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tv   Ayman  MSNBC  January 15, 2022 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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that is all the time i have for today. i'll see you back here tomorrow 6:00 p.m. eastern for more american voices. but for now, i hand it over to my colleague. >> hey, thank you -- breaking news here on msnbc. it's 11:00 eastern time, 10:00 p.m. there in texas, colleyville, texas, specifically. we have breaking news coming out of the hostage situation there at a synagogue that's been ongoing for 11 hours. governor abbott said moments ago in a tweet that everyone is out alive and safe after a hostage situation in colleyville texas just outside of dallas/ft. worth.
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teams negotiating all day. there have been law enforcement there, representation loathe local and national. let's go mor morgan chestky. there was noise and then a tweet. >> reporter: speaking to colleyville please in just a few minutes and more details. there was a loud boom that could be heard blocks away from the sin being to, and it was shortly therefore governor abbott released the tweet that hostages are all out safe and alive. that followed that 11-hour standoff that began this morning when authorities say they received a phone call around 10:41 that there was an ongoing situation at congregation beth israel synagogue there in colleyville, a quiet suburb outside dallas.
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and it was from that point forward that these negotiations really began. and we could hear the man that police have identified as the primary suspect here actually making some of those demands in a facebook live stream of the synagogue service before it was shut off earlier this morning. it was at that point shortly there after that we're told federal hostage negotiators with the fbi began those conversations with that man who was believed to be armed inside the synagogue. the primary request that we're told from senior law enforcement officials is that he wants he release of a federal prisoner being held in a detention center about 20 miles away from where this is located. outside of that request, richard, we don't believe anything else was asked or authorities have not share first down anything was asked. and it's clear to say the conversations with this man lasted throughout the day. we know it was around 5:00 local
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time that one of the hostages was released. he was escorted from the synagogue with authorities who then confirmed that in a tweet he was reunited with his family shortly there after. a lot of details still need to be learned here from authorities as far as what transpired in those moments leading up to that boom. and then also what, if anything else, this man was asking for that resulted in this 11-hour standoff that fortunately at this point in time appears to be officially over. i should add, richard, that while this was ongoing, state authorities were deployed to this area in addition to federal authorities. and the mayor of dallas saying there were extra patrols sent for the police don't area synagogues and places of worship
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just as a precaution. that's where things stand now, ands i mentioned we expect a full update from colleyville police within the next ten minutes or so. >> morgan, the big underline as you have been covering all afternoon is whether they would be able -- these ohio state annals we were reporting on, whether they'd be saved and come out safe, and what we're hearing is they're all safe. what do we know about that? i know we're waiting for more details. there's the big question of, what about the suspect? is the suspect safe? because the governor's tweet -- and that's all the information we've got now, a short tweet coming from the governor -- to sa all of those hostages are safe right now. but the question is, what is the status of the suspect? >> right. well, richard, we know that colleyville police have been the lead agency on this situation. of course they are being helped with the fbi. we know atf is also on the scene. we know the governor deployed
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state troopers here as needed. aside from him being in custody, we appreciate -- shed more light on that situation as far as where he will be taken and what if anything else he has said to investigators in this time that he's been in custody, which has now been about 30 minutes. richard? >> morgan, another part of this is when that first hostage was released, and what was the sense on the ground as you were standing there? because a big question was, boy, we're in hour number, i think, seven or eight when that had happened, and we really hadn't heard any progress. of course that's us on the outside hoping for positive progress. what was the scene on the ground when the first hostage came out? the hostage team was making progress. what was the sense there? >> reporter: it was generally -- brought a hopeful note to this
