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tv   The Beat With Ari Melber  MSNBC  February 8, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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that does it for deadline on white house tuesday. my friend ari melber starts right now. hi, ari. >> thank you, and welcome to "the beat." we're tracking mitch mcconnell breaking with the rnc. that's an unusual headline. it's also coming up. and a deep dive later on what courage actually means. first we begin with a top story, an economic boom. >> we're seeing the beginnings of an american manufacturing comeback, this is not hyperbole, this is real. the bottom line is the united states is in a position to out outcompete the world once again. >> president biden touting those record-breaking numbers, and record-breaking is not a term of
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hyperbole. it's the highest job point of any president ever. the job growth actually triples those of the most recent president, if you remember that one. it is growing by measures and some of that is a result of the pandemic, which there is an argument that any president right now would inherit it. but then there is the rest of the picture. biden's aides have said quite convincingly that the basic way that we're seeing omicron and delta recede is partly by policies, including policies on covid that took bites. more democrats are shifting from the strict covid measures in the early period to kind of a mitigation mode. it's something we covered last night with the news that governors are phasing out mask mandates and emergency measures.
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today's democratic governor casting this shift, this positive retooling, as something that is also really about dealing with the facts, not, he says, the politics. >> we're not patting ourselves on the back here. we're doing the best we can to manage a pandemic and to not declare victory but to say we can live with this responsibly. we're constantly trying to meet the moment. it's easier said than done. >> with covid dropping and jobs surging, there is a political aspect to all of this. democrats just look more united than even a few weeks ago, and as biden moves from talking about senate rules in d.c. to talk about record jobs numbers across the entire country, he may now be living out some of the advice we heard, produce,
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gloat, remote. >> just focus on what you want people's lives to be about. go out and gloat and promote. >> david plouffe was the 2008 campaign manager. welcome back. >> thanks for having me. >> yes, indeed. i would like you to speak both on the politics. the politics show a different number out of this white house. do you think joe biden is going full cargo? >> well, we need to. first of all, the pandemic clouds everything. people aren't as willing to give as much credit on the economy because the pandemic clouds are still there. i think as they lift, if you go out there and sell what you've done on the economy both in terms of jobs created, wages, the manufacturing sector, if you
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talk about the responsible leadership to help bring the pandemic to a close, so just as importantly as saying what you've done, what you still want to do, is you have to bring republicans into the debate and talk about what they missed. i think it's a choice election for swing voters. you have to go back to those people who worked so hard and voted in 2020 and talk to them as if they're swing voters as well, and say, we fought, we delivered. you need to help see this through and protect our majority in the house, protect our majority in if are the r, what they want to do that's undone, but put the republicans on trial about how they both stayed away and harmed so many people in our
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country. >> you can't really pay many vld. is that that doesn't seem like such a great coverage to hear. what turned out to be those great jobs numbers. take a look. >> in the next hour, it will be released. >> how is the white house going to put a happy house on that? >> we all think there could be a loss of hundreds of jobs. >> what vaccine do you get for job loss? >> what vaccine do you get for job loss? it almost seems like it's content for them or just politics. of course, politics pursued is not for all people, and people the getting jobs seems to be a
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mitigated good thing. >> listen, that's reality. about a third of the country lives in that world, that fake universe. you're not going to do anything anytime soon to persuade those people. what you can is the rest of america who is open for perification, democracy on the ballot, the next pandemic is on the ballot, the economy is on the ballot, and do you truls this crew? is it better to talk about what you've done with biden and on down, but you have to more effectively put republicans on trial. if you do those three things, you're starting to see a little spot, some strengthening and not
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just maybe biden harms has been swift when facts change in terms of taking precautions. but when facts change in the other direction, you have to be quick there as welly. there are people working in hospitals who take the brunt of this. but as we head into fall, it's going to take a much different american. you're not going to measure your event of the day. it's going to be the reality changing and i think you're beginning to see how reality changed. >> that makes a lot of sense. i want to move to the other breaking news i told viewers we would get to. i'm very curious your reaction because it's not normal mcconnell. there is this clash unfolding late in the day between the rnc and the top elected republican, mitch mcconnell, probably breaking the party thavs
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political discourse and sensible republicans critical of the violence. >> before i bring david back in, the fight by the trump fans, the continued revelations about the party, richard navarro is not a trump fan. today he contradicted the entire inc. he asked them to stop with power. he said the last year, i felt rnls. >> you saw what happened.
