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tv   The Mehdi Hasan Show  MSNBC  April 24, 2022 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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much her in so much loss for so many people? it still blows my mind. >> that's all for this edition of dateline thank you for watching. coming up on the mehdi hasan show. -- top republican still pre-trump, but new reporting shows that we know that they know who he is. new details on kevin mccarthy's and mitch mcconnell's outrage after the january 6th attack on the capitol. plus the fight for the senate! we'll look for the billion dollar battle that shows there is no -- in politics. and the escalation of violence in israel in the occupied territories, is easily similar to last year's war. i'll talk to the prime minister about what we know about the ongoing occupation.
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i'm mehdi hasan. welcome to the show. you could be thinking that republican leader kevin mccarthy adores donald trump. i mean he once said an aide to remove starbucks that he did not like. -- and these guards mortifying lengths to appease trump's most spoken out supporters today. but -- but what does the top house republican really think about donald j trump? after news broke of a russian hack on the dnc, mccarthy remark to fellow gop leaders that he believes that vladimir putin pays donald trump. when they laughed he said swear to god. the washington post contain audi of that meeting. he said at the time it was a joke. that's when cars the approaches
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donald trump. -- fawning in donald trump's presence. or on the news. as the right went on, mccarthy was furious with trump. telling him to call supportive off in a phone call. but hours later, once it was safe urged congress to return to work, some republicans backed away from trump's election lies. even the spinal caucus lindsey graham said count me out to challenging the election in blindly supporting trump. mccarthy kept trump's lie. he -- but this week, we learned exactly what makes mccarthy to go to in trump the days after the election. >> i've had it with this guy, said a colleague. with the incitement to attack the capitol. these insights from to reporters jonathan martin, and alex burns. nbc news also had excerpts from
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the book. according to the times, they evoked the 25th amendment and remove trump from office. and on january 10th 2021, as they were talking about impeaching trump a second time, he said that he was going to tell trump to stand down. -- and it will be my recommendation that you should self resign. mccarthy even wanted peace book -- wondering if the same could be done for republicans like -- yes, kevin mccarthy who publicly railed against big tech censorship, used in private about taking away right-wing twitter accounts. but soon, his public spinelessness would resurface. mccarthy was at mar-a-lago just three weeks after the insurrection. all smiles of the former president. the cynicism is appalling. but certainly not surprising. nbc news asked mccarthy's office if he would ask trump to resign, or if he would have
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parties in the caucus, a spokesman says he's denying. it -- burns and martin reports that there are senate majority leader, then senate majority leader was also outrage following january six. he reportedly told to long term advisors ahead of the house impeachment vote, if this is an impeachable. i don't know if that is. and he also said the democrats are going to take care of the sandwich for us. now, it might be refreshing. it might sound relieving. but it's not what happened next. the house impeached mccaul, and around that time, -- might vote to convict in the senate. and when i got to the senate mccaul backed away. he instead referred to opt for a pedagogical argument that there was no way to get the president after he's out of office. even though mcconnell, the most pro-powerful person in senate,
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could've held a trial while he was still in office. several senate republicans joined democrats in voting to convict trump. none of them would blame mitch mcconnell. and he was asked on fox. >> if the president was, the nominee would you support him? >> the nominee of the party? absolutely. >> mitch mcconnell was all for trump's conviction in the senate. in private. he recognize the threat. in private. but then publicly he did nothing about it. in fact, he helped block it. he helped block a conviction. and signal to his pardoning that it should still rally around trump if he runs again. nbc reached out to mcconnell for a comment on the times reporting. but as of now we have not heard back. i keep thinking that i can never be surprised anymore by today's republican party. but mitch mcconnell's cynicism, and spinelessness, still shocked me. and should shock all of us. then again, maybe it is to be
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expected. considering mcconnell owes plans for the midterm elections. there are exactly 200 days until the midterms in this county. and it's no secret that the democrats look like they could be held for huge losses. but yeah, especially in the senate. don't take my word for it. take mitch mcconnell. as he said earlier this month it could be bizarre. bizarre trump republicans he said, not democrats, who would spoil the gop senate. >> i will say this. it's actually possible. and, we've had some experience with that in the past. you cannot nominate somebody who is unacceptable to a broader good of people. and when we had that experience in 2010, and 2012 by nominating people none of you will remember any of these people cause they're not in the senate. just bizarre people who got through the primary, who
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couldn't survive november. so we need to make sure that doesn't happen. and the primary season is a start. >> is it any wonder that the seat the senate leader was trying to become the senate majority leader for a second time. his super pac announced this week that it will drop 121 million ads for states in competitive races. republicans are focused on switching blue seats in georgia, arizona, nevada. but also playing defense pumping money into pennsylvania, carolina where republicans are -- entirely. when centrists howick lisa murkowski faces opposition from a trump endorsed trump or. -- nominations, the very future of this part public. and get control of the summit. mcconnell not only needs to be democrats, but craze sycophants
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charging us. can mcconnell do it? or do democrats take in vantage of the ongoing civil war inside the gop. coming with me to exit this is democratic electorate cornell, he's an nbc political analyst. thank you for coming on the show. i want to go through the states where democrats are playing defense in the senate. first of all, there is of course georgia. where mcconnell super pac is spending the most. a whopping $37 million to knock off senator raphael warnock. -- who's extremism we've profiled on the show before. colonel warnock won that seat against katy last year, running a populists and progressive campaign. can he do it again? to do? again >> i think you can do it again. but let's talk about the dynamics of midterms. midterms are not like presidential races. and if you look at georgia, if you look at arizona, nevada.