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ongoing situation, which is, as you mentioned at that time, had been ongoing for about six or seven hours. and i think it was at that point that there started to be believed that this could end in a nonviolent way. we do know that the authorities, while remaining tight-lipped on the specifics of what was ongoing, say that the negotiations between the man inside, believed to be the only suspect involved here, and the fbi hostage negotiators were ongoing, meaning that it was an ongoing conversation. at no point did they express anything, at least publicly, that these conversations stalled or had to be put on hold. and it was for that reason that they just continued doing what they had been doing throughout the day. we do know that he had remanded their perimeter to a quarter
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mile if not more, richard, and it was for that reason that we were really reliant strictly upon members -- members of the law enforcement that have been our sources and then also colleyville police department, which has been providing updates as needed throughout the day. but with the governor's tweet maing it official tonight, all the hostages are now out. an incredible wave of relief in this community. this is a quiet suburb of dallas. i had a chance to speak to a gentleman who lives across the street from the synagogue. his son walks by it every day on his way to elementary school. of course as we hear all too often, he never would have thought this would have happened in his own neighborhood. he added it's not a place you want to end up by accident. and he told me, one of the questions he wanted to know is, how did this man, that is now in police custody, end up at this
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specific location? that's one of the questions we'll be asking investigators here for the next few minutes. >> morgan, for those watching us, listening to us, some 20 years ago, they weren't assen kmok but as we have gotten better at our job, they have increased these to make sure the proper amount of information goes through. in this case, a hostage situation is proper. in this case, they had the corden and that's why you were placed potentially with other press farther away from the location. you were able to see the vehicles. you were reporting throughout the day they had a wide collection, greater and greater throughout the evening. what was the sense of forces and skilled experts arriving as you were standing at your location where they placed you? and began for our viewers understanding not necessarily are they going to allow us to get as close as we'd like to be to get the information out.
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>> right. it was a swift response. and i'll divert defer to the gentleman i spoke to who lived across from the synagogue. he told me by the time he arrived home, he had already received a notification to avoid the immediate area around the synagogue, if possible. and there were some road closures already in place when he arrived home, and that was late this morning. by the time we arrived early afternoon, federal authorities had already arrived on scene and had established that dialogue with that man inside. we do know the presence grew throughout the day, and as it stands right now, it appears the footprint can begin to be reduced with every hostage out. >> morgan, for the viewers joining us right now on msnbc and waiting for the latest update -- we're almost ten minutes after the hour, 11:00
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eastern, 10:00 local time in texas. following the story out of colleyville. morgan, recap for us what we just learned within the last 30 minutes about what happened on the ground during this hostage situation in texas. >> of course. well, an 1146 hour standoff has now come to a close in the quiet suburb of colleyville about 30 miles to the northwest of dallas, and we know that within the last 30 minutes, every hostage that was inside congregation beth israel synagogue was released and no one is believed to be injured. everyone will likely be reunited with their family members tonight. and it comes after an incredibly tense situation this morning when a man believed to be armed entered the synagogue and began making demands, some of which were caught on that place of worship's live stream during their saturday services. that live stream was then cut
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off. it was at that point fbi hostage negotiators began to have a dialogue with this man who expressed that they wanted a federal prisoner being held about 20 miles from where we are to be released. and this is the prisoner aafia siddiqi who was arrested and charged with killing american mill tir personnel. the suspect was originally calling her a sister. we have since confirmed this man is not her actual relative but was referring to her that way in a relative sense, asking for her to be released from prison. and outside of that one request, richard, that's all we believe he was asking authorities to do. we do anticipate to hear more
