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tv   Way Too Early With Jonathan Lemire  MSNBC  January 6, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PST

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that is going do it for us for tonight. we will see you again tomorrow. again, tomorrow likely to be kind of a weird day, the first time we have had to commemorate an event like the january 6th attack. nobody knows what tomorrow will be like. we will be here to help you okay. okay. >> we want pence! we want pence! we want pence! we want pence! hang mike pence! hang mike pence! hang mike pence. >> washington and the nation pause to reflect on the attack on the u.s. capitol exactly one year ago. three questions this morning?
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what will we hear from leaders today? what are we still learning about the events that have day, and where are things headed now? it's way too early for this. >> good morning, and welcome to "way too early," the show that will never forgot the events at the u.s. capitol one year ago and will always give thanks to those who showed such bravery that day. i'm jonathan lamire on this thursday, january the 6th. we'll start with this news. today will be a somber day since the nation marks one year since a group of donald trump loyalists incited by the former president stormed the u.s. capitol as lawmakers were inside counting the votes to certify joe biden's erection as president. tens of thousand of trump supporters planned to be in washington that day, summoned by president donald trump. he had been promoting a so-called stop the steal real in the days leading up to the attack telling his supporters on twitter see you in d.c.
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in a speech at the ellipse that day, just steps from the white house, trump repeated his bogus claims about a stolen erection, said republicans, quote, need to fight and urged the vice president, mike pence, to quote come through for us. he also included this call to action. >> we're going to walk downing and i'll be there with you. we're going to walk down, we're going to walk down, anyone you want, but i think right here, we're going to walk down to the capitol, and we're going to cheer on our brave senators and congressmen and women, and we're probably not going to be cheering so much for some of them because you'll never take back our country with weakness. you have to show strength, and you have to be strong. >> less that be an hour later his followers would breach the outer security perimeter of the
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u.s. capitol. they continue to break through barriers, first on the east side, reaching the rotunda steps and the house plaza. ten minutes later they broke through the final barricade on the west side and the northwest side. the entrance near the senate chamber. then having smashed the windows on the building's south side they were in. officers tried to disperse the mob with pepper balls and house supporters fought back. the chambers were placed under lockdown, and the process of certifying biden's win was placed on hold. two hours went by before donald trump tweeted for his followers to, quote, go home in peace. seven hours after that first perimeter was breached at 8:00 p.m. the capitol was finally declared secure. an hour later the house reconvened to certify the election of joe biden with vice president mike pence presiding. the attack on the capitol one year ago today has resulted in 704 federal criminal cases, 106
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guilty pleas and 58 people sentenced. hundreds of officers were injured. four later died by suicide and one of the president's supporters were shot and killed by a capitol police officer while trying to breach the speaker's lobby. president biden and vice president kamala harris will speak from statuary hall and house speaker nancy pelosi will hold a moment of silence and lawmakers will be sharing thoughts throughout the day and late they are evening a prayer vigil will be held on the capitol steps. meanwhile, backing the big lyrics the big lie that fouled that riot, has become a must for those wishing to secure the endorsement of the most powerful man in the republican party, donald trump. according to "the washington post," at least 160 false claims of a stolen election are now running for statewide offices that would give them the
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authority of the administration of elections, and of those running for thousand seats at least five were reportedly at the capitol on january 6th. the road to re-election is significantly harder for those who have refused to back the big lie, including the ten house republicans who voted to impoach trump last february. wyoming congressman liz cheney, now the vice chair of the investigation into the events of january 6th will face five primary opponents in this year's mid--term elections. the will only other republican on the commit, congressman adam kinzinger announced in october he would not seek re-election. congressman kingzing will be a guest later on "morning joe." joining us now is an msnbc political contributor. jake, you, of course, you were there one year ago today and even asked for help from the white house saying then how bad things were. tell us your reflections this morning. >> yeah.
