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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  April 26, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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mers. so boost your bottom line by switching today. comcast business. powering possibilities.™ under district attorney gascón, i prosecuted car break-ins. all repeat offenders, often in organized crime rings. but when chesa boudin took office, he dissolved the unit and stopped me from collaborating with the police on my cases. now home and car break-ins are on the rise because repeat offenders know they can get away with it. chesa boudin is failing to do his job. there's a better way to keep san francisco safe. recall chesa boudin now. the rachel maddow show has once again burst its proverbial banks, and it is now passed time for the last word with lawrence o'donnell, good evening rachel, what's 30 seconds lawrence, i apologize. between us? wow come on.
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take your time. no problem. rachel, it all began on your show when jonathan martin and alexander birds revealed the tape, what was that considered the tape, the mccarthy tape. and you ask them, was anything else taped? turns, out a lot more of a state. and we are now in week two of the rolling mccarthy tapes. >> and, when i had mr. martin and mr. bryan's on the show, and we play the tape of him talking about asking trump for his resignation, which mccarthy out was specifically the night saying, they immediately, said one of the other things that he did, and i've seen this reporting in this book, that advance cop in part of the book, was that mccarthy had asked for social media companies, twitter, to cut off other republican members of congress in the same way that that cut off trump. and when they describe that to me, i was shocked when they
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said that there was also tape of that. that in, fact there is, that's part of the tape those released a night, and those one of three tips released an. there is a lot out there. kevin mccarthy's life is getting more and more the vehicle by the second, but it's not like there's anybody else that's rising up to take over the reigns of house republicans to try to take over the speakership. i'm not sure anybody would reach that drop on their will stymie. >> and, it's tuesday, so, we have plenty more tape opportunities this week. i am expecting at least one or two more tapes. >> well, the burns on line but doesn't come until a week from today so it's a long on around. >> and then, what are you saving for publication day? you must be saving something. there's gotta be some tape for that. so we'll see. >> as gambia long week for kevin mccarthy. and it's just tuesday, as you said. thank you lawrence. >> thank you rachel.
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democrats in disarray. that is a favorite washington media theme. as soon as any two democrats can be found to publicly disagree on anything, the democrats and the sort headline is ready to go. but we have never seen anything like the disarray and the outright madness on display in the republican party that we are seeing right now, and we are seeing it in georgia. thanks to the madness of donald trump and trumpism, and thanks to the beating john ossoff delivered to the republicans in his winning senate campaign that gave control of the united states senate to the democrats. disarray, to put it mildly, has developed among the republicans. in georgia. john ossoff crushed david perdue's hopes for reelection to the senate.
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and, now david perdue is desperately running for governor of georgia, with donald trump support against incumbent republican governor brian kemp. donald trump's hatred of brian kemp is based on governor kemp's refusal to commit state and federal crimes and try to overthrow the election results for the president in georgia. and before i tell you which of these candidates is way ahead of the other, take a look at the republican disarray in georgia caused by donald trump and senator john ossoff, who will be joining us on this program tonight. >> first off, folks, let me be very clear tonight. the election in 2020 was rigged and stolen. all the madness we see from the biden administration, all that must be in georgia when they allowed radical democrats to seal our election. >> i don't need to be lectured by some on the lost their last election about what our voting
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laws are. >> you're the top cop in the states. is your job to make sure that we prosecute voter fraud. >> the fact is, if you haven't lost your rates to john all saw. we would've lost control of the senate. and we do not have the disaster that we have in washington right now. >> this governor kemp, once again, authorizing that john ossoff won his senate race against cuba purdue fans square and see if the current georgia polls prove true, david perdue is on his way to another crushing defeat in georgia, which means that donald trump is on his way to another crushing defeats in georgia. we will discuss that and much more when senator jon ossoff joins us later in this hour. the new york times released new audio today of kevin mccarthy saying what he really thinks, and of course, will secretly recorded audio of the
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conference call the republican house leadership because kevin mccarthy never says what he thinks and public, only the secrets mccarthy tapes can show us what he really thinks. the possible suspects from taping the call include all of the members of the republican leadership at the time, january 10th 2021. which included then house republican conference chair, liz cheney. and the suspect list includes many others because, as the new york times notes, several staff members for all of the members of congress who participated in that call, we're also listening in on the call. and then a position to tape it including and this is very important for a life of government these office. including kevin mccarthy's staff. it could be mccarthy's staff, the tape could be coming from inside the mccarthy house.
