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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  April 12, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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tomorrow's news has reported that white house -- that white house -- some of his deputy are going to testify to the january six investigation tomorrow. that will be behind closed doors. but with player is that important to the story giving testimony, sometimes that shakes lose some news. we will have eyes open for that tomorrow. i will see right here tomorrow night. now it's time for the last word with lawrence o'donnell. good evening lawrence. good evening rachel, the white house counsel struck me as someone who i think understands the law. and that he had no possible claim of privilege that will prevent him from testifying to this committee. >> that is a very good points. it's not only that he was involved in some of the key disputes that we've heard about within the administration, apparently, but also that is decision to testify saw something about the privilege claims of other people off that they wouldn't. that is a very good point. >> and he appears and scenes and robert costa's book about this period in the very dramatic scenes and the white house. that the committee already
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knows about. they've already read the book, they rarely spoken to other people who are in and around those moments. and so, a lot of this could just be confirming information. but also, a certain amount of this testimony could be trying to make sure that he is not included on the suspect list of people who are committing crimes at the time. >> yeah, i mean, it's one thing to have anonymous sources or third-party source, or an anonymous narrator in your book describe your behavior in a confrontation over whether or not a crime could be committed, right? it's another thing for you to be able to speak on your own terms about that. with all of these, you always want to be a fly on a wall, but pat sublot me testifying as the one i'm most want to be in. >> this would be in a good one. we will see. thank you rachel. thank you. in what could be the most
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important recent poll about the future of american politics and the future of american democracy, we have the strongest evidence yet that the huge state of texas is ready to go blue. for the past few election cyes at high hopes for statewide victories in texas, only to come up short. if texas can be turned back to the days when democrats reliably won statewide in texas, and senate campaigns, dictatorial campaigns, and presidential campaigns, then everything about our politics will change. the electoral college would disappear as a factor in presidential elections because the democratic candidate would win in texas is 40 electoral votes. which means the kind of election crimes that donald trump tried to completes and states like wisconsin, arizona, pennsylvania, georgia, won't even be worth trying. in the last election, joe biden
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won 306 electoral votes, donald trump won 232. and democratic texas away from republicans and out of texas to the electoral vote count, joe biden would have 346 electoral votes to donald trump's 192. and no republican officials in any republican controlled states would risk committing federal and state crimes for the trump. if donald trump or 154 electoral votes behind joe biden. since the republican party is now and anti-democracy party, nothing is more important to the future of democracy in this country than to feeding the republican party. it's just that simple. there's a new phenomenon. it was not clear that the republican party was a fully anti-democracy party until after the loss presidential election when donald trump did everything he possibly could to illegally overturn the presidential election, and on january six, one another nine republican members of the house of representatives and aid republican members of united states senate voted to overturn the presidential election, and nothing like that as often than
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ours through for the. and since, then it has only gotten much, much worse. the republican party has become only more embossed of democracy. with candidate seeking donald trump's endorsement by publicly stating that donald trump was right about the election. donald trump won the presidential election. and ketanji brown jackson's confirmation hearing, one of the republican witnesses who appeared there to testify against her confirmation under oath refused to answer the question, is joe biden a duly elected president of the united states. that is how deep and perverse the anti-democracy roth is in the republican party. but the potency, the lethality of the republican anti-democracy movements can be neutralized if texas votes democratic. no democrat has won statewide in texas and the 21st century. the last time a democrat one of the government ship was 1990,
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when the incomparable anna richards won the governorship of texas. here's an richards at the 1988 democratic national convention campaign against the then vice president of the united states, george h. w. bush. >> pour george. he can't help it. he was born with a silver foot is mouth. >> that was my very first national convention. i walked into the democratic convention in atlanta just after an richards began to speak, and i will never forget, never forget that first speech that i ever heard in the hall at a convention. no democrat since ann richards has shown as much strength, statewide in a senate or race as our first guest tonight beto o'rourke. in 2018, he will 20 40% against that cruise, and it is kind campaign against republican governor greg abbott, recent poll in shows beto o'rourke tied with the incumbent governor.