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this place is being targeted. there are seats where races where biden did not have a very large margin. and our candidates didn't have a very large margin. if you look at a state like georgia, it's roughly around 100,000 to separate from the opponents. and the problem it's, as you know, certain voters pull back in midterms. so when i will say, in a state like georgia, which was instrumental on democrats flipping the senate, what power is that? democrats did better in the suburbs. they're educating white folks, in the suburbs. but you also have this tremendous surge of non virtues. and typically young versus of color. and typically african american. but if you look at what their elections are right now today, who are the voters who are the least energized. the ones who quite frankly, if
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you look at biden's approval numbers, where he lost the most ground. republicans can go out and say i don't like biden now, i liked him before. no, he's lost the most among younger voters and african american voters. and those are voters that are going to be essential for us to take the state legislature. >> and of course, also among latino voters, people of color more broadly. now let's look at arizona. where former senator mark kelly, is tagged on immigration to defend a seat. nine republicans are running against him by donald trump. and he will endorse him to. mcconnell's pack is pumping $14 million that. race what do you think of that? >> well one is, i want your viewers to think about the enormous amount of money. the absurd amount almost seen amount of money, that is being pumped into politics by outside groups. and quite frankly, america, whether you're on the left or
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right should be bothered by that. all this money and politics is spoiling your politics, and taking your voice. now that said, to mcconnell's earlier point who is gonna come out of the republican primary? and the trump endorsements? and you look at georgia and arizona. and mitch mcconnell is spot on. his largest hurdle right now is if they can get out of the republican primary, viable mainstream republican candidates. or quite frankly, do you look like candidates that are problematic. like, for example, herschel walker in georgia. you document some in the insane things herschel walker has done. is he going to, to a certain extent, is he going to be a viable candidate once voters start understanding and knowing who he is, and what democrats turned their attack on him. >> and the state of georgia,
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also produce marjorie taylor greene, so maybe they'll be fine with him. let's talk about lost, but not least. we have nevada where mcconnell is dropping $50 million to defeat another democrat. and eight republicans are battling for the nomination. nevada is interesting for multiple reasons. especially that latino vote. and that great top of trump making inroads despite the racism he's pushed against yeah, latinos. that is fascinating state. people might now remember, we flip nevada blue under obama. novato was a fairly consistent red state. it's been trending more blue because of the growth in that latino, or hispanic community. the voting power there. when you talk about latino vote, not being is energized, that's really problematic for democratic's, not only out west, but nationally.
