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tv   The Mehdi Hasan Show  MSNBC  April 17, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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exercising the golden rule. do unto others as you would have them do unto you. to all to celebrate, happy easter. happy pass over. that's it for this sunday. and this weekend. more "american voices"s next weekend same time, same place. for now, i hand it over. hello. >> good to see you in the chair. happy easter to you. i'm a fan of this pope. i'm muslim. >> there you go. wise words from him today. >> happy easter. thanks for the ram dan. have a good weekend. good evening. why aren't democrats doing more to tackle the student loan crisis? especially as the president's poll numbers are in free fall. i'll have congressman jones. my exclusive conversation with
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america's new viral hero. and his cousin who today spotted the new york city subway shooting suspect. and jared kushner dubious deal with saudi arabia. the crowned prince giving him $2 billion. are there no rules left? >> it's been another day of intense shelling in ukraine. second largest city kharkiv bombarded with another strike as russia's brutal aggression shows no sign of letting up. in just a few moments i'll speak with the former adviser to ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy about what his country needs to survive. first, we're 205 days away from the midterm elections here at home. and there's really no way to sugar coat this. the democratic party looks like it's headed for an absolute blood bath in 2022.
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approval rate hitting an all time low. 33% of americans approve of the job performance. at the same time in trumps presidency, his approval rating was 39%. another poll found on a congressional ballot, republicans had a six point lead over democrats. that's not the worst of t. president biden approval rating it plummeting further with a very particular and actually quite crucial demographic. young people. between 18 and 29 is just 45%. with which is an improvement from february when that rating hit an all time low of 31%. it's a huge drop from when he first took office. back in january 2021 the president aprooul among the same group of younger voters stood at 70%. that's the biggest drop, 25%,
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among any demographic group surveyed. with the midterms rapidly approaching the democrats need to hold onto young voters. who cares about young people, they never show up to vote. not true. young voters were key in delivering democrats the house in 2018 and joe biden the white house in 2020. backing him by a 25 point margin and showing up at all time highs. but, it's no longer 2020. donald trump is not on the ballot this year. and democrats only hope of getting these young people to turn out is to give them something tangible to show up for. not just against. don't take my word for it. this is pollster considered to be one of the most trusted voices in polling. well known for the knowledge of young voters. he warned this next election cycle is very different. there are more younger people in play than the last two cycles.
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democrats need to persuade them and mobilize them. how can we get the young people to turn out? i have a suggestion. maybe we should hear from the president himself. >> you get all the degrees and all the debt. you're in a position where you can't get a job because no one is hiring. or if they're hiring, it's a low wage. and i'm going to eliminate a lot of student debt if you come from a family less than 125 grand and went to public university. everybody in this generation gets $10,000 knocked off of their student debt. >> that was then candidate biden. one month before the election at a town hall. here we are, 15 months after he took office. i have an obvious question for the president? where's the money? biden has the legal authority to cancel student debt. under the higher education act. he's done it before. he eliminated $17 billion for a
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select few. he has a power to do for a bigger group. and suspension of federal loan payments for all borrowers six times. what is stopping the president from taking that a step further and making good on his campaign promise to all borrowers to forgive ten grand? it's not an issue with public opinion. look the at numbers. 63% of voters say they support cancelling some or all of student debt. fewer than one in three voters believe the federal government shouldn't cancel any debt at all. if you are a president and a party struggling in the polls, why wouldn't you do something this popular? something that man manchin cinema can't stop you from doing? repay the black voters that showed up for you no 2020. 45 million americans collectly
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owe $1.7 trillion. black americans owe an average of $25,000 more than white graduates. and black women graduate with 60% more debt than white male counter parts. some claim student loan cancellation is a regressive policy. and benefit those at the top. tha not actually true. the effects of cancelling student debt are measured by race and household wealth, nort just income. the impact of cancellation is profoundly progressive. it benefits the least wealthy americans, and helps to lessen racial wealth inequality. and while we're debunking myths. let's talk about the latest from the antiloan forgifness crowd. inflation. claiming complete forgiveness will make inflation higher. since president biden was elected no one has paid student loans and cancelling that won't change anything inflation wise. not in the short term.
