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tv   Politics Nation  MSNBC  March 26, 2022 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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good evening. welcome to "politics nation." tonight's lead -- moral authority. right now president biden is wrapping his european tour, speaking to eastern nato countries from warsaw, poland just hours ago, a message of solidarity pledged to ukraine and its allies. the most direct warning yet for russia and its president. >> ukraine will never be a victory for russia or free people refuse to live in a world of hopelessness and darkness. we'll have a brighter future rooted in democracy and principle, open and light, the for god's sake, this man cannot remain in power. >> the president's words come after russia appears to have scaled back its ground offensive, targeting the
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ukrainian capital of kyiv, while consolidating it's hold on uncontested regions, refuting assessments that the invasion has not gone to plan for russia. of course, that doesn't mean the offensive has abated entirely. ukrainian officials reporting that the city of lviv was hit by multiple rockets today. several people reported injured, a fuel storage facility is in flames. officials begging civilians to stay sheltered as explosions rock the city. we'll unpack the history that was made this week. the confirmation hearings of supreme court justice ketanji brown jackson and the attacks she is endured, what did the attacks say from black america? can we expect a wider political
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impact? that's tonight on "politics nation," and we'll bring you the latest on this war from warsaw to washington over the next hour. we begin tonight in ukraine. joining me now is ali arouzi. he is in lviv, ukraine. ali? >> reporter: good evening, reverend. at about 5 1/2, six hours ago the air raid sirens went off in lviv. shortly after that there were several loud explosions that all of us heard, followed by a dark plume of smoke rising over the city. that has obviously shaken up many residents, many displaced people that have fled the eastern wartorn part of the country. two hours after that initial explosion, there was another
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explosion. it sounded smaller but nonetheless we heard that. that was also followed by black plumes of smoke. we learned that the first attack was on a fuel depot. the location the ukrainians don't want us to discuss for security reasons, but it was a fuel depot within the outskirts of the city. it was hit by two missiles, and it was still building when i came on air. firefighters were at the scene try to go extinguish it. it has subsided somewhat, but you can still see a minor red glow in the distance. the second attack was on a ukrainians military factory related to the ministry of defense. again, the details are diagnose kept under close wraps. the ukrainian officials say there were no fatalities, but
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five people so far have been injured. that could change during the course of the day. so far we're hearing five people injured in two attacks that took place today. it has made people here anxious. as i mentioned to you, many people are displaced, coming here for safe, and they suddenly have to scramble into an air raid shelter and take cover, many with young children or elderly people. they have to wait out until the all clear is given, sitting in the dark most of the time. just to give you a bit of a timeline of the attacks near lviv. about two weeks ago, a military base was hit about 35 miles outside of lviv. that was the most serious attack. about a week after that, an aircraft maintenance facility was hit, with no fatalities. that was only four miles out of
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the city center. and, of course, these two attacks today, which were pretty close to the city center as well, so that has made people anxious, but the city is prepared for this. there are contingency plans in the city, air raids, sandbanks, because they no ultimately no part of this country is safe from russian attacks. this remains as a safe zone, but as most tell you here, vladimir putin is capable of anyone and the war could come here if he makes more advances in the east. >> all right. thank you to nbc's ali arouzi, who is in ukraine. joining me now is representative marilyn strickland of washington. she's a member of the armed services commit year. ukrainian forces appear to be
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holding their own against the russian troops' aggression in their capital city of kyiv. early u.s. intelligence indicated that the city would fall in a matter of days, but that hasn't happened. meanwhile, russia has started bringing in reinforcements from georgia, and shifted their focus more hot country's east region, subjecting a new phase in the war. what's your assessment on how uukrainian forces are doing in defending themselves, and what do you make of this new phase in the war? >> well, thank you for having me on, reverend. you are correct. when this war started a month ago now, the conventional wisdom was that kyiv would fall within a matter of days, and it's still standing strong because the ukrainian people are resolute and they're going to defend their homeland. so you see russia changing tacks
