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tv   The Reid Out  MSNBC  April 15, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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american conservatives too often. >> i won't have you to bully me because you can't but what i would love for you to do, take the time to come down to georgia, we sit down and break bread because i'm about bringing people together, not separating people. >> why are you talking to hannity about this issue? he has nothing to do with georgia one way or another? the core issue is you got too many republicans that would ator mix it up on twitter, argue with people on articles and do tiktoks instead of interact with voters when you want to represent america. you got to get in the rain and compete with people to advance your twitter followers and your tiktok. that does it for me. ari melber will be back monday. "the reidout" is next. good evening, everyone. we begin "the reidout" with details exposing the extent of republican lawmakers efforts to
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overturn the election. texas congressman chip roy and surprise, surprise supposed constitutional conservative mike lee of utah turned out to be early enthusiasts of the big lie as shown in damming text messages to white house chief of staff mark meadows. on november 7th, four days after the election, lee passed along this message to the biggest loser via meadows pledging unequivocal support to exhaust every legal and constitutional remedy at your disposal. that same day roy wrote we need fraud examples this weekend lobbying to find a non-existent remedy writing sydney powell says she needs to get in to see the president but she's being kept away from him. apparently, she has a strategy to keep things alive and put several states back in play. can you help her get in? adding two days later, i found
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her to be a straight shooter. well, when just days later powell presented an unhinged news conference with a stew of republican buzz words and not a shred of evidence, lee wrote to meadows i'm worried about the powell press conference. the defamation lighty for the president is significant here for the campaign and president personally. unless powell can back up everything she said which i kind of doubt she can. meadows replayed, i agree. very concerned. as well they should have been as powell's cracking amounted to nothing. days later, the trump campaign cut ties with her but mike lee said give me something to work with. i need to know what i should be saying. please, tell me what i should be saying. in the absence of talking points to justify stealing an election, lee and roy started pushing attorney john eastman but by december, texts showed both starting to realize they made a huge mistake. on new year's eve roy warned the president should call everyone
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off. it's the only path if we substitute the will of states through electors with a vote by congress every four years, we have destroyed the electoral college. the next day he added potus allows this to occur, we're driving a stake in the heart of the federal republic. lee argued this will end badly for the president unless the constitution is on our side and we have trump electors pursuant to state law, we do not. in the end with the doubts in play, neither objected to the result. josh hawley and rafael the canadian cruise led that charge but the text show roy and lee's complicity right up until the moment they realized how bad it would look to steal the election and until the day a frenzy maga mob animated by the same goal they entertained and by the same big lie laid siege to the u.s. capitol. at that point, roy texted meadows, this is a blank show, fix this now. the texts were first reported by
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cnn and nbc news has not independently verified them. the house january 6th committee declined to comment on the report. i'm joined by dean abdoll la. i'll start with you my law professor and former prosecutor. would this constitute conspiracy if these guys seem to have the exact same idea for how to over turn the election as people like eastman, people like ted cruz, people like -- you go up and down the line, they seem to have the same idea. would it constitution the consistency with the conspiracy? >> absolutely. the question with the people in trump's inner circle is criminal content and their efforts to overturn the election, did they really believe the lie the election had been stolen or did they understand that trump laws and didn't care? these texts concede that there was no evidence of the big lie but that didn't stop these
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people. our congressman roy says he was looking for anything. they know the trump team is being advised by sydney powell and john eastman, two attorneys coming up with the whacked theories, joyce. here is the smoking gun. senator lee representative roy, chief of staff meadows, they all acknowledge that the stop the steal theories are weak. they understand that these lawyers are incompetent who can't back up theories but they don't care. after lee and roy and meadows concede stop the steal is a big lie, they keep perpetrating the big lie. they know biden actually won the election but that doesn't stop the efforts to put trump and the white house in the law we call that criminal intent. >> you know, and dean, it's pretty obvious that pretty much every sort of dimestore republican elected, a republican was trying desperately to find someway to keep donald trump in office. that's very clear. you know, and chip roy we know
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who he is. this is a guy who justified lynching as a form of justice. so we know he doesn't really care about the law. mike lee sort of styles himself a constitutional conservative. he created this faint that he cares so much and so deeply about the constitution. here is the january 3rd text from mike lee to mark meadows and this is about ted cruz. he says i have grave concerns with the way my friend ted is going about this effort. lee objected to avenues cruise and josh hawley implying they were self-serving. it seems his objections to what is being done, he didn't like the look of going against the constitution and substituting congress' will. he didn't like the fact josh hawley and lee are trying to serve their own political interest. i don't see in these text messages any real concern for our democracy. >> no, none. next question. of course not. they don't care.
