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tv   Ayman  MSNBC  April 24, 2022 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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that attended dozens if not hundreds of rallies over the past couple of years where she has proudly boasted about working to stop the steal. supporting the big lie, talking about our conversations with donald trump, she has written the trump coattails at every rally, she's been a part of the last two years. and now suddenly she's forgotten everything. whatever she has i hope you don't get, mehdi, make sure you freshen up, make sure you take care of yourself my friend. >> i recall everything. but >> goodnight, have a good night. >> good evening to you and welcome to ayman, fate of the 2024 election could be decided this year. yes, this year i'll explain why my conversations with michigan attorney david nestle on the critical race -- to oversee our election system taking place now. plus a liar and a traitor the political backlash to kevin mccarthy begins.
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projections show incumbent emmanuel macron has defeated far right marine le pen, we've got the very latest on the breaking news from paris, i'm ayman mohyeldin, let's get started. it is an open secret in washington that a lot of republicans are disgusted with donald trump and that discussed only grew after the events of january the 6th, we never heard that discussed until this week with two new new york time reporters released all audio recordings of kevin mccarthy, days after the capitol insurrection leak to them for their upcoming book, take a listen. >> i've had it with this guy. when he did is unacceptable. nobody can defend that and nobody should defend. >> before that audio was released the new york times
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actually dropped a piece about kevin mccarthy and mitch mcconnell's private discussion with trump after january six, here is the line from that piece that stuck out to me, quote none of the man followed through on their tough talk in those private conversations. and of course not, aside from congresswoman liz cheney, no member republican leadership leader the house or the senate truly condemn donald trump. and liz cheney for her troubles was actually ousted from her house gop leadership position. for the rest, it's been crickets, silence, and without real condemnation, without real consequences for trump, republicans started flocking back to him. including kevin mccarthy who helped rehabilitate trump with america visit and this photo, all but read or sing the man who helped fuel the insurrection on january the 6th.
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and once trump came back into the gop folded allowed all the other election deniers, all the others who believe in the big lie, and conspiracy paddlers to come back into the fold. and now, those election deniers are actually running for office to oversee future elections in this country. here is a massive, big red warning side for everybody to just watching this program, and everybody around the country. a lot of those races, the ones that will decide who oversees the 2024 presidential election, those races, those races are happening this year and have already begun. when people say democracy is on the ballot, they might never need it more than they do this year. because the people who wanted to overturn the election results in 2020, to help trump, they weren't empowered when joe biden won. what if they get in power next time? what if trump asks a secretary of state to find him 11,790 votes, but this time that secretary of state actually goes along with it? what happens then? the results could be
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catastrophic. so, for all the people condemning kevin mccarthy of his decision to reimburse a strong, despite his private discussed remember that mccarthy didn't just rehabilitate trump, he helped rehabilitate and empower dozens of fringe conservatives and qanon cultists who are working very hard every day to make sure they're in control for the next round of elections. i'm now joined by michigan -- dana nessel, an attorney general it's good to see you again thank you for making time with us. this week speaking of election deniers, the michigan gop interest matchup arnaud and trump backed candidate who supports the big lie, and certainly election lies. in your states attorney general republican primary, another trump backed election denier has been painted as the
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secretary of state candidate, your reaction to both of these candidates being endorsed by the gop? >> well, i have the same reaction that donald trump had, that was instrumental in his decision to support them. he said very plainly just a few days before the convention that if these two individuals, that he supported for secretary of state, and for attorney general if they were to get into office then michigan would never have the worry about losing the presidential election again. that he would bid in 2024 in that the republicans would always win as long as they were in office. that was the guarantee that he made, now theoretically the secretary of state chief election officer and the attorney general, the chief law enforcement officer whose job it is to defend the state in election lawsuits, are now
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supposed to be thinking when winners and losers this must be going through the legal process, and ensuring that the law is followed. but he guaranteed that respective of how the voters of michigan decide 20 2024 election. he will be the next president of the united states, or at least he'll get our electoral vote. that was his guarantee. >> yeah, i'm not trying to be hyperbolic here but this month at a rally in michigan you had trump as you were just noting trump saying that voters needed to back his election denying candidates to quote, michigan cannot be stolen from republicans in 2024 or ever again. what might happen if someone like mad to perna winds in november? how much is democracy under threat in michigan? >> well, here you have a guy who's a major part of his platform is locking up myself, the secretary of state, and the governor and any of his other political enemies our adversaries.
