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tv   Paper Glue  MSNBC  December 12, 2021 9:00pm-11:00pm PST

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while i'd love to hear from you what you think. help make things clearer what -- any question basically, i'm open. >> what is that it you're trying to -- what is it that you're trying to accomplish with this? that's my mpquestion. >> the thing is, i didn't even know that someone can be locked up when heca was a kid for life. in my country, i never heard that. maybe in the u.s. people know, but people tend to forget. by not seeing each other, you tend to forget, everybody goes and does their own thing and you get forgotten. but when you see and put a face and a story to someone, well, you can't forget it anymore.
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look, i don't make promise. i'm not a politician. i'm always very careful with my words. but i givel you an example. it's interesting when you walk on walls. people are coming to me, you should do this wall. there is a wall i keep hearing. all right, let's take the car, and one of my friends, we just drove there. ♪♪ >> how you guys doing? >> good. how are you? we're just checking out the wall. >> checking out the wall? >> they just want to see it. >> what wall? do you see a wall anywhere? >> the fence, the fence, sorry. >> yeah, that's been there for a long time. who are you with? >> we're just friends. he's american. i'm french. >> you need to pull up? >> yeah. y
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>> hi. good. how you? >> pretty >> where are you guys heading? >> just going to take some pictures of the wall. >> the wall? >> or the fence. whatever. >> have a good time. >> thanks. ♪♪ >> i wanted to find a place where i i could do an installatn that would play with the wall, but not touch the wall.y ♪♪ i found a place where we can drive in front of the wall. but on the u.s. side, all the patrols everywhere, helicopters flying, okay, this doesn't look like an easy place to do something. and i look on the other side, and i see some houses close by the wall. actually not that far. so we go past the border. and then i go to the closest house from the wall, because i'm maybe i could paste something on
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that house. well, there was this woman and two old people, a little baby and a few chickens and a dog. and shech looked at me and oh, follow you on social media.nd that's insane. the first door i bang, that's really weird. so i'm all right, look. you know me. i do this kind of stuff. so shehi takes me to that spot that's the closest from the fence. but there is trees and stuff. i essee. it's a bit complicated for me to do it there. so look, thank you. let me continue driving alongside the wall.ha i kept on going all the way to the ocean. i'm like shit, that kid, he don't what the fence is. he doesn't know there is two countries, two issides. he doesn'ttr know what that wal so i went back is all i did is shot the infant in the crib, looking around like that.lo and then i left. and we look around, down the
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little hill. i go up to the wall. there isp nothing. just grass here. who's land is this? i ask every neighbor, excuse me, sir, do you know who's land is that? i don't know. that's all i need to hear. hey, man, do you know whose land is this? some people wouldn't even open the door. so what do you do? my only option is let's rent a bulldozer. anyone can rent a bulldozer. they'll deliver it to whatever address. so ir t started digging the gr. all right. what are the risks for me as a french person in mexico digging a ground next to the boarder? well, i'm not digging a hole under. i'm just flattening it. so maybe the mexicans will come first and say hey, man, you can't do that here you. crazy? and toh, i'm so sorry. then we start one day, two day, three days, for 15 days, no one says anything, and we level the ground. i couldn't believe it.e what the -- who is in charge
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here? i so i go to a place to rent scaffolding. if you pay, we build it. we don't ask questions. >> it's bigger than the wall. it's three times the size of the wall. let's see if the border patrol stop us. i come with my team, and we paste that little kid. there was like okay, maybe that's where i'm going to lose everything, because border patrol is going to start saying there is something big being built by the wall. we should do something about itm
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♪♪ >> in one day we pasted the entire structure. and i was let's get out of here. and i pass back on the other side and stumble on the two border patrol who were just looking at the kid. and i put on internet, hey, whoever wants to go see that to kid, here is the location. that's all i say.e one of the great thing that i do, if you build a giant kid somewhere, people say that's a fun thing. i'll go see that. let's go take a selfie in front of it.