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within just the next few minutes. but again, all of those hostages were released following this loud bang that took place and you heard from blocks away here in this neighborhood near the synagogue. richard? >> any noises after that bang? and then we got the word that the hostages were released. did you hear any sirens? was there more activity that was beehiving around the location, the crime scene there? >> we have seen more police vehicles pass by this area. outside of that, that's the only change following the news that everyone has been released. and this press conference is set to begin in three minutes with colleyville police leading the information that will soon come out, and we hope to learn much more here momentarily. >> and of course morguen is
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alluing to that which we brought up live. this will be the location of that briefing and we'll go straight to it on msnbc. we still have morgan chesky on the ground who's been following this breaking news story throughout the day. and he was just discussing the one request from the suspect, from the hostage take er, and that was the release of siddiqhi. for those who are not familiar, siddiqhi has a long history with the united states and concerns from counterterrorism experts about her linkages to terrorism. i want to bring in now jim kavanaugh, former hostage negotiator and msnbc contributor. we've got a minute here before we get into this, but i wanted to get your sense very quickly here. what we expect to hear from this news briefing and what you're learning at the moment, jim. >> i think they'll probably tell
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us why they made the assault. we either call it emergency assault, because situations inside rapidly change, or it was a deliberate assault. they determined that the incident was escalating inside, so they planned to deliver the assault at a certain time. so it's either an emergency assault or deliberate assault. the loud explosion, probably a breaching charge. could be a flash bang, but likely a breaching charge. in which they breach it and then go in. if this guy's lei, he's one lucky guy, because when they breach, if he's in there holding a gun or bomb, he's toast right away. they're going hit him right away. they're not going to give him a chance to shoot or kill or detonate a bomb. you hear the breaching charge, the rapid fire, that's all going to the hostage taker. if he's around, he's a lucky guy. the good news is everyone's out safe. the commander made the right
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decision, whether it was escalating or de-escalating. they made the move at the right moment, so very, very professional job by all the law enforcement. very good job. i think we'll hear the details. of course, it's going to be important to us nationally is who is this guy, where did they come from? did he come from overseas? did he come from another state? he asked the rabbi in texas to call a rabbi in new york. seemed to know something about new york. who is he and what's he about? did he have an actual bomb? it's unlikely he flew thousands of miles and had a bomb. we don't know the answers. these are all things law enforcement needs to know to prevent the next one. we don't know he wasn't in contact with siddiqhi before.
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she could have hatched this plot with him. she's not beyond that. she's a diabolical al qaeda operative and could have gotten on to this guy and said, come do this. we don't know -- >> we want to get to that. i just want to get to what we just learned. two law enforcement officials close to the case are telling us that the suspect is dead, per what you thought based on protocol, the way they might employ or deploy their forces, in your experience, being a hostage negotiator. but i wanted to get that to our audience. two law enforcement officials familiar with the case have told msnbc the suspect is dead. >> yeah, there's no time. once the breaching charge goes in, the s.w.a.t. operators move instantly. every s.w.a.t. team in america -- city, county, federal, state, all trained, these movements and as soon as the breaching charge goes in, they're in there
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instantaneously. if a guy is holding a weapon or a bomb, he's gone. they're going to shoot him right there. not going to be discussing anymore. they talked to him 11 hours. didn't lay it down. they can't let him kill the hostages. takes split-second decision making. excellent police work. the best we could come out is nobody's dead, but you the second best is only the bad guy's dead. >> all right, jim. we're going to listen in right now to the news briefing there live in colleyville texas. >> i'm katie shamont, the publish affairs. you know how to get in touch with us if there are any questions after the fact. i'll turn it over to chief miller. >> good evening, everybody. it's been a long day. thank you guys for coming out and covering this. my name's michael miller. i'm the chief of police here in colleyville texas. i'm going to give you an update on what happened today.
