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tv   The Reid Out  MSNBC  January 25, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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thanks for spending time with me tonight as we learned if they tell you don't look up, consider looking up. that does it for us since "the reidout with joy reid" starts now. >> wise words indeed. have a fantastic evening. good evening. we begin "the reidout" with butler, now you may be a little known name but don't let that fool you. this is a marine with a big military resume. starting with the war against spain in 1898. he was twice awarded the medal of honor, hollywood loved him so did theodore roosevelt that called him the ideal american soldier but the story we're going to tell didn't happen in a conflict overseas but rather in pennsylvania. one day a bond salesman
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approached butler with a pitch. imagine, half a million veterans marching on washington a move financed by some of the most powerful corporations in america. the purpose to stop president franklin d. roosevelt's new deal opposed by wealthy business leaders as a socialist doctrine. this army of veterans would pressure the president to hand over executive powers of government and if the president refused, he would be forced to resign. the bond salesman after, you know, casually pitching the violent over throw of the u.s. government asked butler if he would be interested in heading this march to which general butler replied my one hobby is maintaining a democracy. if you get these 5,000 soldiers smelling of anything of fascism, i will get 5,000 more and lick the hell out of you and have a real war. the general reported this exchange to the government and
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here he is revealing the so-called business plot before a panel of the special house committee on unamerican activities. >> before the professional committee, the highest representation of the american people under subpoena to tell what i knew of activities, which i believe might lead to an attempt to set up a factious dictatorship to form an organization of veterans to use as a club at least to intimidate the government and break down our democratic institution. >> the panel, the media, the american public did not take this exchange as seriously as butler did. no one was ever prosecuted or punished. the allegations turned into one big joke, a scheme by the super rich to topple the u.s. government for their own financial interest, impossible, right? major general butler did for american democracy was heroic whether people at the time believed him or not. he was also far from the perfect hero. he would call himself a
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racketeer for capitalism. jonathan katz outlines how butler blazed a path for the u.s. empire helping seize the philippines and land for the panama canal, inviting and helping plunder mexico and more. meaning he played a heavy hand in the yuck stuff caught in schools and museums and movies. america as empire tends to sell fewer tickets but perhaps the layers and contradictions that allowed butler to see what this pitch was about, an alleged political conspiracy to over throw roosevelt and install a factious government in his place. fast forward nine decades and we've now witnessed another attempted coup. led by a man who simply couldn't admit that he lost an election. and whose movement of trump-ism was created and funded and
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sustained by big business. that populousest bit was a sham and like in 1934 we see a similar pattern of deflection when it comes to what we're up against. dozens of witnesses and participants in the january 6th insurrection have stone walled the select committee and several who have testified still refuse to answer questions. most recently the right wing fake news host alex jones revealed that he pleaded his fifth amendment right against self-incrimination nearly 100 times during an interview on monday. john eastman, the notorious trump lawyer that literally put the plan for a coup in writing also claimed his fifth amendment right against self-incrimination as a response to 150 questions and to document and to his document subpoena. according to a lawye for the house that spoke to cnn. but in contrast with the alleged fascist plot of 1934 we are seeing accountability when it comes to the maga mob who served
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as trump's boots on the ground on january 6th. just today, stewart rhodes and nine of his keepers pleaded not guilty to seditious conspiracy and more than 700 have been charged with this current insurrection. joining me is malcolm nance, intelligence analyst and the author of the upcoming book "they want to kill americans." jonathan katz, a formentioned author of the "racket" newsletter and author of "gangsters of capitalism." i want to start with you jonathan. i so enjoyed this incredible long read about smedley butler, what a name first of all. talk a little bit about this plot we outlined going in here as you've researched this, how real was this attempt?