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stop moving the goal posts and a thought for the economy, people can't afford to buy things. wouldn't forgiving debt and putting more money in the pockets o millions of americans actually help? before you so, what about all the americans without student debt? there's a poll for that too. 58 of voters who don't owe student debt support cancelling some or all. it's your move, mr. president. or senator warren would say -- >> so, today would be a great day to cancel student loan debt. mr. president. >> yes, it would. and it's not just senator warren leading the charge for student loan cancellation. younger democratic member of congress. some with their own debt are stepping up too. the youngest member of house leadership has been out spoken on the issue. and earlier i had the chance to speak with congressman jones. >> congressman, thank you for
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being on the show. critics of debt cancellation say it's a regressive policy. but student loan borrowers tend to be better off than most other americans. especially those who didn't go to college. what do you say? >> i would say to those critics, they should meet with the people of today who are crushed with student debt. the fact is, a college education was so much more affordable a generation ago. but we have seen the cost of college skyrocket and over that same period of time, decades, wages have remained stagnant. when you adjust for inflation. the fact is, it is just so much more challenging to get that college education that is increasingly required in this 21st century economy. for a good paying job. >> what about the argument that a one off debt cancellation does nothing in the long run. people will just accrue more
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debt going forward after the cancellation that debt cancellation doesn't work unless it's paired with free public college. which isn't on the agenda. >> i'm a leading proponent in the congress of making public colleges and universities tuition free. of course, we have to also cancel the existing debt that has saddled just so many americans. millions of americans. it used to be the case that a college education was a path way to the american dream. that is not true today. it's not answer to say we can't do something or provide relief to millions of people because that doesn't solve for the long term. of course we have to at the same time be prioritizing what i have been calling for which is tuition free public college and university. we can have both. >> and why do you think joe biden is not doing this? even the ten grand he promised. i mentioned that student debt
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hits people of color, black borrow oers. female borrowers. the democratic party says they're our backbone. >> it burdens member of the lgbtq plus community. who tend to have fewer family support. the families disown them. this is something that is an issue of justice whether it's economic, racial, gender justice. lgbtq plus justice. and i think the president is going to fulfill his promise which as you mention he made on the campaign trail back in 2020. to cancel student debt. he certainly has the ability to do so under the higher education act. i have not heard anyone in recent months in the white house contest that he has the authority to do so with the stroke of a pen. based on my conversations, i believe that he wants to provide the kind of relief that people urgently need. and let's face it, we also see
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young people have a lower opinion of the president than members of older generations and i think that this is a real opportunity for the white house to deliver through executive action what cannot be done unfortunately in the senate. because of people like joe manchin, cinema and of course the disruption from republicans in the chamber. >> congressman, as you mention, the president's poll ratings are abysmal. they're lower with 18 to 30-year-olds. do people in the white house in the leadership of the party in congress understand how bad things are out there in the country? how bad things will get in november in the midterms. what are they doing about it? where's the bold action or policy or plan to turn things around. i don't see it, do you? >> well, let me start by saying that the american rescue plan has been described by sanders as
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the single largest investment in the working class in at least a generation. it was followed up of course but that infrastructure and investment and jobs alkt. the single largest investment in infrastructure in american history. we have seen businesses stay open and people avoid being laid off because of our expansion ocht paycheck protection program and of course those stimulus payments. and also the child tax credit. >> understood. looking forward -- >> certainly. this white house has to be aware of the fact that it has an entire tool box of executive action it can take and i believe that the president who i know to be a person of great empathy is going to do what he can between now and november to continue to deliver for the american people. because the fact is there's only one major political party in the country that believes in government. that believes in having an economy that works for everybody. and that is a democratic party.
