i know in the senate and in the house, he always managed to reach for a higher standard and for a higher goal. >> senator bob dole is survived by his wife senator elizabeth dole and daughter robin. he was 98 years old. joining us, steve schwab, ceo of the elizabeth dole foundation. most importantly, how is the dole family doing, you included? >> well richard, thanks. you know, senator dole passed at
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age 98 and i think we all knew this day was coming where we'd celebrate his remarkable legacy, his heroism demonstrated in so many ways to this country. even though you know it's coming someday, we're in shock. we're sad, but we're also now really looking forward to celebrating his incredible service, his incredible legacy, his incredible belief in this country we all love. >> you know, steve, over the years, you've often spoken about senator elizabeth about how senator bob was so active day-to-day, he was an inspiration i think to you as well as senator elizabeth and the great community work you all do. how was he doing the last time you had seen him? >> you know, richard, i saw him recently and part of the reason we are shocked is he was doing pretty well.
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at 98, bob dole was fighting yet another battle in his life -- stage four lung cancer. and when he found out that diagnosis earlier this year and announced it publicly, you know, he joked but i think a lot of times when he jokes he was known for his amazing sense of humor, and. >> yes, that's true. >> and you've met him several times, just a funny guy. and i don't think he was trying to be funny when he said he planned to celebrate his 100th birthday and, you know, plans change and i think senator bob dole decided it was his time, as a lot of people do. i think he was tired, but he was doing pretty well of late. so that's why i think we're all taken aback as quickly as it did. >> and one of the things you're bringing up here, steve, is that
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senator dole, throughout the recent years, even in his mid 90s, facing stage four cancer and many other disabilities along the way remained mentally, emotionally sharp and strong. talk about that. >> yeah, richard. this man is not a man who operated with talking points or staff support or even right up until the last time i saw him last week. his mental acuity, his sharpness, his wit, his humor, his love and belief in country and in the human spirit thrived until his very last minute. the other thing that thrived is 49 years of selfless and passionate love for his wife, elizabeth, who, you know, shared with me this morning that the two of them were together just yesterday afternoon, having a
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moment where senator bob was having a hard time communicating and she said to him, we don't need to talk. our love is so remarkable and so strong that we can just be here together. and at the time, she certainly didn't know this was going to happen. none of us knew this was going to happen. but, you know, the ups and downs of his medical life had been such that there are good days and bad days and yesterday was not a good day, but yet, you know, right up until his final moment he was there and the thing that inspired him in addition to his country was his life and remarkable relationship with his wife and the love that he had for his daughter robbin as well. >> senator bob, certainly a force to be reckoned with no matter which side of the alley,
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ron, and elizabeth, former cabinet secretary as well, also a force to be reckoned with and had a deep love for each other. often would remark how they sang songs in the evening, one of the special things they did together. how did senator elizabeth dole find out about senator bob's situation and his passing? >> well, you know, she's right there with him and he was having some trouble breathing through the night and, you know, she, like she does, being a caregiver to her husband like so many americans are, you know, 40 million plus americans are, in fact. more who are military veteran care givers.