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on the call, given mccarthy refers to briefings, from the fbi says a donor sixth attack on the capitol, indicating the lives of some members of the house may be in danger. given mccarthy expresses his worry the republican members of the house like matt gates, matt, brooks and others, should stop attacking democratic members of the house by name and some republicans by name, presumably, because kevin mccarthy feared that if the fbi reports were true, one of those members of congress could be the victim of severe or deadly violence, which, could then, be rightly attributed to republican encouragement. >> the other thing that we have to do is, these numbers are fair. whatever position you're calling out, especially in this nature. i'm gonna call him, the pension is too high, the country's too crazy. i did not want to look back and
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think we caused something, or remain something, like someone got hurt. i want to play politics with anybody. >> the times reports that kevin mccarthy vowed to do something about the rhetoric from his wild members, but the times also reports that kevin mccarthy actually did absolutely nothing. >> okay, the other thing i want to bring out with this phone call with the members, i just got something scent now that matt gates said that he was calling people names and saying anti trump, and some other places. this is serious stuff people are doing that has to stop. >> i think, moe moe and louise comments to, a lot of members have said some real concerning things about. >> they say something today to? >> not to -- i mean, mueller's at the rally,
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the, we're kicking butt and taking names thing,, other trump rally. >> gonzales sent it to me, some calling gates, when exploiting them, are of what i'm gonna say. we are not some people call into. but the nature of what's, if i'm getting briefings, and i'm going to get another one from fbi tomorrow, this is serious, cut this out. >> yeah, that's, it's potentially legally snowing. >> well, he's putting people in jeopardy, and he doesn't need to be doing this. we saw what people do in the capital, we know those people came prepared with a rope, with everything else. >> in a court filing, the dinner six committee describes testimony from cassidy hutchinson, a former aide to trump white house chief of staff mark meadows. in, which may such incident testifies about the members of congress who she knew, she personally knew, were involved in discussions with mark
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meadows about urging vice president mike pence to overthrow the electoral college results on january 6th. the new york times reports that cassidy hutchinson said, members of congress involved in the discussions at various points included representatives scott perry, representative jim jordan in ohio, representative and the bigs, locals are. representative moe brooks. representative jody hice. marjorie taylor greene. louis gohmert, lauren boebert. the court documents revealed that message incident also testified that in one discussion, mr. perry endorsed the idea of encouraging supporters to marched at the capitol, and that no one on the call objected to the proposal. she made clear that the members of congress were inclined to go with white house guidance about directing a crowd to the capitol. the night before the attack on the capitol, congressman matt gates appeared on fox and
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talked about, quote, tens of thousands of people potentially marching in the streets in washington d.c. tomorrow. in his recent, look mark meadows claim that they had loved the line of marching of the capitol, and that he would mark watch with them. and then we will see that. caution's and contradicted that in her testimony to the january six committee. she said mr. meadows had said, in casual conversation, oh, we're gonna have this big rally. people are talking about all social media. they're going to go up to the capital. mark meadows own staff member cassidy hutchinson testified under oath from mark meadows said before january 6th, quote, they are going to go up to the capitol. one reason why the justice department still hasn't acted on the january six committees recommendation of a criminal prosecution of mark meadows and
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congress, for refusing to testify the committee might be because the justice department might be investigating mark meadows for possible criminal involvement in encouraging the attack on the capitol, as cassidy hutchinson's testimony indicates. leading off our discussion tonight, stuart stevens, veteran republican presidential campaigns. he is author of, it was all a lie. how the republican party became donald trump. also with, us jeanne robertson, social editor and poster prize-winning columnist. he's an msnbc political analyst. and eugene, we are in week two of the mccarthy tapes. and we suspect there are more on the way. matt gates out tonight with an enraged attack on kevin mccarthy. and stephen scalise saying they are weak, the state show that they are weak. and, so the disarray is in full bloom in the republican house. >> yeah, lawrence, what is
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going to be our reference to the republicans in ruin? republicans and riot? something like that? we've got a settle on one. because that's what's happening at the center right now is given mccarthy who has to be the most inept lawyer i've seen in washington a long time. he lies, he lies about the lies. he lies and tells people in these calls that we just released today, i can do this, and into that. he doesn't seem to be doing any of. it how did this man become the leader of the minority caucus in the house? and how does he intend to be speaker when it doesn't seem to be that his numbers can actually trust anything he says? even when he is trying to do the right thing, like keep people like gates and marjorie taylor greene and more, brooks and the others under some semblance of control.
