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tv   Dateline  MSNBC  January 15, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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and this is dateline. >> my poor baby. how could this happen to her? it came upon are suddenly, in the dead of night. >> maybe 20 yards away, i realize there was somebody laying in the road. >> a young woman, unconscious, covered in blood. what's possibly happened to this girl, and why she was out there in such a strange place, all alone. >> we don't know if it's attempted murder, or officials to bad accident. >> soon, they found a name. a loving family. >> i just remember praying like
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i never prayed before my. life >> but still, no. answers >> somebody did that tour, and is not coming forward. >> there was a boyfriend. >> my first impressions were that he exact. that >> what he said he didn't know. only she could tell them. >> but her memory of that night was gone. >> no words to describe how horrible it was. >> hello, welcome to dateline. this is a story of a young woman found nearly dead, in the middle of the road. with little evidence to go, on investigators needed to find out what happened from the victim herself. the problem was, she couldn't remember. here's josh mankiewicz, with the mystery on i'll be inroad. >> how would it feel to have brutal, life altering injuries, but to have the memories of how you got those injuries wiped
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out the instant you receive them. how they feel to have a golf in your mind, that stands between you and justice. november 11th, 2009, 1:30 am. a moonless night in the wheat fields of pullman washington. as bob katie drove home from a bar he owns, i'll be in the road was pitch black and dead quiet. >> as i came off the road, initially when i thought i saw on the road was somebody's mcdonald's bag in their drink, that they had thrown out the window. >> just trash on the? road >> just trash. i was going to pull off on the right i was gonna drive over it. >> as bob drove closer, he saw the object in the road wasn't garbage, at all. >> as i got maybe 20 yards away, i realized it was somebody, laying in the road. >> a young woman. she could've been more than 20
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or 25 years old, bleeding, barefoot. unconscious. >> bob katie parked his truck sideways in the road to shield the woman from oncoming cars. he then ran down the hill a few hundred yards, until he could get a cell phone signal. >> there is a lady living, laying -- >> okay, she awake? >> no. you gotta get a car here. >> i had a pretty strong feeling that she wasn't going to be able to lay on the road for very long. >> speeding up the hill worth three emergency medical technicians. >> you look at the situation and it looks unreal. she was, pretty much, covered from head to toe endure, blood. >> she had a very, very irregular pulse. it was there but it was very weak. >> as they loaded her into an ambulance, they were full of questions.
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>> what's possibly happened to this girl, and why she was out there, in such a strange place, at such a strange time, all alone. >> she was only wearing a shirt. a t-shirt, jeans, and no shoes. >> sheriff brad myers and his deputies arrived on the scene to find a mystery. >> what was a temperature that night? >> the temperature was probably about 35, maybe 40 degrees. >> so anybody walking around out there without shoes, or a coat, that doesn't make sense. >> doesn't make sense. but, we don't know if it's an attempted murder, or officials to bad accident. all we know is, we have an injured female, in the middle of the road, with very little evidence. >> but, soon, they had her name. courtesy of a bank card they found in her pocket. it was issued to kristen grandly. investigators soon learned there was a recent -- washington state university, by that name. they got a phone number for parents, waken pat greenly. across the state in, wouldn't
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ville washington. >> they said i am calling about your daughter that was in an accident. >> pat greenly bolted awake, when it happened to kristen? how badly was she hurt? i >> just remember screaming, is she alive? >> they handed the phone to me and it was the chapman with the police department, saying, your daughter's been left a spoken. i just remember praying like i never prayed before my life, like kristen, hang on for, we're coming. >> when the terrified parents finally arrived at the sacred heart hospital. they were ushered into intensive care. >> it's shocking. i mean, christine is a very beautiful girl, to see her hair all cut and matted with blood. just seeing your own child go through with that pain must of been like, it's impossible for us to take. >> i felt like i was going to collapse.