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she was right aside, we called the paramedics and efforts were made to resusitate him and measures weren't successful so she, as she has been especially during the pandemic was with him a lot and, you know, she and i have -- the pandemic has been a silver lining in some ways. i know for a lot of folks, for them, it has allowed them to spend an extraordinary amount of time together. as you said, richard, you know, one of the fun things senator bob has right near him is his alexa. and when you're homebound, as he's been, because of the pandemic, you know, we really have not wanted him to be out public because of, you know, any infection would be a real big threat to his health, he loved
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listening to music and, you know, they developed a relationship with barbra streisand over the last couple years loving barbra streisand music and bob dole reached out to her and said, you know, i love listening to your music and they watched movies together. elizabeth would commonly say hey, how could you find a great movie, and senator bob loved love stories. he loved the love story movies. he wanted to regale in the love of human beings for one another and often, by the way, was a pretty famous matchmaker for people. when he found out someone was single, especially if they're on his staff or in his life, he wanted to try to bring them together with someone that would
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make them happy, because, you know, he and senator elizabeth have such an incredible relationship and he was someone who wanted to see that in the people around him who he loves and adores. so, you know, i'd lost a member of my family today, richard, you know that. you've been such a warm part of our efforts at the foundation and we both lost a remarkable american hero who signified for this country and is among a very special class of people who signify for this country what we fought for for so long and what this country stands for, for so long, and he was the best of the best. >> that represented soul and heart in the way that we need to remember. and speaking of remembering, i thank you so much steve for stopping off. i know you're busy at the foundation today as you plan
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ahead. what can we expect as we remember and celebrate all the amazing things that senator bob dole has accomplished in his 98 years? >> well, richard, thank you for asking that. because this man's legacy, and many people know him as an incredible veteran, and hero, and service in world war ii. as a presidential candidate, one of the longest serving majority leaders in the senate, and as a man who led the building of the world war ii memorial on the mall where we still celebrate the incredible legacy of the war that saved the world. he was largely responsible in helping the eisenhower, recent eisenhower memorial to be built. we're going to celebrate those things, celebrate his prolific work on behalf of folks who are
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disabled having led efforts to pass the american disabilities act, incredible bipartisan effort, we'll celebrate the work he did is for the homeless and very important around nutrition. bob dole's legacy is far-reaching and tomorrow, we'll be announcing ways the public can celebrate him in the days ahead. we'll be announcing ways that important parts of the community who are really engaged with him, including the disability community, and the veteran and military community focusing at home and around the country can participate in lifting up this amazing american's legacy, and, richard, we hope that our friends in the media, you and all the wonderful people at nbc and msnbc will continue to help us tell the story in the days ahead. >> how could we not? big hugs, my friend, to you,
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senator elizabeth and the entire family there. we appreciate your time and will, of course, share your grief on this day. >> richard, thanks so much. and again, senator bob dole survived by his wife senator elizabeth dole and daughter robin. senator bob dole was 98 years old. ♪ ♪ ♪ downy's been taking you back, since way back.
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now to some breaking news out of michigan, fast moving developments in the investigation following the oxford high school shooting. a flurry of new investigations appear to be ongoing right now, oakland countly outside of detroit investigating the parents of supposed school shooter ethan crumbley and anyone who might have helped them hideout in detroit. the prosecutor, school officials saying they might have helped out here. now the school superintendant offering his own personal investigation but not saying who will conduct here. and last here on nbc the attorney general for michigan saying she wanteds a comprehensive review of what's going on at the school as well and wants to hear back from school officials. >> we, you know, sent out an email to the attorney that represents the oxford community schools. we haven't heard back so far but
11:19 am
if they are going out to publicly say we want a third party to look into this, i want to let them know, we're here, willing and able to perform this function and really, we are the best agency in the state to do this kind of review and where the public can feel as though this review was done comprehensively, properly, and in a way that can be trusted. >> nbc's heidi, here, good to see you, the attorney general seems concentrated on who can do it right, who can't. a lot of possibilities here. >> reporter: here outside the jail where three individuals are being held and here's what's so unusual about this case. look it's been 20 years of this unique american tragedy of school massacres, school
11:20 am
shootings in this country and yet haven't seen a ton of instances of where the parents are also charged along with the child, where we are seeing this here. now the parents are pleading not guilty but prosecutors say there are glaring warnings their son ethan was on the brink of violence and they could have done something to stop it. each time, after one of these massacres we see a lot of calls in washington and both locally by officials for tighter gun laws. michigan attorney general told us here in michigan, you're not legally required to even store your gun in a safe place. listen to more of what she said here. >> as a society, we absolutely have to stop this fetisization of guns, it's not a toy, x box or baseball glove, it's a weapon
11:21 am
and deadly weapon as such. we have to face these tragedies, and exam be ning this set of circumstances, addressing it properly and see how can we do better to protect our children. >> reporter: now prosecutors, richard, in this case, say not only was the weapon not stored in a safe place, but the parents actually might have purchased the weapon for their son according to social media posts, the parents may have known the sun would turn violent given his notes in class and googling patterns as noted by school officials but sent him to class anyways, richard. >> thank you so much heidi, appreciate that. in washington, democrats now demanding action on gun reform, as she was telling us.
