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tv   Yasmin Vossoughian Reports  MSNBC  December 18, 2021 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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hi, everybody, i'm yasmin vossoughian from msnbc world headquarters. if you are just joining us, welcome. if you're still with us, thank you. this hour it is donald trump
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versus america's jewish population. in newly released interview excerpts the former president uses anti-semitic tropes to describe his disappointment with his low support amongst jewish voters. >> the jewish people in the united states either don't like israel or don't care about israel. i mean, you look at the "new york times," "the new york times" hates israel, hates them. and they're jewish people that run "the new york times." also this hour, new reporting from "the new york times" inside the concentrated among trump allies to do whatever they cannot to talk to the january 6th committee and try to run out the clock on their investigation. >> i did invoke my fifth amendment rights to every question not because i have done anything wrong but because i am fully aware of the house democrats' long history of fabricating perjury charges on the basis of comments that are
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innocuous, immaterial, or irrelevant. plus, what may be the most intriguing political development involving the january 6th committee this week. mitch mcconnell is apparently a fan. >> we're watching the investigation that's occurring over in the house, reading about it like everyone else, and it will be interesting to see what facts they find. it was a horrendous event, and i think that what they're seeking to find out is something the public needs to know. we are going to look into what mcconnell may be up to. meanwhile, the president offering one of his most public and heartfelt calls for voting rights legislation since he became president. >> this new sinister combination of voter suppression and election subversion, it's un-american, it's undemocratic,
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and sadly it is unprecedented since reconstruction. >> but whether it's voting rights or the "build back better" plan, two familiar faces once again stand in the way. democrats kyrsten sinema and joe manchin. that leading to this power moment involving the vice president. >> who is the real president of the country? joe manchin or joe biden, madam vice president? >> come on -- >> i -- >> come on. it's joe biden. >> i can't tell sometimes -- >> no, no, no, no. it's joe biden, and don't start talking like a republican about asking whether or not he's president. >> do you think joe manchin is a problem? >> it's joe biden, and i'm vice president, and my name is kamala harris. later this hour i'm going to talk about the senate stalemate over the president's agenda with congressman lloyd dogget. we begin with former president trump's new outlandish claims about jewish people in this country. in a recent interview with
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israeli journalists, trump veered into multiple anti-semitic tropes saying israel used to have, quote, absolute power over congress and that american jews, quote, don't like israel or don't care about israel. >> there's people in this country that are jewish no longer love israel. i'll tell you the evangelical christians love israel more than the jews in this country. it used to be that israel had absolute power over congress, and today i think it's the exact opposite. and i think obama and biden did that. and yet in the election, they still get a lot of votes from jewish people which tells you that the jewish people -- i've said this for a long time -- the jewish people in the united states either don't like israel or don't care about israel. i mean, you look at the "new york times," "the new york times" hates israel, hates it. and the jewish people that run "the new york times" -- i mean
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-- >> unsurprisingly trump is now facing major blow-back with multiple groups condemning the comments. a tweet for the council reading this, "what trump doesn't understand is that american jews despise him and all he stands for in the gop because he's a depraved bigot who continues to attack our democracy and his policies are antithetical to our values." halie soifer is joining me now. quite a tweet i should say. welcome. and thanks for joining us on this. let's get right into it because i want to kind of dissect what you put out there. first and foremost, the former president making it seem as if there is about israel and his love and care for israel. do you see it that way? >> thanks for having me, yasmin. not at all. what he said really has very little to do with israel, and it was revealing of three things.
