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tv   Yasmin Vossoughian Reports  MSNBC  February 13, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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alicia menendez, see you back here 6:00 p.m. eastern for america's voices. have a great rest of your weekend. >> hi everybody, i'm yasmin vossoughian thank you for joining us, a crucial call as white house as invasion could happen anytime, speaking with his counter part trying to bridge a major difference in opinion between the two allies whether russia is poised for an attack. >> we have good sources of intelligence and they're telling us that, you know, things are sort of building now to some sort of crescendo opportunity for mr. putin. >> the truth that we have different information and now, the best friend for enemies that is penny in our country, and all
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that information that helps only for penny doesn't help us. >> in a moment i'll talk with representative jacky speier of armed services committee, and conversations on the other committee she is on, in the mishandling of trump's documents, those 15 boxes recovered, all of these amid reports that the former president's lawyer rudy giuliani is in talks with the january 6th, committee, a development that has to make trump nervous given giuliani was at the center of just about everything that happened leading up to and on january 6th and as the committee continues work and former president continues to focus on his big lie, other republicans are hoping to move forward with or without him. >> he has a chance to come back. if he continues to talk about the 2020 election i think it hurts his cause and quite frankly, hurts the republican party. >> are you considering -- >> the republican party i want
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to get back to is the one that believes in freedom and truth and not the one that attacks people who don't swear 100% fealty to the dear leader. >> so we'll look at potential impact of january 6th on the midterms to republicans and democrats as well. keeping a close eye on the bridge blockade in canada and later in the hour, looking a the why right wing media is sharing on a network costing millions of dollars. first, a crisis in ukraine, country on high alert as threats of russian invasion reach a boiling point. ukrainian president zelensky wrapping up a crucial almost hour-long phone call, saying in a statement the u.s. is prepared to respond, quote, swiftly and decisively to further russian aggression against ukraine, their conversation just one day after the president spoke with russian leader vladimir putin over an hour, white house
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officials saying that call was professional but yielded no fundamental change as efforts to avoid conflict have stalled. joining me now from the white house is nbc's josh letterman, in the last hour, josh, good to see you again. in the last hour, we've been talking about, obviously, the read-out from president biden, what took place in that hour long phone call with vladimir zelensky, also getting a perspective, a read-out from ukrainian president. talk us through what we're hearing. >> reporter: yeah we're getting a lot more detail, frankly, from the ukrainians than we did from the americans about the content of today's call. the ukrainians really emphasizing in their deception of what zelensky said to biden, how appreciatetive zelensky was for the fact that the u.s. has really been sticking with ukraine in the last number of weeks saying we feel it and noting that the role the u.s. has played in consolidating international support for ukraine, and if you think about
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the sheer amount of time that taught u.s. officials, the president, secretary of state, defense secretary and others, have spent in the last month or so trying to rally all these other nations to do stuff that is going to be painful there them economically, by punishing russia, if it does invade ukraine, it has been the single biggest focus of this white house for weeks now, truly. the ukrainians also noting in their deception of this call that president zelensky invited president biden to come to kiev in the coming days, hoping that his visit would help be a powerful signal of u.s. support and no word yet on whether president biden has actually accepted that invitation, but we know that the u.s. is still trying to leave this narrow door open for diplomacy and make very clear as the pentagon spoeks spoeks man
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john kirby did today the ball is still in his court. >> it doesn't have to be this way, the president could his troops this way, and not go to number two, i think you heard advocating at the podium friday, to get americans out of ukraine, they have an opportunity to do that now, still infrastructure, still transportation ways to get out of ukraine, they need to do that now. >> reporter: the u.s. government pleading with the american citizens and ukraine to get on the next flight out because they say no u.s. troops are going into ukraine to mount some type of evacuation mission for americans who could leave now, have been told to get you don't say and decide at their own risk to stay. the pentagon saying the risk if the u.s. does send troops in to evacuate americans is there's too high of a risk that you end up in some type of unintentional conflict between the u.s. and russian militaries which would be a whole different situation and you know what, yasmin?
