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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  February 4, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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the one and only nikole hannah-jones, creator of the 16 19 project, will join me to launch this very special project, tomorrow morning at 8 am eastern. it is time now for the last word, my friend jonathan is in for lawrence this evening. jonathan, it is good to see you my friend. great to see you too. and i'm glad that you're launching your banned book club on saturday because i can watch it leisurely as opposed to missing it because of sunday when i will see you next. thanks a lot. >> have a good show. >> well, trump is wrong. today, former vice president mike pence finally told off donald trump. mike pence finally said that donald trump's comment that, as vice president, pence could've overturned the presidential election on january 6th, was wrong. >> president trump is wrong. i had no right to overturn the election. the presidency belongs to the american people and the american people alone.
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and frankly, there is no idea more on american than the notion that any one person could choose the american president. under the constitution, i had no right to change the outcome of our election. >> so, mike pence told trump he was wrong. he told trump how democracy works, told trump that his impulse is on unamerican. of course, it took more than a year to say it publicly. meanwhile, the republican party refuses to turn their backs on donald trump. today, the republican national committee -- have its own republican congressman, adam kinzinger of illinois, and republican congresswoman liz cheney of wyoming, for serving on the january 6th committee. the center states, quote, representatives cheney and kinzinger are participating in a democrat-led prosecution of ordinary citizens engaged in legitimate political discourse. legitimate political discourse. i want to remind you exactly
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what the republican party is now calling a legitimate political discourse. on january 6th, members of the trump mob violently attacked members of the united states capitol police. members of the trump mob proudly displayed a noose outside of the u.s. capitol. members of the trump mob, carrying confederate flags through the halls of the united states capitol and members of the trump mob roamed the halls of the u.s. capitol, chanting this. >> hang mike pence. hang mike pence. hang mike pence. >> clearly, none of this is a legitimate political discourse. but republicans refused to do what mike pence did today and say, trump is wrong. they will do everything to protect themselves and donald trump from being held accountable for their actions
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on january 6th. take, for example, republican congressman and trump loyalist jim jordan. on october, jim jordan said this about his willingness to cooperate with the january 6th committee. >> are you willing to tell the select committee what you know about events leading up to january 6th? >> i have nothing to hide. >> jim jordan has been hiding the truth. jim jordan has consistently ignored questions or been inconsistent in acknowledging when he spoke to donald trump on january 6th. >> i spoke with him that day, i think, after. i don't know if i spoke with him in the morning or not, i just don't know. i've talked to the president so many times, i can't even remember. of course i have talked to the president, i have been clear about that. i talked to him all the time. >> the january 6th committee is now in possession of records
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that prove jim jordan did speak with donald trump the morning of january 6th, the phone call lasted ten minutes. that afternoon, jim jordan objected to the certification of president joe biden's electoral college win as the trump mob attacked the capitol. the january 6th committee is closing in on donald trump and his allies in their investigation of the attack on the capitol. even if more republicans won't stand up and say, trump is wrong. leading off our discussion tonight, a democratic congressman eric swalwell of california, he has served as a house impeachment manager at trump's second impeachment trial. he is a member of the house intelligence and judiciary committee. thank you for coming to the last word. i would like to get your reaction to the -- idea of legitimate political discourse. >> well, look, if your neighbor came over and stepped on your porch, holding a knife, a gun, a machete and said that he wanted to talk, i don't think
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you would say, you know what? we will settle this. it is a legitimate political discourse. no, you would say this is a violent interaction. and this party, by the way, they tweeted earlier today, we are the party of -- law and order. no, they they are the party of cop killers. because that is who their former twice impeached president wants to pardon. they voted down 350 million in new police funding. they continue to disarm the police. they voted against the gold medals for the police officers who served that day. and we have to make that clear as we go to the ballot box. it is such a disgrace. it was a sham all along that they backed the blue because they have not backed the blue. if anything, they have bruised to the blue. they bruise their egos, they bruise the honor of the blue and, right now, i think that is more clear than ever. >> you know, mike pence said, flat out, trump is wrong about the power to overturn the election. but do you think any other