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look. what's remarkable. mark meadows got 100 text messages here. we learned he got text messages from him and donald trump juior sent to mark meadows. any idea you have for a coup, send it to mark meadows and the lucky winner gets to pick the coup. i'm not going to see this happen. this is exhibit 1 million. to me, the most stunning part is chip roy actually asking twice for evidence, twice, including not getting evidence and mike lee turns on this before january 6th so donald trump knew, chip roy goes you can't do this, call this off. mike lee is a supporter saying this is not going to work and there is donald trump on january 6th knowing there is no evidence and telling that crowd we have to stop the steal and saying things like we are going to have someone in the white house who shouldn't be there. we won't stand for that.
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we're not going to let this happen. that was a coup and a january 6th attack and donald trump's punishment traveling the country to radicalize people, this is america. >> and the thing is that the fact that you get cold feet and you're part of a robbery plan, paul and you at the last minute sort of get cold feet but knew about it and helped plan it, you were in on the planning and at the end you go let me not go in the bank. to me, i don't give you credit for not being part of the robbery. you helped to plan it and your plans were attempted to be carried out. let go a little bit deeper here. miller testified the very poor speech writer that worked for donald trump and wrote some of the remarks he made on the -- at the ellipse. he has now spoken to the january 6th committee apparently very contentious. he testified for more than eight hours on thursday.
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she told rachel maddow we're aiming toward potential late may. we won't actually see him probably testify in public. it's interesting what he is alleged to have said. he tried to frame the remarks trump made on january 6th as sort of normal speech when he said we'll go to the capitol. he tried to elevate that to thomas jefferson language. but with these text messages show is that in december, after trump had said we're going to make it wild, it's going to be wild, that's what he said on december 19th. after that, these senators were like call it off. call it off. this says to me that everyone involved from the speech writer to the senators all understood what trump meant when he said he was going to quote stop the steal. i find it hard to walk away from that. >> people like steven miller are still trying to protect donald trump. miller claimed executive privilege even though it's biden's privilege and he waived it with regard to the insurrection and even though executive privilege doesn't
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cover when people are trying to help the president commit a crime. so joy, we know that steven miller talked to trump on january 6th but miller won't say what that conversation was about and that's the same day that trump said we will not take it anymore. miller now says that that was just political speech and december he said some states will send people to the electoral college voting for trump and biden and won't explain that, joy. this is the subversion of democracy and the smoking gun evidence exists in text messages. >> the thing is you have one of these goones. he claims he was following
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presidential orders and been found guilty on six charges. theft of government property. i put together, dean, all the way from days after the election, donald trump's son is already emailing and texting around plans to overturn the election, mike lee, chip roy, okay with lynching roy are already trading plans for how to stop the turn of the election. this goes from literally days after the election to rudy giuliani saying trial by combat on the ellipse. do you understand why with all of these people involved, all doing the same thing, all with the same plan? >> no, i do not. it's something that befuddles me. if the democratic base to my
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show, donald trump committed crimes. we saw him commit crimes. there is no doubt this is a trump production. if donald trump accepted the lose, there is no january 6th attack. there is no coup. he just moves on the right way. so we see everything from plotting to calling him in there to behind the scenes trying to weaponize doj. donald trump is not charged. i've never had something more make me question the institutions of our nation and our legal system like this case and the fact that donald trump is not charged yet. we're 460 plus days since january 6th and he's not charged and people say we did this for trump during the attack. we saw videos saying we're here for trump. still, doj has to step it up. their investigaing hunter biden. michael cohen said he committed the crimes for trump at the direction of trump. doj hasn't charged him at all. if you're a democrat and your name is hunter biden, they will investigate you.