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we have been out here all day. this morning at about 10:41 we received a 911 call regarding a disturbance at the 6100 block, which is congregation beth israel, our jewish synagogue. at the time they were having services and those services were being across facebook and zoom. took ohio statages. at that time our north regional s.w.a.t. team responded. we set up a perimeter, began to evacuate local houses in the area. we really appreciate all of the people who are inconvenienced by us asking them to stay away from the area, but it was important for their safety. at some point in time immediately after that, we
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received some backup support from northwestern hills s.w.a.t. team. i immediately -- once we heard there was a hostage situation, i called the fbi. the fbi special agent came out. immediately, atf, fbi, texas public safety, and all of our local partners all responded as well. we have had nothing but phenomenal support from our state and local law enforcement and federal partners. at some point in time during the times we were negotiating with the suspect for a period of time all day, constant communication with him, he did release one hostage in the middle of the incident. that hostage was not harmed and he was -- he's doing well now. the fbi called out the hostage rescue team, which is an elite hostage rescue force out of quantico, virginia. they immediately -- when they
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called they go on a plane and flew out here. i think they brought 60 or 70 people frommed with to come and help with the situation. some time around 9:00 p.m. today this evening, the hostage rescue team breached the synagogue. they rescued the three hostages and the subject is deceased. i'd like to think -- this is a success due to the partnerships we have with our local, state, and federal law enforcement partners. it's been an incredible operation. we have had at least 200 law enforcement personnel here pretty much all day today. we couldn't have done it without them, and we thank them. we thank the community as well. i'm going to turn it over to s.a.c. who's going to talk more about the incident specifically work then we'll be here to talk about any questions you may have.
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thank you very much. >> thank you, chief miller. my name's matt disarno. i'm special agent dallas and flanked by my federal partners atf, dhi, and colleyville police department. today's result, four saved hostages and the situation resolved was really a result of a long day of hard work by nearly 200 law enforcement officers from across this region, local officers from across this region. as the chief mentioned, colleyville, north hills, fbi, atf, who you see all over this town today. i'd like to highlight a couple things we used the north renale s.w.a.t. team who started the engagement here in the morning, transitioned to dallas fbi s.w.a.t. team and then ultimately to the hostage rescue
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team and dallas fbi s.w.a.t. team holding the perimeter. as chief miller said, the fbi hostage rescue team is considered one of the crown jules of our organization. they're job is to conduct hostage rescues when necessary. in this case, we had a necessity for that, and they were successful. very proud of them. i'm also extremely proud of the team of negotiators, fbi agents and local police officers who worked all day long engaging the suspect and likely saved the lives of subjects through their engagement. it's likely this would have ended badly early in the day had we not had consistent with the subject. i do not have any information now this is part of an ongoing threat. we're investigating. we'll continue to investigate the hostage taker, he'll do not investigate his contacts. our investigation will have global reach. we have been in contact with
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multiple fbi to include tel aviv and london. and i want to continue to do that and we'll continue to do that throughout the country. we do believe from our engagement with the subject he was singularly focused on one issue, and it was not specifically related to the jewish community, but we're continuing to work to find motive and will continue on the path. in term of the resolution of the incident, the hostage taker is deceased. we will conduct an independent investigation. my evidence response team will be here to process the scene, and a team from washington will be here to conduct an independent investigation of the shooting incident, and that's the way we handle those things through our normal standard operating procedure. i will warn you before we take questions that you may be frustrated by my inability to answer a whole lot of questions right now because of the ongoing investigation and the shooting incident that occurred, but i specifically will not answer specific questions about the subject. there's a lot of information out
8:24 pm
there already about the subject, and we really don't want to jeopardize any potential investigation or any investigative leads into his motives or his potential associates. so we will take questions at this time if anybody has any. [ inaudible question ] >> i'll answer the first question. we have identified the subject, but we are not prepared to leas his identity at this time. sorry, sir, question? >> just having why the h -- decided to go in when they did. [ inaudible question ] >> that will all be part of this shooting review investigation, but i can tell you that there was a deliberate decision-making process that i participated in and that the hid kmant structure participated in and made entry. sir. [ inaudible question ]
8:25 pm
>> i'm going to leave all that -- a lot of it was out on that facebook live stream, what was said on that, but i'm not going to add any specific information to that. [ inaudible question ] >> what was said on the live stream, i can confirm it was said on the live stream, but i can't confirm the investigation has given it validity at this point. >> you talked about the work that the negotiators did throughout the course of the day. can you paint a picture of what that was like? was it constant communication throughout the entire day? were there ups and downs? >> so, it was -- the negotiation team had a high frequency and duration of contact with him. there were times when it stopped for periods of time, and like many hostage situations, those -- the relationship between the negotiators and the hostage taker kind of ebbed and
8:26 pm
flowed a little bit. it sometimes got intense buck these negotiators, i'm telling you, i'm so proud of them. unbelievable work. really incredible work for ten hours. unbelievable. [ inaudible question ] >> yes, absolutely, the four people who are rescue ready not in need of medical attention rrk with fbi agents now, will be reunited with their family unharmed. he did not harm them in any way. [ inaudible question ] >> other than what you heard on the live stream, i'm not ready to add anymore about the demands except they were specifically focused on one issue that was not specifically threatening to the jewish community. that was not the specific demand. [ inaudible question ] >> where the hostages are now? no, i can't talk about that. >> explosive devices? >> i'm not prepared to talk about that. one more question.
