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tv   Way Too Early With Jonathan Lemire  MSNBC  December 7, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PST

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the u.s. is going to put some sort of sanctions in place against russia dpr for that buildup forover things they've been fighting with russia against recently. that may be resolved as soon as tomorrow. tomorrow should be sort of a prickly day if term of that relationship and all the high stakes it means. watch for that tomorrow. that's it for us for now. wrts is up next. president biden set to speak with vladimir putin today about the russian military buildup near the border of ukraine. with concerns of a possible invasion, the question is will the president be able to convince his russian counterpart to slow his aggression. plus, a former official with the d.c. national guard accuses two army generals of lying to congress about the military attack. the question is was help delayed because of a concern of optics? and the white house announces a diplomatic boycott.
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they're accusing them of abuses. the question is how. it's "way too early" for this. good morning and welcome to "way too early," the show that remembers pearl harbor 80 years ago today. i'm jonathan lemire on this tuesday, december 7th. we'll start with the news. a former national guard official is accusing two army generals over the january 6 siege on the u.s. capitol. the officer wrote a 36-page memo to the house select committee. he claims charles flynn and lieutenant walter pyatt repeatedly misquoted, misstated, or mislead the house oversight committee and the house
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inspector general. he claims they didn't have the training to quickly respond the day of the insurrection. he writes every letter in the d.c. guard wants more. he goes on to call flynn and pyatt liars for their categorization of the events of that day. flynn and pyatt didn't respond to messages from politico seeking comment. an army spokesperson tells nbc news the army's actions on january 6th have been well douchlted, and lieutenant flynn and lieutenant pyatt have been open, honest, and thorough with their sworn testimony to congress and doj investigators. a meeting is set between president biden and putin as tensions continue to escalate over ukraine.
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biden is ready to warn putin of severe consequences includes sanctions against the president's inner circle if his army innovates ukraine. president biden is going to make it clear that a diplomatic de-escalation is the only way forward per white house aides. biden also spoke with european allies ahead of the call to discuss potential sanctions if russia doesn't comply. putin, meanwhile, is expected to demand a guarantee that nato will never kb band into ukraine. the high-stakes call comes as u.s. officials say russia has amassed tens of thousands of troops at the ukraine border and is preparing for an invasion perhaps as soon as early next year. joining us now, nbc news international correspondent keir simmons who is with us from london. keir, good morning. so great to see you. obviously this is a high-stakes call for both sides. this is the highest we've ever seen.
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we know both leaders come into this with significant acts. how you do expect today's virtual meeting to play out? what kind of results might we see if any? >> reporter: jonathan, that's right. being described by some as the most port call biden has had to make since he took office. clearly it's going to be extremely challenging because of the balance you described in your opening, the consequences of any invasion of ukraine and at the same time trying to offer some kind of diplomatic roadmap that gives russia the perspective there is an alt active. that is incredibly challenging because of this impasse over nato. quite simply, the western u.s. is saying ukraine should be able
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to enter into nato at some time in the future. president putin is completely opposed to that. i think the call between the five leaders, president biden, the leaders of france, germany, italy, and the uk overnight was ready quite extraordinary. we know it goes to biden's strategy of bringing allies in. i think that will bring an attempt to debunk any notion president putin might have with germany transitioning from one leader to another which is slightly imblachblsed, france coming to an election might be unbalanced. it's going to be a challenged conversation, as i say. afterward, i think what you'll hear is the americans describe how tough they've been and set up the alt actives that they offer to president putin. i think it will be interesting to see what the russians say, whether they they think got anything from the call. but in the end with russia, what will show that they -- they will show how they feel about that
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negotiation if you like and what they do in the months or maybe years ahead. jonathan, the reality for president biden is that president putin can keep this tension going for maybe a year, maybe two years. president biden needs in the long term to find a way to not get pulled back into this again and again, jonathan. >> yeah. we just saw, keir, while you were talking, images of the two leaders in the summit in geneva. there was real hope for that. i was in the room when the two men met. there was hope that this would put putin away, put him in a box, deal with him early, and move on to other aspects of the foreign policy agenda. that's clearly not the case as we know putin, of course, has an obsession as you described to me with ukraine. suppose a resolution is not readily apparent today. how could this play out, and what do you sense from the people we talked over there on
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the content. what do we think putin's eventual goal is? how far is he willing to go? >> reporter: well, i think president putin is always tactical. he looks at any situation he faces at any particular time in deciding what to do. we're told by sources in moscow and european diplomatic sources that he hasn't decided to invade ukraine, although, we know that he has managed to worry u.s. intelligence very, very much with those troop buildups on the border. so i think for president putin -- and this is a challenge for president biden -- ukraine is absolutely central not to have it just viewed in russian but foreign policy. it's central to his ambition of putting a line in the sand if you'd like, the red lines president putin talked about over nato. that's how he'll view it.
