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tv   Meltdown in Dixie  MSNBC  February 13, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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how many holes will be in the fabric of your own life if we were a country without immigrants. i'll see you next weekend. have a great rest of your weekend. your weekend.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ we're in edisto river creamery. big ole quarter pounders, all beef. when i bought the creamery, i saw it was in a beautiful park. i said, what's not to like? >> what kind of ice cream, honey, did you want? enjoy, baby. thank you. >> but, if i could rewind this whole situation, i would never have came to south carolina in the first place. made a little ice cream shop to sell ice-cream cones in the
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middle of a park, and here i am in the middle of this crap. >> battle over a confederate flag in orangeburg. >> the flag flies atop this sign for the edisto creamery. >> but the flag is not owned by this ice cream parlor. >> the sons of confederate veterans own a tiny piece of property where the flag stands. >> that flag is not mine. it's a piece of property that the confederate veterans own. >> initially, he accepted the flag, but that changed in the aftermath of the 2015 church shooting in charleston. >> breaking news, a shooting in downtown charleston. >> nine people have been killed. >> a white man is under arrest. >> uncovered a feet photo of him posing with a confederate flag. posing with a confederate flag. posing with a confederate flag. posing with a confederate flag.
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posing with a confederate flag. posing with a confederate flag. >> after the charleston shooting, the confederate veterans came down with a flag that was three times as large as the one that was on there. people screaming at me, calling me a racist. i said something's got to happen. >> after nearly 20 years of flying, the confederate battle flag is being removed from an orangeburg business. ♪ ♪ >> he's going to be told not to take it down. >> that flag is coming down. >> no, it ain't. >> we have what we wanted on our property. why should we compromise? >> i would never have said five, ten years ago i thought that was most racist thing in the world. standing here, i feel these people's hearts. >> we'll let a judge decide that. >> fine. >> are you still going to try to take it down? >> absolutely.
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there will be no stopping me at this point. point we came down here because of the fishing and the nice people we've met. and then my wife debbie and i got bored, and this little restaurant looked like a good opportunity. it belonged to plaur ease's barbecue shop, and it was in need of repair. wasn't worried about the rebel flag. i never deemed that as racist. it was history to me, and, you know, it was cool because it was like a rebel flag. that meant to us in maryland that you were against the grain, you know, you were a bad-ass. when i lived in maryland, i was a race car driver. we had a rebel flag not on the car, but we had a flagpole by
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the race car. especially when we'd go up north, because we were the guys from down south, the guys to beat. i was cleaning out my closets. found it in the closet. i would wear this in public anywhere i went without a problem. when it became what it is today, my wife said that there was no place for that on our race team. i'm not a racist by any means or a hater. the closet was probably the best place for it. >> my name is buzz braxton, and i'm lieutenant commander at river bridge sons of confederate veterans, camp 842. this is general robert e. lee. probably the greatest man that ever walked the face of this
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earth. a lot of people don't understand the sons of confederate veterans. the confederate battle flag is the soldiers' flag. our ancestors. that's why we so proud of it. to you sons of confederate veterans, it is your duty to see that the true history of the south is presented to future generations, and that's what we try to do. and that's a tough job. here's a picture of maurice. we was right down there by the flagpole, selling confederate stuff. >> i'm maurice bessinger, chairman of the board of piggy park incorporated. >> mr. maurice was a member of this camp. he owned and operated nine barbecue restaurants and one in
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orangeburg. >> after nearly four decades and a bitter debate, south carolina removed the confederate flag from the state house. >> the flag began its descent down the flagpole. >> july 1st, 2000, the flag was taken off the dome in columbia. >> i raise the flag out here on the big pole to protest the taking down of our heritage flag. >> it went up in orangeburg that same day. >> mr. maurice called me one day and asked me if we would like to have the little piece of property where the flag is. that was one less thing he needed to worry about. o worry a. after the incident in charleston, the whole emphasis changed to the flag. i said, if the flag is going to
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you can give people information, but you can't give them courage. >> all right, tommy, what's up, man? >> yeah, tommy reached out and said hey, look, i'm having some issues on my property, can you