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and to do anything and everything he possibly can to ensure that donald trump gets his way in michigan. no matter what that means. and when you have somebody who personally as criminal jurisdiction and all 83 counties of the state, when you have money that has the kind of authority that the attorney general has in the state of michigan and so someone who is so incredibly beholden to donald trump, in every way shape or form, that spells disaster for us. and so many other states where we have trump endorsed candidates, for these critical election positions, but then positions of course that impacts so many other ways that the government operates. it's incredibly scary, i hope, listen i'm home if you are watching msnbc at 9:00 on a sunday night, you are aware of how much is on the line.
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but we really need to better communicate to everybody else out there, just how important elections are. you can't set out in 2022 because if you do, your vote is likely not to matter in 2024. and that's the message that needs to be conveyed. >> so, assuming the leaders of the democratic party are not at home watching msnbc on a sunday night at 9 pm, is the democratic party paying enough attention to races like yours? do you feel like you are getting the support from the national party leadership, because you look at trump in your circle, he's the republican party, he's the leader of the republican party on a national level, are you getting that same kind of support from the democrats for your races? >> i mean i'm just gonna be honest with, you know. i've never heard anything from the dmz. they seem as usual to be focused on the federal races, and i really do think it's time to stop and understand that without these statewide elected
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positions, again the secretary of state, and attorney generals in all of these incredibly important swing states if we're not truly focused on those positions, then it's likely not to matter, when you get to the level where congress has a say, because the states will not be properly certified to reflect the will of the voters, and those prospective states and of course because of the electoral college, it really doesn't matter just how much i candidate wins, the popular vote in new york, or california. it's these crucial swing states that make all the difference in our elections, and we have -- races in over 30 states. -- a number of secretary of state races that are highly competitive as well. so, we can't sleep on this but we also can't look at these people like many people looked
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at trump here in michigan in 2016 and say, oh the democrats have this new back, this is a ridiculous person, they're never gonna actually win, i don't have to go to the polls, because everybody recognize that. well that's why trump won by 10,000 votes in 2016, but lost by over 150,000 votes in 2020. because democrats actually showed up to the polls, and they came out to vote. and they did that in 2018, we need that to do that again in 2022. where our democracy is really gonna be in peril and i'm not sure how we're gonna get it back. >> michigan attorney general dana nessel, attorney general thank you so much for being so candid with us, your honesty is always appreciated here. thank. you. >> thanks for having me. >> the lad the latest fallout from the kevin mccarthy leak tapes, but first my friend richard -- but >> great to see you, breaking news for you on this hour secretary of state anthony
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blinken and defense secretary lloyd austin met with president zelenskyy in kyiv late sunday according to a ukrainian presidential advisor, this visit marks the first time officials have travel to ukraine since the russian invasion began. and emmanuel macron has been reelected as the president of france. he defeated his far-right rival marine le pen, with a round of 58% of the vote become in the country's first sitting president to win reelection since 2002, le pen conceded to macron shortly after the polls closed. the final result be announced by the french interior ministry on monday. more ayman, with ayman mohyeldin -- we have to be able to repair the enamel on a daily basis. with pronamel repair toothpaste, we can help actively repair enamel in its weakened state. it's innovative. my go to toothpaste is going to be pronamel repair. (vo) wildfires have reached historic levels.