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how serious were they and who were some of the sort of big business and corporate interests behind it? >> so what we know is basically what butler testified in front of congress in november 1934 and that is that a representative of a prominent wall street financial institution came to him and tried to enlist him in this plot. we can be pretty sure that the guy who approached him thought there was a factious coup behind him, that he was trying to foment. in my research, i can tell you that his boss, a guy named grayson murphy had a long intelligence background. he had been involved in over throwing governments overseas. he was certainly the kind of person who might have been involved in this. beyond that, all we have is the idea that the representative of this brokerage, a guy named gerald c. mcgwire told butler there were going to be big names coming to support it from behind
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the scenes and those names would include people like the duponts, alfred p. sloan of general motors and the mechanic ad agency, phillips oil, sun oil, places like that. what we don't know is how involved they were and to what extent the planning went forward before butler was approached. >> we know something called the liberty league was informed, the same industrialests and wealthy people that didn't like the idea of having a new deal. they tag it as socialism saying it's socialism and we'd rather have fascism. >> much as in 2022 a lot of people thought liberal democracy was on the way out and the only ways forward were either fascism or communism and to the business
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elite in america, fascism seemed like the more attractive of the options. so we don't know again whether the big names that jerry mcguire said would be coming behind this were actually behind it to what degree they were but we do know a number of people who were members of the liberty league including the head of jp morgan, he considered himself a missionary and part of the new deal mooted as somebody who will be involved in the business plot, he also was a committed admirer of the european fascism and we know that the guy had been on a tour of the fastest hot spots of europe and met with members of one of the real
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partners of january 6th in february of 1934 there was a factious and far right riot in paris to storm the parliament to prevent the handover of power to a center left prime minister which there are a lot of ties between that and january 6th and mcgwire met with members of the maybe sort of the oath keepers of paris 1934. so there was a lot to say there would have been support for a coup like this if it pushed forward that mcgwire was saying we're behind it. we just don't know the extent to which the planning had gone forward in large part because congress cut the investigation short. >> yeah. there's a lot of lessons to be learned here malcolm, one of which was that big industrial interest will sometimes mesh with our military's missions and
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i think it's something we don't like to talk about. we want to portray america and american military is good guys and i'm a great admirer of the american military. in a lot of ways, our history is a history of empire and something we don't talk about a lot. is it something we need to face because i don't know, there are risks there and right now we're seeing paramilitary people participating in another attempted coup, at least a small number of them. >> i recall this guy supreme ally commander of all forces in europe and world war ii who successfully landed in europe and own a crusade took the entire place book as a rapid anti fastest named dwight d. eisenhower and he became president of the united states and warned of this very thing that war was a racket and that or rations were now using the united states government as their way of surviving and so i
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think that for someone with as much experience in the greatest period of economic development and reengineering, don't forget, we changed refrigerators into tanks, right, refrigerator companies doing pistols, remmington ranch started miking rifles, that we should pay attention to that. will we ever stop this? that won't happen any time soon. we have far greater problems in the endwa nearing of our democracy and interesting thing, i'm a fan of smedley butler. i have smedley butler memorabilia in my man cave because the plot of 1932 was almost precisely what rough terms what general milley said getting involved in politics.
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we're revolving around this and the big question is will the american public actually be awake this november to put a stop to this or are we going to sleepwalk our way into fascism? >> let me play you something. for a lot of americans, you hear marskism and socialism a lot. it doesn't have much to do with socialism and as practiced around the world. they mean policies that help poor people. let me play a motage of that going over the years and decades. >> the cold war we face today is the child of the new deal rendezvous with communism. >> they established the prereck sets to a social state. >> one of the traditional
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methods of imposing statism of socialism on people is medicine. >> they led demonstrations and present here, many of them belong to the communist organizations. >> we have people in washington who want to take us into socialism. >> public housing is one of the last socialism in the world. >> switching these programs and this is where i'm talking about health care from a third party or socialist base system. >> now is not the time to experiment with social list m. >> the democrats used to be normal people. now they're socialists, communists. >> the last little bit of time we have left, malcolm, we have a president, donald trump who sort of styled himself as a populous but policies overwhelmingly benefitted the wealthy and high corporate interest and have an attempted coup by people who want him to stay in forever. right? they want the deregulation of oil and gas who want increased military spending to go on forever, who want more right
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wing justice where corporate side with big business 70% of the time. it's hard for me to see much difference between that and what they are talking about who have a great interest in having a populous movement that's willing to go to war to keep their body in power to help the rich forever, no? >> would have been -- well, the term faced factiousfactious, a dictatorship of the right. that's the definition of the largest corporations in germany and right up to the point where major corporations are sitting there, figuring out what kind of furnaces they could make to burn x number of bodies per day so they could have a final solution so the problem of the jews in
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europe and we held them accountable at normberg for the most part but many corporations in operation today. dwight d. eisenhower made it clear when there is money to be made there is going to be an interest of perpetual for warfare or propping up of fascism. the quotes you had from ronald reagan and all of the rest, i would have thrown in the quote from major general jack t. ripper in the famous film about atomic war. you know, where he said -- where he thought there was conspiracy of putting fluoride in there. that's qanon in the republican party today. >> yeah. >> with people in the military. >> and by the way, regan was talking about medicare in that rant. jonathan katz, i have the tell you, this was an excellent read.