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-- he can't help it. he was born with a silver foot is mouth. >> that was my very first national convention. i walked into the democratic convention in atlanta just after an richards began to speak, and i will never forget, never forget that first speech that i ever heard in the hall at a convention. no democrat since ann richards has shown as much strength, statewide in a senate or race as our first guest tonight beto o'rourke. in 2018, he will 20 40% against that cruise, and it is kind campaign against republican governor greg abbott, recent
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poll in shows beto o'rourke tied with the incumbent governor. governor abbott is polling at 42%, and o'rourke is at 40%, which is a statistical tie with the 3. 2% margin of error. the traditional interpretation of polls in campaigns holds that incumbents running below 50% in the polls are in trouble because the undecideds tend to break in favor of the new candidates against the incumbent candidate. and so, being in the low 40s in a tie with beto o'rourke in the polls is extremely bad news for the incumbent republican governor. and that is when incumbent governors and trouble in the reelection campaigns look for stunts they can pull district and their support. and, so last week, no doubt in reaction to beto o'rourke's strength and polls, texas
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governor decided to do republicans do best, and create chaos as a distraction. governor abbott decides to impose his own inspection process on all trucks crossing the border from mexico after those trucks have already been fully inspected, examined, and cleared by u.s. customs officials at the border. and here is the result of governor abbott's new completely unnecessary state inspections of trucks crossing the southern border. according to the texas tribune, the bridge connecting far and reinosa is the busiest trade crossing in the rio grande valley, and handles the majority of the produce that crosses into the u.s. from mexico, including avocados, broccoli, strawberries, tomatoes. on monday, with trucks backed
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up for miles in reno saw for the fifth day in a row, some produce borders and texas said they days for their goods to arrive, and already had buyers counsel orders. today, at the border, beto o'rourke said this. >> it's really important that we understand what is happening here in the rio grande valley, and throughout the u.s. mexico border here in texas. because of the crisis and the chaos that greg abbott has caused through his executive action last week that mandates 100 percent inspections on all commercial vehicles coming into the u.s. through our ports of entry here in texas. he has slowed down u.s. mexico trade to a standstill. that is causing higher prices, it is causing higher inflation, it is worsening a supply chain problem that we already had in the united states. this is going to lead to problems not just here in the
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rio grande valley, although we have some serious problems here that greg abbott has caused, but it's gonna be very bad for the texas economy. is gonna be very bad for the national economy. >> governor abbott has already signed into law a provision that of's made it virtually impossible to obtain abortion services in texas. that law sent many texas women across the border to oklahoma for abortion services. and today, oklahoma's republican governor kevin stitt signed a law criminalizing abortion. making it a crime for a doctor or anyone else to perform an abortion with a penalty for the doctor of up to ten years and prison. >> i promised oklahomans that i would sign every pro-life bill in my desk. and that's why we're doing here today. we want oklahoma to be the most
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pro-laugh stain country. we want to outlaw abortion in the state alcohol more. >> here for a discussion tonight, that'll o'rourke. he's now running for governor of texas. i want to begin by what we just heard from the governor of oklahoma because so many women in your state of texas have been looking north, looking to oklahoma is the closest place they can get two for abortion services. that is now closed to them. why can texas women do now? >> lawrence, this shows you just how dangerous greg abbott, the governor of the state of texas is. certainly for the people of our state. especially the women who are now prosecuted and forced to flee to other states to make their own personal health care decisions about their bodies and their futures.
