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tv   Hallie Jackson Reports  MSNBC  February 17, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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secretary of state antony blinken is headed there warning how russia might make up a pretext to invade. with this warning from president biden today that the clock is ticking. listen. >> it is very high. i sense this will happen in the next several days. >> new warnings of a russian false flag operation after ukraine accused pro-russian separatists of shelling a kindergarten. and a top diplomat kicked out with russia delivering a sharp response to the u.s. accusing the government of stone calling. we'll talk about it coming up. but in the meantime, our team is falling every development. i'm joined by kristen welker, garrett haake, erin mclaw enforcement mclaw enforcement written and also the former
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national intelligence officer for russia, now a senior fellow. and we're glad to have you with us. president biden has i believe left the south lawn, no questions as he returned. he didn't speak again about this issue. we've already heard from him once in that very as you know informal and sometimes loud setting on ukraine today. give me the sense that you are hearing from white house officials as the line for the administration seems to be, yes, still a window for diplomacy, but very clear eyed about the reality that is happening on the ground. >> reporter: you're right, you set it up very well. and i'd take it one step further to say that behind the scenes there is a sense that the window for diplomacy is closing. we did try to get questions to president biden, he was returning from ohio where he was talking about the economy. he did not respond to our shouted questions just moments ago. but of course he did before he departed for ohio. and that is when he delivered that dire warning that they are bracing for a potential invasion
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by russian troops in to ukraine within just days. although he did say he underscored the point that you just raised, that there still is a window for diplomacy. and what you are seeing today is really the full court press of administration officials trying to work those diplomatic channels. so you have the vice president who is on her way to munich, you also of course with the secretary of state who is headed there now. but before he left, he spoke before the u.n. security council and he talked about the possibility of those false flags that russia may use to try to justify an invasion into ukraine. that listen. >> we don't know exactly the form it will take. it could be a fabricated so-called terrorist bombing inside russia. the invented discovery of a mass grave. a staged drone strike against civilians. or a fake even a real attack using chemical weapons. russian media has already gun
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begun to spread false alarms to lay the ground work for an invented justification for war. all right. >> reporter: and it is worth reminding everyone that russia said that it was starting to withdraw some troops but yet day after day the administration said that they could not verify those claims. president biden speaking from the white house on tuesday said that he couldn't verify the claims. and then overnight we learned from a senior administration official that the administration believes flatly those claims are fails. in fact they said that there are now 7,000 more troops. and based on my conversations behind the scenes, i can tell you that one of the most worrying signs for administration officials is not necessarily how many troops and forces are lined up at the border of ukraine, really encircling it, but the diversity, the different types of weaponry and military equipment that they have at the
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ready. so an incredibly tense situation. >> made very clear by ned price the state department spokesperson right here on this show that it was in fact a lie and he was clear about that, that russia is in any way pulling troops away from the border. erin, one of the things kristen laid out was the potential for a false flag operation. talk to us about what you are seeing and the context of what we know to know about when we talk about the shelling of a school in eastern ukraine. >> well, today we saw marked escalation of violence in the donbas region of eastern ukraine. and just a short while ago, the osce's special monitoring mission for ukraine put out its daily report essentially cataloging the day's violence in donetsk, saying that it recorded 189 cease fire violations compared to 24 violations recorded in the previous period.
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and osce cataloging 402 cease fire violations in another area compared to 129 in the previous period. now, there have been flare-ups in violence in this region in the past, but keep in mind there is a ceasefire that is supposed to be in place, both the russian-backed separatists and the ukranian government blaming each other for this recent escalation. but the separatists not providing any evidence to back those claims. ukranian government releasing footage from a kindergarten inside government-controlled area that it says was hit by artillery fire from russian-backed militants. reiched out to the osce repeatedly today asking them for comment on those allegations. and have not heard back. but the western officials warning of a false flag
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situation that could be brewing on the ukranian border. and tomorrow all eyes will be on the vice president and the secretary of state when they arrive in munich for that security conference. people here in kyiv will be eager to see what comes out of that. >> and garrett, on capitol hill here we saw, you know, little agreement on what kind of sanctions should be put in place against russia. and now the potential that senator rand paul is potentially maybe going to blow up this fairly toothless resolution that republicans and democrats said that they wanted to agree on to send a message to russia. what is going on there? >> reporter: the administration says they don't need help from congress, that they think that he have the authority that they need. and that is a good thing because they are not getting much help from this congress. basically a bipartisan release came out expressing support for ukraine from a bipartisan group of senators including the leaders of both parties.
