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tv   Politics Nation  MSNBC  April 24, 2022 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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there's benefits to her publicly having to introduce questions even if we do see her sworn and been evasive we know that these people are cowards, they don't want to be held into account under oath. and this was a success even if it doesn't result and her getting barred from participating. >> jon jones, thank you, great to talk to on this hour we appreciate. and that wraps up i'm jasmine -- back in the chair next saturday and sunday, reverend al shook and politicsnation starts now. al shoo and politicsnation starts now. good evening, and good welcome to evening and welcome politicsnation. to politics nation tonight. easter in the east. right now, i'm talking about the millions of ukrainians -- today's orthodox easter with
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family and friends. in the conference of the churches, homes and the lives they once knew. but of course, they've been distress by russians warn ukraine. now in its third month, as for the man responsible for their displacement, russian president vladimir putin. i watched this morning as he celebrated orthodox mass in a suit and tie in moscow paying service to piece for the holiday. while his military battles ukraine and pounced on relentlessly in cities like mariupol in odessa. ukrainian president silenced he says he will meet face to face in kyiv a with secretary of state anthony -- secretary lloyd of the u.s., addressing ukraine's plea for more weapon as the war enters a
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grim new face. we should mention the details on this meeting. it has not been officially confirmed by the white house or any other seat. back in washington, president biden has pledged to send $800 million in military aid, and is expected this week to ask congress for additional funding to prop up ukraine's economy. as the humanitarian crisis in and around ukraine continues to deteriorate, and tonight we bring you the latest on the human cost of this war. but first, joining me now is cal perry. he is in kyiv, ukraine. cal, tell us what you know about that meeting between the president of ukraine and secretary of state blinken and defense secretary austin. >> so the only news we have on that in the past hour, a senior
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adviser to president zelenskyy here in the capital said that the meeting was taking place. now that post was from about two hours ago, so if you read it literally would've taken place a few hours ago, but again, we do not have confirmation either from the defense department, nor from the u.s. state department, which is not unusual. if this visit the take place, you'll likely not hear about it until both of these gentlemen you see on your screen there are out of the country. that is for security reasons. that is fairly typical of these high-level visits whether it's here in ukraine or hair in the past in iraq or afghanistan or these war zones. we generally don't hear about this until folks are out of the country. as you said, the bases of the meeting will be about weapons by and large, weapons being supplied from the united states. the most recent military aid package, one of the sort of higher items in that package or the long-range artillery pieces. we heard president zelenskyy say he needs that on the ground no. we will look for an update on
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that, if in fact this meeting is happening. it was potentially happening, we saw violence against -- violence again in the eastern part of the country, the southern part of the country as you mentioned. multiple strikes in just the last two hours a. in the donna screech in, they killed at least eight people. two of them children, ages five and 14. in the city of kharkiv we understand two people killed in and around that city. the violence is continuing across the country. you are looking at pictures of odessa, where we had a strike yesterday as well. all of which is the backdrop potentially for what would be the highest level u.s. delegation to visit here in the capital of ukraine, happening as you mentioned, not just on the team of that adversary of the start of this war, but on orthodox easter's will. >> thank you, cal perry in ukraine. joining me now is congressman ro khanna, democratic california and a member of the house on the services committee. congressman, thank you for being with us tonight.
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as a member of the house services committee, i want to give you a take on the situation in ukraine. the biden administration is reportedly gearing up to request additional aid for ukraine from congress. what should a new aid package consist of in your opinion? >> we will be voting for the new aid package. let's just summarize what this president has done. over four billion dollars of aid to ukraine. we provided them with anti aircraft missiles, anti tank missiles. we helped them get tanks into the country. we've provided them with part so that their airplanes could fly. providing them with long-range artillery. i think we are doing everything we possibly can to have the make this fight. that's why they've been succeeding. our technology is much better than russian technology. the president deserves a lot of credit.