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the ukrainians and president zelensky know no u.s. troops are coming to rescue them either with zelensky telling biden in this call according to ukrainians, quote, we are not a member of nato yet, therefore only a powerful ukrainian army is key to the security of the state. >> it would certainly be a fascinating move to see the president traveling to ukraine in the coming days if he were to accept the invitation from the ukrainian president given all the warnings and intelligence coming out of ukraine or our u.s. government about ukraine but we'll watch how that develops, for now, josh letterman, thank you, want to bring in democratic congresswoman jacky, head of , also on over sight and reforms intelligence committee. thank you, beautiful day, we appreciate you joining us, we are a bit jealous of the
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background there. tell us about what's happening in ukraine, right, i find it fascinating because while the ukrainian president has communicated to the world that in this conversation with biden he says he feels the united states support, you can also sense that he is concerned about what he sees as panic coming from outside the borders of ukraine. right? this panic to evacuate the u.s. embassy, these warnings to americans inside ukraine, these warnings of an imminent attack. what do you make of that? >> i think he is speaking to a domestic audience and i understand his anxiety about panic, but i've also seen many photographs of gray-haired women learning how to shoot a gun so this is not a -- this is not an experiment. this is not a play. this is a real life tragedy that
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may unfold. and i think that president biden has done an extraordinary job of declassifying intelligence and putting it out there and calling out vladimir putin for, you know, the games that he plays and these red flag attacks that were going to be orchestrated are now, i think, foiled, because we outed them. >> again, talking about that photo tweeted out by our own richard engel reporting from ukraine now, great grandmother learning how to shoot an ak-47 which i found interesting myself. earlier, on my program, he talked about how he believed it was too soon to evacuate the u.s. embassy, that if you are committed to a diplomatic solution here, that does not send a signal of diplomacy. what do you think of that? >> well, not everyone's been
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evacuated. it's been family and relatives, i believe, that the embassy is still functional. so, you know, that's a close call and i think the president made it in wanting to make sure americans were safe, just like you had jake sullivan speaking out and telling americans to get out of ukraine. there is, here, with russia poised to come into kiev, 100 miles away from where their troops are with missiles, we're talking about anywhere from 50,000 to 100,000 civilians who could be killed. so this is serious, and i think by drawing attention to it, the president's done a very good job of giving vladimir putin the opportunity to pause. now, what's critical now is to give him some face-saving gesture so that he actually does move his troops away and disband
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this orchestrated effort. >> before we talk about what you're doing in the oversight and reform committee when it comes to the former president, just quickly want to ask you if any discussion has been had inside the arms services committee about possible aid if, in fact, russia decides to invade ukraine, of military forces. >> well, we certainly have committed $2 billion to ukraine, and 200 million i think is on the ground right now in terms of weapons systems and weaponry that they can use. i think the president's been pretty clear that he does not want to have boots on the ground in ukraine so i don't think that's on the table. and we're going to have to look at other ways, economic sanctions that could be truly crippling for russia and now that the president has done a good job of nato and in particular, the gas pipe line,
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all giving vladimir putin the opportunity to think twice before going on what is a reckless and vicious attack. >> let's talk about the on going investigations inside the house reform and oversight committee which had you are a member from, in specific the 15 boxes taken before the white house left, the president left the white house, here, underscores how defiantly and indiscriminately trump violated the presidential records act, and enveloped in the same chaos that characterized his term in office. what do you make of that assessment? >> i think it's totally accurate. this was an intentional act by the former president to take documents from the white house. he was fully informed about the fact that everything that he touches in the white house belongs to the american people. that's what the presidential
4:12 pm