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jonathan, back during the bilateral when i interviewed putin, fascinating conversation we had. he said they agreed not to expand nato east. i said, well, gorbachev back then didn't get that in writing. he said, ah, yeah, you see, you tricked an old man. biden will be determined not in his mind to be tricked again. he wants to stop the expansion of nato. that is extremely -- there's no way president biden is going to be able to offer that in this call today. >> nbc's keir simmons. we greatly appreciate it. we'll look for more of your reporting coming unon "morning joe," and we'll be following this virtual summit all day on nbc. there's also new reporting that donald trump's battle with covid was worse than the white house acknowledged at the time. citing a new book from former choof of staff mark meadows, that trump's oxygen level was
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ten points below level when he was hospitalized. they didn't have the resources to treat him at the white house and hae needed to go to the hospital. the president resisted until meadows told him this. it's better that you walk out today under your own strength, own power, than for me to have to carry you out on a gurney in two days. was enough to convince trump. according to "the times," meadows writes he lost so much strength he dropped a briefcase he planned to carry out on the walk to the helicopter. at one point meadows recalled trump told him, i've lost so much strength, my muscles are not responding. i'll add i was there when he was going to walter reed it. was striking how slow he was moving. he was being very cautious moving one foot in front of the other. new data is appearing on omicron. while the rye us have is spreading rapidly, there are
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early indications that the new strain may cause less severe illness than previous variants. according to a "new york times" report, researchers at a major hospital complex in south africa reported patients with the coronavirus are much less sick than others treated before, adding other hospitals are seeing the same trends. meanwhile in the u.s., texas is the latest state to confirm its first case of omicron. globally the variant has been detected in more than 30 countries on six continents. health officials say it could be the most contagious form of the virus yet. still ahead, the justice department file as new voting rights lawsuit against the state of texas. plus, the los angeles police department releases video of a brazen attack on a security guard during a recent smash-and-grab robbery. also ahead, a state of emergency has been declared in hawaii. a storm system is slamming the islands, and some areas could see more than 2 feet of rain. these stories and so much more when we come right back here on
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[thud] [clunk] [ding] ugh...
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the justice department is suing. they say the new plans are discriminatory especially against black and latino voters. new maps drawn by state republicans violate the voting rights act, according to merrick garland. >> the complaint we filed today is they createsed redistricting plans that deny or bridge the rights of latino or black voters to vote on account of their race, color, membership in a language minority group. >> after the suit was announced, texas attorney general ken paxton called it, quote, the biden administration's latest ploy to control texas voters.
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actor jussie smollett is maintaining his innocence where he's charged with staging an anti-gay attack on himself and then lying the police. >> reporter: nearly three years after jussie smollett reporting he was a victim of a racist and homophobic attack, he testified in his own behalf. he's charged with six counts for allegedly faking the attack and lying the police about it. he hellos the jury there was no hoax. he's seen in a body camera video wearing a noose around his neck. he said they threw bleach on him and shouted slurs at him. he says two brothers recruited him to stage the attack.