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there was an effort today to pass before the senate goes home for the entirety of next week for presidents day a resolution that would essentially reiterate america's support for ukraine, you know, sort of lay the ground work for putting sanctions in place later. just a sense of the senate resolution, the kind that needs to pass with unanimous consent. but rand paul says now that he wants to include language in this resolution to make it clear that it is not an authorization for war or for american troops to be sent in on ukraine in any way. this kind of thing to get done quickly takes 100, it won't have them if rand paul decides to stick to his guns on it, which means the senate will leave town having done really nothing in terms of actually passing something to affect this crisis in any way. >> garrett hague, thank you. and andrea, i'll ask for your patience because we have breaking news. please stand by if you can. we have to get in, in the last couple minutes, developing news.
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we've been talking about latitia james, the new york attorney general in court, and the judge's ruling is now in, that former president trump will be forced to testify in that civil suit against the trump organization. remember lawyers wanted to block the subpoena. and now again we're hearing from the judge that the former president has to testify. keep in mind things that he says in this civil hearing could be used in other lawsuits including other investigations like the manhattan d.a. criminal case against the trump organization. i want to bring in tom witter. bring us up-to-date. >> reporter: so the judge issuing a ruling here just in the last several minutes, what the trumps had wanted is either for the depositions to go away or in lieu of that for them to be stayed until the criminal investigation that you referenced is concluded. judges denied that on won't
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counts. in the final analysis, the state attorney general commences investigation uncovering possible fraud and wants to question under oath several principals including its name sake. and so an unequivocal shut down of the trump's arguments, that means that the former president as well as ivanka and don jr. will need to sit for a civil deposition. they have the opportunity of course to appeal this ruling today to i believe the state supreme court. but i want to triple check that. and have the opportunity to see if they can press this up or at least stay today's ruling. what has been determined by the judge is that within 14 days of this order, trump will -- i'm reading it realtime, so excuse me a quick second. trump has to comply in full within 14 days of the date of
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the order with the portion of the attorney general's subpoena seeking documents and information and to appear for a deposition within 21 days of today. and then ivanka and donald trump jr. are also ordered to appear for depositions. so three weeks from now, these depositions are scheduled to be held, although as i said, there is the opportunity here for this to be appealed to a higher court. i need to double check the mechanism of how that would happen. eric trump, who we see on screen, has already provided a deposition and as you and i have spoken about before asserted his fifth amendment privilege thinks over 500 times during the course of that. >> let me see if i can help you out because i think danny cevallos is standing by for us. and so tom, hang tight for a second. danny, this is not the end of the road necessarily. we know that former president
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trump doesn't want to testify. doesn't want to be deposed here, right? there are other options despite this judge's order. they can appeal, correct? >> they could appeal. this is a supreme court judge's decision and order, so you could appeal up to the appellate division. and like tom i'm reading it hot off the press. but, yes, it is appealable. i'm not so sure that they can get a stay pending that appeal. because that is exactly what they were seeking in this case. they were seeking to squash the subpoena and also for a stay of the proceedings. and they didn't get that. so at least for now, these depositions will go forward. i don't think that they can get a stay pending an appeal of their decision on the stay. >> tom, back to you here. you can bring us in, because the arguments -- it seemed -- listen, you know i'm no legal expert, but during the arguments during these discussions, the judge had repeatedly pressed the attorneys for the trump team
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essentially about why they should be exempt from this essentially being compelled to provide information to the new york attorney general. >> yeah, so there were a couple prongs that the trumps tried to use to see if they could squash the subpoena. first they said is look, you have statements made by the new york attorney general when she was then a candidate essentially saying that she was going to come after our client the former president of the united states and so this shows either some sort of a bias or that she is directly trying to come after us, judge you need to pay attention to that. this that is number one. of course they sued to try to stop the investigation. and then you have another area or issue that they raised which is this idea that there is this ongoing criminal investigation so they said, look, you know, if you want, you've got grand jury in the state of new york and that is a whole separate issue about new york state grand jury rules but essentially say that you go can't be taking a civil deposition and you can't be conducting the inquiry on the
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civil side when you have people from your own office detailed to the criminal investigation being led primarily by manhattan district attorney cy vance. so those were the two areas where they tried to attack these subpoenas and these requests for depositions as i read the judge clearly did not agree with that and ruled in favor of compelling their depositions. but that was kind of the center of their argument. in new york state in a civil trial, it is possible when you have a deposition to tell the jury all the times that somebody asserted their fifth amendment privileges. so this could be potentially helpful if it ever goes to the jury on a civil side. >> tom, i know you have some reporting to do so i'll let you go. i promised your team i'd let you work the phones. so danny, let me bring in you. again, we are all looking through this filing as it has come in now from the judge. so a couple questions.