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it's a mess. it's a mess. >> and, stuart, he cannot trust anyone around town. he's not like the mafia walls like on top on the phone because the phone is being taught by his own people. he's gonna have to meet people out in one spot parking lots and paid them downturn sure they're not wired now. >> yeah, i mean, look. this is like a lot of a flies, and given crowd he's gonna end up like could you this brains bashed out. you can't accommodate terrorists, and also these rolling numbers are. and this whole method that we keep indulging ourselves and, it's somehow an office veterans from someone. once all trump becomes president, he'll start acting like a president. once republicans get in power, the lack responsibly. that's absurd. the idea that none democratic people become more democratic
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when they get more power is never been proven to be true. that's the exact opposite. so, kevin mccarthy is just somebody who thought he could cut a deal with those people. but they're gonna get him a life. >> gates, congressman gates tweeted tonight, this is the behavior of week, men not leaders. he said, well i was protecting president trump from impeachment, they're protecting liz cheney from criticism. and, he goes on from there ranting on from there. kevin mccarthy's struggles -- we see the struggle he was in about time, and now that whole struggle has revisited itself know that the tapes come out. he's gonna have to go through it all again. >> yeah, it's gonna go on and on. it's not ironic, it's just insane that public enemy number one and today's republican party's list cheney.
7:16 pm
a lifelong, rock ribbed, conservative republican. republicans republican. he couldn't be more conservative, she couldn't be more dedicated to used to be the party's ideals. and she is the worst thing that you can say about kevin mccarthy, or anybody, but they are alive. somehow dulles cheney. that says everything you need to know about just how off the rails today's republican party is. and we really should worry what happens to the house of representatives. mountains of this country if these people actually do regain control, because they're worse than ever. >> and, stuart, the essence of the conspiracy for weeks became january 6th, and it was aimed at vice president pence throwing out electoral results. i know those people seem to wonder why i'll gordon do that in what was his own
7:17 pm
presidential election when he was the vice president, and on january 6th, did not throw out florida's electoral results. didn't try to, basically, grab the election from self in any way. but mike pence didn't actually, decide according to all the reporting on this. he didn't decide not to do that. until about 24 hours before the moments was going to come real's gonna have to basically participate in the certification of the electoral college. >> i mean, look, we're doing? all we know that there was a conspiracy to end the transference of power in the united states of america, with just and the american experience. at the center of this was mike pence. he's the vice president of the united states. he knew that this was happening, and we do when they're gravel started democracy released and 1960 happened? he waited to see which side was gonna win. you're not calling dan quayle because you are outraged, you're calling that really
7:18 pm
because your outrage. you call the press conference because you are outraged. prince is the guy who's going to see was gonna win, and when it was clear that they weren't able to pull this coup off, you want to the winning side. and with the idea of praising pence here for doing what was constitutionally obligated for him to do, it's very dangerous. it's the dumbing down of any sort of moral responsibility. >> yeah, the pence call to quayle's reported as colin quayle to ask him, can i do this? actually trying to see there's a way to do it. and professor quayle had to explain to him the constitution of the united states. sullivan,'s general person, thank you so much for signing off our discussion tonight, really appreciate it. and, coming up, the senior senator from georgia, john ossoff, will join us next. ossoff, will join us nt.ex ossoff, will join us nt.ex
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man is no longer a member of the united states senate. >> first off, folks, let me be very clear tonight. the election in 2020 was rigged and stolen. >> senator jon ossoff of beat david perdue, and took a senate seat away from republicans, and in the process helped create havoc in the republican party in georgia, with david perdue now running in a republican from primary against brian kemp. the republican versus republican attacks have been savaged, donald trump has publicly expressed his hatred of brian kemp. trump endorsed david perdue, but purdue with the trump endorsement is running far behind in the polls. can that 53, and purdue at 27, with donald trump's support. no senator has ever done more damage to the opposing party,
7:24 pm