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republican will come out and say the same thing? >> yes, and they are to the january 6th committee, but we don't need mike pence to talk to a closed federal society ballroom. we need him to raise his right hand and do the right thing and tell this country what he saw in the days leading up to january 6th and what happened on the sixth. he is certainly in the red zone, as we approach the super bowl, on the 20 yard line. he has already gone most of the distance and so, he would really do a service to his country, if he would just come forward and tell us what he saw under oath so that we can have a complete picture of what happened. >> we have to talk about jim jordan. because the january 6th select committee has records about his phone call with trump. how important is it that the committee has such granular details like phone records? >> it shows how much work they have put in with nearly 700
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witnesses, 60,000 documents, it is a submarine mission right now and it is frustrating to your viewers because they have not seen everything. and they are hearing about it through leaks and press reports. but when it surfaces, it will show the country just exactly what donald trump intended to do, which was to violently overturn the election. and the violent mob -- at the capitol. i just want to take a step back and just over my shoulder is the opening ceremonies of the olympics. and we watch that with such pride. it is in the authoritative state of china, but you watch with such pride. not just because of what they have sacrificed to get there and their skills, but because of the country they represent, that we are decent, we choose voting over violence, freedom over authoritarianism, and we choose law and order over chaos. and everything that jim jordan, donald trump, kevin mccarthy and the republican party represents is the opposite of that. and that is what this election, that is what this january six committee is all about. showing and illustrating to the
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american people. >> well, one way you can show and illustrate what happened is through live televised hearings. so, what will the committee be doing in preparation for those live hearings in the coming months? >> recognize, you only get one shot. there is a real effort right now for the republicans to -- limit access to the ballot box, put barriers in place and then if they achieve the majority, completely shut down the january 6th commission. so, they have to move swiftly and when they have the opportunity to show the goods, they should do it in primetime, and they should do it with the most compelling witnesses, especially witnesses that may not necessarily have been ones that you liked in the past, but want to do a service to the country, make sure everyone knows what donald trump was doing and that he would do it again. >> congressman eric swalwell of california, thank you very much for coming to the last word. joining us now are tara
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setmayer, resident scholar at the university of virginia center for politics. she is a senior adviser to the lincoln project and eugene daniels, white house correspondent for political and and and msnbc political contributor. thank you both very much for coming. tara, i will start with you, what do you make of republicans censoring liz cheney and adam kinzinger for their involvement with the january 6th committee? >> i look at this and i say to myself, how far has the republican party fallen? every time i think that the floor can't get any lower, things like this happen. it's clear that the republican party has made a clear choice here. they have had plenty of opportunities to off ramp from the malignancy of trumpism, but no, they decided to double, triple, quadruple down. and today is another example. it is the epitome of this disgraceful path that the republican party is taking. and why i left it a year ago. it's a referee ball. the --
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has made a choice. they made a choice to side with insurrectionists, with people who to filed our capital, with people who violently attacked our law enforcement officers who were protecting members of congress that day. who were doing their constitutional duty to certify a free and fair election of the next president. they sided with sedition assists. this is who the pro republican party is. there is nothing legitimate about what they, what happened that day, nothing. and yet, this is where the republican party has done. they are just hell-bent on going down this path of becoming a party of looms, of liars, and of lackeys. of donald trump and his ilk. and it doesn't get any more plain than what we saw today with the rnc. >> right, and eugene, senator mitt romney tweeted, shame falls on a party that would censure persons of conscience. so, how will that play in the party? >> not well.