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>> paul, last question to you, if you were still prosecuting, could you prosecute a case based on the facts that you know about this attempted coup? >> 100% totally absolutely. i convicted people on less evidence than this. the person who will decide whether people at the top face consequences is merrick garland the attorney general. the january 6th panel suggested there is strong evidence of criminal conduct by donald trump senior now at least two federal judges have suggested there is evidence that trump committed crimes. joy, this january 6th prosecutions are the result of the largest federal criminal investigation in criminal history. if 700 people face consequences, unless the people at the very top are held accountable, there will not be justice under the law and that will embolden the next group of people who want to overturn a presidential election because they don't like what the
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american people have decided. >> and we know there are sitting senators who are very much willing to do it if they can find anything they call evidence. dean ogeidallah i like to brag is also a lawyer. i love to give you your honor there. >> thank you. >> and paul butler, prosecutor, thank you both. have a great, great, wonderful weekend. >> up next on "the reidout" after suffering embarrassing military loses, russia warns of unpredictable consequences and beto o'rourke joins me. my political panel joins me to end a wild week including elon musk trying his darnest to bring back trump and theest of his troll army to twitter. "the reidout" continues after this. twitter. "the reidout" continues after this ♪ ♪ do your eyes bother you? because after all these emails, my eyes feel like a combo of
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ukrainian officials announced more than 900 civilian bodies have been found around kyiv says most have been executed. it comes at a time russia's defense ministry will ramp up attacks on kyiv. a ship was struck by two
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ukrainian neptune missiles. one said the u.s. believes there were russian casualties. the ship was last seen between crimea and odesa. taking that city could give russia control of the coast of the sea. the governor of mariupol said the city has been wiped off the face of the earth by the russian federation. sources tell "the washington post" during a recent call, ukraiian president zelenskyy asked president biden to designate russia a state sponsor of terrorism. i'm joined by john brenham what is an intelligence analyst and kimberly st. julian, historian and phd student at the university of pennsylvania department of history. thank you very much. always good to see both of you. john brennan, would you agree with the idea of designating russia as a state sponsor of terrorism? >> well, quite frankly, joy, i
4:21 pm
think russia has qualified for sometime as it's used poisoned to kill russian dissidents as well as intelligence officers who have defected. so clearly, it has been evolved in these types of assassinations previously. usually the state sponsor of terrorism is reserved for countries that support terrorist groups and don't engage in these horrific conventional invasions but i must say that clearly the russians are trying to kill ukrainian civilians and one of the key criteria is a terrorist attack against non-combatant terrorists, meaning civilians and thousands upon thousands of ukrainians who have been killed by these russian attacks certainly russia has done more than any state sponsor, syria and iran and therefore i think
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it does qualify according to the broader definition of state sponsorship of terrorism. >> i don't see how anyone can argue with that. thank you for being here. also, the on going threats. the stuff they're saying, saying that there will be, you know, untold consequences if the u.s. keeps arming ukraine. you know, i don't see why anybody should listen to anything they're saying. this is classic schoolyard bullying for super sonic deployments if sweden and finland join nato. that sounds like a threat like they should join nato. can you think of any reason why anyone should listen to these threats and maybe not threaten then back and say if you try any of this, if you do tactical nukes, if you use hyper sonic deployments, russia will pay for it?
4:23 pm
i think it's once again putin rattling his mouth. this is a brink he can't come back from but if the point of putin's war is prevent ukraine from joining nato and have finland, a hip, jump, this purpose of this war has fallen short but this is putin speaking from a position of weakness. the world is now knowing about an absolute atrocity that russia has committed in ukraine. so i think he understands like he's not in any position to demand anything. russia is not coming from a position of strength if they were february 24th so i think when we think about should we take these particular threats for nuclear capability seriously, i wouldn't. >> do you agree with that, mr. brennan? it does seem that he -- if he's still rational and has control of his faculties, mental faculties, he must understand
4:24 pm
that if he tries to go nuclear, that's it. nato isn't just going to sit back and take that. vladimir made the point over and over again it's the impunity, the fact he gets away with escalating violence is why he thought he could do what he's doing now. do you agree he couldn't be dumb enough to think he could use nukes? >> well, i think he's still trying to win this war with military means. i don't believe at this point he's interested in ratcheting up and escalaing because that does bring forward the potential for nato to be involved after the very poor performance of the russian military force in ukraine, the last thing putin wants to do is get into a fight of nato forces superior to russian forces. there is a good point putin isn't just losing on the battle field, he's losing strategically. what happened over the past two months, well, there is more u.s.