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the purpose of it was a certified election from one president to the other. the issue is it would be singling out members of our party, and they have different views from the majority. that's not the job of the rnc. >> a violent insurrection. stating those facts, mitch konl knows some kind of break with some kind of litmusest. a political brawl with big states, i'm just curious your dprekz needs a profile on this.
3:10 pm
mr. mcconnell is looking at the world flight, into an entire windshield that could change the states. i guess what he's getting back from those states is this is the poll. >> his pockets are certainly going to be in competitive races. i think he understands the politics in this. the rnc basically ceasing to be a major political party and moran agent for a cult leader which is what they've become is not poeffled in georgia, in pen.
3:11 pm
i think the politics are pretty clear to him, that this is not a ofrl recall. >> even if sway lg sffrg whul being you are rounded. i will tell the viewers, you're an nbc analyst, but unless you got into the backstage notes, i don't think you know we have a special report. an overlap that we will welcome, sir, and good to see you. appreciate it, david plouffe as always, kicking off our broadcast as mentioned. >> our surgery today of the
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. turning now to an important development in the news, and i want to begin like this. let's just be real. it's a bad sign for american democracy when washington or whatever thinks it's now a big deal that an official says the bare minimum facts. i'm talking about all the kerfuffle of mike pence who recently noted that trump was wrong to push vice president pence to overturn the election or what was a sloppy coup attempt.
3:17 pm
words matter. in this case the words "wrong" operate in both sentences. "wrong" because a coup is unethical, and "wrong" vice president pence doesn't have the authority to just overturn elections. you don't need to go to law school to know that. now, this stands out because this was so rare based on donald trump's journalists and trimming his own. but there's more to it than that. trump's path tracks with so many r pets. a reasonable examination of the evidence, merits being more caught na palmed his physical.
3:18 pm
in that way he's actually flimplt. he spernlds bli, who came to break and still for their own self-interest. you all remember in charlottesville, there were trump aides who saw white supremacists who marched there was so extreme that there was pressure to speak out at the time and resign. take trump and jerry cohn who claimed he was so serious about doing that, that he wrote a resignation. but he rlt he might get more
3:19 pm
power than running the federal reserve. john bolton lowered the trump in possession sugt lg thaimd named it fm. he had knoll idea where he found that very important information on trump, but it was based on his pecuniary based schedule. >> donald trump managed to leave a tad early, and then he learned
3:20 pm
he was on a warpath who could hurt the credibility of anywhere nearby. so he claimed to have a break from those issues and consider. for doing the right thing and standing up to trump at that moment. this all matters right now as the history is written, as the post-presidential jobs are worked out, and the republican party decides what to do about the people who are for and with trump, right or die, before they wrote their other golds. it does still matter when we learn how to do the right
3:21 pm
thingly my eye on the facts. and remember that words matter rkts their meeting maern, our kabul, whatever you've heard, what rgs fuchlt you'll for that you have to go to the order of the concept where a person in public life actually risks something, a big job or a big election. it might be simply selling out their values and hoping people don't notice and moving out in power. then they normally take the risk for some greater good. that's a risk associated with jfk and one a later president also discussed. >> all great and honorable actions are accompanied with great difficulty. and both must be enterprised and
3:22 pm
overcome with answerable courage. >> our politics with vision, discord and everywhere we see the risk of a tribe or clan. >> at this moment we need to show courage in fighting the status quo and in fighting the good fight. >> there. now, in contrast with those trump-era examples i just mentioned, there are real examples of political courage and they're across the political spectrum. take john mccain, who stood up on behalf of principles that also may have benefited his opponent, then senator obama, even though as you see from the time, mccain was losing to obama. >> more scary than an obama presidency, he is a decent person and a person who you do
3:23 pm
not need to be scared. >> he is an arab. >> no, no, ma'am. no, ma'am. >> no? >> he's a decent family man and citizen that i just happen to have disagreements with on fundamental issues, and that's what this campaign was all about. >> that was the height of the election in october. mccain knew all too well, he was right there in public passing up on the energy and the turnout of bigoted voting blocks that america has seen all too well. take another republican, bob inglis, change his mind when the facts became clear. he went from a climate denyer, a shift that he's candid about. >> for the 36 years i was in
3:24 pm