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take a look? i remember as a kid riding to orangeburg with my grandparents, and back then it was maurice's piggy park restaurant. maurice put up a sign in his restaurant that says the government may say we have to serve niggers, but we're going to take that money and send it to the kkk. when they bought that property, the flag was there, they knew was there. what they didn't know was what the culture was like here in south carolina, more specifically in orangeburg. ♪ ♪ >> orangeburg is a majority african-american town. >> it's 60% black, according to the 2010 census. i might be in the minority. >> there's a racial divide in orangeburg, and i guess that's got a lot to do with its history. i feel like they sometimes feel
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like we've done something wrong to them even though that's happened years ago. >> even though i do see whites and blacks all around, and they can be in the same vicinity, everybody know what's going on. >> after that original showdown at the creamery, we said let's look at the law. local government, they can't regulate speech, but they can regulate uses of the property. and it hit. they have zoning. this is the actual zoning map. you can zoom in. and you'll see, that's us right here. that entire area is zoned business commercial. that's it. this is the little piece that this fight is over. how is .003 acres a legitimate
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business, commercial piece of property? it's not. the sons of the confederate veterans want to use that piece of property to keep maurice bessinger's hateful legacy living on into perpetuity. >> in orangeburg, a battle to remove a confederate flag that flies next to an ice cream shop continues tonight. >> they took their concerns to the city, with hoechs that the zoning of where that flag sits could be challenged. >> clear the record. >> i was contacted by camp 842. the issues that were being presented were the very foundation of what our american constitution is made up of. and the constitution is very important to me, being an attorney and being an american.
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>> good evening, ladies and gentlemen. we will now call the board of zoning and appeals meeting to order. >> this particular area was zoned b 1, general commercial. the moment that maurice bessinger subdivided that piece of property into two separate parcels, each parcel is then required to comply with y'all's zoning ordinance. this property is intended to be used, and it has been used for well over ten years as a historical marker. zero commercial use. and i would ask that you find that this piece of property, flag included, does violate the city of orangeburg's zoning ordinances. >> with all due respect, that was a beautiful argument that was made. but this is not the forum to handle a piece of property that has been deeded to a private
7:17 pm
entity with no problems. there are being some raised, but uniquely, they're being raised schematically all across the united states of america. this is first amendment speech. it would behoove the leadership of this group to not overturn a well-founded decision by the zoning that falls in accordance with the law. thank you. >> i'm david, zoning administrator. the current use is flying the confederate flag and maintaining a monument. the city of orangeburg does not regulate the location of flags or the display of flags thereon by zoning or any other regulation. therefore the property is in compliance. >> thank you. >> all in favor of upholding the motion of our zoning administrator, let it be known by showing of your right hand? any opposed? board has agreed upon the
7:18 pm
decision that the zoning administrator maintains. >> we lost. for an issue this contentious, i would be hesitant to rule against the sons of the confederate veterans. >> pass the word. >> i already have. i already have. >> love you, brother. >> they went through the path of the least resistance. >> i think they got it wrong, honestly, but we'll deal with it. >> a confederate flag flying beside a south carolina ice cream parlor is igniting new concerns. the creamery received this racially-charged letter. >> his business has been vandalized multiple times, employees harassed and a riot nearly started outside his shop. >> keep that flag flying! g flyig
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>> this peg is where their property line is. and that peg there, when you stand out here for a moment, they're hollering take it down or leave it alone or, you know, eff-you. >> it's aggravating to me that she's going through all this suffering. >> so i guess you know in this big ole world, it's not perfect these days, is it? >> no, ma'am! >> but ms. debbie tells you that jesus what? >> loves you! >> like so much. >> i was in the doctor's office one day, and a lady said to me, i heard you people beat up black
7:20 pm
people. that's the kind of rumors that went around. she had some of her grandchildren with her, i said you bring those babies to my bible study wednesday night and you're going to know what we're about. >> you need have what? faith. it's so stressful and so sad, because i want to please everybody. i want to love everybody. and sometimes you often wonder, god, why did you bring me to this place? why did you bring me to this town? why? >> and undying devotion and to the cause for which it stands. thank you, you all may be seated. for those of you who have not heard or do not know, we did have a wonderful victory in orangeburg. our flag will continue to fly. i hope it will continue to fly
7:21 pm
forever. >> can't pay a lot of attention to what you see in the news media. don't read any modern books, because they're extremely slanted. but, if you read the original accounts, you'll, you'll find the real reasons that both sides fought. ♪ i wish i was in the land of cotton ♪ ♪ old times there are not forgotten ♪ ♪ look away ♪ ♪ look away ♪ ♪ look away dixie land ♪ ♪ in dixie land ♪ >> second coming of the klan used the battle flag, and some groups now carry a swastika and a battle flag. it got misappropriated. but that does not mean that it was honorable when those men from 1861 to 1865 carried it.