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the daily beast and usa today, and host of the deep state radio podcast. and fernand on monday, democratic pollster at an msnbc but. excuse me. let's start with you. your reaction to the mccarthy reporting? >> you know, well, it has been out there in plain sight, frankly for a very long time, which is that that republicans no one, that there was a big lie. number two, it was outrageous what we saw on january six, and it should not be tolerated. and number three, after quickly and originally saying, hey, we need there is this -- this is wrong, we heard from lindsey graham right after january six insurrection, quickly, quickly somehow read the political deal leads to say, we will stay in power where we think our political bet is best placed on donald trump, no matter how bad he is sitting for democracy in this country. so i think the words of senator elizabeth warren, sadly, merit some serious consideration. i'll put it that way. because it is clear that kevin
9:17 pm
mccarthy lied. it is clear that we have had a leadership in the republican party, who while recognizing that donald trump was entitled and fully earned an impeachment, decided instead to pretend that the problem was a democratic party, and not the very attack from democracy, it has nothing to do with either party. it's simply had to do with donald trump's personal desire to stay in power, despite having been voted out of office. and that problem but the news today. we're not through this problem, and that's why it's important to call it out. >> for non, are you surprised that more democrats have not come out to hit kevin mccarthy on this particular issue. elizabeth warren had strong words, but i i was surprised that democrats have not jumped on the opportunity to use this against, not just him, but the
9:18 pm
broader republican party, and what they represent. >> ayman, let me tell you what i'm surprised has not reacted, that's the attorney general of the united states, merrick garland. we're now almost a year and a half past the events that we also before the eyes of the world, that these recordings again confirmed. , they say one thing to the we're now almost a year and a half past the events that we also before the eyes of the world, that these recordings again confirmed. senator warren called kevin mccarthy a liar and a traitor, i'd add a savage to that as well. he knew, just like everybody in the republican party knew, it was an attempt at an attempted coup, which was not successful. and they have gotten away with it without any consequences, including, ayman, some of those very bloggers that are running on the ballot now in less than seven months. so my question again, where is the attorney general? the calendar with every passing
9:19 pm
day, with every passing week, is not on the side of the rule of law. who voters will start voting in these midterm elections by mid to late september, and if there is not anything in place, where we hope these folks accountable, tell the american people through public hearings or indictments, preferably, that reason was committed. i genuinely fear what the consequences of that, ayman. >> it's a very valid question. i think a lot of people in d. c. and around the country are watching merrick garland, and what he's doing right now, wondering where he is on the issue of what happened on january six. david, let's talk a little bit about last night in ohio. you had trump at a rally. he did not mention mccarthy once. friday, he told the wall street journal that the recordings were a compliment because quote, they realized they were wrong, and they supported me. do you think that trump has just biding his time to attack mccarthy at some point? because, you know, it's trump. and what he does is he uses everything as leverage, some point down the road. so you can't really think
9:20 pm
that's how he honestly feels. >> well, you know, i don't know. i think trump acts in trump's interest, as he sees it, in any given moment. and he can change from one moment to the next. i think mccarthy has made all the right noises with regard to trump, you know, that he is loyal, it is not going to bring this up, that here announces the tapes even though, you know, the tapes are there for everybody to hear. and so, trump says okay, this is what i see. i seek a party to follow in line. you know, i think the real critical issue here is the issue you brought up in the first segment, the issue that maya brought up, the issue that fernand brought up, and that is, all of this is not about trump and mccarthy, with their lack of character, for this week's shocking story. all of this is about a systematic attempt to end democracy in the united states.