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switching to politics, congressman, and looking ahead to midterms. >> you are among progressives urging president biden to reinvestigate -- reinvigorate a push for downsized version of the build back better act. at the core of that push its climate action. would you -- would do you hope to see pass before the end of the summer. -- both of which president biden campaigned on. can you tell us how democrats went on those priorities in the upcoming elections, congressman? >> the student debt relief to me is the easiest no-brainer. you talk to people across this country. it is crazy that we are asking them to graduate with 10, 000, 20, 000, 30, 000, $50,000 of debt to start their lives. by the way, these are all folks
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who went to college, they may have done a vocational class. they may have done some credential classes. now they have the state. no other western democracy does this. it is wrong. it is morally wrong to be putting this burden on our young folks and we ought to cancel the debt. the more the better, the president explicitly promised $10,000 of debt relief. we should have done it a year ago. we should do it today. we better do it before the midterms. on climate, we've got to get that done. look, if there's ever a time for a movie shot on renewable energy. if there's ever a time for a moon shot, it's time. we're seeing the consequence of the dependence on russian oil, on saudi arabian oil, venezuelan oil, iranian oil. why are we in this position? let's make sure this doesn't happen again. let's invest in solar, new energy sources. we can get that done before the midterms. >> congressman, before we lose
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you, the house select committee released a massive court filing friday. further illustrating the role that a number of former president trump's top ups allies played in this play. they played this in the planning of january 6th at the rally that led to a real assault on the capitol. the understanding among some of the organizers that the events of that they could turn violent. these investigations into the events of january 6th both from the house select committee, the justice department, both of them, why are they so important? >> they're important because it shows that this was at the highest level of the trump white house. the challenge is that the people who've been arrested and prosecuted so far in the ones who were caught up in the insurrection, who were caught up in the riots. would people want to make sure of, is it's not just people who were caught up there because
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they saw some facebook posts. we need prosecution and accountability on the people who masterminded all of this. whose crimes overturn the election. -- with betty thompson's excellent leadership, i hope we will have a report that will lay it all out and bring it to the justice department and see where they do with it. >> i think -- the planners, the ones at the top were the ones that clearly had in mind overturning the election. there are some that could have, as you said, reacted to some facebook post. i didn't know we were stopping a vote. those at the top level could not say -- thank you for being with us. joining me now is congressman quite uc. democrat of maryland. congressman, great to see you. we've got a lot to get through, but i want to start in florida. this weekend, the new congressional map in the state
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engineered and signed by governor ron desantis, cutting into two districts represented by two of your black democratic colleagues in the house. -- possibly sitting up florida republicans to pick up as many as four seats in congress. what is your take? >> well, this is old jim crow playing itself out again. i remember 1992, before there were any black representatives from the state of florida like corinne brown and i'll see hastings and carry mates. we thought our nation was -- where there would be representation and there would be a situation -- but what desantis has done no by eliminating districts and eliminating congressional seats it's just old jim crow. i would hope that every florida resident realizes this an only chance to reverse this, as you know, is in the courts, but
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when the court is looking away as they do now, it does not look favorable. the key here is that everybody has to vote who can vote. people will say well, they are restricting rights and they are slowing things down. 25 years ago, when there was an early voting, no pre-registration, some of these things didn't exist, black people in particular went out and exercised their right to vote and we've got to do that now, otherwise we will live with the shenanigans of mr. desantis is -- held back on gerrymandering bipartisan -- criteria and by race. >> i want to bring up the subject i talked about for weeks here. the professional basketball player, brittany -- brittany greer has been in russian custody for two months now. after being detained allegedly from the possession of cannabis derivative at the moscow airport. a charge that could carry up to ten years in russian prison.