7:22 pm
>> it's heritage, it's a symbol of the south, part of history. >> segregation's been over for a while and something like that to be appearing in a small town like this, it's still creating division. >> the blacks ought to be proud of that flag that they fought under. just like the whites. >> it should come down, along with all these other statues and symbols of supremacy. they need to come down. >> good morning, may i help you? good, how are you? right, mm-hm. >> i can remember maurice barbecue, they portrayed an image of prejudice and making racial slurs towards us. i wouldn't dare go in there.
7:23 pm
when it changed to the creamery, we were glad, because, you know, we wanted a positive image there. the owner told us that he was trying to get the flag down. we all was excited to bring it down. and there's nothing we can do. we don't step outside of our scope of authority. >> i think that most people in orangeburg want to move forward. not everybody's willing to ruffle some feathers to try to make it happen. g to ruffle some feathers to try to fast! verizon is going ultra, so your business can too. to be a thriver with metastatic breast cancer means asking for what we want. and need. and we need more time. so, we want kisqali. women are living longer than ever before with kisqali
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today we are actually going to appeal the decision. and appeals go straight to circuit court. it removes that political element that is realistically
7:29 pm
there on the local level. >> the world is very much changing around me and everybody else. it's just, you see a lot that you don't really be comfortable with. i try not to use the n-word. but if there's somebody out there just doing everything wrong in their behavior, in their conduct, i might say that word. and i can't say that i would apologize for it.
7:30 pm
>> the day i filed the zoning challenge, that next morning, my dogs were barking. and i go and look out my door, and there's a pickup truck pulling in my driveway. did somebody come to the wrong house at night? i don't know, but when you pair that with what was going on, it makes you a little nervous. i've had conversations with people, they seek a fight that we're in with the sons of confederate veterans over the
7:31 pm
zoning, and they literally are like, wait, isn't orangeburg like 60% to 70% black? why is bringing down that flag even a topic of discussion? it should have been down. and you just have to let them know that white supremacy has its roots everywhere, orangeburg is no different. you know, orangeburg is home to one of the worst things that ever happened in terms of civil rights in south carolina. students were protesting for the integration of the local bowling alley. fearing violence, the governor sent in the south carolina highway patrol. one night the patrol broke out in gunfire, killing three
7:32 pm
students and injuring 28 others. it was 50 years ago, but that's not something people in town have forgotten. it's kind of like the shadows of a dark era are constantly on you. and i think some people just don't want to think about the confederacy or what it means or what it meant. you would have this expectation that when you do have black leaders in a city, that on issues like this they will be very bold. they will be very outspoken. and a lot of times they aren't. not everybody in government or in politics is comfortable with what comes with bucking a system that's been in place for 400
7:33 pm
years. as long as there are confederate monuments everywhere, white supremacy will always be here. ♪ ♪ >> i just don't know what to do. the community, the city council, the city administrator, none of them are helping to get this thing going. i think they've got someone telling them make sure it don't come down. i don't know if i'll ever get to the bottom of that. it sucks! >> the controversy over a confederate flag continues tonight. >> justin and very tried to exhaust all reasonable avenues, and it's just not working. >> tommy darris is now threatening to remove the flag and confederate marker himself.