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that's where my ideas stop. i hope people go and take photos and see the wall. it's the same land, only on each side. and what happened is something i haven't planned. people exchanging their phones through the e wall to take pictures of each other, connecting, talking,ea hey, how you? the border patrol wait, wait, wait,at they could be passing drugs. they could be passing weapons. let's go arrest those people. after three weeks, no one got arrested. how do people don't get arrested for passing stuff through the wall? but there is one van equipped to handle them all. for over 120 years, mercedes-benz vans have
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smart kid, bill. oh oh so true. and now, the moon christmas special. gotta go! take the savings challenge at or visit an xfinity store to learn how our switch squad makes switching fast and easy this holiday season. after one month of that i had to give back the scaffolding. we decided to go and to organize
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a table that would go through the wall. we built a table 36 feet on each side. yes, we would block the road a little bit on the u.s. side because the table would end up on the road. a few days later, we three days later, we got a letter from the border patrol saying they strongly recommend keeping the table on the mexican side only. we continued, but we had to improvise building the table from the u.s. side. then we invited people to come and see it for the last time. people on the mexican side all started sitting and we started making food, but there was nobody on the other side, because we couldn't build a table. how are you?
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oh, from germany, amazing. as soon as people would come and take photos, we'd tell them, hey, can you stay a little bit longer? like an hour, hour and a half, there was maybe 20, 30 people, and we passed them a towel, we were like maybe we only have couple minutes, so let's go fast. table on the mexican side that continues on the u.s. side and one music band pleasing two sides. ♪ ♪ >> half of the band was on mexico. the other half was on u.s. it was the same band. they were playing the same music. we would pass tacos made in mexico through the wall. we passed illegal tacos, so now i'm thinking we're going to get arrested in five minutes, let's start eating and take a photo.
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>> we're going to take a photo! you ready? woo! from up there, there's no wall! >> we thought this would last two minutes, that we would put the top and take the photo and we have to take everything up. five minutes passed, ten minutes passed. 15, 30, one hour, we're still eating. for a moment we really forgot there was a wall.
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this is the eye of the woman who's a dreamer, dreamer who is someone who has come to the united states when she was very little with her parents, but illegally. her name is myra. i told her not to come, because there's a big chance we will be arrested. but not only did she come, she came with her mother. >> with daca ending, i have very little time to be this brave and come to the border. >> it's only an hour and a half later that a border patrol came. everybody got scared. i said send him over to me, he was on the safe side, i was in mexico anyway. i was not even trying to justify myself. he says i know, i know. turns out, they were watching us the whole time and decided to let it happen.
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>> can you share tea with me? >> yeah. >> salute. >> thank you. >> a chinese tea at the mexican border, how is that? >> he went and talked with myra. once she came that morning, she never thought she would be talking with an officer, he told her that he also have family on the other side. and they were talking. that made me realize that art can go places, beyond roads, beyond borders, maybe because art is not part of any organization. it's not part of the state. it's something that we own, we the people own. and that's why it goes so far. that little kid say hey, i'm here! i exist. i'm not terrorist. >> a future, a better future. that's what it means for me.
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[ speaking in foreign language ] >> now looking down in front of you. perfect. nice. >> certainly as a kid, you don't think of this, that you're going to do life in prison as a kid, doing the things that you've done. you know, there's a lot of fences and walls in here to keep us in, but it does more than that. it destroys your family. >> were you a graffiti artist starting out in i started that,
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but my transition went a different way after. >> 14 years, you have no human contact. >> no, just when they cuff you up and take you out. that's it. >> cages. here the bird is free, and the human being. we hope this image we get around the world people will see. >> definitely. >> and they'll say who's that person? and you take the inmate and put your hand on any person, you hear the story. you hear the stories of the people. >> my name's kevin. i was a gang member. i put my whole life and focus into what i was doing at the moment. really, i was just trying to keep on pleasing other people. i knew this wasn't what i wanted, but i was scared.
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i'm not the person that you see. >> how do you see that i'm a loving person with this on my face, you know? and i was trying to explain. it was a prison thing, it's not really how i perceive other people, you know? and it made me feel really ashamed. >> i'm not just a monster that society sees me as. i'm a person. i'm a man. i'm a human. >> hello out to the world. i'm richard. >> my name is garcia. >> my name is chris. ♪ ♪ so they only payr what th.
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the biggest thing we have to face is ourselves. when i see a guy with swastika on his face, it's an instant wall of fear. but when kevin, the guy with the swastika, walked up and wanted me to photograph him. if i don't ask him now, when in my life would i have the opportunity to ask him? kevin, what the -- is this? of course i have fear. very boundaries. my work every day push me to fight them.