11:22 am
governor chris murphy this morning saying they think it's possible but they need republicans to get on board. >> i've been in negotiations all year with senators, lindsey graham, trying to get more republicans in the senate, maybe the shooting will bring people to the table. i've asked senator schumer to negotiate that compromise you're talking about. look, i wish my republican colleagues didn't sort of have epiphanies on this issue only after mass school shootings. now wraekz to congresswoman, showing her gop colleague making antimuslim comments. omar says she expects decisive action coming from her speaker. >> i've had reaction with this
11:23 am
speaker and i think she will take decisive action next week. as you know, i was worried i wouldn't be allowed to be sworn in because there was a ban on the hijab. she promised she'd take care of it, took care of that promise. she made another promise to me to take care of this and i believe her. and as omicron variant is detected in a number of states, white house says a number of key questions remain unanswered. it's too early for definitive statements on it. thus far it doesn't look like there's a great degree of severity to it but we really have to be careful before making determinations. and to the who is where president biden is gearing up for a important video call with vladimir putin this week to discuss the tense situation in ukraine. this has 10s of thousands of russian troops believed to be
11:24 am
lining up near the borders. joined now by jeff mason, white house correspondent for reuters. monday, he'll be out selling the build back better plan and wednesday in kansas to promote his infrastructure initiatives, all of which here is the most pressing concern for the white house, which we pick here? is there one obvious agenda item? >> no, and, you know, any white house has the job of pursuing multiple agenda items at once. certainly from a policy perspective, the policy is eager to sell that build back better plan and get more momentum for it to pass in congress and on wednesdays said he wants to go out and say they already passed the infrastructure bill and start taking credit for that, for himself, but also for the fact there was bipartisan support for it and tuesdays you mentioned this call for president putin. obviously, if that ends up
11:25 am
becoming an even bigger crisis, and the white house said it's not ruling out what russia might do on the border of ukraine, that will certainly become front and center, but for now, it is this call that's going to hold with the russian president. >> speaking of many issues at the same time, biden's health advisers doing the sunday talkshows as you and i were watching this morning, obviously, an eftd to address the omicron variant. what message are they looking to send right now with so many unknowns and as folks are asking, were you ready for this? >> well, i think the message to that second part of your question, richard is that we're ready, the u.s. is ready, certainly have been saying that repeatedly, that they learned from the delta variant that they need to prepare for these events and are saying they're more prepared now than ever before. the overall message has continued to be and boy, oh boy, do they repeat it, is get vaccinated and get boosted and
11:26 am
despite not having concrete evidence yet as to whether or not the vaccines and boosters will be enough to wave off the omicron variant, they want people to get it because it's going to help. >> and jeff, monday, the white house will restart the trump era "remain in mexico" policy requiring asylum seeker to see stay in mexico as they await administration hearings. the biden administration said they will roll back that policy over humanitarian concerns but now the court is forcing them to comply to the trump era policy. is the white house continuing to fight back? what's the next step here. there's obviously the kernel of inhumane conditions. >> that's true, richard. i think this has been a tough issue for this white house. the biden white house has certainly wanted to contrast its immigration policies with that of former president trump, biden's predecessor and made a big deal about it on the campaign and has tried to make a
11:27 am
big deal about it from the white house but they're thwarted by that as you said and thwarted by the fact that the issue tends to be such a big one on the border and that, of course, led to trickier pole numbers in particular for vice-president harris and also a key point of criticism from the right and in general, from this administration and president biden. >> jeff, always good to see you with the latest from the white house, correspondent from reuters. have a good sunday, friend. new remarks from arizona senator kristen sinema, says she may be thinking about not voting for build back better. you'll get that, next. we gave new zzzquil pure zzzs restorative herbal sleep to people who were tired of being tired.
