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tv   Ayman  MSNBC  December 11, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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- i never in a million years thought that my son, let alone any six-year-old, would be gunned down in the streets of san francisco and not get any justice. - chesa's failure has resulted in increase in crime against asian americans. - the da's office is in complete turmoil at this point. - for chesa boudin to intervene in so many cases is both bad management and dangerous for the city of san francisco. - we are for criminal justice reform. chesa's not it. recall chesa boudin now. good evening. welcome to the second our of
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"ayman." extensive damage across the cities hit by tornadoes. and we'll talk about the texas abortion law, and then it has been over two weeks since congresswoman lauren bobert's anti-muslim comments. i'm ayman mohyeldin. let's get started. all right. as we have been throughout the hour, we want to bring you up to date of the afternoon following the dozens of catastrophic tornadoes.
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a state of emergency declared in kentucky where as many as 100 are feared dead as search and rescue operations continue. a curfew has been implemented in the hardest hit locations to allow first responders to search for any survivors and to try and begin the clean-up operation. president biden said he plans to visit the affected areas while offering the full assistance of the federal government. >> they lost their homes and businesses to tragedy. we still don't know how many lives are lost or the full extent of the damage. but i want to emphasize what i told all the governors, the federal government will do everything, everything it can possibly do to help. >> so this was another major week for the supreme court, which issued a preliminary ruling on that extreme texas abortion law. the court's decision can at best be described as mixed because pro-choice activists took some comfort in the fact that the justices will allow abortion
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providers to sue texas officials in federal court, but that little bit of good news actually came with a major down side. the court also said that the controversial law can remain in effect while the cases continue. now should we be surprised here at any decision made by this court considering who is sitting on the bench. this is a court with a clear majority of hardline conservative justices, not just simply conservative but hardliners. and frankly some of them seem unable or unwilling to separate their personal religious faith from their duties as impartial judges on the highest court in the land. takes they comments from justice amy coney barrett just last week. >> it doesn't seem to me to follow that pregnancy and parenthood are all part of the same burden. so it seems to me that the choice more focused would be between, say, the ability to get an abortion at 23 weeks or the state requiring the woman to go
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15, 16 weeks more and then terminate parental rights at the conclusion. >> she's basically arguing that an additional four months of forced pregnancy imposes no burden on a woman since she can simply give the baby up for adoption. hmm. i can't help but think that her faith might be a factor in how she's deciding this case and others for that matter. you know, this week during oral arguments on a case about public funding of religious schools, she provided us with another clue about her mindset. and i want to show you what she said. it was essentially a part where she's talking about the israeli-palestinian conflict but she refers to it as a jewish palestinian conflict. there's a lot going on here. and for the record, referring to it as a jewish rather than the israeli conflict is quite frankly anti-semitic. but don't just take it from me.
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according from the u.s. state department, anti-semitism includes holding jews collectively responsible for actions of the state of israel. during a hearing democrats were criticized for even referencing her khat like dog ma. republicans freaked out calling it anti-religion bias. turns out the democrats may have been on to something here and perhaps if more of these questions had actually been raised, we would have had a better picture of the person who now holds a lifetime appointment. for more on all of this, let's bring in our saturday night panel. eugene is the co-author of "play
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book" and msnbc contributor. and josh serve as the writer and co-executive producer of demero. i'm curious about what you made of her comments about the abortion hearing last week and what's your reaction about this week's decisions? >> i think you're absolutely correct to point out that she implied it was no big deal to continue to force someone to be pregnant for four more months and she also skewed the terms by saying that someone was getting an abortion at 23 weeks, which is extremely rare. it usually occurs in a crisis situation. abortion is illegal in texas right now after six weeks and if the mississippi law prevails, we're going to see very similar
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bans, very early throughout the country. by amy coney barrett also saying that giving birth and all of the hormones and bonding that may or may not happen at that point is just the end of the story, obviously that's a violation enough but i had the opportunity to speak to individuals who have been studying and looking at the reality of the adoption, while some had good experiences some had bad. it's a really complex situation that shouldn't be forced on anyone. a lot of emotions and to say what's the big deal to stay pregnant against your will, give birth, give the baby up for adoption, even though that was not the choice that you sought to make for yourself and your own life shows a disregard for the reality of people's lives. similarly, the supreme court showed its hand on september 1st when it allowed the texas law to go into effect. no state has ever been allowed to ban abortions since roe v.