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details remain scarce in her case. i know you've been a staunch advocate and congress for her release. from that view, what can you tell us tonight? >> sadly, it's been two months since the arrest, and the details around it is like a riddle and a mystery wrapped in an enigma. we don't know anything, except we know that if this were a male basketball player or a white basketball player, they would not be detained without any sort of dialogue or conversation, or interest whatsoever. i've been urging people to pay attention to what is going on here. this is just a russian attempt to find a way to find a political pawn and particularly, one that is gay. this is with their selling home. as the right thing to do. they're saying well, she was caught with contraband. she's been working as a basketball player in russia for
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seven years, going back and forth, back and forth. so this has to have the same kind, attention i think, of the free britney skiers movement, where everybody was reporting it on every station, social media. there was a great deal of attention. we have to be just as adamant about freeing britney griner as we were about quote, freeing britney spears. >> no doubt about it. and the silence on this has been very alarming to me. congressman, i want to make sure we get to your push to post to miss reward of congressional gold medal -- the black marilyn women whose sales were used without her consent. a pioneering medical research in the 1950s. why was this important to you, that she received one of the highest honors 70 years after her passing? >> because when she died in
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1951 at johns hopkins hospital and when her cells were taking out of her body without her permission, no one paid attention to it except that these cells kept growing. they are still growing today. these cells, which have been called eli, after her name, henrietta -- helped us to find a cure for polio back in the 1950s. we are working to -- leukemia and a ton of other things. that are benefiting mankind and womankind, not just in america but all over the globe. her family was never compensated. this is a chance to make sure that history is right and for what i hope is a grateful nation. awarding heard the congressional medal of honor is the very least we can do for which she has done in her death to help so many people to live in this country. >> before you go, congressman, i'm still thinking about the family of patrick in michigan. after delivering that eulogy
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last week. the name of the grand rapids police officer who shot and killed lyoya has still has yet to be released. as a long time so the rights activist, former president of naacp, congressman, can you tell us if we can expect to see police reform taken up by the democrats before november? >> that's the best question of the night. i say that, because the house of representatives have twice passed a police reform bill, and the senate has yet to go near that bill. it's a condemnation on behalf of the entire senate. but really led by a few senators, and i think when something like that happens you have to tie up business and say nothing is going to move to at least get this bill out on the floor to vote. this is a situation, and by the way, i really appreciate your
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remarks that the eulogy, you and ben crump being there from that family. there from the congo. this is all new to them. new land, they were refugees. there's a need to pass this. i'm gonna continue to say would i say, and i know many of my friends on the senate side don't want me to say this, but i can't call it any other way. they've got to find a way to make sure that the bill gets on the floor for a vote, and that means using any means necessary in the parliamentary system in the united states. >> thank you and thank you for your comments. thank you for being with us, congressman kweisi mfume. before we go to break, we have breaking news out of ukraine. the ukraine presidential advisor has confirmed that u.s. secretary of state anthony blinken and u.s. defense secretary lloyd austin are currently meeting with the ukrainian president zelenskyy. coming up, some of my own guidance to you when it comes to masks and booster shots.
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later, the now 5 million refugees from the ukraine war -- how one organization is helping those in need of medical attention. but first, my colleague richard louis with today's top news stories. >> a good sunday to you. some of the stories we're watching for you this hour. first off, projections we've been watching, french president emmanuel macron will be elected to the second term. polling company ipsos oprah stereo predicting president macron will win 58% of the vote and right wing opposition, marine le pen, estimated at 41%. former utah senator died insult city saturday. oren hatch was the longest serving republican senator in u.s. history. senator hatch served 42 years leaving in 2019. the space x axiom mission and the crew is set to undock from the international space station tonight. the mission was delayed for a
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day due to weather conditions. here on earth. good luck on the way back home. more after the short break. more after the short break more after the short break subject 1: st. jude affects all corners of the world for good.
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i mean if you think about organizations that affect the entire world, it's a short list. taking care of kids. kids as a priority. taking care of the families as a whole. subject 2: without donations, without people that care for st. jude and for the kids at st. jude, our max wouldn't be here. subject 1: you are making a difference, not just in a hospital but an entire world.