congress, i said climate change was nonsense. all i knew was al gore was for it, and that was the end of the inquiry because i know there is a very red district inside south carolina. >> after changing positions, he did lose his seat in congress. one person likening his words on science. it's not about which party you're in. one more recent nonpartisan example. vindman blew the whistle to try to get trump to talk. >> in russia my act of expressing concern to the chain of command in an official and private channel would have severe and reper kugs, nks the
3:25 pm
the that the whurl wool krabltly. he retired from the army. he falsed the lock of blowback. zrz some targets, some recent. but mr. pence's tardy, well-liblgd breath out of recall. by all accounts pence was still trying to figure out if there was any road back. last january he is taking this newer public stance which has some potential benefits for the same reason the other people did, as i told you, after it's
3:26 pm
clear the base is hardened against him. nine out of ten oppose him running next cycle. and while this may have people focused on this new thing pence said, his new cycle, those examples show, including some republicans, that the measure of political courage is on your actions and your full record. and by that standard, if you deal in facts, let's not forget the facts of pence's years of hypocrisy on behalf of trump, an awkward posturing that would put most rookie yogis to shame. >> president trump knows that the principle of one person, one vote is foundational to the american system of democracy. >> he restored credibility on the world stage. >> a lot of time is spent on
3:27 pm
criticizing what the president says and criticizing those who brought that hate and violence. >> a leader who is bringing every day his promise to restore freedom across this country. >> pence did all that supporting of trump only to find it didn't even achieve perhaps the narrow political goal of even medium-level popularity in the party. it didn't work. it was bad for many reasons, as i emphasized, but even politically it didn't work. pence learned something that goes back as far as, well, a phrase from thomas jefferson. mike pence, congratulations. you played yourself. >> congratulations, you plagued yourself. congratulations, you plague ld -- played yourself. >> and pence did more than play
3:28 pm
himself, his ego and credibility. he also lived out a life more serious than that light-hearted phrase. it's a lesson more egolitarian. it doesn't matter, mr. pence, the reason you don't feed them what they demand, they will try to kill you and eat you. hang mike pence! hang mike pence! hang mike pence! >> trump fans were yelling, hang mike pence. they erected the machinery to do it. people died that day. mr. pence knew then and must have known beforehand due to his time in that system and that
3:29 pm
community, if you want to call it that, exactly how serious they were just like he knew in the last 13 months. think about what he knew, what he was willing to do over those 13 months until he finally adopted the non-courageous stance of the self-interested pseudo move. he may only do it when he felt like he had nothing else to lose. we'll be back in 60 seconds. c ♪ and kenny on the koi ♪ ♪ and your truck's been demolished by the peterson boy ♪ ♪ yes -- ♪ wait, what was that? timber... [ sighs heavily ] when owning a small business gets real, progressive helps protect what you've built with affordable coverage.
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among my patients, i often see them have teeth sensitivity as well as gum issues. does it worry me? absolutely. sensodyne sensitivity & gum gives us the dual action effect that really takes care of both our teeth sensitivity as well as our gum issues. there's no question it's something that i would recommend. i want my daughter riley to know about her ancestors and how important it is to know who you are and to know where you came from. we're discovering together... it's been an amazing gift. now we turn to our deep dive conversation which is a special day here on "the beat." the man you see on the screen, he worked on three campaigns for president, including obama's, and we are indebted to him for some of the history we just recounted. welcome back. >> good to be back, ari.
3:31 pm
>> this matters because how the history is written will matter, and this shapes where we're headed at a time of tremendous stress in our democracy. walk us through your views on the difference between these attempts to seize the claim of political courage and true courage. >> i would argue the political courage has a very simple definition. it is following your conscience to do the right thing, even if it means losing an election. and that, i think, is the real definition of political courage. now, i think people who aren't in politics may say, losing an election doesn't sound like a big deal. people have personal setbacks all the time. they are well-educated, well-connected, they can land on their feet. what is the big deal with that? trust me, in politics all that matters is losing many elections for politicians. no one other than lindsey graham
3:32 pm
said most members would sell their own mothers to be elected or re-elected. that was a great look not only into the psyche of other r officials, it was risked society. the comments he's made mainly over the last year, i think part of the pointedness of those comments was the reality that he sees he will no longer sit in the oval office. that dream is dead. he's not been in any way offensive? we -- over and over again, since january 6, i couldn't help you on your coup.