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it was a horrible day. i mean, a lot of our colleagues in the press corps, john, are very -- are struggling. i'm okay. we aren't war correspondents. we are reporters in the capitol, but that day having your office, your professional home so to speak breached by rioters is a difficult -- it's a difficult thing to swallow for a lot of people and i respect that, and i feel for those people. my reflections it, our congress is pretty horrible. it's all a result -- not all. a lot of is a result of this attack on the capitol that was, as you noted in your opening, spurred on by donald trump and his -- and his misgivings about the election and his lies about the election being stolen from him, so, you know, i would just say this. 99.99% of the time the capitol is an extraordinarily safe place
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to would be. it's also important to keep in mind, we pointed this out in "punch bowl news," the capitol is not the cookmen and their aides, it's thousands of people nothing to do with politics, maintenance workers, construction workers, food service workers, are capitol police officers, people who go to work every day and happen to go to work in the capitol. they didn't ask to be in the rough and tumble of all of this, and i think that's important to keep in mind. >> here we are one year later, and donald trump's hold on the republican party seems to have only grown stronger. what are your thoughts as to where things stand and where the gop is here with trump looming over the party? >> well, that's -- that's the million dollar question i would say, john, and trump is the undisputed leader of the republican party and faces little pushback. i would say obviously liz cheney and adam kinzinger are the big
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push-backers and mitch mcconnell has distanced himself from donald trump and has said privately and basically publicly that he will -- he doesn't want to speak to trump. he doesn't really have anything to say when asked about trump at all. i would say this. i would say that house majority -- house minority leader kevin mccarthy kind of broke that -- the distance with donald trump when shortly after the january 6th attacks went to mar-a-lago during a trip to florida to spend time with trump. mccarthy believes that trump is key in many respects to the house republicans winning back the majority. i think in some respects he's right, but i'll leave it to others to decide how damaging that will be in the long run for the republican party which, as you know, is inextricably and absolutely tied to donald trump. >> today will be a hard day for a lot of americans and certainly for those who were there at the tap toll one year ago.
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those who work in the building, lawmakers and, of course, the reporters, too. jake sherman, we're glad you're okay. jake sherman, the co-founder of punch bowl news. we'll talk to you again soon. >> still ahead, tragedy in a philadelphia neighborhood. a fire tears through a row house packed with people, including several children. plus, the cdc tries to bring more clarity to covid vaccination. we'll break down what they mean by up to date on your shots. and coming up later this hour, i'll be joined by cook woman debby dingell to match the one-year anniversary of the capitol attack. we'll be back with search more as we look one year later at the u.s. capitol. as we look one year later at the u.s. capitol
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eight children and four adults were killed when a fire tore through a philadelphia apartment building early yesterday morning. the nbc news correspondent ron allen has the details.
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>> reporter: cries for help awakened neighbors around 6:30 a.m. as fire erupted from the three-story row home converted into apartments in a neighborhood where a lot of families with children live. >> i passed by that house for years now and seen the faces, so it's just sad, you know, to think what might have happened. >> please keep all these folks and especially these children in your prayers. losing so many kids is just devastating. >> reporter: investigators say smoke detectors that passed inspection last spring failed to work, but the building had just two first floor exits and that 26 people appeared to be living in the building. officials say the fire apparently started in a second floor kitchen and swept up the building's stairwell. >> there was nothing slowing that fire down. that fire was moving. feeding on contents, feeding on oxygen and it's feeding on fire. >> heartbreaking. lawyers for convicted sex
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trafficker ghislaine maxwell are asking a federal judge to grant their client a new trial after a juror said in an interview that sharing his experiences as a sexual abuse victim influenced deliberationingsors and in a separate letter to the judge federal prosecutors asked for an inquiry into the jurors' responses on the jury questionnaire. since the maxwell conviction last week the juror has given at least three interviews, including to reuters. the outlook quoted him as saying he was a sexual abuse victim who talked about his experience during deliberations after some jurors questioned the accuracy of the memory of maxwell's accusers. the juror who has identified himself as scotty david which are his first and middle names told reuters he, quote, flew through the initial juror questionnaire adding that he did not recall being asked on the form about personal experience with sexual abuse but that he would have answered honestly. no word yet on when the judge will rule. there's more mixed messaging from the cdc this morning.
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the agency says being boosted means you're up to date on covid vaccinations but two doses of pfizer and moderna or one shot of jandsian's vaccine is still considered fully vaccinated. the agency has had real trouble with messaging in recent months had. the cdc is saying it's trying to emphasize the need for everyone to follow a vaccine schedule and get any additional doses when they are eligible. the agency also says the move follows the guidance it uses on other vaccinations. as many schools and workplaces shut their doors again due to the ongoing omicron surge. the entertainment industry is doing the same. the 64,annual grammy awards have been postponed indefinitely due to covid, the recording academy announced yesterday. the grammys were scheduled for january 3rd at the arena in los angeles and america's top film festival sundance is going entirely virtual later this month.