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i hope everybody buys your book. it was fantastic. appreciate it. follow the money. think about who is funding and paying for and profiting off of what we're seeing happening last january. think about it. worth doing. thank y'all very much. up next on "the reidout" trump pleaded with georgia officials to steal the votes he needed to win the state. we are the tape. what happens next in fulton's grand jury investigation. democrats scoring major victories over egregious gerrymandering but how free and fair will the next election be? arizona democrats send a loud and clear message to kyrsten sinema continue to obstruct the biden agenda at your own peril, political peril. the state party chairwoman joins me and tonight's absolute worst says email me but he doesn't want to chat, he's looking for dirt on your kids' teachers. and hey, guess what? i'm going to be on the late show
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i'm bilal mahmood, and i know our city can become a beacon of hope once again. the january 6th select committee is not the only investigation into donald trump that is picking up steam. a panel of judges in georgia has given the green light to fulton county district attorney fanny willis to seat a special grand jury for her investigation into trump's attempts to overturn the election results in that state. now, we all remember trump's notorious phone call to secretary of state brad raffensperger a year ago. >> look, all i want to do is this, i just want to find 11,780 votes, which is one more than we have. because we won the state. >> now, just to be clear, president biden won georgia and
4:22 pm
that was further verified by not one but two audits over seen by raffensperger. the constitution reports that d.a. will wills is examining the abrupt resignation of former atlanta base u.s. attorney b.j.pak on a november 2020 call senator lindsey graham placed to raffensperger during a hearing before the georgia senate judiciary committee. and now with the power of a special grand jur willis has the right to subpoena witnesses and provide testimony which is key because she said many witnesses have refused to fully cooperate including secretary of state raffensperger. joining me is former assistant u.s. attorney and former fbi counter intelligence agent and author of "compromised counter intelligence and the threat of donald j. trump." thank you both for being here. i want to start with you, maya. here are the potential laws
4:23 pm
broken to racketeering. as you look at it, raffensperger is trying to dismisit, how differently will this investigation go now that there is a grand jury involved and can they indeed compel up to and including raffensperger and lindsey graham and donald trump to testify? >> the short answer is the fact of the grand jury means exactly that, that they can compel their testimony before the grand jury and as we know, raffensperger himself said look, i will go in. and i would suspect we're going to see people or steve bannon and calling the bluff. a district attorney with an i'm panelled grand jury because that carries its own penalties.
4:24 pm
what do they have to gain? they've already made public statements. there is so much already in the public record about the efforts that are both privately pressed and publicly and virtually threatened. so many of these georgia officials who themselves were republicans are republicans into doing exactly what donald trump wanted them to do and donald trump personally called him. he personally called many georgia officials and that in and of itself makes it i think very difficult for them to sort of say i'm not going to talk about what has been talked about publicly and which i myself talked about publicly because a grand jury subpoenaed me, hard to imagine. >> peter, there is a certain, you know, doing the crimes out in the open quality to it, shamelessness to it and the fact donald trump and lindsey graham were just openly making phone calls, you know, trying to urge the secretary of state to overturn a legitimate election.