7:34 pm
>> maurice bessinger planned it just so he could shove that flag up everybody's ass in the stiff orangeburg for eternity. >> he said he sent them a message saying if they want their flag and marker they need to come and get it. >> what if i donate the whole property to the confederacy and they put flags and swastikas and everything, is the city going to be on board with that? i'm getting ready for pickup. the sons of confederacy, i'm done with them. >> no days go by without something happening. >> okay. since we were here last, you can see where he's been digging around the monument.
7:35 pm
he's undoubtedly trying to cause so much chaos that somebody will overreact. i just don't understand. i just don't understand. unders. i want people to know that our ancestors were good people. most of them didn't have slaves. i've told people all along, that was the best thing that ever happened to folks that came over. they would not be driving bmws today had their ancestors remained in africa, because they would have been eaten by other
7:36 pm
tribes or eaten by lions and tigers. i know that ain't politically correct to say. but it's true. true. >> my father had a grocery store in washington, d.c. in 1968, i was about 12, my father was working this store, and they were expecting a riot. about 10:00 that night we get a phone call, his store burned to
7:37 pm
the ground. i'll never forget that. my father stood in front of the store and cried. father was a huge man. and in the meantime, i saw black people lining up over here, and it was like we don't, like these guys are, all these people are lining up. my father says i know those people, i'm not worried about them. and the first one walked up to my father and said i owe you money and i'd like to pay you. my dad said i have no idea how much you owe me it. it burned down in the store. she said i think it's like $12 and some cents, within a few minutes, everybody paid. and my father never had a racist bone in his body. i wanted people to know that i'm not no racist bastard holding
7:38 pm
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has skin-strengthening nutrients and moisturizers that help rebuild your skin. dove men+care. smoother, healthier skin with every shower. this morning, new details over a dispute over the confederate flag flying near an orangeburg restaurant is unfolding before a circuit court judge. >> we are continuing here at an appellate hearing today. i'm standing before martin luther king jr. quote, which says injustice anywhere is an injustice everywhere, and i feel that, too, on my either. there's a real assault on our traditions, our history, and technically the confederacy. >> everybody else came for jury
7:44 pm
duty. >> when i arrive by there and i see that flag, i think about the fact that as a kid i used to ride by there and be afraid. >> this is not a challenge to just a flag on a flagpole. we are challenging the underlying use of the property. >> and now, as a man, i get to ride by there and think i could play a role to make it go away. that's a pretty dope dream. >> she's going to go through the argument that was made today. she's going to look at the record on appeal, and then she's going to reach her decision. so we're going to have to wait. >> sometimes i wonder if maurice wasn't up there chuckling. look at buzz, he's catching hell down there, he's doing all right. >> sons of confederate veterans
7:45 pm
have staunch feelings about the fact that some of their ancestors fought in the civil war for the confederacy. but, if you were to give half of those members the original documents of south carolina seceding from the union, most of them probably haven't read it, refuse to read it because they know what it says or read it and say yeah, but that's not why my ancestor fought. >> i'm not going to say that slavery was not in any way, shape, or form involved in the decisions about secession. but those men did not leave their families and their home and their warm bed to go to
7:46 pm
fight so somebody could own a slave. declaration of the immediate causes which induced unjisfied secession of south carolina from the federal union, a geographical line has been drawn across the union and all the states north of that line have united in the election of a man to the high office of president of the united states whose opinions and purposes are hostile to slavery. the slave-holding states will to longer have the power of self-government, and the federal government will have to become their enemy. if you want to come at me and say that its sole purpose was slavery, so be it, if that's your desire.