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they had been playing a hybrid film festival this year, but organizers decided to change their plans amid the omicron wave. still ahead, deny down under. novak djokovic's status is in limbo after his visa was pulled at the airport by immigration authorities. also ahead, a chicago ports reporter is backpedal after a majorback lash. when he said about green bay quarterback aaron rodgers that has him apologizing. we'll get into it in sports next. it in sports next a triple-lift serum with pure collagen. 92% saw visibly firmer skin in just 4 weeks. neutrogena® for people with skin. ♪ dry eye symptoms keep driving you crazy? inflammation in your eye might be to blame. let's kick ken's ache and burn into gear! over the counter eye drops typically work by lubricating your eyes and may provide temporary relief.
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. tennis star novak djokovic may no longer get a chance to defend his australian title after authorities cancelled his visa because he failed to meet an exemption for australia's covid rules. it was reported that he had exemption permission that would shield him from the strict
2:20 am
regulations in place for this year's first major tennis tournament but border officials did not accept the exemption when djokovic issued late yesterday saying the tennis star failed to meet entry requirements. the country's prime minister went on to tell the public this. the rules are very clear. you need a medical exemption. he didn't have a valid one. we make that call at the border and that's where it's enforced. seeking a record 21st major title and tenth at the australian open djokovic waited more than eight hours at the airport to find out if he would be allowed into the country. he was later moved to a secure hotel controlled by immigration officials. the associated press reports that djokovic will stay in immigration detention while he fights against deportation in court. antonio brown is now offering insight into what led to his dramatic exit sunday from the tampa bay buccaneers. in a statement released yesterday through his lawyer brown says he was pressured to play injured before he walked off the field mid-game against
2:21 am
the jets. brown explains, quote, because of my commitment to the game, i relented to pressure directly from my coach to play injured. despite the pain i suited up. the staff injected me with what i now know is a powerful and sometimes dangerous painkiller that the nfl pa, the union, has warned against using, and i gave it my all for the team. i played until it was clear that i could not use my ankle to safely perform my playing responsibilities. brown continues. i took a seat on the sideline, and my coach came up to me very upset and shouted what's wrong with you? what's wrong with you? i told him it's my ankle, but he knew that. it was well-documented and we had discussed it. he then ordered me to get on the field. i said, coach, i can't. he didn't call for medical attention and instead he shouted at me you're done while he ran his finger across his throw. coach was telling me if i didn't play hurt then i was done with the bucs. brown also accused the buccaneers of an ongoing cover-up and that he has since
2:22 am
had an mri that revealed damage to his ankle. it was said monday there was a conversation before the incident but it wasn't about an ankle injury. representatives for the bucs did not immediately have any comments on the wide receiver's claims. brown says he'll have surgery and suggested a return to football saying he'll looking forward to next season. i'll note he can't have any kind of limp moving off the field on sunday. seemed to be moving just fine. green bay packers quarterback aaron rodgers is lashing out at an nfl mvp voter who recently revealed he won't cast his ballot for the packers quarterback. longtime football report,er one of the 50 members given a vote for the award said, quote, it was a big mistake to talk in advance about his voting plans. on tuesday he admitted he won't vote for rodgers for reasons unrelated to the quarterback's performance on the field saying, quote, i don't think you can be the biggest jerk in your league
2:23 am
and punish your team and organization and fan base the way he did and still be the most valuable player. here's what rodgers had to say in response. >> i think he's a bum. i think he's an absolute bum. he doesn't know me. i don't know who he was. nobody knew who he was until yesterday's comments. his problem is i'm not vaccinated. if he wants to go on a crusade and coconclude and come up with an extra letter to put on the award just for this season and make it the most available vaccinated player, then he should do that. >> rodgers, beyond being unvaccinated, tried to force a trade out of green bay before the season. turning now to the nba and another controversial star. it's a rogue's goalry. the brooklyn nets received a boost with the return of kyrie irving who has refused to be vaccinating and is barred from competing in home games because of covid rules in new york city and has only recently been welcome tolled join the team on the road. irving, well, he helped the nets
