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tv   The Reid Out  MSNBC  April 27, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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mogul scooter braun. you can always find that, as i mentioned @thebeatwithari. find me on facebook, ingram and twitter. as always we appreciate you joining us here at 6:00 p.m. eastern. i'll see you here tomorrow at the same time. "the reidout" with joy reid starts right now. >> good evening, everyone. we begin "the reidout" tonight remembering madeline albright. the first woman to sever as u.s. secretary of state who passed away last month at the age of 84. her funeral was held this morning at the storied washington national cathedral where our nation's top leaders sat in the front row. president biden, the obamas, the clintons and their daughter chelsea as well as al gore, first lady jill biden was not in attendance because of her work at the community college where she teaches, and vice president harris remains in isolation following a positive covid test. but the number of powerful
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people who gathered in washington was a signal of how important and beloved secretary albright was. she not only contributed greatly to our democracy, but show was also an embodiment of the american dream. her family fled prague to escape the nazis when she was just it years old. they returned after the war and then had to flee again when communists overthrew the government. throughout her diplomatic career, she focused on spreading democracy around the world, especially by expanding nato which president biden emphasized in his eulogy, but she knew that democracy was fragile, and towards the end of her life she warned about the return of the global danger of fascism riding in her book aptly named "fascism, a warning" that some may view the book and title as alarmist, good. we should be awake to the assault on democratic values that has gathered strength in many countries abroad and is dividing america as home. her mentee, our third female secretary of state, hillary rodham clinton, drove that point
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home in her eulogy. >> during the last phone call two weeks before she died, she talked about the importance of what president biden is doing to rally the world against putin's horrific invasion of ukraine and the urgent work of defending democracy at home and around the world. we must heed the wisdom of her life and the cause of her publishing service. stand up to dictators and demagogues, from battlefields of ukraine to the halls of our own capitol, defend democracy at home just as vigorously as we do abroad. >> that message could not be more relevant today. with our democracy hanging on by its fingertips. we have crossed the rubicon to the point where issues like
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racism and anti-semitism are back in business, in the public context in america. as a point of not just social but also of political contention. a new politico warning consult poll reveals that just 25% of republicans think that it's a major problem if a political candidate is accused of homophobic remarks. 38% luis alicea the same of rates of remarks and 47% for anti-semitism. the numbers are slightly better when it comes to sexual misconduct. 66% of republicans would have a problem of accusations like that and domestic violence 67%. by comparison, more than 70% of democrats think all of these issues would be a major problem for a candidate. while, that's a sad state of affairs it does go much further with republicans trying to use our own democratic institutions to attack democracy itself. regarding january 6th, there is new reporting from cnn that shows that pennsylvania republican scott perry pushed to have the nation's top
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intelligence official investigate baseless conspiracy theories while working to replace the acting attorney general with an acolyte willing to do trump's bidding. five days after the election, perry wrote to chief of staff mark meadows that, quote, dni needs to ask nsa to immediately seize and begin looking for international comms related to dominion, related to dominion voting machine. nbc news has not independently confirmed these texts, and can you not forgot to marjorie taylor greene who texted that the only way to save the republic would be for trump to declare martial law, spelled incorrectly, of course, and in their inability to accept that trump lost the election they even endangered members of their own party. the lynch mob that came to the capitol to hunt democratic lawmakers and speaker pelosi also infamously championed hang mike pence and despite their silence and acquiescence to the first ever attempted american
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coup, republican leadership is and has been very much aware of that danger. thanks to new recordings of house minority leader kevin mccarthy talking to his whip steve scalise about congressman matt gaetz's rhetoric just after the election. >> just as serious [ bleep ], to cut this out. >> yes, that's -- i mean, it's potentially el legal what he's doing. >> well, he's putting people in jen dishes and he doesn't need to be doing this. we saw what people would do in the capitol, you know, at least we came prepared with everything else. >> joining me now is charles below, neeps time columnist and msnbc nan lift and nancy mcclean "the deep history of the radical right's stealth plan." >> charles, i have to start with you. in a normal world the things that we heard kevin mccar think,