9:21 pm
these are people who don't want votes to count, if the votes are against trump, trump would have overthrown the election, if he could have. trump seeks to do that again in the future. those secretaries of state they want to elect will do that again in the future. mccarthy, if he is the speaker of the house, will support that in the future. and so, we're at a critical moment here. and i think the most important thing we can do is set aside the impression that anyone story gives, and focus on the pattern. and the pattern here is that we are at a turning point in american history. and if we don't stand up, vote, call these people out in every turn, we could lose things that we thought would never, ever be at risk, including the right to vote, the right wing, the rule of law on the united states,
9:22 pm
and the kind of democracy that we grew up, believing it was our birthright. >> maya, the new york times reports that some members of the january six committee are discussing rewriting the insurrection act, which gives presidents the authority to deploy the military within the u.s., to respond to a rebellion. they're considering this because they envisioned a doomsday scenario, in which a rogue future president might try to use the military to stoke, rather than put down an insurrection, or to abuse protesters. your thoughts on that? >> well, which we've seen from president trump, and i think just to bring back david's important point here, that's a new normal. and the new normal is that there is no bottom. the things that we thought were boundaries, that both parties would hold on to, it is no longer the case. and we saw that was donald trump even before the insurrection. remember the fact when we had
9:23 pm
black lives matter protests, multi racial, multi generational protests across this country, demanding more police accountability. and donald trump was talking about calling up the military. and in that scenario. and we were horrified than. so you know, this was a repeat performance, if there would be serious discussion of a sitting u.s. president who have lost an election, actually go in talking to advisers about this as a serious possibility. you know, i think the reality is, we do need congress to sincerely, seriously debate what laws need to be changed, tightened and clarified. who would have thought, you know, it's up to a few law professors, studiously paying attention to possibilities, and for the majority of the public seen remote. it wasn't exactly clear what should happen was in the votes for the presidential election.
9:24 pm
yet, here is where we find ourselves. i think unfortunately, the sad reality that for the republican party, as a party, not every single person, but as an apparatus, it is decided to say, one power over the country. and that that has requires us to ask, how do you make sure there's some safeguards, when people are in control of these institutions? >> all right maya, panel, please stick around. we've got a lot more to discuss. coming up, we're gonna discuss president obama joining the fight against disinformation. some are asking what took him so long? you know liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need? oh, like how i customized this scarf? wow, first time? check out this backpack i made for marco. oh yeah? well, check out this tux. oh, nice. that'll go perfect with these.
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9:29 pm
university just this week where he said quote, people are dying because of misinformation. >> people like putin. and steve bannon for that matter, understand that it's not necessary for people to believe this information in order to weaken democratic institutions. you just have to flooding competing -- with enough raw sewage, you need to raise enough questions spread enough dirt, plant enough conspiracy theorize or, that citizens no longer know what to believe. >> now i applaud the president 's message but i need to ask, where have you been? this is a speech that should've been delivered years ago, and not on some random thursday in april at a california university but on a platform the whole world would pay
9:30 pm
tension to. our panel is back with us. maya, correct me if you're wrong those are my thoughts, i'm a firm believer that we have a disinformation pandemic around the world, your reaction to obama's speech? >> while a, i'm glad he was fairly unvarnished, i'm glad that he actually used language that mimicked steve bannon's, because it's an intentional strategy, sadly, and unfortunately for our democracy. and yeah, look we can always talk about when and how, or whether he could've, should've done it sooner but i think there's a debate there. i don't think it's a problem right now, i think our problem is that we have to now come together as a nation and understand that we have disinformation coming from our own elected officials. we have a great big lie that too many americans actually believe are true, might be true, there is elections that are somehow up for grabs.
9:31 pm
based on conspiracy theories that have no data or support behind them, where we've had republicans even work for the president donald trump, at homeland security at his own attorney general to protect him in the context of the -- yet, yet we know that they actually told the president that there was simply no facts or evidence of any substantial voter fraud. when we got those kinds of conditions, i think the message is welcome, we need to be glad that he gave those words. i think it's more incumbent for us to make sure that the congress actually tries to act on it, but actually every state, and every municipality does what it can do, in the midst of it and not wait for congress which is far too broken right now. and that the american public, we have a real power station about how we educate ourselves in order not to fall victim to disinformation. it does require actually having some good civic engagement
9:32 pm
training, it's time we did that again, stop fighting about history lessons in our schools, and loved books are children already, and hope the reading a lot more of them and that we all understand how this works. because this is fundamental right now to our democracy. >> david, obama going down a president oh, former president obama one of the greatest orders of the modern era and he acknowledges that he should've recognized the extent of the problem sooner he referenced the 2016 election as a major turning point, but it actually goes back longer than that. i mean in my opinion it goes back to thousand 11 when you had trump spreading the -- conspiracy, is that not so? >> it goes back further than that. it goes back to the clinton administration when technology companies were given a set of rights that absolve them of responsibility for being the media companies that they were, and then four year, after year, after year as they gain power.