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wade. so to say that texas has set up this elaborate roux simply because they set up this plausible deniability that, oh, this is he complicated is a sort of back doorway to ban almost all abortions. the fact that has been in effect for more than a hundred days and the justice said in her dissent
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opinion -- [ inaudible ]. is this a figure leaf, that they don't even feel it necessary to present a compelling argument? >> i think there are a lot of conservatives who agree with that statement. i think we all know and most people know that women and men have not reach equality, women of color have not reached equality. we saw this exact same thing when they gutted the civil rights act. we saw this idea that we've come so far so it doesn't matter, we can move forward. and i think it's an excuse more so than it is anything else and it's not really based in the facts of the case. and one of the things i think is really, really interesting,
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especially about sba, other than beyond the fact that it seems to be unconstitutional according to all the legal experts that we've been talking to is that it could be used in other -- to kind of dig away at other rights in this country. so you can imagine a liberal state, for example, passing gun rights legislation and then allowing americans to suing each other for violating it. and that's one thing people are talking about, how it could extend into other pieces of legislation as we move forward depending on whether the court actually rules on the constitutionality of the case. >> josh, it was a tell for me when i heard amy coney barrett comment about the israeli palestinian conflict. what do you make of her use of the phrase jewish palestinian conflict? is it possible this was a slip
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of the tongue or is it case of the justice joining other far right christians in pushing that term because she sees this conflict through her religious lens? she got a job for life. why should she worry about offending huge portions of the world's population with the language that she's using? >> i mean, i don't want to call her a far right ideologue despite everything she's said indicating that. it's a fraught term to use. i'm a jew. i'm not in contact with palestine. i want autonomy with people. i'm in conflict for letting their dog off leash and my upstairs neighbors for practicing" la la land" on their
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keyboard all day. >> even by the definition of anti-semitism, conflating israelis with jews is problematic. >> i am israeli and jewish, the alarm bell is all about shattering the walls in faith. she said it in the context of a case that involves federal funding of christian schools. if you belong to a minority base in the united states and there is a blurring of church and state it usually means -- [ inaudible ].
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obviously justice soto mayor went to a [ inaudible ]. >> and it reveals a way about the justices approach the fund al tenets. i mentioned the dogma controversy after senator die ann feinstein famously said that dogma lives largely within you. republicans called it anti-religious bias. should she have been questioned more about her faith? the way i see so many of these hearings play out, when a justice or somebody nominated gets questioned, they default by saying i'm not going to comment on this because it could potentially come up in front of the court.
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when they're asked about a decision that is made previously, they deflect by saying stare decisis, this is settled law, stars i'm concerned, it will stand and we don't get a lot of insight into how they're going to practice their jurisprudence and we we are with justice amy coney barrett flexing her religious insights on to these cases. >> i think the confirmation process has been a complete farce for a long time. you had, for example, justice kavanaugh saying -- [ inaudible ]. unfortunately even if she had been more forthcoming or dianne feinstein had been a littleless
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grumpy asking about it, there were votes in the senate to confirm her and the country is now paying for it. >> she was confirmed while the elections were under way, the voting had already been done. thank you so much for joining us tonight, greatly appreciate your insights. we've got a lot more to discuss throughout the program. before we go to break, the story we've been following for you throughout the evening, the tragedy unfolding in the midwest and the southeastern u.s. following a series of tornadoes that struck. 30 tornadoes unfortunately across those six states and unfortunately and tragically dozens feared dead at this hour. we'll continue to bring you the very latest as it develops. when we come back, we'll look at what some the classic characters from trump circle are doing now.