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and stands out from the pack. where'd you learn to do that? mostly youtube. for this week's rise up i'm talking about covid-19 because while many people gotta say they're done with this virus, medical experts are wondering if the virus isn't done with us. so, as time to lead by example. when a trump appointed federal judge overturned the federal mask mandate for airplanes and public transportation early this week they were cheers and applaud in the skies. i'm sorry to say the celebration was premature, let's keep in mind that be a two, omicron sub variant now accounts for nearly all covid cases in the u.s., these variants are not as severe --
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of the disease. they spread easily, are still very inconvenient, for the vaccinated and boosted it's like a bad cold with symptoms such a stuffy nose, coughing, body aches, and fatigue. well unvaccinated people are reporting shortness of breath, cough, and flu like symptoms. and of course there's always the risk of lingering aftereffects known as long covid, which doctors are still struggling to understand. taking the necessary precautions like wearing a mask, getting vaccinated are still the most effective ways to avoid getting covid yourself, and make sure you don't spread it to others. -- when i do groups are the most vulnerable for example you might be surprised to learn that black children ages 5 to 11 made up about a third of all hospitalized youth during the most recent winter surge
2:24 pm
according to the cdc report. i myself -- on tuesday. now that the cdc has approved a second booster dose of the covid vaccine for people 50 and older, four months after their first booster. the biden administration is planning to appeal the ruling that toss the mask mandate, the truth is judges, politician's have never been the best source of information about covid-19. we should be listening to the doctors and medical experts, many of the same people telling you to drop the mask now was saying the same thing at the height of the pandemic when thousands of people were dying every day. many americans have suffered needlessly because of their bad advice, we are making progress with covid-19, but you don't have to feel rushed to get back to normal. if we all rise up to gather and
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we're following breaking news out of ukraine where ukraine president all advisor has now confirmed that u.s. secretary of state anthony blinken and u.s. defense secretary lloyd austin are currently meeting with ukrainian president zelenskyy. let's bring in my political panel to tackle today's public topic, joining me now is danielle booty, liberal podcast host and former republican representative carlos cornell of florida. msnbc political analyst. danielle french alaskans in today have runoff between president emmanuel macron and his far-right opponents marine le pen, first projection said that president macron has been
2:30 pm
reelected with 58% of the vote but apparently the pain wasn't far behind at nearly 42%, what can we learn from france's presidential election, how does the electability of far-right candidates translate in the united states? >> i mean i think what we need to notice and see right now is that there is an extremist movement, not just happening in this country with the republican party but also happening with a abroad, while i'm very excited -- decided after 20 years of never, never engaging with the same president again to reelect macron the reality is that, the pain gained votes, she gained percentage points within the country of prints and that's something everyone should be paying attention to well it is 42% that he almost got 60% of the vote, she has been gaining which means that the people of france need to be paying attention as does the global
2:31 pm
community because of extremism is on the rise. >> and she gained votes as she has been closely identified. carlos, this country florida governor ron desantis on friday signs a bill to invoke the wild estate company of special presidents in the state, days after the legislation was first introduced, this comes after disney condemned the don't say gay bill which has been signed into law by desantis. this move does not justify the company, but surrounding counties which could be upwards of $2,200 in taxes per family according to the -- the associated press writes, to critics including some in his own party, such a raw exercise of power suggests desantis is operating with a sense of invincibility that could come
2:32 pm
back to haunt him. what's your take on the governor showdown with disney? >> reverend, this is all about the 2024 republican primary election, ron desantis is looking at 2022, he feels very confident maybe a little overconfident but the truth is democrats don't look like they're gonna amount much of a challenge as he prepares for reelection in 2022, so he is looking ahead at 2024. he's trying to establish his credibility, republican based voters who award republican politicians for confronting major corporations and for fighting these culture wars, this is very popular among republican based voters now, and i think that ron desantis's apparent -- donald trump in the 2024 presidential election primaries. he's one of the few republicans that would actually run no matter what the former president decides, he's gonna use issues like this one to tell republican based voters that he is a better leader for
2:33 pm