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there was testimony that smollett said he wanted me to beat him up. on the stand smollett said he paid the brothers for a diet and exercise plan, not to allege a phoney hate crime. there were four dozen cameras showing the two brothers using money smollett gave them to buy such plies for the alleged attack. smollett alleges he's innocent. the los angeles police department say bear spray was used during a recent smash-and-grab-spree. the department secured this video from a nordstrom's showing somebody ambushing the guard with the bear spray. you see the guard stumbling around, bumping into racks and displays number one yet has been arrested for this bear spray incident. still ahead, your new england patriots come out on top in a windy bat. a downright strange game in the
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. the biden administration will not send anyone to the olympic or paralympic games giving the genocide against humanity and other human right ace bouss. >> as you just heard from white house press secretary jen psaki, the u.s. will stage a diplomatic boycott on the upcoming winter beijing olympics over human rights. u.s. athletes will still be allowed to compete. it comes as china faces criticism over crackdowns on pro-democracy on hong kong, and for obtaining and detaining uighurs in the country. calling for a diplomatic or full
2:21 am
boy caught have only grown since chinese tennis star peng shuai disappeared from public veer after making assault allegations against the chinese government. questions remain whether she's acting on her own free will. china warned yesterday morning it would take, quote, resolute countermeasures to any boy caught. they have not yet elaborated. turning now to a blustery "monday night football" matchup in buffalo where the new england patriots ran their way to a seventh straight win and a top spot in the afc. >> the offensive lineman in there on third and five, harris has the first down, breaks, and it's gone. damien harris through everyone, up the middle for a touchdown. >> that's damien harris opening the scoring against the bills with a 64-yard rush. new england kept the ball on the ground for all but three pass attempts by quarterback mac
2:22 am
jones as 40-mile-per-hour wind gusts played a huge factor on offense. i bet you, bill belichick, for a long time they only had one passing attempt. i bet he wishes with just that. the patriots held the bills to just ten points on four drives from inside the 20 yard line and a season-low 230 yards. after the 14-10 victory, patriots linebacker praised the offense while taking a playful swipe at his team's qb. >> hat's off to the offense, really, to everybody, besides mack who really didn't do nothing. >> remember that one year where the patriots weren't good? yeah, that's probably over. college football's most prestigious award will go to one of the four heisman trophy finalists revealed last night. michigan defensive end aidan hutchinson along with three quarterbacks, pittsburgh's kenny
2:23 am
pickett, ohio state's c.j. stroud, and bryce young. they've taken home four of the past five trophies. the winner will be announced during a ceremony on saturday. sad news here, medina spirit t horse that failed a drug test after winning the kentucky derby this year has died. the 3-year-old colt collapsed during a workout yesterday in california. trainer bob baffert said in a statement that the horse suffered a heart attack. an official cause of death awaiting fors the results of an examination and toxicology report. time now for the weather. and let's go to meteorologist bill karins. bill, it's certainly getting cold and blustery in the northeast. that's not where our attention is focused. i know there's a big-time storm out in hawaii. >> yeah. some areas of hawaii are going to end up with one to two feet of rain by the time this is over. they call them kona lows. you may have seen the pictures on social media, the snow on top
2:24 am
of like the two volcanic peaks that are about 13,000 feet. that happens every now and then. that's not the biggest thing. but the thing impacting where people live is the heavy rain. it's not able to drain away fast enough. these are pictures from waikiki. the big island toward maui is getting a bit of a break now. it's still pouring this morning as we go throughout the overnight hours here in hawaii. the storm will slowly pull away today, but a lot of the damage is being done now with flash flood warnings still up. so let's return to the lower 48. we had a pretty dramatic storm that swept all the way off the east coast last night. we had a confirmed to end in kentucky. the winds were so strong in tennessee. i saw something you don't usually see. a school bus got flipped over and an rv blew on top of it. the bus driver was in the bus. there were no students at the time. the bus driver was able to crawl
2:25 am
out the emergency exit. you see the glass smashed there. this was an ef-1 tornado. winds were right around 100 miles an hour. this was in kentucky where that line of storms went through. that storm system has cleared off the east coast. everybody is dub with it. there's a little bit of a snow shower. that's it. it feels like winter, especially from green bay to minneapolis. look at that. negative 3 in minneapolis. green bay, negative 17 windchill. detroit is down to 10. it's a cold morning out there. the next storm, not much to this one, jonathan. ite goengs be a little bit of a fizzle. may see snowflakes on wednesday in d.c. and new york. dreaming of a white christmas, you've got to go far, far to the north toward the canadian border. i don't see much snow heading our way any time soon. >> we've still got 2 1/2 weeks, bill. we're still holding out hopes
2:26 am
for a white christmas. and we'll have a live report from hawaii coming up on "morning joe." bill karins, thanks so much. democrats are working to deliver the massive spending proposal by the end of the year. and we'll talk about what's next for devin nunes following his surprise resignation announcement. before we go, we want to know why you're awake. is it because of the new england patriots? email me at way too early at or tweet me @jonlemire. we'll read some of our favorite answers later in the show. we'll be right back. answers later in the show. we'll be right back. avy perfume? try new downy light in-wash scent beads. it has long-lasting light scent, no heavy perfumes, and no dyes. finally, a light scent that lasts all day. new downy light! this is the sound of nature breathing. and this is the sound of better breathing.