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hey, stephen. >> the stories we're covering include the catastrophic tornadoes that tore through the midwest and southeast overnight. kentucky is believed to be the hardest hit with nearly 70 killed and 60,000 still without power. the governor described the devastation as unlike anything he'd ever seen. and drone images of an amazon warehouse that collapsed under the force of winds. over a hundred people were believed inside and several are still missing. president biden called the storms an unimaginable tragedy and offering the federal government's support to help the affected states. more "ayman" coming up after this. states. more "ayman" coming up after this one hundred and fifty million meals to feeding america. and now through the subaru share the love event, we're helping even more.
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congressman devin nunes will
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leave congress to become ceo of the trump media group. it just goes show you how much control the former president still has over the republican party. maybe it because it's the end of the year but we here wanted to take a look at what some of some of trump's ride-or-die crew have been up to. for his willingness to get on board with what looks to be another grift for former president trump, we'd like to award him most likely to go all in on your pyramid scheme. and former u.n. ambassador nikki
6:24 pm
haley, a favorite of ours for nonstop flip-flopping and hypocrisy, we'd like to award her most likely to change her major six times and final superlative, most likely to overturn the student council election results, that goes to the big man himself. guys, thanks for sticking around. let's talk about this. we're going to go around the horn. what superlatives do you have for the regulars in the trump cast of characters? eugene? >> vice president pence most likely to be threatened with the hanging and then downplay the insurrection six months later, which is exactly what he did. donald trump most likely to hold his party, his running for president as both a carrot and a stick for his party, which is also what he's doing. and session, jeff sessions -- >> what is he doing these days?
6:25 pm
>> that's a good question. most likely to realize what one-sided loyalty looks like because he really thought about his career, we've seen how that's taken. so you got me with a comedian so i'm scared to see what he has. >> that's why i went with you first. i never never to go after a comedian. josh, what do you got? >> sure. i've got steven miller, most likely to use the next door after a neighbor speaking spanish to enthusiastically. steve bannon most shirts. that's pretty simple. most shirts at once, as well as most likely to claim sanctuary in international waters. and of course roger stone, named most likely to have a capitol riot anniversary sex party
6:26 pm
called the january 6th erections. >> eugene, i'm glad -- >> thank you. >> i got you. don't worry. i got one for you. rudy giuliani, most likely to flunk out of law school. that's nothing compared to joshua's. rudy giuliani most likely to buy hair dye at cvs given that running streak. >> i would say rudy giuliani, a man for four seasons. >> that's great one, too. that's a really good one. let me ask you this, gene, what do you think about nunes' decision to leave congress and go run trump's media company? why in the world would he do that considering he had a pretty good chance to be chairman of the house intel committee if republicans take over next year, which by some political analyst
6:27 pm
predictions they will? how does trump have a hold over these people? does he just love trump so much that he wants to be on the trump train no matter what? >> i mean, i think what the last -- december, the last 10, 11 months have shown us is that trump still has a stranglehold on the republican party. that means nunes has to be completely loyal to that man. if he asks you to quit and run this media company, then you do that. but it's also the case of we've been told that his race that he was going to run in california was going to be a little bit tougher than it usually is because of redistricting possibly. so there's also that calculation where his race wouldn't be as easy as it usually is so there as that aspect. full loyalty to donald trump is what passes in the republican
6:28 pm
party. it's not really about policies, it's about doing and being loyal to him and in mark meadows' book, he talked about folks who wanted donald trump's endorsement and basically as long as you didn't have a felony and you didn't drag his name through the mud that it was yours. so what that says is as long as you're on trump's side, you have a future in the republican party and republican politics at large. >> josh, i'm sure running for reelection every two years must be a pain, there's no doubt about that, can get extremely exhausting and tedious, but does nunes really think running a digital media startup for trump is actually going to be a more stable line of work for him given the fact that trump, as eugene was mentioning, when it comes to loyalty, it's just one way for him? >> yeah, i mean, i think like a lot of the republican party is kind of an hand of gifting, each
6:29 pm