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the house republican leader say on january 6th would be normative, acceptable and even lauded. i mean, he had these moments of clarity and said what any of us would have said. this is unacceptable. these people are going to get someone hurt. the country is too craze. on what he said specifically about matt gaetz we now know that steve scalise who is the house minority whip met with gaetz, met with congressman gaetz, apologized to him. he said i'm sorry if this has caused you problems, the louisiana republican, according to police cold. i haven't been able to get all the details what have these accusations, but i was being told things and i know members were getting death threats and i was just very sensitive to that. when asked if he would apologize that he had all the information that gaetz didn't commit a criminal act attacking liz cheney following the capitol stage by donald trump supporter scalise said sure. this is the world this which
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supposed leaders apologize to matt gaetz. this might cause problems nothing to say about the accusations about him and teenage girls. thoughts? >> this is par for the course at this moment. the moment that mccarthy turned around and went to mar-a-lago and kissed the ring and came back and turned his back on all the things he had said in the wake of the january 6th insurrection attempt, you knew that this was their playbook which was to say that they were going to kowtow to donald trump, that they still believed that donald trump was the leader of the party and that their path to victory was being attached to donald trump, so anyone who is on that side who is always a trumpster, a trump supporter, a trump bolster, those people are the people really in power. the mccarthys of the world, scalise of the world, just want to have control of congress. mccarthy wants desperately
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tonight speaker of the house, and so he's going to do whatever it takes, and that means to kowtow to people like gaetz, that's what they are going to do. >> it's a strange world, but let me play it very quickly for both of you. this is what president biden said at mad light albright's eulogy today. take a listen. >> i traveled to poland and spoke about all that was at stake in our world and for democracy and freedom, and when i mentioned the name of madeleine albright, there was a deafening cheer. it was spontaneous. it was real. for her name is still synonymous with america as a force for good in the world. >> you know, nancy, you know, the last of all the great things, she did lots of great things, madeleine albright. the last thing she did was write a book on fascism and warning -- "fascism, a warning," the name of her book warning that fascism
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not only abroad but in the united states was a real and dangerous threat, so she's now known for that kind of good in the world as president biden said. what are one of the great political parties in the country, once great parties, the republican party will now be known for things like this. this is scott perry to mark meadows on saying they should install their own person at doj who would essentially overrule the election and use the power of law to do it. scott perry saying, mark, you should call gentlemen. i just got off the phone with him and he explained to me why the principal deputy won't workers especially with the fbi. they will view it as not having the authority to enforce what needs to be done. >> mark meadows said i got it. i understand. let me work on the deputy position. this is a congressman of the united states urging the chief of staff to the president of the united states to replace the attorney general so they can steal an election. that now is what the republican party is known for. does it even matter if their leaders apologize to the members who promoted in a?
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>> i think it's a little late for apologies as they probably would be indiana is seer which is pretty clear at this point, but i think it's real important for all americans to really take note of where we are. we're finding out more and more as the january -- as the -- as the house select january 6th committee on the insurrection and the attempted coup does its work. this was obviously a coup attempt, and it's also, if you take a longer look, which i tend to do as an historian, we see that this goes back, you know, the tea party faction of republicans and the big donors who back them have not accepted outcomes when their party has lost since 2008 when president barack obama was elected as the first black president. they, you know, pushed the birther conspiracy. they created the freedom caucus and we now know from the health select committee that the freedom caucus were the most complicit members in the events of january 6th, and i would say