4:25 pm
forces deployed to nato countries. nato has come together and they're bolstering their abilities and we see finland and sweden thinking about joining nato. so not onlyperspective, this is debacle for putin and that's why i think he needs to find a way to try to salvage whatever he can and escalating to nuclear at this time i don't think it's something that he wants to do. >> let me quickly play jen psaki. >> we're not sending the president to ukraine. what i will tell you is what boris johnson did, is he took, i believe, an eight-hour train through a war scene to get through the middle of ukraine. that's not in the plans for the president of the united states. we should all be maybe relieved about that. >> i'll ask each of you what you think of that and should the president of the united states
4:26 pm
go to kyiv. i'll start with you director brennan. >> sending a very senior u.s. official like defense secretary austin or antony blinken the secretary of state as a way to show the american flag, the united states has i think demonstrated very tangibly its support for the ukraiian people so having a face in kyiv would in fact be something that the residents of kyiv especially now with the spector of russian attack more intensely against kyiv, i think that would be useful but also to send a signal to vladimir putin that the united states is firmly resolved to continue our support and our commitment to ukraine. >> kimberly, do you agree? i think there couldn't be anything more powerful than seeing the president of the united states in kyiv. do you thing it's something that should not be done? >> i agree with director brennan considering russia is ramping up offenses in the east and
4:27 pm
threatening to go to kyiv again, i don't think for security it would be safe for reasonable for president biden to go in. i agree with director brennan, we have already sent $3.2 billion in aid to ukraine and the next $800 million package is to be deployed soon. we completely support them but have to take into consideration protecting president biden as much as we can and preventing him from making any type of situation where his safety could be at risk. >> all right. i'm going to leave it with the experts. director john brennan, kimberly st. julian, thank you very much. have a wonderful weekend to you both. still ahead, texas governor greg abbott has more stunts than evil kineval. beto o'rourke challenging abbott in the upcoming election joins me next. g abbott in the upcoming election joins me next.
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if you live in texas, you're constantly reminded it is election season because the ruling republican party is in a constant race to the bottom. look at governor abbott on a tear. he successfully banned abortion after six weeks and put bounties on women and banned books that make white people uncomfortable and pulled a full desantis to be
4:33 pm
crowned, good ol' greg decided to intentionally delay cross border food deliveries by adding redundant security inspections. the move is so bonkers i'm going to leave it to paul, a patriot texan according to his tiktok bio to explain it to y'all. >> right now governor abbott here in the state of texas is forcing the dps, our version of the stood troopers to stop every single truck coming out of mexico, every single truck and do a safety inspection on it. what they're doing is backing up shipping for dozens and dozens and dozens of miles. why? because they want to drive up inflation. they think it will help them in the midmidterms. >> abbott sabotaged $150 million worth of food and triggered an economic crisis that jacked up food prices further hurting americans just to prove he's a
4:34 pm
hard core republican. the move is so stupid the american trucking association called it a holy flawed scheme. the worst part is his attorney general ken paxton who by the way, is still under indictment for felony securities fraud and under incest gages for the fbi admitted they sabotaged the economy for political gain and abbott repealed it because it got out. i'm joined by former congress man beto o'rourke. thank you always for being here. really appreciate you coming on on this friday. it is so scenical. i don't think there is anything more scenical than forcing texans that have been through storms and whether it's freezing or fires who have an electric grid that barely works and have been suffering over the last several years to say i'll jack up your food prices in the region to run on inflation. sickening. your thoughts? >> there is only one person that this helped and that was george
4:35 pm
abbott politically in the short term on one cable network. for everyone else, this is terrible. it's sending prices through the roof spiking inflation even higher in the state of texas. it's causing massive supply chain problems. it's the produce you talked about, two-thirds come from mexico and over the last week, it's literally been rotting in the backs of those trucks. so this weekend, when we go to the supermarket. there is not going to be anything on the shelves in the produce section. it is exacerbating supply chain problems for electronics, tvs, the parts to the toyota trucks made here in texas. he is tanking the texas economy with what he's doing at the border and the worst part about all of this is we gained nothing from a security or safety perspective. these dps troopers providing these additional inspections can
4:36 pm
only check the pressure in the tires and the quality of the engine. they're literally not alloweded to go into the cargo hold. that inspection is already done by customs and border protection. so this was a purely political stunt that has done deep damage, not just to the texas economy but to the national economy. ray perryman estimates it's done $1 billion in damage to the national economy every day it's gone on and $470 million of damage to the texas economy alone. >> and are people getting the message of why? to me, it's sort of counter intuitive. governors want to show look how i served you and helped you. what he's doing is look how bad the economy is. blame biden and not me. i wonder, i used to work in local news. is this on the local news? do people understand why they're paying more? >> they do. i was just in the rio grande valley in far texas for example