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but not only does it hurt us here in texas, this craziness, these fringe policies, are being exploited to the rest of the country, including our border state now in oklahoma. and makes the point that what happens in texas matters to this entire country, given the outsized role that this roll -- state place. and lawrence, this happens at a time where not only the women are denied their constitutional right to seek abortion, but in the states, it's harder for women to get a cervical cancer screaming, reproductive health care at all, and it is producing a crisis in maternal mortality that is worse in texas than almost anywhere in the developed world, and three times as bad and black women in the state right now this is literally killing women here in the state of texas, and make the case for why we need a change and how urgent the need is right. no and why so many people are
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during this campaign to make sure that we make it happen >> to go to where you are today at the border, it seems governor abbott is doing everything he can to increase inflation, not just in texas, but increase prices around the country one of the constant flows across that border, as you obviously know, our automobile parts for the manufactured cars that are being finished in the united states. manufacturing process is being finished in the united states. those parts now are delayed. people are waiting for cars at dealerships now in america. it's very hard, with the supply of new cars, used cars are really under pressure. and this is just one of the examples of the inflationary and demand pressure that are increased by what's happening at your border. >> that's absolutely right. these trucks that greg abbott has blockaded from coming in the united states are carrying parts. they're destined for the factory floor in san antonio
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where we build toyota and draw and to cuomo. to factories and ohio and michigan and other places of this country. that's gonna jeopardize jobs throughout this state, but through other nice eight of america as well. let's gonna increase prices at our grocery stores even higher. and it's worsening a supply chain problem that we already had. and this didn't have to happen, as a decision of one man and one man alone, greg abbott. some kind of political stunt that does nothing to improve the safety or security at our border because these inspections are for lawrence, things like the tire pressure, or the way the band might be running in that 18 wheeler. those inspectors are not allowed to look inside, to look at the cargo for illegal drugs or human trafficking and, so this does nothing but hurt the economy of texas in the united states, and it's killing businesses here. some have already relocated to arizona. 1200 miles away from where i am in the colin tonight. and they're taking jobs and
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economic growth to that state and leaving texas right now. this is hurting the people in texas. >> people have been looking to you as the hope and the democratic party to win statewide in texas. first against senator cruz a few years ago, now again in this governorship. this race has much more at stake both for the democratic party and for democracy and america than we've already talked about big just the difference between a democratic governor and a republican governor in the state of texas. if you can show that a democratic candidate can, again, when state wide in texas, that would eliminate the electoral college as even a factor in the outcome of the elections because the popular vote would never disagree with the electoral college outcome at the same time. do you feel about the pressure was to have this breakthrough for democracy which in texas and how realistic now do you think it is? >> i tell you, i think the people of texas and the people of this country understand whether it's the chaos that greg abbott is creating on the border, or this attack on democracy, making it harder to vote and register in texas than
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it isn't any other state, if we want to do something about it, we have to win this next election and in so doing, get focused again on the things that are important to us, pre jobs, schools, the ability to see the doctor, democrats, independents, republicans, and i've heard across texas, they can agree on that much. but first, we have to win. yes, lawrence, i'm encouraged. more than 61,000 people have signed up to volunteer to knock on doors to reach those voters we too in for them on voter suppression. and there will be some profound
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justice on november, election night when those same -- become the margin of victory when we win this thing. and we are going to win it because we have our fellow texans at their knocking on their doors and bringing into this democracy. i wish that the department of justice would intervene on voting fights right now. i wish that -- we cannot hold our breath, or wait for the cavalry to arrive. we have to depend on one another. but i'm encouraged because, as i travel to state, people are stepping up to be counted, going out there, getting after it, and doing the work that will win election. so i feel really good about things here in the state of texas. texas stepping up to fix our
10:18 pm
problems and to make sure that we overcome these challenges, and win this for the people of texas, and give them the impact for the people in the united states. >> before you go, i have to ask, what is the difference in this campaign? what is the difference between the campaign where you came up short against senator cruz, and this campaign against governor abbott? why do you have a better chance now? >> we were the person we are running against, greg abbott owns everything that has happened in the state of texas. the power grid failure, it's his fault that killed hundreds of our fellow texans, and raised every single person's utility bill in the state. we call this the app attacks. these culture war issues that he's involved the state in, putting us against one another, further dividing texans, when we should be coming together over creating jobs, walk us schools, and the ability to see a doctor. and we're making sure that we're investing in data to target those voters who are truly persuadable are those likely democratic voters who need a nudge to turn out or better out, lawrence, those voters who have been functional, disenfranchise, knocking on other stores to bring them into the election and prosecuting
10:19 pm
the case. fighting this guy. day in, and day out. making sure that he's on the back foot and against the ropes. owning everything that is gone wrong in texas because he's been the governor for the state for seven years. so if it's the inflation and the higher prices, and the job killing policies that he's currently implementing on the border, if it's the fact that we are sliding in educational attainment losing teachers by the thousands, as he attacked them in the state, i'm going to make sure that every single texan, republican, democrat, independent, and otherwise, understands who was to blame. we are going to make sure that we fire greg abbott, and change the state for the better. we were not prosecuting the state with this aggressively one up against ted cruz.