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that if people want a sense of how serious this is and the kinds of terms that madeleine albright laid out that you just quoted, we should look to the conservative political action committee which is going to be holding its may meeting in hungary. viktor orban in hungary. so as you said at the top of the hour so rightly, joy, these people are manipulating the tools of democracy to undermine democracy and install autocracy and that's why they are going to see victor orran who is an expert in this and who rigged the rules so he would just win a very secure re-election with a comfortable margin to work with in their parliament. >> yeah. i mean, on another network here, one of his greatest fans has the most popular primetime show on cable news. you know, charles, it is -- the republican party has become this sort of inverted pyramid, but inversion didn't begin with donald trump, and i've been saying this every night this week and don't get sick of it, audience, it started with the tea party, at least in the modern era, and people sort of let the taesht go by and now
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they, there are people to the right of them, they are now the big bulk of the republican establishment in the house of representatives and even in parts of the senate, rand paul and others who are tea partyiers. who you did we, the media in general, miss that and miss the importance of it? i know at the time you were writing a lot about it and we were both, i think, talking a lot about the racial dynamic there that had to do with president barack obama who was the physical alarm that people of color, that young people, the people who they don't think are the right people they could have to elect a president. >> well, i think, you know, as we step a little bit back we realize that, you know, these people do not believe in democracy, and if we step back from there we understand that america has never on the national level ever truly been a democracy but for the 48 years from the voting rights act through the time that the supreme court gutted it, you had the closest we've ever gotten to having an actual democracy where one person equals one vote. all the votes have the same
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amount of power but they didn't really because of the way that -- that the electors, for the electoral college, no, you never have one vote. what happened with obama and tea party inflamed something that was already existing globally which was the people from the global south were migrating north. people from the global north were mostly white people across the globe, mostly not all, were having lower fer tirlt rates so people start to panic. at a certain point you were going to get too many people that look like them, not enough people who look like us, we'll lose control of culture and company. that was happening here in america as well, but obama, as you said, epitomized, personified it and that caused the panic, and at the very same time that obama came into office you had the supreme court do what they did to the voting rights act in 2003 and now you
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had the perfect environment to do what republicans want to do anyway which is to get rid of the entire idea of democracy, to create -- to take their own electorate rather than to appeal to their electorate. now is the outgrowth of that. they tried to do it then. there were tons of voter suppression during that cycle. it just wasn't enough, and they still lost in 2020 so they went back to the drawing board with even more force and now they are suppressing votes at an even greater clip so this is what we are seeing right now, and if we don't connect all of those dots then we miss the big picture. >> indeed. nancy, you know, to come at it -- speaking at coming at it from a historical angle, the confederacy lost the war and from the redemption movement they won the post-war. they held on to the narratives of the country, even the
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narratives about the civil far self are and it's only now that people are trying to break loose of that sort of confederate redemption real victory over our society. this feels like the second victory for that same confederate style of politics. so since we failed at it the first time around after the civil war, how do we succeed at it now? how do we succeed in rolling that back and having the multi-racial society that we should have? >> yeah. that is such an anti-analogy and i know for my friends and colleagues who are historians of the civil war and reconstruction, they are dumbfounded at this public conversation because at least since the 1960s, and you could go back to the 1930s with wb du bois' empowering work there's been a very different narrative that presented reconstruction at our first attempt at a multi-racial democracy among free people, and it was a magnificent effort, and as you
4:16 pm
say it was overthrown by violence, by force, by ugly mythology, by historians, you know works would sit at places like columbia and harvard and write essentially trash, we can see now, that was based on the notion that african americans were inferior and didn't deserve to hold political power and now we see that back. i think the most important thing that can happen it for our leaders to really sound the alarm much more than they are doing, you know. i think some businesses have been powerful. jamie raskin, representative jamie raskin of maryland has been a great voice for the house select committee who, by the way, just revealed that mike pence said i won't get in that car when they tried to take him to the capitol, so, you know, we need much more of that. i think there are too many democratic officials who are acting like this is just another election. >> yes. >> and we're going to talk about inflation versus popular economics and we're going to duck the culture wars that the white right -- the white right is waging.