simply by winning an election, the way john ossoff did. jon ossoff lost an's first campaign for a house seat, and then in his next campaign he aimed higher, and won a senate seat. thanks to jon ossoff, never getting out and winning that senate seat, president biden has been able to confirm 59 federal judges at this point of his presidency, more than any other presidency since 1962. and, president biden confirmed a supreme court justice. while he was at, it with jon ossoff serving on the senate judiciary. with jon ossoff in the senate, none of that would be possible. also offers one of the calming instead he forces in his supreme court confirmation hearings for ketanji brown jackson. today, senator ossoff chaired a subcommittee hearing on a hugely important issue. georgia's military families, an american military families stationed around the world. here's garrett hicks report for
7:25 pm
nbc nightly news. >> captain samuel chose as his family was living on fort gordon for only two months, when it's eight year old daughter developed a severe rash. >> her skin became harden in rough and reptilian in nature, and would bleed profusely. he says a base physician diagnosed her with severe atopic dermatitis, blaming mold in their hone as the likely cause. kicking off a month long battle with the bases housing contractor bell for baytieh, than to break their lease when the company failed to do so. >> i can imagine how frustrating that must be for you, as a dad, to want to be able to help your daughter. >> absolutely, we found a very frustrating, because it was delayed over and over and over again. -- they operate over $55,000 -- on investigation citing numerous in services in which the company failed to properly respond to repairs and environmental hazards,
7:26 pm
including more molds. he was forced out of his home on a texas airbase for 12 weeks of mold removal. >> these displacements close my family great amounts of distress, as you can imagine. >> last september they pleaded guilty for major fraud against the united states or to pay more than $55 million in fines and restitution. today, the company's executives on the hot seat. why >> should you believe, mr. taylor, the company they engaged in fraud against the united states is fixing this? >> i reject the suggestion that it's systemic failure, things go, wrong we don't get it right the first, time were not perfect. >> now stationed in south korea, captain cho, flew 7000 miles to make sure these failures would be the last. >> no one else is here to speak up for my daughter. >> stuart hayes, nbc, news the capitol. >> joining us now on our washington studio, is senator jon ossoff of georgia, he's a senate home homeland seek security committee, the judiciary committee, and the rules committee.
7:27 pm
senator ossoff, today it was chairman, today you are trying your first subcommittee hearing. that's, right i chair the permanent subcommittee on investigations, which is the chief investigative body in the u.s. senate. just a few months after i took office, i sat down with military families at fort gordon near augusta georgia, to hear what they needed from their senator. they told me nightmarish stories about the conditions they endured, and the housing on post. and the appalling treatment that they suffered at the hands of the company that managed to house. i told him i would take action, launched an eight-month intensive bipartisan investigation, as the chair of the subcommittee. we reviewed tens of thousands of pages of documents, interviewed dozens of witnesses, today we released our findings, and we held this hearing to spotlight some of the heroic stories of the service members. these are folks who give so much for their own country, they sacrificed so much. they and their family should not have to sacrifice a safe home. we are talking about kids
7:28 pm
getting sick, living in military housing on bases in the united states. it's a travesty, and that's why have been so committed to this investigation, and have an old into account those responsible. >> what is the solution? >> when i've done is establish a facts, and that is step one. step two is for congress to engage with the pentagon, and a department of justice, to determine if their solution is legislative or administrative. the company responsible for this ongoing mistreatment, was engaged from 2013 to 2019, in a scheme to defraud the united states. would our investigation revealed, is that the mistreatment of military families is ongoing, we established those facts through our investigation now the work is to develop legislative bodies. >> we're going to get to the massive republican georgian politics in a moment. i wanna stay with us, because one of the reasons i want to talk to you tonight is that this is an example of, when i guess we would acquired by partisanship happening the
7:29 pm
senate. things like this work like this, it's getting done in the senate, but it is not grabbing those headlines in a way that other things do. what can you tell us about what it's like when you are actually engaged in real bipartisan work like this on the committee? >> well, this is why i ran for office, is to use the power of the congress to serve my constituents, to serve the people. when we have members of the armed forces, who put their lives on the line, in defense of our nation whose family is make these enormous sacrifices, and in return they have to live in homes where the ceilings are caving in, where there is asbestos, lead, mold and mildew contamination. when they're giving you the run around while they try to address and repair these issues very well your kids are getting sick. that should offend every single american.