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>> what was your initial prognosis? as >> pretty guarded. >> doctor benjamin lang was a neurosurgeon assigned to the case. >> she was in a fairly deep coma. under cat scan, she had bruising of her brain. >> how serious of a brain injury is that? >> on a scale of 1 to 10, it's probably a seven. >> as christine lay unconscious in the icu, family gathered at her bedside. brother, patrick, sisters, kelly and shannon. >> we got there and there is like one inch of her body that you could touch, the rest of her body was in bandages. with blood, cuts, tubes. >> it was so hard to see her, but overall, more reassuring that she was okay, that she was still breathing. >> every member of the family spent hours watching over kristen, in those early days.
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but, one of them never left her side. her mom, pat i >> my poor baby. how could this happen to her? >> exactly would did happen here is a question that would consume, not just christians family, but investigators and prosecutors, as well. together, the road rash on her body, a long trail of blood on the asphalt suggested kristen may have been hit by a car. or fallen from a car. or, been thrown from a car. but, when kristen was found, there wasn't vehicle in sight. if anybody else was involved, they were gone. >> real simply put, we knew somebody knew would happened. >> i just remember clinching my face every time i went in there, just seeing her like that, knowing that somebody did that tour, and is not coming forward, hiding. >> the grizzlies were going to do all they could, to make sure that whoever hurt kristen, was
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found and brought to justice. >> coming up, the investigations key witness, christian herself, was still unconscious, fighting for her life. >> we were saying kristen, we just need you to get up, one more time. >> when dateline continues. when dateline continues when dateline continues dupixent helps heal your skin from within keeping you one step ahead of eczema. hide my skin? not me. and fast itch relief for adults. with dupixent, you can show more skin with less eczema. hide my skin? not me. don't use if you're allergic to dupixent. serious allergic reactions can occur, including anaphylaxis, which is severe. tell your doctor about new or worsening eye problems, such as eye pain or vision changes, or a parasitic infection. if you take asthma medicines, don't change or stop them without talking to your doctor.
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family. accustomed to gathering at their lake house -- jimmy buffett. now, they banded together around 23-year-old kristen's hospital bed, praying for a word, even a twitch, any sign that she might wake up and pull through. >> there are no words to describe how horrible it was. you know -- from the time she was born, it was just flashing through my head. everything. everything she had done. >> kristen elizabeth greatly, have path in rick's second child, a handful from the start. >> when she for started to walk, she would get up on her feet, then she would just run.
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>> the determined toddler grew into a confident young woman. >> upbeat, friendly, >> vivaciously. >> charismatic. >> positive. >> hello areas. >> christine was always at the center of a big group of friends. always up for fun, and on top of the -- >> when twilight came out, we had this obsession with it. >> we all got into twilight. facebook, my space, because of kristen. >> at her senior year at washington state, she started yelling richard plasma. her first steady boyfriend. christine fell hard. >> what was she saying about this guy? >> how great he was, that she really liked him. >> it was nice to hear her that excited about a guy. >> they were attached to the
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hip, from the very beginning. she wanted to marry him and, have kids. they started planning their future, talking about getting married right away. >> now, just a year later, this once lively, loving young woman, lay motionless in a hospital bed. rick grandly thought back to his daughter, as a strong willed toddler. >> i remember telling her, as i stood over, her kristen, i just need you to get up, one more time. >> family and friends started a facebook page for kristen. hoping she would somehow feel the love they poured onto the screen. in a hospital gift shop, her sisters bought a stuffed panda bear, one of christians favorite animals. christina did notice the toy, so they clutch did themselves. on the nights when it was their turn to watch over you their sisters bedside. could tell that when she was going to go through sports of pain or something, she would hold her breath. about a week into crystals
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hospitals they, rick first saw a glimmer of life in his daughter's face. >> he said kristen white was that. she just said, it hurts. >> gradually, painfully, kristen was fighting her way back to consciousness. she says >> she came around to me. said hi sexy and smiled. >> i just started crying. it was an amazing feeling. >> so kristen could utter a few more phrases. it became clear to her family that her member was shaky. it became clear that she knew who she was, but not much else. in the beginning they did not press it. they loved her determination to get better. >> her recovery was surprising to her doctor family and friends. she was waiting for a sign that
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her memory was returning. they knew the truth that was happening on all be in road that night. >> we wanted her to pull through. we wanted to have information if she has it. >> but her -- gaps in her memory became noticeable. >> i remember talking with her and saying kristen, where are you. she said spoken. -- she said i don't know who i am. >> how would chef myers ever piece together what happened that night on all the in road. considering she couldn't even remember where she was from one minute to the next. >> it makes your job ten times more difficult when the actual victims doesn't remember anything about the crime. >> it makes a very difficult. >> kristen and her family prayed her memory would heal.