7:47 pm
but if we agree to disagree, that would be all right, you know, because i admit that slavery was playing a part in it. slavery was a factor, but there was other things involved. >> if you stand for an institution that supported slavery and you don't denounce that and you choose to ignore it, i think that implicitly means that somewhere in you, you were okay with it. >> new developments tonight, a circuit court judge agrees that the confederate flag in front of the edisto creamery does not
7:48 pm
violate the city of orangeburg's zoning ordinance. the owner of the creamery now says because it affects his business he closed that shop and is now selling it. >> here's my closed-down little store. it is all gone. it's just, it's not comfortable to be here. >> i feel sorry for him. i think that people couldn't differentiate between this property being someone else and this property being a creamery. >> i think it's sad, because nothing that plants there is going to be successful as long as that is not solved.
7:49 pm
>> i do feel like i've been pushed out. but we knew exactly what happened when they put that bigger flag up, when the people were killed in charleston, we knew exactly what was going on, and that wasn't our heart. >> now that it's closed and it's over, i'm very relieved. if at the end of the day, getting my family away from here and moving back to familiar people and places is a plus. shop closed. this shop is closed. >> our success in orangeburg has inspired other people to stand up. >> everybody else is taking them down, and we're putting them up, so. >> yeah, yeah. >> today, our raising of the first confederate battle flag on
7:50 pm
i-95 in south carolina! [cheers and applause] >> when a liberal also known as a libtard and it offends them to see a battle flag, that's what we want. because they don't have anything to do with our heritage. they can have their heritage. we want to keep ours. >> do you worry that there will be a day when a confederate flag does not fly in orangeburg? >> yeah. how can you help not to worry about it? i don't dwell on it. but there are times when i can foresee and i worry about --
7:51 pm
there may not be a confederate flag flying in the city of orangeburg or the majority of the united states. >> no justice! >> no peace! >> no justice! >> no peace! >> no justice! >> no peace! >> anger, frustration pouring into the streets of america. >> george floyd! >> huge numbers of people coming out in every single state in the country, standing together to say this is not acceptable anymore, black lives matter. >> black lives matter! black lives matter! >> african american ahmaud arbery is seen running. >> no justice! >> no peace! >> no justice! >> no peace! >> george floyd repeatedly cried "my neck hurts. i can't breathe." >> i can't breathe! i can't breathe! >> breonna taylor shot eight times and killed by police. >> don't shoot! >> hands up!
7:52 pm
>> don't shoot! >> hands up! >> don't shoot! >> here in south carolina and all across the nation community members have been challenging their local and state governments to take down confederate statues. >> what do we want? >> justice! >> when do we want it? >> justice! >> today at noon city council members in orangeburg will vote on a resolution to remove a confederate statue. >> in the protest outside city hall members want the 127-year-old confederate statue at courthouse square removed. >> when people say it's your heritage, it's not my heritage. when i think of confederate anything, i'm in fear. it's been one of those things where you can't talk about it and you don't say anything about it, but we're now in a time where we have the voice. we are here today because of course the mayor and city council are meeting on the resolution in regards to the statue. >> we just hope that the city will remove the statue from
7:53 pm
downtown square along with -- >> we live in this community. >> where do you live? >> i live in orangeburg. >> those symbols are a part of the symbol of repression against my people. >> our first goal is to remove the racist statue and racist street names in orangeburg. and then of course the confederate flag at the creamery. we called the mayor's office and we called the city council members. >> i'm excited to see what's going on in orangeburg. we're seeing people who want change. and they're not asking for change. they're demanding it. as we continue we've got to do a much better job collectively of being willing to fight the fight when it ain't the popular thing to do. and if we can keep doing that, keep pushing for change, and we can keep standing up to people who stand behind institutions of bigotry and hate and slavery
7:54 pm
under the guise of heritage, we will get there. and i look forward to the day when i jump in my car and come into orangeburg that confederate flag's no longer flying there. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
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