records act is all about. he took all that material. i am convinced he intended to sell that to the highest bidder. or to use it for his coffee table book he just published. so he's all about making money and that was what he was trying to do with documents from the american people. what's important to cornez, people go to jail for taking classified, top secret documents out of the federal government. and he has the potential of being fined and being given a prison sentence for doing what he did. it was intentional. it wasn't by mistake. that's the difference between his conduct and other presidents in the past. >> congresswoman, so i got to ask you, what do you know that we don't know in the serving that you believe the former president was trying to sell these documents to the highest
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bidder? what do you mean by that? >> well, that's my speculation. everything he does is to make money, so why take these documents unless you wanted to use them, whether for this coffee table book he printed that had the actual note from kim jong un or the one he actually wrote to him, it was, it was intentional and it wasn't for public purposes, it was personal purposes. i'm just personally convinced about that. >> finally, congresswoman, will the committee learn exactly which documents were taken and what was inside them, classified or not? >> i think by calling on the archivist who has the responsibility to retain these documents, that we'll be able to get specific answers to our questions. and i think there's a bill in the process now called the past act that will require the archivist to inventory documents on a yearly basis rather than at the end of a presidential term
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to guard against this in the future. >> democratic congresswoman jacky speier in california, enjoy that day behind you. coming up next, everybody, police in canada send a message to antivaccine protesters blocking a crucial border crossing. go home or go to jail. we're at the border coming up, and we'll look at right wing media cheering on a blockade hurting american workers every single day. >> this freedom convoy is growing, it's inspiring. >> i wish i could have been there. >> they're taking a stand for freedom. >> they're taking a stand for >> they're taking a stand for freedom. than before. whoa! is that done? (mindy) yep! (vo) verizon is going ultra, so you can too. ♪ limu emu ♪ and doug. we gotta tell people that liberty mutual customizes car insurance so you only pay for what you need, and we gotta do it fast.
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150irksz. welcome back, still monitoring the situation in canada, where protesters blocking routes to the ambassador bridge which at this hour remains closed. perry for us on the ground there, listen, you and i talked about this. monday morning just around the corner, goods need to be delivered on that bridge, money needs to be made, people need to get back to work, so what's happening? >> reporter: well they're working on it, i think that's their goal, pretty evident when i get out of the way, the
4:19 pm
protesters are there, yasmin, you saw last hour the police moved up and down this street making arrests and i think the snow has gotten folks to just go home on their own. what you're looking at, this road leads from one of canada's main interstates to the ambassador bridge, you can see the jersey barriers those cement barricades they'll put them on that street so no one can come from the side streets. the question i have is the same question everybody asked the mayor this morning which is are you going to do this for the entire three kilometers? you have a small group of hard core protesters who made it clear they are willing to meddle and mess with this traffic, obviously a way to bring attention to their cause so said they will continue to do this, interesting to see as you're laying out tomorrow morning, can they get this roadway secured and even if they can get it secured can they keep people from just coming back? that's the big question as they continue to play the
4:20 pm
whack-a-mole game with protesters. >> mother nature can always help close the deal in instances like this one, especially on the border with canada, one of the coldest places on earth, nbc's cal perry. okay. when displays over the violence, it came differently these days when it came to canada's vaccine protest. >> nobody joined because the protesters are tired of covid, they're tired of tyranny. >> canada has seen what happens to a supposedly free people when pushed to the brink. >> what they'll take the rigs, their livelihoods away from them. >> fine them $100,000 each? put them in jail for a year, to me, the answer is obvious, restore freedom. leave the heros of the pandemic alone. >> by the way, the people losing
4:21 pm
out on livelihoods are the folks on the other side of the border here in the united states, the car factories, very different tune than a year ago when those folks were supporting black lives matters demonstrations, the question, how do we explain this pivot. columnist for nbc daily, thank you for joining us on this, talk to me about the pivot we're seeing. it seems very convenient for fox news to suddenly be supporting these protesters. >> yeah, so i think a lot of this comes down to, you know, their support for the ideas behind the freedom convoy we're seeing in canada. it's basically, ostensibly about protesting vaccine mandate for truckers but now a broader rallying point for any kind of restrictions tied to covid in canada and then also become a