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one quick thing on the latino vote. far too often, we talk about it as a monolith. truth of the matter is, we've got to stop talking about it is a monolith, because you know as well and i do, if you talk about somebody from dominican origins, versus puerto rican origins, versus cuban origins, they're dramatically different. when you look at somebody of mexican origins, they're different. we've seen a pullback of some of the latino vote. it's from particular groups of latino voters. >> it's gonna be very close, and i'm sure when i have multiple conversations on the show about. it for now, thank you for your analysis. still to come, after a year or a fragile -- i don't know where you want to call it -- calm, peace, but still an occupation. israel is in palestinians are still exchanging rocket fire. are we on the verge of another full scale war? look at the ladies after a break, and i'll speak to former
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from gaza. it's happening again. according to the new york times, thursday, april 21st, marks the first intense fighting between israel and gaza since the 11 day war of may last year. if you're watching, you may be, wondering how it all started this time. what's that things off? again. maybe you heard about the four
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terror attacks inside of israel. 14 people killed. israeli authorities identified five suspects, three of the palettes a knee -- from the occupied west bank. the series of attacks were condemned by palestinian authority president. while i'm sara lee president made a series of bold remarks in response to the killings. he said israel was on the offensive, granting full freedom of action to israeli intelligence in the military, that there are and will be no restrictions in this war. that full freedom prominent of brutal crackdown in the west bank, a series of raids, which then led to the deaths of more than 20 palestinians. that includes a human rights lawyer, and on our middle aged woman, who were killed in israeli troops disperse palestinian troops. israeli say members of the crowd were throwing stones molotov cocktails. here we go again,? right another round of conflict. only know, this is in the situation where sudden terror
3:19 am
accident -- has just appeared out of the blue. when it comes to this quote -- nothing is happening in a vacuum. he's my colleague, ayman moye dean, citing some important an undercover defense back in january. >> did you know an american citizen died in the occupying west bank this week. or that an eviction to place -- the same neighborhood where the threat of evictions by israel at war last year. i wouldn't blame you if you didn't. that's because there's been no major media coverage of the stories. it seems the media only paid attention when war breaks out between -- and will have to asking, why did this happen? >> tame's point, just because the media, here in the, west doesn't spotlight all the incidents happening under israel's illegal occupation, doesn't mean the lasting illegal occupations -- something that -- isn't with making things worse.
3:20 am
it isn't the root cause of the conflict. as jewish current editor at large -- over the long term, preventing violence requires giving people hope that they can nonviolently achieve quality and freedom. the more you block nonviolent change, the more you strengthen those who support violence. that's when america's leaders do when they stymie -- to hold his rubble accountable under international law. they produce despair, which in turn produces violence. last friday, is really forces raided the mosque compound, occupying east jerusalem. they entered in force before -- were gathered for early morning prayers, during the holy month of ramadan. israeli police say they were attacked by masked men, with stones. video circulating online show the police firing rubber, bullets tear gas and stronger needs to palestinians throwing rocks and fireworks. -- were injured. according to the times of israel, police said three
3:21 am
officers were slightly hurt after -- >> defending themselves. it was the palestinians who started it. putting who started to one side for a moment, how do they explain the excessive violence ensues against the palestinians? not against militants and stone doors, sometime on civilians. footage posted by the israeli newspaper journalist shows police officer walking up to and beating -- with a club. here's a point of view footage from his camera, as the officer brought down his gloves. she said she was left with a broken arm. in a wildly circulated video from friday, officers are seen repeatedly hitting photographer romney -- according to reports, his arm was also broken. on sunday, he showed another video that showed an israeli officer beating a man who is with a boy. i would ask, who has the power in this situation? is that a clash?
3:22 am
let's be clear, there is no defense, no justification for the terror attacks have taken place. in the same, vein were justification is there for state sanctioned violence against civilians being clubbed on camera? would justification is there for the occupation itself, or for the announcement of another round of new settlements? in 2015, it was encapsulated exactly we're seeing. here a headline that describe the views is none other than the israeli military chief of intelligence in the time, quote, palestinian despair, frustration are among reasons for terror wave. sorry but, nothing's changed. coming up, we'll speak about all of this and more with the last israeli leader to even bother trying for a peace deal with the palestinians. former israeli prime minister ehud olmert joins me next. don't go away. away. only thing between you and a life-changing accident. but are these lines enough?