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first, his bigotry. in a mere 45 seconds, he spewed a record number of anti-semitic tropes. he's the former president and the head of the republican party who thinks he's running for president again. he incited a violent insurrection just a few months ago earlier this year. his words matter, and it's dangerous. the second is his ignorance. clearly he knows very little about the jewish community. the only thing he got right there is the fact that he's right, an overwhelming number, 77%, did not support him in this last election. and the third thing is his narcissism. he continues to see jews through a self-serving transactional, political lens. and jews don't support him. we are loyal to our values, and he does not represent those values. >> talk to me about that. expand on that. you wrote "antithetical to
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jewish values." the former president is antithetical to jewish values. what do you mean by that? >> well, it's the policies that he represents. you know, he on the debate stage just over a year ago refused to condemn white supremacy. instead he incited right-wing extremists. he told the proud boys to stand back and stand by, and just months later they launched a violent insurrection not just to stop the peaceful transfer of power, but it was an attack on our democracy. that was because of donald trump. and they were wearing the anti-semitism on their shirts that said "camp auschwitz." he represents that kind of hatred and bigotry. but also his policies with regard to our democracy or with are order to climate change or with regard to social justice and economic justice. these are the issues that jewish americans are voting on, and on
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every issue we are not aligned with the republican party under donald trump. and that's why for decades jews have found their political home in the democratic party and will continue to do so. >> how dangerous do you see his words? >> they're very dangerous. people listen to him. you know, it's been clear for some time that right-wing extremists and anti-semites and neo-nazis including those who marched in charlottesville four years ago, where he said there were very fine people on both sides, they believe he is aligned with them. they listen to him. so whether he's an anti-semite or not, and i think at this point it's pretty clear he is, anti-semites believe he is one of them. anti-semites believe he is their ally. the same can be said for racists and bigots around the world. so it is dangerous. and they listen to him. >> thank you for joining us on this. we appreciate it.
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>> thanks for having me. so as we continue to learn more about what the january 6 investigation is, in fact, uncovering, key trump allies facing subpoenas have adopted the former president's tried and true legal strategy -- run out the clock. according to "the new york times," trump loyalists like mark meadows, roger stone, they're hinging their legal hopes on a future republican congressional majority when new house leaders may simply drop their inquiries. "new york times" report and msnbc contributor katie benner. you're right that the democrats hope the justice department will continue its look into the insurrection. trump's applies, they are proving pretty adept at avoiding it, at avoiding providing testimony and offering up what the committee needs. >> so i think that we need to separate the work of the committee from the work of the
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justice department. they're two very different things. you're right, in terms of what the committee's doing in subpoenaing people and asking for documents, there are some witnesses like roger stone who pled the fifth. there are others like mark meadows who say they will not come in to provide testimony at all. however, the committee is asking a wide swath of people and a wide swath of companies for information. so the committee can actually do its work without some of those people testifying. this is not a criminal investigation on the part of the committee. the committee is trying to put together the most complete picture of what led to the january 6th attack and the january 6th attack on the day itself, as well as the consequences of that attack. that is a picture that they can probably complete without the cooperation of, say, a roger stone. now what the -- what they could also do is take some of that information and refer it to the justice department for possible criminal investigation which has not happened yet. but again, the committee does not necessarily need roger stone
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to testify to get its work done which is one of the reasons why perhaps running out the clock or not cooperating won't really have a lot of impact on the committee. >> here's the thing that i keep thinking -- they must have seen this come. and yes, i hear you when you say they don't necessarily need the testimony of roger stone, hence him invoking the fifth. but nonetheless, do they have a contingency plan? >> you mean a contingency plan for if roger stone does not testify? >> not just roger stone but -- yes, go ahead -- >> i think what they're trying to do is subpoenaing scores and scores of people to put together a portrait of what happened around them, to help cooperating witnesses who, for example, would have had conversations with roger stone, mark meadows, who provided testimony under oath so when the report does come out they can put together a picture of what was happening in those conversations without some of these people. keep in mind roger stone, mark meadows, they were not working in a vacuum, they were
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coordinaing and planning with others, others in the room and having those conversations. you can tell the committee what happened. >> let's talk a little about mark meadows and his involvement in this. the lawmakers, all of the members of the ultra conservative house freedom caucus, worked closely with the white house chief of staff, mark meadows, whose central role in mr. trump's efforts to overturn a democratic election is coming into focus as the congressional investigation of the january 6th gains traction. you combine your reporting with some of the text messages obviously -- this we heard read out by liz cheney, is mark meadows the nexus of this whole thing? >> i think mark meadows it's clear was somebody through whom tremendous amounts of information and planning was going through. he could say -- he could argue it's because he was the white house chief of staff, so of course he was booking donald trump's appearances at rallies, et cetera. buff he was also involved in coordinating message and strategy to further the idea that the election was fraudulent and that mr. trump had, indeed, won. and so it's going to be difficult to look at what