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now and heading to the east. they are demonstrating that nato remains unified. congress did pass $13 billion of aid for ukraine for humanitarian and equipment. the first tranche of that money is coming. so we knew this war would be long and procedure tracted, but at the same time the ukrainians are holding their own. >> earlier today president biden called out vladimir putin for his attempt to divide nato. here is what he had to say. >> i'm confident that vladimir putin was counting on being ability to divide nato, to separate the eastern flank from the west, to separate nations based on past histories. he hasn't been able to do it. we have all stayed together inch
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so i just think it's so important that we keep in lockstep with how we're pursuing. this comes after they issued a statement, and vowed to provide assistance to ukraine. biden also expressed support of expelling russia from the g20 and said nato would respond if russia used chemical weapons inside ukraine. how concerned are you with the possibility of u.s. troops fighting in the war? >> so the u.s. has no intention of declaring a no-fly zone or putting u.s. troops on the ground. remember, reverend, we just pulled out of afghanistan, but with you stand united with our nato allies. this is the whole point of the
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president's visit along with the secretaries of defense and state. it's also important to remember we're providing humanitarian aid, providing hardware, to provide major assistance, along with our allies. you talk about how he was counting on nato being divided, but that's the opposite. secretary blinken laid the groundwork to go on tour and remind folks that it stays with its allies. with you fighting happening in ukraine, we're going to support them every way we can, to make sure that vladimir putin is pushed back. >> now, let's switch gears alternates to the confirmation on judge ketanji brown jackson. this week rep senators had racist and sexist attacks on full display. the political spectacle included
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lindsey graham's questions about judge jackson's faith, to pander to the predominantly white evangelical base, and then josh hawley's accusations that jackson is somehow soft on criminals trafficking child pornography. then came cruz trying to get jackson to commit to critical race theory. how do you interpret these attacks on this qualified judge, who happens to be a black woman? how well did senate democrats defend the nominee? >> it's no surprise they were going to take that route, try to turn it into a three-ring circus. you i would say they failed miserably. if you look at judge jackson's cresse denchs compared to those she's been serving with, she's been a judge, a federal
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defender. the committee has seen her four times, pointing her to the federal court. this is the reality of being a black woman in america when you're aspiring to do big things. we knew the racism would come out, the sexism would come out. i'm not shh surprised. however, the attempt to character eases her soft on crime fell flat. the fraternal order of police have endorsed judge jackson. international association of police chiefs have endorsed her. he would not endorse someone soft on crime. she very, very thoughtfully, maintaining her composure, sticks to the facts. in many cases these unsubstantiated attacks really demonstrate this is not the flex they thought it was. >> she epitomized grace under fire, real dignity, no question
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about that. it was certainly as racist, as they went after her in many ways, trying to criminalize her congresswoman strickland, thank you for being with us. my next guest joins us from romania to show us house some of the millions of children forced to flee ukraine are getting help today. plus what it will take to reconcile them with their families. first, let's go to richard lui. >> rev, good afternoon. authorities in colome by contraare investigating the death the taylor hawkins, the drummer for the rock band foo fighters. he died friday night in bogata. an ice shelf the size of new york city has collapsed in east
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these international sanctions are sapping russia's strength, its able to replenish its military and its ability to project power. the western world has come together to provide for the people of ukraine with increst credible levels of assistance. we stand with you.
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period. we've been reporting for weeks about the humanitarian fallout from russia's invasion of ukraine. the situation is most dire for children who have been displaced at rates not seen since world war ii. according to unicef, 4.3 million ukrainian children have been displaced, more than half the country's estimated youth population. on thursday, president biden announced plans for the united states to accept 100,000 refugees. administration officials said they're still working out the details. joins me from romania is dan steward, head of news for the save the children group thank you for joining us tonight.