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mitt romney is one of the very few voices in the party like this. the two that he talked about, can singer and cheney, himself and some others, especially in the senate, who have been a little bit more vocal because they have six years between their elections, right? so, they have less fear of donald trump. she is right, this is about donald trump and his grip on the party. their fear of his base, their fear of a man who is -- him endorsing a candidate in the primer -- this is also about choosing to back someone who said the quiet part out loud really recently, that he wanted mike pence to overturn the election of 2020. and this is after months of republicans trying to convince everybody that all trump wanted to do -- was sent him back to the states. that was never true. we have mitt romney and also
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mike pence who are going to be on one side, with trump and the political apparatus of the party, a lot of -- the house members and debates of the republican party on the other. i hate to use this term, but for the fight of the soul for the republican party. that is exactly what we're seeing. because anyone who has a social media can pull up dozens and dozens of videos to see what happened that day, see that it was not political illegitimate discourse. this is also from people who said, over and over, they clutch their pearls during the protest of 2020, right? the summer of 2020. and saying that the people who say they love law enforcement so much, as we watch them beat up and tased law enforcement. so, it is something that is nonsensical and i think a lot of people should call it out as we see because the american people deserve both political operatives, like tara, and reporters to say the truth so they know what is going on. >> and you know, tara, i'm just
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wondering, because right now, the republican party seems to totally embrace the big lie. and the big lie is being espoused by donald trump. so, i'm wondering, will being rid of trump be enough to turn the party around? or is the big lie so baked in that no matter who the standard bearer of the party is, it is still going to be going down this very dangerous route? >> yeah, it's part of the litmus test now. the litmus test of the republican party used to be where you start a national security, on tax reform, on -- judges. very legitimate political discourse, right? that is out the window. litmus test now is whether you believe in this absurd, dangerous lie that there was fraud in the election. and anything that donald trump seems to spout. this is so shameful. these people have no shame. and the american people are
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politically homeless, like myself, who are conservatives, are looking at a party destroying itself. and not only is it destroying itself, they've are becoming a clear and present danger to our democracy. because what they are spouting and what they are supporting and putting on a platform, is authoritarian its nature. it is anti-democracy. so, there is a choice in this country for people, it is either a tort therein-ism, or democracy. and the republicans have clearly made a choice of what side they are on here. >> we have 30 seconds left. just wondering, any reaction to this from the white house. on or off the record. >> behind the scenes, absolutely. off the record -- but i will say, they see this, all of this, as a danger to not just the white house or the presidency but more importantly, to democracy. they do see it as a larger fight and that is why we have seen president biden talk about this a little bit more, but voters and democracy scholars,
10:15 pm
people who really studied this, want them to do more publicly, whether we see that -- whether we see that -- >> all right, eugene daniels, tara -- , thank you both very much. still ahead tonight, republicans seem to be rooting for bad news on the economy, but what they have instead was great news for the country. and, later, is one of trump's biggest allies in the senate at risk of losing his seat? we will talk to the man trying to take ron johnson's job.
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thrown out us, and we have come back stronger. i am pleased to report this morning, many of you already know, that america's job machine is going stronger than ever. america is back to work. you can't remember another year when so many people went to work in this country, there is a reason, it never happened.
10:20 pm
>> president joe biden is ending this week with major economic wins. a record 6.6 million jobs have been added to the economy during president joe biden's first year in office. beating president jimmy carter's record of 4 million jobs during his first 12 months in office. the u.s. added 467,000 new jobs last month, despite a surge in omicron infections. revised numbers for november and december also show that the u.s. economy actually gained 709,000 more jobs than was previously reported. the unemployment rate is still very low, at 4%, but in another good sign, another 1.4 million people entered the job market. joining us now, heather long, editorial writer and columnist
10:21 pm
focused on the economy for the washington post, and my colleague. heather, it is great to see you, thank you for coming to the last word. i am sure that you were as surprised as some economist, and white house officials by today's news. how did everyone miss the good news that came today? >> yes, you are right. there was a lot of doubt, but it was a good surprise, that so many jobs, 460,000 jobs were added, and nearly every sector of the economy, except for construction, which usually isn't a strong in the winter anyway, i think people miss -- and number one, we are finally starting to see some evidence of resiliency in the economy, people are learning how to live with this virus, that does not mean that january was pain free, you and i have talked a lot about the date here, and who struggled, what many parents went through, we also saw many workers who were temporarily furloughed during the month, so there are real hardships that people went through. but i think that people are really focused on the future. they are seeing some optimism here, companies are still hiring because they believe the economy will continue to strengthen, and more and more