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>> come around, come around this side and paint your face. go, go, go, go. guys, keep your rhythm. >> i need some glue here. >> in between lines is the most important. that's where the wind will get it. >> you seat first eye in here? look at that. that's yours! yes, first one up. ♪ ♪
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>> are you in there? >> oh, my god. >> every line, every line. >> get crackin', boys. >> every detail like that adds something. people think it's all on the computer.
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>> out of everything, i never thought i'd see this. >> teamwork. >> teamwork. ♪ ♪ >> let's go! >> the guys cleaned the yard yesterday, they said they cleaned the blood, they cleaned the tear gas, it's hard to imagine this violence every day. >> yeah. >> how many guys you see being started here? >> it's 11 years work, i was raised here. i never imagined that one day you could get out and do something that you're never going to believe. the more we think like that, the more we can achieve those dreams. people want to be this big, from way up there, you know? we can see it. we want to be that big, but we're way up there, and it doesn't take much, just a little hope, a little effort, and we've got it. >> some paper. >> some paper.
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>> that's the crew right there. >> pizza time, pizza. >> i'm back if here, look at that shadow, with kevin. >> how's it going? >> good, and you? >> good. >> i took picture i took of you on social media, and people were like, oh, they were really, i think people were touched by your photo because of the depth in your eyes and what you share and conflicted because of your tattoo on your cheek. >> right. i understand the symbols i wear represent hate to many people, so people are going to have a conflict with that. when we come in here, we're forced to fight for our lives against other races. i know it causes a lot of hurt in a lot of people's hearts. i know if i could i'd remove it. >> if i find someone who remove it?
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>> let's do it. >> i if anyone's out there, we're looking for help for someone who can remove this. >> please. >> hard day's work. >> look at him smiling over there, having a good time. >> i'm just an old guy out here enjoying this, soaking this in. this is something in my 25 years of being busted in cdc i never thought i'd see, a collective group of individuals just come together for one purpose. >> want me to garden at home? >> mexicans working with blacks and whites. it's rare in the prison system, but for us to break that mold is big. that just shows everybody's willing to put all the hate and negativity behind us and work together with staff and everybody for a common goal, know what i mean? ooh, that's like a little plane.
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>> i thought it was like a bird. this is the first time we've ever seen a drone live like this. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> see? >> yeah! >> that is so cool. >> congrats, everybody. [ applause ] >> thank you. >> yo, yo, yo, what are you doing? >> i'm trying to keep my eye. >> i don't want to take it off. i want to leave it there. i want it to stay. but it felt good. the process is what matters. i think what art gets, that process. it wasn't just if we drew a picture or sang a song.
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we all worked together to make something, it was beautiful. it affected me. artwork. that's what i learned from you artists. >> the process is what mattered. it took me years to realize it. and he just was realizing it in a hot minute. that reassured me i was keeping that whole part of that.
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what's up, what's up, everyone? we're here in paris, the top of la bastille.
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people probably think graffiti just started, but look at this, this is all graffiti from 1918, 1923. there are all kinds of people who want to exist and be acknowledged. i relate to that. growing up outside paris, i was doing graffiti any way i could. as a child of immigrants, i come from a family that never had a voice. i feel like i'm leaving a mark, because i would see.
9:38 pm
no one else would care, but then my family, oh, yeah, yeah, so you made that rooftop. one day i was just at a train station in paris, waiting for my friend, and he was late. and at some point, i see the bag that was there. after two, three trains, that bag was still there. so i opened, and i see this camera. i took it. and i had that idea of i should document the adventures. i was documenting everything. i was documenting climbing the roofs. i was documenting those night experiences. and i loved it.