4:22 pm
hub for more extremist right wing organizing. you see sort of symbols of white supremacy, confederate flags, nazi symbolology there as well, worrying stuff and kind of a fertile territory for the far right to sort of organize and mobilize. so i think the idea is we're seeing right wing pundits in the u.s. seeing this as a way to encourage, you know, sort of massive action and mobilization, you know, in sort of in response to the biden administration and the democrats in general. this got payoffs in the midterm election looking ahead to 2024. >> it's ironic and we talk about all the time the antivax programming on fox news considering the folks, all hosts are essentially vaccinated but fail to mention that with the coverage on their channel, right, that being said, you are monitoring or reporting closely on their vaccine coverage or
4:23 pm
antivax coverage and reports it's gotten worse? >> yeah, it's pretty interesting, and it's worrying. so a lot of people may not know this, but fox news is not actually sort of totally a monolith, they have opinion shows like tucker carlson that are sort of more sensationalistic and perhaps , also have news online that tends to be less sensationalistic, more grounded in facts and involved more traditional reporting and what's interesting to see is that that hard news division seems to be pivoting more aggressively towards sort of antivaxor sentiment and coverage. you know, the washington post announces this and found some of the sort of antivaccine misinformation or misleading information seems to be bleeding over from the opinion shows more
4:24 pm
into the hard news division where you expect less of that stuff in the scheme of things and that's worrying these suggesting that at a time when you thought vaccines might be coming, might be becoming less politicized because most republicans have, or at least partially vaccinated they're actually going the other way. now it's becoming potentially even a greater source of polarization and could increase pushback in the future. >> thank you for your analysis on th we appreciate it. coming up, everybody, the hope for a diplomatic solution to the ukraine crisis may be starting to fade. we'll talk about putin's end game and reports rudy giuliani is getting ready to talk to the january 6th committee, we'll be back. january 6th committee, we'll be january 6th committee, we'll be back that help rebuild your skin. dove men+care. smoother, healthier skin with every shower. people with moderate to severe psoriasis, are rethinking the choices they make
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with the january 6th, committee. he expects the former trump attorney to cooperate with the panel. >> since he been subpoenas our expectation is he is knowing to cooperate because that is the law and requirement, same if somebody is subpoenas to court, may be changes in date as lawyers do the back and forth but we fully expect that in occurrence in the law we'll hear from rudy but as far as how long that interview is we're getting a lot of information. >> so this is coming as another trump ally, trade adviser saying he would refuse to comply with the committee subpoena and invoke the executive privilege he can cues which we know has no legs, i want to bring in my panel, strategist and aid on the campaign, also brenda, chief communications adviser for former speaker paul ryan, former press secretary for john baner.
4:30 pm
let me start with you on this one, we just heard from adam kinzinger saying the expectation is they would cooperate on the subpoena, we know just because somebody is subpoenas they don't necessarily cooperate, that being said, do you feel rudy giuliani has had a kind of change in heart when it comes to cooperation in testifying or you think he just wants to seem that he's cooperating until he claims attorney client or executive privilege? >> yeah, i wouldn't bet on rudy giuliani showing up until we see him there and i interpreted that as to get him a little on the hook. look, whether or not rudy giuliani shows up, we have learned a lot and i was sceptical, while supportive of the january 6th, committee was sceptical they would learn much more than we already know but they're clearly doing that and if you're rudy giuliani it's not just you want to be in the news and flirt with this option, also
4:31 pm
realize steve bannon will likely go to jail for not referring this committee, they in fact indicted him so this isn't just show up in you want to, the full force of the law is behind it and as somebody who worked in the house a long time i think that's good they're enforcing subpoenas. there are real legal implications and i imagine what happened to steve bannon is weighing heavily on his mind. >> it's interesting, mark meadows, in particular, we learned a lot of what took place in the lead up to january 6th and the hours on january 6th, text messages back and forth and so forth without even testimony and i spoke with quade and she talk beside that document drops could be even more possibly consequential than testimony from rudy giuliani especially if you invoke attorney client privilege, talk to me about how important you see his testimony or participation in this committee's investigation being.