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we're talking about the violence we've been seeing in israel and occupy territories in recent weeks. as i pointed out before the bag, even top israeli generals have attributed violence to the occupation. when does that 55 year-long occupation ever and? the last israeli prime minister who supported the palestinian state, in some form, and was part of the last serious negotiations with the palestinians, as a man who joins me now. was ehud olmert prime minister of israel from 2006 2000. donny went to prison in 2016 for 16 months for bribery and obstruction of justice. he's now with a new book this
3:27 am
year called -- will come to you. i don't want him to do both. we're now with a book called searching for peace, which he says he wrote almost utterly from inside his prison cell. ehud olmert, thank you so much for coming on the show. i want to talk about your book in a moment. let's start with the news. >> i was convicted for accepting illegal contributions to my political campaigns. i denied it would've happened, i did at it since then. this was accusation. for the record. thank you. >> got it. thank you for clarifying. let's talk about the news. israel has faced horrific terror attacks in recent weeks, more than a dozen people killed. do you accept some israeli generals, as -- as long as there's an occupation, and there's palestine in the spare, and there's no solution, no two state solution, there will be horrible violence. the kind we keep seeing.
3:28 am
it won't end. >> first of all, there is not directly justify the kind of terror wrist violations that take place in israel for the last couple weeks. if you ask me, fundamentally, can there be a solution other than, a political agreement? -- their fundamental rights for self determination. my answer is -- i tried everything i could, while i was prime minister, to reach an agreement with the palestinians for precisely the solution. the palestinian state, and almost all of the west bank, -- we swapped territories, but in all of the west bank, they were more or less in line with woes -- i don't believe that there can
3:29 am
be any solution other than peace. it has to be the solution. i criticize the israeli government for not doing enough, or for not doing almost anything, in order to convince the chances of negotiations. the terrorist attacks go far beyond the -- you can't deny that there are very extreme fundamentalist radical groups with, then the palestinian community -- which are committed entirely to vicious terrorism and there are doing it, not because of a political situation -- >> let me jump in then. as you made the point about palestinian terror, and
3:30 am
extremism, let me jump in here. whenever israel attacks palestinians, were told, it was self-defense. the other side of terrorists. i want to show you a video of a palestinian woman on friday, in the midst of the chaos in balance, being attacked. israeli newspaper said that this video, quote, shows a police officer beating journalist with a club. she was left with a broken arm. have a watch to that video. look at that. >> how is that defensive in anyway? how can you be okay with that any unprovoked violence? >> i'm not okay with this. i'm not okay with other things which are down by irresponsible, sometimes reckless, reactions of israeli military or, pulling people. just as i'm not --
3:31 am
>> we can both agree this, wrong can they be punished? >> they should be punished. they will be found guilty of using excessive power, unnecessarily. they should be punished. there's no question about it. i wish that the palestinians, that are killing israeli innocence, will be caught in punished by the palestinian authorities, but there is no chance that they will do it. >> let's just be clear, ehud olmert, most israeli police officers are not -- impunity is the norm is it is really secured -- >> mehdi, i can see that you're very -- against very, that's all right. >> i just want to get the facts
3:32 am
out there. i know on a time delay. >> let me just say but i have to say. let's be honest, there are many violations which are unnecessary, and should be punished, by israeli police forces in the territories. it's always in the context of some kind of violent riots, which are starting by people, who are not dressed in military uniforms. therefore, in many cases, the using molotov cocktails and throwing stones -- >> this is where i have to jump in. i ask you about an unarmed woman who was hit on that and. >> maddie. >> i'm asking you about unarmed civilians. that's all i'm asking. if you don't want to condemn that, that's a choice. >> excuse me. i condemned it. >> let's move on then. let's move on then. >> hang on.
3:33 am
the lack of any measures taken, by palestinians against their own militants -- >> with respect, ehud olmert -- >> you need to be fair. >> i need to jump in here. i'm not palestinian, i don't speak for palestinians, if you want to debate the palestinians, you can go do that on palestinian tv. i made a talk about israel, as are the former prime minister. 15 years ago, you warned in a newspaper interview, if a two state solution doesn't happen, israel would, quote, face a south african style struggle for equal voting rights, and it soon as that happens, the state of israel is finished. you warned of apartheid 15 years ago. today, with a two-state solution even further way than it was when your prime minister, human rights groups like amnesty is saying israel is guilty of apartheid. surely you don't disagree with him, giving you warned of it. >> you only failed to mention a
3:34 am
fact. in 2008, from may 2008, i proposed -- a two state solution, precisely on the basis of what this oracle claim to the palestinians. our for the palestinian state -- i offered -- >> i offered -- >> i understand that. right now, do you agree with apartheid description? >> excuse me. allow me to finish please. i offered no -- would not have any political looks sovereignty now. -- a five nation. saudi arabia, jordan -- authorized by the united nations i. also offered to resolve
3:35 am
within the context -- >> we're gonna run out of time. i understand you do the deal. it's a simple question. do you agree that there is apartheid right now, as you predicted? >> maybe, you may not be a representative of the palestinians, but you are reluctant to listen to something which is not entirely -- >> i just let you speak for a long time about your peace deal. i'm off -- is your apartheid. >> why do you know want to answer? >> it's a very simple question. >> do you believe there's apartheid in the occupied territories in israel? >> maybe, you may not represent the palestinians, but you are unable to listen to something which opposes your sessions. let me say, first of all, -- i'm >> still waiting for a question to an answer i've asked three times.