9:33 pm
we saw the power of this disinformation, and we saw the need for them to self regulate and they weren't doing it. politicians on both sides said, i'm not gonna mess with them, those guys are pretty wedge, they can be helpful to me. so, i think that there is plenty of blame to go around here and i totally agree with you, i think the president obama should have been out there with this earlier, but it ties into the blind that maya made, it ties into the point from the last segment. we cannot have a discussion about this politely on thursday afternoon's and lovely academic settings, the disinformation that is being put out their ties to the desire to suppress textbook, ties to the lies of republican politicians, ties to the desire to suppress the vote. it's all part of an effort, to create a false reality in which these republicans can gain
9:34 pm
power and key power indefinitely and that's the reason the president obama, and every democratic leader ought to be out there on every available platform, every day from now until the election, sounding the alarm that we are in a critical moment, and putting the pieces together trying to show people how all the pieces of this puzzle fit together in an authoritarian power grab that we never thought was possible in the united states of america. >> yeah, completely agree with you on all those points. fernando, a bomb address silicone bombings responsibility, i want you to listen to this, watch. >> we need to be more transparent about how they operate, so much of the conversation around disinformation is focused on what people post, the bigger issue is what content these
9:35 pm
platforms from out. >> so, a major speech like this is great no doubt about it, what more can and should the president, former president due to tackle this problem with the resources he has, the platform he has? >> well, ayman, that's really the question is. at the burden shouldn't fall on former president obama, you have former republican president george w. bush, new -- bill clinton. this should be all of the leaders of the country who still have some sort of influence and standing, standing together like david rothschild and talk about the position that -- talk about today. very sadly and candidly i don't think that you're gonna be able to stop this disinformation cancer which has metastasized and eclectic grow rampant in time for the 2022 election. frankly, i doubt we'll be able to do anything for the 2024 election which is why i come back to the point i made
9:36 pm
earlier. we are hanging on by a thread by which the last line of defense being the rule of law. and right now the rule of law falls firmly in the hands of the department of justice and to what they can do to protect election integrity, to what they can do to protect voting rights, and what they can do to hold accountable the traders and the saboteurs that senator warren talked about. we also act in unison in the january 6th, january six, and after january six all hold him accountable to the rule of law. if that doesn't happen, amen, no amount of legislation on silicon valley, or no tough worded letters to ceos of these companies, i think we'll be able to solve and tackle the real problem which is a democracy that is under assault, right now and is on the brink of being laws if we don't use the rule of law to held accountable those who threaten and try to overturn democracy, a year and a half ago.
9:37 pm
>> all right, fernando amandi, maya wylie -- thanks for three of you joined as i enjoy your insights as always. coming up we have some breaking news from france, a emmanuel macron projected to have won a second term as president, i'll break it down for you. we have to be able to repair the enamel on a daily basis. with pronamel repair toothpaste, we can help actively repair enamel in its weakened state. it's innovative. my go to toothpaste is going to be pronamel repair. (customer) [reading] save yourself?! money with farmers? (burke) that's not wrong. when you switch your home and auto my go to toothpaste policies to farmers, you could save yourself an average of seven hundred and thirty dollars. (customer) that's something. (burke) get a whole lot of something with farmers. ♪we are farmers.bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum♪
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allergies don't have to be scary. spraying flonase daily stops your body from overreacting to allergens all season long. psst! psst! flonase all good. breaking news tonight the results of the french presidential elections are in and emmanuel macron is projected to beat his foreign rival marine lepen by 58. 6% to 41. 2% and in doing so he has become the first for us president to win a second term in 20 years joining me now is white house and foreign correspondent for french news usa, lauren haim she worked in emmanuel macron's first presidential campaign and thank you for much for joining us i
9:41 pm
know it's your time there, your reaction to president macron's victory what do you make of that? >> i think it's very good, were extremely -- because we did not know what was going to happen, there was a strong -- nobody in the far-right and police movement are all over democracy. so, it was a big challenge for emmanuel macron we didn't expect, emmanuel macron didn't expect the strong victory. it's over 50%, she's 41%, the [inaudible] closer than that so there was something happening in france to make sure that emmanuel macron we -- >> and as i mentioned president macron will now become the first branch leader to be reelected in 20 years, i think for a lot of us in the last two don't necessarily follow that here in the u.s. i should say, how significant is this that he's been able to get reelected? >> so, it's very significant because this is europe, you know you have the ukraine warrants a very important issue at this moment for france. it was really about the future of europe, emmanuel macron said all the times during le pen, i really, really want to protect europe i'm gonna be extremely strong with russia. i want to make sure that everyone is -- ukraine.
