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tv   Way Too Early With Jonathan Lemire  MSNBC  December 16, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PST

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all right. that's going to do it for us tonight. i want to close with one thought. we're less than a week from the days starting to get longer. i know, right? see you again tomorrow. "way too early" is up next. ♪♪ new reporting this morning that the president's build back better plan is now on the back burner as senate democrats may try to pivot toward voting rights. the question is what does president biden have to say about that? plus, a closer look at the staggering cost of those deadly tornadoes. in the midst of so much loss and trauma, the question is how are survivors coping? and the federal reserve speeds up its plan to fight soaring inflation. with prices rising, what should we expect as far as interest rates in the coming months?
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it's "way too early" for this. ♪♪ good morning and welcome to "way too early." let's hope your interest rates aren't too high. chuck schumer will likely delay his self-imposed deadline to pass president biden's build back better plan before the end of the year. without manchin, democrats lack the 50 votes needed to pass the measure with a simple majority. as my colleagues and i reported last night, they've grown frustrated with the slow pace of talks and those in the white house are dismayed that manchin's demands seem to be changing and they can't pin him down on an agreement. in the meantime sources are also saying schumer is hoping to take action on voting rights now before the end of the year.
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a group of four mode rat democrats including manchin have been discussing ways to change the senate rules to allow voting rights to pass with a simple majority. while touring the storm damage in kentucky, president biden was asked about the pivot from bbb to voting rights. >> mr. president, should congressional democrats move on toward voting rights and push back the build back better plan of 2022. >> if we can get the voting rights done, we should do it. if we can, we should do it. >> a senior democrat leadership aide maintained the plan for now is to pursue both the bbb and voting rights, but dom pli indicate matters further for democrats, senator kyrsten sinema is doubling down on her
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support of the filibuster. in a statement to politico, a spokesperson for sinema said this. the senator continues to support the 60-vote threshold to protect the government from repeated rap cad policies that would present uncertainty, deepen divisions, and further erode americans' confidence. there's been a warning against the carveout on the filibuster rule. joining us for all of this, lee ann caldwell. good morning. for a while, he was the only one in washington who thought he could get it done this year and certainly he's seemed to have come to that conclusion as well. take us through how he got there and what the timeline now means for the president's signature piece of legislation.
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>> right, jonathan. yes, i was told yesterday morning that schumer's staff is starting to tell people privately that build back better is not going to happen this year. now, he hasn't said that publicly just yet, but the writing was on the wall. everyone on capitol hill thought that, but no one leader said it from the office. the dark reality is they do not have 50 votes to build back better right now. the reason, senator joe manchin. he's been noncommittal. our latest report is the negotiations with president biden over the build back better and senator manchin have not been going well. there are more issues that have become part of the discussions, including the child tax credit, and so things are getting more complicated and not easier, and the reality is as well, they're
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running out of time. christmas is obviously next week. in addition, the procedural stuff that the senate has to go through to bring this bill to the floor is not quite ready yet, and they're still outside of manchin other negotiations including the state and local tax, and so this bill is not just ready for prime time, and schumer hasn't said it publicly, but they're not going to be able to break it up by christmas. >> it led to a day worth of manchin mania. when i talked to white house aides they confirmed talks had hit a snag between biden and manchin in my new story for politico. they're certainly still fond of each other and while they've gotten things done in the past, they're growing frustrated. they're okay if it flips to january. they're okay if it goes into next year, but they just want to get it done. there are certainly obstacles to