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and all the support for her was in the hospital and online. they called, or posted on the facebook page. someone who you would expect to be there at her bedside. her boyfriend. did he know anything that happened on the night that kristen fell, was bleeding and loan, on all the in road? >> who was the man in kristen's life? and what had happened between them? coming up,. >> he would lock her out. she was crying and wouldn't want us to tell our parents. >> when dateline continues. r parents. r parents. >> when ould help a lot ♪ ♪wouldn't you like to get away? ♪ ♪ ♪where everybody knows your name ♪
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and healing back to health after an accident in the dead of night. but all of her memories of that event had been wiped away from a serious brain injury that she had suffered. richard, a lot of young man who she had shared her heart with was not at the hospital. and now those close to her wanted to know if the man kristen had called the love of her life had something to do with the end of her life. >> i can't explain it, i don't know it, but i have this gut feeling that something was not
10:22 pm
okay. >> richard was the center of christmas -- kristen's world when they met. he was a tall, slim, engineering student. he had an interest in politics and big ambitions for the future. for kristen, they sparked a passionate attraction. >> they started dating and i never saw her. >> her college friend, said as soon as the romance started, kristen pulled away from everyone except richard. >> were best friends. every year through college, none of us were friends with her because he never wanted to leave him. >> her role to spend time with a new love was not unusual. but they said her boyfriend was possessive. >> he was upset with pictures on her facebook. he made her delete pictures with other men or boys in the
10:23 pm
picture because he did not like it. >> in the fall of -- about six weeks into the relationship, kristen's dad came to visit the new couple for dads weekend. >> a party, she didn't show up. at breakfast she didn't show up. we try to track them down at the football game. it came across to me as a bit immature. >> her mom says her mom -- she called home deaths this stated. >> she said she didn't know why he wouldn't want to meet her dad. i said it doesn't sound like he is the person for you. >> and she said, you're right or you do not understand? >> i don't remember what's she said. i just got the feeling that she liked him enough to continue. >> part of the fear is watching your kids grow up and make choices that you maybe would not have made. >> exactly.
10:24 pm
>> so you great your teeth and say, she is dating richard. >> right. >> but it may have been worse than pat knew, kristen started to confine her details to her sister shannon. >> one time i -- he locked her out of the house and she had to walk all the way back to her apartment. i remember her calling me and crying in talking about it. she did not want us to tell our parents. >> kristen and richard seemed to go closer in the spring of 2009. they moved in together just off campus. around that same time, during a visit, richard lost his temper and shush -- when she and richer woodland drive after a weekend of drinking. >> he pretty much blew up. there were a lot of adults there and my friends were
10:25 pm
floored. >> kristen's -- could that be the reason that he put her in the hospital? or is there something more? was it possible that richard pasma knew the events of november 11th 2009? the night she was found on all the in road. >> back to sheriff priors. on that first note, he knew that he needed to talk with richard pasma. >> so you went to the house. and you saw were church has ma? >> we met with richard has ma. >> they met with christine's boyfriend in his home and then continued in an interrogation room. >> -- coming up. >> he did not like law enforcement. my intentions -- . >> the boyfriend says the events of that horrific night. >> where did he said he was? . >> he said he had been out on
10:26 pm
alvin road. >> where christine was found? . >> right >> when dateline continues. >> teamwork... long walks.... continues. that's how you du more, with dupixent, dupixent is not for sudden breathing problems. it's an add-on-treatment for specific types of moderate-to-severe asthma that can improve lung function for better breathing in as little as two weeks. and can reduce, or even eliminate, oral steroids. and here's something important. dupixent can cause serious allergic reactions, including anaphylaxis. get help right away if you have rash, shortness of breath, chest pain, tingling or numbness in your limbs. tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection, and don't change or stop your asthma treatments, including steroids, without talking to your doctor. are you ready to du more with less asthma?