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new reaction today from congresswoman, earlier congresswoman omar slammed
11:30 am
republican leadership after minority leader kevin mccarthy came to its dechks. >> mccarthy is a liar and a coward. he doesn't have the ability to condemn the kind of bigoted islam phobia -- >> why doesn't he have the ability to condemn. >> because this is who they are and we have to be able to stand up to them. member of the house judiciary committee, also chair of the caucus. thanks for joining us today. >> it's good to see you, richard. >> now some strong words you probably heard more of them over the conversations you had with your colleague, but in what we showed, she calling kevin mccarthy a liar and coward, do
11:31 am
you share her sentiment and thing lauren bobert will be held accountable in the end? >> i absolutely think kevin mccarthy showed what the republican party is today. it is an authoritarian party trafficking hate and he is unable, or inwilling, to calculate that and i show how different this republican party is. this republican party doesn't stand for party principles anymore. they stand for, essentially, you know, trafficking in the big lie of the election, to giving a platform to people who are clearly trafficking in hate and that is just who they are. so i think we, as democrats, need to show exactly how different we are. we are the pro democracy party, the party that cares about
11:32 am
people, cares about covid, getting shots in arms and getting people vaccinated happen we have, under president biden, brought down unemployment over two points, 2.5%, a quarter more than what the cfo was predicting, and provided six million new jobs in 10 months. that is the difference. >> representtive, do you believe speaker pelosi will get done what omar wants and believes pelosi will get done? >> i believe she will. i haven't had a conversation with her in the past couple of days but obviously representative omar has and i trust what she says. the asia-pacific american caucus, the hispanic caucus chair, all put out a statement
11:33 am
essentially, first of all, land basting kevin mccarthy for lack of leadership but saying if the republican party refuses to act and we will act and should strip lauren boberg of her committee and we have to react what she has done, literally creating death threats to another member calling her a terrorist suicide bomber. >> to this, this week, omar shared a death threat voicemail, saying she shared earlier bogus comments, you play be inferring to that, asking how many death threats she received in an interview. take a listen to that here. >> you receive too many to count. and there is a general fear that i have, my staff has, and the community at large has. words matter and words can cause
11:34 am
violence and she knows that the language she's using, the audience she's using it for is going to incite violence against myself and my community. >> too many to count here, representative. how do you view the impacts the congresswoman is explaining. this is 2020, i believe. >> i got my start on the inside in 2011, fighting islamophobia back then, and i'm so sad to say here in 2021 where the situation is not just as bad but worse, because the republican party is actually inflaming and condoning, essentially, these comments, allowing them to continue. so it is a very dangerous time, not only for my friend,
11:35 am
representative omar, my heart just hurts for everything she is dealing with but also other muslims on the hill working, also for other muslim-americans across the country and frankly, anybody who wears a turbine because people don't even know the difference between a hijab and a turbine and this kind of hate just sort of amplifies out. and i think it is a very dangerous and difficult time for, certainly for muslim-americans throughout this country. they deserve better, and democrats are going to have to once again, stand up against all this hate and demagogury from the republican party. >> i want you to take a look at this as well, kentucky republican, posing with his
11:36 am
family with guns, ps santa please bring ammo. what do you think of this, along with the school shooting in michigan. >> it is disgusting, almost inconceivable. this was posted two days after the michigan shooting where four teenagers died, several were injured. we are still reeling from that and just the insensitivity is too mild of a word, but the mockery that this photograph brings to the real tragedy of gun violence and, again, the refusing of the republican party to do anything about gun violence or even to take it seriously. not even talking about passing religion slgz, talking about it seriously. i think it was a giant, you know, tarnl thing for the country today.
11:37 am
>> let's move from threats of violence, representative to something you worked very hard on, build back better. that bill you played a huge roll to pass in the house. schumer looking for a vote by christmas. kristen sinema expressing her concerns in a recent interview. let's take a look at that. >> when i'm home in arizona, i hear, number one, about the price of gas, and number two, about the price of food. people are very concerned about the amount they're spending just to survive everyday and inflation is real, so i want to make sure that if we are crafting legislation, we're doing it in the lean and efficient way that's fiscally responsible and doesn't impact things like inflation or make our businesses less competitive. >> okay, representative, i know you don't read into words, aren't a tea leaf reader but what are you hearing from the senator here? reluctance, or that she may vote
11:38 am
for the bill? >> well i'm not going to comment on her words. i think we just need to continue to remind the american people that this is president joe biden's agenda we are delivering on. it is scaled back from the original vision he put forward and 96% of democrats agreed to, and with conversations that were negotiations between the president and senator sinema and manchin, this was largely preconferenced at the level that it is at and with the items that were in the bill, so i am going to continue to put my faith in president biden to deliver the senate to us. and leader chuck schumer to deliver the senate to us, just as we delivered on the house. i mean this is 80% of the president's agenda is in the build back better agenda and anyone concerned about inflation or, you know, fiscal responsibility, should actually be working to pass the build back better act because it is
11:39 am
the very thing, richard, this will bring down costs for american families, bring down the cost of childcare, prescription drugs, universal pre-k, all the things contained in the build back better agenda are exactly the things that american families are demanding that we pass, so i do believe that we will continue to be on a path to get this done before christmas and i'm looking forward to taking back a massive christmas present to american families throughout this country when we pass the build back better act. >> well, we have you and you talked about american families. that, of course, brings us to this subject of abortion rights. as you've been listening to the supreme court this week signaling that it might uphold mississippi's law banning most abortions after 15 weeks. what are your thoughts. this is personal to you, what are you thinking as we await the high court's ruling in the coming months? >> well, this is personal, richard, as you know.