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>> yeah. >> against school boards around the country as they also try to make it so that normal people who try to do the right thing as election officials won't do it. >> yeah. >> they have criminalized technical errors in ten states, prison sentences if you counted something wrong. >> and i wish we had more time and we'll go into that some of that later in the show. nancy maclean and charles blow, thanks very much. chilling but important. next up on "the reidout," american captive trevor reed is set freed by russia. ambassador bill richardson who has been fighting for reed's release joins us next and the religious left has made big strides and now right wing justices are getting ready to smash that. >> ron desantis's absurd culture
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russia and the united states carried out an unexpected prisoner exchange trading an american marine veteran for a convicted drug trafficker serving a prison sentence in the u.s. the american trevor reed had been detained in russia since 2019, convicted on charges of assaulting two police officers in moscow. here he is pictured on russian
4:23 pm
state tv at an airport in moscow. nbc news cannot independently verify when, where and under what circumstances this was shot. back in march reed's parents met with president biden after demonstrating outside the white house to urge the administration to do more to bring their son home amid russia's invasion of ukraine. late today joey and paula reed addressed the public on their son's return. >> it's not going to hit us until we see him. >> i mean, we're excited. we know he's on the plane, but i think it's really going to hit us when we get to put our arms around him. >> reed's return has renewed concern over other americans detained in russia such as wnba brittney griner and another marine paul whelan. joining me now is the former governor of new mexico who traveled to moscow in the hours before the war began in hopes of securing reed's release. thanks so much for being here, ambassador richardson. you have so many titles. i don't know which one to choose. walk us through how do you
4:24 pm
negotiate for the relieves an american held in moscow while moscow is engaged in an unprovoked war in ukraine for which we are taking very strongly the other side? >> well, first, joy, i give credit to the president and the biden administration for the final release. yes, i did help set it up. i was there in moscow a day before the invasion. it was a very tense time. i met with russian officials, pressed for the release of trevor reed, mentioned yaroshenko and then the white house and the president made the decision to proceed with the exchange. i think it was the right decision. we have hostages in over 40 countries. this is a marine who was wrongfully detained. there's another marine there. there's brittney griner. we have to consider how important these americans are all around the world, in north korea, in iran and venezuela
4:25 pm
where they are detained as bargaining chips but i commend the president. this was a big triumph for him. he made the decision to proceed with the prisoner exchange, and i commend the reed family because they went to the president, and they met with the president and convinced him that this should happen, and there's so many parents all around america, joy, that has prisoners in many countries that deserve that kind of strength from their government, and it happened. >> yeah. let me play -- i'm going to read what president biden's statement will say on reed's safe return is a testament to the priority my administration placed on bringing home americans held hostage and ronningfully detained abroad. we won't stop until paul whelan and others join trevor in the loving arms of their family and friends. there are trevor and others, paul whelan was named.
4:26 pm
brittney griner was not named in person. is there an art and a science to who you talk about publicly and who you don't in these matters? because there have been stories out there that there's a concern that putting a lot of emphasis on brittney griner by name could actually hurt her situation more. >> well, joy, i -- i am involved in trying to help with both whelan and brittney griner, but this is an administration decision. i think it's been the correct one. keep it low key uncertain high-profile and important person, brian yes, and it's got to be done delicately. the good news, if there's any good news in the american-russian relationship which over in ukraine is in shatters, is that both countries, especially, are agreed to negotiate on this very, very important humanitarian but what should i say miniscule effort compared to the whole invasion and our policy, so -- >> yeah. >> that's good news for paul
4:27 pm
whelan and brittney griner. it means the russians may be ready to talk on humanitarian narrow issues, and the administration made it colleagues, and i'm not a member of the administration. they don't tell me what to do. i have a private humanitarian effort, and i've had experience, mostly pretty good at getting hostages out. >> yeah. talk about -- i do want to ask you about that designation. you mentioned yaroshenko, a 53-year-old pilot who is serving for trying to bring judges into the u.s. why are these considered hostages and not prissiers? >> well, trevor reed is wrongfully detained, and we have given him that designation. yaroshenk zo somebody that the russians wanted. they wanted him. he is a prized hoffertage, they consider. no, this man was arrested as a pilot on drug charges, and the
4:28 pm
justice department has kept him i think 13 years in prison. he also was sick. >> right. >> i've been working on this for two years. he had physical problems, so -- but it's a good deal for us. we get an american marine, young, who was right now in bad health. >> yeah. he -- he had all kinds of physical problems. he's home. he's coming home, and so the next step is -- is brittany and paul whelan. he's been there and that's a positive step. >> yeah. >> and i give credit to the president for making this decision. >> we thank you for being here, and we're certainly very happy for the read family, r-e-e-d family and we're very happy that they will have their family back home and hug him and hopefully his health will improve. ambassador bill richardson,