2:24 am
back from a 19-point deficit against the pacers last night. finished 22 points after logging 32 minutes on the court. brooklyn, they needed him. they snapped a three-game losing streak and win 1 the 2-121. finally to the nation's capital and the wizards tied with the houston rockets in the final seconds of regulation. >> inside of ten, kevin porter jr. milking the clock, isoing up top. working on neto. he'll dance, he'll step and he shoots. he hits it at buzzer! no time left and the rockets have won the game! >> we needed that buzzer beat as a palette cleaner, that's kevin porter jr. drank the buzzer-beater. the rockets win 114-111. let's go to meteorologist bill karins. looks like we've got some snow in the forecast. what can you tell us about the storm that's coming? >> another snow storm on the
2:25 am
way. let's get right into the retails. snowing in areas that don't see a lot of snow typically. memphis has some snow and ice issues and heading towards nashville and all through tennessee and kentucky. we have 61 million people impact. if you're in the white colors or under the winter weather advisory. in the pinkish type of color there. we're in winter storm warnings and that's a good chunk of west virginia and areas right around nashville and also downeast portions of cape cod and massachusetts. the blue on the map shows you the snow spreading from kansas to missouri. eventually this is a big snow storm as we go throughout the afternoon. a very difficult day to travel throughout tennessee and as we head through areas of kentucky. nashville could pick up four to six inches of snow, towards lexington and kentucky will get hit pretty good and then interstate travel would be the worst of t.overnight d.c. to new york city, by 8:00 a.m. it's ending in new york city, but, still, a difficult morning commute, and the heavier snows
2:26 am
will be shifting to hartford and boston early tomorrow. how much snow are we talking about in the northeast? it does look like the heavier amounts will be from philly to new york and especially areas of southern new england. a possibility there of at least two to four inches. someone could end up with about six and that would most likely be up around boston. jonathan, the first snow storm of the season is upon us from new york city all the way to boston. tomorrow morning's drive will be difficult, and parents should plan on at least a school delay, possibly some school cancellations. >> well, i'm ready for some snow, but in the age of zoom these kids might have to have school at home. >> that would be cruel. >> let's hope the highways, particularly those around washington, d.c. are better cleared this time than they were earlier in the week. bill karins, thanks, pal. we'll talk to you again soon. still ahead, with ceremonies set to take place across the country today, law enforcement officials have seen an uptick in calls for acts of violence associated with january 6th.
2:27 am
what intelligence officials are telling nbc news about that. plus, democratic congresswoman debbie dingell is set to join the conversation in just a minute. before we go to break, we want to know. why are you awake? email your reasons or remembrances of jer 6 at or@jonle mire. we'll read a few of the answers later in the show. ew of the ans later in the show. tide pods dissolve even when the water is freezing. nice! if it's got to be clean, it's got to be tide. people with moderate to severe psoriasis, are rethinking the choices they make like the splash they create the entrance they make, the surprises they initiate. otezla. it's a choice you can make. otezla is not a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting.
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welcome back to "way too early.
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"5:30 on the east coast, 2:30 out west. i'm jonathan le mire. attorney general merrick garland vows to hold those responsible for last year's insurrection no matter how long it takes. on the eve of the first anniversary of the attack, garland responded to criticism from some, including a handful of democratic lawmakers that the probe into january 6th was moving too slowly. >> the justice department remains committed to holding all january 6th perpetrators at any level accountable under law. we understand that there are questions about how long the investigation will take and about what exactly we are doing. our answer is and will continue to be the same answer we would give with respect to any ongoing investigation. as long as it takes and whatever it takes for justice to be done.