3:33 pm
it was defensiveness on his part and to try to keep the election alive for mike pence. >> you say his hand was tied legally, and that's your way of deflecting to the coup they suggested. some of them wanted to tie his hands literally. is mr. sebastian who positive that will doesn't want him in power but they may want him dead? >> he understands that, but he wants to be the president in 2024. he then justifies it with different reasons, and he
3:34 pm
discards evidence, including the fact that donald trump thought it was perfectly recall. you would many thinl for point. >> that was a great quote j. in just the first weeks after the insurrection, there was a swing from many republicanie let's. mitch mcconnell, we recall, and others were actually quite critical. you said something on the program, i said something to viewers. at the time i wondered if it was too far. and you were proovren right. at the time. this was, i tell you, january
3:35 pm
san francisco. thls. the republican party is adjacent. 70% to 80% still support donald trump after everything that's happened. and now, with an rnc literally voting to not only defend those rights, but to really lie about them and equate there are is legitimate laws of speech. >> mcconnell, a lot of republicans, they sort of began to distance themselves from trump. they were like, oh, i'm out of
3:36 pm
here. this was too far for me. a few weeks ago he said mitch mcconnell should be the senate dleerd -- a lot of maga fans, the gop and the rice, saw that riot. when they said this was political discourse, they weren't lying from their point of view. from their point of view, this was legitimate political discourse. i think there is a deeper question as to how we got to a point where the base of the retired party actually agreed to something like this. that is certainly the case and i think mike pence improves it because all he has done in the years since is try to make sure the base likes him as much as
3:37 pm
absolutely possible. >> yeah. no, it's really striking. i think we need to pay our attention to it. and there are others that thwarted and failed. those samples were from you and i thought they were quite striking. always good to see you, ari. >> anti war recall.
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. attacks on freedom, selective cancel culture, police, these are all things coming from the right. in florida they are pushing what they call a, quote, don't say gay, bill. the united states senate approving this bill. it would attempt to limit students or educators to discuss
3:42 pm
what they consider lgbtq products in the schools and it allows parents to sue the school if they think this has somehow been violated. >> someone says, mrs. fisch, why does johnny have two moms? what do you say? >> it seems like you guys care that it's born and has a heartbeat, but god forbid it turns out to be a lesbian or gay or trans or a member of that community. you don't care about their heartbeat then, do you? >> just some of the testimony,
3:43 pm
as you can see, quite emotional. the governor is trying to teach things that schools teach. don't say gay bill, according to critics. that was about a decade back, so if it was familiar in that stans of the to try toll. >> any time you need to say the word "gay," you can simply say to kaye marriage. if you're in more of a festive mood, you can mark it as segay.
3:44 pm
that is so segay. >> that's one way to address a big issue. the first lgbtq black woman in that state's legislature. welcome. >> thank you so much for having me, ari. >> absolutely. there's plenty to fwauk in general, including in florida. we've covered more than one issue in the state r are the. bhamplt. >> i mean, what happened, to say what happened doesn't even scratch the surface. you mentioned don't say gay
3:45 pm
bill, then you also have a medical conscience bill where a health care provider, if they don't want to treat you if you are transgender, then you also have this stop work bill. this is a slate of bills the governor has that he wants to message to hitz base and he wants to really say that florida is a free state, but it's only free if you act like him, look like him, you would be right over this heterosexual, right republican man. >> yeah, i hear it. i'm curious about two sides to this because there areish. the backlash is how two people want to do it, how they want to identify, who they want a relationship with. we've definitely seen a trend
3:46 pm
here where younger people embrace equal rights, or freedom. you can call it free dochlt you get to be who you are and dill. >> i think everyone remembers, marriage equality has valued a lot. now they're being overtirnl. 70% recall what if we put the non-public games with a moratorium of political backlash? >> you're absolutely right. we see the people in the state and in the country, more well-minded folks, they don't like these bills. there is no time when i was campaigning, when i have been elected, anyone said,.