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happened in the run-up to january 6 without taking seriously his role. and i think there is one of the reasons -- this is one of the reasons why we see people worried about elections to come. we see this messaging furthered by mark meadows and people sitting members of congress today, have tremendous platform and tremendous power. this messaging is working. we're seeing in polling that republicans too not want to accept people in their party who criticize donald trump. we're seeing in polling that a lot of republicans believe this messaging that the election was stolen. so to go into elections now in the future with this is a base of rhetoric and as a base of belief is going to be a challenge. >> what do you see in your reporting, katie, that can combat that type of belief? >> i think that this is a message for the republicans. what kind of party do republicans like mitch mcconnell, who you mentioned previously as being supportive in some ways of the committee's work, what do they want their party to be? and i think that's where the reporting takes us again and again. the committee can dredge up a
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lot of information and put together this complete 9/11-style report, the definitive word. reporters can find out things that happened a year ago and put hem into the public record. but the question really is for the leadership of the party to decide whether or not they are going to repudiate the messaging that donald trump actually won and whether or not they can regain power over the messaging going out to their own base. >> before i let you go, i want you to weigh in on this, and i'm going to be talking later in the show about this, as well. you brought up mcconnell, so it jogged my memory of wanting to talk about this. this aboutface that mcconnell seems to be making, talking about the january 6 committee as important and a wait and see as to what they actually discover. it seems like an aboutface, right, because he did not support a bipartisan select committee investigating january 6th. but the timing was interesting considering the fact that he said this after the reading of those text menls messages by liz
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cheney. >> i don't know what's going on in mcconnell's head, but we have seen this before after the attack on congress. he took to the floor and gave a pretty fiery speech condemning it. at the same time, he did not want to impeach the president at that time. he wanted to leave it to the justice department and say if they find something that's criminal that they would prosecute, i think that is how these thing should happen. that is where the accountability should come in. here he's resting accountability on this committee saying if they find something the american public should know, that is something i would support. what he's not saying is i, mitch mcconnell, know who won the election, i do not agree with the rhetoric that is correctly taking hold of my party. so you could say it's an aboutface, but you could also say that he's allowing other people, other mechanisms and other leaders to be responsible for accountability and is abdicating it himself. >> katie benner, thank you for your incredible reporting and for joining us. we appreciate it. coming up, everybody,
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all right, so we told you a short time ago that there will be no live audience for "saturday night live" tonight due to covid fears. now we have some breaking news from the nfl on the omicron variant. according to a statement just released, the league is set to adopt new policies after this weekend's games which will include, quote, a more targeted testing plan, more flexibility for players to attend meetings virtually, and offer high-risk player out-opt for the season. it comes as the spread in the united states could overwhelm hospitals leading into the holidays. in some states, hospitalizations are already up. in california alone, governor gavin newsom says hospitalizations are up 16%. nbc has more from a testing site in san jose. scott, good to see you once again. talk to me about vaccine sites there and testing sites, as well, like the one that you're at now and the omicron, the spread of the omicron variant.
1:21 pm
do you see more folks showing up to get tested along with trying to get that booster? >> reporter: yeah. this is encouraging, yasmin. this is the vaccine site for santa clara county, on the fairgrounds, and elsewhere they have a testing site. both are very busy. that's a good thing particularly on the vaccination side because while this county has done -- and this state really has done relatively well on vaccinations, they're still not where they need to be on boosters. in california -- in santa clara county, i should say, 80% of this population in this county that includes san jose and silicon valley, fully vaccinated but only about a third have boosters. look at the statistics nationwide, about 0% of americans are -- 60% of americans are fully vaccinated, a little more than a quarter have received booster shots. this is a time when we know now with the omicron variant that experts are saying that two-dose series is not good enough
1:22 pm
anymore. >> i think what's really, really, really important to understand is that it's the booster that increases your protection again and makes it much safer for you, much less likely to go to the hospital, much less likely to die, and much less likely that you're going to spread infection to someone who is at greater risk. >> reporter: important to note for the people that are getting boosted today, they will not be fully protected next week at christmas. so what the experts are saying is if that's the case, definitely practice some of the other things that we all know about by now, the masking, social distancing, and maybe, hard as it is to think about, rethink your holiday celebrations. yasmin? >> i tell you, you go to any street in new york city these days, in my neighborhood in brooklyn, there are lines out the door at every clinic, at every testing site. you go to your local cvs, you
1:23 pm
want to get those at-home covid tests, completely sold out. i had to wait on line the other day to get a couple of at-home tests to have, a just-in-case scenario because that's where we are now. scott cohn, thank you. what is sparking mitch mcconnell's change of heart? i just talked about this with katie benner. we're going to get more into this. the senate minority leader once called the house slanted and unbalanced now it's investigating the information the public deserve to know. the panel's weighing in. o know the panel's weighing in. hello? gordon ramsay? this is a cold call! nfl teams are turning to cold with tide, will you? that will never work! if it works on nfl jerseys it'll work for you. seriously! just perfect! and it'll save up to $150 a year. and it's cold! so you will turn to cold? fine! i'll turn to cold! that guy needs to chill out!