9:39 pm
i would just make photocopies of it and give it to the people i photographed. then i was, like, i have those photocopies in hand. you know what? i could just paste one on the wall. but my photos were really small, so you wouldn't really notice them. so i started framing those photos. and i started noticing that people in suits and tie would stop and look at them. because people don't like they can peel it and scratch it and take it down. but what you do creates reactions. even if people hate it, i'm happy, because it raise conversation. [ speaking in foreign language ]
9:40 pm
>> when i started, it was champs-elysees. many times we've been arrested. one time i went to the stall and took a hat and glasses and thought maybe when i take them off no one will recognize me. ♪ ♪ at that time, i thought that the whole world was just paris and
9:41 pm
its surrounding, and then i met someone who took me to a place i've never seen before. they were already making art, making graffiti. i was pasting, and he was filming. we had that kind of similar vibe, and we understood each other right away. one day he took me to his neighborhood. it's a project like mine. but i've never seen anything like that. it was completely abandoned. [ speaking in foreign language ] ♪ ♪
9:42 pm
>> they built these buildings where you could be in paris pretty quickly but still live in the country side, because the train was going to run out there. but the train never came. neither the highway. the real estate developers all left and families with a lot less money came instead. the city said we have nothing to do with this. that's what really drove people crazy.
9:43 pm
we're the forgotten of the forgotten. ♪ ♪ [ speaking in foreign language ] >> at that time, he was shooting a short film, and i was here pasting. i was just pasting in his neighborhood. someone said hey, why don't you take us in photo. so boom, i take that photo.
9:44 pm
everybody look at it and say, you had a gun? you were there, it's not a gun. oh, yeah, yeah, it's your camera. it's crazy. we spent whole day taking photo. ♪ ♪ when we were there with all those photos, we didn't know what to do with them. we looked around and there were all those buildings, let's cover the buildings, let's just do it. [ speaking in foreign language ] >> we didn't want to get arrested, so we asked all the
9:45 pm
kids to come hang down by the pastings so the cops wouldn't stop us. when the cops would come by, there would be like a hundred of us, so it's not worth trying to stop whoever's doing. i never pasted an image so big. that was the first time. that photo where he's holding his camera like a gun, it's a photo i like. [ speaking in foreign language ]
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available now for comcast business internet customers with no line-activation fees or term contract required. see if you can save by switching today. comcast business. powering possibilities. [ speaking in foreign language ] >> i kept on going back there over the years. that's where we did all our projects. [ speaking in foreign language ]
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>> they're destroying the last building, where he had grown-up, to rebuild smaller buildings. this place is for us a seed of creation. now we're running a school across the street from it. it's not a school to like teach you how to be a good photographer or painter, but how to survive as an artist, and it's completely free. surrounding yourself with people that come from different backgrounds, different story, different past, that's what nourished us. you take what it is and see what you can take from it. [ speaking in foreign language ]
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[ applause ] [ applause ] [ speaking in foreign language ] - san francisco can have
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criminal justice reform and public safety. but district attorney chesa boudin is failing on both. - the safety of san francisco
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is dependent upon chesa being recalled as soon as possible. - i didn't support the newsom recall but this is different. - chesa takes a very radical perspective and approach to criminal justice reform, which is having a negative impact on communities of color. - i never in a million years thought that my son, let alone any six-year-old, would be gunned down in the streets of san francisco and not get any justice. - chesa's failure has resulted in increase in crime against asian americans. - the da's office is in complete turmoil at this point. - for chesa boudin to intervene in so many cases is both bad management and dangerous for the city of san francisco. - we are for criminal justice reform. chesa's not it. recall chesa boudin now.
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[ speaking foreign language ] ♪♪
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what's up? i'm good, i'm good. i did my first pasting with the camera. i'm exactly right there. everything has been grouped into smaller buildings. and the last giant building of the neighborhood is being destroyed. so we pasting the entire building. how is everything over there? >> it's getting a little bit worse with the virus stuff. a lot of guys are getting sick or testing positive. >> wow. but, you know, let's focus on the positive things.
10:12 pm
you're coming out very soon. that's crazy. and it will be an old story that you'll be telling. >> no, actually, i just heard back from them and they -- i know my past was bad. i did a lot of damage. but they kind of focused on the negative. >> i've seen lots of negativity in my life. i've seen it. i know what it's like. it's so much easier to find the dark side. right now the shop that i opened. i was just locked at home. the basic things that we need to survive actually is human contact and to get to know the other, to get to listen to the other.
10:13 pm
it's something as important as eating. my work is just an excuse to create those contrasts so that people know and never meet get to meet. it was only a year ago i was right here in paris, pasting an entire roof. we had volunteers come from all over to paste. 400 people pasting it. people wondering what it is, looking at it. [ applause ] we were at a moment where we could all gather, but that can all be taken away in a heartbeat.
10:14 pm
often i rush into doing projects because i think there will be no tomorrow to do them. this pandemic makes me focus on that even more.