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getting that measure passed with a simple majority. still schumer is hoping for a path forward in the next couple of days, manchin too. how would this play out, leigh ann? >> it's going to be very difficult. it's very unlikely still, but there does seem to be momentum in the senate to try to get this done before they leave. they know that they're not going to build back better before they leave town, and so they need a big win for democrats, and they also say that they note that redistricting is going to continue in january and that it's going to be detrimental for minorities and for the democratic party and the redistricting process. and so that is the last-minute push of why they're trying to do something. there are big obstacles. senator manchin is one of the four involved in these negotiations with senators
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tester, kaine, and king. it's about are rule change. that's an important distinction. if they can come to an agreement, they have to come together with sinema who's not part of the negotiations who said yesterday she wants to keep that 60-vote threshold, and so without getting that, it's hard to sigh how the voting right passes. >> nbc's leigh ann caldwell. i know you have a busy day. ing that you very much. she mentioned senator tester. he'll be joining "morning joe." president biden visited hard-hit kentucky firsthand, this as we hear more stories from first responders. nbc correspondent gabe gutierrez has the lated. >> reporter: president biden face-to-face with towns nearly wiped off the face of the map. >> the scale and scope is beyond
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belief. when you look around here, it's almost beyond belief. >> reporter: victims of last week's historic tornadoes. >> the government is going to cover 100% of the cost for the first 30 days for all the emergency work. >> reporter: in hard-hit mayfield, the national guard is on the ground cleaning up and buckling down for a massive recovery effort now under way, the cost of the damage here staggering. >> i wouldn't be surprised if we see a number upwards of $100 million if not a billion dollars. >> reporter: these twisters were especially remarkable. some of this debris was blown 130 miles away. people on social media reuniting owners with personal belongings. this treasured family photo from kentucky was found on a car windshield in indiana. the losses are crushing. on this street were lost three
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small businesses, a soccer training field for children. he has barely any insurance. >> how overwhelming does this now feel? >> we can't sleep. i wake up at night. my wife is crying. the kids are sad because that was their place every day. >> reporter: for many the trauma runs deep. donna was driving home from out of state when her daughter brianna called to tell her a tornado was barreling toward their kentucky house. >> all i could hear was her screaming for me, mom, i don't know what to do, mom, i'm so scared. i didn't know what to say. what do you say? >> reporter: something a parent never wants to say. her daughter survived. >> how grateful are you to be standing here? >> supergrateful. >> hard to know she went through it by herself and all i could do
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was listen. >> but you made it and she made it. >> mayfield will be okay. it's just going to be a long time. our thanks to gabe gutierrez for that report. still ahead, as omicron cases rise, dr. fauci is weighing in on various vaccines. plus, congressman jim jordan confirms they released one of his text messages to mark meadows the day of the capitol attack. i'll be joined later by representative jake auctionen loss for more on that. much more. we'll be right back. that. much more. we'll beig rht back.
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at this point there's no need for a variant-specific booster.
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if you are unvaccinated, you are very vulnerable, not only to the existing delta surge that we are experiencing but also to omicron. >> that's dr. anthony fauci weighing in on booster shots during a white house covid briefing yesterday. he spoke at a time where virus cases numbers across the country are starting to rise, rise significantly as the new variant arrives here in the united states. the legal battle over vaccine mandates is heating up with a federal appeals court reviving the biden administration's covid-19 plan for funding. it's a tent active win for the biden administration that follows a series of legal setbacks to end the global pandemic. it required initially 2 million health care workers to be vaccinated by december 6. the mandate was blocked temporarily in 24 states.