4:25 pm
does the shamelessness and openness of it, put yourself in an investigators role and you've taken the blunt of it and know how these folks are, does doing it in the open as an investigator indicate guilt or just a lack of knowledge that what you're doing is illegal? >> well, i certainly think it indicates the brazenness and probably a lack of sophistication or care what they were doing. you can say you're doing something and have all the intent in the world to do something that's wrong. you know, what is really interesting to me is georgia is part of a pattern you talk about things being in the open, the deputy attorney general today talked about the d.o.j. was looking at all these states with these alternate electors that had slates sent into the national archives. many of those people said straight open to the media what was going on, yes, we're doing it. just because people are talking about it doesn't mean they weren't breaking the law but means they're dumb or didn't care because those two things aren't exclusive of each other.
4:26 pm
>> i mean, the news you just talked about that i did want to get into that with you. it's the first time the justice department commented on what they're doing in a probe that actually is significant to january 6th. and i guess that would be the question. let's say that somebody is planning something like this. the fact that they're talking about it openly and put their names down and said they're an elector knowing they're not, is that fraud or racketeering? how do we investigate something people are admitting? we just had a guy go on ari melber and say yeah, that's what we're doing. >> well, i think that's exactly what lisa monaco said was going on. what is interesting is i've taken part in and i'm sure maya has too, whenever you make a statement to the press, those are very carefully crafted statements and they are something that should be parsed very, very specifically about what is and isn't said and what she said in her statement is a, these referrals that prosecutors are looking at them and that b,
4:27 pm
she couldn't talk any more about on going investigations. that tells me one, in fact, yes, you have a system in the united states attorneys possibly u.s. attorneys who are looking at the allegations and federal and criminal code and seeing what if any statutes could be implicated what the elements of the crime are or met or what more might need to be done investigatively to figure it out and the other part, the last part she said, i can't talk anymore about on going investigations. guess what? that means there are right now in the department of justice on going investigations about these referrals. so it was a very short sentence. a very short statement but i don't think you can really under estimate just how much meat is beneath that apparently simple statement. >> indeed. it would seal semi ya it -- seea to go from state to state and say i need you to literally change the votes for me or saying we're going to panel the fact electors and push and maybe even threaten the vice president
4:28 pm
of the united states to use those electors instead of the real ones, it's hard for most people to imagine that's a crime. talk about the fanny willis of it because she's doing a job people want, love to see the justice department doing. what is the difference here? she seems to be able to -- i mean, she's not giving us information about her investigation but at least we understand what is happening there. why is that so different in character from what we're seeing coming from washington. >> i think we have to really remember two things. she is an elected official, the attorney general is not. it is -- those are very different roles when you're the top law enforcement officer of the country and your job is to uphold the laws of the country in a non-partisan way. you can advance policies of your presence but you can't execute the criminal laws of the country in a partisan way. that's very different if you're an elected district attorney and
4:29 pm
also, she has a very extensive public record of things the president himself has said that she has republican elected officials having said and also the fact that those officials since they were refusing to cooperate caused her to probably go and ask a judge to give her permission to inpanel a grand jury so her tools were public tools and to peter's point, the investigation of the department of justice are not. >> i'm literally out of time. peter, really quickly, if you were investigating this situation, would you be interviewing lindsey graham, real quick? >> at some point, yes. eventually i would in the investigative chain work my way up and seek to interview him. >> maya wiley, peter thank you. if you were starting to forget what good political news for democrats sounds like, you're in luck. we have got some for you, finally on the other side of this quick break. don't go anywhere. other side of this quick break this quick break don't go anywhere.en my windshield broke...