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at president biden sid the u.s. would take in 100,000 refugees, i know you can't speak to immigration policies of individual countries, but what are the pathways available to those children fleeing ukraine? and how would you like to see the international community help out? >> well, what we're seeing here in eastern europe and throughout much of europe as well is a sense of solid dare, actually with ukrainian refugees at the moment, which is encouraging to see. we have seen, as you said the fastest, largest displacement of people since the second world war, more than 3.5 people have fled ukraine in just a month. half of them are children. there are options for refugees to find homes in the neighboring
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countries. what we really need to see is governments making sure that the refugees have all of the advice, information and emotional support they need. and to makes sure they're able to take advantage of these routes. >> unicef has called for strengthened measures to protect children that are crossing from ukraine into neighboring countries, as children are at heightened risks of trafficking and exploitation. when you investigate these stories, what have you been hearing, problems with safety these kids are facing as a result of having to seek refuge? especially for those that most of are with their mothers only, since the fathers have decided to stay behind. >> unfortunately, as with any crisis of this scale, this amount of turmoil, this amount
2:22 pm
of chaos. people are looking to exploit the situation, exploit the chaos, putting children at risks of trafficking and exploitation. we know there have been some parents that are really keen to see their children safe, even if they aren't able to make it themselves. was really important is organizations like save the children work with the governments in neighboring countries, across europe, to ensure we understand where any -- to make sure children do not fall through the cracks, to find homes when they need them. to reunite with family in other countries if that's what they want to do. for example, in sweden, you know, we have teams who are greeting refugees at the airport, providing information, advice and support there. just to make sure those gaps
2:23 pm
don't open up for children to fall through. we're doing the same thing in romania, poland other neighboring countries, working with the protection system. >> the united nations reported that there is an urgent and extra support needed to separated and unaccompanied children who fled ukraine. what do we know about child separation? do you think there's any hope for the children who have been displaced to reunite with their parents in the near future? >> i think absolutely there's hope, provided, as i said, we have the right people in the right places to ensure that those children don't get lost and, you know, potentially trafficked away from the countries where they're arriving. with the right support. we, for example, are setting up integrated hubs in romania, where we'll be able to meet children with their mothers, but
2:24 pm
also if there are any unaccompanied children, we'll look out for them there, make sure we provide them with the right support, get them into the child protection system, which is the best way to reassure they're reunited with their families or taken someplace safe where they can be looked after. finally tell us about the work that save the children have been doing to help displaced children? and what can someone who may be watching do to help out as well with what save the children is doing? >> well, in romanian, our team has been at the border since day one of this crisis, providing food, essential hygiene items, even just toys for the children coming across the border. i've seen children's eyes light up at the sight of a stuffed toy handed out by our teams. to give you within example of something else, we provide what
2:25 pm
we called child friendly status, warm, welcoming environments, so children can start to recover. one mum he spoke to in one of these spaces told me she and her two kids have been forced to hide in a basement for six days while the town was bombarded. when they emerged their home was hit directly twice, and they were forced to flee for the romanian border. when i spoke to this family, her two kids were playing, making bracelets for even over and for new friends they had just met. they can bounce back, but they need our help to do that. rear watchly scaling up across europe to assure we are where children need us. >> dan steward, thank you for become with us. after the break, republican divisions over russia could leads to a war inside the party. stay tuned. s to a war inside th. stay tuned
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welcome back the republican party's russia problem is getting worse. while most mainstream gop lawmakers condemn vladimir putin's invasion of ukraine, some far-right politicians and commentators have embraced alternative narratives on ukraine that either justify putin's actions, condemn the biden administers's responsibility or for some both. in a few cases their words have become russia propaganda. with me is stewart a. thompson, who's been following this story for the "new york times." mr. thompson, thank you first
2:31 pm
for joining us this evening. i got a lot out of your articles this week, particular the hard of the matter, quote, by reinforcing and feeding each other messaging, right-wing americans have given correct to russia's assertion, and vice versa. together they have created an alternate reality, recasting the western bloc of allies as provoker, blunderers and liars, which has bolstered mr. putin. i read that, as a child of the '50s and '60s, and still simply cannot fathom prominent americans of the america right exonerating russia while condemning america in any era at any time. it's almost like that segment of the right is looking for a reason to align itself with
2:32 pm
russia, or at least lay blame on joe biden. do you get the sense this is mimaily political, that any enemy of the biden administration, is a friend to his critics, even when that enemy is invading another democracy? >> we do see that messaging playing out. they're searching for narratives that they can make it about democrats or the government, or foreign policy. i think in the beginning of the invasion, you saw more explicit pro-putin messaging, especially from the far right. that was met with pushback. overtime those narratives have shipped, to a middle ground where the focus is on some narratives pushed by the kremlin for years. that was picked up and echoed back in the far-right media, and
2:33 pm
the kremlin echos those through the state media. i think there'sic a bit of an interpretation, and trying to describe it to gop voters and the base, and the far right looking for narratives that match with what the congress has been pumping out. >> i don't bite my tongue. i can't help by wonder is if at the core of this is donald trump. is this a situation with the former president reshaping opportunities toward russia? >> i think it's safe to say that donald trump spent many years as president, pushing putin as not just someone to fear, but maybe someone to respect or admire in some way. when the invasion kicked off,
2:34 pm
trump's statements were mostly equivocal, mostly praising his strategy, his actions, or a draw to that strong man tactic among pockets of the right. that hasly jibes with messages that trump has put out for years. at the same time we don't see the mainstream republicans in congress embracing that. they've been pretty strong pro-ukraine and voting for support and money for the country. so it is an rift in the party and it will be interesting to see how that shakes out as the mid terms approach. >> i was fascinated where, within your article, you mentioned the potential impact of a gop split on russia on the looming midterm elections. from your reporting specifically
2:35 pm
on how misinformation continues to drive this split, dodds it potential wrapping up if this war continues somehow into the fall? >> yeah, we did see some comments about that in the senate primary race in ohio, we saw j.d. vance givesh saying i don't really care what happens in ukraine one way or another. it's not a pro-putin statement. maybe it's isolationist, or against intervention abroad, but at the same time it's an opening for the other opponents in the race to make a stronger pro-ukraine statement than that. that kind of division i think we have seen play out a couple times in the republican party, where there's a base with maybe more extreme view, and then they're looking for reps to short the choose a side between which view they want to push, and one is possibly more trump-focused, more maga republican, and the other is maybe more mainline republican.