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welcome back. senate minority leader mitch mcconnell seems to be changing or adjusting his tune on the select committee investigating the january 6th insurrection, saying in an interview with spectrum news on thursday that the information the committee is seeking is something, quote, the public needs to know.
1:28 pm
>> we're watching the investigation that's occurring over in the house, reading about it like everyone else. and it will be interesting to see what facts they find. it was a horrendous event, and i think that what they're seeking to find out is something the public needs to know. >> the republican senator's comments, they're notable given his opposition to the creation of a bipartisan january 6th commission just seven months ago. >> after careful consideration, i've made the decision to oppose the house democrats' slanted and unbalanced proposal for another commission to study the events of january the 6th. >> okay. let's bring in my panel. david jolly, former member of congress who's already shaking his head. we know where he's going to go with this. and national chair of the serve america movement and an msnbc
1:29 pm
political analyst, also jesse moore, former boom white house speechwriter, democratic strategist, and founder of common thread strategies. david, let me kick it over to you. i spoke a little about this with "the new york times" reporter, katie benner, at the top of the show especially with her reporting when it comes to january 6th. talk to me about the kind of aboutface change that we're seeing from mcconnell -- really minor adjustment that he's making. >> yeah. i don't see it as an aboutface, i see it as an admission that mitch mcconnell says he's glad somebody else is willing to do what he's unwilling to do. and i think that's it. look, mitch mcconnell, i do believe, wants donald trump gone. he does not want him to be president again. he wants him gone from the republican party -- >> why wouldn't he not have supported -- sorry, i don't mean to cut you off. but why would he then have not supported a bipartisan select committee? i mean, that's what just doesn't make sense to me. >> because he's a weak-kneed partisan, and he wants to stay
1:30 pm
minority leader and become majority leader. and that's exactly the point, yasmin. this is a mitch mcconnell who will say, hey, i hope house democrats do a good job, but i also want herschel walker and dr. oz and two nut jobs in ohio to support the republican caucus, and i'll do what i can for josh hawley and ted cruz, and mike lee. this is nothing more than an admission from mitch mcconnell who knows what donald trump did was wrong, he knows the events of january 6th were violent, they were wrong, they nearly toppled our democracy. but in the face of all that, mitch mcconnell's not leading. what he is saying is i'm glad house democrats are. >> i mean, you know, he's playing politics with democracy, with what this country was built on, with people's lives. lives were lost that day. that's just what's amazing. and we all know that people play politics all the time. david jolly, i'm sure you played a lot of politics when you were in washington, d.c. nonetheless, these are people's lives. we look ahead to the next election and to the election after that, and you wonder
1:31 pm
what's going to go down at that point. people are scared right now about this country and where we're headed. with that, jesse, i want to read the text messages that we heard from liz cheney. "we are under siege here at the capitol," all text messages to mark meadows, chief of staff. "there's an armed stand-off at the house chamber door. we are helpless. potus has to tell people to dissipate. someone is going to get killed." "mark, he needs to stop this now, tell them to go home. potus needs to calm this blank down." do you think mcconnell heard these text messages? because the timing was certainly peculiar given that he was asked a question publicly about the january 6th committee, jesse, and he said i'm interested to see what comes out of this, and it was literally after cheney had read the text messages. do you think to a certain extent mcconnell felt as if the republican party had been caught with their pants down finally?