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(music) ♪ i think to myself ♪ ♪ what a wonderful world ♪ (music)
10:17 pm
♪ i think to myself ♪ ♪ what a wonderful world ♪ one of my students, paolo, just learned because of the pandemic, he couldn't renew his visa. so he had to drop out of school and go back to brazil. >> so tell me -- >> corona, there are problems. i have to go back to brazil. >> wow, that's crazy. it's a burden that you can't be with the students for the final show of the year and you're
10:18 pm
forced to go back. but it's also a big chance for us, i hope for you too to go there and connect the two worlds. i went to brazil when i was 23, 24. i don't know if you remember, but there was an incident, very violent incident in rio in one of the favela. >> those three kids were just walking to school in the favela in brazil and they were arrested by police. oh, you don't have your papers? come with us. and the police sold them to an enemy favela where they could kill and chop them to pieces.
10:19 pm
>> three kids being killed at the hands of the police in brazil, it reminded me -- but i'm not going the just hear what the news is telling me. i want to hear it by myself. i want to meet those people. so i went there 2008. >> when i got there on the street, there was a complicated favela. it's the home of one of the largest commodore drug called the red commando.
10:20 pm
the community because of all the drug dealing, there are a lot of gangs involved. >> i saw how impossible it was to walk in the favelas. so i started taking photos on the edge of the favela. as i walked around, i met a woman and she saw i was not from there. i was like a gringo like you say in brazil. so she said what are you doing? and i said hey, i'm an artist. i'm actually trying to do a project about women and how they are the pillar of the community. i've been walking in kenya and i've been walking in kenya and
10:21 pm
siberia an other countries. and she said we need art here. there is not enough art. go home, leave your bag, leave everything tomorrow. come back to same place. see that street? go up the street all the way. anyone who stops you with a gun, you tell them you're coming to see me. when i got up there, she was waiting for me in the main square, and she said we want to introduce you to someone from the community. yeah, sure. who? his name is mauricio. he is a photographer. so in my head, cool. but we don't need a photographer. i need to know how i can paste on the house. i want to take portraits. no. you need to talk to mauricio. then mauricio arrives. he is born there, raised there. knows everything. rather than explaining what i wanted to do, i took portrait that i had from other projects. and using my computer, i placed eyes on the house in providencia. i brought them that piece of paper. then he understood.
10:22 pm
he smiled because suddenly it was a project from his favela. oh, this one? that's my neighbor. and we walked through the favela. he knocks at the door. what's up, mauricio? he wants to know if he can paste on your house. >> what is it? political? no, not political. is it going to damage your house? no. okay. you want to do it now? no, no, no. we not ready. i'm asking if you want. of course. why you bother. just come and do it. >> so i take the paper and i go checked. so then we went to the next house. check. maybe saturday or sunday? because her husband was walking. so we would have the answer on the weekend. most of the people are sure, do it.
10:23 pm
mauricio said okay, you need to meet the head of the drug dealers. so one night we walk down the favela with machine guns, grenades, bulletproof jackets. we arrive and there was three leaders. and they ask us straight away. what do you want? we're artist from france. and he came with me and we have a computer. i say look, this is what we've done in the favelas of france. they look and say this is not a favela. this is a racist building. okay. i show them the palestinian project, this project right here. we pasted the wall in israel-palestine. and one of the guys say what is israel-palestine? they never heard of it. and i couldn't find a bridge to explain the project so i closed it. this is what i want to do. with the photos.
10:24 pm
we want to paste them. the next day we started pasting the stair. the stair is in the heart of the favela. it's something you can't see from outside. it's something only the locals can see. so we paste. it's a beautiful day. and then suddenly -- [ gunshots ] >> and police come up. drug dealers replied. we're in the middle of it. just filming down the stairs, pop pop, pop pop. and i t shooting starts all over.
10:25 pm
>> and then a couple of hours later, life had started like nothing happened. and the next day we come back and continue.
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>> the first image was one of the -- everyone understood. they understood what it was for. there is no need to explain. there was no text to put. they knew what it meant. ♪♪
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♪♪ >> that's when we left. i didn't want to do any view. i wanted the women to tell their own story.