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>> i'm definitely going it get you back in november and play this clip back to you. we'll see if you are right. i hope you are. let's see. the other big issue the younger voters cite as priority is climate change. the president backed away from an ambitious agenda. the administration is trying to get more oil on the market. drilling permits to get gas prices down. it's not looking great for the climate agenda. >> we have to make sure that we're not being reactionary in this moment. the way to ensure that families are not being crushed by the cost of gas at the pump is to make america truly energy independent. and that means unprecedented and necessary investments in clean energy. this is a moment of great opportunity. unfortunately, it should have
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been done a long time ago. we have faced climate change denial from the republican party. and obstruction. especially in the united states senate because of the filibuster on this. it doesn't mean that we cannot do what we can now and through the reconciliation process we can get back to the table as i and others have called on. the senate to do. and specifically joe manchin who blew up build back better by starting with the $555 billion investment in climate action. part of the heart of build back better. >> one last question, there were questions this week surrounding senator feinstein of california and mental fitness and memory. speaking to multiple officials and members who express concern about her off the record. she's 88. joe biden is 79. the leaders of your party in the house are all in their 80s. is the democratic party now just a with no space for younger
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people at the top? >> you're talking to the youngest member of the house democratic leadership team. i'm 34. there's tremendous opportunity for younger members to rise to the occasion as many of us have done without permission frankly from people who are senior to us and show leadership and of course be just prolific legislators. as many of us have done. we also know that people who are in office for a long time, sometimes can lose touch with what current trends are. with an understanding of what the struggles of the american people of today are. and i would encourage everyone to continue to have the conversations and be open minded about learning across generation divides that exist. >> congressman jones, thank you for your time.
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saving you up to $500 a year. and it's only available to comcast business internet customers. so boost your bottom line by switching today. comcast business. powering possibilities.™ tonight ukraine is bracing for what maybe the bloodiest and most brutal face of the russian invasion. vladimir putin forces are regrouping for a push into the country's eastern donbas
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territory. some 40,000 of ukraines best trained and equipped troops are waiting for them. here's president zelenskyy earlier today. >> this is why it is very important for us not to allow them to stand our ground because this battle and it can happen so there will be several battles and we don't know how long it will take. it can influence the course of the whole war. >> joining me now is a former adviser to president zelenskyy. thank you for joining us on the show. what do you make of president zelenskyy's comments the ones we just played on the fight for the donbas and how will this phase will different from the previous phase? >> it will be bloodier than the first phase of the war. because it's going to be a major open bottle. the terrain in east is different to what we saw in the beginning of the war.
5:21 pm
around kyiv. so it will be incredibly reminiscent of what people kind of saw in the history books describe the second world war. so for russia, it's a make it or break it moment. they can't afford a second major loss. they're going to throw everything they have at us. and obviously that will determine whether what goes next. if ukraine loses the battle op donbas, kyiv might be up again. we need all the help we can get and win this. >> the austrian chancellor spoke with chuck todd on meet the press about his recent face to face, rare face to face with vladimir putin. and how putin views the state of the war. have a listen. >> does he believe he's winning the war or losing the war? >> no, i think he believes he is winning. >> did he give a rational or explain what makes it seem as
5:22 pm
things are going better? >> no. i couldn't say that. he sent me clear messages about his concerns. what i think what is necessary to confront him all the time. what is going on in ukraine. this is necessary. at the epidemic of our talks he told me in german, it's better the war ends earlier than later. so i think he knows exactly what's going on now. >> what's your reaction to hearing vladimir putin thinks he's win the war? apparently. >> he is trapped in his own echo chamber. the life in the bunker. whatever few people actually allowed to visit putin must be scared of telling him the truth. if you look at the facts, the latest facts, russia lost a flag
5:23 pm
ship to country that doesn't even use the navy in the war. that's enough to say that things aren't going exactly to plan. i think president putin is getting the wrong information. that's why president zelenskyy wanted to meet face to face with him in the hope that he can break the echo chamber and maybe broker a peace deal with russia. i think the europeans will keep trying as well. i don't think it will work with putin. he's made the worst mistake of his life and it's downhill from here for him. >> to president zelenskyy's great credit, it seems like almost every hour of date he's sitting for interviews or speaking before a legislature. you know the man, what kind of toll is this taking on him? >> to speaking to parliament and speaking directly to different peoples of the world is actually
5:24 pm
very satisfying for him. you have to understand what is going on. the world came to this crisis unprepared and divided. he's trying to glue the world together and unite people. and to get them to understand what's going on. because russia might be losing on the battlefield at the moment and military hardware might be obsolete. they weaponize information and economy. so basically i'll give you one example. in the u.s., i keep saying this, there are few shows on tv that you watch a couple nights and even the most sane person will start to question whether. president zelenskyy wants to make sure that that glue people together and make sure the free world is united yet again. >> yes, indeed. thank you so much for your time.