8:27 pm
>> fbi watch list? does he have any ties to this area? >> we -- again, that's part of our ongoing investigation, and that will come out as we move through the investigation. thanks. >> thank you, sir. chief. >> you are a law enforcement professional, you are a member of this community and somebody who cares about this congregation. talk to me about the day and what it's been like watching this play out in your own backyard. >> well, colleyville is one of the safest cities in texas, and this is something that you don't ever expect to have in your own city. the rabbi is a personal friend of mine. he's a close friend of mine, and so obviously it's very personal, as he was -- it's been put out in the media that he was one of the hostages that was involved in this. yeah, it's -- it's extremely personal, but, you know, i see
8:28 pm
lots of hope, and what we saw was a crisis here, but there's lots of hope in how the community came together. i have received calls from my colleagues across the nation. i've received calls from people that i haven't dealt with in many years, across lots of my career. this community, other churches have all reached out. food has been brought. our people have been cared for. and so, you know, lots of people praying today. i'm a christian. i'm a believer. i activated that prayer network, and we're thankful that this came to a very positive resolution. [ inaudible question ] i'm not going get into that at this point in time. any other questions? [ inaudible question ] >> i think that's still part of
8:29 pm
the ongoing investigation. it's still an active crime scene, so while the situation has been resolved, evidence response team from the fbi is going to be coming in and going to be processing that. bomb teches are clearing the scene as well, so i don't have a lot of information about that at this point. [ inaudible question ] >> yes, all the hostages were adults. i don't have the ages of the hostages at this point. [ inaudible question ] >> it's unknown at this time. [ inaudible question ] >> no, they're being interviewed by the fbi at this point. thank you very much. [ inaudible question ] >> new york we don't have any information about why this particular location, why this synagogue. thank you very much. we appreciate it. >> have you talked to your friend? >> thank you. >> thank you.