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♪♪ ♪♪
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>> when i was back to visit a couple months after, the people in the favela were telling me there is no school there. there is no ngo, there is nothing. i was 24. you want me to create a school? i can't do that. mauricio kept calling me, there is this house. this house is empty because it keeps receiving bullets from the different shootings. so no one wants it, and the old man wants to sell it. so you should buy it.
10:39 pm
so i get the money and i went there. i actually tape the money on my body and i walked up and bought the house from the old man. the first thing was when we bought the house was go down the hill to the paint shop and bought all the yellow they had, because there was a sale that day on the yellow. and we call the house casa amarilla. that's it. and then we had no program. >> there was no chairs, no table, no nothing. the best was oh, let's give a camera to the kids.
10:40 pm
♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
10:41 pm
♪♪ ♪♪ >> everyone took photos of their family and stuff. and we pasted it. we decided to celebrate the launch of casa amarilla. i said it would be amazing to actually get the people from the city up there. people who live in the city and have never been up there.
10:42 pm
and we went and see the drug dealer and we say okay, tonight we want to launch this house and we want people from the city to be able to come in. can we ask you a favor that there be no guns on the stairs? and we don't know if that's possible. we'll see.
10:43 pm
10:44 pm
♪♪ >> a lot of people came. people who live in rio, but have never put a foot in providence before. and that night i never forget. each time i woke up, they raise their shirt and they turn around, back and forth, show me they had no gun. that's the moment i realize how future have a huge power.
10:45 pm
those guys don't know anything, but they have seen what we have done and they pick up the gun for an opening. i would have never imagined that. ♪♪ >> ten years now, it's been ten years. we build everything ourselves. the class, the boards, everything is hand-made. i brought two friends, one from japan and one from the u.s. and they cover the entire house like if a tree went in and out of the doors. we were just trying to keep
10:46 pm
going, and we'd been at it. either you show those kids another path than drug, and we couldn't do it for every kids. a lot of those kids ended up being drug dealers. sit down here. that's him right there. and if you look at that, the only one who survive all those kids. most of them went into drug dealing or died. that's just the reality of life. i will not save everyone and every thing. but when this project shine all over the world showing a positive message for once from one of those place, then they understood the power of art. what happened is the mayor of this favela, the one he had wish before it didn't exist on tv. but this time for positive things. so he send the garbage truck. and then he send the
10:47 pm
electricity. we do the cables. so since then a lot of things have happened. we were struggling to bring artists there it's really hard to get people past the fear of going in a place where there is all this violence. i looked and well, we're here. the police, the states don't come and ask us any question. we can do whatever we want. i went to see my neighbor and said hey, excuse me, what happen to you if we build something in the sky? i don't care. as long as it doesn't impact me, do whatever you want. i say well, i want to build a moon up there that everyone sees it from all over the city. and i want that moon to be a bedroom so an artist, you when you go there, everyone that will come and donate time to the kids can sleep up there.
10:48 pm
>> opened the lock. and it's open. this is the moon, guys. this is my favorite place where the teachers come and give class and the school can come in and sit. there is ac in there. and then if you open. ♪♪ >> what's up there? >> there are limits we have ourselves, limits about what we
10:49 pm
think is possible and what we think is not. i have those too. and yet people constantly show me that those limits are not where they think they are. they're way further.
10:50 pm
10:51 pm
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
>> it's not only about the art, it's about the people. my friend and his father believed inside of each person is a landscape. i would say within all landscapes, behind all walls are people. ♪♪
10:55 pm
10:56 pm
my friend wrote a book about his parents experiencing auschwitz. he signed it for kevin. kevin is right there. do you want to say something?
10:57 pm
>> thank you very much, art. and i do look forward to meeting you one day. >> for sure. >> for sure. for sure. without the tattoo. >> come on. give me some french. >> damn, that's a good choice, right there. and that's what it looks like. no more walls. yeah! ♪♪
10:58 pm
10:59 pm
11:00 pm
. . co-worker. she was family. it just makes you sick thinking about it. it's like, you wanna know where she is. but at the same time, you do not wanna know. >> hi, mom. >> this woman gone out to get the mail. disappeared in pajamas. >> the case was never closed. >> it was consuming all of us. >> the individual was wearing a baseball cap, a hoodie with the hood pulled up and large, mirrored, sunglasses. >> oh, my gosh, did this really happen? >> i'm like "no dude, i can't do this."


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