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welcome back to "way too early." it's 5:30 on the east coast, 2:30 out west. i'm jonathan lemire. california republican devin nunes will resign politics to work for donald trump's new media company. he has no experience in tech or as an executive. it was revealed last week that the company plans to merge with trump's company is being investigated by the s.e.c. nunes emerged as one of the former president's chief defenders in congress. as chairman of the house intelligence committee, nunes had to recuse himself from the russian investigation, in part because he was too close with trump to be impartial. we should note if republicans were to reclaim the majority in
2:31 am
next term's midterm elections, nunes would have been up for chair of the house ways and means committee, arguably the most powerful position in the cabinet on capitol hilling and yet he's walking away from that job. chuck schumer is hitting the gas on president biden's second year agenda. the christmas holiday is just over two weeks. schumer is warning work on the bill along with deadlines on the debt ceiling and defense bill will lead to, quote, more long days and nights. despite the supposed timeline, the democrats have not locked in joe manchin from west virginia. "the washington post" reports manchin signaled yesterday he's still worried about the size and scope of the bill. >> i have concerns. you know, we're talking about major changes in our tax code, and i think my position hasn't
2:32 am
changed from july when i gave you all -- you all found out about the letter schumer and i had exchanged and discussed back in august, and follow that one through. i'm pretty much in the same place i've always been. >> joining us now, co-found over "punchbowl news," jake sherman, msnbc contributor and no fan of longer days and nights. jake, great to see you. during the trump administration, we saw mark meadows leave congress. now devin nunes is doing the same, leaving a potentially powerfulful post to do so. we're seeing lawmakers trying to closely align themselves with the former president and believed eventual republican candidate again. what's up with this? give us a sense of the state of play of the republican party and in particular the trump loyalists. >> jon, it certainly my lites
2:33 am
the new pecking order in republican politics. people work, and devin, frankly, has worked most of his career to work his way to the ways and means committee. when i started covering congress more than a decade ago, nunes was known as -- you might not know this now -- but pretty steeped in tax policy, and basically the way he was viewed was the political counterweight -- not counterweight, but almost the sidekick to paul ryan. when paul ryan was passing some of his early budgets, nunes was helping ryane navigate the politics of it. this was an important voice in the ways and means committee in 2009, 2010, 2011, that era. this is a newfound piece of
2:34 am
nunes's personality, his persona. it was unthinkable if i said, jon, ten years ago that someone would leave ways and means, give up the chance to chair a powerful tax-writing committee and go chair trump's media company, you'd think i had lost my mind. this is something unheard of and it has repercussions. it will -- he's leaving at the end of the year. a bunch of seats opened up. they have to find a new chairman for the ways and means committee, which is not going to be hard. again, this is the most coveted role in congressional politics. >> yeah. it is dum founding on some levels. jake, thank you for laying that out for us. we just talked about democrats still saying they want to get this bill on build back better by christmas. i want to get your take on how likely that is. more importantly, there are
2:35 am
urgent deadlines coming. there's the debt. the debt limit is rapidly approaching, the defense bill. walk us through that. the agenda, sure, but aren't there other things that have to take priority? where are we and when? >> we're eight days from a debt limit default, and that's pretty stunning. what congress is trying to do is temporarily change the rules to allow them to lift it. it's a very difficult task for senate majority leader chuck schumer and minority leader mitch mcconnell, but we're eight days away from that. it's traditionally passed by the end of the calendar year. but schumer's desire to get the build back better bill by christmas is looking more difficult because the parliamentarian needs to finish her vet of the bill, and that's
2:36 am
not going to be done until next week, and perhaps by the end next week. the end of next week is december 17th, the day after my birthday, which is the most important day next week, but, also, you know, that leaves eight days, including weekends. it's going to take a week to get the bill through the house. once there's an agreement, there's no agreement. we have to keep that in mind. there's no agreement. i like to say just believe joe manchin when he say as what he says. he does not seem willing to pass this piece of legislation before 2022 and we should take him at his word. >> so certainly the debt limit ceiling is something we'll have to watch. happy early birthday. maybe we'll have you back before then. maybe that's the way to start your birthday with an appearance at 5:00 a.m. and we'll look for the punch bowl news to hit ore mailboxes soon.