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it is entirely possible that the trumps could testify and be deposed and comply with the subpoena to the letter of the law, but still provide information or virtually no information that is of use to the new york a.g., right, because they could plead the fifth? >> exactly right. and that is an option that the judge appears to mention in his decision and order which came out moments ago. tom summarized it well. basically -- let me put high defense hat on to try to explain the trump's defenses view of trying to squash the subpoena and get the stay. it is essentially that, look, in a civil case we take that position, but routinely there is a civil and criminal case, i do this too, you go to the civil case, the civil judge and say can we just have a stay, can we put off the civil case until the criminal case is over because after all, my guy can't sit for a deposition, he won't be able to testify. in this case, this is a different kind of civil case, and the a.g. isn't willing to
12:16 pm
wait and the trump team's argument here was that the new york a.g. and manhattan district attorney are working together. and because they are working together, the argument is that it is disingenuous to ask trump to sit for a deposition when your friend the manhattan d.a. is waiting in the wings to pounce on anything that trump would say. but you're right, the solution to that is to take the fifth amendment which would be the solution for the vast majority of people in that situation. but politically speaking, at least publicly speaking, any of the trumps taking the fifth amendment is a devastating result. it wouldn't be that devastating a result if they weren't the trumps and if they weren't as famous as they were. but it is the option that they have if they are forced to sit for a deposition. as it seems like they will be. >> explain and put into context why latitia james wants to hear from these three in the first place. >> latitia james is conducting
12:17 pm
an investigation and civil lawsuit against the trump organization, the trump companies. essentially the investigation appears to be revealing that they were engaged allegedly in a classic scheme i guess i would say of inflating your value when you wanted loans and de234r5i9 naturing it when the tax man come et. that is not a new idea. companies have done it before. whether or not they have done that remains to be seen. but that is the attorney general's duty. yes, the new york attorney general is a law enforcement criminal justice agency like a local manhattan d.a. or a federal prosecutor. but they also have a different mission which is to oversee new york corporation. and do that, they will often bring a lawsuit to say dissolve a corporation, punishing it for not following corporate responsibilities and requirements. and thatis essentially what the
12:18 pm
new york attorney general has done here. and they are working in tandem to some degree with the manhattan d.a. and that is what the trump team was arguing here, that you can't they were saying work as a -- prosecute a civil case as new york attorney general and then work hand-in-hand with the manhattan d.a. and have the manhattan d.a. cherrypick anything that they can find from that civil case. if there is some validity to the argument but the judge soundly rejected it, essentially, and i'm paraphrasing this, use language to the effect of wholly without -- or misses the mark i believe was the language the judge used. so that argument was heard, entertained and rejected. >> danny, that is an excellent and comprehensive summation. bottom line here is this, former president trump, ivanka trump, donald trump jr., have three weeks to comply based on this order with a deposition from the new york attorney general unless they appeal. we are obviously going to be
12:19 pm
watching for any reaction from team trump, from their defense attorneys, et cetera. we'll bring that to you live the second that we get it. but again, breaking news, you are watching it right here. forced to testify. our thanks to danny cevallos and tom winter for that. and a lot more to get to, including our one-on-one with mark warner from the senate intelligence committee about all the russia/ukraine drama that we are seeing. >> and plus changing it up, president biden trying to freshen up his message to americans particularly on the economy as he just gets back from this trip to ohio. we'll talk about how he is trying to connect with voters. and later, new movement inside the florida legislature which could bring one of two so-called don't say gay bills closer to a final vote. we have a state rep who will talk about what they are trying to do to prevent it from becoming law. t they are trying to do to prevent it from to do to prevent it from becoming law