1:32 pm
>> well, i don't think -- i'd be shocked if he hasn't already seen or at least heard of those text messages. so i don't think it drove what he's doing. the only thing you can really trust mitch mcconnell to do is exactly what is expedient to him and the republican party at any given moment. we can all send him a christmas gift, card, for telling the truth and stating it the obvious right now, but the reality is, you know, he wasn't there when it counted. he's now trying to, you know, back pedal and talk about what we all already know. and what we need from him is actually to get his republicans in line to state the obvious. we need to know what happened, and we need to prepare for 2024 to make sure this doesn't happen again. >> david, while we're piecing all this together when it comes to january 6th, there was an op-ed in "the washington post" by three retired generals warning of a 2024 attack with the potential for lethal chaos
1:33 pm
inside of our military. let me read a little for you. "the potential for a total breakdown of the chain of command along partisan lines from the top of the chain to squad level is significant should another insurrection occur. the idea of rogue units organizing among themselves to support the rightful commander in chief cannot be dismissed." what do you make of this? >> i think it's a calling for all of us that we need to listen to. and i want to thread kind of what jesse said to fast forward to 2024. >> yeah. >> it's true -- mcconnell wasn't there when we needed him, but his words were. so were kevin mccarthy's. and the law recognize that's contemporary con fengfessions a more important than the statements that come partly. what mcconnell and mccarthy knew in that moment that was donald trump and his political regime had attempted an authoritarian coup that turned violent and nearly toppled our republic. they knew that, and they said that when it mattered. the power and the shame that should be cast upon them for
1:34 pm
going silent and not fighting back against this is that it could happen again in 2024. that's what that op-ed is hinting at. i think what the 1/6 commission has done in the last ten days is shown that there was a conspiracy between the executive branch, members of the legislative branch, and the political actors that surrounded them to undo an election and keep someone in power who had lost. that is an authoritarian coup that was attempted and failed, but the op-ed is right it could be tempted again in 2024 and without the likes of mcconnell, mccarthy, and others, it's left to one party to defend against that. >> here's another part that we need to get into, they're urging preparedness for what may be in the pipeline for 2024. let me read that and who the preparedness ironically depends on. "our elected officials and those who enforce the law must show more urgency. the pentagon should immediately order a civics review for all members, uniformed and civilian,
1:35 pm
on the constitution and electoral integrity. in addition, all military branchts must undertake more intensive intelligence work at all installations. finally, the defense department should war game the next potential post-election insurrection or coup attempt to identify weak spots." so there is a dependency here, jesse, on elected officials, and yet we cannot even depend on these some elected officials to admit the former president was wrong in pushing the election lie and encouraging folks to storm the capitol. can we even do this? can we be prepared realistically for what may be to come in 2024? >> now you're just depressing me. the reality -- >> welcome to news, jesse. welcome to news. >> the reality is if we can't --
1:36 pm
if this is a macro problem with micro and everyday realities that are going to face all of us on the other side. the macro problem is that our democracy isn't working as well as we need it to. democracy's not going to be perfect, but the fact that republicans and democrats in many districts are more concerned with primary fights than with getting things done, they're more concerned with keeping their job than protecting our democracy, speaks to a really big problem. i know that's obvious, but this is -- if we can't count on people to have an honest discussion, you're correct, we cannot count on them to protect us and our democracy when we need it most. >> so now what? david jolly? >> that's a very important question, yasmin. i would say, look, the republic held on january 6th and january 20th, and democracy won.