11:40 am
i am one of the one in four women across america who have had an abortion and i believe every american knows somebody who has had an abortion, loves somebody who has had an abortion and this is a terrifying moment where we watch the supreme court display not just that it is a conservative court if it were to overturn or roll back roe v wade but that it is a reactionary court and that is a terrifying prospect, not only for abortion rights, but what about all the other things the court has made a decision on, established precedent around but then decides to just move away from that towards a politically-motivated ideological court? so i think this is a very difficult time for america. i hope the court understands that rolling back roe v wade will not only create trauma for millions of americans across the country who won't be able to get
11:41 am
abortions anymore but also will create a complete lack of trust in the highest court of the land and that, richard, is a real threat to our democracy as well. >> we've covered a lot here, representative, thank you for spending a bit of your sunday with us. did alec baldwin's recent interview about the movie set shooting help or hurt him? some take-aways next.
11:42 am
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the hammerschteins are saving big, holiday shopping at amazon. so now they're free to become... the handbell hammerschteins. ♪ ♪ just pure artistry. a new mexico district attorney pushing back on alec baldwin's claim it was highly unlikely he would be charged in the deadly movie set shooting. this week, baldwin spoke candidly about the shooting but did not claim responsibility for what happened. >> do you feel guilt? >> no. no. i feel that there is -- that someone is responsible for what
11:44 am
happened and i can't say who that is but i know it's not me. i mean honest to god, if i felt i was responsible, i might have killed myself if i thought i was responsible and i don't say that lightly. >> in a statement released the day after the interview, the d.a. says charges are still possible against the three people that handled that gun, that includes baldwin as well as the movie's assistant directorer and the armorer. joining us, dominic pat, senior headliners for hully wood. should he have been doing this interview -- talking about this case right now, given discussion with santa fe law enforcement? >> santa fe law enforcement asked him to stop talking and he gave a roadside interview last month. if this is a legal theory by his defense lawyers, i think it will
11:45 am
end well. >> are santa fe law enforcement upset about this in the end. >> i'll use some of their quotes, betrayed, that they gave him every leeway possible and interview after the tragic shooting, brought him in to talk, let him go. no restraints, not you have to stay in the state or city, nothing, just let us do our investigation, let the cops do their work, he keeps talking and that taints the investigation. >> baldwin is known for that, you wrote an art can tell about this, i should say just now. why do you think baldwin did this then? what do you think he is thinking . >> i think he is thinking the same thing the armorer and the first assist want director dave hull was thinking, which is get as much doubt out there as possible. there are already two lawsuits, there will be more the d.a. considering multiple legal theories. people are getting ready for what will happen in fwrunt of a
11:46 am
jury. >> he says i feel no guilt. what else can we learn from that, what can you take away from the interview. >> the main interview he says he didn't pull the trigger. now, i know a little bit about guns, that's kind of a one in a million instance, that's how things work, it's like a piston on a car, things have to happen. so they'll have to get a gun expert in the trial to confirm that and if they don't, those words could haunt him even more. >> baldwin is not known to be a quiet person. how is hollywood responding to what he is saying. >> people are pretty friendly, alec baldwin has a great reputation, of course 30 rock, his own shows, i think you can see why people are staying quiet. >> thank you my friend, so much. the courtroom sketch that
11:47 am
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hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive skin. right now, north carolina seeing an uptick in covid cases following thanksgiving. nbc's liz mclaughlin. liz, how are officials responding to the spike in omicron? >> reporter: richard, good afternoon to you, it's a push to get more shots in arms. we heard from president biden this week, it was really, boosters for all adults, also vaccinations for adults who haven't gotten them yet. about 30% of americans still need the shots and to kids, really stressing that businesses and schools, want to keep those open. announcing rapid response teams, international travel rules and expansion of free at-home testing. we heard from the surgeon general merphy today saying the
11:50 am