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it is 2022 and that means it's another election year in very challenging conditions so let's start with good news because there is far too much bad news these days. three judges in alabama blocked the republican drawn district's map because it was likely it violated the voting rights act. the judges agreed that the map constituted racial gerrymandering by diluting black voters into literally one majority black district out of the seven they have. on monday, the ohio redistricting commission passed new four-year maps for state legislative districts after the state supreme court struck down the previous proposal because it violated partisan gerrymandering prohibitions in the ohio constitution. the ohio state supreme court will have to decide if republicans did enough with the maps to provide democrats with proportional representation and the north carolina state supreme court is set to review a case
4:35 pm
challenging the republican drawn map for the state house and the state's 14 congressional districts. that's all good. okay. here is the bad news. republicans are determined to seize power by any means necessary anyway. take for example michigan where republicans are circulating a petition that would allow them to by pass governor whitmer and impose restrictive voting laws and here is something far worse. the maga cult is determined to control election results from within playing the long game with eyes on 2024 but electing anti democratic secretaries of state, boards of election and other election related offices. with me is founder of democracy docket and partner at elias law group and a bogeyman for republicans trying to do this. i want to start with the good news. i feel like we don't talk about it enough, on the ground in courts, democrats are actually winning in some of these key attempts to, you know, act even
4:36 pm
under the kind of muted and hobbled voting rights act. talk a little bit about restricting and how important that is. >> sure, so look, redistricts is central to democracy because republicans unable to win the popular vote have turned to the rules of elections to rig the outcomes and one of the ways they do that is by drawing districts where they choose voters rather than the other way around and joy, you're exactly right. the fact is we have seen the courts play an important role, an important backstop to democracy. you mentioned the important victory in alabama where the court found that the map that the republican legislature in alabama drew likely violated section two of the voting rights act. two of the three judges were appointed by donald trump, the third was a regan appointee originally. in ohio, the state supreme court which leans republican i might add struck down not just the
4:37 pm
state legislative maps you talked about but also the state's congressional maps and awaiting that process for a redraw continuing and as you note on february 2nd, we will be back in court in north carolina where that state supreme court will have a chance to take a look at whether the partisan gerrymandering there violates the state's constitution. >> you said north carolina. i think north carolina is an instructive case because democrats in that state and activists have been diligent about pursuing state power, about pursuing power at the state level and local level so they're actually -- we don't hear a lot as much as north carolina. remember, they were the state that had -- what did they say, the courts that found their attempts to violet voting rights were like textbook discrimination like written if you had a science book of discrimination, it was that and once they got passed that, is there something they're doing on the ground there we could learn from in states like michigan for
4:38 pm
instance? >> what the circuit found after the north carolina republican -- in 2013 right after shelby county the republican legislature passed a bill with a targeted african american with quote near surgical precision. what the court found is that the republican legislature ordered a review of all of the provisions of voting and whether this is going to have a greater impact on black voters or white voters and they chose to go for black voters while minimiing the inconvenience for white voters. that was the case in 2013 and what happened in north carolina was reverend barber and moral monday and the reason i always say that when people ask me how i got into this, what my inspiration is, i say it was reverend barber and if there are people in the audience you don't know who reverend barber is, they don't understand how you
4:39 pm