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the white house arriving just in the last half hour or so, not taking any questions from reporters after warning that the chance of a russian invasion in ukraine is very high and could happen in a matter of days. i'm joined by mark warner now. senator, thanks for being back on the show. >> good afternoon. >> from what you have been seeing and hearing, is it also your assessment that russian invasion is in fact more than likely at this point? >> i would definitely say more than likely. nothing would make me feel better than if i was back on your show a week from now and nothing has happened. but the russians have -- you know, they say they were taking troops down and we've seen a bit of the opposite. we've seen beginnings of a cyberattack from russia against some ukranian banks. not a major attack yet. and over the last few weeks, i think that one of the things that the united states and nato has done very well, they flooded
12:25 pm
the zone, there has been a western prime minister, president or chancellor in kyiv or moscow almost every day. there is a few days now -- i'm going this afternoon to a munich security conference. and i worry that this may be the window when there is not a western leader in kyiv and even though we have been continuing to get out our intelligence to try to keep the russians a bit off guard where we said if there is a key which would be the russian, if you see a video of dead bodieses it the russians. but i'm very worried about the next couple days and you already see some reports that the russians are saying that ukranians are firing artillery in the eastern part of the country. we don't have any confirmation of that, but this kind of false flag operation is what we'd expect before we see the russians attack. >> do you believe -- we've been talking about how the window for diplomacy appears to be closing. do you think that it is shut at
12:26 pm
this pint or is there still a shot? >> i still think that there is an opportunity. if putin wants an off-ramp, we, europeans, we'll find a way to step back. but we don't see any indication of that, the demands that he made, he knew from day one that somehow that we'll reverse all of europe until 1997, rolling back nato countries and as well as permanently saying that ukraine could never be a part of nato. i think this is a guy who is at the tail end of his career who has this view of himself of re-establishing the russian empire, rebuilding the soviet union. and i think that he is willing to pay virtually any price. and what i'm fearful of is we then put the sanctions and it will be us and the europeans, i think russia will become a pariah nation in the rest of the world and will he then launch a cyberattack against us. and all these hypotheticals.
12:27 pm
what constitutes an act of war within cyber suddenly could become very real. for example even over the next couple days, if in the process of attacking ukraine, he launches a major attack against -- a cyberattack, they know no boundaries. and so if suddenly the lights are turned off, shuts off the water. and if it bleeds into poland and god to bid there was some kind of an accident, does that trigger an article v where every nato country has to come to the assistant. these are been the hypothetical questions debated for years. unfortunate thing, we may be staring at the reality of that the next few day. >> and i know that you cannot share specific intelligence with us publicly here, but can you in
12:28 pm
the context that you can give us guidance of how to think about the shelling of that kindergarten in ukraine? >> i think that it is outrageous. i won't comment about the specifics, but there has been relative calm over the last few weeks on that border between where the separatists are and ukranian forces. i'm speculating, this is not based on intelligence, but the idea that the russians would take that aggressive of an action almost trying to lure the ukranians into firing back in a more major way which would be the pretext for a major russian invasion not just in the east but as intelligence said, i think that they could see a major passenger on kyiv. this would be a level of land war that we've not seen since the second world war. >> sanctions before uhe go, we heard from senator menendez that he is working on that. there is not the level of
12:29 pm
agreement that i think supporters of those sanctions would like to see at this point in the senate. are you hopeful that they could still come together? >> well, i actually think unfortunately this whole issue may be moot. because by the time even if we pass them today, the house is not in, we're talking about something that could happen any day now, we did come out and i was proud to be part of the group of a bipartisan letter from the senate leadership, we stand with ukraine, we stand with nato, putin you do this, we're united on these sanctions. so if he makes this attack, we and our european a allies have to following through and we go to a dangerous time. >> chilling to hear. and i know you will be staying on top of this. i appreciate your time. want to bring back in the former cia analyst and former deputy national intelligence officer for russia.