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also, five republican governors are asking the pentagon to rescind itself members from the national guard against covid. they signed a joint letter to defense secretary lloyd austin. he has the authority to set standards for troops, but add this. direct actives dictating whether training in a title 32 stay was can occur, setting punishment requirements for refusing to becovid-19 vaccinate and requiring separation from each state national guard if un-vax yated is beyond your constitutional and statutory authority. armly guard soldiers have until june to be vaccinated. the pentagon has not yet released a comment on the
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governors' requests. service members had until november 28th to be vaccinated. the service will work to retain any sailor who gets their shots, but any who refuse will be required to leave. this comes after they discharged two dozen airmen for refusing to get the shot. for the first time in his presidency, new polling shows voters are split on joe biden's handling of the covid-19 pandemic. 46% say the president has done a good job handling the crisis while 46% say he's done a bad job. his response to the pandemic has been notably a bright spot. what is likely connected to that growing dissat fashion 60% of the americans say they're worn
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oklahoma city thunder at the buzzer. a pair of incredible shots there. in dallas, we had another big finish. this one after last night's game got help. >> final seconds. out to reaves. >> austin reaves? who? on a star-studded lakers team, a rookie. that didn't go. l.a. unfortunately hangs on for a 107-104 win. meanwhile urban meyer' head coaching career, it's other. the three-time college championship coach lasted 13 games for the jacksonville jaguars. this season it included only two wins and a laundry list of
2:22 am
missteps and embarrassing headlines. his firing comes hours after a story published by "the tampa bay times" where a player said meyer kicked him. now we're going to turn to the pandemic and how it's hit sporting leagues. it's sort of symbolic of how the virus feels like it's everywhere right now. the cleveland browns have placed 14 players on the covid list over the last two days. that number includes quarterback baker mayfield plus head coach kevin stefanky who has now tested positive for the second straight season. it certainly affects the team's ability to play saturday against the raiders. the cluster of cases on the browns is part of a nationwide
2:23 am
spike that's also affected the nba and nhl, both of whom who have had to postpone games, and it's causing the leagues to reconsider their protocols. they're looking at three main areas, testing protocols, and encouraging booster shots. sources telia hao sports, meanwhile, the nba is exploring multiple options including restrictions of outside access to visiting cities and testing for all players. it's not only limited to pro sports. the men's basketball teams of tulane and washington have seen outbreaks in their programs. just last night ucla called off its home game against alabama state less than an hour before tip-off citing covid protocols. the difference for u.s. sports
2:24 am
comes on the heels of infections in europe. four soccer games were called off. and others cut their fairs down to 15%. mick shell quan will extend her olympic diplomacy to a new role at the state department. president biden has nominated the 41-year-old as u.s. ambassador for belize. she's been active for hillary clinton and barack obama and did work for the biden administration this past year. time now for the weather. i know you've been tracking a lot of severe weather out there. tell us what you're looking at. >> yesterday was a nuts day for weather. we had intense winds coming out of colorado and finished the day with a severe weather outbreak. we may have had our first
2:25 am
december tornado in minnesota's recorded history last night. howland, minnesota, is the area with a possible tornado. you can see the significant damage. it does not appear yesterday they were like the ones that went through kentucky that were what we call long track very long tornadoes. these appear to be a little more on the weaker side and brief never nature. they weren't on the ground long. very significant damage done to that concrete structure. other stories t winds were insane through kansas. not only did the winds do some damage, but the winds created this epic dust storm that went through the plains yesterday afternoon. i mean, this looks like something from a movie script that went through. in all, we had 20 tornados that were reported, 393 high wind reports, and we had no injuries or fatalities reported at this point, which is just insane and incredible with all the damage that was possible from kansas all the way to minnesota to have
2:26 am
no injuries or fatalities. it's still very windy. we still have 72 people impacted by the winds. the peak winds were in colorado and also kansas. look at that. numerous 100-mile-per-hour winds. for today, that storm is going to kick up one more day in the northeast, jonathan. enjoy this. this is like a broken record. this should be the warmest day until spring. well, 63 in new york today. and look at vermont. it's almost 60 degrees in northern vermont today. yeah, one more day of this and then winter returns. >> bill karins, i don't know much, but i don't believe it should be 56 degrees in burlington, vermont, this time in december. still ahead, despite criticizing president biden's relief bill as wasteful, many republicans are championing state funding by that same money. before we go to break, we want to know why are you awake? email your reasons to
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welcome back to "way too early." it's 5:30 on the east coast, 2:30 on the west coast. i'm jon lemire. republicans called the biden plan wasteful are not wasting
2:31 am
any time. mike dewine whoa opposed the entire package now wants to use the relief for his state to finance tax cuts. florida governor ron desantis said it penalized florida for staying open during the pandemic, but desantis justified keeping the money but arguing the federal government fueled economic destruction with shutdowns and vaccine and mask mandates that he opposed. in arizona, governor doug ducey cents money solely to schools who do not have a mask mandate. joining us now, axios reporter loughlin mar kay. we're so glad you're here. we appreciate you being on set. states that have i believe until
2:32 am
2026 to spend the stim wlus money, can you explain the regulations in place on how that funding can be used? >> well, obviously the primary purpose for all of these funds is covid relief, and you're seeing people who are very critical, not just governors themselves but congress voting against legislation, folks like paul gosar, out there touting the success it's going to have in doing things like making airports function better as we see the new omicron variant spread. it's turning into a double-edged sword. on one hand, these folks need to be able to go home and say i'm doing everything i can to protect our state and do everything to keep this new variant under control and then biden gets to go out and say -- it's such a successful bill in accomplishing its stated purpose, we have critics out there talking about how crucial this money is.