10:20 pm
we are not making that mistake this time. we're gonna make sure why every texan knows why they need change ever gonna turn them out to vote so that we actually get it. >> a bit older and claiming to be a little bit wiser, about campaigning in texas, polling in a tie right now with the governor. thank you very much for joining us tonight, really appreciate it. >> thank you, lawrence. >> and coming up, president zelenskyy says the ukrainian military has captured vladimir putin's puppet in ukraine. the person who vladimir putin hopes to install as president of ukraine. the old professor tim snyder will join us next. that's why we strive for zero. you see, to some it means nothing. but to us, it means everything. here, take a look. this meter showing triple zeros means our five-stage filter did its job, and that virtually all dissolved solids or tds have been removed. and all that's left is the purest tasting water. let's compare. a two-stage brita filter stops here. but our five-stage filter doesn't quit. zerowater. we strive for zero. ♪♪ ♪♪
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tonight, ukrainian president florida mayor zelenskyy has a very important prisoner of war who he has told vladimir putin he is willing to trade for the return of ukrainian boys and girls have been kidnapped. this is victor mudd vet chuck, a pro putin politician in ukraine. he was recaptured by ukraine's security service today after escaping house arrest for treason at the beginning of the russian invasion of ukraine. the new york times reports, his arrest will be a significant blow to president putin of russia who is reported to be the godfather medvedchuk to water's and one of the closest -- some experts have speculated that if putin had plans to install a puppet leader after toppling ukraine's government, medvedchuk would be on the shortlist. well over carole of the economist tweeted a picture of
10:26 pm
the handcuffed putin puppet saying, quote, i think i know who the audience for this photo is meant to be. and surely, vladimir putin has by now seen that photograph of his puppet in handcuffs. in a new video released tonight, president zelenskyy said that mr. medvedchuk was captured after hiding for 48 days and attempting to escape ukraine into russia while wearing a ukrainian military uniform. president zelenskyy said, i find his use of military cuttlefish particularly cynical. he tried to disguise him self like that. what a soldier, what a patriot. well, if we medvedchuk chose a
10:27 pm
military uniform from self, he falls under the rules of wartime. i proposed to the russian federation to exchange this guy of yours for our boys and girls in russian captivity. vladimir putin traveled about as far away from ukraine as he could today while remaining in russia. 5000 miles from ukraine in eastern russia at a space launch facility. vladimir putin said that cease-fire talks had reached, quote, a dead end. he justified his war in ukraine saying, quote, the main goal is to help people. we were forced to do it. we couldn't put up with it any longer. a clash was inevitable. it was just a matter of time. we did not have a choice. this was the right thing to do. and joining our discussion now is timothy snyder, professor of history at yale university.