4:29 pm
thank you, sir. >> thank you. big happenings in the supreme court as the justices prepare to rule on some truly momentous issues. prepare to rule on some truly momentous issues ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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impression nabil. we could not approve the slightest breach. but in recent years that impression nabil wall has developed some very severe cracks. remember judge roy moore, the self-proclaimed ten commandments judge chosen to be alabama's chief just timps you might remember him mostly for the pedophilia-related allegations that he denied that marred his trump-endorsed run for the united states senate. he was defeated by iconic civil rights lawyer doug jones, but back in 2001 judge moore became the hero of the religious right when under cover of night he unilaterally had a $5,000-pound granite monument to the ten commandments installed in the rotunda of alabama's state judicial building. a year later a district judge ruled that the statue violated the establishment clause, and it was ultimately removed. the u.s. supreme court refused to hear the case. that was then. today after years of republican political campaigning aiming to restore christian indoctrination
4:35 pm
in schools and a well-resourced disciplined campaign to fill the courts with members of the christian right. it seems that a newly constructed 6-3 conservative court is ready to give its seal of approval. yesterday the court heard arguments regarding a washington state football coach named joseph kennedy, a public school employee, who repeatedly led his players in player at the 50-yard line immediately after the games. a number of players expressed their discomfort claiming that they felt pressure to pray. he claimed it was private expression of prayer during business hours. the school informed him that his public prayer violated state law and school guidance and offered him multiple okay dayses which he declined. he was placed on administrative leave and during that time his contract expired. he claims he was fired and filed suit. all of the lower courts ruled against him and naturally that turned him into the newest martyr of the religious right and he took his case to the supreme court. well, yesterday the conservative justices signal that had they
4:36 pm
may indeed side with coach kennedy. with me now the justice correspondent for the nation and robert jones ceo and founder of public religion research and the author of "white too long," the legacy of white supremacy in christianity. >> there was a recent court rules, the "new york times" did a story about the supreme court review which did a study documenting a 35 percentage point increase in the rate of rules in favor of religious and orally argued cases culminating in an 81% success rate under chief roberts. they say this is the most pro-religion court since world war ii and the most pro-christianity court, so when you look at that record it's pretty clear that this coach is going to win, right? >> yeah. he's going to win and the question really is how because people need to understand this man was not fired for praying. you do not get fired in american
4:37 pm
culture for praying to a kiss god. my muslim friends, call me later, that doesn't apply to you, but if you're praying to a christian god smog going happen to you this. man had his contract unrenewed for being insubordinate and churlish because, first, yeah, he was praying with the kids. that's clearly unconstitutional. i don't think the court is going to let him skate on that, right? but then he threw a hissy fit and still had to go to the 50-yard line by himself and pray there and then he had to go on "good morning america" and talk about his hissy fit and then had his supporters come to the high school football game. you knowing i'm catholic. my jesus is spending his friday nights at a soup kitchen, maybe a methadone conflict. their god is going there for friday night lights and then his supporters showed up a the at the football field rushing the field when he's praying and putting the students at danger
4:38 pm
and that's why they didn't renew his contract and what we have to see from the supreme court, and i don't know this yet based on the oral actions, we have to see which seaboardate action this theocratic court is going to al lou. is it just going on "good morning america" part, just praying on the 50-yard line or is it goes to go all the way back to indoctrinating all the students and making them pray with them? >> i'm old enough to remember, robe, the prayer in schools debate, you know, in the 1980s, and when i was in high school there was a lot of action on the religious right bemoaning the fact there's no longer christian prayer in school. they didn't want muslim prayers in school, you know, they didn't want jewish prayers in school. they wanted specifically christian prayers to be in school and they blamed in a lot of ways for taking religion out of the school. here's their record now. the christian right has won a lot of cases. the united pent westal church versus newsom case that basically said they can go and be in church even during covid,
4:39 pm
you know. there's the hobby lobby cases, the cake shop. they are on a winning streak so why is this feeling of persecution not going away when they are ring and winning and winning? >> well, look, thanks for having me on. i think that it really goes to this basic claim, this brazen claim that america is essentially meant to be a white christian nation, and these are very intentional, very intentional acts, right. you could have gone to thing lot and prayed and goes under the lights, 50-yard line. lyrics was a high school at legality. i remember the importance of getting the attention of a coach. >> yeah. >> right, to say this is not pressure whatever. you show up early. you do the extra laps, and especially if you're fighting for your place on that team you do whatever it takes to get noticed, and if you're on that team and you're not christian and you want to play, it's very clear that you're going to feel this kind of, you know, pray to play kind of pressure on you to get out there and kind of be noticed and be seen as one of