7:30 pm
congress should be more work like this, instead of folks using the power of government to thank each other on go partisan grounds we should focus on helping people who elected, us that's our job. >> i've never seen a senate election, and senate win, change our politics so much. first off, when gave democrats they control the senate. this is sequentially, your race was called, hours after senator warnock's race was called. so technically you came in as the 50th, you are the last one elected, you made chuck schumer the majority leader. you've got control of the senate for the democrats, which is just a giant accomplishment for one senate election. and then you managed to destroy the republican party in your state while you are at it, and now they are at each other like we've never seen before. >> you know, i'm not paying too much attention to the republican infighting in georgia.
7:31 pm
but i am focused on ensuring that my brother, my colleague, my friend, senator reverend raphael warnock is reelected to the senate. on the political side, that is my highest priority. i cannot speak highly enough about the work that senator warnock is doing, about the place and way he has established himself as a moral voice in the u.s. senate. and so, i want to urge everybody out there to prepare to suit up, and senator warnock would say. strap your shoes, on get ready to knock doors again, get ready to make calls, get ready to write postcards, georgia is gonna need you again senator warnock is gonna nguyen. >> can you explain to your viewers why if you both got elected on the same, but you've got to be the senior senator. >> is just the alphabet. senator warnock does give me a hard time about that. i'm putting in the work to ensure he comes back next year. >> when you watch david perdue
7:32 pm
running now and seeing that the election was stolen. he seems to be you saying that you stole the election from him, as well as democrats stealing the election from donald trump. >> look, i already beat david perdue, i'm not gonna get into it with him, david and governor kemp can fight it out, they're gonna slide it out and i'm gonna let them do that. we'll say is this. the effort by the outgoing administration to seize and retain power. to defy the will of the people. to use all of the instruments in the department of justice, the intelligence community to subvert constitutional processes in the u.s. senate, that sustain the peaceful transfer of power, those are examples of the abuse of political power those are examples of the misuse of office. those are examples of folks who have been so consumed by their
7:33 pm
addiction to and lost for power, that seat they see power is just a means to more power. i see power as a means of serving ordinary people. i see power as a means of standing up for that military family in augusta georgia, for that service member who's going out every single day in a military intelligence battalion, protecting our country from cyber threats, developing critical intelligence for national security, we have to come home at night and risk the ceiling caving in in their kids bedroom, because the home is riddled with mold. so, look, they're fighting it out politically on the republican side in georgia. every single day i go to work and figure out how i'm gonna serve the people who elected me. >> senator jon ossoff, thank you very much for joining us tonight, we really appreciate it. >> it's my pleasure, and it's always, elect, help me and help us in georgia. >> jon ossoff, i really appreciate, it coming up, vladimir putin reached an
7:34 pm
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(music throughout) in a historic display of allied unity against european aggressor not seen since world
7:39 pm
war ii, defense secretary lloyd austin met today in germany with defense officials from over 40 countries unified in the mission to help ukraine beats russia and vladimir putin's war. >> i like this whole group today to leave with a common and on transparent understanding with ukraine and there is a crime months, because we're gonna keep moving heaven and earth so that we can meet them. we know if we never imagined that the world would lavrov have you grangeville swiftly and surely. -- >> in a major shift today, germany announced shipments of arms and they are vehicles for the first time today. the kremlin accused nato of partaking in a proxy war by sending weapons. sergei lavrov announced that
7:40 pm