that then donald trump. >> danielle, the white house announced this week that it's giving an additional $800 million in weapons to ukraine, and totally u.s. has given more than three billion dollars in all. president biden's also expecting to go to congress for even more aid, the request will come at the same time that the administration is stepping up its efforts to secure more pandemic assistance. is the administration doing enough to balance its foreign and domestic agenda going into the midterms? >> we all recognize that what the ukrainian people are up against with this invasion of putin, is something that is extraordinary where on the verge of so much here. nuclear war for the world if everyone decides to get involved. so, with the united states has been doing is what we can without putting our own troops on the ground, our own troops in danger, the reality is that
2:34 pm
3.4 billion dollars and we're looking at the fact that we haven't received any new money for covid. we're looking at where is the build back better bill, we're still looking at major problems in the united states that we're not seeing funding for. and right now schumer has said that he wants to wrap up this next round of funding for the ukrainian people before the government with money for covid, i don't know how that's going to play on the major states here in the united states, we want to be helpful to the ukrainian people as much as possible, but you can't turn around and say that you don't have money for our basic needs, our well-being as well. that's the problem that the biden administration is facing, they're facing a republican, republicans who have no problem or issue giving money for war, but don't want to help and secure aid in our agencies here to help our own people. >> carlos, donald trump held a rally on saturday with j.d.
2:35 pm
vance whom he's endorsed in the ohio gop senate primary. political reports that before trump's endorsement, vance was lagging in the polls, short on cash, and seen as an almost assured loser, now vance has more than $5 million a new donations and has now for the first time pulling a number one moment republican in a crowded primary. not all republicans are happy with the endorsement, not even all right-wing republicans. a major gop political group called for people to boycott last night's rally in support of vance rival but former president trump it is staking a lot of political capital of his ability to be a kingmaker in the midterms. what do you think it's working? >> well, reverend, that's the thing that's gonna be put to the test in these primaries. we're going to see if this is donald trump's party if the
2:36 pm
republican party is still a fully owned subsidiary of the trump organization. or if at some polling indicates republicans are moving away from trump gradually and identifying more as republicans unless as trump supporters, that's gonna be put to the test. but what you said, the way these poll numbers move, that explains why most republicans and office are the ones running for office live in fear of donald trump and are motivated, mostly have what they do is motivated by that fear of donald trump and hoping that they can get his endorsement. that they will not earn his ire because it does move poll numbers, we'll see are there other forces in the party funding different candidates, that battles gonna play out here in the coming months, we're gonna see if republicans are still the party of trump, or if they're moving towards the next chapter or whatever that is. >> danielle, u.s. discussion
2:37 pm
about 2024, the hill reports president biden told former president obama that he will be running for reelection despite his troubling poll numbers. meanwhile memory from senator bernie that source says that he the vermont independent is quote, not ruling out another bid for the white house if biden doesn't seek reelection. what do you make of the 2024 landscape for democrats? >> i mean right now i'm actually really concentrate on what's gonna happen in seven months, when republicans presumably get control back of congress. the reality is, joe biden is our president, he's the leader of the party. if for some reason he decided not to run, right, i would love to see a bunch of a french faces and french ideology and voices, and passion. i don't want to go back to bernie sanders forget the third time. that's just me. however, joe biden has said
2:38 pm
publicly many times that he has every intention to run in 2024, so he is the leader of our party are, we need to back them and figure out ways to pass legislation, to do something that's going to lift his poll numbers right now which are not doing well. >> the whole question of the democratic races this year will also send the tone for 2024. carlos, same production to you, on the republic side would anybody challenge donald trump in 2024? >> yeah, i think there is only two or three candidates reverend, who will actually dare to run in a republican primary against donald trump. ron desantis is one of them, i told you that before. i think mike pence feels like he needs to clear the record, he needs to clear his name from everything that happened in the trump presidency, so i think he would be willing to run as well. after that i don't know, nikki
2:39 pm
haley has -- former president ron. others have said the same thing. so, i don't think donald trump is gonna have the feel himself, i don't think he's gonna have that incumbent status if he runs, but there will be very few willing to challenge and to see it'll be interesting to see if they can get an attraction amount and real talent or if they fizzle out early. >> all right, thank you daniel and -- coming up medical evaluations, clinics, doctors working under fire, the reality of health care during wartime in ukraine. that's next. re during wartime in ukraine that's next. that's next. when you join ihop's new rewards program, the international bank of pancakes, and start stacking pancoins toward free food, you get a smile on your plate. download the app and join the rewards program today. zuriel: st. jude gave us hope.