2:32 am
>> federal criminal charges have already been filed against over 700 people in the attack with one-fourth pleading guilty. in the days leading up to the anniversary of the capitol riot there's been an uptick in calls for unspecified acts of violence. a senior intelligence official tells nbc news that some of the unspecified threats are directed at lawmakers who voted to certify the 2020 presidential election and joe biden's win on the night of january 6th last year. the official added that some websites are circulating conspiracy theories that the january 6th attack was actually a false flag operation organized by the fbi. other websites associated with foreign governments are amplifying those false narratives. the department of homeland security and the fbi have said they are not aware of a specific credible plot for a plan for violence today on the anniversary. joining us now former fbi
2:33 am
special agent and msnbc contributor clint watts. clint, good morning. we're so grateful you're with us today on this anniversary. what trends are you seeing in domestic extremism as we begin 2022 and mark one year since the capitol attack? >> jonathan, the big one it's gone from national to local. i think if there's any real risk today it's probably a local state capitols or just local community centers where you've seen a significant uptick in terms of the number of threats online and the number of people that show up in person. i think this is indicative of what we've seen from everything from school boards, local election officials and primaries. if you look across everything that's happening whether it's militia groups or conspiracy theorists, you see them kind of colliding in these locations and i think that's where the biggest risk is today and even tomorrow, some of the random threats that are out there are actually going
2:34 am
after secretaries of state trying to intimidate them around things like voting so i think the scenarios are numerous. i think they are unlikely, but it would be hard to predict where in the country something might happen. >> obviously been an online component to this, and facebook and twitter seem to have cracked down a little bit on hate speech, so with that in mind where are you seeing these online extremists moving to? >> it's weird, jonathan. i mean, ten years ago who we were doing international terrorism watching there was a big purge from the main social media platforms, and today you'll see a very similar phenomenon where they go to places like telegram. telegram has been the places that you go right after january 6th last year when they were all pushed off the mainstream platform. you saw telegram having an enormous rise because it has public and private function that al lose you to do direct messages and crypted chats back
2:35 am
and forth and almost publicly like tobin-whiter. it's foreign-based and hosted so it's more difficult for us to do something about it in terms of law enforcement. essentially it's going dark. going to these dark smaller platforms which are not as well-policed and moderated. oftentimes these companies don't have a lot of people or staff that can understand what's going on in their platform to actually do something about it and they get overwhelmed very quickly. i think the last thing is any notion of essentially being unmod rated or unobserved by law enforcement, and that's closed forups. it's almost like going back to the future when i started in this. that's when we saw al qaeda or isis do in the early days. try to go to a member only close forum which is very difficult for people to see if there's an impending attack coming. >> we really appreciate you being here today. we'll check in with you again soon. >> still ahead we'll go live to cnbc for an early look for a look at what's happening on wall street following the first big
2:36 am
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and after a period of time, my memory improved. it was a game-changer for me. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. time now for the business news you need to start your day and thankfully we have juliana here to tell us this morning. stocks fell after december meeting minutes which signalled the central bank has the foot on the stimulus brakes. what do you make of that, and what can investors expect today? >> well, jon, as you and i talked yesterday, we started to see the rotation out of tech stocks earlier this week, and yesterday that rotation became even more powerful after the release of these minutes from the federal reserve, so essentially these minutes sent markets into a tailspin leading investors to sell treasury bonds which sent yields higher as there is an inverse relationship
2:40 am
between price and yield. that jump in yield hit the s&p 500 and in particular companies that are exposed to higher discount rates. that means tech stocks, so we saw major selling in the tech stock's awful beth, microsoft, tesla. the tech-heavy index fell a whopping 3.3% yesterday, its worst performance since february of last year and the s&p 500 dropped nearly 2% and microsoft was the biggest loser in that index and the dow jones dropped just about 400 points. asian markets sold off overnight following that soft session in the u.s. and this morning european equities are also selling off, but u.s. futures, they are holding steady so it would seem as though investors are holding stead neha little bit of a holding pattern ahead of the non-farm payroll reports due out tomorrow. >> we'll be looking for that tomorrow. let's now turn to the coronavirus pandemic. you obviously have been covering this so closely as well.
2:41 am
the world is grappling with the omicron variant. nations are having record number of cases and talk to us about different countries taking different approaches to fighting these surging number of cases. >> it's been fascinating, jon, to observe the different policies in place around the world. here in the uk, yesterday we got some changes to the way we test. we've been using rapid tests here in the uk for a number of months. they have been made free, readily available since available of last year. now though the government in an effort to ensure there are enough tests for knows who need them have changed the policy that a pcr test will no longer be needed to confirm a positive rapid test saying when covid levels are high the rapid tests we have are reliable enough. over in italy the country has voted to make vaccines mandatory for over 50s with immediate effect. they have also tightened workplace rules with those over 50 now being required to provide
2:42 am
a health pass from mid-february. meanwhile over in asia, particular china, hong kong, the zero tolerance covid policy remains in full effect and yesterday the hong kong leader warned the city is on the verge of another covid outbreak and so has banned travel from eight countries starting january 8th. among the eight countries the united states, the uk and france. they have also tightened rules domestically. so for now anyway, hong kong and china sticking to their really strict approach zero covid policy. >> fascinating to watch chip's approach with the beijing winter olympics on the horizon. we really appreciate it. still ahead.'splans to place blame for the capitol attack kwirly on his predecessor. next, congresswoman debbie dingell joins me with the events of one year ago. "way too early" is right back. "way too early" is right back. '? what if your clothes could stay fresh for weeks?