9:42 pm
that we're gonna try to do something so, it wasn't only about the french nation, it was also about the future of europe. however, i can tell you that there was also again a referendum in 2017 in the first election and it was a referendum against marine le pen, and this time it was clearly a referendum for or against emmanuel macron. emmanuel macron who is liked by many -- polls after polls you can see
9:43 pm
that there is a lot of people, there are a lot of people that saying that emmanuel macron is too arrogant, emmanuel macron doesn't listen to the right people, emmanuel macron doesn't do that. so, he was really good when technically about very difficult issues. but on the other way he's image was not good, he tried this week by accompanying -- >> to really change his image you can really see people in france and -- are extremely worried about the future of democracy and they wanted emmanuel macron in the middle of international crises to be leave france. >> you're talking about the backdrop of this election taking place during a major war taking place in europe, russia and ukraine, during the presidential debate just a few days ago macron hit le pen's record on -- vladimir putin doomed her chance, for her chances because the position she put on the
9:44 pm
russian ukraine's war, specifically vladimir putin? >> i really think it's not good news for vladimir putin that emmanuel macron one today, the french president. i think it's very well known this week that marine le pen has a very strong tie with putin, a few years ago she was unable to finance differential pen pain and she took a loan from a russian bank, she still needs to pay this loan. it was alone for presidential -- she acknowledge that. so, there is a dependence between marine lepen, and the russians however she was saying to our own defense i did that because the french bank didn't want to lend me on a. but again, that was -- a lot of people who were extremely worried about this russian dependence of presidential -- and as you may know emmanuel macron didn't have this dependents until now. he still trying to -- a dialogue with vladimir putin, at least until the bucha massacre, he was trying to call putin's book several times with president putin, so he's trying
9:45 pm
to do something here to make sure that what they will develop to go on. >> what do you say to people who are watching that has, certainly in the u.s. and elsewhere, look at but in marine lepen 2017 and saw the numbers she got, 33. 9% in 2017. 41. 8% in 2022, five years later. there is a trend that is the far-right an extreme right has extremely grown over these past five years, what do you make of that trend, should we be alarmed or is this an anomaly? >> now, it's not an anomaly,
9:46 pm
you can really see closely that the -- far-right movement are progress-ing you can see that and hungry, you can see that in poland, you can see that there's something happening and we saw that in the united states, there is a disillusion about politicians. they're lot of people saying that we don't want them anymore, we want to try something completely different. and was marine le pen able to take people forget, it where did she come from. she was raised by -- she was raised inside a far-right environment, for many years she followed her father, but on this -- she was it she appeared softer
9:47 pm
she made people that she was coming from the far-right she smiled a lot, she changed her image, so a lot of people were saying this is not the le pen anymore. this is another le pen however, it's still the far-right. and what you can see if you can see also happening in the united states. the radicalization of the democrats democracy, people are from the far-right they're concerned -- are people from the far left are very far left movements. but the center is disappearing. there's a lack of people who want to do politics in a classical way, in a certain way i manual macron is still the guy, kind of classic democrat in a democratic way. so, that's really interesting to see for the next election. i want to tell you something, we're gonna have the midterms and france, the midterms is, it's not gonna be in two years it's gonna be next month. and we really don't know what's gonna happen, because emmanuel macron has to keep this majority, a country despite his victory is externally divided,
9:48 pm
you can have emmanuel macron president, or you have to govern with this provenance. >> all right, laura, hey thank you for joining us. i really appreciate your time this evening. still ahead -- as a special report on ukrainians at the u.s. mexico border. get the lowest prices on thousands of items for your home. shop outdoor furniture up to 65% off... rugs up to 80% off... and lighting up to 65% off... plus, get bonus savings with a wayfair credit card and free shipping on everything! shop way day, our biggest sale of the year.