the threat of nuclear war is the real and should not be estimated. the united states has been providing realtime intelligence sharing that's allowed ukraine to protect their our differences nine aircraft, and to better target russian forces. the un general met with vladimir putin today, and putin agreed in principle to lead the united nations on the red cross helped evacuate civilians from mariupol. russia is not allowed any civilians to evacuate mariupol since that agreement was announced today ukraine says russian forces conducted 35 airstrikes on this deal plant in mariupol in the last 24 hours or the last ukrainian soldiers are holding out and 2000s civilians remain in the basement of the plant without food and water. mariupol's mayor says, a third mass grave was discovered. the mass at the local people were forced by russians to dig
7:41 pm
the graves and exchange for food and water. kentucky's junior senator rand paul disgraced himself in the senate once again today, and then history, as vladimir putin 's best friend and the united states senate. >> if you look at the countries that russia has attacked over the last years, georgia, leaving forces in moldova, and repeatedly ukraine, these are countries that were not part of nato. it is not attractive nato countries for probably -- >> you can also argue that the countries that the attack were part russia. that were part of the soviet union. >> i firmly disagree with that proposition. it is the fundamental right of these countries to decide their own future and their own destiny. >> joining us now is nbc news correspondent cal perry in kyiv. cal, what is the situation there tonight? >> so, in mariupol, we can start there because we had this meeting in moscow. the situation remains dire.
7:42 pm
that, according to ukrainian government officials. and they're telling, us look, they just don't believe vladimir putin. we've heard this before from him. they said last week that the army will not fire on that front, of course, as you said, it was shelled heavily overnight. that the thing that's happening there are these forced -- they're telling us that pointed and 74 people were abducted from mary pullen forced to move to russia and put in camps. it sort of goes to show you the level of distrust even if there were a cease-fire, even of the red cross were able to get into that city, there is not the level of trust relief to carry on an evacuation at this point. 7.7 million internally displaced persons now here across the country, lawrence, and then numbers growing almost exponentially. 600,000 this month alone. that's one in six ukrainians. and so many of them, according to nations, are not trying to return to their homes. about 15% are on the move. and so many of them are finding their homes completely destroyed. we had the chance to visit a
7:43 pm
suburb here of kyiv. the suburb of european. it was the site of the fiercest fighting in and around the capitol. really the place where the ukrainians were able to stop the russian advancement. we want to the 59 year old woman. this is our first trip back their house, owes her house. their spartan herstory, take a listen. >> so, at first, i felt hysteric. and then i just felt nauseous. and then i was like a zombie. and when they shelled us, i just ask god to kill me straightaway. >> it's scary, it's horrible. it's a very scary. and everything that's been happening is something unexplainable, because a mentally ill person deprived us of everything. >> on the diplomatic front, in just the past hour, lawrence, this from the u.s. embassy in kyiv on twitter, quote, great to be back. today, members of them see team traveled to lviv that's in the
7:44 pm
western part of the country, to meet with key partners including the mfa ukraine, and the head of regular travel, and immediate future preparations are underway to resume operations and keep. socially that u.s. embassy will get on with that. >> cal perry, thank you very much for reporting tonight, and please stay safe. >> and joining us now is tom nichols, a former professor at the u.s. naval college he's a contributor at the atlantic, where he is the author of peace field newsletter. tom, let's begin with rand paul saying, in the united states senate today, in a hearing to the secretary of state, you could also argue a countries they've attacked were part of russia. >> yeah, apparently, senator paul corrected himself and said, part of the soviet union, as if that makes it better. as if that somehow justifies with the kremlin is doing in trying to bring ukraine under
7:45 pm
crumbling control. the republican party has become beyond -- i suppose, beyond that expectation that anyone ever knew of the old republican party has become such a pro russia, putin friendly party, that it really beggars belief, but here we are. >> this is somebody today in germany in these 40 countries unified without the slightest bit of dissension about it. no reluctance in the part of any countries. germany raising their involvement, increasing their involvement, now going for real heavy weapons that they are shipping to ukraine. there seems to be a confidence building among these allies in opposition to vladimir putin. >> and it's important to point out that the meeting took place in germany. this wasn't just a meeting that the germans approves of, it's a meeting that the germans