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shingles doesn't care. but you should. i'm dara brown, we're following
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breaking news tonight, -- says everyone is out, alive and safe, after hodges situation in texas, saturday. authorities spent hours negotiating with a man holding hostages, including a rabbi at a synagogue, in the dallas-fort worth area. the man told authorities he wants to release -- from federal prison. she was convicted in 2010 of attempted murder of u.s. soldiers. nbc news confirms the man responsible for this incident, has been killed. now, back to dateline. welcome back to dateline, i'm natalie morales. investigators held out hope that kristen greatly could tell them why she was found bloody and unconscious in, the middle
10:30 pm
of the rolled. when she woke up from her coma, her memory of the night was blank. perhaps her boyfriend could help explain what happened. here again, josh mankiewicz, with the mystery on i'll be in road. >> from the time kristen open your eyes and uttered her first word, her progress was astounding for. here she is, just six weeks after she arrived at the hospital, unconscious. she smiling, moving, answering questions. >> what's today? >> the 31st on a thursday. >> things most of us take for granted. for christine greatly, each felt like a little miracle. by now, she was recuperating at st. luke's. the rehabilitation facility. videos pasted on for facebook conical to progress. kristen exercising, playing games to strengthen eye hand coordination.
10:31 pm
simple tax, but with her injuries, they required looming effort. >> january just seem like a cloud lifted off of her. all of a sudden, she was starting to ask questions, why am i here. >> when christians search for the life she lived, she had only shards of memories. seen through a haze. she asked her family for reminders, seeking out treasured pieces of the past. they brought her dog to saint luc's, for an enthusiastic reunion. there was one part of the past, she seemed much less excited about, her old boyfriend, richard pass mauve. the love she felt for him so strongly, now seem to have vanished, along with her memories. i'm going to break up with that guy. >> she kept saying i need to break up with that. dude finally, i said who are you talking about? she said, richard. i hate him.
10:32 pm
i need to break up with him. that was the very first time that she even mentioned his name. >> but richard had been at the center of the investigation, by brett myers. ever since the night of november 11th, just a few hours after kristen was found, the sheriff was in the doorway of the couple's home. sizing up her live in boyfriend. >> first impressions of richard passes mauve. >> first impressions are begin -- my first impressions were that we knew exactly would happen. and >> he did say he knew would happened? >> no he didn't. >> in fact, richard told the sheriff that he had been out searching for kristen. he said he had no clue where she was, so the sheriff broke the news that kristen had been airlifted to a hospital, in critical condition. >> he was overly concerned about kristen, but his emotions didn't really match the concern that he was presenting. it was almost like a poor acting job. >> not possible that this was
10:33 pm
richard's way of reacting to bad news? >> it's possible, but we knew that we had to speak with him. >> sheriff myers brought richard back to the station for questioning. he says he smelled alcohol on richards breath. richard acknowledged that he and kristen had been arguing that day. >> they had kind of this argumentative relationship. >> stormy? >> stormy times. >> that evening, richard said that they had gone out separately, when he came back home, he said, kristen sorry to fight again. so at 1:30 am, he got in his truck, and left the house, alone. >> he indicated that he had reached over unlock the car, looked over his shoulder, and as he pulled away, she was in the doorway. >> richard said he went out for wheeling. driving fast on rural roads to blow off steam. where did he say he was? >> he said he had been on mlb in road. >> i'll be inroad rechristen. was >> right. >> dashboard video from police cars in the area backed up that
10:34 pm
part of the story. here's richard strzok, driving right past the spot where kristen was found. minutes after the ambulance had taken her away. richard told the sheriff something odd happened when he returned home, after 2 am. richard said he heard someone throwing around the recycling bins in his front yard. he went downstairs, to tell kristen. he said it was only then that he realized, she wasn't home. he woke her friend caitlin, who was staying over that night. the two of them once searching, in vain, for kristen. had vandals really been in the yard that night. the sheriff sent deputies back to regions how to check it out. >> recycling bins and not have been appeared to moved, still covered in leaves. >> why tell us story that could be so easily disproven? >> he was trying to explain why it couldn't be him. why, in the middle of the, night he decided to start looking for kristen. >> it was the first solid clue,