fight voter suppression in this country because he brought together a multi racial, multi ethnic fusion collision to focus on voter suppression, not to hide from it, not to say we don't want to talk about it but you raise it up and say we all need to tackle this. that when our neighbors can't vote, whether they're black or white, whether they are young or old, we all lose. so that culture in north carolina has really chance formed the state. >> yeah, indeed. so where are you -- where do we need to do more reverend barbering? where are the states you're concerned? michigan is a nightmare, wisconsin. where are you focused now and where should we take, you know, focussing our attention? >> obviously, georgia, texas, florida, everyone knows about. but what we need to do is we need to realize that this is an epidemic throughout the country. the big lie has spread to all 50 states. now, they can't effectuate policy in all 50 states but we
4:40 pm
need to be on the lookout in all 50 states. i'm worried about republican changing the laws for voting in iowaenfranchised and harmed latino voters and arkansas to the black voting population, in kansas and of course, in key battle ground states like wisconsin, like pennsylvania, like michigan. but we really need to embrace this as a national movement whether it's a blue state or a red state or purple state, we have an obligation to look out for voting rights for ourselves and for our communities. >> yeah, the thing is in virginia right now, we're with expanded voting rights with the north administration having expanded voting rights, republicans won the governorship. so despite the fact that they were successful under expanded voting rights what they're doing now is trying to contract voting rights. whether or not they're successful electorally they're
4:41 pm
still doing it, which is why we need you everywhere. i need you guys to know where redistricting is now and maps have only been overturned really in ohio. how likely is it for instance, new york, new york has a fight now because democrats are trying to do aggressive things on redistricting in new york. where do you think the next battle ground on redistricting is going to be? >> first of all, i'll add bamball. the republicans will go. they filed a notice of appeal in federal court but let's understand there was a victory and i'm going to put that in the win column for the time being. where are we looking else? certainly north carolina is right now the next big fight. florida, you know. >> always. >> republicans in florida proposed a moderate jerry -- gerrymander and obliterate the districts so i put florida on the list, south carolina and i'd
4:42 pm
add to that list, as well. >> you are a very valuable, an mvp for democracy. appreciate you and always thank you for giving us some of your time. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> appreciate all you do. tonight's absolute worst is still ahead. up next, kyrsten sinema, her chickens come to roost and putting an end to obstruction by voting her out of her seat. stay with us. s s stay with us ♪ ♪taking a break from all your worries ♪ ♪sure would help a lot ♪ ♪wouldn't you like to get away? ♪ ♪ ♪ sometimes you want to go ♪ ♪where everybody knows your name ♪ ♪ ♪and they're always glad you came ♪ ♪ limu emu ♪ and doug. we gotta tell people that liberty mutual
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4:47 pm
legislation and garnered her a big rebuke back home. they voted saturday to censure sinema for voting legislation siting to help without democracy. the election is not for another two years but democratic groups are making it clear they're over her antics. vote latino, one of the largest grass roots organizations launched an adios sinema campaign. arizona's democratic voters are increasingly fed up with kyrsten. 40% of voters had an unfavorable view of her and 17% had an unfavorable view of mark kelly. i'm joined by the chair of the arizona democratic party. that sends some shock waves around the world.
4:48 pm
is it just that vote on refusing to get on board with doing what it takes to pass voting rights or is it more than that with kyrsten sinema for democrats in arizona? >> yeah, well, our concern is of course, voting rights. you know, the fact that the filibuster is an outdated rule that is not in our constitution and we continue to see a tax at our state legislature level like said in the previous statement all across the country, voting rights are under attack. so this is a very important issue, not only to arizonians but everybody in the country to make sure that democracy prevails and that democracy does not fail. so we looked, of course, at the fact that she obstructed the reform of the filibuster to get voting rights done because in
4:49 pm
many ways the fact the filibuster is there, many issues that not only democrats care about but arizonians care about won't get to the finish line to the president because of the filibuster and -- >> let me -- go ahead on. >> people don't have access to the ballot box. we can advocate for those legislation that improves people's lives. >> indeed. let me play a couple of your fellow democrats in the state. this is secretary of state katie hobbs and navajho nation talking about voting rites. >> every senator who voted against advancing voting rights in the senate should be held accountable for that including our senator. >> we came out in large numbers for both the senators and voting rights, as you know is very important to indigenous peoples and the navajo nation.