2:33 am
>> i remember in the spring the president pulled an index card out and said, hey, here are some republican congressmen who voted against the bill who are out there touting the money. do you feel like this could be a moment where he points to big-named republicans, including some who may be coming for his job in 2024 who says, look, i already got them. >> the dnc has been dropping the stuff out as research saying, look, these are some of our harshest critics and they're saying how important this is. you mentioned arizona using the money in a way that could potentially undercot the biden administration goals for protection measures in schools, things like that. so that's going to fall on the treasury department which is trying to craft the rules for getting money out the door. it's a pretty slow process. so you could end up seeing
2:34 am
regulation develop in a way that makes sure that it's not dispersed in ways that undercots the purpose by the legislation. in a recent article, you spoke about funding for secretary of state races which are taken -- outside of importance, people are talking about upcoming elections, how the votes are going to be certified, legal process is handled. what are the numbers showing and tell us a little bit more as to why those races are there. >> sure. these are races that in most of these states, the secretaries of state are election administrators. they handle the nuts and bolts of how elections are carried out. that's essential. trump claims in some of the key states, georgia, arizona, wisconsin, michigan, it was rigged against them. that puts the secretaries of state front and center and next year there are 18 front and center. we talked to the democratic
2:35 am
secretaries of state t umbrella group handling a lot of these races, saying they're going to raise at least 10% to elect more democrats to these posts and prevent trump supporters for sort of weaponizing these positions on election fraud claims. they say they're going to to break records and you're seeing some of the candidates trump has endorsed in georgia. jodie heise is taking on brad raffensperger. these are going to be high-dollar races. >> it's a good piece. lachlan markay, appreciate you being here. we'll get a live report from our friends at cnbc when "way too early" comes right back. nbc too early" comes right back.
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time now for business. we have julianna tatelbaum from cnbc. at least three interest hikes are expected in the coming year. what's your take on this? is that going to be enough to combat surging inflation? >> the feds certainly hope so. what we heard yesterday from the federal reserve marked a pretty significant change in stance. they're aggressively working to combat surging inflation. we could be looking up to eight rate hikes by the end of 2024. the committee sharply raised their inflation forecast for this year and next, but interestingly they did bring down their unemployment rate next year from 4.3 to 8.3 in december. it's a global phenomenon, and here in the uk, we're turning our attention now to the bank of england which meets to deliver
2:40 am
its latest policy decision and the european central bank meeting later today. in the uk, we're looking at a ten-year high. the bank of england now faced with the decision to raise rates now, but also trying to understand what to do with the omicron variant ripping through the country. investors are saying maybe the bank of england will wait until next year to raise rates, but it's a difficult thing for them. >> the fed announcement got a strong response from u.s. stocks. all three major indices were green across the board. what's your sense of how this will impact global markets? >> so not only did u.s. stocks rise yesterday on this back of this decision, we're seeing asian and european markets rise higher. the fed did do a very good job of telegraphing this stance. it didn't come as a major surprise, but more importantly, they're suggesting the reason
2:41 am
markets have rallied could be because this restores credibility to the federal reserve, that they have shown a willingness to change course and do more faster to tighten policy to prevent inflation from spiralling out of control. so credibility seems to be the name of the game here when it comes to what's driving sent meant. >> and then there's this. reddit says it has confidentially filed paperwork with the securities and exchange commission to go public. ite's major step for a 16-year-old internet company. that makes us all feel old. julianna, tell us about that. >> they have long wondered. if you're not familiar with reddit, it played a major role earlier this year. gamestop was the most prolific of those trades. reddit is a major internet platform. they have over 100,000