1:37 pm
i do believe we have it within us as a culture and within our politics to do so. i think what we have to watch are the governors, republican governors being put in place because they are the greatest actors in the 24 storyline. i do think that our institutions within the federal government, including potentially vice president harris, as the sitting president of the senate as well as our courts, will hold as they did in 2020. it's not going to be without a fight if republicans are led by donald trump. >> okay. okay. so i also feel as if this is part of the conversation, the transition to voting rights. they're going to table "build back better" until next year. we're not going to get anything done. we're going to put a priority on voting rights looking ahead. a lot of people have been yelling from the rooftops saying this is what you need do, looking at the midterms, seeing what's happening in the republican party, what's happening in the state of texas. just one major problem. and i think voting rights is very much weaving into the conversation with january 6th
1:38 pm
and what may be to come in 2024, right. but it lends itself to the problem of senators joe manchin, kyrsten sinema and their support for the filibuster and whether they're willing to look for a carve-out when it comes to voting rights. can democrats realistically get something done considering how important they might be for this democracy? >> so as we're -- i'm always wary of -- i've always been wary of rolling back the filibuster. but i will say this -- our democracy may be the one thing that is worth saving with a big move like that. and it's 100% worth considering. so i -- so you know, we've watched republicans, conservatives in georgia, arizona, north carolina, do whatever they can to erode voting rights and to restrict voting. we have to protect voting rights
1:39 pm
with whatever -- by whatever means are necessary. on "build back better," i will say this -- waiting until the new year is not ideal, obviously, the first year presidency has got to be about action. so far it has. we've passed, you know, a rescue, an infrastructure plan, and now democrats and the president are trying to invest in the people that make our country great, that make this country go, and this feels like a bridge too far for conservatives which is disappointing. but we have to use this opportunity to invest in the human beings, the people who are knocked on their butts through covid and who are standing back up and trying to rebuild their lives and careers. >> last word you to, david jolly. and i want you to reflect on something we heard from amy klobuchar this week talking about "build back better" and voting rights specifically, and that certainly things like a rescue plan can be passed and/or disaster relief which are incredibly important for this
1:40 pm
country. i mean, obviously you look at climate change, you see what's happening in states like kentucky when it comes to hurricanes in florida and texas. i mean, we need the help right now when it comes to some of that disaster relief. that being said, it is harder to get things passed that have real long-term relief effects in this country like "build back better," like voting rights. >> yeah. listen, as a political independent, as a student of the institution, i would hate to see the filibuster go because i think it harkens back to a time when perhaps the parties worked together. the reality is they don't. the other reality is this -- voters don't care about process, they care about results. and i think democrats politically, as political actors, need to recognize you need results to sell voters. this is not a time to worry about process. if you obliterate the filibuster but you deliver on "build back better" and voting rights, you're going to get rewarded by
1:41 pm
voters. don't let obliterating it at the ballot box. republicans would do this in your place, deliver for the american people what you told them you were going to do. >> davidjoggy, jesse moore -- jolly, jesse moore, don't be depressed, it's the holiday season. put on the santa hat, everything feels better. whatever you believe, you still feel better. thank you both. we had hoped to talk to quack lloyd dogget, as well, but unfortunately we had technical issues that will prevent that. we hope to have him back on soon though. an anti-masker tries to compare themselves to rosa parks. plus, better late than never, a civil rights icon gets her wrongful criminal record wiped clean. my head scratcher and high five of the week are next. also ahead, the senate parliamentarian says a path to citizenship cannot be included in president biden's "build back better" bill. what's next in the fight for immigration reform. don't go anywhere. reform don't go anywhere.
1:42 pm
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welcome back. my head-scratcher of the week, despite rising covid cases and the new threat of the omicron variant, there are still so many people who just don't get it and refuse to do the little that's asked of them to help keep others safe. this week's poster child for that attitude, adam jenny, who was kicked off a united flight because he insisted on wearing a pair of women's red thong underwear on his face instead of a mask, as some sort of protest i guess. jenny tried to tell flight attendants he was in compliance because it covered his face and nose, which it clearly did not, but the crew wasn't having any of it. showing the protesting passenger the door before the takeoff. the florida man is now banned from united but continues to plead his case publicly, even comparing himself to a civil rights icon.
1:46 pm
>> everything else that has sparked change in this country has started from -- everyday people, rosa parks was nobody famous. she changed the course of history. >> you're not rosa parks bro. i hope mr. jenny is watching so he can hear my high five of the week which goes to someone who can actually claim she's like rosa parks because she was rosa parks even before parks refused to give up her seat on a bus. an alabama judge this week personally visited claudette colvin to tell the civil rights icon her juvenile record has been expunged 66 years after she refused to give up her seat on a bus to a white woman. colvin was just 15 years old when she committed the act of defiance, nine months before rosa parks' similar bus protest. after colvin refused to move she was arrested and charged with violating the sessionlation law, disorderly conduct and assaulting an officer. the first two charges were dropped but the assault charge remained on her record until
1:47 pm
now. here is the 82-year-old from october explaining why she wanted it removed. >> but it means that i'm no longer a juvenile delinquent. >> judge calvin williams signed the order to expunge her records in late november and visited colvin this week to share the news. claudette colvin no longer a juvenile delinquent in the eyes of the law, gets my high five of the week. we'll be right back. ek we'll be right back. nurse mariyam sabo knows a moment this pure... ...demands a lotion this pure. new gold bond pure moisture lotion. 24-hour hydration. no parabens, dyes, or fragrances. gold bond. champion your skin. with downy infusions, let the scent set the mood. feel the difference with downy. no parabens, dyes, or fragrances.