4:32 pm
>> well, yasmin, i think it's very important and brin is exactly right. just because you see steve bannon and other folks who defied subpoenas you are still bound by law and more than likely go to jail if you don't comply with the subpoena request from this committee or any committee so i think it's in his best interest to testify but look, you covered this, the trump era for years and you know how close rudy giuliani has been with trump going not just back to the campaign but before that so i think his testimony is extremely important. i think any sort of text messages and documents that he is in possession of or involved in are also very important. you know, he was a very close alley for president trump. he also loves attention. and, you know, i think him, having some relevance again going back in front of the committee might be something that he's actually looking forward to doing because he
4:33 pm
thinks it's going to get him more press so, you know, i have no idea what's going on in his mind but would certainly be in his best interest to comply with the committee. >> certainly, brennan, talk to me about midterms, i want to switch gears here and talk about what seems to be mcconnell's efforts to thwart president trump's hold over the republican party, i want to read for both of you from the new york times here. as mr. trump work to see retain hold on the republican party, allocating a slate of candidates in midterm elections, mr. mcconnell and his allies are quietly, desperately moving to thwart him, the loose alliance for months engaged in a high stakes candidate recruitment campaign, full of phone calls, memos and promises for millions of dollars aimed at capturing the senate majority but election also represents what could be republicans last chance to reverse the spread of trumpism before it fully consumes their
4:34 pm
party. will it work, brendan? >> yeah, we'll see. you know, there are two things going on here. first, candidates matter, mitch mcconnell knows that and does this every election cycle, who are the people most likely to win? why he's going after mary hogan in maryland, i'm from georgia, and it seems we're likely going to have walker, former football player as a candidate and sort of went along with that grudgingly so mitch mcconnell trying to make sure he has the best field of candidates but as the article notes, who's senate is in? how long will the tail of trumpism last? if we elect trump supporters, populists, trumpists to the senate, it may last a long time and mitch mcconnell is trying to root that out now. >> but it's going to take republicans, brendan, to step
4:35 pm
out on the former president, even if that means him coming after them. the question s will they? >> well, it's going to take nominating candidates who are more of the mold of traditional republicans and i think that's what mitch mcconnell is trying do. you don't need to fight with donald trump to allow this era to go by and i think that's what mitch mcconnell, at least what mitch mcconnell was hoping, that we can turn the page by electing or nominating larry hogan, ducy in arizona, people who have demonstrated they support traditional republican ideas and have moral integrity and that's been lacking and he's hoping we can stack the senate with people with morals and integrity we can move into a new era of the republican party, i don't know it's that easy but that's what mitch mcconnell is trying to do. >> so if republicans talking about how much they should be focusing on trump, how much power they should give him, right, democrats then need to be
4:36 pm
discussing how much they should be focusing on donald trump in their campaigns right and we know former president barack obama speaking with democrats last week essentially said stop your whining, focus on the positive, he said and i quote, democrats have a tendency to complain about what we didn't get done rather than talk begun what we did get done. talk about what we are getting done. how do they make that calculation? >> well, you know, yasmin, brendan and i worked on a number of campaign and see within you of the top orders is you run on a two-track system, you're drawing a contrast with your opponent but also talking about your forward-looking message and how you'll deliver for the american people and that's frankly what i think democrats have got to do a slightly better job of doing. we got so caught up in the weeds of build back better and how much will it cost and what's going to be in the bill, right now, yasmin a real chance to make history with the child tax credit if we pass these remarkable climate change
4:37 pm
measures but also got a lot done, passing a really historic american rescue plan, bipartisan infrastructure plan and democrats are not always going out there and talking about some of the deliverables that we've already done for the american people. so you got to show that you can deliver, and got to show a forward-looking message but also have to draw a contrast with your opponent so you can walk and chew gum at the same time, do the same thing, and i think we are getting in a better place, yasmin, talking about inflation, recognizing the fact that this is something that is impacting american families, they're feeling it in their pocket books, their everyday lives, we just have to do a better job of saying how we're going to fix that and what we're going to do to reduce these costs for families. >> adrian elrod, brendan, thank you, appreciate it. coming up, one congressional race in south carolina putting republicans to the test and up next, predicting what vladimir putin is truly up to in ukraine. that conversation is coming up. p