10:22 pm
workers, we even saw some retirees who have retired early coming back into the labor force, seeing and taking advantage of this historic labor market that we have. >> so, what it sounds like is that there is momentum here, will that momentum continue? >> that is a big question. i certainly saw a lot of encouraging signs today, from many other economists, not just political folks, but a couple things that jumped out at me, we continue to see a strong rebound in the restaurant, and leisure and hospitality sector. we hope that will continue, particularly if people start to do more traveling again in the spring. i have also been watching the daycare and the public education sector. those
10:23 pm
were really hit hard, they were struggling to rebound for much of last, year. we did see an uptick in hiring, it was not huge but a couple thousand workers entering the daycare sector is a lot better than what we were seeing a few months ago. and here is a good one, there were even some hirings in dry cleaners. another industry that was certainly devastated in the pandemic. >> wow, well not for me. i have to ask this question, because for months now, the new numbers come out, but then the revisions from previous numbers, i just reported 709,000 more jobs were created last year than previously reported. why the revisions upward the last few months? >> i am really glad that you asked that, because you do hear some people say what is going on here, there is some sort of black box, or tampering with the data, that is not what is happening. i just want to be clear, that our statistical agencies are the best in the world, they have put out very transparent processes for how they collect, they do surveys about businesses, and workers,
10:24 pm
and try to get these polls to the economy. here is a big issue, every month when we report these jobs, they are marked as preliminary. but before the pandemic, the preliminary numbers were often pretty close to the final numbers. unfortunately, like so many things during the pandemic, it has been a lot harder to get those realtime estimates that we are used to, and we have unfortunately had to do with a bigger revision than normal. so, it is not unfortunate that we can't get it as fast as we want, just like we can't get new cars quite as fast as we want, and we just can't get dishwashers quite as fast as we want, it is kind of a similar thing going on here with our labor statistics. but the big takeaway that you and i were talking about earlier today, is what we saw last year, we saw that there was a big surge in hiring this summer, and then a big decline into the fall and winter, the good news is that is not what happened, instead it has been a really steady
10:25 pm
adding about a half 1 million jobs, month, after month, after month, i would rather see that on a day. >> right, heather long, my colleague at the washington post editorial board, which is why we were talking earlier today, thank you very much for coming to the last word. joining us now, democratic congressman, he -- which includes a city of scranton, he is also the co-chair of the house democratic policy and communications committee. congressman, thank you for coming to the last word. today -- >> nice to be with you, jonathan. >> today the president said americans are getting, quote, clobbered by gas and food prices. is there a disconnect between these strong job numbers, and the impact that the economy is having on your constituents? >> there is no question, america's economy is coming back. i mean, with 4% unemployment, you know that is the lowest it has been in
10:26 pm
almost two generations. we have gdp over the last 12 months that went through the roof. you know, we have the last -- the jobs report that came out this week, holy cow! i mean, another half million jobs. i like heather's point a lot. the encouraging part, it has been study. it has been continuous. and so, we continue to come back. but you are right, we have challenges. i mean, you can't ignore that there are rising prices, and they hurt. and you know, it is what you get when you come out of a pandemic, rising prices. it is happening in europe, it is happening in asia, here in america we depend on the federal reserve, to hold rising prices from getting out of hand. we expect them to. and congress, we can do our part as well. today, we did a big step towards that goal. the america
10:27 pm
competes act is something that will spur american manufacturing. it will protect our supply chains. it will create a lot of manufacturing jobs in this country, and that is how we inoculate our selves from this kind of, you know, dependency on china, and imports, and the things that trap us in this kind of a situation, and create that kind of inflation. so, congress took a big step forward on that. i am very proud of that bill. >> you know, congressman, today the president said the american rescue plan, which had no republican support contributed to this spike in jobs. looking to the midterms, are democrats getting that message to the american people? are your constituents hearing that message? >> well, jonathan, the big deal is the infrastructure investment and jobs act. that we passed, you know, something
10:28 pm
that is a really big deal for america, it is something we haven't done since the eisenhower administration, invest in ourselves. believe in ourselves. you know, building up our hard infrastructure, our roads, our bridges, our rail systems, our water systems, our source systems. and expanding broadband internet from rural places. we did that. it was a huge win for this country, and it is something that has not happened since the greatest generation, you know they came back from world war ii, jonathan, as if they had not sacrificed enough. and they invested in this country, and they left us a portfolio of assets that are companies were able to benefit from, getting products to market better, and faster, and cheaper, and fresher. things that, what would ever make us think that we did not have to keep them up? maintain them? improve them? expand them? we have to do these things. it is a wonderful