5:25 pm
please stay safe. >> thank you. coming up, how come so many republicans keep getting caught committing voter fraud? first, richard is here with the headlines. >> some soft stories we're watching. a masive search for the suspects responsible for a fatal mass shooting. at an airbnb house party in pittsburg. police say two minors were killed when multiple gunman fired dozens rental property. nine were hurt. launching a u.s. spy satellite into orbit this morning. the falcon nine rocket carried a classified national payload. officials say the same rocket was used for a payload that was launched in february. and pope francis used his easter mass to plead for peace in ukraine. he called the russian invasion and other global conflicts quote senseless. more right after this. more right after this.
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welcome back. it's time now for what i call the 60 second rant. for years now donald trump and the gop claimed voter fraud is a real thing and cost them the 2020 election. it didn't and they can never seem to point evidence of major voter fraud that would have changed the resultful here's the irony. his former white house chief of staff removed from the voter roll in north carolina as officials investigate whether he fraudulently registered to vote. not good. in florida two residents admit to voter fraud in 2020. the village retirement community a protrump far right stronghold. one of two residents is registered republican. in wisconsin in february, supporter of former president trump who said authorities should root out voeer fraud is charged with voter fraud.
5:31 pm
utah just last week two republican delegates caught trying to vote more than once in a primary. officials touted the parties election integrity efforts. wow. voter fraud, voter fraud? republicans the calls are coming from inside the house. next. did jared kushner just get a $2 billion bribe? plus, you can listen to the show on the go any time free. where ever you get your pod cast. er you get your pod cast
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is there a role for doj or congress or entity to look into this to scrub this? >> there's a question that the department of justice should take a really hard look to see if that fits within any of our current -- it is a kind of shaggy dog version of how you get to what's going on here. does it violate any of our criminal laws? i want to take a hard look at that. >> thank you senator warren for saying what many of us have been wondering. i mean why has there been so much silence from the democrats on jared kushner receiving a $2 billion investment from a fund led by the saudi crowned prince? a reminder, this is the same kushner said to have regulate night sessions with mbs.
5:36 pm
reportedly advised him on how to handle the out rage over a murder. boasted having in his back pocket. so, no accountability for jared? none? the execive director for democracy of the arab that promotes human rights in the middle east. thanks so much for coming on the show. $2 billion to a guy who isn't qualified to manage it and investment the crowned prince own advisers reportedly opposed. it sure does look like it feels like a political bribe? >> it has all the hallmarks of conflict of interest. and i don't understand why congress hasn't yet launched an investigation to find out exactly when the plot for this
5:37 pm
hatched. when conversations were had about an investigationment in this fund. and the problem of course is that our government doesn't have good enough regulations in place that make it explicitly prohibited to pitch business to the very same governments that one was transacting with while in office. that's what he's done. and it stinks. >> a lot of people have been calling this a pay back for jared. a reward for helping mbs when she was in office. my bigger worry is this a down payment if from the saudis for future services that kushner might off if he's back in the white house with his father-in-law. come 2025. he'll be in debt to a foreign government. >> there's of course a question mark of whether or not he was already in debt to a foreign government well before trump was elected and during trump's election. given the financial difficulties of the real estate investment
5:38 pm
his family held in 666 fifth avenue. a lot of unanswered questions about what happened to the debt in that building and how it was covered. this is one long money trail that you are right, also raises a lot of red flags about what kind of a down payment is made. and who the saudi government is putting its bet on. in terms of what it wants to happen in the u.s. >> nearly three dozen house democrats have sent a letter to the white house urging them to get tougher on saudi arabia. that is three dozen out of the 200 plus democrats in the house of representatives. what happened to the democratic party holding the kingdom to account? what happened to joe biden saying he would make saudi arabia a praia for what he did to yemen and. >> and end support for the war in yemen. and end armed sales to saudi arabia. and instead they came up with