2:36 pm
in those primary races where the elections focus on reps vying for the nomination, you may see that merge as a wedge issue. before we go, i have to ask you about this week's other big domestic news story, the confirmation hearings for supreme court nominee ketanji brown jackson. your reporting in yesterday's times on how adherence to the conspiracy theory qanon felt vindicated to see republican senators like lindsey graham and josh hawley attack judge jackson in those hearings, claiming she had been lenient in sentencing child important grapher, and echoing the qanon claim that politicians are involved in
2:37 pm
child sex trafficking. we are not sure what their motivations were, but it's almost funny, until you think about the fact that an armed man attacked a restaurant associated with a qanon member five years ago. his sentencing judge, of course, was ketanji brown jackson. viewed in that context, it's not funny, it's frightening. your response. >> we see this coming out where republicans are echoing comments from a fringe group. the central part of their conspiracy theory is a league of child sex traffickers, so that playing well with that base. whether or not you mentioned the main tenets of qa non, it's picked up in that community. that community has been thriving
2:38 pm
on those types of messages. we can't get in the heads of republicans pushing that, but we do know 60% of trump republicans have heard of qanon, three of the ten believe in qanon, according to a poll last years. that's a big constituency. as the elections near, it's possible there's some relationship going on there. at the same time, democrats have -- or republicans have pushed back saying democrats might be seizing on that narrative a bit, where there's not as much merit to that. stuart a. thompson, thank you for coming on this evening. >> thank you. president biden making a direct appeal to the russian people to reject the regime of vladimir putin. >> vladimir putin's aggression have cut you, the russian people, off from the rest of the world. it's taking russia back to the
2:39 pm
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welcome back to "politics nation." let's further our discussion with my political panel. joining me now is juanita tolliver, democratic strategist, and susan del percio, republican strategist. both are msnbc analysts.
2:43 pm
earlier today five people were injured. according to city officials, these attacks were 40 miles away from poland, a nato territory. how significant is the timing of this attack? is this putin sending a message following the nato summit? >> it absolutely is putin sending a message following the nato summit. he's saying i'm not going to stop. i'm going to toe the line up to the moment i cross it. a further sign of disrespect, this attack was apparently around the same time that president biden was given his address in poland. that just shows he has no regard, no respect, no concern for nato. i do think the president was clear in his speech in naming that u.s. troops are on the ground in europe for the explicit purpose of protecting every inch of nato terr if russia does cross that line.