10:29 pm
thing that we are getting the story out. democrats across the country are getting the story out that we did this. democrats delivered for the people. and the country, and the only wonder, jonathan, is where where the republicans? there were 200 of them that voted no. and when i am wondering is, what happened to the party of eisenhower, they owe us an explanation. >> congressman matt cart, with pennsylvania, thank you so much for joining us tonight. >> thank you. >> coming up, could the u.s. senate and up losing one of his pro trump republicans? we will talk to the wisconsin democrat trying to deny senator ron johnson a third term in office. plus, earn up to $50 extra bucks rewards each year just for filling at cvs pharmacy. ♪ limu emu and doug.♪ and it's easy to customize your insurance
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i was injured in a car crash. people who can help, we do that. i had no idea how much my case was worth. i called the barnes firm. wisconsin senator ron johnson when a truck hit my son, i had so many questions about his case. i called the barnes firm. it was the best call i could've made. your case is often worth more than insuran call the barnes firm to find out i could've made. what your case could be worth. we will help get you the best result possible. ♪ the barnes firm, injury attorneys ♪ call one eight hundred,est resul eight million ♪ is a tried and true member of the insurrection party who attempted to overturn the 2020 election for donald trump. this week, we learned that ron johnson virtually -- just two days before the
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january 6th insurrection. in a washington post report, what the senators heard were some of the most fantastical claims among those alleging that the election had been stolen. including that the 2020 vote had been influenced by foreign powers and that proper investigation required gaining access to voting machines around the country. according to the post, johnson's office also received a copy of a memo detailing how trump allies planned to seize and i say data to manufacture proof of foreign interference and nullify the election results. ron johnson has spread lies about the january 6th attack of the capital, claiming that it was not an armed insurrection and that the riot was started by, quote, fake trump supporters. he is, as the new york times put it, the senate leading purveyor of misinformation about the election. back in his home state of wisconsin, he is urging republicans to simply take
10:35 pm
control of federal elections from a bipartisan commission. wisconsin lieutenant governor, mandela barnes, the leading candidate to replace him, says the republican senator has peddled conspiracy theories and sham audits and downplayed the attack on our capitol. lieutenant governor barnes is also winning the fundraising fight, bringing and a half million dollars more than ron johnson in the last quarter of 2021. and joining us now is wisconsin lieutenant governor mandela barnes. he is running for the u.s. senate. welcome to the last word. >> hey, thank you so much for having me. it's really great to talk about this campaign. >> so, ron johnson starts this year with more cash on hand, but this was according to -- quote, the lowest quarterly fundraising report he's ever had published while actively running for a reelection. the closest was the year and report for 2015, during his second run for senate. johnson raised over 1. 5 million more than double his year and for 2021.
10:36 pm
so, lieutenant governor, is wisconsin ready to move on from ron johnson? >> oh, wisconsin has long been ready to move on from him. he has forgotten about -- he has forgotten who he was elected to represent. people are forgetting about him. i'm excited about the grassroots momentum that this campaign has behind us. we are 27,000 donors, and average contribution of 46 bucks. and the most common donor is a teacher, which, being a retired teacher, i'm sure my mother is proud of that. more importantly, our efforts to defeat him will be the strength of the grassroots. and that is why you are able to join us -- >> so, lieutenant governor, alma biloxi and meeting with the my pillow guy and this memo -- ron johnson said the washington post, after a senate hearing,
10:37 pm
quote, myself and my staff continue to gather information and consider allegations, that is why i joined the meeting. he also states -- received a copy of the memo on january 13th. a spokes person said that he took no further actions and he did not become aware of the memo until the most recent inquiry. what is your reaction to that? >> well, i'll tell you, this is not surprising. and it is not shocking. it is sad, it's unfortunate. and for ron johnson to be a conspiracy theorist -- this is a conspiracy to suppress the vote in the state of wisconsin. that is why he has called for the republican controlled legislature to take over a federal elections. we are not going to sit here and act like he didn't have anything to do with it. he has done the best that he possibly could to provide every excuse for those -- so, the idea that he was active in this beforehand is something
10:38 pm
that we should all have expected, as unfortunate -- and people are sick of this. they are frustrated with this. there are so many needs that have to be met in terms of rebuilding this middle class and in terms of supporting our family farmers in wisconsin. and also, our small businesses that continue to struggle throughout this pandemic. these are the things that ron johnson spent his time dealing with instead of the real issues that people are experiencing in wisconsin. and it is time for something better than that. >> real quick, because you listen to republicans and they say, the american people, they are not paying attention to january 6th and what's the select committee is doing and