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1:51 pm
blocked them from including a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants, saying there's too many rights to the undocumented. this exclusion deals another blow to the party on of you its highest priorities. i'm joined by grace martinez rosas. i know you speak to a lot of people that are affected by this call when it comes to build back better a path to citizenship not being included in a bill. what is your reaction to this?
1:52 pm
>> well, it's such an honor to be with you today. as an undocumented woman, i'm resolute in the fact that we can still include citizenship in the build back better plan. the reality is that the parliamentarian, though an important part of senate process, is an adviser and just that. democrats have the ability to include citizenship in this bill, and that's what we're wanting to get done. you know, i've been living in this country for now 30 years, and it's been a 35-year fight where democrats election after election have said that this is year and this is the year, yasmin. >> so you're saying this is the year, or maybe next year because obviously it's not going to get done this year because it got kicked down the road to 2022 and this year is up in two weeks. but i get what you mean. that being said, we got a statement obviously from senator chuck schumer and dick durbin saying that they do want to
1:53 pm
fight on when it comes to immigration. let me read you that statement. the majority of americans support our efforts to provide legal status for millions of undocumented immigrants in the u.s. because it would raise wages, create good-paying jobs, enrich our economy, and improve the lives of all americans. fixing our broken immigration is a moral and economic imperative and we stand with the millions of immigrant families across the country who deserve better. do you think they can still get it done? >> we can't afford not to. i think the urgency of this moment cannot be overstated. there are more than 1.2 million undocumented people and refugees that have been deported or expelled out of this country in this first administration. we have 11 million undocumented people that have been essential workers that have ensured all of us have been able to survive this pandemic so far. that are being calling for 30
1:54 pm
years for protection, simple protections as being able to travel, being able to have a paycheck. so democrats cannot morally afford to not deliver this year and the reality is that politically they also can't. the 2022 midterms are coming up and it was latino voters, young people like the ones i represent that elected them to make bold choices. and this is what we meant by it. >> that's a really good point to bring up, if not for the humanitarian reasons to help people seek citizenship in this country, especially dhaka recipients, than for the preservation of their own position inside the government. so you think if they don't get this thing across the finish line with immigration in it, they could lose votes in the midterm election, subsequently losing control of congress? >> absolutely. i think we look at the state of nevada, arizona, and georgia
1:55 pm
where latinos played an unprecedented role in electing senators in that place and the margins in the senate are very tight. i think that president biden and vice president harris promised a bold agenda that undid the harm that the past democratic administration and the four horrible years of trump had on our communities. we had and continue to have the detention and the caging of kids along the border. not only that, i think to have a build back better plan that also deserves to move forward. >> grace martinez rosas, thank you. coming up, everybody, lenses a year after a devastating car crash, tiger woods makes his return to competitive golf. >> welcome back, big cat! [ cheers ]
1:56 pm
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. welcome back. a very welcome sight for golf fans. tiger woods makes a remarkable return to the links ten months after a horrific car crash crushed his leg. he's competing in this week's pnc championship in oernld, florida, playing with the assistance of a cart along with his 12-year-old son, charlie, for the pro-am. woods said it was great to be out there with his son, but it says he's still a long ways away
2:00 pm
from returning to golf full time. that wraps up the hour for me, everybody. i'm yasmin vossoughian. reverend al sharpton and "politicsnation" starts right now. good evening, and welcome to "politicsnation." tonight's lead, deconstruction. right now the left appears to have been right all along about the growing expectation that a vote on the president's transformative spending plan will be punted into spring, if not indefinitely, as senate democrats with two weeks left on the year and midterm elections looming are now singular lar focused on voting rights legislation. and the biden administration


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