one of them grifting from the other. why wouldn't he be loyal to donald trump. i don't know if you watched any right-wing media in the past year, he's the president. >> yeah, that's true. >> another aspect that's interesting is donald trump having a media company, we're very close to 2022, which means that will be two years to run for president for 2024, is there going to be a media company in two years, if he were president? little things like this are a constant reminder to us that donald trump still hasn't really made a decision to run for president and depending on how successful these other ventures are, it might very much weigh on his actual decision to do so. depends on who you talk to, depending on what day in the republican party on whether or not he's going to run for president in 2024. and putting all his eggs in a media company basket kind of learned itself to maybe he's not
6:30 pm
going to run, maybe he's done with politics. >> i was going to say could the flip side -- >> or done with president. >> could the flip side of that being that he is want to have this media outlet so he could just have his own mega phone and not have to, you know, beg to be on fox or try to get on tv elsewhere? he's not going to get the same path that he got the first time around in 2016 when most of the mainstream media didn't take im seriously, took him like a clown show where he could call in and do what he wanted all the time. and then it was too late and now here he is trying to create a platform where he can speak unfiltered and unchecked. >> no, i think that's right but running a media company is not easy. running a social media company is not easy. and i think that's one thing that all of these folks are going to find. and also, more importantly, he will get -- he has been able to
6:31 pm
do what he wants to do on fox news still. he is also newsmax and owing in. there are other places he will be able to use and start whatever he wants and more importantly, he has members of congress, republicans writ large who are if not say exactly what he's saying are going to guess before he says it what he wants them to do. i think the full takeover of the republican is over so it almost doesn't matter whether he comes on msnbc, he already has all these others. >> you already said you want the trump channel on your cable providers? >> hey, look, i just want all the channels. i'm a reverse cord cutter. i'll say, though, donald trump becoming like a media mogul at this point turns the republican that's right into what it actually is, which is the show
6:32 pm
succession for conservative -- >> you took the words out of my mouth. >> trump is the logan roy of the republican party and all the other, you know, republican politicians are his horrible incompetent children. >> i think he watched "succession" this year because he's got a lot of free time on his hands. he's like let me see if i can create my own channel. thank you guys very much. kentucky, as we've been reporting throughout the night in a state of emergency after an outbreak of tornadoes ripped through parts of the midwest and southeast. these before-and-after pictures of homes and businesses absolutely heart breaking both in arkansas and kentucky. they showcase the extent of damage we've seen across the states. we are going to continue to monitor that and bring you any updates throughout the course of the hour. coming up, as the saying goes, don't do the crime if you can't do the time. but i guess there are different rules if you're a billionaire. i'm going to explain that next. . i'm going to exp explain that nt t just a cold. unlike other cold medicines, coricidin provides powerful cold relief
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so here on this show, we like to point out when people's actions don't match up with their words, but here's the thing, people aren't the only ones who can be hypocritical. institutions can be, too. stick with me here for a moment. let's take what's happening in los angeles. chances are if you scrolled through your facebook feed or turned on the news recently, you've seen videos just like this one over the last few weeks there's been a string of smash-and-grab style crimes across l.a. thieves have stolen more than $330,000 worth of goods in incidents like this since mid november. last week 14 people were arrested in connection with some of those crimes. those 14 people will all have their day in court and if convicted pay for the crimes that they've committed. that's actually called accountability. are and it's a key part of
6:38 pm
america's criminal justice system. maybe you've heard the say saying if you do the crime, you do the time. that's not true for everybody. michael steinhardt is a billionaire hedge fund fill and throw fist and a noted antiquities buyer. here are some of the pieces of his $70 million collection or should i say what used to be his collection because last week steinhardt was forced to sur ender 180 of those antiquities. they're not taken from their rightful owners legally. they were stolen, struggled out of 11 countries by 12 criminal networks. the new york d.a. said he displayed an appetite for plundered artifacts without concern for the legality of his
6:39 pm