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i've spoken with putin, i've spoken with every nato leader, brought them together as i believe they've never been coordinated in history, nato leaders on what to do if putin moves. the question is, he has to know, if he does, the entire circumstance for russia changes worldwide, changes overnight. the cost to russia both in terms
4:42 pm
of reputational cost and economic cost would be profound. >> so as the situation in ukraine grows more uncertain by the day, world leaders are anxiously awaiting putin's next move, president discussing the cost of his actions but what about the motives? what exactly does putin want? here, masha, author of "surviving autocracy" thank you for joining us. it seems a stand off, troops amassed at the border and putin is not getting what he wants, what he asked for from the west, what do you see his next moves to be, what does he stand to gain from invasion into ukraine? >> i think, maybe the right question is to ask is, is there a way for him to back pedal while maintaining what he has
4:43 pm
gained and what he has gained is the attention of the entire world. he has president's and prime ministers falling over themselves trying to get him on the phone to talk to him for an hour on a saturday one after another. that's really what, where he wants to be, right? and, you know, this is the culmination of what he sees as the developing relationship between the united states and russia over the last 31 years, since the collapse of the soviet union. he feels he is finally asserting russia's place in the world and asserting that nothing can happen without russia in the world. right? nevermind that, you know, they're deciding they have ukraine without ukraine, what's important to putin is that nothing happens in the world without him, and how does he back pedal while maintaining a guarantee of that, it's not
4:44 pm
directly, related, not the stuff i is asking for explicitly, it's an acknowledge that i'm important demand and i don't know that he can get it and without it, and without making it clear that he got t there isn't really a way for him to back pedal. >> so do you see then, see this as being a situation in which invasion is inevitable because he won't get what he wants? >> i don't think invasion is ever inevitable. he does realize invasion would be extremely costly. not so much because of the sanctions that russia is being threatened with. i think that in some ways, he has consistently profited from sanctions in the sense it mobilized the population, made russians feel more like it's them against the world. the personal cost to him have been negligable, so i don't know that he's necessarily afraid of sanctions but a bigger cost to russia is what is he going to do with a giant country populated
4:45 pm
with 44 million people who hate him? right? who do not want to be in russia? so that's the big cost of the invasion, in addition to unpredictable bloodshed. >> i was speaking to a former cia station chief in moscow, who said to me that putin is operating from a completely different level than president biden, right, president biden obviously seeking out diplomacy and he is a through and through diplomat, 40 years plus diplomat, former senator as well head of foreign senate relations committee. president putin is a former kgb agent and that being part of his dna makes him a completely different adversary. what do you think of that? >> you know, i mean that's true on the face of it. one is a kgb agent and one is not. i don't know how accurate it is to say that they're operating from entirely different places in the sense that in the time
4:46 pm
that joe biden has been in politics, the united states has fought several overseas wars. one of them under false pretenses, one of them, he was not in the white house, but one of them under president clinton without the sanction of the u.n. security council. it's not exactly like he is a stranger to the idea of foreign, military interference and foreign interference and disregard for international law. what, i think they want vastly different things. and yes, they do have vastly different ways of negotiating. >> what is the likely outcome here, most likely outcome as you look at the situation now, masha? >> you know, i don't want to join the chorus of western media who keep predicting war in part because i'm mindful of what it
4:47 pm
sounds like to my friends in ukraine. every time one of us says war is inevitable, people in ukraine say, you know, you're talking about us. you're talking about bombs falling on our houses. i'm not going to go there. i hope it can be prevented. >> and that's exactly what the ukrainian president has been saying not only throughout the day, in the lead-up to today, as well as in his read-out from the phone call he had with the president earlier as well, that this is incredibly personal to them and seems as if the world is not necessarily acknowledging that and part of all of this is what they see as kind of a bluster of all of it i guess i should say. masha, thank you, we appreciate your voice on this, a different voice at that. thank you. coming up next, congressional candidates in south carolina vie for the election, candidate raises 200 k in just hours, introduce you to