2:37 am
thanks. still ahead, we'll go live to cnbc for a look at what's driving the market. perhaps some easing concern over the omicron variant. "way too early" is coming right back. ron variant. "way too early" is coming right back find your rhythm. your happy place. find your breaking point. then break it. every emergen-c gives you a potent blend of nutrients so you can emerge your best
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tell your doctor if you experience signs of bleeding, infection, heart problems, persistent diarrhea or any other side effects. (man 2 vo) i am living longer with imbruvica. (vo) ask your doctor if it's right for you. learn how we could help you save on imbruvica. time now for the business news that you need to start your day, and for that let's bring in cnbc's julianna tatelbaum who joins us live from london. julianna, good morning. there appears to be easing fears on wall street over the omicron variant. we talked about it early in the show. there's one school of thought that it's perhaps not as deadly as say the delta variant. global stocks surged as investors for one day shrugged off their concerns. what's the sense of it? is this a signal for a trend for days ahead?
2:41 am
>> it certainly feels that way judged by the market action this morning and yesterday. this morning the markets soared. this morning european equities are extending gains after a rally here yesterday. it seems as though investors are taking some comfort in the early suggestions that the omicron variability could cause less disease than earlier strains. as you said, we still don't have any definitive evidence to support this, but for now, investors are seeking comfort in these developments. also we got some news out of china yesterday, which is providing some support for markets. yesterday chinese policy makers went ahead and reduced the amount of cash banks have to sets aside in reserve in an effort to preserve the economy. then we got unexpected trade data out of china. putting it all together, global markets are in a pretty good position this morning. >> on the pandemic, the cdc has declared many neighs at very
2:42 am
high risk for covid-19. tell us more about that, and what should america travelers expect, particularly for those who have already purchased their airline tickets. >> well, as of yesterday, jonathan, if you are traveling to the united states, you're required to show a negative covid test within one day of departure. prior to this guidance -- prior to this rule change -- it's not kbied answer. it's a rule change. prior to this, you could show a negative test within three days of departure. it's narrowed the window which has put travelers outside of the country in a tricky position with regard to the rules. the cdc yesterday moved to advise americans against travel to portugal, france, and five other nations. they call it the level 4 high classification. this is the highest travelry
2:43 am
advisory. the cdc says you should avoid travel to these destinations. if you are traveling there, you should be vaccinated. >> cnbc's julianna tatelbaum. we appreciate that report. she's live from london. we'll see you tomorrow. thank you. still ahead, richard haas joins us. on this date in history, the empire of japan launched an air raid at pearl harbor, a day that will live in infamy. frequent heartburn? not anymore. the prilosec otc two-week challenge is helping people love what they love again. just one pill a day. 24 hours. zero heartburn. because life starts when heartburn stops. take the challenge at prilosecotc dot com. i've lost count of how many asthma attacks i've had. but my nunormal with nucala?
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. december 7th, 1941, a date which will live in infamy.
2:47 am
the united states of america was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the empire of japan. >> americans today are remembering one of the darkest days in u.s. history. 80 years ago, a surprise attack from japan plunged the country into the second world war. at 7:55 in the morning, japanese bombs rained down on the pearl harbor naval base in honolulu, hawaii. in total, 2,400 americans were killed, including 68 civilians. one year later there was a declare of war on japan and then a war on germany and italy three days later. if you have a chance to visit the memorial in hawaii, you should do so. it's very moving. >> richard haass, good morning. it's great to see you. we always appreciate it.