2:42 am
communities or subred it. this is going to be one to watch in the coming months. >> so covid cases are surge where you are, julianna, in london. please stay safe. we're going to have more from the united kingdom later in the show. next, representative jake auchincloss joins us. we're coming back with much more. us we're coming back with much more and this is the sound of better breathing. fasenra is a different kind of asthma medication. it's not a steroid or inhaler. fasenra is an add-on treatment for asthma driven by eosinophils. it's one maintenance dose every 8 weeks. it helps prevent asthma attacks, improve breathing, and lower use of oral steroids. nearly 7 out of 10 adults with asthma may have elevated eosinophils. fasenra is designed to target and remove them. fasenra is not a rescue medication
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we now know at least one of the text messages to mark meadows was sent by jim jordan. he writes -- congressman jordan's office took issue with the period at the end of that sentence and released a full copy of the message when he
2:46 am
went on to cite judicial precedence. the committee took responsibility for the misplaced period. one-time provider to the trump campaign sent the message to jordan who then passed it on to meadows. joining us now, congressman jake auchincloss of massachusetts. how you do think the justice department will respond to congress's latest contempt referral? >> alexander hamilton would be appalled by my colleague's text message and his lack of understanding not just of the constitution but of the importance of a free and fair transfer of power. the losers respecting the results of an election is the very bedrock of our democracy, and we have seen over the last year that there's an
2:47 am
authoritarian wing of the gop that certainly does not respect democracy anymore. it underscores why it's so critical that before anybody goes home for the holidays, we pass voting rights legislation in the u.s. congress that protects the franchise and protects state and local election officials from partisan subversion. >> congress, you've got an important call we want to have you on to talk about. you want to ban paypal on -- >> americans are exhausted right now by covid-19. we're facing yet another wave, and it's unnecessary. we know how to put this pandemic behind us. it's vaccination drives. and yet only a dozen companies account for almost three-quarters of almost all of
2:48 am
the disinformation peddled on social media that undermines the confidence and efficacy of this vaccine and i'm fed up with it. these major companies that gird this disinformation drive have to ask themselves whether they care more about profit or people. >> congressman, we want to get your take on news we talked about earlier in the show. the house worked to get the build back better act passed over to the senate and the timeline had been for the senate to get through the biden legislative agenda by christmas. that is now clearly not going to happen. it's going to slide to sometime next year. what is your reaction to all of that? >> the president said yesterday voting rights is the priority. there's nothing more important. i fully agree with him. we absolutely need to pass voting rights legislation before they get back in january and follow on the tra skrectry of
2:49 am
arizona, georgia, texas, states that are passing laws that really polarize and create a partisan requirement of how votes are tabulated. that's unacceptable. there can be no higher priority. if necessary, we need to pass a 14th amendment resolution that precludes donald trump from running for office in 2024 by virtue of having incited insurrection and violation of the 14th amendment. voting rights legislation is the becht path to the integrity of our election, but we should also consider moving forward with the 14th amendment as well. >> let me push you on this a little bit. there was this fear that progressives in the house were willing to compromise to say, yes, we'll do this, but suddenly we're handing all the leverage
2:50 am
over to, say, senator manchin, who seems to be tapping the brakes on all this. >> no legislation is fully done until legislations is fully dead until it's on the president's desk and when you got something like nancy pelosi in charge in the house. it's not dead. it's stalled. senator manchin has been cleared for the last several months that he had any concerns about the bill. no surprises there. it can't be an obstruction to passing voting rights before the new year. >> all right, congressman jake auchincloss from massachusetts. thank you so much for being here. we ask all of you this question, why are you awake? vincent is up way too early