10:39 pm
the investigations. as you are campaigning for the senate seat, what are you hearing from constituents? >> people are concerned about the threats to democracy. that is why the first plan we released as democracy and accountability -- to make sure that people who worked elections -- to make sure that the rights of the vote will be protected for communities all across america as they are constantly threatened by people like ron johnson, whose cronies and allies in the state legislatures all across the united states of america -- this work is critically important. what's going to happen with voting rights? are you going to be the person that helped deliver it? and i say, of course -- because this is long overdue. and for every day that goes by, when there is no action on voting rights -- a person like ron johnson gets more powerful. republicans and congress get more powerful. because they are able to do the work that will -- and also empower state legislatures across the country to implement more extreme
10:40 pm
restrictions on voting. and we have seen this for at least the past decade, even longer, and it is something that people are not going to tolerate. we need action now. -- help us expand voting rights across this country. it is too important for us to not act. >> wisconsin's lieutenant governor, mandela barnes, running for u.s. senate, thank you very much for joining us tonight. republicans have made critical race theory their new political -- but what are students really learning in the one classroom where it is being taught? up next, a look at the only critical race theory law school course in the entire state of mississippi.
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10:45 pm
race. and you would be surprised to read this headline, inside mississippi's only class on critical race theory. you would be surprised to learn that this one and only class is taught at a law school. and it is an elective. and you will be very surprised to learn that an admittedly conservative white student in the class said this about it. to date, this course has been the most impactful and enlightening course i have taken throughout my entire undergraduate career and graduate education at the state of mississippi's flagship university. an opportunity for people from every background and race to come together and discuss very important topics which would otherwise go on discussed. that is from a letter that a law student sent to the republican controlled mississippi house education committee. now, in her second year at the
10:46 pm
university of mississippi school of law, brittani murphy shocked her conservative friends and family when she signed up for a class on critical race theory. she told them, quote, i am either going to completely agree with this or am going to be able to say, no, this class is terrible. the best way to have an opinion about this class is literally to take it. imagine that. joining us now is molly -- reporter covering higher education for mississippi today. both digital nonprofit newsrooms. she reported the story inside mississippi's only class on critical race theory. molly, great story. what's surprised you while you are talking to brittani murphy for your story? >> first, thank you so much. so, critical race theory, it has been a really big topic during the legislative session so far and even before going into it, like our governor, kate reeves and house speaker -- have both vowed to ban the theory in speeches, so it has
10:47 pm
been on a lot of people's minds. i wouldn't necessarily say that i was surprised by anything brittani told me because previous to our interview, i had read the letter she sent. but i just really appreciated her bravery and her honesty in speaking out about -- him going against the party line in minutes disappear, especially. >> and really going up against friends and family. you wrote this about britney's experience. she was excited by what she was learning and she wanted to share it with her peers. she started chatting with her conservative classmates about how the readings weren't like anything she'd thought. am i gonna regret talking to you about this, a classmate joked. do you think britney's experience might change some of her classmates minds? >> i think about that is
10:48 pm
certainly what britney wants. you know, she put so much heart into her letter, especially in talking to me, she just kept saying, i really hope people will see how honest i am about my experience in the class from, how great it has been and eye-opening to learn about these things, even if i don't necessarily agree with everything i'm learning in this class. it is still important that i can see this perspective now. and that critical race theory teaches you particular framework, a particular way of thinking about the law. and britney maybe doesn't always agree with its conclusions, but she can see that kind of thinking now, if that makes sense. and yeah, she just really wanted other people to see if it had been so eye-opening for her, to kind of share in that with her. i think it's also -- it is a big talking point right
10:49 pm
now. it is really controversial. in a lot of circles. and i think we may not see people coming out and saying that her experience changed their minds, but i think just based on the reaction to the article, we can kind of certainly hope that they are at the very least thinking about it. >> you know, molly manta, the fact that brittani murphy took that leap of faith in herself and found the courage and the strength to put herself on the line to talk about this and then to have you do this story about this is really terrific. molly manta, thank you very much for joining us tonight. coming up, where were you on election night in 2020? tonight's last word is next. s last word is next. get a discount for insuring your jet skis... and ...home and more.