2:48 am
that moment there, the entry into world war ii, sort of began a series of events that led u.s. into world affairs, the world's leading nation. are we seeing that era now starting to come to a close, that influence perhaps unraveling? >> look. it's a big and important question, jonathan. what's really remarkable is not that the united states responded the way it did after pearl harbor, but that it remained the leading most active country in the world after world war ii. that was for me a historic moment. we did not retreat, but we stayed active in the world. the question you ask now, several things are happening. one, we're seeing the rise of hostile, adversarial powers including russia and china. that's one issue, which is pushing back against america's position in the world. secondly are the emergence of these global issues like
2:49 am
pandemics and climate change, with threatens us as well as everybody, but there's little machinery to deal with. third and most parallel is the united states is most divided and looking inward. that was the case before world war ii. to me the biggest question moving forward is what desire, not so much ability, but collective will does the united states have in continuing to play a role. what will be our commitments and authority? that will be up for grabs. >> richard, as you know, i only ask big and important questions. let's turn to one of the challenges you just mentioned, which is our relationship with russia. president biden is holding a personal summit with his counterpart today, vladimir putin. what do you anticipate will happen today? what will each sight's asks be? any sense of a resolution or
2:50 am
de-escalation? >> i don't think you'll get any resolution or de-escalation that quickly. russia is going to try to paint itself as the victim, as the aggrieved party. western machination to paint themselves as the victim. on the american side you will see two approaches of the same kind, you may call it honey and vinegar. the vinegar will be economic sanctions and military aid for ukraine, beefing up our nato. i think the honey will be offering the russian's greater diplomatic possibilities. perhaps mutual troops withdrawal back from the border. a new approach discussing european security at large. the president is going to put both on the table and trying to
2:51 am
steer mr. putin in the direction of the honey. deter any russian or military. >> we'll be covering this virtual meeting from the two leaders all day long on msnbc. richard haass, we appreciate it. we'll have you back soon. >> why are you awake? angela writes this. i slammed my hand in a car door last evening and took a trip to the ar and the pain is so bad, it woke me up. >> angela, i am sorry about your hand. >> dan, what you got back there? anymore injuries? >> no injuries. tom's e-mail, living in florida is my only chance top see the greatest christmas tree on earth as you go on break.
2:52 am
>> as joe scarborough puts it, the commerce street. valerie watches every morning. today she's up this reason to help her son and his girlfriend with their brand new son. congratulations. bill belichick is being sustained by the tears of the nation. coming up on "morning joe," new message for democrats. you need to get out of a city more. max rose, we'll hear from the former congressman about his new announcement to reclaim his new york city congressional district. "morning joe" has all that and just minutes away. l that and just minutes away. armers auto my discount, the more policies you have with us, the more you could save on your auto insurance. (man) hey, hon! (wife) hi, honey! (man) like what? (burke) well, you'd get a discount for insuring your jet skis...
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2:56 am
president trump. in a statement the company explaining as a quote, voluntary information and document request from the sec which is certain documents and communications between dwac and trump's media group. eugene stock is here onset with us. thank you, eugene, it's great for you to be here. the company raised a million dollars in capital for a group of unnamed social media investors. the former president is known to exaggerate claims of wealth and things, do we have a sense this money is for real. where do we think of the momentum he may or may not have? >> we don't know for sure. that's what the sec finding. they want to know who's the board of director or procedures
2:57 am
of the banking. just who these actual investors are because there are more questions than answers right now. about a monthing monthing a -- it looked like a scheme. it was something of a concern. she pointed to a meeting she believes possibly taken place before all of this was announced. the sec got some clarity on what exactly happening. >> scheme, trump? do we have a timeline for this? >> it's not yet clear because we have not heard from trump's world in terms of getting the information requested. >> the president is responding to some democrats and felt like
2:58 am
he had not done enough to sell back the build back better bill, they changed tactics to get it done through the house and not yet the senate. the president is on the road more and he's going to kansas city tomorrow. we heard from him talking about prescription drug plan. a lot of medicare and negotiate prices. tell us more about that and why democrats think it's a winning argument? >> we know it's a big concern for voters across the board and many republicans who actually helped biden win. this is something progressives are on board with and he's hoping that republican voters will say that this will help them to push lawmakers for this bill. so that's where i was going to go next was the idea of the timeline. we heard from senate majority schumer, he wants to get done for christmas. president biden responded to a set of questions about the time.
2:59 am
he hoped it would be before christmas. it would take when ever long needed to get it done than to get it done a certain time. what's your sense of it? i know you have been following this whether they think the timeline is specific especially how much else congress has on its plates. >> concerns regarding funding and cost of this whole plan, the question will always be can they get to a number that everyone agrees to in a short enough time. that is difficult. we are closer to mid december than people realized and as you noted there are other things that have to be discussed as well. >> the debt ceiling deadline is looming large. eugene scott, it's great to see you, especially we do it in person. >> we'll have the latest with omicron variant and we try to
3:00 am
learn more and of course in a few hours a virtual summit between president biden and his russian counter part with vladimir putin, thank you for waking up way too early with us on this tuesday morning, "morning joe" starts now. more than 3,000 american lives were lost. >> good morning and welcome to "morning joe" on this tuesday, december 7th. a date which will live, the attack on pearl harbor happening 80 years today. we'll have a report from hawaii. a virtual meeting is set today from president biden and vladimir putin as tension continues to escalate over ukraine. donald trump dealt with covid was worst than


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