12:30 pm
and andrea, thank you for your patience with us. we wanted to bring you in because of your expertise. given everything with the school, ramp up in rhetoric, the troop movements that u.s. officials are reporting seeing, do you believe that senator warner when he says that this could be perhaps the most tense moment for europe since the last world war is an accurate assessment of where we are? >> yeah, i definitely agree with that. and i think what we've seen especially in the last 48 hours obviously the lies about russia's withdraw of forces from the border, but the activity that we've seen today in terms of trying to creative that pretext from the russian side i think is extremely concerning as the senator said, we know that the russians will be looking to create a pre-tiks. pretext. and there have been so many false stories. whether the shelling of the village in ukraine, we're hearing false stories about mass graves. they are really flooding the
12:31 pm
zone. i'd think of it as the kremlin throwing spaghetti against the wall to see what sticks. and this is what the cell len does. they put out as much false and conflicting information to try to sow confusion. so i think that we've seen this uptick is concerning and is creating the ground work for what could be a significant military incursion into ukraine. >> i know that you don't have a crystal ball and you are not living vladimir putin's head, but is there any chance that he could take the diplomatic off-ramp? >> i think unfortunately no. i do recognize that our diplomats are doing everything humanly possible to keep that diplomatic door open. again today secretary blinken highlighting that there are potential channels of communication. russians could meet with the
12:32 pm
osce again or the nato russia council. so they have gone to tremendous lengths to try to keep the diplomatic door open. but my sense is and kind of based we are, president putin has not really gotten anything yet. so hard for me to see him backing down without something that he could pocket and show as a win. and based on conversations coming from both sides, there doesn't really seem to be prospects of that kind of a breakthrough. >> andrea, thank you so much for your perspective. and we just got in a statement like as we were talking with andrea there from a lawyer for two of former president trump's children about the breaking news that they will have to answer questions under oath. we'll tell you what they said coming up. and we'll also take you to the hill where a hearing on the january 6th insurrection is taking place. today's focus, putting the
12:33 pm
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a followup to that breaking news we brought you at the top of the show here.
12:37 pm
lawyers for former president trump say that they will -- excuse me, lawyers for ivanka trump and donald trump jr. as well as former president trump, actually just ivanka and don jr. sorry, this is breaking news. but these attorneys for the children representing don jr. and ivanka trump say that there is a likelihood that they will appeal. had a feeling that it would happen. it is set to happen, if you will, which means that there is a chance take the that the trump children may not have to comply with the judge's ruling. and also new reaction from la new york attorney general saying that justice prevailed and no one will permitted to stand in the way of justice. obviously a lot of developments. literally by the minute. we'll keep you posted. we also want to keep you posted on at the building behind
12:38 pm
me, the capitol, because the watchdog is warning lawmakers that the capitol police have not done enough to make sure that that building is safe after what happened on january 6. the house administration committee is an conducting its own look in on january 6. michael bolton has said before that dozens of recommended securities enhancements had not been put in place. i want to bring in now ali vitali. talk to me about what we're hearing because i believe that the hearing just started within the last 30 minutes. >> reporter: yeah, we've started to hear both from the chairwoman of that committee and including the witnesses, many of whom you were just talking about, including the inspector general, capitol police, who is testifying today that more of those recommendations have been undertaken. but at the same time of the hundreds of recommendations to security enhancements and other things that have been made since
12:39 pm
january 6, only a handful of them have been implemented to this point. that is one of the big things that he is here to update congress on as this committee as well as others undertake their investigations to make sure that day like january 6th never happens again. and that is exactly what the chairwoman said when is he opened the committee. take a listen. >> a fire cannot start without a spark and we would be doing a disservice to ourselves and to the american people if we do not here and always acknowledge the spark that lit the fire that we witnessed on january 6th. >> reporter: so you her her talk about the spark that lit the fire on january 6th. of course it dovetails with the work that lofgren is doing as a member of the select committee. and on this house committee hearing from bolton today there, are three total members from the january 6th committee, so a lot of overlap in these continued
12:40 pm