10:28 pm
the expanded audiobook version of his best selling book, on tyranny, 20 lessons from the 20th century is out next week. professor snyder, those words a vladimir putin, that today, that i just quoted, that apparently is what he wants russians to hear and believe. >> well, i'm struck by the incoherence of it all. the idea that you have to attack a neighboring country which was no threat to you on the logic that at some point, it had to happen, is pretty unconvincing. i think with time, they're going to have to come up with a better story to tell about a war which is heading towards its second month. a war which tens of thousands of russian soldiers have not returned, a war which -- most of the world sees as an exceptionally cruel kind of action. so there's something odd about
10:29 pm
this justification. it didn't really sound like much of one. >> well the russian people notice the way the american people will notice a change in the justification list? it used to be denazification and now it's something else. >> i think the general idea that the russian media have settled around is something like the ukrainians aren't really a nation. they have somehow provoked us. the hate speech term, nazi, is still very consistently applied. but it's applied in a very general way. it doesn't have any content. it's not in a specific political criticism. it's basically imperialist language. they're not really human, they're not really people there just nazis. we can do whatever we want to them.
10:30 pm
so there isn't really a strong logic here. the russian people are also being told, of course, that they are winning and that that's an argument that i think is going to be harder to sustain as time goes by. i want to get your action to president biden for the first time today using the word genocide to describe what vladimir putin is doing in ukraine. president zelenskyy tonight
10:31 pm
tweeting that they were true words. calling things by their names is essential to stand up to evil. we are grateful for u.s. assistance provided so far and we urgently need more heavy weapons to prevent further russian atrocities. what does president biden's introduction of the word genocide mean in this war now? >> first of all, i think it's plainly true. the genocide convention in 1948 dispose out five things to call it genocide. one of those already mentioned on his program, article two parties about the deportation of children, and having children raised in a different social environment. -- and that is genocide talk. -- >> professor, thank you for joining us tonight. we're gonna be joined by a former war crimes prosecutor later in this hour about this issue of genocide. and coming up, anybody will join us on the challenge america must confront with the pro putin wing of the republican party led by the republican leader donald trump who called vladimir putin's invasion of ukraine genius.
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against his own people, as well as others. he has always been somebody who's wrapped up in this twisted, distorted sense of
10:37 pm
grievance and ethnic nationalism. that part of putin, i think, has always been there. what we've seen with invasion of ukraine as him being reckless in a way that he might not even to support. >> in a new piece, george packer staff writer of that on tech rights, wasn't two months ago, democracy in american elsewhere seem to be drifting towards an expiration. then the russian invasion and unbending ukrainian resistance delivered a shock to the democratic world that restored it's hearty. in this country, ukraine has done what nothing else, no election or insurrection, no pandemic, environmental catastrophe, could do. showing the difference between right and wrong, heroism and barbarism, truth and lies, with such clarity that most americans are in agreement. but, in the house of representatives last week, 63 republicans voted against a house resolution affirming support for nato against vladimir putin. they voted the way vladimir putin wanted them to vote. and, of course, no one should ever forget that at the
10:38 pm
beginning of vladimir putin's invasion of ukraine, the leader of the republican party donald trump said that the invasion was an act of genius by vladimir putin and that vladimir putin is a genius turning to our discussion now, eddie glug, chair of american studies at princeton university, an msnbc contributor professor glaad, where do you think where we stand tonight in this country as we watch what is happening in ukraine >> i think we are still struggling for the heart of our own democracy i think there are a liberal forces afoot trying to take advantage of liberal processes
10:39 pm
for a liberal ends. authoritarianism rains in large swaths of the country. we heard representative pinto talk about what's going on in texas, and texas is just one example. so, i think we're facing anti-democratic forces in a moment where the selection of normalcy has let some of us to want to look past them in order to ensure that perhaps, or to live in the illusion that perhaps we're okay. but our democracy is just as much endanger as it's been in a long time. >> as much unity as there is under is a great deal of unity in this country in terms of the view of what's happening in ukraine, the idea that there
10:40 pm
could be 63 members of the house of representatives who basically side with vladimir putin in a vote about nato, was inconceivable prior to trumpism. >> well it was. what we know is trumpism can carry with for this, in some ways, attempt to disaggregate, deconstruct the post-world war ii consensus. there's a sense that the wolves -- came into being, trump and his folk wanted to dismantle. so it makes sense, perfectly consistent with the ideology of those three buckets to remember, bannon laid out in the early days of trump administration. it's perfectly consistent. i think part of what i've been struggling with, lawrence, is that we treat these folks as good faith actors. we treat them as normal, political persons. a personalities in our politics. and in doing so, we in an interesting sort of way become