2:44 pm
we know that putin is going to continue these explain. he's been consistently posturing that way, and he's been doing that again today, demonstrating that he has no regard for nato. i do think we should brace ourselves for what it could look like when and if these continue. >> president biden wrapped up his trip by giving a major address in poland just hours ago, when he took direct aim at putin, saying, quote, the russian president cannot remain in power. how would you grade the leadership he displayed? >> i was not sure. i didn't like the pomp and circumstance when i saw it, but boy, i was wrong. he delivered it. he delivered a great speech. he offered solace to those who
2:45 pm
needed it, motivation to the others. when it came to putin, though, when he made that line, putin must go. if you noticed, the white house has been walking it back a bit, so they don't want anyone thinking he was refer to regime change. that was an off the cuff remark, it was something that probably he may have wished he didn't say quite that way. other than that, i think hi delivered a tremendous speech, probably the best of his career. it will go down in history. the only thing i have to wonder is how much will it play at home for how long? people are starting to look at those gas prices. yes, they said to stand with ukraine, but that's still on their mind. >> staying with you, susa let's
2:46 pm
turn to the controversy surrounding ginni thomas. on thursday "the washington post" first reported that thomas had repeatedly pressed mark meadows with gressive effort to overturn the election. the revelations come just as justice thomas was released from the hospital. now, republicans spends much of this week lambasting democratic supreme court nominee for views she's never even expressed. do you expect these damaging story about judge thomas' wife to have any impact on his standing on the highest court in the land? >> well, it does put chief justice roberts in a bit of a difficult situation, because he cares so much about the presentation of the court, the representation, how it looks to
2:47 pm
the american public. i think other issues, it may put justice thomas in a position where he has to recuse himself. just keep in mind, rev, there's no saying, no rule that requires a justice to recuse himself. it's all based on self-monitoring, if you will. i would like us to say about judge jackson, if temperament matters, boy, did she bring it. the republicans who tried to catch her didn't even come close. >> they could not provoke her at all. >> juanita, i want to get into judge jackson with you, because we're running out of time. i also want to talk about the inconsistency of how we're dealing with haitians coming to this country, and i agree we need to help ukraine, but we need one standard. less's talk about the hearings
2:48 pm
on judge ketanji brown jackson. in the efforts to smear this highly qualified nominee, republicans have been trafficking some pretty outlandish legal theories. senator mike brown of indiana said in an interview this week, he thought individual states should be able to decide whether interracial marriage is legal. senator brown later claimed he misunderstood the question, even though he was given a second opportunity to clarify his position. i'm wondering if what really happened is the senator said the quiet part outloud. if the ugly -- even after over half a century? >> rev, they were perturbed by the fact the president said he was going to nominate a black
2:49 pm
woman. that reaction spewed into the hearing room, right? republicans launched every racist, harmful attack. they also with the transphobic route. and then they went the soft on crime route. all of these issues are things we expect them to hit democrats on in the midterm, but the reality is what they knew is that it was racist, appeared it was harmful. they knew it so well that some senators said, you may call any a ratest for this question, but i'm going to do it. again, i appreciate ketanji brown jaxs keeping her cool. and as susan said, that temperament is exactly what we need on the highest court on the
2:50 pm
land. >> that's exactly the temperament of a justice of the highest court in the land. thank you both for being with us. my final thoughts, after the break. h us my final thoughts, after the break. something epic! so we're giving every business, our best deals on every iphone - including the iphone 13 pro with 5g. that's the one with the amazing camera? yep! every business deserves it... like one's that re-opened! hi, we have an appointment. and every new business that just opened! like aromatherapy rugs! i'll take one in blue please! it's not complicated. at&t is giving new and existing business customers our best deals on every iphone. ♪ ♪ (music throughout) i could've waited to tell my doctor i had leg pain
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. as we continue to bring you the latest on the ukraine war and the war in ukraine and the confirmation hearings of judge ketanji brown jackson i want to make sure other important stories don't get lost in the fog of war. this week there were big developments on voting rights in the swing state of wisconsin. the supreme court sided with republicans in a dispute over state legislative districts dashing hopes for another black majority district. in another ruling the court rejected the g.o.p.'s request to
2:55 pm
block wisconsin congressional maps drawn by edwards. history was made in jamaica when the prime minister told a visiting prince william that the caribbean nation wants to be independent while protesters demanded the uk pay reparations for slavery. the prince delivered a speech expressing sorrow over his country's participation in the slave trade but stopped short of apologizing for his family's role. and we saw progress on capitol hill where after 200 failed attempts, congress finally passed the long-over due anti-lynching bill making lynching a federal crime. the bill has yet to be signed by president biden. more than 4,000 black americans have been lynched since the late 19th century. by the way, if you care about
2:56 pm
issues confronting african-americans and black people all over the world and all people as much as i do, one way you can rise up is by participating in the 2022 national action network convention here in new york april 3rd through the 6th. eight cabinet members from president obama from secretary of transportation pete buttigieg to second of hud, marsha fudge will speak and we will have attorney general general of america ben crump, the family of ahmaud arbery, and of trayvon martin and george floyd's family will be speaking and workshops by dr. dyson and on and on. our top leaders. all free. go online and the whole agenda
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