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and then works from home. but she can handle pickup, even when her bladder makes a little drop-off. because candice has poise, poise under pressure and poise in her pants. it takes poise. >> welcome back to
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politicsnation. it's been a 60 days since russia's president, well would mirror putin, launched a full scale invasion of ukraine. violating its sovereignty, and causing mass death, destruction and suffering. one of the organizations helping with aid for the humanitarian crisis created by this war is doctors without borders. it is helping millions of ukrainian refugees through medical evacuations, by train, stationing mobile clinics, and providing medical and humanitarian supplies. joining me now, avril,
2:44 pm
executive director of doctors without borders. avril, thanks for joining us today. avril, your last joined our show in late march, about a month ago. the humanitarian crisis in ukraine has worsened since then. can you talk to us about the challenges your teams have felt, trying to get aid, to get the enormous needs of suffering? >> thanks for having me back. i was in ukraine for a month, and just returned a couple of days ago. and what we see now is just with the increasing bombing of civilian areas of residential areas, you will always hear that it's a special military target, and that sometimes the case. but we've seen time and again that presidential neighborhoods are getting bombed. and so, the challenge to deliver aid is that the hospitals have to pull all the staff and the patients into the underground areas, into the basements. many people are sheltering in
2:45 pm
subways, in kharkiv, for example, you've got thousands of people that are so of frayed of being above ground when the bombing starts, and it's so random it could happen at any time, just about any day. they are down in the subway system, just trying to be somewhere out of harm's way. so that when the bombs fall, they can have some hope of surviving. and so, delivering aid in that kind of context is obviously something that the ukrainian medical system, ukrainian doctors, nurses, are doing a phenomenal job. they really are staffing their hospitals, wherever it is possible. and with we're trying to do is support them. so in some cases, obviously, we've been in the wrong place at the wrong time. and they had to rethink our positioning. so many of the cities where we've had various activities have now come under fire on a regular basis. and you just constantly questioning, this makes sense, to even have a team on the ground here, knowing that people are there, and they do need medical attention?