holidays aren't canceled, especially unvaccinated americans, really low risk to gather but concern is around the unvaccinated population or those who may have their vaccination strength waning this time of year. we spoke with some people here in about how they feel about this. many say they're stressed and having covid fatigue and another variant right before the holidays but a mother said it is important to see family this year and wants to do that safely. >> yes. i'm boosted and she is getting the second shot next week so yes. and then definitely like only being around people boosted and vaccinated as soon as the christmas day celebrations go and things like that. >> reporter: and there is some hesitation and confusion around boosters with folks we talked to. everyone 18 and up with a moderna or pfizer six months ago
11:51 am
or j&j can get the booster. having the antibodies in the body can impact the transmission of omicron now in 16 states at least. probably see more in the coming days and months and said don't wait because it could be months to have a tweaked version and better to get it now. >> liz mclaughlin, thank you. defense attorneys are trying to place the emphasis on jeffrey epstein. they said the allegations surrounding her deceased boss saying since eve was tempting adam with the apple. she is not jeffrey epstein. joining me is vicki ward, journalist and productive chases
11:52 am
ghislaine. how was the trial? you were in the courtroom. we heard from one of the survivors of the alleged sexual abuse. >> we did, richard. i think the takeaway from this first week has been how effective maxwell's defense lawyers have been in basically shooting down the credibility of the government's witnesses. including that first accuser who went under the pseudonym jane. jane gave powerful, disturning testimony of sexual abuse she claimed had happened to her from the age of 14 and went on for years and years at the hands of
11:53 am
jeffrey epstein and ghislaine maxwell. but under cross-examination the defense read back her own words given to the fbi and the government. in the last two years. wherein meetings with the fbi and the government she said she didn't maxwell ever touching her. she didn't recall maxwell being in the room. and so, you know, the question i think is the government would have had access to those notes. why did they not prep they should witness better? i don't know. >> what you are intimating is the prosecution may not be so well read in. we'll see. how do you describe maxwell's demeanor in court? we are looking at that as you
11:54 am
were looking in the courtroom. "newsweek" said she looked at the court sketch artist and drew them back. did you notice that? that is interesting. >> i'm sitting almost right behind her. so i couldn't see what she was doing on the pad. i certainly noticed a lot of writing. and i did see her turn around and stare. it wasn't clear who she was staring at but it makes sense. her demeanor throughout this week and also in the two previous pretrial hearings i went to is relaxed. her lawyers and she make a big show of being tactile and affectionate with each other physically. this is pure speculation now on my part but it has come up in testimony the butler, the
11:55 am
jeffrey epstein's household manager talked about the fact that maxwell was artistic. took great photographs and had to explain under cross-examination -- i should say that was in the context of testimony given that said she had a lot of topless women on did desk in palm beach and occurred to me that this was her own comment on her quote, unquote artistic but that's pure speculation you did travel in similar social circles with maxwell. do you believe that she changed over the years? >> i have reported on this. you know, unquestioningly since 2004 whenever i would just bump
11:56 am
into her and that was the nature of our relationship, both in the same british ex-pat socials in new york, she had a new boyfriend, a billionaire boyfriend called ted wait and seemed that she was very much with him and living with him i think on the west coast and seemed in a different world than epstein nal photograph with her and prince and drew appeared and then around that time the relationship with ted wait ended. and so sort of civil litigation began that reminded everyone of the ties to jeffrey epstein and did appear that she was trying to move on with her life, yes. >> i appreciate you stopping by with the latest on the maxwell case. have a good sunday.
11:57 am
>> and you. that will do it for me. i'm in for alex today. after the break lindsay riser is in. hel through retirement. gordan ramsey this is a cold call! nfl teams are turning to cold with tide. will you? that will never work! if it works on nfl jerseys it'll work for you. and it's cold. so you will turn to cold? fine! that guy needs to chill out! no one can deliver your mom's homemade short ribs. that's why instacart helps deliver the ingredients. and you add the love.
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good afternoon, everybody. i'm lindsay reiser in for yasmin vossoughian. breaking news involving the search for a police who authorities say may have helped the parents of a school shooter. a live report coming up. sad news a short while ago. former senator and presidential candidate bob dole has died. we are hours from the deposition of a key figure in the january 6 committee investigation. michael flynn. that's not the only big name expected to appear this week. a full court press from president biden's health team in a bid to


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