10:35 pm
backing up the sheriffs hunch, that richard knew more than he was telling. even bigger clue, came from craig, she told sheriff deputies that while she and richard searched for christine, that night, he told her over and over, he was scared christine could've been in the bed of his truck. it was a very different story than when he was telling the cops. an >> hour after we interviewed him, he's telling caitlin that he's afraid that she fell out the back of the vehicle. when >> you interview him, he saying she's not a. vehicle >> doesn't even bring it up,. doesn't even say there's a possibility. when we offer that up to him as a possible exhalation, he refuted it, saying there's no way. >> after about 40 minutes of questioning, richard asked to speak to a lawyer. the interview was over. the criminal investigation was just beginning. that same night, the sheriff ran a routine check on kristin
10:36 pm
greenlee's name, on a police database. >> anything interesting -- >> there was one contact that she had had with campus police. she had been the victim in a domestic violence situation. >> university police made an arrest in that case, kristen's boyfriend, richard. according to the april 2000 on report, an officer in a university parking lot, had heard a couple screaming at each other on a stairway. i saw a pass small, strike greatly with a fully extended right arm and opened a hand across your face. grisly recoiled in shock. i heard the sound of his hand hitting her face, from approximately 20 feet. kristen's mob had no nothing about that incident, but looking back, she said it confirmed the suspicions he had all along. suspicion she had asked kristen
10:37 pm
about, in a once before she was injured. >> i came and asked her, numerous times. does he hit you? >> and she would say? >> no. >> and you believed her. >> no. i just had a feeling. >> for sheriff myers, a report that richard had been arrested for slapping her, was a jarring discovery. but it didn't prove a thing. just because someone's been arrested for domestic violence prior, doesn't mean that the gear are guilty of a heinous crime. >> had richard curry -- on the night of november 11th, 2009? or was there some other explanation for how kristen ended up unconscious on our will be in road. without her memories to add to the case, with the sheriff be able to piece together the answers and find justice for kristen? >> coming up, a dramatically
10:38 pm
different theory about what happened that night. >> unfortunately, the person that caused the injuries was christian greatly. >> when dateline continues. n dateline continues n dateline continues don't take rybelsus® if you or your family ever had medullary thyroid cancer or have multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2, stop rybelsus® and get medical help right away if you get a lump or swelling in your neck, severe stomach pain, or an allergic reaction. serious side effects may include pancreatitis. tell your provider about vision problems or changes. taking rybelsus® with a sulfonylurea or insulin increases low blood sugar risk. side effects like nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea may lead to dehydration, which may worsen kidney problems. wake up to the possibility of lower a1c with rybelsus®. you may pay as little as $10
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10:42 pm
the medical facility and finally back to her parents house in washington. having her home was a blessing. her parents would not rest easy until someone was held accountable for her injuries. good for her family, everything pointed to richard pasma and their suspicions. with his violent arrest back in april 2009, and his invasive answers in that interview with his sheriff the night she was hurt. >> oh my god, what did he do to her. >> what did he do to? her will. >> you may have thrown her from his pick up truck, or injured her elsewhere and dumped her on the side of the road. there are the sheriff's hopes there was a charge that was
10:43 pm
tough enough. >> what would be enough? . >> attempted murder. wag >> but richard was -- one they his lawyer said there was no reason to charge his client with anything. you would be surprised where he does place the blame. >> unfortunately, the person that caused the injuries was kristen. >> to see what happened on the night of 2009, lead you need to hear a side of this couple that you did not hear from the friends and family. >> he says it was not by choice that rangers -- will he wanted to contact her guard but they said do not. that's >> what they said that richard was controlling, even violent.