investigations. of course the january 6 committee still continuing its work. we probably won't see them enter the public phase until the summer, that is pushed back from the spring. but at the same time, they are continuing their work, continuing to subpoena people who were involved with those fake slates of electors and as well as digging in with mis-and disinformation. >> thank you. and staying on the capitol, the house oversight committee wants to end the trump organization elise of a d.c. hotel. the bottom line is that they don't want the trump organization to handle this lease after claims that the former president's financial information was misleading they say. and after his long term accounting firm decided to drop the trump organization as a client. the gsa, the landlord of the old post office building, known as the trump international hotel, said that the hotel lost more than $70 million from 2016 to
12:41 pm
2020. i want to bring in ken dilanian. what is the likelihood this actually happens and the shlaes terminated? >> unclear. the context is that donald trump is planning to sell his lease with the federal government to operate the hotel which is as understand been losing money. trump's company reportedly reached a deal to set lease to a miami investment firm for $375 million. a sum that could net trump $100 million profit. so even though he lost around $70 million as you said, he could end up ahead. so now the house oversight democrats are urging the biden administration cancel the trump organization's lease and they cite the grave damage this inappropriate lease has done to presidential ethics and integrity in government contracting. they say this is justified after trump's accounting firm dumped him saying that decade of financial statements can't be relied on as accurate and that provision in the lease allows this. but of course there will be litigation over this, it will be contested in court.
12:42 pm
so farther general services administration has given no indication that it would do this. as for the criminal investigations, the allegations by this accounting firm goes to the heart of what the manhattan d.a. and new york attorney general are looking at, whether they committed fraud by lying to banks and insurance companies. hoist democr house democrats sa the documents are misleading and so this lease could be relevant to the criminal investigation. >> ken, thank you for that. next up here, one of florida's so-called don't say gay bills could be one step closer to becoming law. one state representative will be joining us. to becoming law one state representative will be joininusg
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for investors who can navigate this landscape, leveraging gold, a strategic and sustainable asset... the path is gilded with the potential for rich returns. florida house committee is meeting to vote on a bill that would ban discussion in some classrooms about sexual orientation or gender identity if its deemed inappropriate. the parental rights in education bill, which poefrn sopponents c "don't say gay" bill, says that they cannot encourage discussion in primary grade levels. it is expected to clear the committee and move to the full house. florida governor ron desantis has signaled that the bill has his support. critics say that it would keep
12:46 pm
students from learning to understand their own sexual orientation, that of their family, friends, neighbors. i want to bring in now florida representative angie nixon. thank you for being with us. >> thank you for having me. >> and tell me how you and your colleagues plan to fight this given that you have a number of folks on the other side who have made clear they want this to become law. >> right. so this is a bill unfortunately that no one in florida asked for except the governor. and so many of my colleagues plan on fighting this, actually taking to the people. because the floridians all across the state, we care about issues like this housing crisis. i'm from jacksonville, florida and housing crisis and rents have gone up by over 31%. these are the things that we need to be addressing in the state legislature and something that is not happening. and so we'll fight this and we are pushing back.
12:47 pm
we'll continue to galvanize the communities to really push back and let them know about all the bad bills that are coming out of tallahassee right now. >> so what is your message to your colleagues in the republican party who think that maybe grade school kids shouldn't be talking to this kind of thing, that it is too early despite some of the opposition from the other side? >> so it is a huge slap in the face of the lgbtq community all across the state of florida. this bill is an attempt to erase their community. and just a slap in the face. how can we say that we are for the freedom -- we are a free state. florida is not a free state for black people, it is not a free state for women and definitely not a free state for members of the lgbtq community. what this bill does is it forces kids to stay in the closet. kids who are our most vulnerable
12:48 pm
who are four times more likely to commit suicide. and this causes schools to no longer be a safe space and that is absurd. we took an oath as elected officials to ensure the quality of life for residents all across the state and unfortunately the governor and many of my counterparts are really just using this as an opportunity to play to their base. again, we have a housing crisis that we're dealing with. we have a shortage of over 5,000 teachers across the state of florida. instead of addressingthose issues, the governor who has his only political ambition to rub for president of the united states would rather campaign to raise money for his potential bid for president instead of doing job and addressing the floridians who are hurting. >> and i have to ask what do you hear when you talk to people in your communities about this?