10:41 pm
complicit in deepening a distrust in the process, it seems to me. as meadows said he needed to be more aggressive in prosecuting the case against governor abbott, we need to be more aggressive in prosecuting the case against these actors in the republican party. >> as we go forward, we don't know where we're gonna be a month from now we're in ukraine. we don't know what's the 63 republicans will be thinking a month from now. it's possible, and only possible, that more horror deliver by vladimir putin could bring them back those 63 back to the american view of this. but we don't know if that will happen. well >> we don't. and one of the more horrifying moments in george packer's piece is he said america's attention span is short. he worries that we will turn
10:42 pm
our attention elsewhere. and he says that we have to deal with the diversification of our own politics. all the banks and people with outsized money, impacting our elections. i tend to think that we are looking at ukraine, lawrence, as an example of democracy. i was looking at those folks standing in line for eight, nine hours as an example of folk committed to democracy. we find ourselves easy at each other's throats in this country. and it seems to me that unless we call out those people who are really in some ways engaged -- if we silent and calling them out, we become complicit in their efforts, and i think it's important for us to understand the stakes. >> professor eddie glade, thank you very much for joining us tonight. >> what it's my pleasure. >> coming up, a reporter who was first on the scene of the
10:43 pm
train station attack in ukraine that killed 50 people will join us. along with alex waiting who is the former head of investigations and prosecutions at the international criminal court at the hague. that is next. look look if you have copd, ask your doctor about breztri. breztri gives me better breathing and helps prevent flare-ups. before breztri, i was stuck in the past. i still had bad days, flare-ups which kept me from doing what i love. my doctor said for my copd, it was time for breztri. breztri gives you better breathing, symptom improvement, and helps prevent flare-ups.
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10:47 pm
today to reporters about genocide. the camerawork on this is a bit shaky, but that's what happens when you're on the run trying to ask the president questions. >> yes, i called it genocide. it's very clear that putin is trying to destroy ukraine.
10:48 pm
and the evidence is mounting. the war efforts are coming out of literally the most horrible things and. we're only gonna learn more and more about the death toll. we'll let the lawyers decide internationally whether it qualifies, but it sure seems that way to me. >> washington post reporter dalton bennett arrived at a train station 15 minutes after it was hit with a russian attack killing 50 people and injuring 90 people. dalton bennett found a piece of a missile at the train station with the words, for the children spray-painted on it in russian. tonight, dalton bennett is in
10:49 pm
the pro, one of eastern ukraine's largest cities where on sunday, russian forces destroyed the airport winning five ukrainian rescue workers joining us now is dalton barnett. investigative reporter for the washington post. what you saw the train station constitutes a war crime, certainly, and the targeting of civilians which is an element of genocide. what is happening now in the collection of evidence for war crimes and genocide and ukraine? >> what we're seeing throughout eastern ukraine where i've been primarily reporting for the past two weeks now is that in various locations where there have been a russian missile strikes or there has been elderly strikes on villages, and that killed or injured civilians, we've seen authorities closely documenting, gathering evidence from those strikes. so after we had arrived at the police station -- excuse, me at the train station
10:50 pm
15 minutes after the strike took place, immediately we saw authorities there on the ground collecting evidence. they blocked off the location, they were taking pictures. they were examining what remained of the munitions themselves in order to gather a document evidence that they said was for an investigation to potential war crimes. >> as these attacks continue, there's so many different needs in the response to them. it seems that investigating for the work crime seems to be on the lower end of the priorities of the authorities trying to respond to this and care for people. >> absolutely, and then this particular moment, shortly after we arrived, is just clear the level of devastation and the carnage that was inflicted by this missile strike. we had thousands of people that have been gathering at the
10:51 pm
train station that they hoping to evacuate the area, heating that vice of local authorities outside of the train station when the missile struck the area. there were hundreds of people gathered on the train platform. a train had just arrived, a local trainer just arrived there. people that were lined up with their bags and their belongings will being to leave the area when they were hit by this missile. it was clear, just by looking at the carnage and the devastation of the platform, that authorities were completely overwhelmed. we were able to travel to the hospital after the strike had taken place. their patients were being treated in corridors. you had every available hand that was putting -- applying pressure to wounds.