2:51 am
because it's the last day of finals in george washington university. dan, do you have any photos of owls? >> funny you should ask, bob shares this photo he took of this snowy owl. >> my seven-year-old flynn has been long obsessed with owls. it was his favorite animal. that was a timely question, glad you have it. >> i am awake to help my husband find his vaccination card in preparation for an early flight. >> that's one vaccination home that you don't leave home without it. we are glad he has it and will be safe. i have one more. we got this that says i am up because i am upset with my husband's behavior at the
2:52 am
christmas party last night and i can't stop thinking about it. okay, good luck, happy holidays to that family. up next, the u.k. reports its highest number of covid. we'll hear from senator jon it is tester and house majority whip jim clyburn and you do not want to miss this with mika's first sit down with dr. jill biden, "morning joe" is moments away. "morning joe" is moments away nyquil severe. the nighttime, sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, stuffy head, best sleep with a cold, medicine. ♪ ♪
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officials expect omicron to become the dominant variant across the u.k. within days. this is as boris johnson may not have been called the em battled boris johnson is urging everyone to get their vaccines.
2:56 am
joining now is molly hunter. thank you so much for being with us. we just noted al huge, huge surge in the u.k. cases the last 24 hours. what's the government is saying and what kind of steps are they planning to take to get more people getting more vaccinations and boosters? >> hey, jonathan, good morning. a huge, huge spike and we are going to see those numbers going out according to the government. the previous record was 68,000, that was in january 8th, why are we seeing a shoot up so fast right now. essentially we are looking at two epepidemic as delta rise, w didn't catch omicron. it's the dominant variant here in london. a chief medical officer held a stunning conference with sharp language where he says more
2:57 am
records will be broken. we expect it to be higher than yesterday. take a listen to hear what else he had to say. >> there is several things we don't know. all the things we know are bad. the speed of which this is moving at a phenomena pace. >> right a very short one. what we are watching is the hospitalizations in about two weeks. we are waiting for those numbers to come out later today. the good news is there is a a lot of immunity across the u.k. 70% of this country is vaccinated. the bad news is where omicron ripping through is the variant.
2:58 am
65%. the big picture is the u.k. is the forerunner for europe and the u.s. in a matter of weeks. >> molly, you are right about that. it seems to be whatever happens in europe and the united kingdom seems to come here next. i remember being there with delta and it reached the united states and tore through this country as well. >> tell us about the prescription as the u.k. is expected to lockdown as we head into the holidays? >> that's the question, the scientific advisers recommended a ten-day circuit breaker, when you listen to and noted boris johnson and the government speaking, it seems unlikely they'll put this country back
2:59 am
into lockdown. prioritize who you are socializing with. don't mix with people if you don't to. people are cancelling christmas parties and christmas dinners. we walked to a local pub courts completely empty. they're trying to add every booster shot by the end of the year. we are a little behind the u.s. on that. i waited two hours for my booster shots. it's kind of the younger ages to get their booster shot. >> molly hunter, i am glad you got your booster, thank you, and stay safe over there. holiday gatherings and how we should be handling this season with the virus surging again. we'll talk about that tomorrow
3:00 am
on "way too early." thanks for all of you for getting up way too early today. "morning joe" starts right now. it's 6:00 on the east coast. good morning and welcome to "morning joe." it's thursday, december 16th, we have with us reverend al sharpton. good to have you, rev. you got some plans. >> yes, we do. >> i am so on it. you are not going to forget it, are you? >> oh, you will be coming. okay, msnbc's contributor and best selling author, katty kay is with us and


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