4:37 pm
which with the bridge imports the lion share of that produce, believe in the rio grande valley every single person in the communities because their economy depends on the cross border trade. greg abbott is killing their businesses now. they're seeing companies move to arizona, 1200 miles distant from the rio grande valley. you see it throughout theest of texas because our largest trading partner in this state is the country of mexico. 600,000 jobs in texas alone depend on this and it's not just me talking about this. it is the editorial page of the "wall street journal." it is other statewide elected republican officials like sid millar who is the commissioner of agriculture talking about this horrible stunt that's deeply harming the texas
4:38 pm
economy. it really everyone. again, the only beneficiary and maybe just on fox news has been greg abbott. for everyone else, this has bee prices, more supply chain problems and killing businesses especially along the texas side of the texas/mexico border and everybody knows about it. >> trying to make a national anti biden, anti mexican point and killing your consumers is boners. the texas woman charged with murder after abortion, the charges were dropped. but it exposes the lie these anti abortion forces don't mean to punish women. is that getting through when you're talking with female voters, two women how much danger they're in because of these laws like the anti abortion law in texas? >> this is greg abbott's texas and it is coming to the rest of
4:39 pm
america unless we stop him and defeat him in november. in stark county in the rio grande valley, yes, this woman spent two days in jail for an abortion that is legal for the last 49 years in this country. thankfully, charges were dropped but while he's pursuing this war on women, this fixation on transgender kids, we have real problems in texas like a foster care system, 100 kids died last year just one year alone. that problem within child protective services is getting worse year after year under greg abbott's watch. this guy cannot keep the lights on. he can't keep the economy going. he cannot keep us safe. he's very bad for texas. bad for the country. we must stop him and win this election in november. >> texas definitely deserves better. it's a beautiful state. former congressman beto o'rourke. best of luck. don't move, up
4:40 pm
stories taking the news this week. including what exactly is elon musk up to on twitter? we'll be right back. musk up to on twitter? we'll be right back.
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within the bounds of the law. >> if in this case, you're not successful in the board does not accept your offer, you said you won't go higher. is there a plan b? >> there is. >> elon musk would not say that plan b but appears he'll need it. twitter's board of directors they have adopted a poison pill to fend hill off for now. it gives twitter's shareholders to purchase more shares at a discount rate at just over 9% making him the largest individual shareholder. musk made a cash offer of $43 billion but there is a question if he has that much liquid cash available. this is what christine emba says is a billionaire, a fantastically rich person makes
4:46 pm
choices with life changing ramifications for many, many people based on nothing more than their mood and ridiculously deep pockets. joining me is juanita and todd. todd, you've often said on the twitters the right in someways is the person inside the glass looking in and jealous because they want to be part of it inside the glass. to me, this is an ultimate example of that. they have parlor, what is truth socials worth like 10, 15 cents an apple itunes. they made all these other versions of twitter but in the end, they really just want to be on twitter and they're so desperate to be on twitter they're cheering elon musk will be put back on twitter, to me sounds like porn. your thoughts? >> they don't want to talk to each other. they want to be in a public square where they can annoy other people. they say we want to ex press our views freely and talk to each other would you left and
4:47 pm
communists and vegans and spelling reformers oppressing us. they don't -- but they don't really want to talk to each other. they want to be trolls and trolls need a pool of ordinary human beings to go annoy and that's the thing that they keep getting denied. they don't want to go to parlor, they want to be where they think they're ticking off all the people they don't like. and they -- that's the thing. you're absolutely right. they want to talk to the people on twitter. they don't really want to talk to each other because they're not interesting. >> they're not interesting. as a spelling reformer, i'm quite offended. i like to correct people's spelling. let me bring you in here, juanita. whether or not this is real, twitter is popular with journalists and activists and it is a big town hall square but i'm not sure it's profitable. maybe he's doing this to up the
4:48 pm
value of its stock or find a way to profit off saying he's not going to buy it all and not buying it all. does it to you seem like a real thing that's going to happen? >> i don't think it seems real. i think every single move that elon musk had made up until this point is sinister secretly buying shares starting in january, delaying disclosures before making his offer. all of it just sounds like as christina wrote, he got board and decided he wanted to mess with yet another market moment and creating another potential sec violation. he has a few under his belt, joy, and we can't forget that. i think the other thing we can't forget is this is someone else leading an organization described as black employees as racist and toxic and is that someone taking over another multi billion-dollar association. i'm not buying this is about freedom of speech but he got bored and decided he wanted to make another hostile takeover.