3:47 pm
i want you to file a fwhal -- no one is asking about these bills. we have a poor home crisis in the state of florida. they're getting the highest of these bills. they dealt with this issue and said we have the equality act and i'm ready for congress. it seems right now the federal government actually has to be the one to step in to actually stop some of these harmful bills that this state government, my state that i love, florida is putting forth, and that looks like it will get passed. >> representative brainerd, it's
3:48 pm
a serious talk. you also managed to work in other policies that matter to you and your campaign. you know, skills. i appreciate seeing you. i hope we see you again. >> yes, thank you so much for having me, i appreciate it. >> absolutely. appreciate it. we'll stay on that story as well. let me tell folks coming up. we have a definitive break, but new protests over the killing of a 22-year-old black man in a no-knock raid. a failed raid. new calls for action. that's next. new calls for action that's next.
3:49 pm
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could the officers who killed amir locke in minneapolis be criminally charged? well, as you have seen probably from our coverage, they raided an apartment he was in. and within nine seconds, killed him while executing a controversial no-knock warrant. they had a key to get into the
3:53 pm
apartment and was not even mentioned in the warrant. not a suspect, certainly not accused of a crime. police say the suspect arrested in the road leading to locke's death, the teenager, according to documents, locke's cousin is related to that warrant. that is what they were after. meanwhile, protests continue over the shooting that is by all accounts a tragedy. police do not say they did it the right way. meanwhile, family is speaking out, calling for a full ban on these warrants. >> the no-knock warrant is what caused amir's death. >> the whole system. he wasn't killed. he wasn't murdered. he was executed. >> they need to take the step and completely ban no-knock warrants. it's not safe for either side of the door. >> either side of the door is a reference to something we've covered that this police tactic, which is aggressive, controversial, and largely executed against black
3:54 pm
communities, according to studies, is also very dangerous for the police themselves and bystanders. this is a tragedy with an outcry that has been going for some time. it came to a head again in 2020 over breonna taylor's killing, and "the washington post" tracks the data. in 2021, black defendants were killed. criminal charges for the officers in this incident, that would be exceedingly rare. two of the officers are also facing a civil lawsuit over alleged mistreatment in a separate case involving a black lives matter protester. civil rights activists say the time for studying and excuses is over. enough is enough. . >> i'm honored to stand in solidarity with the family of amir locke. but the reality is that we should not have to be here. how many more black lives have to be lost and needlessly taken by those who are supposed to
3:55 pm
protect and serve? >> that is the question. it's a question we will continue to bear down on in our reporting on this important story. and sadly, other stories that echo it. we're going to fit in a break. we have an update for you on leader mccarthy, why he is running so fast. that's next. that's next. people with moderate to severe psoriasis, or psoriatic arthritis, are rethinking the choices they make likeplash they create the way they exaggerate the surprises they initiate. otezla. it's a choice you can make. otezla is not an injection or a cream it's a pill that treats differently. for psoriasis, 75% clearer skin is achievable, with reduced redness, thickness, and scaliness of plaques. for psoriatic arthritis, otezla is proven to reduce joint swelling, tenderness, and pain. and the otezla prescribing information
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these are wild times. sometimes disturbing, sometimes dangerous. we cover it seriously. but sometimes you just have to look at the baroque ridiculousness of it all. kevin mccarthy, republican leader, does not want to talk about how the rnc just blatantly supported violent insurrectionists. when a reporter tracked him down, he did this. >> sir, can i ask you about -- >> make an appointment. it's not good to be doing this. >> call that political exercise, doing his best to dodge reporters all day. you can also see some speed walking and trying to deflect
4:00 pm
the rnc praise for the rioters. >> what they were talking about is the six rnc members who january 6 has subpoenaed who weren't even here who were in florida that day. >> fact check, false. quote bob marley, you're running and you're running and you're running away, but you can't run away from yourself, leader mccarthy. that does it for us. "the reidout" with joy reid starts right now. >> hi, ari. they tried it, though, they tried it. >> i'm ready. it's exercise. >> they running, they running, they rung. have a good evening. thank you very much. >> you too. good evening, everyone. we begin "the reidout" with righting historical wrongs and creating new ones. last month, louisiana's democratic governor john bel edwards took a long overdue step, clearing the name of a civil rights hero with a posthumous pardon of homer plessy, nearly 130 years after his arrest for violating


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