3:36 am
let's ask for the time. do you believe there's apartheid in the occupied territories? it's a simple question, you can say no. >> i'll address myself. my proposal, which may have resolved this historical conflict, in precisely the same bases that was required by the palestinians, was never responded by the palestinians. they never said yes to this you. failed to mention this, and i think you owe it to the millions of viewers. now, i'll tell you something. we don't have apartheid, but i don't think -- we don't have apartheid, we're far from it. but, the palestinians in the territories, that appeal to the israeli supreme court, and do it on a daily basis --
3:37 am
which is not apartheid. if you ask me, i say it in the most explicit way. we need to pull out of the territories, within the context of an agreement with the palestinians, that they will recognize the state of israel and that we will allow them to exercise their fundamental rights. i still wait for a courageous palestinian leader that will have the courage, determination, firmness. >> we have to move on. okay, the problem is, you're not matching that the current prime minister says there will be no two state solution. it doesn't matter what the palestinians say. >> i attack him in israel, and i'm in opposition to his position. i'm trying to change the public opinion of israel to go ahead with a two-state solution. >> i was just reminding viewers, that he's anti-to say solution.
3:38 am
we're gonna run out of time. given the negotiations ongoing between biden in a run shrine resurrect the nuclear deal. you're write, in her new book, quote, i believe president pop's nuclear solution -- that is a view shared by many israel you've herschel's. it's not shared by the current or former prime ministers of israel. both of whom have worked hard to undermine any deal. why? is it because they want to war with iran? >> i can't be but amused. you fill to mention the fact that the problem, which i think the american government recognize, iran seems to prepare a nuclear command city, and they say that they want to destroy the state of israel. that's the basis for all our discussion. my personal position is that, i
3:39 am
don't think israel will attack iran, i don't think israel needs to attack iran. i think there are other ways to deal with it. the obama agreement was better than not having an agreement. i thought the decision of president trump to move into part from the agreement was a mistake. i hope that the agreement that president biden is going to sign will be acceptable and reasonable. guaranteeing -- president biden made a commitment. >> we're almost out of time. >> -- to have iran with nuclear capacity. -- >> we're almost out of time. i have glasses question before you are in a time. you say in the book, quote, israel cannot accept a nuclear iran. the iranians say, we don't have new grew up in, but israel does. they're right, aren't they? israel as nuclear weapons, it
3:40 am
doesn't allow the iaea and. it doesn't follow the un security council resolutions. and you hide the fact that you have lots of nuclear weapons. >> i just want to repeat again what i said before, which i think is the crux of -- iran threatens to annihilate the state of israel, that's what they say. time and again. >> you made that point. i asked a question. israel's nuclear weapons, does it not? isn't that hypocritical? >> allow me to -- >> an answer to the question. you've dodged a lot of my questions today. you're very -- >> you're very, nervous don't. b >> i'm not the one not answering questions about nuclear weapons. does israel have nuclear weapons? >> listen, i'm not under investigation, i'm not under police inquiry. i will say what i want to say. -- israel doesn't threaten the annihilation of any country --
3:41 am
we will not allow iran to have nuclear power. thank god this is also the position >> israel has nuclear, opens it? not >> mehdi, i'm not under inquiry here. i told you, israel never admitted that it has nuclear weapons. >> of course. okay. >> i'm not going to say something different. what i said is -- >> that's very convenient. the world knows israel's nukes. we'll have to leave it there. -- we're out of time. i wish we had more time. you managed to run down the clock on a few to questions. i appreciate taking time. thank you for your time. -- taxpayers defrauded out of
3:42 am
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government and millions of dollars's been a lifesaver -- during a deadly pandemic, you would be very careful with how many, would you not? you want to make sure that whoever you got to that money to his excessively get those supplies, right? according to a new book by journalist -- of covid. pandemic ink chasing the -- they include one man, robert sewell junior, posing as a marine veteran, who somehow nabbed 35 million dollar contract to supply the federal government within any five masks. mcswain writes, stewart had been named a key arbiter of a simple device that was the best offense against the virus that killed with horrifying complexity.