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2:46 am
marking up year since january 6th, president biden is, pected to point the blame for the capitol attack squarely at his predecessor, donald trump. according to the white house in excerpted remarks just released, biden will lay out the significance what have happened in the capitol and the singular responsibility president trump has for what took place that day. president biden will say in part this. are we going to be a nation that lives not by the light of the truth but in the shadow of lies? we cannot allow ourselves to be that kind of nation. the way forward is to recognize the truth and to live by it. president biden expected to speak from the capitol right around 9:00 a.m., and we'll carry that live here on msnbc. joining us now, democratic congresswoman dib debbie dingell of michigan. congresswoman, we always appreciate you being with us and particularly today on this anniversary. as we just read, president biden will reportedly call out former president trump by name, something he has been reluctant to do since taking office.
2:47 am
do you think that's the right route to take today? >> well, i think today is a day that we all need to take a deep breath and focus what happened in this country one year ago. i think it's good in a president biden is going to the capitol where it happened and talking about what kind of nation do we want to be? quite frankly, jonathan, i'm at home. i have no desire to revisit what happened a year ago in my mile. i want to use it as a day to pull us together as a country. i'm taking lunch to some of the national guard that were at the capitol for two months protecting us and they inspire me with their patriotism, their loyalty and asking them what they think about what they watched a year ago. >> certainly a difficult day for so many, and i know for you as well which is, again, why we appreciate you being here. let me ask you this. in the year since that capitol
2:48 am
siege, and political partisanship, do you feel like it's gotten worse, and if so, how possibly do we change that? >> i work very hard, as you know, to reach across the aisle, to talk to people and respectfully say, hey, what are you thinking? why are you taking this opinion? yes, i do think it's gotten worse. i think that there are people that don't even think about an issue. they make that most outrageous hurtful statement so that they can could raise money. they are creating a national identity for themselves by being outrageous and being as outrageous as they can. i think the house of representatives is a representative body, so what you're seeing in the house, some of the of civility and this vitriol and anger we're seeing in communities, and i would like to see people take a deep breath and think about the fact how easy it is to attack each other. look at social media and what is
2:49 am
becoming a norm of attacking people, and let's take a deep breath and think about treating each other with dignity and respect. what you're seeing in washington is happening in our communities, and i don't think -- i think president biden when he goes to the capitol today is going to say who do we want to be as a nation? and we need to ask who do we want to be as a community? >> i think that's certainly an important question. today is going to be a day of looking back with real somber. also being tribute to those who were so brave, protecting lawmakers, and the investigation into what happened that day is going and the january 6th committee will accelerate what it's doing in the coming days and weeks, including some potential primetime hearings to really bring attention to what happened that day and also an effort to prevent something like that from happening again. what is your take? would you agree with that step?
2:50 am
>> i think we need to make sure that we make sure what happened on the 6th isn't whitewashed. i remember that day, unfortunately, a vivid memory. the fear -- i mean, at first you didn't even understand what was happening. we didn't see the pictures. didn't have a television when y pounding at the door and the tear gas. people came the the capitol that day prepared to kill people and people died that day. i think we need to have calm hearings that brings out the facts. we need to understand our democracy and each and everyone of us. everyone of us has a responsibility. we love the country we live in but we have to protect the fundamental pillars of our democracy. when i was growing up, i never thought i had to do freedom of speech or freedom of religion. we took them for granted.