actions, the legitimacy of the pieces he bought and sold or the grievous cultural damage he wrought across the globe. so what price will he pay? no trial, no jail time. instead he'll face a lifetime ban on acquiring antiquities. i'm not sure that even qualifies as a slap on the wrist. it's probably more like a gentle tap at this point. i just have to ask does that look like accountability to you? i guess words mean different things when you're a billionaire in this country. that's our hypocrisy hot take for the week. before we go to break, hundreds of thousands of americans are without power tonight after a series of devastating tornadoes swept through parts of the central u.s. search and rescue operations are under way as dozens of people are feared dead. we're going to bring you the
6:40 pm
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finally, a light scent that lasts all day! new downy light, available in four naturally-inspired scents. so president biden has once again spoken with kentucky governor andy beshear to get the latest on recovery efforts and confirm the support of the federal government. this comes after a catastrophic string of tornadoes tore across multiple states throughout the south and midwest of the country, leaving a trail of destruction. parts of arkansas, illinois, missouri, tennessee have literally been flattened. kentucky thought to be the worst affected. we're going to keep an eye on that throughout the course of
6:44 pm
the hour. but we do want to switch gears for a moment and head to washington. the gop has an islamophobia problem. no doubt about that. so much so that 400 congressional staff members are calling on house leaders to categorically reject the incendiary rhetoric coming from inside the republican party. that comes after islamophobic comments of representative lauren boebert, representing that a representative was mistaken for a terrorist inside the capitol. omar called the comments bigotry. they were lies, let alone bigotry. they were lies and were bigoted. she refused to apologize personally but said she was sorry for anyone she offended.
6:45 pm
something has to change. this behavior is nothing short of unacceptable. our members of congress shouldn't have to feel unsafe because of their religion. that is not american. so how do we stop this reprehensible behavior. joining me is james zogby. thank you so much for joining us. first off, how unprecedented is this behavior on capitol hill that you have members of congress attacking others, in some cases outright lies, as we saw in the case of lauren boebert, and in others calling or creating animase depicts the deaths of others. >> unfortunately that's not unprecedented. i think of the writing of the
6:46 pm
book "the muslim mafia" about how there was a plot on staffers to islamize america and she singled muslim staffers on the hill. then there was michele bachmann's total fabrication of muslim brotherhood roots for aberdeen. and i could go on and on. newt gingrich starting the campaign against the victory mosque in new york, which the gop, the nrcc, the republican committee did paid television ads in 17 districts. lauren boebert is simply picking the fruit of a cancerous diseased tree that was planted by the gop two decades ago. and they have been cultivating this and they have been working it and they're now exploiting it. she wouldn't have told that lie if she had not known there was an audience there to receive it. that's because they worked real
6:47 pm
hard to create this disease. removing her from committees is one thing but we got to root out the disease. the gop really has an islamophobic problem. they have a problem with bigotry and xenophobia and it's a problem. we saw donald trump -- donald trump is the recipient of it. he fed it but he also played into a crowd that was already there for him. >> so, james, talk to me a little bit about it because you have such institutional knowledge of washington, d.c. muslim staffers don't have the same protections as many other members of staff. why isn't there, for example, like a muslim association of staffers? there's been a perception from those i've spoken to it wouldn't be widely accepted because it would draw attention to them, as you mentioned, citing the preface in that book. if they were to create an organization with their main identifier, what would that be for them? what would that experience be like for them on capitol hill? >> staffers generally don't have
6:48 pm
protection. congress holds itself to a different standard. you now can can be prosecuted for sexual harassment but for bigotry, no. that's simply not there. there is no h.r. office on the hill. you have to rely on the leadership to do this stuff. there was an organization, that was precisely what sue myrick was going after in 2009 and they now have other associations, the mena group that's been firm p formed. if you identify, the fear is you put a pulse eye on your back. the republican and muslim staffers. i know it's the same problem with americans. president biden appoints americans to national security posts and oh my god, the hell that was raised. and it's simply true. we are the state targets at this point. you can't do it and up shouldn't
6:49 pm
do it with any other religious group or ethnic group. you get away with it with my community and the muslim community. democrats have to put an end to this crap and say this is unacceptable, but at the same time the republicans got to do some soul searching and we got to help them with that soul searching. the only republicans i can call, john mccain, i remember calling him up and he came right out and denounced it. they got to deal with their problem in their party and we got to help them to make them pay a price for the bigotry. >> what do you make about the fact that it's up to democrats to demand accountability?