8:30 pm
>> good job, guys. >> a brief but very intense media briefing there. a lot of information communicated. but the most important, i think, to the community locally as well as nationally and statewide is that the four hostages are now safe and that the suspect, the other piece of information here, is dead. they were unable to say at this moment whether that was self-inflicted or by law enforcement. some of the details that we've learned, the hostage rescue team from the fbi from quantico, virginia, constituting 60 to 70 professionals at the end was the lead organization on the ground at the front dealing with the actual hostage taker. in addition to that, they do not believe, according to the fbi, that was matt diserno from the
8:31 pm
fbi saying that they did not believe anything specifically related to the jewish community was related to the demands of the hostage taker and of the suspect. there of course will be lots of questions around all of this. i believe we still do have jim kavanaugh with us, and if we do, jim, what do you make of the details? you talked about the hostage team before and the sheer skill they bring to situations like this. seems at the end of the day, they made the tough decision about an hour ago. >> they did a great job. the hostage team, i've worked with them before. they're excellent. i wrote the letter they were activated on their very first activation, and i walked it from across pennsylvania avenue
8:32 pm
because we had a need for them on a barricade out west. they're great team, first rate guys. they know what they're doing. they have all the money, marbles and caulk. like the chief said, they came in with a vanguard of people. they travel on their aircraft. they have all the equipmen. and they along with the negotiating team and commander on scene decided they needed to make a deliberate assault because it was not de-escalating, it was escalating. so they needed to make the deliberate assault, and that's when they went in. likely that was a breaching charge. they didn't say that, but from the description of the witnesses, richard, heard that blocks away. very strong charge. what all the teams use is a shake charge. it's a science in s.w.a.t., but it's a shape charge, it can breach doors, windows. once they come in then you're hearing the burst of gunfire. this guy probably took a couple
8:33 pm
of three-shot bursts from the two operator who is came in. i bought he even had time to kill himself. he wouldn't have time to -- >> they're that fast. >> they're that fast. there's no time. you're not going to have any time. game over once they breach. they come in, you're holding a weapon, you got a bomb on you, you're toast. that's it. it's over. because they've got to save the hostages. >> let's go to morgan chesky, you have been listening to him all this afternoon. morgan, what did we just learn? i gave some of the details just now. >> reporter: richard, those details were stunning ones shared by colleyville police. among the most important one shared, the four hostages held inside are safe and sound and the gunman is deceased. they were not giving details of the final moments what took place in or near the synagogue, only saying that man is no longer alive, and they did not
8:34 pm
say if he had any weapons on him at this time, nor would they offer any other details here. we do know, however, that those hostages that were being held inside are currently speaking with fbi agents to provide a much clearer picture as to what took place today. those hostage negotiators we're told had an ongoing conversation throughout the day, according to police, with this man. the question was asked, richard, what other demands did he make? authorities didn't share if he had any others, only to confirm the fact that one of those demands was the release of that federal prisoner being held at a facility about 20 miles from where we're standing. so we are hoping to learn much more in the next few hours. obviously these individuals that were inside, those members of that synagogue that had essentially 11 hours with this man, will provide some critical
8:35 pm
information to authorities here with this debriefing process that will likely be going on for the next several hours but authorities were very clear to say they were uninjured. they were fine. and they will be reunited with their families tonight. richard? >> nbc's morgan chesky with us all day. had a good ending at least according to the briefing we heard just now. thank you for your coverage. appreciate it. that does it for me. i'm richard lui. breaking news out of texas --s the police chief michael miller said, crisis, but a lot of hope, and that hope dominated today. so it is with a good ending we find the story in texas at the synagogue, and the hostage situation. again, all four hostages are safe, unharmed and, they are on
8:36 pm
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paul, and debbie wasserman schultz are just a few who have shown -- joining me now, the deputy bureau chief for "insider". it's great to have you with us. i have been following this closely. quite a fascinating revelation, even for people who follow what happens in d.c. let's start through the insider's reporting. what's the scope of the problem based on the reporting you've done? >> so often in this country we love to put things in terms of red and blue and conservative and liberal. but if you're looking for an unabashedly bipartisan topic and a bipartisan problem here, too, you've found it in the sense that lawmakers effectively in many, many cases just ignored a law that was passed ten years ago to serve as a bulwark, a check on their personal finances and making sure those personal finances were not going conflict with their public duties as