4:40 pm
the team players, and i think that's really what part of this is about, the state actor, you know. it's a public school and what's notable i think is he said his inspiration wag actually a movie that he watched where a coach did that hand in that movie, i looked it up, it was a private christian academy. >> right. >> and now he's taken this to a public school and the big point is, again, the sense that this claim is literally marking territory. that's why it's important that it was on the 50-yard line at a public school. it's marking territory, and this declaration that this is a white christian country, just one more point, it's notable that white evangelicals, very few americans today feel like their religious liberties are being threatened. in fact, the only religious group, the only religious group that believes their liberties are being threatened are white evangelicals, and 70% of them believe that their religion liberties are being threatened. no other religious group comes within 30 percentage points
4:41 pm
within that, and the other thing would i say that's also notable the only other clergy that actually stepped up and made public statements in the bremerton area won actually on the side of the school district in this case, not supporting this prayer in school, because they saw it as a threat to religious liberty which, you know, most religious groups, other than white evangelicals today, still support. >> what happens then, elie, because this isn't a pro-religion court? it's a pro just white christian court. what happens when they strip away the establishment of the power of the clause? >> they want to impose their religion on everybody else so part of this larger culture war bat s&l that they want this religious freedom to be bigoted against the lbgtq community, to be bigoted gets transpeople and
4:42 pm
to generally foist their religion on you, and it's interesting to me because the very same people that are making this argument that we have to accept their religion in schools are the very same people who will say that we can't force public schools to teach the accurate history. >> right. >> so on the one hand, that's a huge bit of hypocrisy in terms what have they are doing. >> we'll have to you back. you guys are a great duo to talk more about that. thanks very much. coming up next, the not so free state of florida becomes ground zero for republican efforts to ban books from public schools and libraries. ban bookc schools and libraries.
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florida continues to be ground zero in the war on education. "dateline" walton county, last week its school district announce it had had pulled 24 books off of school shelves. the tightles from an e-mailed list of 58 sent by a group called the florida citizens alliance. the far right 501c-3 lists respecting ideals of liberty as one of its core values and their idea of liberty, well, it's censorship. they are pushing what they call a porn report. that list of 58 books that the co-founder of the florida citizens alliance said were distributed to every school system in florida. well, weldon county had just 24 of them which they pulled for review. today the group proudly touted walton county's actions on
4:48 pm
twitter. among the titles pulled with class being like toni morrison's "beloved" and judy bloom's "forever" and angie thomas' "the hate you give" and the popular novel "13 reasons y."one book on the list "fifty shade of gray" would never in a year appear in a school library and as attorney daniel yulfelder noted this image is enough to get a book targeted, an image from? everywhere babes," a newborn on the alliance list which depicts same-sex couples and in one case a same-sex racial couple. "usa today" was told that the group wants to ban the book because it conflicts with section 26 of the florida constitution which says that marriage is between a man and a woman. equally disturbing is the group's so-called strategic pat nefrmts among the groups listed on this website the florida
4:49 pm
oathkeepers, the oathkeepers and at least seven different tea party groups so naturally the florida citizens alliance and party and tea partier turned maga warrior ron desantis that he added the founders to the transition committee back in 2018 which is explains why the florida citizens alliance backed the stop woke law and his don't say gay law, a handful of fronts in the desantis culture war that's turned even the magic kingdom into a battleground, and congresswoman val demings joins me to discuss next. congresswoman val demings joins me to discuss next
4:50 pm
4:51 pm
>> tech: when you have auto glass damage, trust safelite. in one easy appointment... ♪ pop rock music ♪ >> tech: ...we can replace your windshield and recalibrate your advanced safety system. >> dad: looks great. thanks. >> tech: stay safe with safelite. schedule now. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ - [female narrator] five billion people lack access to safe surgery. thousands of children are suffering and dying from treatable causes. for 40 years, mercy ships has deployed floating hospitals to provide the free surgeries these children need. join us. together, we can give children the hope and healing they never thought possible. it's a mission powered by love, made possible by you. give today. ron desantis tries to position
4:52 pm
4:53 pm
4:54 pm
himself as a competent maga warrior. but his battle with disney over its opposition to his don't say gay law appears to be incompetent. after shipping disney of itself governing authority, the miami herald reports that legislators fail to notice a provision in state law that says the state could not do what legislators were doing unless the district's bond debt was paid off. well, disney did notice. they quietly informed investors that it was confident the move would not hold up in court, because it violated a pledge that florida made to disney when they established the creek district. -- last week, he signed the map that erases two districts that sent black representatives to congress.