2:46 pm
>> your organization has arranged medical evacuations by train, from eastern parts of ukraine to the west. you have set up mobile clinics for those affected by the war. they have carried out more than 800 medical consultations in subway station bomb shelters there, and has tripped emergency medical supplies. can you walk us through how these efforts have been organized, and how are you working to meet the most urgent needs? >> i can speak, as an example, about the train medical evacuations. so you've got hospitals in the east, they might be in kramatorsk, they might be in dnipro, zaporizhzhia, or in kharkiv. and they're concerned about mass casualty influxes, that there will be overwhelmed with people who need, not only urgent trauma care, trauma surgery, for example. but also probably post-operative care, more
2:47 pm
surgeries follow-up, physical affair, longer term. and so, the medical professionals in those hospitals, they get together with our doctors, they evaluate patients that have a good chance of surviving what is a really long train journey across the country. so just to go from the east all the way to lviv, for example, where you would refer to patients to hospitals that have quite a bit more capacity, where it's a lot calmer, and they can have patience for a longer time, without worrying so much about bombs falling. it's a 24-hour journey on a train, and this is a train car with doctors, nurses, and basic supplies. but it's not an intensive care unit. so in fact, that's the next level. that's what we're working on now, is to launch a longer train that actually has oxygen, that has more capacity, not only to stabilize and check the vitals of patients, that are being transferred, but also to provide ongoing care for the most critically injured ones. and this is just one way that
2:48 pm
we're trying to alleviate some of the pressure on those hospitals in the more were affected areas. and be able to facilitate the referral of patients to hospitals that have quite a bit more capacity at the moment. >> now, the un refugee agency reports that over 5 million refugees have fled ukraine since the war started. and more than 7 million have been estimated to be internally displaced. the un refugee agency has declared the crisis in ukraine as a level three emergency, the highest level they have to assign. your organization has done a remarkable, heroic work in ukraine so far. but how long can doctors without borders continue to assist in ukraine? how much more can you handle? >> well, i would say the real credit goes to the ukrainians, medical professionals, who are working in their communities, staying with their people, and for leveraging all this gets into capacity they have. we are just there to reinforce
2:49 pm
their abilities, to look after people. and, you know, i would say that we have a tremendous commitment and experience of working in conflict zones, working under stress. but the scale of this really is incredible. i mean, the combination of factors in this war is unlike anything i've experienced in other war zones, conflict zones that i've worked in. what we have here also is the displacement, the numbers that you just cited. you can imagine that, if the hospital system, if the medical system is entirely focused on war wounded, what's happening to the person with heart disease, or with diabetes? what's happening to the person who needs insulin? what's happening to the person who needs mental health care? the stress, the emotional, absolute anxiety, depression, concerns about the future, ptsd, all the kinds of things that you can imagine, we have people who are going to be left out of
2:50 pm
the ongoing health care that they absolutely need. and that's not to mention that there are people who are kind of left behind also in the east, or in areas that have become encircled. people in nursing homes, people in psychiatric institutions, were very worried about them. and there is a big effort now to figure out how we can assist them with allowing these people to reach safety, and that's one of the reasons that humanitarian organizations like us, are calling for people to have safe passage. and then, we will do anything we can to offer assistance, as much as we're able to help people have the medical assistance they need, while they are trying to flee the conflict zones. >> all right, miss avril benoit, thank you for being with us. up next, my final thoughts, straight with us. straight with us but with nurtec odt that's all behind me now. nurtec can treat and prevent migraines. don't take if allergic to nurtec. the most common side effects were nausea and stomach pain and indigestion. ask your doctor about nurtec today.
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about two years ago i realized that jade was overweight. i wish i would have introduced the fresh food a lot sooner. after farmer's dog she's a much healthier weight. she's a lot more active. and she's able to join us on our adventures. get started at >> i was hoping that today would be a day of truce between russia and ukraine. because off the docks
2:55 pm
christians in both countries that are celebrating easter, but instead, fighting in devastation continues. orthodox christianity is one of the largest christian communities in the world. and it is the dominant faith in both russia and ukraine. in fact, according to the church patriarch, the greater russian world has moscow as its political center, and kyiv as its spiritual hole. according to the washington post, the russian leader of the church has called often a full quoted endorsement of the war, doubling down even as the world recalls and reports spreads of russian atrocities in ukraine. his stance has angered church leaders in ukraine and across the orthodox faith. many have condemned the war. that is why i was surprised to see russian president vladimir
2:56 pm
putin attending a mass last night in moscow at a church. does he think it can help his political and military ambitions in the language of faith? either way, here is my message to all those who celebrate today, anywhere in the world. don't just worship jesus and the resurrection, follow him. follow the words he said, condemning those that are appear biased, or when their deeds does not follow their appearance and their optics they want to project. you can't celebrate the principle of peace by killing innocent children and innocent people. we'll be right back. right back.
2:57 pm
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