5:39 pm
ending offensive weapon saefs and falling over themselves to cater to continue to inject and impose on the biden administration. folks like can't get enough of going back and begging and begging for more. to the point where now the saudis are demanding that we enter into a written defense agreement. to protect them as well as the em rats. they can't stop making demands on our government. they can't stop asking for more. >> can you tell us about what dorn is doing. your organization is challenged the saudi government in u.s. court. how are those cases going? >> our lawsuit against mbs and
5:40 pm
mohammed bin salman and the last justice for the murder. the turkish government boon abandoned its own trial. we know according to to the "wall street journal" that mohammed bin salman has demanded bidenen seek immunity for mohammed bin salman in our lawsuit against him. as well as two other lawsuits. against him for other crimes. and i would hate to see the biden administration allow mohammed bin salman to export his authoritarianism to infect our judicial system. so far they haven't made a request for immunity and hope they stick to that. my organization is not stopping with one lawsuit. we are very actively working to change america's broken foreign policy in the middle east and going after the clients of these governments. of the american lobbiests who continue to do dirty work for the abusive foreign governments in trying to influence our
5:41 pm
government policy. >> well, good luck with that. i have to shout out to which ever producer on the team tonight came up with the real slim shady banner. for this story for jared and mohammed bin salman. as i listen to that, ek plain the story. thauk for your time and analysis. appreciate it. the real slim shady. love t. meet the man who inspired the hash tag thank you zac. my interview with the new york latest viral hero. w york latest viral hero. trelegy for copd. ♪ birds flyin' high ♪ ♪ you know how i feel ♪ (coughing) ♪ breeze driftin' on by ♪ ♪ you know how i feel ♪ copd may have gotten you here, but you decide what's next. start a new day with trelegy. ♪ ...feelin' good ♪ no once-daily copd medicine has the power to treat copd in as many ways as trelegy. with three medicines in one inhaler,
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>> i thought guys, be careful. people think i'm crazy. >> that was zac.
5:46 pm
moments after he had helped, well, helped spot the brooklyn subway shooter. it was a 21-year-old security camera technician working in manhattan east village. he flagged police to frank james. the man who since been charged with committing a terrorist attack on mass transit. earlier i spoke with him. who has become a celebrity in recent days. and with his cousin muhammad jake also there the day when the cops were called. >> thank you for joining us on the show this evening. talk to us about what you guys were doing when you saw the suspect. how did you see him? how did you recognize him? >> this is long story actually. i'm so happy because we catch this guy like he was trying to kill our people. so thank god we catch him and put him to the jail. that's good thing.
5:47 pm
>> were you afraid for your safety? you chased him onto the street. >> well, it was dangerous for us. because we had known that he was armed and he was a dangerous man. so we tried to be as much as safe as we can. we tried to inform the cops before we pursue him and ran after him and tried to let the people stay away from him in order for the cops to have the opportunity to catch him. without harming anybody. people or the civilians around him. >> there was the line on wednesday. you told the press people think i'm crazy, maybe i'm on drugs but i'm not. i'm fasting. millions of muslims may have cheered when they heard that. i did. >> yeah, i was so amazing.
5:48 pm
when i told the guy i was following him and i told guys, please keep far from him. he had a black bag and i don't know he tried to open it. now how scared i was for the people. maybe people have family and kids. for me because i am here. when i was catch him, told me i fell down and i told him i'm fasting. that's all. let him know what we do. we try to make new york city safe. >> i bet you guys ate and drank well that night. that was the best you had in a long time. >> yeah. it was amazing. thank god. >> okay. i have to ask on a serious note, you were born in america but
5:49 pm
grew up in syria. you came back a few years ago. how traumatic was this episode? you lived in people have been killed and died in front of you. >> yeah. i tell the people i tell the kids, i because behind my house and the fall down the house, something coming from i don't know where. and i see it in my eyes. one kid 3-year-old, something crazy. you cannot i don't want to explain to you. it was something like crazy. i cannot believe what i see. i was one week so crazy when i get the guy. and the blanket and so hard to explain to you. >> what as all the attention, andagelation. the fame be like. this week has been crazy.