2:51 am
we can't take our freedom for granted and our democracy for granted right now. >> i think those are extremely important points you just made there. congresswoman debbie dingle, thank you for being here. we ask you why are you awake? >> my most powerful remembrance of last january 6th, the ketel marte rate flag being carried through our capitol. my heart sank. i caught covid over christmas and today is the first day i feel normal. it's time for coffee. ramon, we hope you are feeling better. and our lighter note, let's go here, diane, she e-mails, i woke up at 3:22 a.m. because i was dreaming that willie geist taking me to my college formal. the queen was also in attendance. maybe i need to stop eating
2:52 am
spicy food. you will see him on "morning joe" in a few minutes. >> the latest effort advancing voting rights legislation. come up we'll be marking one year since the january 6th attack of the capitol. we'll hear from another lawmaker who was locked inside the house that day, congressman jason crowe and a member of the committee tasked with investigating that, adam kinzinger will joining the conversation as well and dc's mayor bowser will discuss the protection in place. "morning joe" is what you don't want to miss, it's a few minutes away. o miss, it's a few minutes away and how about a 5g phone to go with it, on us?! (mary) seriously? (vo) yep, it's our best plan ever. verizon is going ultra, so you can too.
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♪ diarrheaaaa.♪ try pepto bismol with a powerful coating action. for fast and soothing relief. pepto bismol for fast relief when you need it most. president biden will travel to atlanta next week to protect voting rights. democrats attempt to push legislation had falter in the senate. earlier this week in a letter to fellow senators, chuck schumer said he'll move the filibuster
2:56 am
rule in order to pass voting rights. in that letter, schumer invoke january 6th, a move that mitch mcconnell called inappropriate. >> it's beyond distaste ful. washington democrats have been trying to seize control over elections for years. the in fact that violent criminals broke the law does not entitle senate democrats to break the senate. it's surreal to hear senate senators and vote january the 6th to justify breaking rules to grab outcomes they have not earned. joining us now, my friend, eddie glaude jr. we are so grateful that you are with us today. the president is planning a separate speech next week on voting rights. he'll be in atlanta for that. he's expecting to give more
2:57 am
passing reference to voting rights in his january 6th address today. what are you hoping to hear from the president today on the anniversary? . >> first of all, it's great to see you and happy new year. i hope he cuts to the core of what january 6th represents. that's what we are in a fight for the life of american democracy. it's important that we don't follow mitch mcconnell's lead. we see the relationship between voting rights and january 6th, what motivated january 6th was stop the steal. it had everything to do with atlanta, philadelphia and milwaukee and had everything to do with who they believe votes, whose votes count and don't. i think these two things are related. i think it's really important. we have not been a multi racial democracy for long. we have been a multi-racial democracy since 1965. that was barely, that was only on paper, it took us a while.
2:58 am
this is not something that's been in existence since the beginning of the republic. we need to understand how fragile it's. it's a year since the capitol attack and moment reflecting what happened 360 days ago. experts are fearful of what could happen in the future. violence is entering the national discourse and seen as acceptable. give us your sense, where are we as a nation right now? >> we are on the press, we are at a battle of the soul of the nation. we have to figure out who we are going to be to echo congresswoman dingle. what kind of nation are we? will we double down on this idea that some believe this country belongs to a certain segment of people. we'll fight for the life of the country. we need to understand that and we need to fight accordingly it
2:59 am
seems to me. >> we know president biden read some excerpts of his speech that he'll deliver in a couple of hours, he's going to call president trump by name, something he's been loathe to do since he's taken office. do you think that's the right approach today as the nation seemed divided as it is. >> we have to understand divisions can't be a kind of bridge by silence. bridges can't be bridge by nuance and evasion, we have to be direct. the danger is that clear, jonathan. i think we need to name it. we need to name the actors who are at the center of it and complicit so we can forget about the business of some ways and imagine ourselves otherwise. this is necessary. we need to go on the offense in defending american democracy from the forces that are seeking to undermine it. >> trump's big lie, the fraudulent claim of voter fraud
3:00 am
that fuels the insurrection that also fuels many democrats of the ongoing right. president biden is going to address this early next week. what do you think he could do or what move does he haves with the filibuster at least for now remaining intact. >> well, i think he has to use the full weight of his bully pulpit. we need to understand that this is not an issue around black voters, it's an issue that goes to the heart of democracy. he needs to be aggressive in defending voting rights as a central pillar of american democratic life. the attack on voting rights at this moment is part of the ongoing insurrection. we need to see january 6th not only a bound of event but on an ongoing event and the attack of voting rights is apart of it. the president needs to make it very clear and bringing it the full pressure of the executive


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