7:46 pm
conducted. it happened on german soil with 40 countries, which really is amazing. and it's not just a building of confidence, it's an understanding that russia has become an existential threat to so many of these countries, the way it has to ukraine. that, the illusions of the past 30 years and the hopes of the past 30 years, i will shed some of them, are now gone, and i think the europeans have finally decided that putin's russia is a threat that requires banding together. i'm not just under the aegis of nato, or the european union, but as civilized countries facing this kind of barbarism. >> don nichols, thank you very much as always for joining us, really appreciate it. >> my pleasure. >> and coming up, human rights and environmental lawyer stephen dunn zinger has just been released from house arrest in a federal case filed against him after he successfully sued
7:47 pm
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7:52 pm
ecuador, over toxic waste dumped in the amazon rain forest, poisoning thousands of indian indigenous people, chevron then sued stephen donner, accusing him of withholding evidence in a lawsuit. -- they ordered him to turn over his computer and cell phone to their lawyers, the judge tried to have him prosecuted for criminal contempt of court, but the u.s. attorney refused to prosecute the case. and in a rare hawk -- as special prosecutors to prosecute stephen don singer, for contempt of court. after federal parent such as gaiters declined to do that. the law firm had actually done legal work for chevron, he was denied a jury trial in that case, and was found guilty in that case by a different judge, and sentenced to six months in prison, after 45 days in prison, he returned to house arrest
7:53 pm
until yesterday. joining us now is steven dolls we are. thank you very much for joining us tonight how did this happen to you, and what is next for you? >> thanks, lawrence, for having me. it's a long story, but it's a pretty simple story, mind you. i work with a team of lawyers, working with indigenous peoples in the amazon in ecuador, there's a major pollution lawsuit against chevron, where chevron except a jurisdiction, chevron vowed never to pay the judgment once we won. there is voluminous scientific evidence against the company, so then they decided to target me and call me a weapon of mass destruction, to get people to not focus on what were significant byron mental crimes they committed in ecuador, including cancer causing waste
7:54 pm
on to indigenous lands and waterways. they wanted to target me, and claim that i was a racketeer. and the entire case down in ecuador was a fraud, even though it had been affirmed by multiple sources. >> all this lead to various attacks on the over the years, i withstood the attacks and told chevron convinced when u.s. judge -- i didn't flood the, order i basically said, please hold me in civil contempt so i can appeal this, at the appellate court which i did. and well what i believe -- no attorney has ever been charged for a crime for what i supposedly did, other than me. he did charge me with criminal contempt. and he appointed the chevron law firm. as basically the first person in the history of our country, as far as we can tell, who's been prosecuted privately by a corporation, and deprived of
7:55 pm
his liberty by a corporation. i'd say the 993 agents, it was the longest previous sentence imposed on a lawyer. when i was certainly in innocent, the longest previous offense was 90 days in confinement, but i've served over ten times that amount. this to me it was retaliation by chevron, taking control of an element of our federal judiciary to attack its main adversary, and have locked up. i think it's pretty scary. >> steven donziger, just a stunning story, congratulations on finally getting behind you. thank you very much for joining me tonight. >> thank you lawrence, appreciate it. >> we'll be right back. >> we'll be right back with fewer pills than tylenol. instead of taking pills every 4-6 hours, aleve works up to 12-hours so you can focus on what matters. aleve. less pills. more relief
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11th hour with stephanie ruhle starts now. >> tonight, they feared their own party. stunning new audio from gop leader kevin mccarthy calling on members of congress a security risks after january 6th. it's another bombshell, but will it change anything? plus, russia warns the, west it could go nuclear if we keep sending weapons to ukraine. as we ask, what happens next with the refugees forced to flee? and, an nbc news exclusive. a formerly pro russian billionaire now