4:50 pm
we should be making laws to make voting easier, not difficult. >> you know, it seems to me demographics of arizona having grown up in colorado not too far away are very similar to colorado. perhaps more latino voters there. itit seems that kyrsten sinema s taking steps that are not good good for her politically long term, she won't support from democrats. room and gallego has put forward, and he's been put forward as somebody was apparently with meeting with senators donors in new york. he is slightly raise least hand, hasn't said that he's definitely running. have democrats started to consolidate around someone like him? around anyone else? instead -- as a replacement for sinema. >> i'll tell you something, democrats are working really hard to consolidate our support around senator mark kelly. we have our second senator that we need to defend in november of 2022. so my asked to everybody, i'll say it in spanish --
4:51 pm
time, money, and effort needs to go into 2022. so that we can pretend mark kelly, expand our victories and a statewide level, mid wind majorities. so, that's our has to be our laser focus attention. >> yeah, and arizona feels like it is kind of right in the belly of the beast of election denialism, of this sort of bizarre tic tac of the republican party towards trying to approve joe rocker see from the ground up. how concerned are you that the 22 to election that you say it's so important r. kelly is running in, will be impeded by these empty democratic poured activities? >> well, our concern are always through the rights. i don't know if you know, but i'm also a senate state senator, so i get to see every single day the attempts from the republican party to compel our democracy. from getting rid of our vote by mail system, to outlaw drop boxes, to even lead the folks
4:52 pm
who led the fraud and kick people off our voter rolls. so, that is absolutely concerning. but we know that we can organize and that we can build relationships by these bills. but again, this is why we need this federal legislation. >> arizona democratic party chair and state senator, i'm gonna give you an honorific, because you earned it, raquel tehran thank you very much, we really appreciate you being here this evening. up next, a relative newcomers already making quite a name for himself in our absolute worst lubbock. this one's gonna make your head spin, or maybe explode. stick around, will be right back. back. , or maybeedients and fermentation. fermentation? yes, formulated to help your body really truly absorb the natural goodness. stick around, will be righ new chapter. back (burke) with farmers auto multi-policy discount, the more policies you have with us, the more you could save on your auto insurance. (man) hey, hon! (wife) hi, honey! (man) like what?
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over and over again, critical race theory is not taught in any k through 12 schools in america. full stop. period. with a tee at the end. so, since that is not a thing that politicians can actually ban, the laws against ticket at a car across the country have become a catchall for any topics that are controversial or divisive or really just anything that plain old makes white people uncomfortable. and that has led to a whole lot of confusion and chaos, since there really is no objective way to decide if something is controversial. like in texas, where after the state passed a law saying that teachers cannot teach controversial issues without providing diverse perspectives. a school official said that if teachers have a book on the holocaust, they should also offer students of book from an opposing perspective on the
4:58 pm
holocaust. or in florida, where elector for educators on the history of the civil rights movement got canceled at the last minutes, due to concerns that would have something to do with critical race theory. i mean, he was just going to talk about our country's history, but nope, not allowed. this has legislation as moving forward that would ban any lessons, any lessons, that would make white students feel discomfort. officially, ron desantis taking a pay from the texas bounty hunter law is pushing legislation that would allow parents to sue schools if they teach critical race theory. but a latest for crtc magnets, comes from none other than glenn youngkin, who after banning critical race theory in his very first executive order, has now set up any email tip line. a tip line, get this, a tip line for parents to report any device of material that's taught at their schools. citing an example of an exercise that is cool used to talk about privilege, which once again, is not critical
4:59 pm
race theory. >> we're asking for folks to send us reports and observations that they have that would help us be aware of things like privilege bingo. be aware of their child being denied the rights that parents have in virginia. and we're gonna make sure that we catalog it all. and that gives us a great insight into what's happening at the school level. and that gives us further and further ability to make sure that we're rooting it out. >> the holy first amendment, the government watch what you're thinking. banned the book, sandwiches, fanned them all. thankfully for us, gen z is already on it with a call on tiktok to flood that line with fictive's. now what tip lines are actually helpful in some cases to report bad behavior, this one seems pretty dark. our country is already moving far too close to authoritarianism, and while we are not quite there yet, the idea of a tip line just seems a little bit too similar to the
5:00 pm
informers, the soviet union relied on. or the tip line that china created last year for citizens to report anyone making a legal comments about china's history. so glenn youngkin, for creating an atmosphere where teachers not only need to worry about your unsafe ban on mask mandates but also getting reported on for teaching difficult topics that my cause them discomfort or introspection, the euro tonight's absolute worst, and that's tonight reader. all in with per se starts now. te worst, an that's tonight reader. al tonight on all in. a big day for the seditious conspiracy case against the oath keepers as a maga mouthpiece meets the committee. >> they asked me if we were with the proud boys. they kept asking me, who is your white house connection? or who was it? >> tonight, what we learned from today's hearing, but the january six committee wants to know from alex jones, and you reporting about what is in those newly-released white house documents. then, the race to upho


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