10:44 pm
it was way off base. christine was the one who would not run away from a fight. cobb and some of her friends said the same thing. >> if you're on one side, of course the friends will say the other one in the relationship was difficult and like to fight. and would be jealous, and accusatory. >> his friend said that about her. and her friend said that about him. >> exactly. >> but what happened in 2009 when the police officer saw him slapped her on the face, hard? >> julie hug unrest is different than a charge. gun unrest never went to a charge. >> in fact, it was kristin who wanted to have the charges dropped. she said she was the one who started the fight. >> she blamed herself and said it was her who started the fight. >> and is it okay? .
10:45 pm
>> of course it is not okay, but it was presented as a abusive relationship and he was the abuser. i do not think that is accurate. >> as for the night of november 11th, they said that it was kristen who provoke the conflict. she was being unreasonable objecting to richard's father coming over and staying even though he owned it. they said that christine would not let it drop. >> from 12 noon until the next morning jog, 12:13-hour period she made just 113 phone calls to richard. >> she called him 113 times? characterize someone who calls their boyfriend 113 times. >> how would you characterize them? . cool >> i'm not the attorney. it sounds frank tech and
10:46 pm
immature. something that kids do. john it also, i guess could sound, obsessive. jess >> i think so. >> efforts focuses on kristen's behavior is not kristen's accession nation. it is at the heart of her injuries. she was so obsessive, that when richard came late at night she started the argument for third time. so obsessive, when he tried to go for a drive, she sneaked into the back without him knowing. >> she somehow managed to climb into the pickup and fallout. she knew >> she must fallen out, while richard was coasting on i'll be in road not realizing she was in the truck. perhaps she fell because she was trying to stand and was unsteady. her blood alcohol level showed
10:47 pm
she had been drinking that evening. her family says that played no role in her injury. the attorney acknowledges his version of what happened that night. it is unusual. >> we're trying to show that something happened that is pretty bizarre. and >> and to support that, they had a powerful piece of evidence. joe a letter that she wrote to richard before she was hurt. >> i know i have a problem she wrote, i need to control my alcoholism and to walk away from a fight. she promised to change a list of things. her drinking, her temper, yelling, etc. >> the problem is the lack of physical evidence against his client. sheriff had spent -- the house he shared with kristen, and the scene on the road, but they came up with no
10:48 pm
blood spatters. no marks on her at all. nothing to show that kristen had been in the back of the truck that night or that richard had her christine in any way. >> we do not know what has caused the occurrence. >> nothing that says that he threw her out of the truck, or that he did anything to her at all. >> correct. >> despite that, sheriff was not calling off the investigation of richard pasma. a few months after she returned home, the sheriff told her that he was prepared to bring charges against her former boyfriend. >> coming up, what could those charges be? and what does christian herself say about that night. when data line continues about that night about that night whenrs old. we wanna buy your car. so go to carvana and enter your license plate
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10:52 pm
say whether richard pasma would play trial to see if he was involved in their daughters injuries, kristin was facing daily trials of her own. >> i've just been helping. >> re-learning the every tasks that can overwhelm something with brain damage. at that time, she did not have the cognitive skills to drive or --
10:53 pm
. >> it's so great to have kristen healthy with us. >> but in july 2010, eight months of the accidents. her parents felt she was well enough to sit down with me about what happened with the accident and what she did. >> how are you? . >> i am good. >> she was engaged although there were pieces of her past she could not recall. >> wet is the first thing that you remember after that night? >> i remember talking to that -- >> talking to my dad about where i was, and when i was doing. >> it's. >> first thing i asked was where am i? why am i here? >> kristen could only remember fragments of her life in the weeks and months leading up to that day. >> i kept thinking that i was going to graduate, and i kept
10:54 pm
telling my parents to go back to school and complete it. how could i forget that? >> her memories of richard wear fuzzy too. >> john what do you think of richard? jim >> i can't remember anything really. kristen said that she did remember richard hitting her in the school parking lot in 2009. but what about richard's claim? that she had him first? >> do you still think that's true? what you told p police at the time. that richard hit you because you hit him? >> i do think that happened, and i don't think that happens. i think we were arguing. i think that's what led to the slap. >> as for november 11th 2009, the day that left a hole in her life, she told me she could not remember a thing.