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members of congress here on capitol hill. that aspiration ten years ago has not lived up to the reality of where things stand now. >> yeah, and house speaker nancy pelosi was asked about this back in december, and it was a very straightforward question whether lawmakers should be allowed to trade stocks. listen to her answer. >> of course. this is a free market and people -- we're a free market economy. they should be able to participate in that. >> it seems to me that that's such a simplistic answer. sit a free market. we all know that, but they're also privy to an incredible amount of influence. they're privy to aincredible amount of information that could have influence on the price of a stock. what's your take to that response from her? >> lawmakers are different. members of congress are different in the sense that they are privy to in thor information, confidential information. they receive briefings on capitol hill that no other americans do, certainly not you or me or anyone else in the
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country. so they will have information that they can act on in a way that could potentially benefit them financially were theyo g and say, for example, at the dawn of the covid pandemic, buy a bunch of stock in pfizer and moderna and johnson & johnson or companies that make ppe or testing. and many did, okay? the other issue with nancy pelosi saying that is she received a lot of blowback. there was not just necessarily the republican criticism that you might expect of nancy pelosi for anything she might say, but she's really been squeezed in the subsequent weeks by members on the right, mccarthy and hawley and members on the left, people in her own democratic party. you have now probably about half a dozen similar bills that have been introduce in the congress to one extent or the other to limit or ban members of congress from trading stocks and
8:43 pm
effectively telling nancy pelosi, no, you're wrong on this issue. >> yeah, and as i noted, this is happening on both sides. who are some of the worst offenders, if you will, of the stock act. as i understand it, this is a very bipartisan affair when it comes to using this position they have and purchasing stocks. >> sure. i'll give you two examples. tom mall newsky of new jersey, running for re-election in a very important race. we record in the march that he had failed to disclose dozens upon dozens of different stock trades he made all through 2020 during the pandemic. some of those were pandemic sensitive stocks, and until we called him on it, he wasn't willing to make those disclosures. he said, hey, my financial adviser screwed up. we hear that a lot both from republicans and democrats. he ultimately did disclose. on the right you have somebody like pat fallon, a
8:44 pm
representative from texas. maybe not a household name, but trading dozens and dozens of different stock trades, purchases and sales to the tune of $20 million when you add it all up, and all of those disclosures were well past the federally mandated deadline that congress set for itself. congress is its own referee. members can choose to play by the rules or not. at least a dozen more, they have not done so. >> just to be clear and button this up, can you tell us, twhas rule as it stands now? what is a member of congress supposed to do now? i know there's more legislation to prohibit members of congress, their spouses from buying stock. what is the actual rule as it stands right now? >> the standard now is you have 30 to 45 days to identify what that trade is, the details of company you're die buying or
8:45 pm
selling the dollar value in a certain range. also to whether you as a member of congress has done it or a spouse or a dependent child. that's the rule, and yeah. >> us a said, the members of congress are their own referees so they don't necessarily as we've seen have to play by their own rules. we're going to be following the story closely in the weeks and months ahead. appreciate it. coming up, my next guests say we should look up and actually start doing something, anything, about climate change. i'm going speak with "don't look up," david and peter. >> plus, till to come with my saturday night panel, politics, sports and culture. trump gets hung up over the big lie, and novak djokovic's visa scandal down under. stick around. s visa scandal down under stick around
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8:50 pm
2010. we'll have more. back to you, ayman. >> thanks, richard. while the omicron swept across the country and homes hunkered down, a new
8:51 pm
8:52 pm
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8:56 pm
if you're not already affected by climate change, and every human being on this planet should be a climate activist i say we nee maybe we need more than that. we just need a very strong mainstream movement and everyone should get involved using their creativity and courage any way they can. >> we have to do absolutely
8:57 pm
better. on a side note, david, congratulations on the success of this movie. peter keep up the amazing work you're doing on this front. we do all have to do better. thank you for joining us, gentleman. >> thank you. >> thanks. >> stick around. we are live inha texas for an update t on that hosage situati next. don't go anywhere. e situation next don't go anywhere. tter than war. and has less major bleeding than warfarin. eliquis has both. don't stop taking eliquis without talking to your doctor as this may increase your risk of stroke. eliquis can cause serious and in rare cases fatal bleeding. don't take eliquis if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. while taking, you may bruise more easily or take longer for bleeding to stop. get help right away for unexpected bleeding, or unusual bruising. it may increase your bleeding risk if you take certain medicines. tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures. the number one cardiologist-prescribed blood thinner. ask your doctor about eliquis.
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