5:50 pm
you had the new york state attorney general thank you for your bravery. what has the week been like? >> this week thank god, this is something good. because we get something good because we get him. he went to jail. everybody will safe. that's all, you know? >> are you guys in line to get the $50,000 reward that was offered to help apprehend the shooter? i believe other people called the police. are you splitting the reward? >> well, we have been informed that we're going to get something, but honestly, to speak about ourselves, we're not like -- that's not our main concern. and our main concern is the safety of the new yorkers, the safety of our city, the safety of the people, you know? that's all our main concern.
5:51 pm
if they want to give us any reward or anything, that will be really appreciated, but that's really not our main concern. you know? >> well said. zach, last question to you. what is your message to your fellow new yorkers this weekend? >> my message, my message i want to say like, guys, please be safe and everybody be safe. like that's, like, let him see that i am muslim. i'm zach. so a lot of people like think like about the muslims we are bad and a lot of things happened in america. but we are like this. we try to help people. everybody stay with the family and the kids. everybody like a family for me. like i speak it inside my heart. for real, i'm so happy because i decked the guy and he went to jail and thank god we don't have anything for the people.
5:52 pm
and the people like trust me and people because -- like when i brought him to the jail, when the police come, like everyone was -- a lot of people like coming up to me, next to me like cameras. i was so confused, what's going on? what i did? if i see something, i have to say. if i see something wrong, like i learn like this, you know? the muslim teach me like this. so if i see something wrong, i have to like keep it and i have to -- and i have to say to everybody, this is wrong. like this is wrong something. >> we're glad you did. we're glad you did. and we'll have to leave it there. thank you so much for joining me on the show. thank you both. >> thank you so much. thank you for everybody. >> thank you. coming up at top of the hour with ayman mohyeldin vladimir ashurkov, the russian opposition leader, aleksi navalny's
5:53 pm
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demand. you can find it through browse and stream my show any time. new episodes on peacock will post every evening monday through thursday. now it is time to hand over to my friend, ayman mohyeldin. before i do, ayman, a topic you and i have covered for years, israel's occupation of the east bank and the violence we're now seeing in and around one of islam's holy sites. more than 20 palestinians killed. what bothers me is some of the headlines in the news really don't do justice to the nature of that violence on the ground. it is also about clashes, clashes. in my view, a bit of a lazy journalistic term because it doesn't identify who or what is driving the violence. clashes implies who equally responsible parties for the violence. yet, the missing context here always matters. one side is the occupied.
5:58 pm
one side is occupied. one side in jerusalem is throwing stones. one is throwing grenades and rubber bullets. you have more than a dozen people in israel killed. many others wounded in horrific shootings and stabbings. we all, of course, condemn those attacks on innocent civilians. but that doesn't justify the scenes we're seeing in jerusalem right now during this month of ram dam rammadon. >> a couple weeks ago, i specifically warned on this show and others about the escalating situation on the ground that included the death of a palestinian-american citizen in
5:59 pm
israelian custody, the killing of a prominent antioccupation activist who was struck by an israeli police vehicle. somehow, all of that is not mentioned in the coverage you are talking about as precursors or context to what we are seeing now unfold in occupied east jerusalem. what's worse than these generations by the media is the official response we're hearing from western governments. look, for the past 50 plus days, the west has been promoting the right of the people to self-defense and the right to resist occupation. but that was for, of course, you crane yans. when it comes to palestinians and their right to resist occupation, the u.s. doesn't see it that way. the u.s. ambassador said it was encouraging all parties to work together to ensure calm. it was a classic example of both sides must do better that completely ignores, again to your point, that one side is being occupied for 50 plus
6:00 pm
years. the other side is the occupier. and then we wonder why nothing ever changes or get better. >> yeah. >> the bottom line is we all have to do better. the media has to do better. the governments have to do better because it is not a sustainable situation. love that interviewed with zach. we'll be looking forward to that being posted online. i'm sure it will go viral. take care, my friend. >> thank you. good evening to you at home and welcome to ayman. vladimir putin misjudges the war in ukraine. mitch mcconnell says there is cause for concern. and did one of trump's top aids commit voter fraud? i'm ayman mohyeldin. let's get started. ♪♪ we begin tonight with new vi


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