12:49 pm
>> what i hear is that people -- people are upset. people are disheartened. they again -- we are attacking the most vulnerable kids. and you know, i'm not a member of the lgbtq community, but i am an ally and a black woman and i would be wrong to not stand up for this community knowing how my community has been as trowel sized and now their community. and as we saw yesterday with the passing of the 15 week abortion ban, it is women. it could be anyone. so we need to stop him now and push back especially since he has political ambitions to be the president of the united states. we here in florida are not going to take this and we are going to try to vote him out in 2022 so he will not be our next
12:50 pm
governor. >> representative angie nixon, thank you so much for being with us and talking about the next steps. appreciate it. coming up here, how president biden's leaning in to an economic messaging shift. we have new nbc news reporting on this front from our team at the white house coming up next.e house coming up next. e coming ut my asthma felt anything but norm uces asthma as it's a once-monthly add-on treatment for severe eosinophilic asthma. not for sudden breathing problems. allergic reactions can occur. get help right away for swelling of face, mouth, tongue, or trouble breathing. infections that can cause shingles have occured. don't stop steroids unless told by your doctor. tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection. may cause headache, injection site reactions, back pain, and fatigue. ask your asthma specialist about a nunormal with nucala.
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at president biden hoping that speech today in ohio kicks up energy at the start of a midterm year and a couple weeking ahead of the state of the union hoping to push the infrastructure bill and he thinks resonates with swing state voters. listen. >> but now with infrastructure law we are reinvesting in our economy and in our people. reclaiming our leadership and creating millions of jobs for building a better america. >> of course the highest inflation since 1982 and dealing with approval ratings that are low. at least in ohio democrats have something else to do. to talk about it i bring in josh letterman. i know some reporting that you and the the white house team are
12:55 pm
doing on the president's messaging on the economic front critical as we head into the midterm year. >> reporter: one of the thing that is democrats are on the ballot can't control is president biden's approval rating. out there out and about talking any way they would prefer him focusing on the things he and congressional democrats have accomplished with covid relief and bipartisan infrastructure instead of the promises that democrats made in the last campaign that so far they have been unable to deliver and don't want their party to be seen as out of touch with the real economic pain that folks feel right now and why according to our new reporting the president and the team planning as they gear up for the state of the union to refresh the message to around empathy. a greatest political strength of the president to understand that people really are suffering with
12:56 pm
the high prices and democrats not appearing with president biden, democrats are split this cycle whether having biden around helps or hurts. you have democrats are ohio hugging president biden showing up on the tarmac today. i was in virginia last week with a democrat that showed up and then connor lamb in pennsylvania saying i will win my own race and the white house says that's just fine. whatever helps. >> josh letterman there outside the white house, thank you. thank you for watching. you can find us on twitter. of course in one hour for show number two. i'll also see you on nightly 6:30. "deadline: white house" starts after the break. hite house" stas after the break.
12:57 pm
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thanks to's home alerts we were able to see the newest homes on the market, super fast. so we could finally buy our first "big boi house." big boi house. big boi kitchen! big boi waterfall shower! big boi crawl space.
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big boi sold sign, big boi logo. to each their home. pnc bank believes that if a pair of goggles can help your backhand get better then your bank should help you budget even better. virtual wallet® with low cash mode℠ from pnc bank. one way we're making a difference. hi there, everyone. 4:00 in the east. breaking news to tell you about. unfolding late this amp, having to do with extraordinary perhaps unprecedented new legal pressure for ex-president trump. the judge's ruling today making it official at some point in the next 21 days the former president along with two oldest children that would be donald trump jr. and ivanka, must sit for a deposition answering questions under oath part of the


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