4:49 pm
>> it's like of we want -- when you have a football team and you didn't get money to get the trophy. they're acting like if trump gets back on they get something. that doesn't give you nothing. do you need him? is he your daddy? t-o and t-o-o are not the same thing. sorry, that's my spelling news. this is the direction the country is going and this idea, we talked with beto o'rourke, this lie they won't arrest people. they already arrested somebody in texas. there is a long history about this long scary history of existing religious fanatics turning people in when they have a -- i'm sorry, when they have a miscarriage if they used drugs or marijuana.arrested, right? >> women will continue to get arrested in texas and oklahoma where they made it out lawed
4:50 pm
anyone performing abortions and made that illegal in kentucky where there is no clinics available or able to meet the new requirements of the laws enacted and so expect more women to get arrested because republicans are presenting this as a and so you better believe that, in addition to these bands, they are going to be waiting with baited breath for any supreme court ruling, due to the 53 split, that will signal to them how far they can go. we should expect women to get arrested, expected portion to be criminalized, and if republicans get their way, completely wiped off the map of this country. >> and we don't know how that will play. i think they don't even understand or know how that is actually going to play in an election. they think it is going to help them, i am not so sure. but i am glad i have tom nichols here, who is my resident in-house k-pop experts. i am going to play you a song,
4:51 pm
tom. and this is by maga rappers -- and j360 and they've made a rap homage to matt gates. play it. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [laughs] >> sorry! i'm so sorry! okay? [laughs] [laughs] >> you just can't make this up! >> this is going to send me back to listening to led zeppelin! [laughs] >> why are they doing this, tom? who is this supposed to be playing to? the people in the video, they
4:52 pm
look so confused. they look so confused, tom! >> you know, donald trump was a staple of a lot of hip-hop and wrap in the past. and maybe it is just guys trying to be transgressive. and cool. and say, who is the most absurd loser there is that we can write a song about? because, joy, when thing they have is that we are all sitting here and laughing and talking about them. and we will know who they are, by them having done this utterly inane and stupid thing that i am sure they will love telling their grandchildren about, one day, as the contribution to culture. >> and i was in a few rat videos, you know, when i was young. i was in a few! >> but matt gates, in the attention economy, as you get more desperate for a bigger and bigger jolt of stupid, you know,
4:53 pm
if this is what it takes, that is what they are going to do. >> juanita, is hip-hop dead? because of this? [laughs] >> for these people! for these people it is. you chose matt gates, someone under federal investigation for child sex trafficking, that is the person you want to emphasize? i will be honest, joy. besides that clip, i made it to about ten other seconds, when the producer sent me the link, i could not get that far. i was like, this is a joke, right? >> literally, my anchor producer is standing right here in case my fall down. i laugh so hard, my eyelashes were about to come off. don't go anywhere, juanita and tom are going to stick around, and take a look at my very close runner up. >> my name is zach. i seen the guy, i saw him from
4:54 pm
the cameras inside, and i said, okay, let me call the police, let me get this guy. >> the ramadan hero we did not know we needed. but believe it or not i found someone who is equally amazing. that is ahead. ahead. because after all these emails, my eyes feel like a combo of stressed, dry and sandpaper. strypaper? why do we all put up with this? when there's biotrue hydration boost eye drops. biotrue uses naturally inspired ingredients like an electrolyte, antioxidant, even your tears' own moisturizer. and no preservatives. these ingredients are true to your eyes' biology. see? bio.true.
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4:59 pm
and tom nichols. juanita, who won the week? >> the democratic-controlled maryland state legislature won the week for me because they vetoed governor larry hogan and expanded access to abortion care at the moment when we are seeing it under attack in other states across the country. and the new laws going to require the state to train health care providers in providing abortions as well as ensure that insurance plans cover the cost of abortions. so, i hope people see this. and senate democrats take similar action with women's health care protection act. >> yes, and help you in your little primary bid i know you want to win. tom nichols, who won the week? >> not just in scorekeeping, but as a real achievement, the ukrainians sank the moskva, and they did it in such a way that the russian government is blatantly lying to its own people. so obviously that russian pundits on television are
5:00 pm
actually contradicting putin about what happened. so, that is a big achievement. >> amen, amen, go ukraine. i want to pick up 18-year-old gifted teen jonathan walker. rutherford senior high school, panama city, florida. this young man applied to some of the nation's top universities and got 27 college acceptances including harvard, mit, and $4 million in scholarships, a brilliant young man. young man, you won the week! thank you, juanita tolliver and tom nichols, all in with chris hayes starts right now. all in with chris >> tonight on all in. explosive new reporting on new texas, released by the january 6th committee. why would senator mike lee demanding that the kraken lawyer get access to donald trump? >> president trump won by a landslide, we are going to prove it. >> tonight with these newly-released texts say about the early days of trump's coup. then, the furious response from


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