10:55 pm
>> you don't remember what happened that night. you want to. >> i do. >> you think it will bring up an unpleasant memory. >> yes, but i wish i could remember anything just to know. >> by now, sheriff had spent months on this investigation. but with her memory of the event gone, seemingly forever, and with no physical evidence to show that richard had hit her, they reached that and. however, there were files about richards two inconsistent stories. his statements to her friend, and kristen climbing into the back of his pick up. and -- >> so for richard stories to both be true, he would've had
10:56 pm
to see her in the hallway, and the moment he looks away she hides in the back of his truck. >> somehow, she jumped in the back of the truck crouch down without being detected. >> so like a fly. >> yeah. >> sheriff said they looked at the story from every angle. they said that christine must of been in the truck. that richard knew that she was there. and that she hit the payment with him struck at high speed. and he left her there without calling 9-1-1. maybe richard fled the scene because he somehow pusher from the truck. or maybe he was driving drunk, when she flew out of the back and he feared the test. richards prosecutors were not exactly -- they did not need a definitive answer to make the next move.
10:57 pm
>> criminal charges have been filed in the case that left someone injured the past year. >> richard has mall was booked, fingerprinted, and charged with a felony. it was a very long way from the attempted murder charge once contemplated by the family. richard was accused of leaving the scene of an accident. punishable up to five years in prison. >> why do you think richard was charged? >> i started crying. i thought that the charges were not enough. >> still, the brynn -- they thought they would learn more details of what happened to their charter daughter. that's not what happened. just ten days before the trial date, richard came into the courtroom not to face a jury of his peers but to enter a plea. they said under the agreements, he did not admit wrongdoing.
10:58 pm
he maintains as far as he knew, she was not in the truck that night. but he acknowledged, there was sufficient evidence of a jury knowing that he left her injured without calling 9-1-1. >> he she was not conscious. she was bleeding from her head and other injuries. >> as part -- of they drop their request for the optional sentence of five years. the sentencing in november 2010, was the first time kristen and richard were in the same room since a year earlier when their romance came to an abrupt and. >> i hope richard regrets what he did to me and gets help. -- i fear that he will hurt others. >> richard pat small was the last to speak. he had never talked publicly
10:59 pm
about the case. and he declined a request for an interview. -- he existentially pleaded no contest, rather than guilty. he did not take responsibility for what happened on mlb in road. and with the grizzlies wanting to hear some remorse, they were disappointed. >> i'm sorry for your all your troubles in the last year. i wish this never would've happened. i hope that after today we can all move on, and move in a positive light and have it all just go away. your honor, thank you. >> richard was sentenced to nine months in jail. kristen will likely be dealing with the injury she suffered on november 2009, for the rest of her life. but she can focus on the good things ahead. >> do you consider yourself
11:00 pm
lucky? >> yes. >> because you're here? >> yes. ♪ ♪ ♪ i am just very happy that i am okay. >> that is all for this edition of dateline, thanks for watching. dish i'm craig. >> melvin, and i'm i'm natalie morales. craig melvin, this is and i'm natalie morales. and this dateline is dateline. >> it was getting dark's 100 pulled the trigger. wasn't. i >> just got awful scream. >> was this an accident? >> it was absolutely normal allegation of evil intent. >> i won't --


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