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10:54 pm
night 2020? do you remember? congressman jamie raskin was on the couch, watching the election returns with his 25 year old son tommy, who is back home and attending law school remotely during the pandemic. >> hi. you staying up are going to sleep? i don't think so. i wouldn't put money on it. yeah. okay. all right. love you, keto. by. my kids are so freaked out. it's going to be a long night. trump is going to be suing -- we are going to win this narrowly and trump will be fighting every step of the way. i mean, buckle up.
10:55 pm
we will be fighting about this until we get into the new congress. we will be fighting about it until january 6th. >> that conversation is extraordinary to witness now after what we all watched transpire on january 6th. because two weeks after that conversation, congressman raskin would be leading the second impeachment of donald trump for his incitement on january 6th. and he would be doing it with his son no longer in this world. tommy raskin died on new years eve. on january 4th, the raskin family shared their loss in a statement on the remarkable life of tommy raskin. on the last hellish brutal day of that got awful miserable year of 2020, when hundreds of thousands of americans and millions of people all over the world died, we also lost our dear, dear beloved son, hannah and tabatha's beloved, irreplaceable brother, a radiant light in this broken world.
10:56 pm
he left us this farewell note on new year's eve day. please forgive me. my illness one today. please look after each other, the animals, and the global pour for me. all my love, tommy. on january 6th, congressman raskin, a former constitutional law professor, return to capitol hill to do is constitutional duty and vote to certify the results of the 2020 election. and this unthinkable turn of events in congressman raskin's life at the dawn of 2021 was captured by congressman raskin 's longtime friend, filmmaker madeleine carter. madeleine carter joins us now. she is the director of love and the constitution, which premiers this sunday at 10 pm eastern on msnbc. the film is a powerful portrait of finding purpose in grief. but it is not the story you expected to be telling, covering congressman raskin. tell us how you came to be
10:57 pm
there with your camera when this happened. >> well, originally, when jamie and donald trump actually both started their first terms in office in january 2017, and that is when jamie became my congressman, and pretty much from day one, jamie started being a trump god fly and i thought i would really like to make a film about jamie and trump. and it took him many months to agree to do it. and then, i started filming, july 4th of 2018. and i thought it would be about a one-year project. >> until july 2018 -- not a one-year project. and madeleine, what was it like as a filmmaker and a friend to be there for something so intimate and tragic? >> yeah, i mean, of course none
10:58 pm
of us saw this coming with tommy and when i heard that tommy had died, i stayed away because as a documentarian, i was just really worried about exploiting the situation and so, i just stayed away for about ten days. and then, i noticed that jamie was starting to do interviews and so, i called him and said i would like to talk to you. so, really, my instinct was to give him some space and try not to be exploitative of the situation. of course, the situation completely change the storyline of my film. >> you knew congressman raskin as i mentioned in the intro, before this. what did you learn about him in making this film?
10:59 pm
>> well, i guess i became -- i mean, the reason i wanted to make this film is because i saw jamie as somebody who was trying to save democracy for the rest of us. and what i learned is really just more of the same. he is the real deal. a genuine guy. he is completely honest. he is my model politician. so, i kind of knew he was like that before i started. so, i would say, i just became more sure of it. >> you are thrilled to get that confirmation. >> exactly. >> madeleine carter, thank you very, very much for joining us tonight. love and the constitution debuts sunday at 10 pm eastern on msnbc. that is tonight's last word. i am jonathan -- i will see you sunday morning
11:00 pm
at 10 am on the sunday show, where i will be joined by a house majority leader sandy hoyer, i hope you will joined us. the 11th hour starts pretty much maybe actually right now. >> good evening, i am chris jansing. day 381 of the biden administration. more than a year after the insurrection, mike pence makes a seismic public break with his former boss. this afternoon, and remarks before the federalist society, the former vice president finally, and firmly rejected donald trump's repeated false claims about pence having the authority to change the 2020 election results. it was an extraordinary moment, as pence were called the violent siege on the capitol. he went on to forcefully rebuke the man whom he devotedly served for four years. >> january six was a dark da