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a top advisor to ukraine's president has confirmed that secretary of state and antony and defend secretary lloyd austin where in kyiv today, where they met with president volodymyr zelenskyy. back home, thousands of ukrainians have already entered the united states through the southern border. but as nbc's jacob soboroff reports, other migrant groups feel there is a double standard. >> reporter: outside and makeshift shelter in tijuana, it didn't take us long to find some of the thousands of ukrainians who flew here on tourist visas, including elona, her husband and their two year old daughter. they said they fled the war from kyiv the day it started. >> so you were in kyiv, and then you went to -- >> poland. from poland to germany. from germany, we are going to mexico.
9:53 pm
>> it's a long trip. >> yes, long, hard trip. >> reporter: a trip she told me, they hope would end soon on the other side of the border in the u.s.. >> when the war started, what did you hear, what did you see? >> early in the morning, i think that nearly at 5:30 am, my sister from odessa, called me and said, the war has started -- >> you were scared? >> yeah, sure. >> reporter: she said, outside her window, she saw apartment buildings that have been attacked by the russians. and she quickly fled the capital. now, she hopes she is finally done running. not long after, it was her
9:54 pm
family's turn to leave, and we went with them. >> we're on our way to the border, and if all goes well at the pedestrian crossing, elona and her family might be in the u.s. within hours. ready to go? >> we are a little nervous. >> you nervous? >> yeah, but we hope that everything will be okay. >> reporter: we watched as they walked out of mexico, and two hours later, they emerged on the u.s. side, where they were picked up by the same family friends that met them at that crossing in tijuana. >> welcome to america! >> you guys made it? >> yes. >> how are you feeling? >> great! >> reporter: she told us that u.s. gave her family permission to stay in the country for a year, but back in mexico, migrants we met that same day at another shelter, weren't as lucky. >> i love that the government is helping them, they're going through a really hard situation.
9:55 pm
>> but that's not what happens with all people here? >> exactly, they should all be treated in the same way. >> reporter: i asked another group of mostly mexicans, if they were like ukrainians fleeing violence. >> everybody? and so, how do you guys account for the difference in the treatment between them and you guys? >> racism. >> racism? >> reporter: even the organizer of shelters recognizes that this special treatment oversight from the u.s.. >> we have to be kind. it has to be simple. we've created all of these bureaucracies that hurt people. >> reporter: but the realistic that for now, it's the ukrainians who are the ones getting through in large numbers at the border. 500 miles away in sacramento, we found elona and her family settling into their new temporary home.
9:56 pm
>> how are you, guys? >> what does it feel like here? >> it's something different, something new for us. frankly, we have so many great people here. and it's easier to us because we have our friends. >> all right, thanks to jacob soboroff or that eye-opening report. and thank you for making time for us at home. you can catch ayman on msnbc, saturdays at eight, sundays at nine, as well as friday on the new msnbc hub that is on peacock. make sure to follow us on twitter and tiktok at ayman msnbc. until we meet again, i am ayman mohyeldin. have a good night. enjoying chocolate cake. now, she can have her cake and eat it too. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn?
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morales. this is dateline. >> i could see was a dark hallway, light coming out of the door. what am i going to see? how has is going to be? worst-case neural was going through my head. >> lisa and kevin, they married putting their lives and children. >> it was one big, heavy family over there. >> with another love to welcome a foster daughter with a troubled past, sabrina. >> when she was told about being placed with the knoefel family, she was ecstatic. >> a happy home until it was ripped apart in a single night


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