10:52 pm
adjusting to undercuts. it was absolutely devastating. the outside of the train station, shortly after the strike had taken place, we counted 20 bodies that have been gathered by local authorities of which two were children. and they had just moments before on the train platform. >> dalton bennett, i know you're joining us from the most dangerous area in ukraine where you continue to report, thank you very much for joining us, and we'll have the can stay safe. joining us now is alex whiting, a former head of investigations and prosecutions of the international criminal court in the hague. he currently serves as deputy prosecutor at the hague, and as a visiting professor at harvard law school. what do you see developing now in the evidence base for or crimes and for genocide? >> good morning lawrence, from the hague. so, as dalton pointed out, the investigations are critical in the first moments after these
10:53 pm
missile strikes, and investigators on these sorts of moments will be focusing on gathering evidence to show the these were intentionally targeting civilians. so, they're gonna want to document, in realtime, as -- just after the strike that happened that there were no military targets in the area. they're gonna try to want to document to where the strike came from. documented kind of weapon knows you. and all that evidence will be critical in showing that the civilians were intentionally targeted. this is not a mistake, there's a naming at a military target. of course, in bucha, and you're showing some images there just now, that's a different matter because there are the crimes are more clear cut because of the evidence that civilians were executed in the streets, sometimes with their hands bound. mistreated, tortured. and there, than vista getters are gonna gather evidence to confirm that the crimes occurred.
10:54 pm
physical evidence, friends like evidence, eyewitness evidence, video evidence. again, in the moments after the attack, the gathering is critical. but, then they're gonna turn pretty quickly to try to determine who's responsible, who are the direct perpetrators, and how high of the chain of command the responsibility goes. >> and, what happens to someone who is accused of war crimes in the hague? oh did do, for example, to vladimir putin's ability to move around the world? >> well, it vladimir putin himself were charged by the international criminal court for war crimes, or crimes against humanity, it would be difficult to arrest him because the courts jurisdiction does not reach into russia, and would only be if he traveled to a state party or if the government changed in russia and they surrendered him. those are the only realistic scenarios, and they're obviously narrow paths to him being arrested. however, as you pointed out, if you were charged, he would be restricted in his ability to travel. the icc has 123 states parties, that he wouldn't be able to
10:55 pm
travel there. and this would hang over his head of, you know, and be part of his legacy even if you are not arrested. >> professor alex whiting, thank you very much for joining us tonight, we really appreciate it. >> thank you for having me. >> and tonight's last word is next. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ bipolar depression. it made me feel trapped in a fog. this is art inspired by real stories of bipolar depression.
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the 11th hour with stephanie ruhle starts now. and we're out of time >> tonight, gunfire underground in new york. the very latest in the terrifying rush hour subway shooting that left dozens hurt an entire city shaken. president biden calls vladimir putin a dictator committing genocide. amid fears this war is far from over. plus, americans continue to pay up. inflation hitting another 40 year high, as the 11th hour guns underway on this tuesday night. good evening, once again. i am stephanie ruhle. tonight, there are two major stories we are following. as the invasion of ukraine te