6:50 pm
you touched on why it's not coming from within the republican party and they have an issue and we need to help them. and trump was elected, there was a spike in all kind of hate rer voters as we saw when lauren bobert lied in telling that islamic-phobic story, that lie in her fund-raising story, i believe. >> we have been pulling this for decade now. up until october 2002, the numbers were still even. muslims got a pretty favorable response. republicans started, like i said, a campaign. they used, really, bigoted experts. and unfortunately you all networks hired some of them as commentators. people were asking the question, who are these people? and who did you call? you called some of the islamic big gots to come on and do it.
6:51 pm
the republican party did it and exploited it and then you had religious right doing it. when obama ran, the thing exploded and they said, oh, my god. they tried to "other" him, muslim him, arab him, foreign him. when they saw it resonated, they ran with it. >> here we are, yeah. >> the price has to be punished for what they have done. >> always a pleasure. it is great to see you and always learn so much from your knowledge about d.c. and everything. thank you so much for staying with us james. >> thank you so much. all right. we are continuing to follow the breaking news surrounding a series of catastrophic emergencies. a federal emergency in kentucky. the tornados swept across six states as these images show the winds destroyed everything in their paths. we will keep you updated throughout the evening. coming up, julian assange is
6:52 pm
a step further to being extradited to the united states after a high court ruling. but members of his family are concerned for assange's life if he is brought back to the u.s. snacking can mean that pieces get stuck under mike's denture. but super poligrip gives him a tight seal. to help block out food particles. so he can enjoy the game. super poligrip. i thought i was managing my moderate to severe crohn's disease. then i realized something was missing... my symptoms were keeping me from being there for her. so, i talked to my doctor and learned humira is the #1 prescribed biologic for people with crohn's disease. humira helps people achieve remission that can last. and the majority of people on humira saw significant symptom relief in as little as 4 weeks. humira can lower your ability to fight infections. serious and sometimes fatal infections, including tuberculosis, and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened, as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems,
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6:56 pm
in the decision. watch. do you believe that the u.s. has sufficiently reduced the risk of your brother, you know, either self-harming himself in a u.s. prison or how concerned would you be once he arrived in the united states once he is in the custody of the united states government? >> well, i mean, i believe that, you know, if he's extradited he will die. i don't think the assurances are assurances at all. they come with caveats in them which allow the director of the cia to move him if they believe that he might reveal some state secrets. so they're not really assurances at all. and there are so many different classifications within the u.s. prison system, so he might not be held under special administrative measures, but he might be held in communications management unit like whistleblower daniel hail. so they haven't ruled out communications management unit,
6:57 pm
which is actually a harsher prison environment than florida super max. so, you know, they're not really worth the paper they're printed on to me. and i think we have seen in the past that the u.s. prison system, you know, cannot keep people safe. >> assange's lawyer will be seeking her mission to appeal to the must supreme court. we will be continuing this with jameel jaffer. you're not going to want to miss that conversation. thank you for taking time for us. come back at 9:00 eastern on msnbc. have a good night. now subaru is the largest automotive donor to make-a-wish and meals on wheels. and the largest corporate donor to the aspca and national park foundation.
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- san francisco can have criminal justice reform and public safety. but district attorney chesa boudin is failing on both. - the safety of san francisco is dependent upon chesa being recalled as soon as possible. - i didn't support the newsom recall but this is different. - chesa takes a very radical perspective and approach to criminal justice reform, which is having a negative impact on communities of color. - i never in a million years thought that my son, let alone any six-year-old, would be gunned down in the streets of san francisco and not get any justice. - chesa's failure has resulted in increase in crime against asian americans. - the da's office is in complete turmoil at this point. - for chesa boudin to intervene in so many cases is both bad management and dangerous for the city of san francisco.


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