4:48 pm
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i'm in front of trump tower today, i remember 2015 when president trump announced his run, was one of his early supporters, worked in seven different states across the country to help get him elected. i supported him again in 2020 because of policies, i believed him. as a strong fiscal conservative,
4:52 pm
i believe putting america first. >> that was south carolina congresswoman nancy mays in front of trump tower one day after the trump president announced her primary opponent, but whoever nominated, a mom and local pediatrician raised 200,000 in hours after releasing this video. here is part of it. >> some days here can be tough, i've seen lungs filled with covid, kids fighting cancer, a teenager shot in the spine and i was the one to tell him he'd never walk again. since i was a little girl, i always wanted to be a doctor -- >> dr. annie andrews, democratic candidate for southern carolina's first congressional district, thank you for joining us on this, i first want to get your reaction today video we just played of nancy mays, i know you put a tweet out as well but talk us through that. >> sure, thank you for doing
4:53 pm
that, nothing for me says low country first like a trip to mid town manhattan, when i i saw the video i was embarrassed the fact nancy mays travelled to new york city, tells you really everything you need to know about nancy mace and her priorities. she's worried about power and fame and doesn't care about the issues facing people in our district, issues like flooding and infrastructure, inflation, getting out of this pandemic. if she has to grovel at the feet of donald trump to keep her power she will do that and i think there are some things worth losing for and keeping self respect and dignity are one of those things and kind of ironic to me, one of the reasons i got engaged in politics was the election of donald trump, the night he was elected by youngest daughter was days old and i was horrified thinking about the state of the world i was bringing my children into and now find myself in this race
4:54 pm
with two women clambering over each other for donald trump's support and affection and approval. nancy mace and katie airington running to be donald trump's voice and i'm running to be the voice of the low country. >> you have here, $500,000 the most raised by congressional challenger in the first court of southern carolina, why do you think there's so much interest in your run, so much backing behind you? >> so people are excited about our campaign because they are tired of the extremist policies of all the right wing and they're ready for pragmatic solution focused leadership and that's what i'll bring. also, as a physician, i think people are interested in hearing what healthcare providers have to say about the direction of this country. so we've had a lot of support from doctors and other healthcare providers all across this country and we're thrilled with the amount of support, energy, and momentum we have behind our campaign. >> if you win this seat, will
4:55 pm
you continue to practice medicine? >> so my goal is to go up to washington, solve some problems, i'm going to, you know, enforce term limits on myself, three terms and then i want to come back here and be a mom and a doctor. i love my job as a pediatrician at the children's hospital. >> how do you see your chances against nancy mace, i know she only won the last race by 1%, around 6,000 votes, how do you see yourself stacking up? >> so this is a very, very winnable seat. this district already rejected the extremist policies of katie erington in 2018 when she lost to joe cunningham so as i said people are tired of the extremist right wing policies, are ready for real leadership and that's what i'll bring. >> leading with being a physician, we've seen that ad, healthcare professionals focused on during this pandemic, why do you think that's so important to
4:56 pm
people in your district? >> so folks who are making decisions about public health crises like covid need to understand the data and the science and i have seen time and time again, our leaders ignoring those in our community with expertise and i feel like those of us who have that background need a seat at the table and a voice in these decisions being made. >> dr. annie andrews, we wish you the best of luck, thank you for joining us on this sunday afternoon. we appreciate it. that wraps up the hour for me, everybody, i'll be back saturday and sunday at 3:00 p.m. eastern, our coverage continues ahead on msnbc. on on msnbc. i know my glucose numbers without fingersticks. now i'm managing my diabetes better and i've lowered my a1c from 8.2 to 6.7. take the mystery out of managyour diabetes and lower your a1c.
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good evening and welcome to politics nation, tonight's lead, enemies within and without. right now, it seems like we're watching number of warnings for signs of invasion, as white house warns of potential invasion of ukraine by russia, continued to huddle with leaders, speaking this morning with ukrainian president about the hope for diplomacy and deescalation after yesterday's


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