4:55 pm
the fifth, represented by representative lawson, and the tenth district, currently represented by congresswoman that val demmings. congresswoman val demings -- my brain isn't working tonight. she joins me now. thank you for being here. i think that banning baby books has fried my brain. thank you so much for being here. let's talk -- because it did go under the radar with all the talk about disney, and all the talk about the other things is this robbing of black power from the same district that disney is in, your district which, desantis eliminated and also al lawson's district. your thoughts? >> well, joy, it is great to be back with you. i am not really sure what that is about. because what we do know is that the voters should choose their representatives. and the representatives do not choose their voters. and when i look at the proposed
4:56 pm
maps coming out of tallahassee, that is exactly what is taking place. and as you have indicated, two districts -- my district and the district represented in north florida by representative al lawson. but of course, people are not silent on this. everybody deserves good representation. i think that the voters in district and district five feel they have good representation. and so they will be fighting and the others will be fighting on their behalf. i guess when you cannot win on your own merit, and on your own hard work, and on your own record, you draw districts that are clearly gerrymandered. >> and it feels a little personal. i mean, your husband is the mayor of the county that -- we're disney's. he is attacking disney and
4:57 pm
essentially sticking that county, orange county, with a billion dollars, and it's been called a death bomb of a billion dollars. here's what the orange county tax collector, scott randolph, tweeted. if rudy creek grows away, the $105 million it collects to operate services goes away. that does not just transfer to orange county because it's an independent taxing district. however, orange county then inherits all the debt obligations with no extra funds. is ron desantis trying to illuminate your political power and also bankrupt orange county and osceola county? does not feel personal? >> what i do know is that our mayor, jerry demings, is going to continue to look out for what is in the best interest of orange county residents. that's why he was elected. but look, joy, disney is in my district. i represent disney. and disney has been a great community partner for well over 50 years. they employ over 80,000 people, millions of people come from every part of the globe to
4:58 pm
experience what we have here. and clearly, this decision to strip away this needs independent status was not clearly thought out. i don't know if it was made in the heat of the moment. but it does come with a cost. look, reedy creek provides fire service, 100% of police services are paid for. it provides other emergency services. the bill has to go somewhere. and you already mentioned the 1.1 billion dollar bond debt that disney had. it has to go somewhere. and to even compton plate giving that or passing that burden on to orange county residents, it just makes absolutely no sense. but look, the legislature passed it, the governor signed it. the person i'm running against, senator rubio, certainly has not opened his mouth. what he said was, basically, what is the matter with this? it's a good idea. and so he made a statement of, why do we treat disney differently? well, what about that residents
4:59 pm
of orange county? we are supposed to be taking care of them. >> right. and the whole state of florida -- because the billion dollar bond, that is going to go somewhere, not just orange county, it's going to go to the state. you mentioned senator rubio. you are running against him and voters are going to have to try to get to the polls. but now they are going to have to try to get to through rhonda scent to secret police. there is no other governor -- he has a private police force. he has created it as the only election police unit. i presume it will have a lot of focus on people who look like you and me. what is that going to do to your ability and -- to your voters? people who want to exercise the right to vote? >> joy, someone once said you could make voting more difficult but you cannot make it impossible. and the bottom line is, in the 2020 election cycle, i believe the governor said that we have the most secure voting process, and that it was a model for the
5:00 pm
nation to follow. well, quite frankly, i agree with that. and the election czar agreed with that. and if that be the case, why do we need to implement this secret force? and to do what exactly? >> voter intimidation, i'm guessing. >> but i know that florida voters are determined to turn out and vote. we are going to give them a good reason to turn out. they can turn out and vote for me for the united states senate! >> all right, well i am eating into chris hayes's time, so i'm going to thank you, congresswoman val demings, running for the united states senate. that is the reidout, all in with chris hayes starts right now. >>te tonight on all in -- >> free speech is under assault in america. >> free speech is under attack all over the world. >> he recognizes that free speech is under assault. >> d coating the republican free speech fearmongering. here is a hint. it's not really about free.


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