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yet he had no experience forcing medical supplies. none. he was not a mass distributor, nor an importer of record, nor freight forwarders. he knew little about how to navigate the supply chain. it gets worse. the company that he represented was especially named federal government exports, according to mcswain, they claim to be experts and everything. from temporary staffing to i.t. consulting to a block chain ai solution to government procurement. whatever the hell that meant. yet, there was no evidence that anybody other than him or if they are. there was no record of federal government ever hiring the firm. that's the kind of stuff the trump administration fell four at the height of the pandemic. in the end, roberts to junior, and federal governments -- do not comes through with a 6,000,095 masks. in february of last, year he pleaded guilty to defrauding the federal government. joining me now, david mcswain, reporter for -- chasing the capitalists and thieves who got rich, while we got sick. thanks so much for coming on the show. how is it that some of these people were able to get these
3:48 am
million dollar contracts. how much of this was incompetence, how much of it was corruption? >> it's a little bit of all of the above. as a nation, we found ourselves flat-footed by the time covid hit, in early 2020. we had slowly, due to politics in congress, defunded the strategic nationalistic stockpile. -- really became, we're just going to throw billions out and see what comes back. you have a rush of people, government bureaucrats, who are used to buying things like chairs in paper clips, who are suddenly in charge of getting this lifesaving equipment. you have something competence, awarding things to people who shouldn't be getting things and,
3:49 am
you also had some -- coming from the white house. >> there was a group called kushner kids, tech and finance rose -- to follow leads on medical supplies. you write in the book, they placed a high priority on debt and leads -- >> there was a lot around this. the moment it was first reported, in those four scary months, that kushner had inserted himself with the pandemic response, there was a lot of intrigue, a lot of innuendo. really, civilians were brought in and placed into the center of our pandemic response. they didn't know what to do. they did have access to government money. they did know how to approve a contract. at the same, time you have pros who are trying to catch up. it really just created this massive --
3:50 am
they turn down masks. doctor said he could have delivered pretty quickly. also referred a, based on a tweet, a contractor who could claim who could deliver ventilators to the state of new york. he was paid millions of dollars for though that were never delivered. they're currently trying to claw that money back to taxpayers. >> it's funny, this all came from a party who talks about balance, budget and cutting down the size of government. how much taxpayers money to the bill on this stuff? let me ask you this. we mention robert stewart junior in the -- across the board, big picture, are these covid grifters, if we can call them, that being held accountable? can we hold him accountable going forward? we h>> i wish i could give you 1 figure and tell you exactly how many people didn't got away with it. the truth is, this was so chaotic, so messy, we were so ill prepared, people just came out of the woodwork. hundreds, if not thousands, who
3:51 am
got big deals, defrauding other federal programs. our irresponsibility in those early months attracted people who took the federal government, and states and hospitals, for a ride. taxpayers got. screwed >> quick last question, 30 seconds left, if another pandemic happens not, this was over, how do we stop it from happening again? can it be? stopped >> well, it's always gonna be. miss there are a few things that -- one, we could be for the strategic national park stockpile. something to the tune of 80 billion dollars. . i think by first you of having through been who this, if we were hit by another one, in the near future, we'd be a little bit more ready. in terms of solving the nasty politics that really prolong this thing and kept us from having an effective national response, rather than 50
3:52 am
epidemics, i don't know how to fix. that i hope someone does. >> i hope someone does too. the book is available now. david mix wayne, thank you so much. it's called pandemic ink. we will be right back, don't go anywhere. 't g anywhere meets power? you try crazy things... ...because you're crazy... ...and you like it. you get bigger... ...badder... ...faster. ♪ you can never have too much of a good thing... and power is a very good thing. ♪ this is vuity™, the first and only fda approved eye-drop that improves age-related blurry near vision. wait, what? it sounded like you just said an eye drop that may help you see up close. i did. it's an innovative way to... so, wait. i don't always have to wear reading glasses?
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